Tuesday, 5 July 2011

James At Café Nova

Part 1

James and Kristy had walked from the pool round to Café Nova where they were to meet Lori, James’ girlfriend. James was wearing the new ‘drywear’ uniform that he’d been given by Cherry Holmes, his swimming coach, so that he could show it to Lori. The uniform consisted of shorts and a blouson style top. It was cut extremely loosely as it had been designed to be worn straight from the pool when the competitor was still wet through. Its unique design meant the uniform could easily be pulled on over dripping wet competition Speedos, indeed the drywear shorts had to be worn with Speedos as there was no inner support pouch to contain a boy’s genitals. However James, who had just finished his modelling assignment for Cherry Holmes, didn’t know this and hadn’t brought along any Speedos to the pool anyway since he wasn’t expecting to be wearing anything other than his regular clothes afterwards.

James quickly found out why it was essential for a boy to wear the drywear shorts with Speedos. Without the inner support his big penis slipped easily out of the leg of the shorts and now James was expected to appear in public wearing the new kit. Kristy had kindly offered to carry James’ clothes and had borrowed a sports grip from Cherry in which to put them. Kristy picked up the pile of clothes and stuffed them in the bag. James was given his trainers and the two set off.

James found that if he pushed his penis to one side he could just about keep it out of sight, but judging by the breeze he felt between his legs (and some of the glances from passers-by) James wasn’t so sure that he could say the same about his huge testicles.

The whole point of meeting up with Lori; the reason James had been prepared to put up with yet another unexpected embarrassment, to wit this walk to Café Nova in the revealing new uniform, was the opportunity it afforded him to tell his girlfriend about his presumed willing embrace of nudism.

Kristy and James arrived at the café and sat down with Lori. As they sipped their coffees and James psyched himself up to tell Lori the truth, disaster had struck.

James was on the very verge of telling his girlfriend that he wasn’t really a nudist; it had all been a ghastly mistake. A ghastly mistake precipitated by the accidental loss of his clothes on the day Kristy’s cheerleader friends were due to arrive for a pool-party.

James yearned to tell Lori that the very last thing he wanted do was to walk out, completely nude, in front of all the young girls gathered by the pool. But since he had no clothes, what could he do? He had no choice other than to make up a reason for his nudity. What better way than to pretend to be a nudist, an idea that Kristy had helpfully suggested as a way out of his predicament. What else could he have done?

James knew that he would have to take the blame for the pretence himself though. He would never tell Lori that it was really Kristy’s idea to pose as a nudist, little knowing the sisters knew perfectly well what each other had been up to.

That’s what James wanted to say to Lori, but now it was all beside the point. Dr Wang had suddenly appeared. His chance to put things right with his girlfriend had gone…

The four of them had been sat in Café Nova for about ten minutes when James said he needed to visit the rest-room. He excused himself and left the table. Dr Wang took the opportunity of his absence to ask Lori how much Viagra she’d been giving her boyfriend.

“It’s not me who’s been giving it to James…” Lori replied as she looked at her sister meaningfully.

Kristy put her hand up, “Guilty!”

Dr Wang asked her the same question, to which Kristy replied by taking out one of the sachets of powder. She held it up then tore it open.

“About this much…” and as she spoke Kristy fumbled and managed, quite by accident, to tip most of the contents of the sachet straight into James’ cappuccino.

“… I, err… I didn’t mean to… honestly…” Kristy said as she looked up and saw Dr Wang and Lori looking at her with suspicion. “Honest I didn’t mean to do it! Not here… not with James wearing those baggy shorts…” Kristy did genuinely look sorry, as though she really hadn’t meant to dose James’ cappuccino with enough Viagra to keep a stallion erect for a fortnight.

“I just wanted to you to tell me how much Viagra you’ve been giving James,” Dr Wang said as if addressing a junior nurse who was particularly slow on the uptake, “I didn’t mean for you to tear open a sachet and spill it everywhere… and certainly not into James’ coffee…” she looked at the cup and sighed, “Oh well, it’s too late now.”

Kristy apologised shyly to Dr Wang, but she noticed that neither Dr Wang nor Lori made any attempt to order a replacement cappuccino for James.

When he came back to the table James sensed an awkward silence. Kristy started to speak just as Lori began to ask Dr Wang a question. They all fell silent again. Then there was a pause before Lori asked James how the modelling session had gone. James wasn’t too keen to talk about it and took a sip of his coffee. When he looked back up from his cup James was about to speak, but blushed and said nothing when he saw that Dr Wang, Kristy and Lori were all looking at him intently. Warily James looked from one to the other, unsure what to think, then was confused even more as he saw the girls turn away trying to look casual. Had he done something wrong? Was there something he’d missed?

“Umm… it was okay I guess,” James said at last.

“You should’ve seen some of the things Cherry gave him pose in…” Kristy said before she realised her sister probably wasn’t too keen to know the details of what Cherry had had James wearing for the benefit of her fellow coaches. Kristy had remembered how Lori had reacted at the news Cherry Holmes was to be James’ new swimming coach… no, she thought, Lori would find out about the new training costumes soon enough.

