Saturday, 30 July 2011

James At The Clinic – Part 2

Nurse Deerborn escorted James back down the busy corridor. More than ever James was aware of the embarrassingly short gown that he had been made to change into and he remained puzzled as to exactly why he’d had to change out of his street clothes in the first place. Up until that point he’d thought he was coming to the clinic with Lori simply to have a talk with Dr Wang about the recent problems he’d been experiencing with his penis. He was sure Lori must have thought the same, otherwise she’d have said something… wouldn’t she?

“In here, James,” Nurse Deerborn ushered James through a door and into a small room containing nothing more than sets of scales for measuring weight and height. There was also a desk in the room and next to the desk… “You remember Tiffany, don’t you James…”

How could James forget Tiffany? It was Tiffany who had, at his physical, taken measurements of his penis… both flaccid and erect. It was Tiffany who had watched as he was made to masturbate in the X-Ray Lab… Yes James remembered Tiffany, how could he possibly forget?

“Tiffany is going to join us this afternoon and act as my assistant.”

James gulped as he wondered how Tiffany would be assisting Nurse Deerborn this time. “Hi Tiffany…” he said trying to sound casual with his big meaty penis hanging below the hem of his gown.

“Let’s get started… We need to measure James’ height and weight Tiffany,” Nurse Deerborn said as she consulted her clipboard. She turned towards James, “I doubt there’ll be any difference since your last visit, James, but we have to follow procedure…”

“Tiffany would you help James out of his gown…”

Before James had chance to say anything Tiffany had stepped behind him and had started to undo the ties. The gown flopped forwards from his shoulders and James saw that his penis and testicles were all but hidden behind the loose folds of thin cotton. Tiffany came round to face James and reached up to grip the top of the gown and in doing so almost pressed herself against him, which James found unnerving as he was finding it difficult to control the mild tumescence he was already feeling in his penis.

Tiffany tugged at the junior gown and it slipped easily from James’s smooth swimmer’s body. Feeling as self-conscious as ever he let Tiffany take his hand and guide him over to the wall scale to measure his height.

“Stand with your back against the wall please James,” Tiffany directed him, “Just here… that’s right. Now head up, back straight.”

James did as he was told and looked intently at the wall across the room as he tried to avoid looking at either Tiffany or Nurse Deerborn. Tiffany got up onto a low stool to give herself enough height to operate the sliding scale so that she could measure how tall James was.

“Six foot… err, six foot one inch, exactly,” Tiffany called out.

James stayed put with his back against the wall and wondered why he was having to go through all this again. Surely the measurements can’t have changed since his last visit?

“Good… Okay, now weight please Tiffany,” Nurse Deerborn said as she consulted her clipboard and James was led over to the scales.

It was no surprise for James to be told that his weight was precisely the same as it had been when he came for his physical. Now what? he thought.

“Okay, James, next we need to take you over to kinesiology for an ETT,” Nurse Deerborn announced, “Tiffany, can you bring James’ gown?”

James watched as Tiffany calmly picked up the flimsy gown. What was it with these people, James wondered, why didn’t they spare a thought for his feelings? What was the point of giving me a gown, if they were just going to take it away again? They might just as well not have bothered giving me one for all the use it’s been… what was the point, it hardly covers anything. I bet Nurse Deerborn arranged it so I ended up with a junior-sized gown, James thought, with uncharacteristic perception. He swore he’d…

James was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts by the entry of a nurse he’d not seen before. She stopped in her tracks when she saw James and his giant penis.

Nurse Deerborn looked up from her clipboard, “Yes Michelle…?”

“Oh… I …” Michelle paused and shook her head, then looked back at the big penis, “I err… wow… it really is that big… Sorry Barbara… I…” With difficulty Michelle drew her eyes away from James to deliver her message, “… Dr Wang is ready to see James, so would you bring him along now…”

“But we haven’t quite finished…” Nurse Deerborn started to say.

“Oh, that’s okay. Dr Wang said we can finish those later when the… I mean, it’d be good for the… err… thing.”

James saw the nurses exchange meaningful glances. It was obvious, even to James, that something was being kept from him. What did Michelle mean… the ‘thing’? The ‘thing’ what?

