Monday, 4 July 2011

James Goes To Visit Lori

Part 1

Eventually James got back to his apartment after his embarrassing, not to say exhausting, afternoon with Kristy at the sportswear store. There was a letter waiting for him which he put to one side while he got cleaned up and showered.

James was relieved to put on something lose after spending nearly four hours in the ill-fitting body-sling swimwear. His testicles were still mightily sore having spent all of that time squeezed out of the sling by the strong elasticated sides of the pouch. There was no way, he thought, the swim-sling would ever get approval for use in competitions. James was sure that once he’d had chance to explain to Miss Holmes the trouble he’d had trying to get it to fit properly, she would understand that the team couldn’t possibly be expected to wear it, even for practice.

James felt happier now that was out of the way and, as he took a gulp of his orange juice, he remembered the letter. He turned it over and saw the Hooters logo, realised it was from work and wondered what they could be writing to him about. He opened the letter and read:

“Dear Mr Williams,

You may have read in the press recently about new equality regulations which this company is in the process of introducing. I’m sure you, as a valued employee of Hooters, will be proud to partake in this exciting new venture. The anti-discriminatory procedures we are instigating are over and above existing laws and we are sure you will want to show your commitment to our company by agreeing to partake in this initiative.

All we require from you at this time is to reaffirm your commitment to uphold the Hooters work ethos by pledging to the following amended paragraphs of the Employee Code:

1. Hooters Uniform.

1.1 My job description requires that I wear the designated Hooters Uniform supplied by my branch manager/manageress.

1.2 I will wear my uniform at all times while on the Hooters branch premises, whether on duty or not.

1.3 I will not wear my Hooters uniform off the branch premises.

8. Job Duties.

8.4 My job requires that I work as a team member. I will cheerfully carry out any instructions given to me by my shift supervisor which are over and above those given in my job description.

8.5 I agree to happily join in and entertain customers and any special requirements they may have, subject to the authorisation of my shift supervisor. I understand such authorisation will not be unreasonably withheld.

8.8 I willingly accept and understand the Hooters environment is one in which joking, innuendo, horseplay and adult conversations are commonplace.

14. Discrimination.

14.5 I understand and undertake to respect my fellow employees lifestyle choices.

14.6 As an employee it my right to practice my lifestyle choice insofar as it does not conflict with my duties specified in para. 8.

We trust you’ll be happy with these minor charges which are necessary in order to introduce our new policy. Please sign the attached copy of the relevant Code paragraphs to confirm your acceptance and hand it to your manageress before your next shift. Please report fifteen minutes before your duty starts to allow time for employee re-orientation.”

James finished reading and was puzzled. There was nothing he could see that had changed in the employee code, certainly nothing of any relevance to him. Nor could he understand the need for ‘re-orientation’, whatever that was; the work description for his job as a busboy hadn’t changed since he’d started eighteen months ago. He shrugged his shoulders and then signed the copy without question.

Scribbled at the bottom of the letter was a note from Stephanie Bing, James’ manageress, “Hi Jamie (James loathed the way they insisted on calling him ‘Jamie’ at Hooters), thought you’d like to see a preview of our branch photo… !”

James picked up the glossy 5x4 photo which had fallen onto his lap when he opened the envelope. There they all were: Stephanie, along with the Spoonbend Hooters Girls and Jamie the Spoonbend Busboy.

The girls wore the world famous Hooters Girls uniforms, white tank top emblazoned with the Hooters logo, extremely brief orange-colored nylon running shorts complete with side slits, white ankle socks and white trainers. Stephanie, as manageress, wore a polo shirt tucked into white Bermuda shorts. James the only male employed at the Spoonbend branch, wore a uniform of white T-shirt printed with the Hooters’ logo and long white slacks. He and Stephanie stood with their arms around each other in the centre of the group, surrounded by the Hooters Girls. Two of the girls knelt in front of the photo and had their arms wrapped round each of James’ legs. He, like everyone else was smiling at the camera, but it was easy to see James looked very uncomfortable and self-conscious; there was also a noticeable bulge in the front of his slacks.

The phone rang:

“Hi James… it’s Jessica, Lori’s mom…”

“Hello Mrs Hill…”

“I just wanted to tell you that I’ve got your clothes from Sports Paradise…”

“Gee, thanks Mrs Hill… Hey! How did you manage…”

“You’ve got Lori to thank for getting them back, James. When she heard what happened, well… she went through the roof! I’ve never seen her quite so… well she got hold of the store’s head office and laid into them so much I thought their phones must have melted. She had them send someone round to the store especially… and made them deliver your clothes here!”

“Wow…!” James was amazed at what his girlfriend had done for him.

“Is Lori… is Lori there, Mrs Hill?”

“I’m afraid not, James, she’s just this minute gone out. Is there a message?”

“Err… it’s just that…” James wanted to stick to his resolve to tell Lori the truth about his so-called nudist lifestyle, but he could feel himself wavering at the first hurdle, “umm… I’d like to thank her for what she did today… and Kristy… gee and you, Mrs Hill… I… I don’t know what I’d have done without everyone’s help… But I’d really like to speak to Lori. Err… it’s about something else…”

Somehow James had forgotten it was Kristy teasing him until he came out of the changing-room at Sports Paradise that got him into such a mess in the first place.

James was about to ask if he could come over the next evening, until he realised he had put down for an extra shift at Hooters and what with having to report early it wouldn’t give him much time with Lori.

Before he had time to say anything Jessica Hill spoke:

“I’ll tell you what, James, call in tomorrow… Lori’s going out later, but they’ll be plenty of time for you see her. In the meantime why don’t you give me your message and I’ll pass it on to her?… I’m sure she’ll want to know what it’s about…”

James paused before he answered. He knew he couldn’t chicken out now…

He still didn’t say anything to Mrs Hill.

He knew what he wanted to say… He’d spoken to Kristy about it that very afternoon and she had suggested James meet up with Lori. Now there was no getting out… he had to be tough. He had to make his first move. He had to see Lori. Okay, tomorrow evening…

In the meantime he had to say something to Mrs Hill. Even though she was on the other end of the phone and could not possibly see him, James blushed beet-red. His heart was in his mouth as he answered Lori’s mom:

“It’s… it’s about… umm… me being a nudist and all that…” he managed to tell Mrs Hill, “I… I… really…”

“Oh, don’t be shy, James. We all know how much you love your nudist lifestyle…”

“… it’s just that… well, maybe if I speak with Lori…”

This wasn’t going at all the way James wanted. He closed his eyes, said a prayer and suddenly blurted out:

“Mrs Hill… I want to tell Lori I’m not a nudist. I’ve never been a nudist. It was only something I did because…” James stopped dead in his tracks. He didn’t want to drag Kristy into this and make out he was blaming her for what had happened, “… I’m sorry Mrs Hill… I’m just not a nudist… that’s all…”

James was shaking so much he could barely hold the phone. But he’d done it! He’d told Mrs Hill he wasn’t a nudist. Now his problems would be over…

There was silence at the other end of the phone. James’ heart thumped as he waited.

Eventually Mrs Hill spoke:

“Now calm down James… I know just how you’re feeling… It’s been a long day. I know why you’re worried and why you said what you did, but there’s no reason to think that Lori will love you less because of your nudism. Love is about give and take. I know you want to give Lori your heart and soul, even if it means giving up something that you love doing. But love isn’t about that. It doesn’t mean you should give up your nudist lifestyle at all… quite the opposite in fact. You should be proud of your nudism and let Lori share your pride. We can’t all be perfect, but we can all love one another and accept each other for what we are, and what we find fulfilling.”