The conversation carried on and they talked of this and that until James started to become noticeably anxious. He could feel an all too familiar tingle where he’d rather not feel a tingle, especially in the middle of Café Nova, surrounded as he was by… by… James looked from table to table around the café and slowly realised that he was surrounded by about twenty women. All the customers were women. James suddenly felt very vulnerable indeed. Perspiration broke out on his brow.

“Are you okay, James?” Dr Wang asked, “Only you look a bit flushed to me. Here, let me feel your forehead… lean over the table so I can reach you…”

James told Dr Wang that he was fine, but the more he protested that he was okay, the more flushed he looked. The tingle coming from between his legs became an itch… an itch that would soon need to be scratched…

Dr Wang insisted that she knew best and eventually James was forced to get up from his seat and lean forward over the table so that Dr Wang could feel his forehead. To his consternation not only had his penis again found its way out of the leg of his baggy drywear shorts, but it was quickly hardening; stiffening; erecting out of control. To add to his dismay the head of James’ penis was feeling ultra-sensitive following the afternoon’s ordeal modelling some very tight practice Speedos. So sensitive in fact that he hardly knew how to control himself. As James rose up from his seat, his penis caught underneath the edge of the table. Dr Wang stretched out her arm, but was unable to reach James’ forehead.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to lean forward a bit more, James,” she said, “I can’t quite reach you…”

“I… I’m sorry doctor, but…”

The beads of perspiration were trickling down James’s brow as he looked around the café at the other tables and their female occupants.

“James, you’re perspiring… you’re not anxious about something are you?”

“No doctor… it’s just that…” James hesitated for a couple more seconds, “…it’s…” Then he sighed and pushed himself further up.

His big penis, caught beneath the table, was pulled downwards, but remained out of sight. James felt its engorged, sensitive head as it slowly scraped along the table edge.

He leant up a bit further so that Dr Wang could reach his forehead from across the table. Quite suddenly the long, thick, hard penis sprang out. Now fully erect it bounced up and slapped loudly against James’ belly.

Dr Wang and the girls looked on with astonishment. At a nearby table heads turned and there were gasps of surprise at the sight James presented.

His hips were now higher than the table-top and James’ stiff penis was on full view for anyone who happened to look in his direction.

The tingle James had felt a few moments ago had become an itch. Now the itch had become an urge. An overwhelming urge to masturbate. An urge to masturbate, to relieve himself from the maddening sensation that he felt on the tip of his erect penis. An urge so strong that James could barely keep his hands from grasping his penis and masturbating right then, right there at the table in the middle of Café Nova… It was an urge to masturbate no matter what the consequences.

Part 2

James faced Dr Wang with his teeth clenched, his mouth set in a rictus grin. He said nothing, but it was clear from his eyes that James was silently pleading with Dr Wang to let him sit down again. However the doctor was nothing if not thorough in her examination. Ignoring the erect penis pointing straight towards her from across the table, Dr Wang pressed her hand to James’ forehead and left it there for three long minutes, seemingly oblivious to his plight.

Finally she spoke:

“Yes, it looks like we’re going to have to get you booked into the clinic as a matter of urgency,” Dr Wang concluded. She then looked directly at James’ fully erect penis, “You have an elevated temperature James, which I’ve little doubt is associated with your permanent state of excitement.”

“I’ll see if there’s been any cancellations and hopefully we can get you into the clinic for some tests tomorrow.” Dr Wang turned towards Lori and continued, “I’ll call you when I’ve made the arrangements, Lori. I’ll want you to attend with James, since you’re in charge of taking his regular… ahem… samples.”

James slumped back into his seat. What was he to do? How was he going to get out of Café Nova? He looked at Kristy and the sports-grip containing his clothes that she’d placed on the spare chair next to her for safe keeping.

All of a sudden James’ penis kicked. He groaned as the head rubbed against the loose cloth of his shorts. James felt the all too familiar dampness of pre-ejaculate oozing down his legs.

“Kristy,” he said urgently, “I need… quick! Please… my clothes!”

He looked over to Dr Wang, “Please Dr Wang I’ve got to… I can’t wait any longer… really I can’t…”

His words tailed off as in desperation he fought to keep himself under some sort of control. Lori looked on, wondering whether she should say something, but it was too late. She knew James wouldn’t be listening anyway, he was far more worried about what was happening between his legs.

Dr Wang looked towards Kristy, “I think it would be best if you took James to the rest-room. You’ve got his clothes?” Kristy nodded, “That’s good. Take them with you and once James is finished you can give them to him so he can get back into his regular clothes.”

Dr Wang’s spoke in her practiced tone of voice that brooked no argument. Hearing her words reduced James to blind panic. His penis was so hard and dribbling so much that he wondered whether he’d make it to the rest-room before he shot his load of cum.

“She’s mad!” James thought as he pressed his stiff penis between his legs, “She expects me to stand up in public with a raging hard-on and follow Kristy into the men’s-room and then have a wank?!”

