Wednesday, 3 August 2011

James At The Clinic – Part 3

“I hope you can all see James’ penis,” Dr Wang told the assembled cadet nurses, “Don’t be afraid to move a bit closer… Karen and Lucy come this side… Nicky, you stand there… good, now you can see James’ penis better.”

James still stood, resolutely, desperately keeping his eyes focussed on the far wall of Dr Wang’s office.

“That’s it girls… Now James, what is it you wanted to see me about. We’ve established it’s to do with your penis. Would you mind telling these young girls what it is about your penis that’s brought you here today…” Dr Wang’s words were not so much a question as an instruction, to which James was obliged to reply by drawing even more attention to his penis.

With a remarkable display of willpower, James had managed to keep his penis under control. The tumescence he’d felt had caused his penis to move and hang away from his body, but there it stayed. How long James could hold out was anybody’s guess.

With his head still held straight and his eyes fixed on the wall across the room, James stuttered: “I… it… my… I… can’t…”

“It’s alright, James,” Dr Wang said sympathetically, “Take your time… when you’re ready… the girls have to know what it is about your penis you’re here to see me about…”

James drew a deep, deep breath, just as he would before plunging into a swimming pool: “My penis keeps getting stiff… I mean my penis gets erect… I mean I get erections and I-I can’t make them go away… and…”

Dr Wang, again using her best bedside manner, gave James some more encouragement, “… and… yes, you get erections… perfectly natural for a boy of your age…” she turned towards the cadet nurses and explained, “Boys like James’ commonly have spontaneous erections. These erections can occur at the most inopportune moments when it can cause a boy acute embarrassment, even distress in some cases.”

“Now James… what is it about these erections that’s causing you so much concern?”

At this point Lori decided to step in and offer her support to her boyfriend:

“They’re causing James awful embarrassment when he’s practicing his nudism,” Lori explained, “I know he’s putting on a brave face, but when his big penis won’t go down for hours on end, I’m afraid James gets himself into such a state that I don’t know what to do to calm him down. You’ve seen how big it gets doctor… James really does begin to panic when his penis just stays all hard and stiff.”

“Have you tried masturbation?” Dr Wang enquired.

“Oh yes, you have, haven’t you James?” James nodded and his face flushed yet again. Was there no end to this embarrassment? “But no matter how many times James masturbates,” Lori continued, “his big penis stays fully erect. He’s even got me to masturbate him, but it still stays hard, doesn’t it James?”

By now James’ throat was as dry as dust, but he managed to agree.

“Hmm…” Dr Wang again turned to the cadet nurses who were finding it difficult to keep themselves from showing their excitement at the thought of working in the clinic, “Lori and I have discussed James’ ability to produce large quantities of sperm,” she told the young girls, “and it occurs to me that over-production of sperm may be causing the erections that James is experiencing… Nurse Deerborn, would you assist me for a moment…”

Tiffany was still standing to one side of James, holding his gown up so that everyone could see his penis. Now Nurse Deerborn stepped forward and under the direction of Dr Wang took hold of James’ penis and lifted it up. Dr Wang then placed the palm of her hand underneath James’ testicles and held them up for inspection. She encouraged the young cadets to come even nearer to James so that they could examine his testicles more closely.

“It would appear that we need to consider releasing sperm more frequently…”

Lori interrupted, “… would that explain why James shoots… oh, I’m sorry doctor…”

“That’s alright Lori… I think you were about to tell us about James’ involuntary ejaculations…”

“That’s right doctor. Recently James has been ejaculating without even touching himself… isn’t that right honey…?” Lori looked up at her boyfriend, who, with great difficulty looked away from the spot on which he’d been concentrating on the far wall.

He quickly glanced down, “… yes…” and immediately flicked his head back up, biting hard on his lower lip as he did so. Beads of sweat ran down the side of his face as he fought to control his wayward penis. The closeness of the room. The nearness of the young girls. The feeling of hands on his penis and on his testicles. The hem of the gown tickling his abdomen. They all seemed to conspire in causing him waves of anguish. He knew that if he lost his concentration, even for a second, he wouldn’t be able to prevent an erection… and thought of having an erection in front of all the women and girls assembled in the room was more than James could bear.

“… and is the quantity of sperm emitted during an involuntary ejaculation of a comparable volume to that emitted during masturbation?”

Once more Lori raised her eyes up to look at James, “… I think so… I think you do too, don’t you honey…?”

