Monday, 4 July 2011

James Meets Coach Holmes

Part 1

No one had noticed Cherry Holmes, James’ new swimming coach, as she sat tucked away in a far corner of Spoonbend Hooters on Girls Only Night. It was the night when James, the busboy, had surprised everyone by wearing his new uniform… a uniform which consisted of nothing more than socks, trainers and James’ name-tag tied to the head of his penis. The tag had been put there by his boss Stephanie Bing, since it was a company requirement that all employees wear identification. As Stephanie told James at the time, his penis was the best place to hang his name-tag so that it could be read easily by customers. If the tag was hung around his neck, she explained, it could easily get in the way of his work clearing tables.

Although she wasn’t seen by James or his girlfriend Lori, Cherry Holmes had a great view of the proceedings and smiled as she saw James going about his duties as a busboy with the plastic name-tag bobbing about on the tip of his enormous penis. Cherry had originally thought she would have to wait until she saw James changing in the locker-room before she would get a good look at his legendary penis. But quite unexpectedly there it was, the huge phallus swaying to and fro, in full view of all the girls, both staff and customers, at Hooters.

Aged just twenty-one, Cherry was the youngest coach who had ever been in charge of James’ swimming team. When he was first told of Cherry’s appointment, James found the idea of being ordered about by a girl just a few months older than himself, very unsettling. The more he thought about it, the more nervous he became. James was shy enough appearing in front of spectators wearing nothing but his uniform one inch competition Speedos. But the thought of being in such close proximity to a young and very attractive female coach when he was wearing such brief regulation trunks, brought him out in a cold sweat. James was an experienced enough competition swimmer to know how involved a coach is with the team.

He knew that Miss Holmes, as coach, naturally had absolute authority over the team. He was also aware he’d have to take care and obey her instructions, otherwise he’d face being dropped from the team and that was the last thing James wanted. He’d do anything to stay in the team. He loved swimming. Next to his girlfriend Lori it was what he loved most.

Cherry Holmes had been chosen to coach James’ team as she had a reputation for getting the best out of the swimmers under her charge. It was a reputation that preceded her, so James had heard all about how she got winning performances from her teams. Key to her success were the rigorous practice sessions during which she honed individual team members’ skills. Quite often coaching one-to-one if she felt a boy needed more personal attention. It made James’ legs turn to jelly just thinking about what that might entail.

He had heard stories about Miss Holmes and about her methods, which, it seemed, always led to a great deal of embarrassment for the boy on the receiving end of her reprimands. He had heard about the dreaded punishment Speedos and he’d heard how Miss Homes would regularly visit the locker room after a training session to discuss the team’s performance. It didn’t seem to bother Coach Holmes in the least that the boys might be nude. There was no room for modesty if her team was going to give of its best.

James also knew Miss Holmes was a stickler for uniform regulations, demanding absolute compliance with competition rules and standards. Even during training Cherry Holmes saw no reason to let standards slip and intended to introduce some of her own ideas for uniforms to be worn during these practice sessions. James being sent to Sports Paradise to try on the ill-fated SwimSling had been just one of Miss Holmes’ ideas for practice uniforms and despite what James had felt, his coach was very keen to proceed with the introduction of the costume.

It was fair to say, James was dreading Cherry Holmes becoming his team’s swimming coach.


There was something else of which James was unaware - a change in the team’s physician…

Cherry Holmes had heard about James’ medical at Dr Wang’s clinic. She was so impressed by the range and thoroughness of the tests which were conducted at the medical centre, she approached Dr Wang to see if she would carry out all of the team’s regular physicals. Dr Wang knew that members of the swimming team needed up-to-date, fully authorised medical certificates, as they were an essential requirement for taking part in competitions. Dr Wang readily agreed knowing this would involve James in frequent visits to the clinic.

Dr Wang knew that although Cherry was a trained physiotherapist, she might still appreciate the services of an assistant to help out in the locker-room. Cherry thought it was a great idea and readily agreed to take up Dr Wang’s generous offer.

Finally terms were agreed and business out of the way, the two women started chatting.

“By the way, did you know that James Williams has been tricked into pretending to be a nudist?” Dr Wang asked Cherry.

“Tricked? You mean…? I knew something was up, after all James is the last person in the world I’d have said would like to take all his clothes off in public… far from it! I’ve heard he’s as shy as… you mean it’s all a joke?”

“Not to James it isn’t…” Dr Wang said and went on to explain how Kristy had duped the boy into pretending to be a nudist and that ever since then James had had to carry on with the pretence because he thought his girlfriend Lori believed he really was a nudist.

“So, you see, James has got himself into a rather tricky situation. He hates being teased into showing everybody what a confirmed nudist he is… and you’re right, Cherry, James is the shyest boy I’ve ever come across in all my years in medicine. But,” Dr Wang continued, “he’s in so deep now and believes everybody thinks he’s a nudist, so he can’t back down…”

“You should have seen James at his physical, Cherry. First of all I arranged for the clinic to ‘run out’ of gowns, which meant James was completely nude from the start, as all clothes have to be removed for a physical at our clinic. Just to make sure James knew he’d have to remain nude, I took his clothes away for ‘safe keeping’. You should have seen his face when he realised what he’d got himself into…”

“You see, Cherry, I knew James would have to pretend not to worry about walking around in the nude in front of the nurses as he was taken from one room to another during his examination. I made sure that James understood I knew he was a nudist… I even gave him a nudist handshake…”

“A what?” Cherry asked.

“Oh, of course, you won’t know what that is,” Dr Wang said and explained how she grasped James’s big penis in her hand and shook it up and down. “It’s a form of greeting that nudists use…”

“You’re kidding…”

Dr Wang laughed, “Of course nudists don’t do that sort of thing… but James doesn’t know that. The handshake is something Lori’s sister Kristy made up. It’s so sweet. You ought to try it. James just stands there while you shake his penis… priceless!”

“I most certainly will...,” Cherry replied.

Dr Wang continued, “James had a bit of a surprise at the end of the examination as well,” she said and smiled. “You see I insist on boys providing me with a sperm sample during their physical…”

Cherry’s eyes popped out, “Wow! Your physicals are thorough…”

“… I had to find an extra large specimen jar and then James ended up in the X-ray lab. By ‘accident’ there was a party in the lab. Everyone from the clinic was there enjoying themselves and James ended up giving his sperm sample right in front of everybody. I told him that all the women in the room were healthcare professionals, but that didn’t make any difference. James looked just as embarrassed as you’d expect a boy to be… a boy who’s masturbating in front of a roomful of women. But, of course, James had to pretend not to be bothered…”

Dr Wang smiled and Cherry started to speak:

“Perhaps I’d better tell you then…” Cherry Holmes said.

Dr Wang looked quizzically at her new client, “Go on…”

“Well, I knew James was supposed to be a nudist, but I didn’t realise until you told me just now that it was all a trick played on him.”

“You see, I was at Hooters the other night… part of the reason was to observe my new star, James… I find it helps to understand the psychology of my boys better if I see them out of the competitive environment of the swimming pool. As I say, I went along just to sit quietly and observe…”

“I think you’ll be surprised at what I saw… You telling me what’s really going on with James Williams puts a whole new light on things.”

“First of all I was stunned when I saw what James was wearing. It seems that Hooters has introduced a new uniform policy that standardises their dress-code, which means James was wearing essentially the same extremely brief clothes as the girls…”

“What? You mean to tell me that James was wearing those ultra-brief little orange running shorts…?” Dr Wang interjected. “How on earth did he manage to squeeze his penis and those big testicles into them?”

“I’ll tell you about that in a second… Well, I say James was wearing those cute little shorts, but he wasn’t wearing them for very long. You see he looked to be having difficulties keeping his penis in the shorts. From where I was sitting it was clear he was getting erections…”

Dr Wang interrupted Cherry Holmes again, “You say ‘erections’, do you mean James had more than one erection during the evening?”

“Not full erections maybe, but enough to cause James discomfort. I saw him going back to the staff room more than once to sort himself out.”

“That’s most interesting,” Dr Wang thought to herself, “I wonder…”

“Then a little bit later,” Cherry continued, “his Hooters’ shorts gave out. The force of his penis ripped them so far apart that the whole restaurant could see everything, his penis, testicles… everything.”

Cherry paused and added: “Then the most extraordinary thing happened…”

She described how Stephanie Bing had announced to the whole restaurant full of girls that James was a nudist. How he loved the nudist lifestyle and how he wanted to share it with the staff and customers of Spoonbend Hooters.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” Cherry said, “but as James just stood there without saying anything to the contrary, I thought it must be true.”

“It would make sense if James thought he had to tell Stephanie to stop Lori from finding out he wasn’t a nudist…” Dr Wang reasoned, “Oh, this is delicious. James really has got himself in a pickle. Whatever he does to try and wriggle out of it, he ends up having to tell even more people he’s a nudist. I reckon that between us all we should be able to make sure James has the opportunity to ‘enjoy’ his nudist lifestyle for a good while yet…”

“Well, now that you’ve told me what’s been going on, it makes perfect sense,” Cherry Holmes continued, “I couldn’t imagine any boy… and particularly James… wanting to display himself stark naked in front of a restaurant full of girls, whether he was a nudist or not. By the way, what does Lori Hill make of all this?”

Dr Wang smiled, “Oh she thinks it’s great fun. But I don’t think Lori knows that Lynn, my daughter, has told me the truth about James’ supposed nudist lifestyle.”

Cherry looked puzzled and Dr Wang explained: “You see when James came to the clinic for his physical, Lynn told me how he’d been tricked into pretending to be a nudist by her friend Kristy, Lori’s younger sister. After the physical I had Lori and James come into my office for a preliminary post-physical review. Of course, I couldn’t say anything in front of James that would have given the game away, so I conducted the interview in a very formal manner. James still hadn’t been given his clothes back at that point, so he had to stand in my office completely naked while I discussed some of the matters arising from the examination.”