Dr Wang looked around the café, then turned and smiled sweetly at James, “There are no other men in here, so you’ll have the rest-room to yourself…”

“But, doctor, I can’t stand up in here with these shorts on… it’s… my… it’s too… too hard,” James said as he blushed that lovely shade of red Lori so adored.

Lori looked at her boyfriend and spoke: “But honey, it shouldn’t be too hard for a nudist like you…” she pouted and left the sentence hanging. Very funny James thought, but he also knew he couldn’t afford to give his girlfriend even the smallest indication that he wasn’t really a nudist.

Yes, yes, whatever… James knew… yes he knew alright… he was a nudist and nudists…

“Don’t you worry about your erection James. All boys get unwanted erections… it’s just that being a nudist, yours is rather more noticeable,” Dr Wang told him, “There’s really nothing to be ashamed of… I’m sure most of the women in here have seen an erect penis before. No one’s going to be shocked, so the quicker you get along to the men’s-room and do what you have to do the better. When you’re done Kristy can give you your clothes to change into.”

It sounded so easy the way Dr Wang put it, but she wasn’t the one having to walk across the café wearing such loose fitting clothing and with a raging hard-on sticking out of baggy shorts. James looked from left to right. The rest-room was over in the far corner. How could he possibly get to it without everyone seeing his penis?

“Please Kristy can’t you give me something to cover my… my… you know…?” James implored.

“Don’t be silly James,” Lori told him, “You’ll only get… stuff… on your clothes…”

James gulped. He was going to have to do this. Instinctively he pushed his hands into the drywear bottoms and took hold of his big, meaty penis to try and hide it as best as he could. It was no use, his penis was so large and so hard that whatever he did with it, it stuck out where everybody would see. He tried to pull the blouson top down to cover himself, but there was still too much of gap of bare flesh between it and the baggy bottoms to be of any use.

There was something else worrying James. The longer he prevaricated the more his penis dribbled pre-cum. The more he dribbled pre-cum the more urgent his need to relieve the maddening itch he was feeling. The greater the itch the more urgent his need to ejaculate. He knew now that he would have to do it… masturbate, masturbate right here in Café Nova. So the sooner he made it to the men’s-room, the sooner it would be over and the sooner he’d be back in his own clothes again.

James felt himself as if in a dream, a sort of hyper-reality. He looked at Lori, Kristy, Dr Wang and around at the other tables. Then he looked at the distance between their table and the door to the rest-rooms. The longer he delayed, the further away the door appeared to be. James’ heart beat faster and he could feel even more blood surging into his already rock-hard penis. His mouth was dry and he could barely speak. Finally he croaked, “…Okay…”

James couldn’t believe what he was doing as he stood up. His penis bounced up out of the leg of the drywear shorts to smack noisily against his bare midriff. Kristy stood next to him. Heads turned and there were more gasps of astonishment from other tables, but as Dr Wang had predicted, no-one fainted and no-one called for smelling-salts at the sight of the enormous penis.

James knew from past experience that he couldn’t hope to cover his genitals with his hands, so had to accept that he would have to display his massive genitalia. Besides what would Lori and Dr Wang think of his nudist credentials if he couldn’t walk across the café to the men’s-room with his penis showing?

Kristy picked up the grip containing James’ clothes and set off for the men’s rest-room. James looked around himself and, realising Kristy had already marched off, hurried to catch her up in a vain attempt to try and hide behind her as she walked forwards.

James bore a idiotic smile as he turned from side-to-side and was met with some incredulous looks from the women customers. He seriously could not believe he was about to masturbate in the rest-room of Café Nova. But what choice did he have? He knew the only way he stood a chance of leaving the café with any dignity was to try and get his rampant penis to soften enough to fit inside his denims.

Dignity! What was he talking about?! Dignity… ha! What dignity was there for a teenaged boy to walk across the floor of a café with his erect penis sticking out of an extremely loose pair of baggy shorts in full view of about twenty women on his way to jerk off?

James, he thought to himself, James either the world’s gone mad, or you have to be, to be thinking you will reclaim your dignity by masturbating in a public rest-room in the presence of your girlfriend’s younger sister. For crissakes get a hold of yourself!... which, he told himself, was exactly what he was going to do…

He could clearly hear excited whisperings from the female customers who were now staring openly at his giant penis and oversized testicles. He scuttled along as close as he could behind Kristy with his penis wobbling and bobbling from side-to-side. They reached the door leading to the rest-rooms. Kristy pushed the door open and it was with a sigh of relief that James entered. His penis was now aching with excitement and he could barely contain himself as more pre-cum dribbled down the shaft.

Part 3

Meanwhile, back at the table Dr Wang turned and spoke to Lori: “I think our ‘nudist’ might be having second thoughts about making his lifestyle choice so public. Although I do hope he doesn’t want to give it up completely. It’s been so entertaining…”

“Oh, I agree,” Lori replied, “Mind you James has been desperately trying to tell me his nudism was all an unfortunate misunderstanding…”


“… in fact he was on the verge of telling me what really happened on the day Kristy ‘accidentally’ took his clothes and put them in the washing machine. It’s not the first time he’s tried to tell me he’s not a nudist…” Lori explained “He hasn’t a clue that I know exactly what happened...”