“Better get James dressed again…” Nurse Deerborn said to Tiffany.

James couldn’t believe his ears, until he saw Tiffany hold up the flimsy junior gown for him to put on and realised Nurse Deerborn’s  idea of ‘dressed’ was somewhat different to his own.

Still, anything was better than nothing, he told himself, and if he was going to be expected to walk back down the busy corridor, then yes, a junior gown was definitely better than nothing at all!

Michelle stood and watched as Tiffany held out the small gown. James raised his arms up and Tiffany slid the gown onto him. She stepped behind James and in doing so Michelle saw how ill-fitting the robe was. As she caught sight of James’ enormous penis exposed beneath the hem of the gown, Michelle was forced to stifle a giggle. She very nearly did burst out laughing when she saw what happened when Tiffany pulled hard on the tapes to tie the gown in place; even more of James’ penis became visible as the hem was jerked sharply upwards.

Nurse Deerborn coughed a warning in Michelle’s direction. Funny as the sight of James was in his ill-fitting gown, nurses were supposed to have a sense of decorum…

It was a long walk to Dr Wang’s office. Back past the reception desk, on past various rooms that bristled with equipment. At every turn James’ escort of nurses seemed to run into colleagues who needed to ask urgent questions, but who didn’t appear to listen to the replies as they were too busy looking at the big fat snake-like object protruding from James’ gown. James could almost hear them saying to themselves, ‘so it’s true then… my god it must be at least… look how thick it is…’

Eventually they arrived outside the office. Even though the door was open Nurse Deerborn leant forward and knocked. James could see Dr Wang as she took a folder out of a filing-cabinet and asked them all into her office. Lori was already there with Dr Wang and appeared to be looking at something behind the door which James couldn’t see.

Lori looked at James and smiled encouragement. James felt his usual nervous self as he walked into the office. Seeing Dr Wang with Lori was one thing, but having Nurse Deerborn, Tiffany and Michelle in the room as well, was not James’ idea of fun.

James thought he’d agreed to a few private words with Dr Wang, with Lori along to hold his hand. His visit had rapidly turned into something altogether different. First he was told by Rachel he’d been booked in for ‘the full works’, next Nurse Deerborn told him to undress and had given him this ridiculously small gown to wear, then Tiffany had appeared, seemingly brought in to reprise her role as chief measurer and now Michelle, on her errand, had attached herself to the group… Group, James thought, group… no, this wasn’t a group… this was a circus!

“Come in, come in,” Dr Wang waved James in through the door, “I see they’ve found you a gown this time, James… very smart…”

“… bit of a mix-up I’m afraid doctor,” Nurse Deerborn explained, “I asked Carol to make sure and leave me a gown for James to wear this afternoon, but it seems she thought I was going to be examining one of the junior swimmers who couldn’t make this morning’s session. I’m sorry about that doctor…”

“Oh, no need to apologise, nurse,” Dr Wang replied, “you’re forgetting how James likes to spend his leisure time…”

“Of course! How silly of me… I’d quite forgotten that James is a nudist. I wondered why he didn’t simply refuse to go on any further with the appointment when we couldn’t supply the correct size gown…”

“Yes nurse, the policy with regard to maintaining patient dignity is very strict and quite specific. James would have been well within his rights to demand another appointment if he felt in any way demeaned by being offered such an ill-fitting item of apparel.”

James looked from Dr Wang to Nurse Deerborn and back again as he listened aghast to their conversation. You mean… he thought… you’re telling me… I could have put a stop to this… why didn’t anyone tell me?!

Michelle stepped forward to close the door of Dr Wang’s office and James saw the group of cadet nurses who would be observing the proceedings. It would be difficult to say who was the most shocked, James, or the group of young girls who saw for the first time what working at the clinic might involve. There were undisguised gasps of astonishment from the cadets as their eyes were drawn to the sight of James’ remarkable appendage visible below his gown, followed quickly by silence as they were admonished by Dr Wang:

“James is not here for your amusement girls. May I remind you that you are here in the clinic by my invitation. I would also remind you that your presence at this consultation is due to the kind permission of James who has volunteered his…”

James nearly toppled over. His mouth fell open as he swivelled his head to look at Dr Wang, then Lori, then back to Dr Wang again. What was she on about, James screamed to himself… what? Me? I didn’t…

“I’m sorry James, was there something?” Dr Wang asked when she saw how agitated he’d become. She turned to Nurse Deerborn , “The paperwork’s all in order isn’t it?”