“Then Lori made an appointment to come to see me on her own to talk about James and I got the distinct impression she was unsure whether I knew the whole story. Neither of us gave anything away, so we both acted as if James really was a nudist. Actually, I think we both had much more fun than we would have done had the charade of James’ nudism been acknowledged.”

Cherry nodded. She understood what Dr Wang was saying.

“It’s Kristy you have to keep your eye on,” Dr Wang continued: “She’s the one who got James into this pickle and I’m told that she can be very mischievous. Lori, as I say, appears to be enjoying this little game hugely, but don’t forget James is her boyfriend. Kristy is the one pushing the envelope. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that Kristy had something to do with what was happening to James’ penis at Hooters the other night.”

Cherry Holmes smiled. She was delighted:

“Thank you very much indeed for bringing me up to speed about James, Dr Wang. Is there’s anything else you think I should know about…”

“As it happens I have been giving some thought to James’ training programme, Cherry, and I think it’s time you introduced some more vigorous warm-up exercises into James’ routine…”

“What do you suggest…?” Cherry enquired.

Dr Wang smiled, “The main objective will be to raise James’ heart-rate prior to his training session and to loosen him up before he hits the water. We need to help him get rid of any muscle stiffness he may have…”

“As to the exercises themselves, Cherry… well, first off, it’s important for maximum benefit that they be performed nude. The sweaty confines of the locker-room should be avoided… out in the poolside area would be far more preferable and much healthier. It also means there’s more space to exercise, giving you a greater choice of exercises for James to perform.”

“Yes, I agree,” Cherry laughed, “it’s important to watch out for any signs of stiffness that might cause cramps in the water… but if James is unwilling to perform nude exercises by the side of the pool…?”

“Perhaps you should tell him that you’ve raised some issues with me concerning his performance. Say that I’ve recommended he perform these warm-up exercises before all his training sessions and that I expect him to follow my instructions. You could add that I’ll be checking up on his progress, which will mean more visits to the clinic. So he’d better keep up with the exercises, because I’ll know whether or not he’s been doing them properly.”

Cherry smiled, “Oh, I’ll lay it on and make sure he trains really hard…”

“As to the exercises themselves,” Dr Wang continued, “some gentle stretching and bending at first… a little jogging on the spot, slowly at first, but building up until his legs are pumping. Then maybe you can start him on some more energetic exercises such as full-jacks…”

“Full-jacks… James doing full-jacks nude… Are you sure? Don’t forget I saw the size of his penis at Hooters the other evening…”

“I can assure you it’s perfectly okay for James to perform these exercises nude,” Dr Wang explained, “James had to do a number of cardio-vascular exercises, including full-jacks right here at the clinic in order to elevate his heart-rate. It got some of our nurses’ heart-rates up too!” she joked.

“You won’t believe it when you see James’ big penis swinging and slapping about. To be quite honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sight quite like it in all my time as a doctor… By the time James was told he could stop… well, actually he stopped, but his penis kept bobbing about for quiet a while…! As I said, by the time he’d stopped his penis was pointing straight out at us… so you shouldn’t be at all surprised if you see it fully erect by the end of the warm-up Cherry…”

“Hey, weren’t the exercises supposed to be getting rid of stiffness?!” Cherry said, as they both laughed.

Part 2

An ear-piercing shrill whistle echoed off the walls of the swimming pool. Cherry Holmes stood in her track-suit and yelled across the pool.

“James Williams…!”

James, hair plastered to his scalp, dripping wet in his tight little red, one inch competition Speedos, twisted round and walked over towards his new coach. His big bare feet splashed along the wet tiles at the pool-edge. He felt uncomfortable to be walking almost nude to face a coach who was only a few months older than he was.

“James that left leg of yours isn’t kicking out as much as the right during the breast-stroke. We’d better take a closer look. I want you to join me in the locker room in five minutes. You might need some physio…”

James did as he was told, but dreading the thought of any physical contact with Miss Holmes, especially on the legs. His heart rate started to climb at the thought. What if he got an erection? That thought alone was enough for him to feel his big penis pressing against the flimsy material of his Speedos.

He opened the door to the locker-room and stopped dead in his tracks. Standing right next to Miss Holmes was the last person he’d expected to see in the team locker-room… Lynn Wang!

“Let me introduce you to Lynn who’ll be joining us as my assistant.” Cherry Holmes announced to a dumbstruck James.

“Hi, Jamie…” sixteen-year-old Lynn said with a smile.

“Lynn’s mom Dr Wang, who I believe was kind enough to give you a mandatory physical recently, thought it would be a good idea for her daughter to get some experience of what it’s like to coach a swimming team…” Cherry Holmes explained.

“Lynn wants to study Sports Science, so she’ll also be helping me with the team’s physiotherapy requirements,” Cherry continued to inform an increasingly worried-looking James, “Besides I could do with all the help I can get to keep our team competitive. Say hello to Lynn, James.”

“Err… Hi Lynn,” James managed to say as he stood feeling more and more vulnerable wearing nothing but a pair of wet one inch Speedos. He could feel his penis push harder against the front of his trunks.

“First off we’d better have a look at that leg of yours James,” Cherry said brusquely as she sat down on one of the benches and ushered Lynn to sit beside her, “James come and stand in front of us with your feet wide apart… yes I thought so… give me your hand Lynn… can you feel that? Right at the top of James’ thigh… that’s it, the muscle here needs some treatment so just rub the thigh around this area here… James, try and control yourself, Lynn’s here to help…”

“Sorry Miss Holmes…”

James couldn’t help it and Cherry Holmes secretly smiled as she saw the bulge in the tight little Speedos beginning to grow noticeably. James bit his lip as the tightness between his legs became increasingly uncomfortable. He nearly fell over backwards when he heard Lynn say in a matter-of-fact way:

“Excuse me Cherry, but does James always get an erection when he’s having physio treatment?”

“Not always Lynn. It mostly depends on where we need to massage. James often has erections when I’m dealing with muscle problems in the upper legs and lower trunk… near the Speedo area if you like. Sometimes I even need to go into the Speedo area if I can see any stiffness that needs a massage…”

The girls burst out laughing. James blushed furiously and his bulge kept on growing. Soon his Speedos wouldn’t be able to contain his developing erection.

“Surely that shouldn’t be a problem Cherry. Mom told me James is a practicing nudist…”

James was horrified. He’d hoped to keep this from Coach Holmes.

Cherry acted as if she didn’t know. There was something so endearing about James’ embarrassment that she couldn’t stop herself from teasing him further:

“Really… Well I am surprised. James, why didn’t you tell me before?”

James was too flustered to reply and so just gawped at them both and nodded.

“Do you know Lynn, James is the last person I’d have thought would want to be a nudist… I mean look at the way he’s blushing. He’s a shy one and no mistake. Still, if he wants to be a nudist…” Cherry Holmes said, talking as though James wasn’t there. “Mind you, that puts a whole new light on things…”

“What’s that Cherry?” Lynn asked.

“Oh, nothing important, Lynn,” Cherry replied, “I’ll talk to you about it later…”

James had that all too familiar hollow feeling in the pit of his stomach. His mouth felt dry. He knew that whatever ‘it’ was, he wouldn’t find it in the least enjoyable. Things were just going that way for him these days and he had no idea why.

Later, with James safely out of earshot, Cherry explained, “It’s about the new practice swimwear, Lynn. I want to keep this as a surprise for James, so it’s between ourselves for now, okay?” Lynn nodded, “You see, I was hoping James might model a number of new, radical designs of Speedos to be worn for training sessions. There are a number of other women coaches I know who would relish the opportunity of seeing these new Speedo designs worn by James for the first time.”

“But after that disaster with the SwimSling, I thought it might be best to cancel the show. I wouldn’t want to put any boy though the embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction in front of a group of female coaches. But now that you’ve told me James is a proper, practicing nudist, well, I don’t suppose he’ll be in the least embarrassed if something does go wrong with any of the new costumes. It looks like it’s on with the show!”

“That sounds great,” Lynn said enthusiastically, “I’m sure James would love to help you out…”

Back in the locker-room James stood in front of Cherry and Lynn nervously wondering what was in store for him, when Lynn drew Cherry’s attention to James’ now rapidly expanding Speedos, “err… shouldn’t we…?”

“I think we’d better had,” Cherry replied, “but now I know James is a nudist, I don’t suppose he’ll mind at all if I take his Speedos off so that I can deal with that muscle tension at the top of his legs…”

“… should I go and leave you to it?” Lynn asked.

“No, it’s okay you can stay Lynn. We all know that nudists don’t mind who sees them naked, do they James?”

James had no choice but to agree.

“Won’t his erection get in the way of the massage, Cherry?” Lynn asked.

Suddenly an idea came to James, “… maybe if I go and take a shower Miss Holmes,” he offered, “a cold shower I mean. It might… err, you know, help it to go down… then it would save you having to take my Speedos off…” Cherry looked doubtful. James continued, “Practice hasn’t finished yet and I thought it would save time if you didn’t need to take off my Speedos…”

The last thing James wanted to do was to stand under a freezing cold shower in an effort to get his erection to go down. But that was more preferable than having Lynn Wang seeing him having his Speedos taken off and then massaging the top of his legs… that was way too close to his genitals. He wasn’t sure if he could control himself after what had happened the other evening at Lori’s when he’d ejaculated all those times…

“By all means, if you think it will help James,” Cherry Holmes replied.

Cherry and Lynn followed James to the open locker-room showers. They watched as James turned the temperature control until it was showing all blue, meaning the water temperature was as cold as it could get. James turned and glanced at his coach, took a deep breath and walked straight into the freezing jets of water. The shock of the cold made him gasp for breath and within seconds he was covered with goose-bumps. After a minute standing under the ice-cold spray James looked down at the bulge in his Speedos and saw it slowly going down. The bitter cold of the shower was more than he could stand, but he bravely stayed under until his penis was completely flaccid again.

