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Lori Takes Control: A James Story

Part 1

Lori Hill was sat in Dr Wang’s office at the clinic. She was facing the doctor who was sitting in a swivel chair on the other side of her large desk. Dr Wang was the mother of Lynn, a friend of Lori’s younger sister Kristy. Not long ago Lori had arranged, at very short notice, for her boyfriend James to be given a physical at the clinic. James needed a medical certificate urgently before he could compete with his team at an imminent swimming event. The tests at the clinic had turned out to be rather more thorough than James had expected and culminated in an embarrassing post-physical review. James was still waiting to be given his clothes back after his physical and so was still completely nude as he was joined by Lori for the review in Dr Wang’s office.

James had been forced to stand during the discussion as there was only one chair available for visitors. Of course James, being the gentleman, had insisted Lori take the seat. As he stood next to her and faced Dr Wang, the rich carpet had felt soft beneath his bare feet and James had somehow felt even more vulnerable and naked standing exposed within the confines of the plush office.

At the review Dr Wang had expressed her concern over the large size of James’ testicles and explained this was probably due to overproduction of sperm. She said this was undoubtedly the reason for the large volume of ejaculate collected when James had provided the mandatory sperm sample required during the physical.

Dr Wang’s recommendation to control this overproduction was for James to produce sperm samples at least once a day. She asked Lori to take charge of the procedure in order to ensure that James complied with her instructions.

Dr Wang stressed the importance of always obtaining the sperm sample during the original erection. “That means James must stay erect from the first signs of tumescence until such time he is allowed to ejaculate,” she had explained to Lori. “You may wish to extract the sperm sample from James straight away regardless of where you are or what you are doing. Or you may wish to wait for a time which is more convenient to you, in which case James’ penis must be kept fully erect until you are ready to extract the sample.”

As can be readily imagined James found all this talk about intimate and very personal matters embarrassing in the extreme, particularly as he noticed he wasn’t even consulted during the discussion. So he had stood there nude and nervous, wondering how long it would be before the post-physical interview was over and he was given his clothes back.

Even though he wanted get out of the clinic as fast as possible, James was in a tight spot. He knew he couldn’t appear to be at all concerned about this conversation between the doctor and his girlfriend. The reason was that James was the Newest Nudist, tricked into pretending to be a nudist by Lori’s younger sister Kristy. And nudists, as everybody knew, were totally uninhibited and completely unconcerned about shyness or modesty. But far from being an uninhibited nudist, James was very shy and bashful. He was also extremely self-conscious about his genitals as not only did he have large testicles, as Dr Wang had pointed out to Lori, he also had an exceptionally large penis.

James was convinced Lori believed he was a fully fledged and practicing nudist who liked nothing more than to take off all his clothes, whoever was present, relax and enjoy his nudist lifestyle and all its nudists rituals. Though what James didn’t know was that Lori knew he’d been tricked into pretending to be a nudist by Kristy.

So James had stood nude in front of the desk while Dr Wang and his girlfriend were sat in their comfortable chairs. He’d shivered with embarrassment convinced that if Lori ever found out that he wasn’t a nudist she would accuse him of being some sort of pervert who, to satisfy his own wanton depravity, got a kick out of exposing himself to other people. This, James knew, would be the end of their relationship.

He couldn’t bear the thought of losing Lori. James loved her and knew he couldn’t hurt her by revealing the truth that he wasn’t a nudist. Lori had told him all about her other boyfriends who had lied to her in the past and how she could never trust them. She told James how he was the only one that had been so open and so honest with her. So honest, she said, that James had told her something she knew was very special to him; his nudist lifestyle!

Knowing how Lori felt and how much she trusted him, James had no alternative but to carry on with the pretence of his nudism.

He stood meekly in Dr Wang’s office and listened as the two women discussed the results of his physical.

James was desperate. He had to think of a way out of this embarrassing predicament.

Part 2

The office at the clinic was just as Lori remembered it when James was given his physical; shelves full of medical books with diplomas and certificates on the walls. A thick green carpet covered the floor in stark contrast to the cold linoleum of the rest of the clinic where the air smelt faintly of disinfectant. Lori noticed the chair beside her was back from the upholsterer. She smiled at the memory of James standing next to her completely nude, as Dr Wang had discussed the preliminary results of her boyfriend’s physical.

Dr Wang came straight to the point. “What is it you wanted to see me about, Lori? You mentioned on the phone you wanted to talk to me about James. Is it about taking the daily sperm samples?” As Lori had been put in charge of James’ masturbation routine this was not a wholly unexpected question.