This time James didn’t even move his head as between gritted teeth he managed to squeeze out his reply, “… sure…”

“Okay that’s fine…” Dr Wang observed as she rolled James’ big testicles backwards and forwards in the palm of her hand, although what was ‘fine’ James failed to understand. “Now that we’ve ascertained the problem James is experiencing girls, we need to carry out a couple of basic procedures. At this stage all we need to do is…”

James was left clueless as to what this was, as Nurse Deerborn interrupted: “Excuse me Doctor Wang, but we were due to take James for an ETT. Perhaps the girls would like to come and watch?”

“Yes that makes sense to me,” Dr Wang replied, “… yes we’ll need some base figures from the ETT before we take James to the ESA Room…”

James hadn’t a clue what these acronyms meant, but was so busy concentrating on the wall opposite that by the time he did think to ask, Dr Wang was already giving her orders:

“Nurse Deerborn… would you and Tiffany escort James to kinesiology. Michelle... I’d like you to go ahead and prepare the CMB in ESA We’ll need to set up the BP and HR monitors, plus ECG of course. Oh, and can you arrange for our girls to have copies of the print-outs… I want them to observe these procedures.”

James was completely baffled by all this talk and not a little anxious. He desperately wanted to ask what was going on, but suddenly everyone was busy. Dr Wang and Nurse Deerborn had taken their hands away from his genitals, Tiffany had dropped his gown back down. All three had quickly turned their backs and the only plus point as far as James was concerned was that his penis, although still slightly tumescent, had remained flaccid throughout his ordeal. James prayed it would remain that way. The thought that he might have an erection in front of the girl cadet nurses was agonising.

Lori saw his puzzled look and walked over to console her boyfriend. James, she thought, looked so sweet standing there wearing that oh-so short gown with his big penis hanging down, visible beneath the hem… and that look on his face, it just melted her heart. That a boy with such an unfeasibly large penis could be so shy was something of a mystery to her, but she found it endearing nonetheless. She thought that a boy with something like that swinging between his thighs would be proud to show it off.

Lori took hold of James’ hand and looked into his eyes: “It’ll be alright…”

“…but Lori, what are they talking about? It makes me nervous…”

“… just try to relax… everything will be alright,” Lori repeated, “… trust me, James…”

“Will you stay with me Lori?”

“Of course James… if that’s what you want, I’ll be there with you…” Lori said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Tiffany returned and took James by his other hand, “Time to get you along to kinesiology, James…”

“Tiffany, what’s this ETT thing that you want me to do?” James asked.

“Oh, that’s nothing to worry about… is it Barbara?”

“Of course not,” Nurse Deerborn said to assure James, “Don’t you worry about an ETT. It’s just a way of monitoring how your body reacts under physical stress. There’s no need to be concerned Dr Wang will be there throughout the procedure…”

“…but how does it work… what do I have to do?” James, already edgy, wasn’t at all consoled by these evasive answers.

As they walked down the corridor to the kinesiology lab, Tiffany, Lori and Nurse Deerborn chatted to each other, leaving James to worry in silence. They reached  kinesiology and as they walked in James could see Karen, Nicky and Lucy, the young cadets, standing around a treadmill. Next to them Dr Wang was busy sorting out the leads of an ECG machine and explaining to the cadets what James would be doing in front of them in a  few minutes time. They now knew far more than James what an ETT involved.

“Well let’s get started,” Dr Wang said when she saw James, “Tiffany would you remove James’ gown… I’m sorry the gown has to come right off for an ETT, James. We have to stick pads on you all over the place so we can connect these wires…”

Dr Wang waved the electrical leads to show James that there were indeed half a dozen or more wires which would be attached to pads placed on various parts of his body, “We also have to attach… thank you Tiffany, just leave the gown over there… a blood-pressure monitor to your arm…”

James stood completely nude facing everyone, fighting his natural urge to cover himself.

“… hop up onto the bench, James and we’ll get you plugged in…”

James did as he was told and under the gaze of everyone present climbed onto the bench and lay flat. His big penis flopped over the side of his left thigh as Dr Wang started to press sticky pads on various strategic parts of his body.

“You don’t know how lucky you are James… keeping your body so smooth you avoid a considerable amount of discomfort when it’s time to take these things off again…”

James smiled up at Dr Wang. For the first time since he’d met her, he thought how nice, how considerate she was. As she leant over him on the bench James was for a brief while shielded from the stares of the young cadet nurses. Lori came over to stand on the opposite side of the bench and her presence gave James the little bit of confidence he needed to ask Dr Wang what an ETT was and what he would have to do once the electrodes were attached.

“Well James, this procedure is called an Exercise Tolerance Test. It’s a means of raising your heart rate so that we can monitor how your heart performs under the stress of competitive sport, such as swimming. It’s commonly used in other areas of medicine… a standard procedure, so there’s nothing for you to worry about...”