“Believe me, James, Lori knows she has found in you someone she can trust. She loves you. It doesn’t matter to her whether or not you’re a nudist… but she couldn’t bear the thought of you giving it up because you thought she wanted you to… I want you to know that I am very proud of you, James, for telling us about your love of nudism. It’s not every boy who could be so open about it to his girlfriend and her family.”

James collapsed on his sofa speechless. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. He’d told Mrs Hill point blank he wasn’t a nudist and she refused to believe him! Full stop… and now… and now he was, in her eyes, more of a nudist than ever before! How did that happen? Crap! ‘Now I’ll never get out of this...’ he said to himself.

“… Err… maybe I should speak with Lori tomorrow, Mrs Hill… err.. thanks for…”

“Do you want me to tell Lori what it’s about?”

“Umm… thanks Mrs Hill, but I’d rather…”

“Just between ourselves then, James?”

“Thanks Mrs Hill… and would you thank Lori for getting my stuff back? And thanks again for helping out in the parking-lot…”

“Think nothing of it, James. You know having this little talk has really made me think of you as one of the family…”

James’ blush-o-meter went through the roof.

“… We’ll see you tomorrow then, James.”

“Err, yes. Bye, Mrs Hill…” James held the phone in his hands for a few moments and stood gaping at himself in the mirror as if shell-shocked. Finally he snapped out of it and hung up.

What was he going to do now?

Part 2

James went to bed trying to think of ways to put an end to his nudist plight. Whatever he thought of had drawbacks, was not possible, or was just not feasible. In all of his desperate ideas there lurked one major pitfall; the danger of losing Lori, the best girlfriend he’d ever had.

When he woke the next morning he started again to think of ways out of his predicament. All through the day it was the same. Until the time came to call on Lori.

James still hadn’t figured out what to say to his girlfriend. All he could tell himself was to be firm. Place his cards on the table – but then he’d panic. No, he straightaway told himself, I can’t do that, she’ll dump me. Then he’d try to be calm and rational, but that didn’t work either. “Come on James! Focus!,” he said to himself for the umpteenth time, “Come on! Be a man! Tell her it was all a silly misunderstanding…” But in the next breath he’d tell himself that he’d be a fool to risk it…

His self-confidence was in tatters.

Unfortunately for James, Jessica Hill, whilst honouring her promise not to tell Lori about their conversation the night before, did however tell Kristy what had been said.

Lori was fully aware that James would try and wriggle out of his supposed commitment to his nudist lifestyle. Kristy had already told her what James had said at Sports Paradise the day before. Sneakily she also told her sister what James had said on the phone to their mom.

James, did he but know it, was up against a family conspiracy. He didn’t stand a chance…

So it was, with his head spinning, James approached the steps leading up to Lori’s house. He was so absorbed in his thoughts he didn’t see Jessica Hill on the veranda talking to one of her friends…

“Hi… James!” Mrs Hill called out, “Come on up and meet one of my neighbours… This is Mrs Howard. I’ve been telling her all about your nudist lifestyle and how you like to go naked as much as possible. She’s most interested and says she saw you the other day when you helped me with the mail, didn’t you, Evelyn?”

“I sure did,” Jessica’s friend replied, “but to tell the truth, I didn’t see an awful lot of James… there was something in the way. Looked like a pole or rod of some sort… maybe you were carrying something for Lori’s mom, James? Still I could make out you didn’t have any clothes on… sorry Jessica, have I said something?”

“… no Evelyn… it just… I’m not sure… but I think you’ll find it wasn’t a pole. I hope James won’t mind me telling you that it was his penis,” Jessica Hill explained to her friend,” You see James had been helping me to move something out of the garage and I had to take hold of his penis to guide him because he couldn’t see where he was going… and… well you know what can happen… I’m afraid I caused James to have an erection. That’s what you saw…”

James blushed furiously and looked nervously downwards trying to avoid eye contact with either of the women. He really didn’t need this with his mind in its present state of turmoil. He’d come to try and square things with Lori and he didn’t have much time in which to do it. He was due at work for his extra shift and Lori was going out with one of her friends. On top of that, the excuses and explanations he’d come up with over the last twenty-four hours as to why he could no longer practice nudism, were slipping away fast. It had taken so much to psych himself up for this meeting with Lori. Now all his thoughts and stratagems were unravelling…

Evelyn Howard was lost for words for a moment, but she wasn’t one to stay silent for long, “Well I say, that is a surprise! I never knew a boy’s penis could be that big. Is it really that big James? Well I suppose it must be…” She suddenly changed track and went on: “Honestly kids today are so modest. Why at my son’s school they’ve even introduced individual shower cubicles… have you ever heard of such utter nonsense? The school board says that boys need privacy… lot of unnecessary expense if you ask me. I’m pleased to see that at least you are setting an example James. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see you’re celebrating your nudist lifestyle…”

“… I’m sorry Evelyn,” Jessica Hill interrupted, “James has come over to see Lori and they’re both a bit rushed… I’m sure you understand…”

“Oh, I’m sorry… that’s so nice… two hearts… can’t be without each other…”

“James just wants a chance to talk to Lori…” Jessica Hill winked at James, “… things have been a bit hectic for both of them recently.”

“I’d hate to stand in the way… maybe some other time James… Keep it up!”

Jessica laughed and James went red.

“Oh! I… whatever must you think of me? I meant… oh well never mind,” and Evelyn Howard blushed as well. With a wave, she was off.

Jessica Hill turned to James, took hold of his arm and led him in through the front door. “I haven’t said anything to Lori, just like I promised,” then she whispered conspiratorially, “Have you got over your nerves? I know how you must have felt to say what you did, to try and convince me you weren’t a nudist. It was very brave of you to try… but I can always tell when a boy is fibbing. Like I said, Lori loves you for what you are – we all do – and if that includes helping you to enjoy your nudist lifestyle, then that’s what we’ll do… Now come along, let’s get you ready…”

James wasn’t quite sure what Mrs Hill meant and stood with furrowed brow until…

“You’ll have to hurry, James,” Lori’s mom said and went over to open the door to the special nudist clothes cupboard. She looked meaningfully at the boy’s clothing.

The penny dropped, “But Mrs Hill I don’t think I’ve got time to undress.”

James hadn’t planned on taking his clothes off. Being nude would make it even more difficult to say what he wanted to Lori. As his time with his girlfriend was to be so short, James had expected to keep his clothes on. Being dressed when he talked to Lori would have given him a much needed boost to his self-confidence.

“Nonsense, James, of course you have. What did I just say? We all love you for being such a dedicated nudist. Now’s the time to show Lori how committed you are. I know you two haven’t much time together this evening, so this is when it really matters if you’re going to show Lori just how strongly you feel about your nudism.”

James felt his shoulders slump. Inwardly he sighed, reached for the hem of his T-shirt and reluctantly started to pull it upwards.

At that moment Kristy appeared. She was on her way to the kitchen. James didn’t notice she had something in her hand, as he was busy removing his T-shirt. “Hi James,” she said cheerfully, “Why mom, you aren’t being very friendly. Don’t you remember it’s good manners to help a nudist out of his clothes when he comes to visit?”

James froze, his T-shirt halfway up his back. His throat was as dry as a desert, so Kristy’s offer of a cold drink was taken gratefully. “Lemonade alright?” James nodded. Anything would do to quench his thirst.

“And there’s me talking about good manners… Come over here James so I can help you get undressed.” Jessica said, brushing aside the boy’s objections.

James sat down as he was told and allowed Jessica to remove his trainers and socks. “Really Mrs Hill, you don’t have to do this.” James pleaded for at least the tiny scrap of dignity that undressing himself would offer.

Jessica Hill wouldn’t think of it. “Come on up you get. Now, let’s get these jeans off.” Off they came. She was still kneeling in front of the boy in readiness to pull down his boxers when Kristy came back from the kitchen with a glass of cool lemonade for James.