“Well partially, I suppose.” Lori was slightly cautious. She knew what she wanted from this meeting with Dr Wang. Lori had talked about it with Kristy. Indeed it had been her younger sister’s idea in the first place and both girls were eager to see the fruits of Kristy’s fertile mind.

Lori told Dr Wang of her concerns, “I hope you don’t mind doctor, but I was wondering if there was anything that could be done to help James… to help… you see James seems to get very self-conscious when he gets erections in public…”

“Go on, I’m listening,” Lori had Dr Wang’s attention.

“I know boys often have unwanted erections and find it difficult to deal with them, even when they’re fully clothed, so I can understand that for James to have an erection when he’s practicing his nudism must be very embarrassing for him… particularly as his penis is so big.”

Dr Wang nodded and Lori continued, “For instance James had an erection in front of Kristy’s friends. You know, her fellow cheerleaders. It was on the day he first told us about his nudist lifestyle and how he wanted to practice nudism at our house and how it didn’t matter who was around.” Dr Wang nodded again. “I was so proud of James for telling everyone about how he loved to relax and go nude.”

“Kristy told me that not long after James had let everybody know about his nudist lifestyle, she couldn’t believe how much he blushed when he had an erection in front of her friends. Apparently he stood there red-faced with a big stiff penis bouncing in front of him. James was crimson, even though he was telling everybody it was no big deal for a nudist to have an erection in front of other people.”

“That can’t be right, can it doctor?” Lori asked, “I mean… to say that he’s cool about getting hard and then blushing like that when he does…”

Lori could see Dr Wang was listening with interest so she carried on, “… and Tiffany told me that when James had his physical he was taken to the X-ray lab to give a sperm sample. All the nurses and doctors, who were there for Sheryl’s party, could see how shy he was when he had to masturbate in front of them to produce his sample.”

“Yes that’s true Lori. I did have concerns about James’ willingness to provide a sperm sample, although eventually and with a lot of encouragement, he did so… a very large sample it was too. James didn’t seem able to understand that everybody in the room watching him masturbate was a healthcare professional quite used to seeing boys like himself producing sperm samples. As I recall, before he was taken along to the lab to give his sample, James had to ask more than once to have his erection strengthened…”

“…But that’s just what was troubling me, Dr Wang,” Lori was loving this and couldn’t help but interrupt the doctor. “You see I thought it would be a good idea to reassure James that having erections as a nudist in front of other people – clothed people – should be nothing for him to be anxious about and that maybe,” Lori paused for a brief moment, “err… masturbating in front of other people shouldn’t be either.”

This didn’t appear to bother Dr Wang in the slightest, so Lori carried on, “You see sometimes it’s not always easy to take a sperm sample from James in private. For instance if I’m having a few girlfriends round to chill-out, I can’t just drop everything and leave the party simply to masturbate my boyfriend.”

Dr Wang frowned and looked serious. Now it was difficult to know what the doctor was thinking. Lori thought she might have gone a bit too far, so she added quickly, “I really want to help James enjoy the full freedom of his nudist lifestyle, doctor.”

Lori’s face was full of concern as looked at the doctor and continued, “I want to work with him and help him get over these anxieties, Dr Wang. I think he needs to be reassured that having erections in front of other people needn’t get in the way of fulfilling his enjoyment of being a nudist.”

“I’m so pleased to hear you talk this way, Lori. I know that you only have the best interests of your boyfriend at heart.” Dr Wang paused and then continued, “I want you to know I understand your concerns.”

The doctor leant forward to rest her elbows on her desk. She placed the fingertips of each hand together forming a pyramid in front of her and spoke with seriousness, “I think that what we are dealing with here, Lori, are issues of self-esteem. It’s beyond question that James has fully adopted the nudist lifestyle. This is amply demonstrated by the eagerness and pride he takes in the public display of his nude body. This relaxed attitude no doubt accounted for James being happy to forgo the usual gown during his physical. It was very useful having him totally nude throughout the various examinations.”

Dr Wang continued, “What other reason could explain his undoubtedly sincere desire to make use of any occasion, such as in your home, to take off all his clothes and go nude in front of everyone, friends and strangers alike? Personally I shudder at the very thought of being caught naked in a social gathering with people who are fully clothed. Even though I’m a doctor it would, quite frankly, appal me to be seen nude in the sort of situation that James clearly enjoys.

When you take into consideration the fact that James’ lower body is completely smooth and hairless, why you have to admire his commitment to his nudist lifestyle. You and I know that he has to keep himself free from body hair as a requirement for his place on the swimming team, but most other people he meets when he’s enjoying his nudism won’t know that. Indeed I was most surprised myself when I first saw that James hadn’t a single hair on his body. If it hadn’t been for the unusually large size of his genitalia I might have thought he had still not reached puberty.” At this observation Dr Wang gave Lori a big smile.