“You wouldn’t want James to confess that it’s all been a big mistake, would you Lori? Not when you girls are having so much fun…”

“Certainly not… but I don’t think we’re the only ones having fun, Dr Wang…” Lori said, smiling at the doctor. She knew Dr Wang was getting just as much enjoyment as anyone from James the reluctant nudist.

“You’re right,” Dr Wang admitted, “and between ourselves, I can’t wait to have James back in the clinic for some more ‘tests’,” she paused then added, “I don’t know how you feel about this Lori, but I’ve got some cadet nurses at the clinic at the moment. They’re getting some work experience to help them decide whether to take up nursing as a full-time career…”

“… I was wondering whether you’d have any objections to letting them be present at James’ exam. Normally I wouldn’t allow cadets to attend such an intimate procedure as the one I’m sure we’ll have to give James…. You appreciate these uncontrolled erections and spontaneous ejaculations will need careful investigation, Lori…”

“… But as James is a confirmed nudist,” Dr Wang continued, “I felt he wouldn’t have a problem with young nurses watching his examination. It would be very useful for them to be given the opportunity to observe this type of clinical procedure and James’ response to it. What do you think, Lori?”

Lori was in two minds. On the one hand she loved the idea of seeing James in yet another overwhelmingly embarrassing situation, but on the other…

She got no further. There was a sudden and very loud noise from the rest-room. A women in her mid-forties burst through the door and into the café… “There’s a boy in there,” she said as she held open the door and pointed back towards the rest-rooms, “MASTURBATING!”

She had hardly spoken these words when there was another unmistakable noise, audible to everyone through the wide-open door. It was James climaxing. Unable to contain himself James was yelling at the top of his voice as he experienced the intense pleasure of his Viagra-fuelled orgasm.

The woman who rushed out from the rest-room had not seen what happened to James as he sat at his table, so was quite unaware of the problems he’d been having with his penis…

A few minutes earlier Kristy and James had walked through the main door leading to the rest-rooms. Kristy had told James that since she couldn’t possibly go into the men’s room, she would hold open the door and stand in the doorway so as to be ready to pass him his clothes when he was finished. When James protested, Kristy simply told him that the sooner he was done, the sooner he’d be able to get his clothes back on. James hadn’t time to argue. He was by now desperate to ejaculate. Not stopping to think, he grabbed hold of his penis and started to rub himself.

A few moments later the lady had come out of the women’s room opposite. She first saw Kristy and smiled at her as if to say ‘hello’. But as she walked forward the woman suddenly saw James, who was by then quite oblivious to his surroundings, furiously masturbating, his fist whipping up and down the thick, engorged shaft of his huge phallus. Shocked, the woman stood transfixed as the long strings of pre-ejaculate swung from the head of James’ mighty penis. For the moment she was stunned into silence until James caught sight of her out of the corner of his eye.

Without thinking James turned towards her holding his enormous penis which was ready to explode. The woman squealed then rushed out of the rest-room as James reached the point of no return. His sperm blasted out and smashed into a urinal. More sperm splashed out and over his fist. He couldn’t stop himself as he continued to squeeze thick gobs of cum from his penis. The powerful orgasm left James panting and gasping for air.

He reached out and leant against one of the basins. As he slowly recovered it became sickeningly apparent to James that once he’d dressed he faced the unenviable prospect of walking out into the café were he was certain everyone would be in no doubt what he had been up to in the men’s-room…

“Jeez, Kristy, I can’t go back out there,” James pleaded. His face paled at the thought of walking back out in front of everyone.

“It’s a bit late for that now,” Kristy argued, still holding the door to the men’s-room wide open, “You shouldn’t have made such a noise…”

“But I couldn’t help it, Kristy… I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Somehow I just can’t stop from wanting to…,” James said looking confused and bewildered. “Ever since… well, that time I was going to tell Lori about how this nudism thing was all a mistake… you know. Ever since then I can’t, sort of… control myself…”

“… that’s why Dr Wang wants to see you,” Kristy said encouragingly, “Maybe she’ll be able to sort you out…. C’mon you’d better get those clothes off, James… I promised I’d get them back to Cherry.”

James did as he told and took off the drywear top, then pulled down the loose shorts. His big penis was still noticeably tumescent and wobbled about as he climbed out of the uniform. He was glad to take the off the baggy clothes. He’d found them way too revealing.

Kristy still refused to enter the men’s-room and stood in the doorway waiting for James to hand over the drywear uniform. James was so pleased to get out of it and to be getting his own clothes back that he hardly gave it a thought that he was now completely nude in the rest-room of a major coffee chain. He walked forward and gave the loose top and shorts to Kristy just as he heard the outer door to the café swing open.

“Is everything okay in here?” It was one of the older waitresses. She spoke to Kristy, “only there was rather a loud noise from the men’s roo…. Omygod!”