“Careful, mom, mind James doesn’t have your eye out with that thing!”

“Here you are James.” Kristy handed James his drink. As Jessica Hill leant round the boy’s waist to pull down the boxers, James gulped down his drink gratefully.

“Thanks Kristy. That felt good.” He handed the empty glass back to Lori’s sister.

“My pleasure, James,” Kristy replied.

“Hold still James, while I get your box…” Jessica Hill’s words were cut short as she tugged the waistband at the back of the boxers. The front was now pressed tight against James’ big penis. As Mrs Hill leant forward her head was almost touching the underwear. Oblivious to Kristy’s warning she dragged the boxers down at the back and was shocked when James’ big penis bounced out and brushed the side of her face.

“Really, James, can’t you keep that thing under control?” Jessica Hill said with a smile, as she tried to push James’ penis to one side so she could pull down the boxers. She didn’t have much luck as the thick, heavy penis kept swinging back and getting in her way.

“Here let me hold it for you, mom,” Kristy volunteered and stepped forward to grasp the huge penis.

James had been stripped nude by Mrs Hill and his clothes put into the special nudist cupboard. As Kristy gave him a nudist handshake James once again felt powerless to do anything that would change things back to the way they were before he stepped out of the Hill’s poolside shower.

He could feel his resolve, so firm an hour or two ago, slipping away.

James wondered how he could possibly explain to Lori what had happened and that he wasn’t really a nudist. If Mrs Hill wouldn’t except his pleading, what chance was there that Lori would? At that moment, with an awful sense of foreboding, James realised… his fate was about to be sealed.

Part 3

With shaking legs and a sense of trepidation James, now completely nude once again, went through to the living-room, his penis swinging to and fro. Lori had just come downstairs wearing… well, not much, a pair of extremely brief denim cut-offs and a white tank-top that looked as though it had shrunk in the wash. Lori’s feet were bare. Her nipples stood out like hard buttons against the thin material of the top.

“Do you like it…?” Lori said teasingly as she pulled her lower lip down with her right index finger, pouted and lowered her head. “It’s very comfortable…” she said and slid the other hand over her left thigh and up to the very edge of her cut-offs. Lori ran her finger-tips over the front of the denim towards the zip.

James couldn’t take his eyes off Lori and for a few moments forgot he was stark naked.

“Oh!” said Lori, “I think you do like…”

James suddenly realized where Lori was staring. He looked down at himself as he felt the all too familiar movement of his penis between his legs. By the time he’d looked back towards Lori his penis was already very nearly horizontal. He found himself unable to take his eyes off Lori’s tiny tank-top… which made things worse… so he tried looking away and that made James feel as though he was avoiding her. Then he looked again and found himself gawping at Lori’s cut-offs. By which time James’ penis was pointing up at an angle and had reached about thirteen inches in length… and it just kept on growing…

This was not helping James… not helping him in the least. He so wanted to try and explain things to Lori… to at least have the chance to say something. But as often happened to James, his penis was getting in the way, both literally and metaphorically.

“Come over here…” Lori said and took her nude boyfriend by the arm. She led him through the living-room and out to the pool. “Come on, let’s sit down…”

Together they sat on the edge of the pool and splashed their feet in the cool water.

“Thanks for getting my stuff back Lori…” James started.

He felt Lori’s arms around his waist and her hand brushed the side of his now fully erect, fifteen inch penis, “Please Lori… I have to go to work… I’m doing an extra shift… and I’ve got to report to Stephanie a bit early. If you keep… you know… and… aw… Jeez…” James suddenly gasped.

“What’s is it, honey?” Lori asked, aware that James was in some discomfort.

“No… it’s okay… really it’s nothing… just that… No, you carry on, please…”

“I’m sorry James,” Lori apologised and moved her hand away. She looked at the monstrously large penis… was it her imagination, or was it even bigger and stiffer than ever?

“I just wanted to make up for that horrible day you had yesterday. When Kristy told me what happened, why I was so mad I just had to do something… and now… well I wanted to…”

To Lori’s surprise James interrupted her, “… look, there’s something I wanted to say Lori… I don’t know… but I’ve got to… Oh shoot! I just don’t know how… I want to say… no I mean… I do know what it is, but…” James got himself completely tongue-tied.

Lori’s arm came up to his neck. “I think I know what you want to tell me honey…”

James twisted round to face his girlfriend,” You do…?!” His eyes almost popped out of his head, “You do…?”

Lori nodded and continued:

“You know James, when you first told me about… it… your nudist lifestyle… I wasn’t quite sure if it was a wind up... you know, maybe some sort of practical joke…”

James groaned inwardly and realised that not only did Lori not understand what it was he was trying tell her, she was about to pre-empt any attempt by James to get himself out of his predicament.

It was almost as if Lori knew everything that had happened to James and intended to make him carry on pretending to be a nudist. But James was sure his girlfriend wouldn’t do something like that if she really did know the whole story. So, James argued, Lori couldn’t know what had happened that day when he came out of the shower and found he had nothing to wear.

The only person who did know everything was Kristy and she wouldn’t have said anything. James was sure about that… after all, it was Kristy who’d helped him out in the first place and helped him again yesterday at the sports store. He knew he could trust Kristy.

“…then, when I realised you were serious,” Lori continued, “I got kinda jealous at the thought of other girls seeing you… seeing you, well, naked… then I was afraid… afraid other girls would… that you’d leave me…I was really worried James. But now I know that nudity… being naked in front of other girls doesn’t bother you… it’s the freedom which your nudist lifestyle gives you. You’re confident in the knowledge you’re completely at ease with your body, so at ease that you can take your clothes off and go nude in front of anyone. Isn’t that so James?”

James gulped, “Yes… yes it is Lori…” He knew he was beaten. He knew now he would never have the courage to tell Lori the truth.

But now James had something more pressing to contend with… he couldn’t figure out why his penis was so hard. It was as if all the blood in his body was pumping straight into his corpus cavernosum… his penis felt as if it was made of steel.

Lori carried on, “Nudism is what you want to do and I admire you for that…” she said, as she remembered Dr Wang’s words that sometimes James would need help and encouragement, “… I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you James… I want to help you enjoy nudism… I know it’s the way of life you want. That was what you wanted to tell me, wasn’t it?”

“Y-yes… aw Jeez,” James grimaced and shifted himself. He felt uncomfortable sitting on the tiles at the edge of the pool. His penis was pressing onto his chest and every time he moved it rubbed against his upper-body.

“What’s up honey?”

“It’s… it’s my… penis… it feels like it’s on fire… Jeez it’s so hard… Oh Lori, I’m gonna have to… Jeez I can’t believe this… it’s never…”

At that precise moment Kristy appeared, “Hey guys, how’s it going… Why James, is that a dagger… I mean a sword… err, a lance… I see before me…? Oh, no it’s not, it’s… wow! Is it just me, or is it… it can’t be bigger, surely…”

“Kristy! Just a second James… stay there,” Lori jumped up, grabbed hold of her sister’s arm and pulled her out of James’ earshot, “Tell me you haven’t… please tell me you haven’t…”

“Whatever do you mean…?”

“You know full well little sister of mine… I told you… Kristy do you realise James has got to go and do a shift at Hooters…?”

“Okay… but I didn’t give him a whole dose. I just wanted to see how it worked…”

“Well, now you know… What are we gonna do?”

“Surely if he has a… you know… extracts a sample or two…”

“That won’t work… Dr Wang told me. No matter how much James masturbates his erection won’t go away!”


