Monday, 25 July 2011

James At The Clinic – Part 1

James’ head was in a whirl. His life didn’t seem to be his own. He’d lost count of how many women had seen him in an involuntary state of undress. Actually nudity was the least of his problems. What was worse, much worse was what was happening to his penis. Ever since the first time he’d tried to explain to his girlfriend Lori that his so-called nudist life-style was all a horrible misunderstanding, James had been suffering from acute, spontaneous erections, which, if unchecked, had been followed by copious emissions of sperm released by some of the most powerful orgasms James had ever experienced.

What was causing this James had no idea. It was his natural desire to find out that had led him to agree to another visit to Dr Wang’s clinic.

Dr Wang, Lori and Kristy knew perfectly well what was causing James his ‘penis problems’, as Dr Wang referred to them.

Following his first visit to the clinic, during which Dr Wang had diagnosed sperm over-production as a causal factor in the enlargement of his testicles, Lori had been put in charge of ensuring James regularly produced sperm samples. In order to ensure good quality samples, Lori was given a new type of soluble Viagra to be administered as needed. Since James had an unusually large penis, Dr Wang concluded that it was not always possible for James to become sufficiently tumescent to enable effective sperm emission.

The Viagra need not been given with James’ knowledge, Dr Wang had explained to Lori. Indeed it was better not to tell James, as she felt the physical advantages could be outweighed by the psychological repercussions on a boy of James’ age if he knew he was being given Viagra because he had a poor quality erection.

However, before the Viagra could be used for its intended purpose Kristy, Lori’s younger sister, decided to see what the effect would be like…

James was astonished and completely bewildered by the power of the near involuntary orgasm and ejaculation which followed Kristy’s mischievous meddling. Remembering what Dr Wang had said, Lori decided it would be a mistake if she were to explain to James what had happened. It wasn’t long before news of James’s ‘penis problem’ reached Dr Wang and it was decided to arrange for James to visit the clinic.

So it was that James and Lori approached the clinic. James was nervous, remembering the embarrassments he had suffered during his previous visit.

Lori took hold of her boyfriend’s hand, “It’ll be alright, honey… Dr Wang will find out what’s happening. Come on now, let’s get you booked in…”

Rachel sat at the receptionist’s desk: “Hi, James… back again? Ah, yes, I’ve got you down for … Dr Wang’s booked you in for the works by the look of it… I wonder why?”

“James is here because he’s having problems with his penis…” Lori volunteered.

“Lori… I…” James mumbled.

“Don’t go all shy on me…” Lori glanced over James’ shoulder, “Hey, it’s Nurse Deerborn. Looks like she’ll be looking after you again today…”

“… but Lori,” James persisted and leant forward to whisper in his girlfriend’s ear, “… I don’t understand… what does Rachel mean about ‘the full works’? I thought we were just coming in to talk to Dr Wang about… about… you know…”

“Relax… everything will be okay. I’m sure Dr Wang knows what she’s doing,” Lori said in an effort to console James, “Now you just go along with Nurse Deerborn and get ready for Dr Wang and I’ll see you in a few minutes…”

It was clear that James was reluctant to follow Nurse Deerborn, but he did as he was told. Meanwhile Rachel noticed that she'd forgotten something.

“Bother... I meant to ask James to sign these consent forms… they’re routine... um, formalities. I’m sure he won’t mind if you sign on his behalf, Lori… just so we’ve got things properly on file…” Rachel said as she passed the forms over to her.

Lori read them and couldn’t suppress a giggle, “Sure, I’ll sign them… and I’m certain James won’t object to providing a sperm sample either… he’s got plenty to spare!”

Meantime Nurse Deerborn had taken James into one of the side-rooms off the main corridor that led away from the reception area. On their way there James had passed a number of nurses, some of whom smiled at him as they recognised him from his previous visit. James blushed. The clinic was clearly very busy.

Once inside the room James was told he would need to undress.

“You made such a fuss about there being no gowns when you were here for your physical,” Nurse Deerborn said, “that I made sure there was one for you to wear for this visit.”

She went over a shelf and picked up a clean folded gown, “There’s just one left. It’s been pretty hectic today, but I made sure the duty nurse put one aside for me.”