Lynn put her hand out and held it under the shower. She quickly drew it back again as if she’d touched a live electric cable.

“Jeez… that’s freezing!”

Cherry Holmes leant over and whispered in Lynn’s ear:

“It’s not going to do him any good either… I’m still going to take those Speedos down…”

Lynn tried to keep a straight face as she looked at James, shivering and almost blue, under the cold spray of icy water. James looked back and innocently wondered what was causing the sixteen-year-old to bite her lip to suppress a giggle.

“I think you’d better come out before it disappears completely,” Cherry said as she looked at the front of James’ Speedos.

It was a huge relief to step out of the cold shower. James was thankful he’d managed to keep himself under control and not for the first time wondered what could be the cause of his mysterious erections. His hands were shaking as he turned off the water. He shivered and told himself that it’d been worth it. To get his erection to go down meant that he didn’t have to loose his Speedos in front of Lynn… at least that’s what James thought.

“Gosh you are cold,” Cherry Holmes said as she directed James to stand back in front of the benches while she and Lynn sat down.

The physio session continued as Cherry guided Lynn’s hand back up to the top of James’ thighs. James flinched as he felt the gentle girl’s fingers tickling no more than an inch away from his Speedos.

“Can you feel this muscle right at the top… just round here… a bit further Lynn. That’s it you’ve got it…”

Lynn’s fingers were touching the hem of James’ Speedos. He shivered when he heard Cherry Holmes announce:

“Lynn, I think the cause of this muscle problem might be even further up than I thought. What we’re seeing here is the effect, not the cause of the problem. We’re going to have to lower James’ Speedos to allow us to get a closer look… I’m not sure but it may be we need to massage the perineum…”

James hadn’t a clue what his ‘perineum’ was. All he was concerned about was that he was going to have his Speedos pulled down after all. It was so unfair…

“You’ll need to know the best way to lower a boy’s Speedos Lynn, in case there’s been an accident or the boy has fainted, so I suggest you get some practice by taking down James’, okay?” Cherry Holmes said, “James won’t mind… if he’s a nudist like you say, Lynn…”

“Heck no…” James said, as he tried to sound brave, although he knew they could hear the tremor in his voice, “feel free Lynn… just go on ahead and take them right off… I could do with getting nude.”

It all sounded so phoney. Cherry and Lynn weren’t fooled for a second. They knew full well James wasn’t really a nudist and were enjoying watching as he squirmed with embarrassment.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you James, but it won’t be necessary to take your Speedos right off… just down to the knees will be fine…”

At that precise moment the door of the locker-room burst open and three girls, friends of Lynn, tumbled through…

Part 3

“Hi Lynn…! Oh, is this the wrong time…?” one of the girls said when they saw James standing in front of Cherry and Lynn.

Lynn looked at Cherry Holmes who nodded that it was okay for the girls to come into the locker-room.

“No… come on in…” Lynn told her friends, “Cherry this is Michelle… this is Bethany… and this is Candy… I told them I’d got this mega-cool job as your assistant, Cherry, and they just had to come over and take a look.”

“That’s fine, Lynn,” Cherry turned to the girls, “Don’t mind us, girls. Lynn and I were just about to take down James’ Speedos. I’m concerned he might have sprained a muscle at the top of his legs, but we can’t get at it properly with these trunks in the way. You girls just sit down here next to us and you might learn something… Right, can everyone see? Good.”

“Okay, Lynn let’s see you take down James’ Speedos… Start off by putting your fingers into the waistband so that you can pull the draw-string out to undo the knot… James I think you’d better lift your arms up out of the way… put them behind your neck…yes, that’s right…”

“Now, Lynn, don’t be afraid to push your fingers right in… good now you’ve got the cord untied you can loosen the waist of the trunks.”

As the girls watched, Lynn slowly pulled the Speedos down following the instructions given by Cherry Holmes. Michelle, Bethany and Candy were on the edge of their seats as they watched the hairless base of James thick penis being revealed. The three girls had heard all about James’ huge penis.

Bethany turned to Cherry and asked why James was smooth and didn’t have any pubic hair.

As Lynn eased down James’ Speedos, slowly uncovering his penis an inch at a time, Cherry told Bethany that boys selected for competition swimming had to undertake to comply with certain regulations, one of which was to remove all body hair. She went on to explain that this was to ensure boys with more developed pubic hair wouldn’t be at a disadvantage since they wouldn’t be as sleek as other competitors. Having the ‘no hair’ rule meant all boys were equal, plus it made for faster swimmers. Cherry also went on to explain how competition Speedos had got progressively smaller over the past few years due to lobbying from team coaches like herself. Coaches were, of course, keen to get better and better performances out of their team members and so the need to remove all pubic hair had become increasingly important.

By the time Cherry had explained all this, Lynn’s friends were hardly listening as they were transfixed by the seemingly never-ending length of James’ penis.

Finally, as Lynn eased the Speedos down to his knees, James’ penis was fully revealed. Michelle, Bethany and Candy gasped in astonishment when they saw the ten inch monster hanging between James’ legs.

James looked down at himself and then at the wide-eyed girls gawping at his big, heavy penis, as it swung gently between his thighs. Once more he thought to himself how much he hated having to pretend to be a nudist, but there seemed to be no way out of his predicament. At every turn James found himself having to bare all to an increasingly larger circle of women, all of whom, it seemed to James, knew about his supposed love of the nudist lifestyle. Now he had the further indignity of having a female swimming coach bossing him around; a coach who was only a year, at most, older than he was! If that wasn’t bad enough, he also had Lynn, Dr Wang’s extremely attractive young daughter, taken on as assistant coach to the team. And she was only sixteen!

The outlook for James was pretty bleak. Although he didn’t know it, his new swimming coach Cherry Holmes had decided he’d be perfect to model some new designs of practice swimwear. Meeting Lynn had reminded James that he would soon need to make another appointment at her mom’s clinic to get his competition medical certificate validated again… if he didn’t need to see Dr Wang before then about the uncontrollable erections he was getting. Then Stephanie at Hooters had got it into her mind that James liked serving at Hooters’ Girls’ Only Nights dressed in nothing more than his birthday suit and a name-tag! Where had all this come from…? A few short months ago James was just like any other normal kid; he had a great girlfriend and he loved swimming. Now he was expected to take his clothes off every five minutes and whenever this happened he always ended up surrounded by attractive young women and girls.

But there was always Lori, James reminded himself. He loved her and would do just about anything for her, but he wished he could tell her he wasn’t really a nudist. Lori’s sister Kristy was the only person that knew the whole story; that James wasn’t and never had been a nudist. And in his endearing innocent way, James hadn’t a clue as to what was going on.

Once again James had to smile and pretend to be unconcerned as he found himself in the locker-room, his Speedos down to his knees, looking at four young girls and his swimming coach Miss Holmes. James was looking at them, but they weren’t looking at his face, they were looking at his huge thick meat as it continued to swing heavily between his legs. Even after the cold shower he’d given himself, James’ penis was still enormous by any standards. Cherry Holmes shook herself. Seeing James’ massive penis was still new to her and for a moment she had forgotten the reason for telling Lynn to pull the Speedos down.

“Ahem… Lynn… err,” Cherry Holmes said at last, “Lynn, as I said the cause of the muscle strain is right at the top of James’ leg, so I suggest we lift his genitalia out of the way to enable us to examine the root of the problem… that’s okay James you keep your hands up out of the way. You relax and leave everything up to us…”

James did as he was told and kept his hands up behind his neck which had left him feeling more exposed than ever as he stood in front of the girls. He prayed his penis would behave itself and stared straight ahead at the white tiled walls of the locker-room and tried to think of something… anything… to take his mind off what was happening.

“Ummph… Cherry, I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this on my own…” Lynn said as she tried with difficulty to hold up James’ testicles, “James’ penis is so heavy… it keeps flopping about and gets in the way… I can’t hold up his balls single-handed and squeeze my hand underneath as well…”

“Maybe your friends could help…” Cherry suggested, “I’d help, but need to watch and make sure you’re maximising contact with the correct physio massage, Lynn.”

Lynn twisted round to look at her friends, “Would you guys mind helping me out…?”

James was horrified, but Michelle, Bethany and Candy didn’t need to be asked twice and together their small hands lifted James’ penis and testicles up and out of the way so that Lynn could reach behind James’ scrotum.

James felt a bolt of electric pleasure surge up from his groin. Lynn’s fingertips had touched a very sensitive spot… James breathed hard and squeezed his eyes tight shut. There was another jolt; another surge of pleasure that he couldn’t ignore:

“Oh please… please Lynn… don’t…”

It was too late. James’ penis began to engorge in front of the eyes of the startled girls. Michelle felt the penis thicken and was soon unable to hold on. It was like some wild beast stirring itself from slumber. Bethany jerked back and let go of one of James’ outsized testicles. Then Candy too gasped in astonishment as she realised what was happening.

James was once more red-faced and embarrassed beyond belief.

“Miss Holmes… Please I think… I think maybe we should stop…” James did his best to remain calm, but it was extremely difficult with four young sixteen-year-old girls groping his genitalia. His penis continued to harden until it was pointing straight out towards Bethany and Michelle.

Cherry Holmes frowned, “I think you two had better stand to one side… sometimes boys can lose their self-control during physio. They are apt to…”

“Ejaculate…” Lynn broke in, “Mom’s told me what happened when James had his physical at the clinic…” She went on to tell them all about James producing his sperm sample at Cheryl’s party in the X-Ray lab, much to James evident discomfort. His big penis continued to lengthen and thicken. James was desperately trying to control himself, but hearing Lynn talk so openly about masturbation and sperm samples was too much for him. Despite his embarrassing situation he could feel the tell-tale tingle beginning to well up from the base of his fully erect penis. Undeterred, Lynn continued her physio treatment backwards and forwards along James’ perineum.