“I guess I’m going to have to change my plans. James has to go to work, he’s already told me he can’t get out of it, besides Stephanie wants him in earlier, some company stuff… I’m going to ring Amy and get her to met at Hooters. I can’t let James go there on his own…”

James called out, “Lori, please quick…”

Lori raced over to the side of the pool in time to see James gasping and holding his painfully hard penis. Pre-ejaculate was oozing down the sides. Lori’s eyes bulged at the size the big penis had grown to. It was impossible but she reckoned it must have been nearer twenty inches than fifteen. The veins running down its sides looked fit to burst, as more and more of the slimy goo ran down the shaft.

“Lori… Oh… Lori… I’m…”

“Are you…?” Lori stuttered, “Are you going to…?”

James nodded and before Lori had chance to do anything ejaculate burst out of his penis straight up into the air. James fell backwards and held his penis as straight upwards as he could to stop any sperm from hitting his girlfriend. More sperm pulsed skywards as he panted and gasped.

“But Lori… I… I didn’t do anything… I was just… pushing it, trying to make myself comfortable… I’m sorry…”

“Let me… stay there… Kristy!” Lori called out, “Come and help me get some towels… we’re gonna need them…”

“That was awesome…” Kristy said as she followed her sister back into the house.

Lori and Kristy got back just in time to see James flat on his back, his legs dangling in the water, with both hands around his still hard penis. He looked up at the girls who knelt down beside him.

“Jeez Lori… it’s never done this before… it always goes down after… after…oh, Lori it’s…” he gasped as his hands slithered the slippery length of his penis. His chest heaved, he squeezed his eyes tight shut and another blast of sperm erupted and shot straight up into the air.

James lay back and panted. His penis stayed rock hard. His chest was heaving as he opened his eyes again and gasped:

“What am I going to do Lori…? I’ve got to check in at Hooters in an hour… It’s still hard. What if I can’t get it to go down?”

“What about you do it again? Maybe…” Kristy suggested.

Lori had to bit her lip before she said that maybe if Kristy hadn’t spiked her boyfriend’s lemonade…

“Here, let me,” Lori said, as she took hold of the mighty phallus and turned to her sister, “You too…”

Together the sisters masturbated James to a third ejaculation, no less powerful than the preceding two.

Lori nodded to her sister as James lay panting on the side of the pool and again they moved out of earshot.

“That stuff sure is strong…”

“How much did you give him, Kristy?”

“About half the dose… I told you, it was just to see what happened…”

“We might be in luck… Dr Wang said that when lower doses of Viagra are taken there’s the possibility the boy’s penis will soften after multiple orgasms in quick succession… I think she said three or four in a row… it’s to do with the refractory period being shortened or something.”

“She only told me this so that I’d understand how important it was to give James the prescribed dose to ensure the full effect of the Viagra was controlled... but she didn’t think I’d have a pesky younger sister to contend with.”

“So there’s a chance his penis may soften for a while… According to Dr Wang the problem is that given at lower doses the effect of Viagra is unpredictable, so even if his penis does go down James might have a spontaneous erection…”

James stood up. Strings of goo were hanging from his penis which was as stiff as it had been when it first became erect.

“Lori… I’ve got to go to work…” James looked down at himself, “… it’s never happened… stayed hard… this long… after…” he paused, “… Lori, I’m gonna have to…”

James took his penis in both hands again. This time he kept his hands still and drew his hips backwards until both palms of his hands were either side of the hot, highly sensitised head of his engorged penis. His fingers were dripping with pre-ejaculate. He gently moved his hips forwards and backwards, rubbing the raw tip of his penis. Globs of thick, turbid goo dripped down.

He looked up at his girlfriend, “Lori… I’ve… I’ve got to make it go down… I’m…” he looked down at himself, mesmerised by the unstoppable flow of pre-cum.

“No! James! You can’t!” Lori yelled. She could see her boyfriend was on the point of collapse.

“Oh Lori… I’m going…” James squashed his eyes closed again and Lori saw he was preparing to ejaculate again.

Lori and Kristy stood amazed at the sight of James as he climaxed once more… and as his knees bent with exhaustion, watched him blast out another load of white hot sperm.

Kristy whispered to her sister, “That’s four…”

“James…!” Lori cried as she ran to the side of her exhausted boyfriend, “James… are you okay…?”

James looked up, bleary eyed. He let his penis slip from his hands…

A look of amazement lit up his face, “Lori! Look…! Look…!” James took hold of his penis again… and let it go. It flopped down and came to rest just below the horizontal. “Lori… it’s going down… Jeez… I thought it’d never… ”

“It’s alright now honey… Try and relax. Kristy and I will get you cleaned up. We’ll get you dressed and put Mr Penis away, then get you over to Hooters… you’ve got a shift to do. Remember, just try and take it easy.”

Lori left James’ side and went over to speak to Kristy:

“God knows what’ll happen at Hooters… Like I was saying Kristy… Dr Wang said that even if his penis does go down now, James could have a spontaneous erection any time within the next three to four hours…”

“Kristy, promise me you’ll never pull a stunt like that again…”

Kristy nodded, “Sure… but wasn’t it like totally cool…?”

James stood out on the veranda, dressed again. He was glad to get his penis back inside his boxers. The cotton felt gentle against his still sensitive member.

He thought about the evening. James was aware he hadn’t had a chance to say anything to Lori about his not being a nudist. Lori, it seemed to James, was even more convinced about his love of nudism and this made James feel deceitful for not having the courage to tell her. If it hadn’t been for his penis unexpectedly exploding like it did, he might have found time to explain things to Lori, but in the end he had felt beaten, unable to find a way out of his plight.

Yes, James thought, if it hadn’t been the uncontrollable erection, that overwhelming urge to masturbate not once but… four times! He’d never experienced anything like that before… if it hadn’t happened, maybe he would have found the right words to say to Lori…

He was lost in thought when Jessica Hill came up behind him, “Are you alright now, James. Lori told me you didn’t feel well…”

James nodded, “I’m okay now, thanks Mrs Hill.”

“I hope your little talk with Lori went alright… Did it all go according to plan?”

“Sort of…” James didn’t have time to say anything else before Lori came out onto the veranda:

“Mom’s going to drive you over to Hooters,” she announced.

As Lori watched James and her mom walk down the steps, she said to herself, “At least he’ll be wearing his boxers and his long Hooters slacks if anything does go wrong…”

Part 4

It wasn’t long before James was stepping out of the SUV.

“Do you want me to come in with you to make sure you’re okay?”

“Thanks Mrs Hill, but I’ll be alright…”

“… sure…?”

James nodded. He pushed the door open and walked straight into Stephanie…

“Hi Jamie!”

James’ teeth grated as he heard his name shortened like this. No-one else called him ‘Jamie’ and yet at Hooters he was forced to wear a name-tag and greet everyone with a smile and say “Hi! My name’s Jamie…”

To James, ‘Jamie’ sounded childish, but everyone at Hooters had their names shortened to make them sound more upbeat and welcoming.

“Yo Steph…” James replied without much enthusiasm.

“Did you get the letter?”

“Sure thing,” James said as he handed over the copy of the Employee Code amendments he’d signed earlier.

Stephanie checked the employer’s copy, “Thanks Jamie. That’s all in order… Come on through and we’ll sort out your new uniform…”

“What new uniform?”

“I thought you realised… didn’t you read the Code amendments through before you signed them…”

“…they looked just the same as the old ones to me. I couldn’t see any changes…”

“Of course there’s been some changes… why do you think the company would go through the trouble and expense of mailing you a Code, if it was just the same as the old one?”

James had to admit to Stephanie that he had been a bit puzzled when he read the letter, but he told her he’d signed anyway.