“Why certainly, doctor. The permissions have all been signed in accordance with the clinic directives…”

James spoke at last, “But… but I don’t understand… I… I… didn’t sign…”

“Honey… I thought you wouldn’t mind…”

James looked at his girlfriend, “Lori…?”

“Dr Wang asked me if you would help out…” Lori explained, “I knew it’d be okay with you... being a nudist and all that… so I signed the papers for you… you don’t  mind if these girls stay and watch, do you honey?”

“It really would be very useful James,” Dr Wang added, “It’s not very often we have a healthy young adult male of your age willing to undress for an examination in front of our young cadet nurses…”

Once more, James knew there was no way out for him…

“Sure… that’s okay… it’s, err, just that I didn’t understand about the papers… being signed an’ all… I mean…” James said rather lamely and blushed some more as he turned and looked at the smiling faces of thee young girls eagerly waiting…

“Good,” said Dr Wang smiling, “then we can make a start.” She turned to address the young cadets. “Now first of all we need to find out why James is here… why has he attended for consultation?” Dr Wang turned to James again, “Okay James, would you like to tell us all why you’ve come to see me?”

“Um… it’s err…” James couldn’t bring himself to say anything in front of the girls. Cadet nurses or not, to James they were young girls, two or more years younger than he was.

“James, it’s quite alright. I know it’s a rather personal problem, perhaps something you think our cadet nurses are too young to know about. But you mustn’t try to shield them. They are here to learn all about the sort of medical procedures we conduct here at the clinic… so please go ahead and tell the cadets why you’ve asked for this consultation…”

James couldn’t understand what was going on… This is madness, he said to himself…  I didn’t ask for this ‘consultation’… all I wanted was a private talk with Dr Wang and Lori… Why me…? What have I done to deserve this…?

James’ eyes took in the girl cadet nurses, then Tiffany, Michelle, Dr Wang, Nurse Deerborn and finally Lori. A room full of women and there he was wearing nothing other than a flimsy gown that wasn’t even long enough to hide his… I didn’t ask for this consultation, he said to himself again… but he knew it was no use complaining, he'd only be reminded of his so-called nudist lifestyle… and to that James could make no reply... not if he wanted Lori to remain his girlfriend...

Blushing fire-red, James finally managed to blurt out his reply to Dr Wang:

“It’s my penis…”

The girls, who had only dared to take furtive glances at James’ penis since being told off by Dr Wang, had now been given the ideal excuse to stare at the monster hanging below the hem of the junior-sized gown that James was wearing. The girls took their opportunity and James was suddenly aware of the intense gaze of each one of the cadets as they looked towards his member.

“Well, we’d better take a look… Tiffany, would you…” Dr Wang announced and nodded towards James.

Tiffany walked over to James and stood to one side of him, facing forward. She stretched her right arm across James to take hold of the right side of his gown, while at the same time she gripped the left side of the gown with her left hand. She looked rather like a conjuror about to perform an elaborate trick… Now all eyes in the room were fixed on the front of James’ gown.

Tiffany drew the gown slowly upwards. Inch by meaty inch James’ penis was uncovered, leaving the cadet nurses in no doubt how privileged they were to be seeing this gigantic organ. The testicles too, were revealed in all their massive glory as they hung in James’ loose scrotum. Finally, with the gown pulled up to James’ navel, the cadets could see how the swimmer kept himself smooth and totally hairless.

Tiffany held the flimsy gown in place. James held his head straight as he tried to avoid the eyes boring into him… he stared fixedly at a spot on the wall across the room… he tried to think of something, anything to take his mind off what was happening… but, try as he might, he couldn’t alter the feeling that his penis was engorging, thickening, lengthening…

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