She saw James as he stood nude in the doorway and was mesmerized by the sight of the glistening penis. “What… ah… ah, a lady said there was a boy in here…err… she said she saw a boy…”

James by now had turned sideways to the woman and was trying desperately to hide himself. His penis was still noticeably engorged. James struggled to grasp it with both hands and to cover it without it snaking out into view from between his fingers. Clearly the Viagra was still working its way through James’ system.

Kristy felt she should say something and spoke up: “James has a serious hormone imbalance. He… err, needs to…”

The woman reluctantly took her eyes off James’s valiant attempts to get his penis back under control, “What… you mean he has to… to…?”

“Yes, regularly… It’s got the doctors quite baffled, hasn’t it James?” Kristy explained, “James has to have someone to look after him in case he gets the urge to… well…”

Kristy’s eyes looked at the thick globs of sperm which had collected in one of the urinals and were now being washed down by the automatic flush. The waitresses eyes followed Kristy’s, “What? You mean he did… all that…?” she said in amazement.

Kristy nodded then continued, “… in fact his doctor is sitting with us. James had a sudden need to… so she told me to bring him out here so he could… do it…”

“That’s incredible,” the woman said, still watching as James continued with the struggle to hide his giant penis, “I’ve never heard of anything like it before… Umm, is the hormone thing why he hasn’t got any hair down there as well?”

James was livid as Kristy nodded and told the women that selective hair loss was a sad part of his condition.

“Oh I am sorry… that must be so upsetting for a boy… I guess… I guess I better leave you two now…” the waitress said and reluctantly took her eyes off James, walked out through the door and back into the café.

Part 4

“Jeez, Kristy, did you have to tell her all that hormone stuff?” James asked.

“And what did you want me to say?” Kristy said indignantly, “... That you like to jerk-off in public places? Bare naked? C’mon, James, I had to tell her something, otherwise she’d have been reaching for the panic button…”

James hung his head. As usual Kristy was right. It was all his fault that he couldn’t stop himself from getting erections and needing to masturbate. “Sorry, Kristy. You’re right,” James apologised, “Thanks for helping me out…”

“That’s okay. Now look, I’m going to take this drywear stuff back to Cherry at the pool… she said she needed it back as soon as you’d finished showing it to Lori. I might as well do it now. It won’t take me long. You’ll be dressed by the time I’m back and we can finish our cappuccinos in peace.”

Kristy handed the sports-grip to James and left him in peace to get changed. James started to open the bag to get his clothes out, but then thought he’d better get himself cleaned up before he got dressed. The door to the men’s-room had swung shut and he felt less nervous about being utterly nude as he ran some hot water into one of the hand-basins.

After he’d washed James dried himself by twisting and contorting under the hot-air hand drier. As he carefully held his smooth, thick, still semi-erect penis and big testicles under the drier, James consoled himself with the thought that soon he’d be dressed and sitting next to his girlfriend. Surely, he thought, he’d get another chance to try and explain things to her?

Once he’d finished cleaning himself up James felt refreshed and a lot more relaxed. He pulled the clothes out of the bag Kristy had given him. He was looking forward to getting into some proper clothes, after all he’d spent the whole afternoon wearing… well, not very much what with the modelling session and then having to wear that very loosing-fitting and revealing, drywear uniform. Yes, it didn’t take much to see that James was glad to have put this latest embarrassing episode firmly behind him.

Smiling to himself, it was a much more cheerful James who unfolded the tight bundle of clothes. But then, in an instant, his smile vanished completely. He felt as though he’d been punched in the stomach. A look of panic appeared on his face as he gasped, “Oh no…! No please…!”

James dropped the clothes and snatched the sports grip back off the floor. He yanked the bag wide open and desperately felt around inside. But there was nothing else in there, even so James frantically turned the grip over and shook it wildly. The bag was empty.

In desperation James grabbed the denim jeans and held them up against himself. He looked at himself in the mirror. There was no question about it… He dropped the denims and rummaged in the grip again… to no avail. James picked up the tee-shirt, looked at it, then threw it against the wall in frustration. “Shoot…!”

James twisted his head round towards the door, “Kristy! Kristy!” he called, shaking with panic, “… Kristy, these aren’t my clothes!”

But Kristy wasn’t there…

“These aren’t my clothes…” James repeated helplessly as he looked at the faded blue jeans and tee-shirt. He picked them up, held them against himself and looked in the mirror once more, “… they’re way too small…” James muttered to himself, “What’s she done? I can’t wear these… Jeez, she must’ve picked up the wrong pile of clothes, or the wrong grip, or something…Shoot…!”

James threw the clothes onto a shelf and raced over to the door. Still totally nude, he clutched at his genitals and gingerly pushed himself against the door, “Kristy… Kristy!” There was no answer. James knew she’d be long gone. Long gone...

There was only one thing for it. He carefully stepped out into the corridor which led to the door that opened into the café.