James squeezed his eyes tight shut as he made a gurgling noise. The girls were astonished and gasped as they saw a great big glob of milky-white pre-cum bubble out of the huge penis like magma from a volcano… and like a volcano, his penis was ready to erupt. The viscous liquid continued to well up. It glooped down from the head forming a sticky string of goo that swung to and fro in front of the girls.

James moaned, now quite oblivious to the girls watching him, who were eagerly awaiting his inevitable explosive orgasm. They moved back out of the line of fire as Lynn continued to massage James. He was panting, his chest heaving as he gasped for breath. His penis flexed and jerked, then suddenly an explosion of thick white sperm blasted from his penis. It splattered against the tiled wall of the locker-room above the wooden benches and slithered down the tiles like the slimy trail of some giant slug. Four more rounds of hot sperm smashed against the tiles before James realised what was happening… that no-one had touched his penis! His orgasm and his ejaculation had occurred without any physical stimulation of his mighty rod! Now he would definitely have to make an appointment to see Lynn’s mom… and all that that would entail…

Part 4

A few days after James was given his physio massage by Lynn in front of her three friends, Cherry Holmes had got together samples of the new practice swimwear she was eager for James to model. Cherry had arranged for her fellow women coaches to come along and see James wearing the costumes. There had been heated debate amongst the coaches about the suitability of the designs and Cherry Holmes had suggested the best way forward was to have a boy wear the new Speedo designs in front of them so they could take their time in appraising them for future use.

Cherry had volunteered James services to model the various designs. James was, of course, blissfully unaware of the fact. Cherry had spent a great deal of time researching the new training Speedos and there were some special items she was keen to show the other coaches. One of these was the SwimSling which had caused James so many problems at the sports store.

Cherry Holmes had spoken to James only the day before the planned show when she’d asked him if he was available the following afternoon:

“… at about four o’clock, James. The pool should be clear by then…”

“Is it for swimming practice Miss Holmes?” James asked innocently.

“It’s to do with practice, yes.”

James, in his usual sweet manner, didn’t cotton on and assumed Miss Holmes wanted him for practice.

“Sure Miss Holmes… sure, I can make it,” James told his coach.

“They’ll be no need for you to bring your own Speedos James,” Cherry Holmes calmly told James.

“Err… Excuse me, Miss Holmes, I-I don’t get it… I can’t practice without Speedos…”

“You must have misunderstood me, James, you won’t be practicing as such. I said it was simply something to do with practice…”

“Can I… can I ask what it is…?” James asked his coach nervously.

“Of course James. You’ll be modelling some new Speedo designs for wearing during team swimming practice…”

“Modelling…?” James wasn’t sure he liked the sound of this.

“Yes... It’s quite straightforward James. All I need you to do is to put on some different swimming costumes to see what they look like… Nothing difficult… You’ll do that for me James…? I doubt whether it will take that long…”

James wasn’t very enthusiastic. He hated anyone seeing him in his regular, uniform Speedos at the best of times… still if it wasn’t going to take that long, “Umm… okay Miss Holmes, I’ll do it,” he replied, thinking that all he had to do was change into a couple of different costumes in the locker-room and stand still so that Miss Holmes could see what they looked like. It would be a bit embarrassing, but James thought he could cope.

“Oh, that’s perfect James. I knew you’d agree,” Cherry said as she thought what James would look like in the new costumes, “I know some boys would run a mile…”

James’ heart began to beat faster, exactly why would some boys ‘run a mile’, he thought?

“As I said James, it’s all quite straightforward. You’ll be wearing some new practice Speedos so that we can assess their suitability for future use…”


“Of course ‘we’ James…”

“But-but you didn’t say anything about anyone else…”

“Didn’t I…? But I thought it was obvious James… You don’t think I’d want you to model just for me? I thought you understood... otherwise why did you agree? There are other coaches who are just as interested as me in seeing the new designs modelled properly, James.”

James stood and opened and closed his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He was speechless as he remembered the disaster with the SwimSling, surely Miss Holmes wasn’t expecting him to wear that again? James panicked at the very idea of putting the Sling on again… and wearing it in front of… in front of… James felt sick at the thought.

“Anyhow, it’s too late now,” Cherry Holmes continued, “I’ve already promised the other coaches you’d model the new styles…. besides I expect this will be a piece of cake for a confirmed nudist like you… won’t it, James?”

Why me? James said to himself, why bother asking me if you’ve already told the others? It’s ever since that poolside party at Lori’s… ever since he had to pretend to be a nudist… everybody seemed to think he wanted to take his clothes off and parade in the nude… and not just that… parade in the nude when everyone else was fully clothed…!


So it was that the next day James walked into the swimming pool building with a heavy heart. Cherry Holmes came forward to meet him as he walked into the pool-hall.

James was taken aback to see how many coaches had assembled. There were so many that Cherry Holmes decided it would be best if the modelling took place in front of the benches at the side of the pool. The coaches, all female James noted, varied in age from around his own and Cherry’s upwards and he felt uncomfortable as well as vulnerable in front of them all. The way the women were all staring at him made James wonder if he’d be able to go through with the modelling without fainting from embarrassment. He was already blushing fit to burst; his throat dry and his palms sweaty. His legs felt as if they were made of lead. He turned his head towards his coach as she addressed James’ audience:

“Can I have your attention please everyone… This is James who’s very kindly offered to display the new costume designs intended for team practice and training sessions. Some of the designs are quite innovative and some of you might think they are a little, err… well revealing. But please keep and open mind and sit back and enjoy the show!”

Cherry Holmes turned to a very nervous looking, red-faced James. She told him to get undressed in the locker room. Cherry explained that she had placed each item of swimwear he was to model in separate lockers, so there would be no confusion or risk of a mix-up. Cherry would call out the number of the locker which contained the costume James was to wear. He was to put the costume on and then walk out into the pool-hall in front of the coaches. “Nothing to it”, she told James.

All of the lockers, James found out, were just above head height so he would have to stretch right up in order to reach the costumes inside. Cherry planned it that way so James would have no idea of what he’d be wearing until the last minute; not until he held the garment in his hand.

James, a bundle of nerves since he had not been given any idea what he’d be wearing, pushed open the locker-room door. Outside he could hear Cherry Holmes explaining to her audience that she had recently been told James was an enthusiastic nudist who didn’t have any inhibitions at all about wearing some of the more daring styles of swimwear. He couldn’t hear what Cherry said next, but he heard the cheers and laughter that followed.

James had been told to put on the contents of locker twelve, so he quickly took all his clothes off and then reached up to get the costume out of the locker. He felt the silky fabric, grasped it in his hand and brought it down to see what he was expected to wear. His jaw dropped. James stood there nude holding the costume. It looked like any other… except… except… he didn’t like what he saw. James looked back at his clothes and back at the flimsy piece of fabric in his hand. For a second he thought about putting the Speedo back in the locker and putting on his clothes again. And running, running out of the locker-room, running anywhere to get away from his nightmare. His heart was pounding… if this was an example of what he was going to be expected to wear… what were the rest of the designs going to be like? If this tiny Speedo was anything to go by, there wouldn’t be very much to wear at all!

James overcame his panic. With trepidation he stepped into the Speedo and gingerly pulled it up. He pushed his thumbs into the waist, running them back round and forwards to position the Speedo as best he could.

“Jeez…!” James cried as he looked down at himself. His big penis was hanging out of the left leg hole of the Speedo. There was a full-length mirror to his side, but he couldn’t bring himself to look. Instead James pushed his hand into the front of the Speedo and pulled his penis up into the pouch to make himself as comfortable as possible. James took a deep breath and walked out through the door to face his audience.

The design James was wearing looked like a pair of perfectly normal racing Speedos. Admittedly the sides were a mere quarter-of-an-inch deep… too narrow for competition wear. Cherry Holmes spoke:

“I wanted to start off by showing you what can be done with the standard Speedo design. This style, of instance, is made from ripstop nylon, which allows the trunks to be made much lighter because of the increased strength of the material. You can see this more clearly in the design of the front pouch. Step forward please James and fold your arms out of the way, so that everyone can get a closer look…”

James’ legs felt like lead as he stepped forwards toward the benches. He felt the eager eyes of the women as they leant forward to get a closer look at the bulging front of his Speedos.

One of the coaches, Lacy Turner who was in her early thirties, asked, “I think we can all see that James is particularly well-endowed, so I’d like to ask how much pressure the Speedos are capable of withstanding?”

“Well Lacy, we haven’t tested this design to its limit,” Cherry Holmes smiled, “But I’d like to think of it as having the strength to contain most normal situations. But where ripstop comes into its own… well I’ll let you see for yourself…”

“… would you turn round please James…”

There was a gasp of astonishment from the audience. The trunks were cut so high as to be almost completely backless. What material there was had disappeared between James tight smooth bottom cheeks. There was a small triangle of fabric just below the small of his back, otherwise James’ butt was quite bare.

“As your can see the Speedos James is wearing offer no resistance and no drag over the rear of the boy’s body, while the front maintains a degree of modesty…”

There was an appreciative round of applause from the assembled coaches as Cherry Holmes told James:

“Locker six now please…”

James put his arms down and walked back very self-consciously to the locker room, which gave his audience another view of his bare butt. He walked into the locker-room and peeled off the ripstop Speedos before opening locker six. He felt inside and his hands brushed a tiny piece of nylon fabric. It slipped through James’ fingers and he was forced up on tip-toes before he could grab the flimsy piece of nylon.

He took the Speedo out and held it in his hand. James was dumbfounded. It was no more than an ultra-small pouch attached to some white cords. James had seen a Speedo Thong before, but had never tried one on, for the simple reason that his genitals were far too large to be contained in the pouch. How on earth he was expected to squeeze his big penis and outsized testicles into this one, he had no idea.

James stood in front of the locker-room mirror and saw his huge thick penis hanging down between his legs. It was almost ten inches long and he wondered what he would have to do in order to stuff this monster into the pouch. Then there were his testicles… not for the first time James wished things had been different.