“Okay Jamie, I’d better explain. Hooters is introducing a new equality scheme and as part of the new Code… the Code you’ve signed up to right here Jamie,” Stephanie said as she pointed to James’ signature on the paper, “Hooters has redetermined the uniform regulations which require immediate staff compliance within the terms of the amended Code paragraphs and Terms of Employment you entered into when you started work…”

James began to feel a bit nervous… exactly what was it he’d signed up to?

“From now on,” Stephanie told James, “busboys and servers of whatever gender will wear the same uniform…”

James saw a ray of hope, “Does that mean the girls will be wearing long slacks…”

“… let me finish Jamie. Head Office has allowed individual restaurants a certain degree of latitude as regards interpretation of the newly amended Code… such as which of the available uniforms will be worn by staff affected by the changes.”

“We here at Spoonbend have decided, following staff consultation, to extend the wearing of the standard Hooters servers uniform to all male employees…”

“… b-but… you mean… wear shorts… those shorts! Jeez, Steph… I can’t wear them that short… they’re way too small for a guy… and… and why didn’t anybody ask me what I thought. I’m the only guy here… it’s not fair I wasn’t asked…”

“I’m sorry Jamie, but you’re part-time. You weren’t on duty and we had to give Head Office our decision on what uniform our servers and busboys would be wearing before this morning.”

“But you could’ve phoned me Steph…”

“The new scheme starts today Jamie,” Stephanie said, ignoring James’ protest, “that’s why you were asked to come in early, to give me time to explain things and to get your new uniform sorted… Come on let’s go through…”

James was led by his manageress to the small staff-room at the back. The uniforms were kept on shelves by the side of the staff lockers. Normally James’ busboy uniform was on the top shelf above the skimpy girls’ uniforms. It wasn’t there now. Stephanie saw where James was looking:

“Head Office asked branches to return uniforms that would no longer be required. Better get into your new uniform Jamie, you don’t have that much time before your shift and it’s getting busy out there…”

James took his locker key from his pocket. He had the usual trouble trying to open the locker door. He started to undress…

“Can’t a guy have some privacy…”

“Oh… don’t be shy Jamie… I need to make sure your new uniform fits okay.”

James sighed and threw his clothes into the locker. He reached up for his new outfit on the shelf…

“You can’t put your uniform on wearing those…”

“What’s wrong with my boxers…?

“Don’t be silly Jamie. You can’t wear boxers… for one thing they’ll show. Can’t you see they’re much longer than your new Hooters shorts. Better get them off…”

James held up the flimsy orange running shorts, “But Steph, I can’t wear these without something underneath… hey, what about a support, a jock?”

“Have you got one?” Stephanie asked.

“Well, yes… but not here…” James replied, “I thought you might have…”

“You’re the only guy employed here, Jamie. Why should we have one?”

“I… but… Jeez Steph, if I’d have known I could’ve brought one in with me…”

James had his all too familiar sinking feeling. He couldn’t refuse to put on the new uniform; he needed this job. It was useless to argue, so he put down the shorts, turned away from Stephanie and slipped his fingers into the waistband of his boxers. He pushed them down and stepped out of them. At least his penis was behaving itself.

James chucked his boxers into the locker with the rest of his clothes. He swung round to pick up his new uniform shorts again and faced Stephanie head on:


Stephanie knew James was well endowed, but in all the time he’d been working at Hooters, she’d never seen him completely nude. Now, right in front of her was a thick, unbelievably long penis hanging down and nearly reaching James’ knees. It swayed gently from side-to-side. Once Stephanie had got over the shock of seeing James’ enormous member, she wondered how on earth he was going to get the thing into those tiny shorts?

James blushed, picked up his new Hooters outfit and turned his back. This didn’t prevent Stephanie from seeing his penis swinging between his legs as James stepped into the shorts. He pulled them up and Stephanie looked on as James twisted his bottom, pushed his hips up and down. After a lot of struggling James finally managed to squeeze himself into the tight little orange shorts.

From the back Stephanie could see the lower curves of James’ pert bottom. Nearly a third of James’ butt was completely bare, but that was nothing to what she saw when James turned round…

Stephanie stood rooted to the spot. She’d never seen anything like it. How James had managed to squeeze that monster into the shorts, she’d no idea. The sewing in the seams was stretched enough to show the needle holes and Steph was sure the side-slits had been pulled further apart.

She couldn’t take her eyes off James as he pulled the tight white T-shirt over his head. He pulled the top down as far as it would go… which wasn’t far. James found that the new uniform top, printed with the Hooters logo and the branch name, didn’t reach down much further than his nipples and left his entire midriff uncovered. He picked up his name tag and pinned it to the top.

Stephanie looked admiringly at James in his new busboy uniform, then glanced down at the very noticeable bulge in his orange shorts.

“Very smart James, but are you sure that’s safe?” she asked.

“Whad’ya mean, Steph?”

“I mean… it’s… your… it’s gonna stay in there, isn’t it?”

“I guess so… but I’d feel better if I could get a jock or something…”

“Okay… you better bring one in the next time. Underwear is your responsibility,” and maybe make it reinforced, Stephanie thought.

“Err… can I ask you a question Jamie?” Stephanie continued.

“Sure… what is it?”

“Umm… what’s happened…err why haven’t you got any hair… err down there,” Stephanie nodded towards his shorts.

James blushed a bit more and explained that he had to keep himself smooth to be in the swimming team. It was one of the rules, he said, and if you didn’t stick to the rules then you were out of the team.

Stephanie knew how important being on the swimming team was to James, but she hadn’t realised that his commitment included the removal of all traces of pubic hair. She nodded in admiration.

“Okay Jamie, let’s get on… table eleven needs you…” Stephanie said as she lent over and slammed the door of James’ locker shut.

James did as he was told, grabbed his bus tub and took a deep breath before pushing open the door that led out into the dining area…

“… Crap…!”

Part 5

James took the bus tub in both hands and held it in front of his Hooters uniform shorts.

“Hi Jamie!” Lindy, one of the servers, called out, “Great night to show off your new uniform…”

“…Girls Only Night…!”

It appeared to James as if every table was taken up with slim, bronzed and flawless girls each with pneumatic breasts, the nipples of which were erect and pressing enticingly against thin, almost translucent tank-tops. All of them seemed to be looking his way…

A sweat broke out on James’ forehead. He felt every eye in the place on him as he walked over to table eleven. He stared straight ahead.

Somehow James knew it’d have to be table eleven. It was in a corner way over on the far side of the dining area. He got to the table. There had been a spillage on the inside of the table which meant he had to reach forward and lean right over.

James gulped and put his tub on the table. He knew all the girls in the room would look at his butt as he bent over. The chatter and buzz stopped… the only sound came from the overhead TV screens as the girls saw his tight little orange Hooters shorts ride even further up his smooth firm glutes.

There was a cry from table nine which pierced the silence, “Lucy! Watch what you’re… you’ll… Oh it’s gone everywhere… Yeech!... Hi!...”

“Mind out Karen,” Lucy yelled, “it’s gonna drip off your side…”

James looked round to see one of the customers calling him over. He picked up his busboy tub and went over to see what had happened. A bottle of Coke had been knocked over, spilling its sticky liquid all over the table-top. James sighed and put his tub on a spare chair.

“Look… Err ‘Jamie’…” the girl, Karen, read from James’ name tag, “Jamie, it’s spilling off the table… here…” she pointed to the inside chair on her left. Her friend Lucy sat and giggled watching as James looked at the liquid dripping from the table. To get at it he would have to reach over Karen…

He took some paper towel from his tub, put his left hand on the outside edge of the table and leant across Karen who did nothing to give James any room. He was forced to squeeze himself past her and in so doing brushed against her breasts.