James shivered and as walked forward beads of sweat rolled across his forehead. He could hear the buzz of conversation from the tables… he could also hear his heart thumping as he lifted his left hand up towards the door. James squeezed his right hand between his legs, more to comfort himself than anything. He knew all too well there was no way of covering his huge penis and oversize testicles with two hands let alone one…

Gently he pushed his hand against the door. Then he moved his head round the edge of the door to look out into the room full of tables. The women were now all talking amongst themselves. James was in no doubt that they were discussing him and the noises he’d made when he climaxed and ejaculated in the men’s-room…

James gripped the door tightly. He had no intention of moving any further forward. He tried to attract the attention of Lori, “Psst… Lori…”

But Lori and Dr Wang were deep in conversation. After the woman had run out of the rest-rooms yelling about how she’d seen a boy masturbating in the men’s-room, Dr Wang had carried on telling Lori about her proposals for James’ forthcoming examination at her clinic. Lori gave her approval to the presence of the cadet nurses during the physical, providing that she was there of course. She told Dr Wang how James, “being a nudist” wouldn’t have a problem with the nurses attending. Lori then asked whether it would be necessary to take a sperm sample.

“Why, of course,” Dr Wang replied, “I think it’s most important to find out what is causing James to experience these uncontrollable arousals.” At these words Dr Wang smiled and winked theatrically at Lori, “It could be a build-up of sperm causing the need for release. As you know Lori, we identified high levels of sperm production during the initial physical we gave James.”

Dr Wang added, “This investigation would also give the young nurses a splendid opportunity to watch James produce a sperm samp…” she suddenly stopped as she saw the distraught face of James peering round the rest-room door, “I wonder what he wants?”

Lori twisted round in her seat and she too saw James peering out from behind the rest-room door. Thinking he was waving to her, Lori smiled and waved back, then turned and continued her conversation with Dr Wang.

James leaned as far round the door as he dared and again tried to attract his girlfriend’s attention.

“I think he wants you to go over,” Dr Wang said.

Lori called: “What is it, James?” Her voice was loud enough for most of the women nearby to hear. James was horrified as a dozen pairs of eyes looked round to see him and he shrunk back behind the door in an effort to disguise the fact he was totally nude.

Lori got up out of her seat and, watched by the women, walked over towards James. She reached the door to the rest-rooms and pulled it open without thinking…

Her eyes looked down and then up at her boyfriend, “What’s up? I thought you wanted to get dressed before you came back out, honey. Have you changed your mind?”

James tried desperately to hide himself from view and clutched his genitals with both hands, “It’s not that… I, err… think… the clothes… they’re not mine, Lori. Kristy must have picked up the wrong ones… the ones in the grip are far too small for me…”

Dr Wang got out of her seat and came over to see what the problem was. Like Lori she looked James up and down.

“Really James, I’m surprised,” she said, looking at his hands “You needn’t be so concerned about showing your genitalia… after all you are a nudist, aren’t you? Besides you’re not going to show these women anything they’ve not all seen before…”

Lori turned to Dr Wang almost giggling, “… Doctor, I’m not sure there’s many of them who’ve seen anything quite like...” and she nodded in the direction of James’ massive member.

James gulped. Would there be no end to this? Every embarrassing situation he found himself in, someone had to remind him that he was a nudist… and that was supposed to mean that everything was okay! When would people realise it wasn’t okay… it would never be okay for a shy boy like him to show everyone his nude body. Maybe it was just because he had such prodigiously developed genitals people thought he’d like showing them off. Well they were wrong! If there was one thing that he hated about his imposed nudity, it was that everybody could see the size of his penis. He loathed the way it hung grotesquely between his thighs, banging against his legs as he walked and swinging heavily as it bounced around.

His voluminous testicles produced an endless supply of sperm which meant he had to masturbate at the very least once a day or risk spontaneous ejaculation. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, when James was unfortunate enough to have an erection in public, something that was happening all too frequently of late, it made him feel like one of Aubrey Beardsley’s monstrous illustrations for Aristophanes’ Lysistrata.

Now, once more, James was being told that displaying his genitals and his nude body was ‘nothing to be concerned about’. Quite the reverse, he would be admired for having embraced the freedom of nudism. James had nothing to fear and should be proud to fully display his nudity wherever and whenever the opportunity presented itself.

James knew he had no choice but to agree with Dr Wang. He couldn’t, much as he wished otherwise, give either Dr Wang or Lori any reason to doubt the sincerity of his nudism.

Putting on his bravest of brave faces, James replied: “Sure… Of course I’m a nudist, doctor, but… well, don’t you think some of these women might… you know… be, err shocked if I just… you know… walked out there… err naked?”

James knew that he was clutching at straws, but anything was worth a try even if it only meant delaying his inevitable exposure to a roomful of curious eyes.

Dr Wang turned to speak to Lori and the two decided that maybe James had a point. There might be one or two women out in the café who would take exception to him walking out of the rest-rooms without any clothes on unannounced and displaying his huge penis and enormous testicles.

James, hearing this, thought there might after all be a chance he could stay in the rest-room, at least until he got some clothes to wear. His hopes rose further when Lori suggested she speak to the manageress to find out if there was any objection to a genuine confirmed nudist practicing his chosen lifestyle in front of all her customers. James thought that surely, among the twenty or so women drinking their coffees, there must be at least one who would object to seeing him in his birthday-suit?