He held the diaphanous piece of fabric up and looked at it more closely. It was almost translucent and James had the distinct feeling it would become totally transparent in the pool. He sighed, then realised the fabric was stretchy. He pulled the sides of the pouch and the material expanded!

James stepped into the Speedo Thong and pulled it up. The cord dug deep between his bottom cheeks, making him wince as he pulled the minuscule pouch over his genitals. The material expanded to hold everything in place and James was ready to model the Speedo Thong.

He walked out of the locker-room and stood in front of the benches. The applause was deafening. Even from a few feet away it looked as though the tiny, obscenely bulging sliver of material was held up over James’ genitals by magic. It appeared to defy gravity and he was called over to stand closer to the assembled team coaches.

One or two hands came out to assess the tiny pouch and James needed all his resolve to keep his penis from misbehaving. He didn’t want to go through the ordeal of a cold shower again quite so soon after the last one.

Cherry Holmes was just about to ask James to change into the next costume when Lacy Turner asked another question. It seemed as if she deliberately wanted to keep James standing in front of them as he stood with his feet firmly apart and hands clasped behind his back. With his shoulders held back, James felt extremely exposed in front of the women. For a moment he thought she would ask him to jump in the pool and swim a few lengths, just so they could see whether the delicate nylon would become totally transparent. This thought, for some reason James couldn’t fathom, made his penis press against the thin fabric and he inwardly begged Lacy Turner to hurry up and let him go back to the locker-room so that he could change into whatever the next skimpy Speedo Miss Holmes had lined up for him.

“Cherry, I have to say this Speedo design James is wearing looks great and I’m sure everyone here will agree with me on that score. I’m also sure it will enhance his training performance, but I’d like to ask James how it feels wearing it… anything he’d like to tell us…” Lacy said as she looked James straight in the eyes. James, if it were at all possible, felt even more vulnerable than before. His urge to run away was almost overwhelming.

“Go ahead, Lacy,” Cherry said, “James is here to help.”

“Well,” Lacy asked an increasingly nervous James who was becoming worried he was going to loose all control of his already stiffening penis, “how does it feel to wear the Speedo Thong? We can all see that it covers your genitals adequately, but could you tell us if you find any discomfort, rubbing or chaffing around your penis or your testicles?”

James couldn’t believe he was being asked about something so intimate and personal in front of an audience of about twenty women. He was flushed with embarrassment and again felt his heart pounding as he stood in front them all. He stammered awkwardly, “Err… well I guess it, the pouch I mean, feels kinda tight… and there’s not much to it… Umm, but it… err…” James’ mouth finally dried up completely and he couldn’t speak.

“… affords good support for your genitals…?” Lacy helped James out, causing him to redden even more. James nodded. Lacy looked questioningly, “Anything else, James, any rubbing or chaffing at the base of your penis, or your scrotum, perhaps. I’ve noticed the scrotum can sometimes get pinched under the edge of a pouch like this, James. Perhaps you’d like me to check…”

James shook his head and managed to blurt out, “No, err, it’s fine… really, it’s fine…”

“Okay, but it’s as well to have your coach check these things, James,” Lacy said as she kept James waiting, “Anyhow, brief as the pouch of the Speedo Thong is, I guess you could say it’s better than nothing at all?”

“I’m not sure about that Lacy,” Cherry Holmes interrupted, “Don’t forget James is a practicing nudist and wouldn’t necessarily agree with you…”

Once again James felt his heart rate going into overdrive, nervous about Miss Holmes’ talk of his supposed nudist lifestyle. He couldn’t wait to be told to go back to the locker-room and to change into the next swimming costume… whatever it might be. He had the overwhelming impression that if these coaches had their way, he’d be persuaded to give a demonstration of his nudism right then and there.

“I’m sure nothing would give James greater satisfaction than to have you watch him giving you all a taste of his nudist lifestyle,” Cherry Holmes added, “but we are here today to see him display various designs of training and practice Speedos… Maybe some other time…” she teased.

James kept his arms behind his back, although it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep his hands away from his crutch.

Part 5

“I think we’d better move on,” Cherry Holmes said and turned to James, “Locker ten now please…”

When he returned to the locker-room, James collapsed back onto the door. That had been the worst five minutes so far. Standing in front of all those women. Feeling their eyes boring into him as he stood dressed in the tiny little thong with his hands clasped behind his back. For a moment he’d thought he really was going to have to give a demonstration of his supposed nudism. The way his penis had been pressing against the pouch, he very nearly did! James took a deep breath… well, whatever else Miss Holmes had got lined up for him to wear, it couldn’t be any worse than the Speedo Thong, surely…

He slipped the pouch off and his big penis plopped out forwards, away from his body. There was no doubt about its growing tumescence. Sweat broke out on James’ brow as he reached up and put his hand into locker ten…

“Oh god, no…!” James froze and nearly dropped the costume. He managed to grasp it in the palm of his hand to stop it from slipping through his fingers. He stared at the costume dumbfounded, “Why this…? She knows it doesn’t fit…” James felt sick at the thought of walking out in front of Miss Holmes’ fellow coaches with it on.

He looked up, away from the bright red fabric which lay across his hand, and caught sight of himself in the mirror. He knew only too well what he’d look like once he’d pulled on the costume…

With trembling hands James loyally pulled the Speedo on and did his best to adjust himself in the brief little pouch. It didn’t afford much room for support, but James did the best he could, squeezing his semi-erect penis inside the fabric. As he hooked the straps over his shoulder, James looked back into the mirror and nearly wept with embarrassment. He saw each of his outsized testicles squeezed out from either side of the pouch where they could be seen by everybody.

James paused as he tried to make himself as comfortable as the costume would allow, shifting his testicles and penis around, but it wasn’t much good. He knew he was only trying to delay the inevitable. In the end he bravely took a deep breath, walked over to the door and pushed it open.

“Ladies,” Cherry Holmes announced as James, blushing beet-red, walked forwards to face his audience, “Ladies… fellow coaches, the SwimSling!”

James felt the sling cutting into his shoulders and crutch as he stood in front of the benches. Was it him, or was the sling smaller than the one he’d tried on in Sports Paradise? It certainly felt as if it was biting into him more than the one at the store. That one had been flimsy enough. His testicles felt as if they had had their blood supply cut off, the sling was so tight.

Cherry Homes continued, “I know there’s been a lot of talk about the SwimSling… so I thought I’d give you the opportunity to see it for yourself being worn by a team member. The first thing you’ll notice is the extremely sparse dimensions of the genital pouch. As you can see James is unable to contain his rather large testicles within it and is forced to wear the Sling with them outside the costume. Of course, James, being a practicing nudist, doesn’t have a problem with that do you James?”

“Err… no Miss Holmes,” James replied, thinking the exact opposite… he hated wearing the SwimSling in front of everybody and besides it cut into his anatomy more than any Speedo he’d ever worn. “No Miss Holmes, that’s fine… no problem…”

Cherry Holmes continued, “If James turns and stands side on… thank you James… you can see the complete absence of any material up the side of his body. You can also see how far forward his testicles have been pushed and this is a factor to take into account if you’re considering the SwimSling for team practice and training. James, for instance could train quite happily in the sling without the need to wear a special drag-suit. His testicles alone would provide sufficient drag for training purposes.”

There was a murmur of approval amongst the assembled coaches as poor James paraded the SwimSling, walking up and down in front of the benches. Occasionally he turned so the coaches could view the back of the sling, while all the time praying to be asked to change into the next costume. This time he was sure there couldn’t be anything worse in store…

“James, could you go and change into the next swim-suit? Locker thirteen,” Cherry Holmes called out to James’ evident relief. “Anything the matter James?”

“No, Miss Holmes, the sling’s a bit tight, that’s all,” James replied as he tried to ease the pressure on his testicles.

The door to the locker-room had hardly swung closed behind him when James pulled the shoulder straps off and down. He shimmied out of the sling and rubbed his testicles to get some blood back into his scrotum. Then he looked up at locker thirteen. The number didn’t augur well, he thought and James soon found out why…

As before James reached up and with difficulty reached inside the locker. He was puzzled. There didn’t appear to be anything in the locker. Then he felt something. He couldn’t make out what it was. Just some bits of string or cord, certainly nothing like fabric. He made a fist round it and hoping he’d got it all, pulled it out of the locker.

James held his hand open and stared down with a puzzled expression on his face. What on earth was it? What was he supposed to do with it? He knew it had to be some sort of practice Speedo, but how did he put it on? How did he wear it? It was just pieces of nylon string as far as James could tell. He couldn’t even see a pouch.

James unravelled some of the ‘costume’ and held it between his hands. He looked up and saw himself reflected in the mirror. He held the bundle of nylon string between his hips in front of himself. It covered nothing.

“It’s a very radical design…” Cherry Holmes said as she looked in through the door to the locker-room, “It moulds to the body’s contours. I’m thinking of recommending it to the competition committee for standard use during training…” she teased.

James was horrified at the thought as he looked again at the small bundle he was holding in front of himself between his hands. He hadn’t a clue how to put it on, or what it would look like when it was worn. He could, however, guess it wouldn’t be pleasant to wear in front of Miss Holmes’ friends… which was just what he was going to have to do… if only he could work out how.

Cherry stepped forwards into the locker-room and let the door close behind her.

“I thought you might need some help…”

“I-I’m not sure how to get this on… it hasn’t got a support pouch or anything…”

“That’s because it doesn’t need one,” Cherry Holmes told him.

James looked puzzled.

“It’s quite straightforward really. See this label, James… it’s on the small side… that goes to the back and this string forms the waist. Okay put that on and we’ll sort the rest out. Good, now this cord here goes down between your cheeks… got that?” James nodded.

“Now make sure this wider piece fits underneath, right between your legs… okay?” Again James nodded. Jeez it feels weird, he thought.

“… now pull up on the cord… that’s right James, it should come up between your testicles. Good, now where the cord branches into two… that’s it, wrap each piece round the back of each testicle… okay that’s good… Now if you slip your fingers underneath there… that’s it… you should be able to pull that piece forward to support your testicles.”