“Sorry miss… excuse me…” James apologised. He was unused to wearing shorts at work and so didn’t realised quite how much bare leg he was pressing between the table and Karen. He soon found out when he felt Karen’s fingers feathering up his bare thighs, much to the delight of Lucy sitting opposite. James tried his best not to squirm as he was teased while mopping up the spillage. Then he felt Karen’s fingers moving higher, tickling…

“Having fun Karen…?

Karen looked up, her hand still at work on the back of James’ thighs… straight into the eyes of the last person she wanted to see… Lori Hill!

James recognised Lori’s voice and tried his best to turn round in the confined space, “Lori, what are you doing here? I thought you were going out with Amy?”

“What’s wrong with Hooters?”

“But…” he was about to say that Lori hated Hooters, but he thought better of it, “…err, nothing…”

“Just as well we did come… isn’t it Karen?”

“Hey, chill out Lori… just having some fun…”

“So I saw, Karen… Hey, what do you have to do to get some service round here?”

James finished wiping up the last of the Coke and pulled himself up from the table, “I’ve just cleaned up table eleven… it’s over there Lori.”

“Hmm… you didn’t tell me about the new uniform,” Lori said as she looked James up and down, “Very nice!”

“Err… thanks Lori… I’ll get a server.”

Lori looked around. She saw Amy come through the door and waved her over. The two girls sat down opposite each other. Lori hesitated wandering whether to tell Amy why she wanted to meet at Hooters. In the end she decided to go ahead. Amy was a good friend and Lori knew she could trust her, so as Amy sat opposite her with widening eyes and a jaw nearly hitting the table, Lori recounted what had happened earlier. Finally, still talking not much louder than a whisper, Lori asked Amy to keep quiet about it and not to say a word to James.

“So you think it might happen again?” Amy asked.

“Dr Wang said that giving him anything lower than a full dose… Kristy reckoned she gave him about half… and the results could be unpredictable. That’s why I thought we should come here… just in case… just in case we’re needed,” Lori explained.

“How long is it since… y’know?”

“Couple of hours max, I should say.”

“So… could be any time before the end of his shift?”

“I guess so…but… James doesn’t have any idea what’s going on, Amy… not a clue… and we’re going to keep it that way.”

“Well, if he does like y’know, he’ll get slaughtered in here… you don’t think he’ll… he’ll… as well?”

“Jeez, I hope not… there can’t be anything left.”

Lori saw James disappear towards the staff area.

“What’s up Jamie,” Stephanie asked as she watched him standing uncomfortably, trying to adjust his skimpy orange shorts.

“Just feeling a bit tight, that’s all… be okay in a minute,” James said as he turned away from Stephanie and pushed his right hand down the front of the shorts. He began to feel sweat breaking out on his forehead. His face felt flushed.

“Oh… shit! Please… not now… please!” James desperately tried to push his penis into a more comfortable position, but it was impossible. Without a jock he didn’t stand a chance of keeping it under control if the unthinkable happened...

“Are you sure you’re okay Jamie?”

“Yeah… I’ll be okay Steph. Just give me a minute…”

“Well table eleven’s waiting for a reset…”

James managed to keep things under control.

That had been close. What on earth’s happening to me? James thought. I couldn’t stop myself at Lori’s… had to do it… right there… four times…! For chrissakes if anything happens here… These shorts aren’t helping… jeez they’re cutting into me… If this keeps happening I’m going to have to see Dr Wang again…

James braced himself and walked out into the dining area once more. He collected the cutlery and headed towards Lori’s table, blushingly aware of all the eyes staring at him. He could feel the tightness in his Hooters shorts growing and by the time he reached table eleven it was becoming unbearable. The only plus point about table eleven was its position meant James had his back to the rest of the customers. When he caught sight of Lori’s face however, he knew he was in trouble.

Lori could see what none of the other customers could see… something of which James too was unaware until he looked down at himself. He suddenly realised why the tip of his penis felt a little cooler… it was peeking out of the left leg of his orange shorts!

Amy twisted round to look, “Omygod…!”

As they watched, more of James’s penis slid out of the shorts like a snake uncoiling itself. James could feel it pressing against his thighs. The side-slits of the shorts looked fit to burst with the additional pressure of the thickening penis as it pushed against the nylon.

“Err… your knives and forks, folks…” James said as he set the places for Lori and Amy, “A server will be with you shortly…”

Part 6

James finished setting the table for Lori and Amy, but now he was trapped.

The only way he could go was back through the restaurant in full view of the exclusively female customers. James froze. Lori looked around on the table trying to see if there was anything that could be used to cover James’ ever lengthening penis. It was sliding inexorably down James’ leg and from experience Lori knew it was still far from its full tumescence. Something had to be done quickly before it started to move upwards. James’ shorts were already expanding perilously close to splitting apart. With his back to the main dining area James remained rooted to the spot, too terrified to turn round.

For a brief moment Lori considered taking the roll of paper towel from James’ bus tub and pushing it over her boyfriend’s penis. Then in desperation she suddenly picked up the menu cards and thrust them into James’ hand.

“Would you take these back and get me some fresh cards, Jamie. These need cleaning,” she said in a voice intended to be as casual as possible.

Then she added sotto voce, “Try and cover yourself with them James…”

“Sure thing…” James replied with a look of relief of his face, just as Stephanie came over.

“What’s taking you so long… Jamie… what the…!” She couldn’t believe her eyes. Stephanie was transfixed. Although she’d seen James’ penis earlier when he’d been changing into the new uniform, she never imagined it would be as large as this when it was aroused. “… it’s so… big!”

Lori leant over: “If you don’t do something, Steph, they’ll be a riot in here,” she said, “You haven’t seen that thing when it gets really angry…” she nodded towards James’ penis.

James tried to cover himself with the menu cards but they kept slipping and dropping to the floor. Each time he bent down to pick them up the worse things became. At the back, his shorts were squeezed tight between his bottom cheeks exposing more than half his bare butt. At the front his giant penis was slipping further out into view. The shorts had rucked up so high that his huge hairless oversized testicles were almost exposed.

Lindy came over to take Lori and Amy’s order. She took one look at James’ shorts, gasped, “Omygod…!” and dropped her pad.

Lori realised there was only one way out of the situation before it got completely out of control. She motioned Stephanie closer so she could whisper in her ear:

“I don’t think you know this Steph… James likes to keep quiet about it… but he’s a fervent nudist… no I’m not kidding you… it’s true. I won’t go into everything… just take my word… better still ask James.”

Stephanie’s mouth fell open. She twisted her head back, “Lori’s just told me…” she said as quietly as possible, “… about… Is it true Jamie… is it true you’re a nudist?”

Reluctantly James assured Stephanie that it was true. He dreaded where this was going. Wherever it was though, he was pretty sure he’d end up naked without even the remains of his Hooters uniform between him and about thirty pairs of female eyes…

Lori continued, “I was thinking, if you could maybe make some sort of announcement… James wanting to show everyone what a staunch nudist he is… that sort of thing… what’s up Steph…?”

“Wow Lori, this is amazing! You see Hooters have just introduced a new section to the Employee Code which approves and positively encourages members of staff to practice their lifestyle choices at work… Don’t you see this is an incredible opportunity to show our customers how committed we are to celebrate the different lifestyles of our workforce.”

Stephanie turned round to James again, “Jamie you should have told me before! I think it’s wonderful…”

Lori went on to explain how James had first told Kristy and her friends at a poolside party about his nudist lifestyle. Stephanie was astonished to learn how James had picked a moment when he was surrounded by sixteen-year-old cheerleaders to prove his nudist credentials and to show how relaxed he was in company where he was the only person nude.

“Well,” Stephanie said after listening to all this, “I guess it’s time to give you the opportunity to practice your nudism at work Jamie. If you were happy and relaxed about going nude in front of Kristy’s friends, I shouldn’t think you’ll have any concerns about going nude here at Hooters. Besides I don’t think there’s going to be much choice at the moment, the way your new uniform’s going…”

As Stephanie spoke James’ penis continued to push its way out of the rapidly disintegrating shorts.