Lori took hold of James’ hand and he felt assured by her presence.

“… I’m sure you’ll be able to provide us with some very valuable data James. Most boys get so embarrassed doing an ETT that we’re rarely able to capture data at the sort of performance levels we’d like,” Dr Wang said, as she continued to methodically press the pads on James’ body, “I explained our problem to Lori… I told her that when boys realise what’s happening, they simply refuse to exert  themselves on the treadmill and once that happens, it’s impossible for us to get any useful data… So Lori told me that you wouldn’t have any problems like that… you being a nudist… So we’re all very grateful to you James… I know you’ll give us only your very best.”

Although Dr Wang hadn’t said anything specific, she had left James in no doubt about the hazards of the treadmill for boys with no clothes on…

Dr Wang began to clip the ECG leads to the pads and explained to an increasingly nervous James:

“…once we’ve got you wired up I want you to step onto the treadmill… you’ve used a treadmill before? Yes? That’s good. When we start you’ll just be expected to walk fairly slowly… if you’re happy with that Nurse Deerborn will begin to gradually increase the pace until… we hope… your heart starts to work hard and pumps plenty of oxygenated blood into these fine muscles of yours… we’ll be monitoring and recording that activity on the ECG… Okay with that James?”

James nodded. He was very familiar with the treadmill… but he’d never tried using one in the nude before. His nervousness was causing his hands to sweat. It would have been bad enough having to run on the treadmill bare-nude in front of Dr Wang and the nurses… but in front of the young cadet nurses. He felt his stomach churn.

“Right,” Dr Wang continued, “We hope you’ll be able to stay on the treadmill long enough for us to get some data when you’re really pushing yourself, but if at any time you feel unwell or feel faint, tell Nurse Deerborn and she’ll slow the treadmill right back down again… That’s very important James… Much as I want to get the best results possible, I don’t want to do it at the expense of you getting injured…”

“Yes, I understand doctor… I’ll try my best…” James said, for the moment distracted from his audience by Dr Wang’s instructions.

“Now it maybe that we have to crank the treadmill right up to get some meaningful readings, that’s because you’re a very fit young man…”

James blushed… but not for the same reason that he soon would be!

“… I know that being a swimmer means you are constantly seeking to perfect you and your team’s performance through training and fitness regimes…”

“… everything’s ready Dr Wang…” Nurse Deerborn announced.

“Good… Okay, James? Here let me hold these wires up… Just one last thing, Nurse Deerborn needs to put this strap on your arm so we can monitor your blood pressure during the test…”

With these final few words James eased himself from the bench. He’d never in his life had all these pads and wires attached to his body and it felt rather strange. The girls had arranged themselves around the treadmill and watched expectantly as James climbed gingerly onto the belt.

“Okay, James,” Nurse Deerborn took over, “in a second I’ll start the treadmill and when you’re ready, I’ll increase the speed. If you’re happy at that speed, just say the word ‘faster’ and I’ll increase it a bit further and so on… okay?”

James nodded. Lori moved and stood on James’ left side. He looked over towards her and then he felt the belt beneath his feet begin to move…

Naturally James started to walk and just as naturally the meaty pendulum between his legs began to swing. He turned his head and looked towards Nurse Deerborn. As he did so James couldn’t help but see the eager faces of the young cadet nurses looking straight at him. He gulped.

“Faster please, nurse…”

Slowly the speed of the treadmill was increased and James had to walk a little faster. The swing of his mighty pendulum increased...

“… faster please…”

The treadmill gained more speed and James increased his pace to keep up… and as his pace increased, so did the swing of his pendulum…


The pendulum started to bounce from thigh to thigh…

“… faster please…”

Everyone in the room was quiet and all that could be heard was the whirr of the treadmill belt, the pounding of James’ feet… and the rhythmic slap, slap, slap, slap, slap of James’ penis as it bounced from one thigh to the other.

“Faster please nurse…”

This time James had to break into a run…


  1. Wow Mogg....I'm sooooo grateful you wrote some more "James" stories....They are by far the best CFNM stories on the web. They always get me so very excited. Thank you...thank you...thank you ;-)

    1. I'm grateful I found this story. It was indicated James is in other cfnm stories. I can't get enough cfnm, just wish I could be forced,since I'm not brave enough to volunteer.

    2. Thanks for your comment, Harold. James stories by Nudebrain and myself are archived at:
      From the home page scroll down and select 'Series'. Oddly enough for a site devoted to CMNF the James stories (CFNM) are among the most popular...