Part 5 (Conclusion)

James heart beat a little faster as he saw Lori take the manageress to one side. He couldn’t hear what was said but had to watch helplessly, praying the manageress would object to him leaving the rest-rooms in the nude.

Lori explained how there had been a mix-up and that James had no clothes to wear, but how that didn’t matter since her boyfriend had embraced nudism and loved to practice his chosen lifestyle whenever he had the opportunity.

James saw the manageress look at him with a puzzled expression as she listened to Lori. Lori said she would understand if the manageress found it all a bit odd. She herself had done when James first told her he was a nudist.

“Take it from me,” Lori said, “I couldn’t believe it when he told me he wanted to go round with no clothes on… stark naked. But when I saw how totally unconcerned and relaxed James was when he appeared bare-nude in front of my mom’s friends and my kid sister’s friends, then I knew it was for real and he was a genuine nudist.”

The manageress nodded and looked again at James as Lori continued:

“… and some of the situations James has been in when he’s nude… why if I hadn’t been there myself and someone had told me what they’d seen, well I just wouldn’t have believed them…”

Lori then proceeded to give the manageress an account of his recent shift at Hooters. At this point the manageress’s jaw dropped and again she looked over to an increasingly nervous James as Lori assured her he would feel privileged to walk out of the rest-room without a stitch of clothing on to give her customers a demonstration of nudism.

“Is that true? Well I guess it must be... Personally I don’t have problem with nudity… It’s not something I’d want to do in the middle of a busy café though, but each to his own, I suppose,” the manageress told Lori, “Having said that, it’s very refreshing to see a young man so eager to share his beliefs with us, but I must ask my customers for their approval… you understand… but by the looks on their faces, I don’t think anyone’s going to raise an objection.”

Lori turned towards James, smiled and signalled ‘okay’ with her thumb and fingers. James was confused. He smiled and then frowned. Did Lori mean ‘okay’ they would find something for him to wear, or was it ‘okay’ to walk out nude? He had a tense few minutes before he realised the manageress was going from table to table to seek the approval from each of her women customers.

James’ heart sank when at each table he saw the women turn towards him and then nod their heads. Slowly the manageress went round the tables and it became apparent that James would have to bare his all in front of the women. He watched as Lori and the manageress spoke to each other once more. The manageress looked rather astonished as Lori said something, but James, as he watched, couldn’t quite make out what it was. Then, as Lori walked back towards James, she spoke:

“That’s great! You’ve got the green light, James. There isn’t anyone in the room who has any objection to you giving a demonstration of your nudism…”

“What a surprise…” James thought, “Tell me something I didn’t know…” He felt sick, but what could he do. His penis had betrayed him once more and James was in no doubt that everyone had heard him yell out as he climaxed in the rest-room. Now they’d get to see what the cause of all that noise was.

“Isn’t that fantastic,” Lori continued, “it’ll be just like at Hooters, only without that silly name-tag bobbing about on the end of your penis and getting in the way.”

“How about it, James?” Dr Wang asked, “Isn’t this just what every proper nudist wants? A chance to relax and unwind in public with out the hindrance of clothes. It’s really so good of everyone to give you this opportunity… I’m really pleased for you James.”

James, in spite of Dr Wang’s earlier words about ‘covering-up’, still had his hands clutched in front of himself. He was standing half in and half out of the door. Now, nervously, he stepped forward, his feet like lead. Lori took hold of the door and opened it wider for James. He looked at her and forced a smile… Oh, god how he wanted to tell her the truth… and then ever so slowly he released his fingers from around his genitals. His long, thick penis uncoiled itself and slipped down his leg. His big testicles dropped down and swung heavily in the folds of his large scrotum.

James gradually moved his arms to his sides and fully unveiled his boy’s shaven equipment to everyone’s astonished gaze. Lori smiled reassuringly. The room had fallen silent. The manageress walked over. She looked him in the eyes and smiled, then her eyes looked down. Her hand reached out…

“Your girlfriend told me… but, my, isn’t it big… much heavier than I thought… gosh… Your girlfriend said this was how to say ‘hello and welcome’ to a proper nudist boy…” she explained.

James was frozen to the spot. The manageress had taken hold of his penis and was holding it tight in her hand. As she squeezed the thick shaft she lifted it up and down… up and down.

“How do you do?” the manageress continued, this time talking directly to James’ hefty penis as if it were something altogether separate from James… treating it as if it were another person with its own identity. “So pleased to meet you…” She lifted the big penis up and down once more, then let go…

“Oh, dearie me…” she said as she continued to look downwards at James. “Oh…”

James’ penis was now pointing straight at her, level with the floor.

The manageress turned to Dr Wang, “Should that happen when you give a boy a nudist handshake?”

With a supreme effort of will James stood with his hands at his side when every fibre of his being wanted him to turn and dash back into the men’s-room. Again the rictus grin appeared as he listened to the women discussing him as if he weren’t there.