Lori looked up at her boyfriend who still had his back to the other diners. She reached for his hand and held it tight, “It’ll be alright, honey. Just think of it as a chance to show everyone what a dedicated nudist you are…”

James told himself that he couldn’t risk losing Lori by refusing the offer. Now that he’d told Stephanie, he was sure that if he didn’t show everybody what an enthusiastic nudist he was, why he’d doubtless be in breach of some other part of the Employee Code – probably ‘exposing oneself in the workplace’ or something - and be fired on the spot. He couldn’t afford to lose his job either. So he croaked the words:

“Sure thing Lori…”

James could feel his heart thumping. His mouth went dry as Stephanie turned to face the packed tables:

“Can I have your attention everybody!” she announced to the diners, “As I’m sure you all know, Hooters has an equal opportunities policy. We willingly embrace our employees beliefs and lifestyle choices. So it’s with great pride that tonight I’m able to tell you we have our first openly nudist employee right here at Hooters Spoonbend…”

The diners went wild with excitement, even before they’d been told who the nudist was, most of them were convinced it must be James.

“… as I was saying, we have our first nudist employee… Jamie our busboy! This is the first time he’s told any of us here at Hooters about his nudist lifestyle, so it’s a great honour for us that he feels ready to share this with us all.”

“Not only has he told us about his lifestyle choice, Jamie has also agreed to give us a demonstration of his nudism…”

“ I hope you will join us in respecting Jamie’s lifestyle… I can’t tell you how proud we are to have Jamie as our first nudist employee. His love of his chosen lifestyle deserves our full support.”

Finally Stephanie turned to James and told the diners to give a warm Hooters welcome to ‘Jamie our Newest Nudist!’

Eager eyes were glued to James as he turned towards them. There was a stunned silence when the girls saw his enormous penis for the first time. It had snaked down his left leg and at the same time, pushed painfully out of the right leg of his orange nylon shorts, was one of his oversized testicles.

James looked back to Lori for moral support, but at that moment fabric fatigue kicked in and the side-slits of his shorts ripped right up to the waistband. The front was loosened allowing James’ genitals to tumble free. Released from the restraint of the nylon his penis sprang out to point horizontally towards the diners. The thin material flapped uselessly from the waist. His testicles hung loose.

James did his best to make it look as if it were the most natural thing in the world to be standing with his shorts ripped apart and his genitals hanging out in front of all the girls. He wasn’t sure what to do next. Did he take off what was left of his clothes right there? Did he go back to the staff-room, undress and come out again? He looked to his girlfriend…

Part 7 (Conclusion)

Lori got up from her chair and came to stand next to her boyfriend.

“Do you want me to help you, honey?” she asked.

“Well you stay there and we’ll soon get these clothes off…” Lori pulled at the elasticated waistband of the Hooters shorts with both hands, “… Hmm, Amy can you help me? James’ penis… it’s trapped under… just here… can you hold onto it while I pull the waistband over…?”

Amy didn’t need to be asked twice.

“That’s it Amy, grab his penis tight and pull to one side… you’ll need to use both hands… that’s right, pull it forward and to the side… to the left… oops, I told you to hold it tight… never mind, grab hold of it again… now pull it over a bit further, so I can get this waistband over this… big… penis… good, that’s it, now I’ve just got to get James’ huge balls through…”

“They’re massive Lori… I don’t think I’ve ever seen balls as big as these before…”

“Probably not… even Dr Wang was impressed when James had a physical at her clinic.”

Stephanie started to have second thoughts about James’ nudist lifestyle. She looked at Lori, “Tell me… how is this possible Lori…? Jamie going nude in front of an entire restaurant full of girls… Won’t he be embarrassed?”

“Steph… you’re missing the point. James is a nudist. Getting naked in front of people is what it’s all about. This doesn’t bother him in the least, does it honey?” James bravely replied that of course it didn’t and Lori continued, “Now hold on to James’ balls for me Amy, while I get these shorts off…”

While the girls were doing this James valiantly pulled off his T-shirt… there wasn’t much left to reveal, the top was so short.

“You’d better keep your trainers on Jamie. I wouldn’t want you to slip on the floor…” Stephanie said as she looked round and across the restaurant. It seemed as though every table had a spillage, or something which required the urgent attention of the busboy.

James sighed and reluctantly grabbed his bus tub.

“Hold on… just a minute Jamie,” Stephanie added, “I can’t have you going around without a uniform on…”

“My…” James thought for a moment he’d misheard Stephanie, “Really? My uniform… you mean I’ve got a uniform …?”

James was thrilled... he’d have something to wear. Anything would make him feel less exposed, less naked… even if it was an apron, or something… anything…

“Of course you’ve got a uniform Jamie… Here it is…”

Stephanie held up James’ name-tag, “Trouble is… where to put it…”

She looked James up and down. Hmm, how to attach the name tag, she thought. Then Stephanie had an idea and got some string. She tied the string round the clip on the back of the tag then looped the string around the top of James’ penis and tied it off.

“There, now you’re in uniform…” Stephanie announced as she looked at James standing before her nude apart from his white ankle socks and trainers and his name tag tied to the top of his penis.

Thus attired James set about his work.

He did his best, but being nude in a restaurant full of young girls was making his job almost impossible. As soon as he’d dealt with one spillage it seemed as if another five needed to be dealt with urgently.

Then there was James’ big penis with his name-tag bobbing about on the end. So far he had managed to keep it under control. It remained pointing straight out horizontally and hadn’t become any stiffer despite some of the customers taking hold of it so they could check his name on the tag. His other busboy jobs had also kept him busy and prevented him from getting too excited… until his accident at table fourteen.

James had been called to yet another spillage and the joke was wearing a bit thin. Even though it was James’ job, he was getting fed up with being called over to mop up another pool of someone’s drink they had ‘accidentally’ knocked over. Somehow or other the spillage always seemed to be on the inside of the table, meaning James had to lean right over in order to reach the mess and clean it up. Being nude James had to be extra careful where his long penis went.

At all the other tables he had been able to trap his penis against the table edge to stop it getting in the way, but table fourteen was at an awkward angle which meant James had to twist, push himself up and reach further forward than he had been doing. As he did so his penis suddenly flipped up, slipped forward and slithered straight into a full bowl of Hooters relish.

James apologised to the girls at the table and went to lift himself up, but they insisted it was no problem and James could finish what he was doing. Besides they were enjoying their turn watching the nude busboy close-up. Unfortunately this meant James’ penis was getting covered with more and more of the sticky relish as he moved about to clean the other side of the table.

James wasn’t too bothered. It was a mess and his penis was covered in a thick layer of the stuff, but it would clean off easily enough. Table fourteen sorted out, he picked up the bowl of relish to take it through to the back for disposal…

He got back to the staff area and was wiping the sauce off himself when the head of his penis began to feel unaccountably, uncomfortably warm, then hotter and then hotter still…


James’ penis stared to itch and a violent maddening urge to rub it overcame him. He rubbed the shaft, rubbed it hard, then managed to rub even more of the sticky red sauce over the head of his penis which was still very sensitive from earlier in the evening. The rubbing and itching made his penis lengthen and thicken, but did nothing to ease the prickly burning sensation which was engulfing James’ massive tool. He no longer had any control over his penis… James was well on his way to another very powerful erection.

Stephanie came through to the staff area and saw James holding his rapidly stiffening penis. At first she thought he was masturbating, then she realised something was wrong and that James was in some distress. She saw the bowl of relish by his side and the red sauce coating the head and shaft of his penis. She realised at once what had happened.