She gave the folded gown to James, who on this occasion was allowed to undress behind a screen. The nurse waited in the room as she had been assigned to James and would be escorting him throughout his visit.

“Put your clothes in the basket,” Nurse Deerborn told James, who was now undressing on the other side of the screen.

James wasn’t sure why he had to take his clothes off. He only wanted to talk to Dr Wang and ask about what was, after all, a very personal matter. He understood why Lori had to be there. Like it or not Dr Wang had assigned his girlfriend to milk his sperm. Well, actually James rather liked Lori masturbating him. What he didn’t like was when she milked him with someone else there.

He put his clothes in the basket and pushed it out from behind the screen as the nurse had told him, then he turned and picked up the gown. James, now completely nude, held the little bundle up then let it unfold...

There was something wrong. James twisted the flimsy gown around. Surely there must be more to it than this? He held the gown up to himself. No this wasn’t right…

“Nurse…!” James called out from behind the screen, “Nurse… I think there’s been some sort of mistake… shouldn’t it be… the gown… shouldn’t it be bigger… I mean longer?”

“What do you mean James?” the nurse called back, “They’re all a standard size. Are you trying to put it on back to front? You know these gowns slip on the front and tie-up at the back?”

“Yes I know that… that’s what I’m doing,” James was sounding agitated.

“Well come out from behind the screen and I’ll have a look. I need to help you tie yourself up at the back anyway,” the nurse said.

Gingerly James held the gown to himself and stepped out from behind the screen.

“Oh dear me!” the nurse exclaimed, “You know what’s happened? They’ve gone and left you with a junior size gown! Wait a minute… Oh yes!... I know… There was a group of junior swimmers in this morning for their team physicals. I guess the duty nurse must have thought you were one of them who couldn’t get here on time. That will never do… You stay there James and I’ll… gosh, what am I saying, there aren’t any more gowns.”

Nurse Deerborn looked at James, his sad eyes cast downwards. “I’m sorry James. You haven’t been very lucky when you’ve come to visit us. Turn round and I’ll do up your ties. We’ll just have to make the best of it, won’t we? And I’m sure Dr Wang won’t mind.”

James did as he was told and turned towards the wall and came face-to-face with himself in a full-length mirror. His face fell at the sight before him. There he was dressed in a junior-sized gown which was so short that more than four inches of his massive penis was clearly visible below the hem of the robe. The small gown didn’t reach very far round his body either, which left his back and smooth athletic bottom for all intents and purposes bare.

With difficulty the nurse pulled the tapes and tied them together. As James watched in the mirror, the hem of the gown rose even higher until another three inches of his penis was revealed. The lower halves of his big testicles were also put on show. James had thought that if he got to sit down at some point, at least he might have been able to stretch the gown down far enough to cover himself. Now that seemed an impossibility.

“Well James, before we do anything else we need to take your clothes down to the lockers next to reception. Nurses aren’t allowed to handle visitor’s clothes, so I need you to pick up the basket and follow me…”

As he moved James could feel the tiny gown cutting into his arms. He followed the nurse out into the corridor carrying the basket in front of himself. He soon found that there was no way he could do anything to conceal his exposed penis as his hands were both occupied carrying his clothes. James consoled himself that at least he would soon be in the relative quiet of Dr Wang’s office. He felt his penis bumping on his legs as he returned to the reception.

Lori was still there chatting to Rachel who handed him a key.

“Locker 12… it’s on the top row,” Rachel told James, “Bring me the key back after you’ve put your clothes in… and don’t forget to lock it properly…”

James took the key from Rachel and watched by the three women, reached up and placed his clothes in the locker. As he did so the small gown he was wearing rode up. Aware of what was happening James hurriedly banged the locker door shut and turned the key in the lock. He returned the key to Rachel.

“Your clothes will be safe in the locker until you’re finished with Dr Wang,” Rachel assured James, then added, “We wouldn’t want anyone to steal your clothes, would we…?”

“Err, no… um, thanks…” James replied, flustered at the very thought.

“Come along then…” Nurse Deerborn said, “lets get started James…”

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