“I’m afraid…” Dr Wang started to speak, “… um, well it is a little personal, but…” she lowered her voice, “… James is having problems with his…” she said as she pointed in the direction of James’ penis, which continued to point straight out, obviously aroused, “…problems keeping it under control… you may have, um… heard him earlier?”

The manageress nodded, “Oh, I think we all heard that…”

James was finding it even more difficult to remain standing so exposed in front of everyone. Now the manageress wanted to know why James had no pubic hair and while James stood with his large penis pointing at them, Lori proceeded to explain James’ role in his swimming team and how team rules forbade body hair. This, of course, drew attention, if any was needed, to the smooth soft hairless base of James’ penis.

When at last Lori, Dr Wang and James walked back to their table everyone was treated to the sight of James’ penis, horizontal and swinging from left to right, as he desperately tried not to meet anyone’s eyes. James might have avoided seeing anyone looking at him, but he couldn’t help but hear some of the comments as he finally sat down. And as he did so one thought loomed ominously in his mind… how was he going to get out of Café Nova?!

“Hi guys, I’m back!” It was Kristy who’d returned from dropping off James’ drywear uniform back at the pool. “Hey, James! You’re still not dressed… Why are you sitting out here with nothing on?”

“The clothes you bought back weren’t mine. They must have been left behind by some kid… they were way too small, so I…”

“… so James didn’t have anything to wear,” Lori explained, “Still, that didn’t matter… we asked the other customers if they’d mind letting a nudist relax and have a coffee. The manageress took a poll,” she sniggered, “I mean…” then Lori laughed, “I meant first she asked everyone, then she took the pole… I mean she gave James a nudist handshake…”

“What… here… in front of everyone… you mean everyone got to see James getting a nudist handshake?” Kristy asked then added, “What happened?”

“See for yourself,” Lori said, as she looked over at James.

Kristy twisted her head to see under the table. “Oh, wow, James! Right in front of everyone… awesome!”

James whispered to Kristy, “But what about my clothes? I can’t leave here like this… can’t you go back and get them… please?”

“There might be a problem there James… you see Cherry was about to lock up when I got to the pool. I just got that uniform back to her in time.”

James sat, stunned at what Kristy had told him. What was he to do? He could hardly sit in Café Nova all day waiting for… for what? Clothes to appear miraculously? He looked around the table. Lori, Dr Wang and Kristy chatting away as if there was nothing out of the ordinary happening. As if having a nude boy sat opposite them was the most normal thing in the world.

James mouth hung open as he gawped at them. Why didn’t they understand what it felt like to be sat in the middle of Café Nova with no clothes on?!

“How stupid of you James,” he told himself, “You’re a nudist. Yes, of course you are… you like to sit around in public with nothing on…” James almost cried with the injustice of it all. Why him? Of all the unpleasant things that could have befallen him, having to pretend to be a nudist had be the worst. There must, just must be a way out of this… James stopped. A way out of this? What about a way out of here? A way out of Café Nova. They weren’t going to be sitting here much longer and they couldn’t leave him here… could they?

As if she’d read his mind Lori turned to him, “I guess we’d better be going. Would you like me to give you a lift?”

James nodded, “… yes… sure… but, err, what about…” he said drawing attention to his lack of clothes.

“I’ve an idea,” Kristy said and waved at one of the young waitresses. She said something to her which James had difficulty in understanding.

“We’ve regular, large or Grande,” the waitress said to Kristy.

Kristy whispered something else to the waitress who burst out laughing, “No question about that…! Grande… yes! Definitely Grande!” With that she disappeared.

A few moments later the waitress returned and with a flourish produced the largest paper cup on the premises.

“We don’t get much call for these… they’re our SuperGrande size… for caffeine junkies only.”

“That’s great, “Kristy enthused, “Here you are James…”

James was fogged. What was he expected to do with… with… It suddenly dawned on him…

“I can’t Kristy… No way…”

“What’s your problem, James. Your clothes are locked up back at the pool, the clothes you left in the rest-room don’t fit… com’n James, it’s either the cup or nothing. I don’t think anyone here cares which…”

Lori shrugged her shoulders as if to say that she didn’t mind either way. Dr Wang glanced at her watch.

James looked up at them…


He picked up the SuperGrande paper cup and stood up. Feeling like a prize idiot he took hold of his penis in his left hand and pushed the cup over with his right. Then, holding the cup in place he managed to squeeze his big testicles one at a time into the cup as well. With his genitals firmly jammed into the cup he followed the others in the direction of the door.

Lori stopped suddenly. “Hold on…” she said, “Don’t forget that stuff you left in the men’s-room.”

James padded off with the Café Nova paper cup wobbling in front of him, went across to the rest-rooms to collect the clothes which had been too small for him to wear. On his return Kristy insisted on carrying the grip for him.

As the four of them were leaving they heard the manageress call out:

“Come again! Anytime!”

Out on the sidewalk James felt the warm breeze of the open air caress his virtually nude body as the door to Café Nova closed behind them.

He also felt the SuperGrande cup creak as it slowly began to move upwards…

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