James looked up at her. The sweat was pouring down his face, “I… at... table fourteen… ketchup…”

“Don’t move,” Stephanie said, “I’ll get Lori.”

Stephanie went out and fetched Lori back to the staff area.

“Aww… Jeez Lori…” James gasped, “I… I… the ketchup… I caught my…”

“Jamie,” Stephanie said, showing James the bowl of relish, “Jamie, this isn’t ketchup… it’s extra hot chilli sauce…”

Lori looked down at the tip of James penis. It was smeared all over with the hot sauce.

After a few more seconds James’ penis was fully erect and pulsating. He attempted to rub the sauce off again, but only succeeded in making matters worse. James took the shaft in one hand and frantically tried to wipe the extra hot sauce from the head of his now achingly stiff penis. James still couldn’t understand why his penis was getting so hard that it hurt. Why was it so stiff when the head was ablaze with the heat of the chilli sauce?

Lori saw what would happen if she let James carry on. Already she could see white pre-ejaculate mixing with the hot red sauce.

“Don’t touch it James…” Lori said, lifting his hands from his penis, “We’re going to wash the sauce off for you… Hang on… just don’t rub it anymore.”

“Maybe if we put some ice on it…?” Stephanie suggested.

Lori agreed that it might ease the stinging of the hot sauce, so Stephanie got a bucket and filled it from the ice-maker.

“Please Lori… it’s itching so much… Oh let me… please…” James pleaded.

“Honestly honey, it’s best if you leave it alone. Let me and Steph clean you up… meantime let’s see if we can cool you off a bit…” Lori told James. Inwardly she cursed her sister for causing so much trouble. Why on earth did she have to do it tonight?

Stephanie held the tub of fresh ice, while Lori took hold of James’ penis and pulled it down as far as she could.

“It’s not going to work, Steph,” Lori said, “James’ penis is way too hard to pull it down any further. If you tilt the bucket up the ice will fall out and go everywhere… We’ve got to do something…”

“Hey, what about one of these…?” Stephanie held up a round sheet of Perspex, “They’re some gizmo head office sent us the other day.”

“Perfect. That hole in the middle is just the right size. What are they Steph?”

“Don’t ask me, they’re always sending us stuff we don’t need… Look if I hold it over the top of the bucket and tilt it forwards, you should be able to push James’ penis through the hole and straight into the middle of the ice…”

Stephanie held the Perspex sheet in place and tipped the ice-bucket over towards the head of James’ erect penis which was being held as far down as it would go by Lori.

Together they pushed the entire length of the big penis all the way straight into the ice-bucket.

“Jeez Lori! It’s freezing! Take it out…! Take it out…!” James cried as he tried to pull his penis out of the ice, but the girls kept the bucket in place.

“Lori…! Please take it off…! Jeez it’s so cold…I can’t feel…” James suddenly realised that if his penis was like a block of ice, at least the burning and itching of the chilli sauce was gone…

The girls kept the ice-bucket in place until James got over the shock of having his member thrust into the middle of the freezing cold ice-cubes. When he’d got his breath back, Lori and Steph gingerly eased James’ penis out of the bucket. The three of them looked down in astonishment as they saw James was still fully erect!

The icy water dribbled down the length of the shaft to its base where James’ name-tag had ended up. It trickled over the big outsized testicles, causing him to shiver and his steel hard penis to wobble.

“Jeez… it’s so cold.”

Stephanie got some paper towel.

“Careful Steph, it’s still a dangerous weapon… believe me…” Lori warned as she took hold of James’ ice-cold, but still very sensitive penis in order to steady it as Stephanie gently began to pat the head dry.

James heaved his chest as he fought to control himself before he gasped, “Please, please… please stop… Steph…”

James couldn’t understand what was happening to him. Again he asked himself why his penis was still stiff, hard and ready to ejaculate after all that had happened…? Why, after it had been dipped in hot chilli sauce and then pushed into freezing cold ice… why was it still as hard as a rock? Why?

Stephanie finished drying off James’ penis and looked up:

“I think maybe I should give you the rest of your shift off… I don’t think you could call your nudist night a resounding success,” Stephanie concluded, “We’d better give it some more thought before next time Jamie.”

“Next time…?” James said as his mouth fell open, “You sure you want me to… nude… again…?” then he saw Lori out of the corner of his eye, “Oh yeah…Sure thing Steph… yeah… next time… cool…”

“Better get your clothes… Would you mind Lori… you’re nearest… Jamie’s locker’s right behind you…”

“This one here?” Lori reached over and turned the key James had left in the lock earlier.

“You sure this is the right key?” she asked.

James looked round, “It’s a bit stiff…. Shoot, I didn’t mean that,” he said as the girls laughed. “I mean the lock’s always been… there’s a knack to it… here let me…”

James was feeling better now his penis had thawed out and the chilli sauce had been cleaned off its head. He got up and tried the lock again. It didn’t work. And again, but still no joy.

“I always leave it a bit open, just in case. Looks like I must’ve…”

Stephanie spoke up, “Sorry Jamie that’s my fault. I pushed the locker door shut when you were putting on the new uniform.”

“Guess you’re going to have to go home without your clothes,” Lori said, “Still you can always put your uniform on… I’m sure Steph can find you a new pair of shorts to wear…” She turned to face Stephanie, “…can’t you?”

“Err… sorry, I can’t let James off the premises wearing his Hooters uniform…”

“Wad'ya mean Steph… I know James is a nudist an’ all, but it’s Hooters’ bust locker his clothes are in. Least you can do is offer him a pair of Hooters’ shorts to go home in…”

“Lori, if it was down to me Jamie could have as many uniforms to go home in as he wants, but the new Employee Code amendment specifically bans anyone from wearing their uniform off Hooters’ premises.”

“Steph’s right Lori,” James said as he stood nude in front of the two girls, “it’s in the Code... one thing I did read. I signed the amendments and gave Steph a copy when I checked in for my shift this evening…”

“… I suppose you’ll want my name-tag as well, Steph?” James said as he looked at the piece of plastic still tied to his penis.

“Well, it is part of your uniform… correction, it is your Hooters uniform Jamie, so you’ll have to take it off before you can leave the premises.”

James bent down to untie his Hooters name-tag. There was a worried look on his face… this bit of plastic is my Hooters uniform? He handed it over to Stephanie and Lori took him by the arm. She led him out of the building towards her car.

As Lori and James the Nudist Busboy left Spoonbend Hooters they heard a loud cheer coming from the building. They turned and saw all the girls, customers and staff, had come out onto the balcony to send them on their way. Lori waved and poked James in the ribs, “Come on honey… say goodbye… here let me help you…” and she took hold of the base of James long, thick penis and waggled it so Mr Penis could wave goodbye as well. As Lori flopped his penis about James managed to wave his arms and gave a cheesy grin towards his new fans…

Stephanie turned away from the crowd, walked back into her office and sat down at her desk. She was still holding Jamie’s plastic name-tag. She looked down at it and a broad smile broke out on her face. That had been totally awesome… way better than she’d imagined.

One question remained, did Steph call Rosie at Penedge Hooters now, or wait ‘til they met in the morning so that she could savour the look on Rosie’s face?

One thing was for sure, she’d definitely won her bet…

Fancy Rosie thinking she couldn’t trick Jamie into wearing a pair of those tight little orange Hooters shorts, Stephanie said to herself. She just knew Jamie would fall for that phoney letter. As for Lori saying Jamie was a ‘fervent nudist’… hey, that was a completely unexpected bonus.

Stephanie smiled again… she’d have to speak to Lori and find out a bit more about this nudism thing. She couldn’t believe Jamie really was a nudist. Was Lori playing a trick on Jamie as well…?

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