James looked down at himself. There were now two string pouches, each supporting one of his testicles and a cord separating them. He’d never be able to remember how to put this costume on again, he thought. And it felt so strange… every time he bent forward to see what he was doing, the cord between his legs pulled across his anus. He couldn’t begin to imagine what it would feel like to swim in this string thing.

“Okay, nearly there James… now lift this cord up… see how it fans out to cover your penis… that’s why there isn’t a pouch. The string basket holds everything in place for you… see?” Cherry Holmes pointed James towards the mirror.

James looked at himself. He may as well have been nude, he thought, for all the coverage the SpeedoString afforded. This was by far the most revealing swimwear he’d worn… ever!

The costume – if you could call it a costume – consisted of micro-fibre cords woven into an open mesh, small enough to support a boy’s genitals, yet woven openly enough to make the trunks seem almost transparent. The mesh was also strong enough to support a boy the size of James. For those coaches sitting on the benches waiting, the sight of James wearing the SpeedoString was going to be a surprising revelation… especially if they’d not seen James’ particular charms in all their glory before.

James twisted and turned in front of the mirror. His bottom was completely bare, not that that was a surprise as all the costumes he’d modelled were more or less backless. What made this costume special was its micro-fibre mesh construction. This gave the impression there was nothing more than a semi-transparent pouch clinging like a second skin to James’ genitals. The micro-fibre waist was all but invisible, since it didn’t need to be any thicker as the fabric was so strong. And this was a swimming costume! It was worse than naked!

“Come on, James, your audience awaits you,” Cherry Holmes held open the locker-room door.

An extremely red-faced James stepped forwards and not for the first time that day struggled with an almost overpowering urge to cup his hands in front of himself.

Part 6

James stepped through the door and into the pool-hall. There was stunned silence as the blushing boy walked over to the benches to stand in front of the assembled coaches. Even though James was, to some extent, becoming used to being seen in the nude, he felt more exposed than ever in this so-called swimming costume. As before, he paraded in front of the coaches who had gathered, but this time it was worse, much worse. The string mesh seemed to hug his genitals like a thousand tiny fingers, pushing his penis and testicles forward as the micro-fibre cut into each side of his scrotum and around the base of his thick penis. The thin strap which ran underneath and up between his buttocks irritated and rubbed against his anus which caused a degree of stimulation James hadn’t felt before. To his horror, as he walked back and forth as instructed by Miss Holmes, James felt the mesh biting tightly into his groin.

Carol Hunter, an eighteen-year-old who coached one of the junior teams, was the first to speak:

“Omygod…! His… it’s getting bigger!”

James couldn’t stand it any more and as the coaches demanded a closer look, he cupped his hands squarely over himself. Underneath his fingers the thin mesh expanded, but contained the enormous genitals. As the mesh began to tighten and become uncomfortable, James turned to Cherry Holmes:

“Please Miss Holmes… They’re… they’re too tight,” James winced as his penis continued to grow bigger, “I think they’re too small… maybe… maybe if they were larger…?”

“Are you having an erection James?” Cherry Holmes asked matter-of-factly.

To be asked this question in front of all these women was simply awful, but as James knew from past experience, women didn’t seem to understand how embarrassing it was for a boy to have attention drawn to an unwanted erection. There was an added embarrassment for James, of course, since his penis was so large, he knew full well he couldn’t hope to hide it from view as it continued to harden.

“As you can see quite clearly,” Cherry Holmes informed her audience, “the SwimString is designed to contain and support a boy having an erection. The aim is to prevent major distortion of the boy’s swimming profile and James is testing this feature to its limit…”

Muffled giggling could be heard from the benches as the women watched James struggling and hopelessly trying to keep his burgeoning erection under control.

As he wriggled and squirmed with embarrassment, James had to stand and wait as another of the experienced coaches, Pam Skinner, enquired:

“The designs you’ve shown us today are very interesting and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to see them modelled by James. But I wonder if you could tell us how you see them being used in practice and training sessions, Cherry? Surely the current regulations preclude their use under LCR rules?”

“The short answer to that is no, the League regulations don’t preclude their use... I’ve been looking a bit more closely into the rules governing practice and training uniforms. It appears we can make full use of the new designs you’ve seen here today…”

James, startled, looked up… what did Miss Holmes mean, ‘make full use of the designs’. It sounded to James as if she intended to have the team practicing in these revealing and frankly cripplingly embarrassing swim-suits. And he knew who his fellow team members would blame. James Williams, that’s who. He was the one who’d modelled the costumes they’d argue, no matter how unfairly, so James was the one who would be held responsible for their introduction.

“If you look more closely at LCR rules, there is a section which deals with regulations regarding the suitability of swim-suits during practice and training sessions. I think we’ve all concentrated on competition uniform regulations, since that’s an area in which we, as team coaches, have to be vigilant. I don’t need to tell you the penalties for uniform violations.”

Please, please don’t make the team train in these, James said to himself as he looked down at the SwimString he was wearing. I know I’ll get the blame…

“I myself, along with many others I’m sure, have always accepted that the competition uniform code applied to formal and informal practice sessions.”

There were murmurs of interest from the benches.

Cherry Holmes continued, “However, the rules clearly state, and I quote, ‘During training and practice sessions the team member must wear an approved swim-suit.’ Now, I’ve checked this out with the uniform regulators at League HQ and what they’ve told me is that any swim-suit is considered approved unless affiliated teams are instructed otherwise. So, there you have it, the team member is simply required to wear a swim-suit. Nothing further is said as to what constitutes a swim-suit. It follows, therefore, that all the designs you’ve seen James wearing today are suitable for use during practice and training sessions.”

There was a ripple of applause from the benches.

Cherry Holmes acknowledged the applause, “Thank you, but I think we should also express our thanks to James who has so helpfully demonstrated the wide variety of swimming costumes for us here today. Designs that I’m sure you’ll all want to see your own teams wearing during their practice sessions.”

“Now, before you all leave and as a special treat, James is going to show you one of my own designs which I’m sure you’ll find of interest…”

James looked at his coach with a mixture of surprise and horror. What now? he thought, what more could there possibly be? He instinctively knew it had to be worse than the Speedos he’d been wearing, but how could it be worse? How could anything be worse than these bits of string and cord that Coach called a swim-suit? Maybe… maybe whatever it is… maybe that’s what Miss Holmes was telling the other coaches earlier? Maybe that’s why they were all laughing so much?

He was right. Cherry Holmes had been telling her fellow coaches about an extra-special Speedo which James would be modelling for them. She’d told the other coaches James would be giving them a ‘little surprise’. However, those who knew how well-endowed James was, the thought of anything associated with him being described as ‘little’ was hugely funny.

As James stood waiting he wondered whether he was right about the cause of the laughter he’d heard. If he was right he knew that whatever it was, it had to be pretty bad to cause all that cheering. For the moment, though there was nothing but an anticipatory hush from the audience and that to James was worse than any amount of cheering or laughter.

At last Coach Holmes asked James to go and change into the final costume. More nervous than he thought possible, James walked off to the locker-room, pushed open the door and walked straight into Lynn and Kristy…

James stopped short in his tracks. So short that the swing door to the locker-room banged shut against his bottom knocking him forward into the girls. Lynn was holding something in her hands. James’ eyes popped out as the costume was revealed. He looked at it, then up at Lynn. Then at Kristy. What was she doing here? James was speechless and confused.

“Lynn said I could come and help her put your… put them on you,” Kristy said by way of explanation just as Lynn was called into the pool-hall to be introduced to the assembled coaches. On her way out Lynn passed to Kristy the final costume James was to wear.

“There’s a hole in them!” Kristy squealed as if she’d not seen the punishment Speedos before, “Look, James! There’s a hole in the front… Do you have to put your… thing through it?”

Kristy held the Speedos up and pushed her index finger through the hole making James wince.

“Do you think the hole’s big enough?” Kristy said as she waggled her finger in the hole to tease James further.

James still hadn’t said anything. His eyes were fixed on Kristy’s finger as it moved about in the hole. Finally he spoke. James looked at Kristy with wide, damp, pleading eyes:

“I-I… Kristy… I can’t go on…”

Kristy saw that James was on the point of collapse and rushed to his side.

“Oh, James! James, please, James… come on, don’t let me down,” Kristy was pulled in opposite directions. Part of her wanted to carry on with the fun… fun at James’ expense, of course. But the other part knew that it would be foolish to push things too far. Hadn’t Lori told her they had to be careful not to upset James too much? Kristy, for all her feistiness, did have a sensitive side. She realised James was close to the end of his tether.

James looked up at Kristy, his moist eyes sparkled, “Please Kristy, can’t you do something? Everybody thinks I’m a nudist and I’m not. You know that Kristy, you know what happened...”

Kristy nodded, “… if only I hadn’t taken your clothes… but how was I to know you were in the shower?”

“I know. It wasn’t your fault, Kristy. I should have made sure you knew I was in there,” James reflected, “And I know you didn’t have much choice but to tell Lori I was a nudist…”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have done that,” Kristy interrupted, “but I couldn’t think of anything else to say, James. It would’ve looked really weird… y’know, you running around waving your… your thing about in front of everyone… I had to say something…”

“I’m not blaming you, Kristy… it’s just that now everyone thinks I’m a nudist.”

James hung his head and looked down at the tiled floor. There was a pause before he spoke again.

“I don’t want to let anyone down, Kristy…”

“I know you don’t…” Kristy said as she took James’ hand in hers. He raised his head and looked into her eyes. He trusted her.

“Look James,” Kristy continued, “Lynn’s going to be coming back in here any second. Tell you what, you put these Speedos on… Cherry’s friends are expecting a wow finish, so there’s not much we can do about that…”

James looked miserable, hung his head again and looked with trepidation towards the door.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” Kristy said, “you let me help you on with these Speedos and go out there wearing them, meantime I’ll phone Lori and maybe…”

James head spun round to face Kristy, “Will you? Oh, gee Kristy you’re the best pal a guy could wish for…”

The beaming smile on James’ face bowled Kristy over and she wanted to hug him and protect him. She felt a wave of guilt wash over her, followed by a surge of envy. It wasn’t the first time Kristy had thought how unfair it was that James was Lori’s boyfriend and not hers.

“Look, I’m not promising anything… don’t forget you tried to tell Lori before and look what happened,” Kristy reminded James, “you started, y’know, shooting stuff all over the place…”

“… I couldn’t help it… so help me… Kristy. If it wasn’t for that I would have told Lori, honest.”

“Okay, I’ll phone Lori and see if she can meet up with us afterwards… now come on, we’d better get this string thing off you. Lynn will be back in a minute wondering what’s happening.”

As they were talking James had been picking at the SwimString, but he couldn’t figure out how it was undone. Kristy took a look:

“Seems mighty complicated… what about if I undo this bit… hold still, James… Now if I… trouble is your penis is pulling everything tight… just a minute…”

James was having serious trouble keeping his massive tool under control. The more Kristy’s little fingers picked and pulled at the cords holding the SwimString in place, the more excited James became. When at last Kristy freed James from the costume, his penis burst straight out parallel to the locker-room floor.

James breathed a sigh of relief as he was released from the devilish net of cords and string. His relief was short-lived though, as he saw Kristy pick up the punishment Speedo.

“I don’t see why I should wear it… I haven’t done anything wrong…”

“No-one’s saying you have,” Lynn said, as she walked back into the locker-room, “It’s just so the other coaches can see if it’d be suitable for their teams…”

“… but it’s not fair…” James protested.

Lynn could see that something had happened when she was out of the room. Kristy was being much kinder to James as she knelt down and helped him put his foot through one of the legs of the Speedos.

James gritted his teeth as Kristy drew the trunks up his strong, smooth muscular swimmer’s legs, then further up his thighs, until it was time to pull his big penis through the hole.

“It’s okay, Kristy, I can do that,” James said bravely. Both Kristy and Lynn watched as James took hold of the mighty phallus and pushed it through the tight hole in front of the Speedos.

“Wow! That’s so cool!” Kristy exclaimed, forgetting for a moment how shy and nervous James was, “Hey! They’re just like… Oh sorry, James, I didn’t mean to…”

James stood straight. The trunks he was wearing were the same as a pair of competition one inch Speedos in every respect, except that is, for the hole in the front. Now his penis stuck out through this hole and James could see why Miss Holmes called them ‘punishment Speedos’, after all, what boy would wear these out of choice?

Feeling as if he was wearing lead boots, James walked to the door which led out into the main pool area. With his penis sticking straight out through the hole in the punishment Speedos, he pushed open the door and in an instant felt the eyes of all the assembled coaches on him. It took a huge amount of will-power for James to walk the few steps forward towards the benches. His semi-erect penis wobbled from side-to-side until he was facing the women. From the moment James had stepped through the locker-room door a hush had fallen and as he walked forward there was not a sound to be heard in the hall.

Part 7

Lynn and Kristy leant out through the locker-room door and saw James side-on with his big penis pointing out in full view of everyone. Earlier they had been watching the show from up in the spectators’ gallery. They had keep themselves well out of sight, but had heard the announcement which had drawn the enthusiastic response from the coaches gathered on the benches. James had guessed correctly, Coach Holmes had whetted her audiences appetite by telling them that James would be modelling the punishment Speedos.

“So what happened?” Lynn asked Kristy.

“What d’ya mean?” Kristy replied in an effort to deflect her friend’s question.

“You know what I mean… something happened when I was out there,” Lynn said, nodding towards the assembled coaches.

“Okay, but promise you’ll keep it to yourself,” Lynn agreed she would, “James is… he’s getting kinda pissed with the whole nudism thing… and… well… I feel sorry for him…”

“You! Kristy, but you’re the one who started it all!” Lynn exclaimed.

“I know… I know, but…”

“You’re not going to tell him?!” Lynn could barely contain herself.

“Keep your voice down… and no I’m not going to say anything to James. If anyone says anything it’ll be Lori,” Kristy said, “She’s his boyfriend after all…”

“But she won’t… will she…?” Lynn panicked at the thought of the games coming to a halt, “Please say she won’t.”

“I hope not…” Kristy replied, “Look, I’ve told James I going to try and get hold of Lori to meet up with us after he’s finished modelling for Cherry. James is desperate to tell Lori what really happened and why everyone thinks he’s a nudist…”

“As if she doesn’t already know…” Lynn observed.

“Yeah, but James doesn’t know that… He’s tried to tell Lori before, but… well let’s just say things didn’t quite turn out as James expected…” Kristy said with a wicked smile on her face.

Lynn pressed Kristy for some more details and Kristy told her how she’d slipped some Viagra into James’ lemonade and the explosive ejaculations that resulted right in front of Lori. Lynn stood next to Kristy wide-eyed. She knew just how intense James’ ejaculations were… even without the Viagra.

“Kristy, you’re wicked…”

“Yeah… but you should have seen James cum… awesome!”

Lynn watched as James stood in front of the bleachers.

“Will you look at that…” she exclaimed as she saw James twist from side-to-side as he showed off the punishment Speedos for the benefit of the coaches gathered on the benches . His penis slapped loudly against his thighs as he turned from right to left.

The girls listened as Coach Holmes explained how punishment Speedos were used when a team member was found to have committed a uniform violation during a training session. As James stood in front of the women with his hands behind his back, he listened and as he listened the coaches could see clearly that James already massive penis was lengthening and thickening. James could feel himself becoming increasingly more and more erect, but was helpless and unable to do anything. This was the first time he’d worn punishment Speedos and it was not an experience he would like to repeat. His penis felt unbelievably exposed as it stuck shamelessly out through the hole in front of the trunks. The very fact that his testicles, hips and bottom were covered, drew attention to his bare penis sticking out for all to see. James looked up toward the ceiling and chewed his lower lip. He couldn’t bear to look at the women and see their eyes focussed on his big penis.

“It may appear to be a little harsh to order a boy to pull on the punishment Speedos, but believe me it does wonders for team discipline,” Cherry said as she went into more detail, “I take the view that there should be no let-up in standards when teams are training; quite the reverse. I insist on complete adherence to uniform regulations at all times. Clearly the adoption of other uniform designs such as we’ve seen today might necessitate some changes in policy, but I see no reason not to use punishment Speedos as a useful sanction when rules or orders are flouted.”

James was praying for Miss Holmes to finish her speech, but Cherry was in no hurry. Clearly the other coaches were enjoying the sight of James’ massive tool poking straight out at them as they watched the embarrassed boy looking upwards, sideways, downwards… anywhere to avoid eye contact with them.

Kristy walked back from the door and left Lynn to continue watching the proceedings. She took out her cell-phone to call her sister, but before she had chance to do anything Lynn called her back:

“Quick! Kristy come and look… Cherry’s got hold of James’ penis… quick!”

Sure enough Cherry Holmes was standing to one side of James and had taken hold of his already semi-tumescent penis and was describing, quite pointlessly, how it was pulled through the hole of the Speedos. She ran her hand over the ever-engorging penis, sometimes pulling it to one side, sometimes up and down, all the while making sure that none of the other coaches were in any doubt about how the punishment Speedos worked:

“Inspections are conducted by the side of the pool before the start of the training session. If a boy is found to be in breech of uniform regulations then he must remove his Speedos right then and there. It doesn’t matter who else is in the pool area of course, since team training is vital for success in competition. Discipline should take precedence over the finer feelings of the boys. It is, after all, their fault if they fail to comply with team orders.”

Cherry gave James’ penis another tug and continued, “After the offending Speedos have been removed and the boy cautioned for his behaviour, he is sent off to the locker-room… and you can all see what happens next.”

Cherry cupped her hand underneath James’ penis and slid it up the shaft from base to tip, “The boy returns with his penis displayed through the hole in his punishment Speedos like so….”

To James’ evident relief Cherry took her hand away, looked up and addressed her fellow coaches, “And that concludes today’s fashion show!”

A burst of applause echoed off the walls as Cherry Holmes took hold of James right wrist. She held it up high before saying, “I think James deserves a big, big hand…” she looked towards the locker-room and motioned Lynn to come and join her.

Lynn left the locker-room and walked over to stand on the other side of James. She took hold of his other wrist and raised his left arm high into the air. Now James stood, both arms aloft, his penis very nearly erect as it pointed out of the hole in the front of a pair of Miss Holmes special Speedos. His face glowed bright red with embarrassment. As the applause continued, James wondered whether it would ever stop and he could get back to the locker-room. Still the applause carried on and still both his arms were held up by Cherry and Lynn, who were both smiling with the undoubted success of the show.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, James was allowed back to the locker-room. It was then that his spirits began to lift, both with the relief that his modelling was finished and with the thought that Kristy might have got hold of Lori and arranged for her to meet up with them so that this time he could explain everything. Yes, this time, James told himself, there would be no mistakes, this time he would tell Lori the truth and he could put all this nudist stuff behind him.

He walked through the door and saw that Kristy had just finished on her cell-phone. “Lori’ll meet us at Café Nova in fifteen minutes… that okay?” she told James.

From the huge smile beaming across his face, Kristy could see that it was okay. James’ big thick penis, still sticking straight out, bobbed up and down as if giving Kristy its approval too. She thought to herself, without any sense of malice, how cute James looked… how innocent… how trusting.

James walked over to his clothes as his penis wobbled. He was so relieved his afternoon ordeal was finally over and consoled himself with the thought he’d soon have everything explained to Lori.

Part 8 (Conclusion)

Cherry came into the locker-room as soon as the other coaches had left. She spoke to Kristy and James:

“You guys doing anything now the show’s over… James…?”

“Err… I’m… I’m not… sure,” James said feebly; he didn’t want anything to mess up his meeting Lori, but Kristy interrupted him without thinking:

“Sure we’re going for a coffee… Oh … I’m sorry James… I didn’t… mean…” she blurted out.

“No, that’s cool Kristy…” James said, without much enthusiasm, “Err… yeah… just a quick coffee…”

“… with Lori…” Kristy added.

“Lori…” Cherry exclaimed, “Why didn’t you say so… you two are an item now, aren’t you, James?”

“Err… yes… I guess so, Miss, err… I mean, err… Coach…” James mumbled.

“Don’t worry… I won’t get in the way of you two love-birds,” Cherry smiled and added, “Hey… you can show Lori the new drywear uniform the team will be wearing to and from competitions… it’s over in this locker… here it is,” she said as she pulled the new piece of team kit from the locker.

The drywear uniform was essentially a blouson styled track-suit top, which was designed to reach down to the boy’s waist, and a loose fitting pair of shorts with a two inch in-seam and ½ split out-seam. Both top and bottom were made from a cotton/synthetic mix with the team logo displayed on each part of the new uniform.

“Hey… cool!” Lynn exclaimed as she saw the brightly colored red and gold uniform. Colors that seemed to be chosen to draw attention to the person wearing the kit.

“Come on,” Cherry Holmes urged James, “You can get out of those punishment Speedos and try on the new dry uniform and wear it to meet Lori… I’m sure she’ll want to see it.”

James did as he was told, but still felt uncomfortable changing in front of the women. To his relief his penis had softened since being handled by Miss Holmes in front of the other coaches. He turned slightly away from Lynn, Kristy and Cherry as he pulled down the Speedos, gently easing his penis out of the tight, elasticated hole. He bent down and pulled the them right off and, now nude, had to turn and face the women and ask Cherry for the drywear uniform.

“The uniform is a one-size-fits-all design, James and you’ll probably find it feels a bit loose,” Cherry explained before handing the garment over, “It’s supposed to be that way so you can change into it straight after competition. If you’re still not quite dry it won’t matter and the uniform should go on without difficulty, even over wet Speedos.”

Cherry smiled sweetly as she handed the bottom half of the uniform over to James. Kristy and Lynn didn’t know what to expect and stood in gleeful anticipation as they both knew there had to be something special about the new uniform if Cherry wanted James to wear it to met up with Lori.

The girls were not disappointed. The first thing that James found out about the shorts was that they had no inner lining. He stepped into them and pulled them up without saying a word, after all what was the point? He was pretty sure what would happen once he’d got the shorts on and sure enough…

“Shouldn’t I wear something underneath?” James asked, as he looked down at his penis, the head of which was clearly visible, sticking out from the left leg of the shorts. “Aren’t they supposed to be worn with Speedos or something?”

“Well, normally yes,” Cherry said, as she looked at James, “but if I remember correctly, you didn’t bring along your Speedos today…”

“But, but… you said not to…” James protested.

“The new kit only arrived this morning… I didn’t have time to tell you to bring anything along to wear under it...” Cherry replied, “besides I didn’t know you’d want to take it to show Lori… Where are you meeting Lori, by the way?”

“Café Nova…but I didn’t say I wanted to…” James told her, as he tried to explain that it wasn’t his idea to show Lori the new piece of kit.

“That’s just round the block…” Cherry said, ignoring James’ protest, “…you can walk there… give you time to get used to the uniform. What d’ya say, Kristy?”

Kristy agreed it would be a great idea to get some fresh air and walk the short distance to the coffee shop. She even offered to carry James’ clothes for him, as he hadn’t brought his sports bag. Kristy also knew that if she had a hold of his clothes, James couldn’t carry them in front of himself and use them to cover up the loose shorts.

“Great… James, get the top on… you don’t want to keep Lori waiting, do you?” Cherry said, as she handed him the top.

James took the top from Cherry and pulled it over the top of his head. As he did so, he felt his big penis slip a bit further out of the shorts. The top, James found, only reached down to just above his navel. Try as he might, he couldn’t get it any lower. Cherry came over and tugged at the hem. She too couldn’t get the top to come any lower than James’ navel and told him:

“That’s funny, it should reach a bit lower. I’ll have to speak to the manufacturers about that, but I’m sure you won’t mind for today, will you?”

Once more James knew it would be futile to say anything, besides what was a bit of bare flesh around his middle compared with his penis exposed below his shorts? He pushed his hand inside the shorts and found that if he pushed his penis sideways he could just about keep it out of sight, but God knows what would happen if he got an erection. James suddenly realised that having the top so short meant that if the worse did happen he stood no chance of hiding it by pushing it up and under the top. There was absolutely no way he could disguise an erection in these short, loose shorts alone.

As these thoughts raced through James’ mind it was some little time before he realised he was being ushered through the locker-room door. Kristy was carrying the clothes James had arrived in earlier. Less than a minute later they had stepped out of the building and had set off to meet Lori. James felt very self-conscious now that he was out in public wearing the new drywear kit.

As they walked briskly along to Café Nova, James soon found the shorts far too loose to contain his big penis. Every few steps he felt the brush of cool air on the head of his penis as it slipped out of the shorts. Each time this happened he was forced to push his hand under the waistband and grab hold of his thick meat and pull it back up into the shorts. James had to be careful nobody saw what he was doing and at the same time he was on tenterhooks in case they bumped into anyone they knew.

James was relieved when they reached Café Nova. Kristy burst through the door giggling, leaving James in the doorway standing in his drywear uniform attracting the gaze of the customers. As he looked round to see where Kristy had gone, it slowly dawned on him that he was the only male there. Then he froze. James saw dozens of staring eyes look at him, then watched with horror as their gaze travelled downwards… Shoot! He felt his penis slipping slowly out of his shorts again…

“James!” he heard Lori call, “Over here James!”

He scooted over, trying to outrun the increasingly lecherous eyes of the women, all of whom had stopped whatever they were doing to look at the athletic boy wearing the loose-fitting and very revealing sports-clothes.

Kristy was just sitting down when James got to the table.

“Isn’t that a bit daring?” Lori said, as she looked James up and down. “You know your penis is showing?”

James told his girlfriend that he was well aware of his exposure, but Lori keep him standing while he explained that what he was wearing was the new kit that the team would be wearing to and from swim meets.

“Aren’t you supposed to wear something under the shorts?” Lori asked.

“… he’s supposed to wear his Speedos,” Kristy explained, “but he didn’t have them with him… Cherry thought you might like to see James wearing the new kit anyway. I think he looks really cute,” Kristy added.

A waitress came over and James quickly sat down next to Kristy and faced Lori. They ordered cappuccinos. Lori spoke:

“Kristy says you want to tell me something…”

Now that James was sitting facing his girlfriend, he didn’t know how to begin. His heart thumped as he tried to think of the best way to break the news to Lori that he wasn’t really a nudist.

“I… ah… I… I wanted to tell you… that… that I’m…” James stumbled over his words, “Lori…” he twisted sideways and glanced at Kristy for support. She smiled and nodded her encouragement. James turned back to face his girlfriend, “Lori… I… Lori, you know I love you?” He felt embarrassed saying this sitting next to Kristy.

Kristy felt this too. “Do you want me to split?” she asked.

“No that’s okay…” James realised he needed Kristy beside him in spite of his discomfort. She was, as far as he was concerned, the only person who knew the truth. He needed her for moral support. James started again:

“Lori…” he wanted to look into her eyes, but couldn’t, “Lori… it’s about this nudism thing… It’s… well…” James took the plunge, “You remember the day I told you I was a nudist…”

“Of course I do honey,” Lori replied, “How could I forget coming home and seeing you without a stitch of clothing on… Naked and serving drinks to Kristy’s friends, I think…”

“Yes, but that’s not what…” James stumbled again, this was so difficult, “Before you came back…well I was taking a shower… when… and… I’d left my clo…” His voice tailed off as he saw Lori look up over his shoulder.

“Hi…! Lori… James… oh, Kristy as well!”

“Holy crap…” James said to himself under his breath as he heard Dr Wang’s voice.

“Dr Wang…!” Lori said, “What a surprise…”

James turned round and saw a smiling Dr Wang clutching what looked like some paperwork, as she strode towards their table. James, ever the gentleman, stood up as Dr Wang approached. She glanced down at James’ shorts and he knew from the expression on her face that his penis had once more slipped out into view. Dr Wang looked as if she was about to comment on the exposure, so James quickly asked if she would care to join them. It was a relief for him when she agreed, since it meant that he could sit back down again and hide the loose drywear shorts from view.

The moment he’d heard Dr Wang’s voice James knew that his chance of telling Lori what really happened had gone and as he sat waiting for his coffee, he wondered whether he’d ever be able to explain things to Lori. He was lost in his thoughts when all of a sudden Dr Wang turned to him and spoke:

“A little birdie told me you’re having trouble with your penis, James… it’s been misbehaving I hear…”

She looked at him as if she was expecting an answer. None came. James was far too embarrassed to say anything there in the middle of Café Nova, surrounded by women at the nearby tables who were clearly eager to learn what sort of penis trouble he was having. He could feel that his ears were red-hot and he knew his face must be glowing as bright as a stop-light.

“Excuse me…?” James managed to blurt out.

“Your penis James… Lori tells me that you’ve been experiencing uncontrollable erections recently…” Dr Wang turned slightly towards his girlfriend for confirmation.

“I thought it was for the best,” Lori told James, “I know you said you wanted talk to Dr Wang about it, but after you… you know, when you… all that stuff the other day…”

“And then,” Dr Wang continued, “When Lynn told me how you’d climaxed and ejaculated in the locker-room without noticeable stimulation of your penis … I thought it was time we had you back in the clinic for another examination.”

James looked at Lori, turned to Kristy and then looked back to face Dr Wang.

“What do you think James?” Dr Wang asked, “Should I make an appointment for you…?”

James was defeated once more, “Please… yes please, Dr Wang.”

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