Lori nodded her head as sagely as she was able and Dr Wang continued, “What other reason could there be for James’ behaviour? Short of being an extreme form of exhibitionism I can think of no explanation for this activity other than that maintained by James himself, that he is, pure and simple, a 100% committed, enthusiastic nudist. We can discount any tendency to self-exposure for sexual gratification. James is a far too level-headed boy and does not show any of the classic symptoms of exhibitionism. Indeed were it not for his self-professed nudist lifestyle, I would have said that James was, if anything, an overly modest boy. Perhaps this is James’ way of dealing with his modesty, in which case he is being very brave and deserves our encouragement.”

Lori couldn’t resist expressing her own support for this hypothesis, “I think you’re right Dr Wang. I’ve noticed that at times James can look very self-conscious. It’s usually when he’s at the swimming pool wearing his Speedos. When he’s out of the water you’ll often see him holding a towel up to his waist, so that his Speedos are covered. Don’t you think that’s odd?”

“In a way Lori, but if you examine this behaviour more closely, James obviously believes the Speedos draw attention to his undeniably large genitalia. This is without doubt the case. When the genitals have to be squeezed into such a small garment, the bulge produced is disproportionately large and the eye is unfailingly drawn towards it. Nudism, oddly enough, is James’ attempt to draw attention away from his big penis and over-sized testicles. Hence why he feels so much more relaxed in the nude.”

“Clearly there will be times when James has doubts about his chosen lifestyle. When this happens we should ignore any protestations by him that he doesn’t want to carry on with his nudism. At such times we must support him and encourage him to continue with his nudist lifestyle. Should James becomes more desperate in his assertions we may even reach the point at which it becomes necessary to deny James access to any clothes whatsoever.” Dr Wang paused then added, “I don’t want to have to say this Lori, but James might even try to convince you he isn’t a nudist after all.”

Lori sat opposite Dr Wang and looked suitably shocked, “Oh doctor, if it ever came to that, I’d be strong. You can count on me to make sure that James carries on being a nudist.”

Part 3

Lori thought their conversation was going extremely well and was pleased as Dr Wang continued:

“Now if we can return to the issue of erectile display. It would seem that James has residual problems of self-awareness with the result that he has become unsure of the value of his self-image. I’ve no doubt these are lingering post-pubertal issues which have yet to be fully resolved. With James these matters clearly manifest themselves in certain given behavioural characteristics.”

“You have capably drawn my attention to marked evidence of this Lori and I feel we are faced with a complex conundrum. On the one hand we have James the willing nudist but on the other we have a James who is unwilling to confront his susceptibility to penile tumescence when naked. We must also deal with the issue of masturbation that you drew to my attention earlier. It should not be left up to James to dictate how and when his sperm samples are taken. The reason for the masturbation routine is medical and cannot be done on an ad hoc basis. There is a sound clinical need to extract sperm from James as I explained to him on the day of his physical and there was a sound reason for putting you in charge, Lori.”

This was turning out to be even better than Lori had planned, “I’d really like to do anything I can to help, Dr Wang,” she said with the most sincere expression she could muster.

Dr Wang leant back in her chair, “I’m sure that together we can help James enjoy to the full his nudist way of life. As we’ve discussed it is clear James is at ease when he’s nude with his big penis on full display for all to see, but only when his penis is in its flaccid state. We have to assist him to move forward and gain sufficient confidence to relax and display his penis in its erect state.”

Once more Lori frowned and looked serious, “What do you suggest doctor?”

“Clearly the first goal should be for him to accept that he is going to have erections in public in front of clothed people in a variety of different situations; here at the clinic for instance or at your mom’s house, or indeed anywhere he chooses to practice his nudist way of life. You will need to be supportive and comfort James if he feels anxious when he becomes erect in front of others. You may wish to hold his big penis, Lori and tell James that he needn’t be ashamed about his penis being stiff and hard. Reassure him. Tell James he can be proud of his erection and should consider himself fortunate to be displaying it to others.”

“I see what you’re saying Dr Wang,” Lori replied, “but you can’t predict when James is going to have an erection. If you could it would make taking his sperm samples a lot easier. How can I help James with these issues if his big penis is floppy all the time? Perhaps if there was some way to make certain James got an erection when you wanted him to, then I could help him like you said and it would be less trouble when I wanted to take a sperm sample.”

Dr. Wang smiled across her desk at Lori, “Yes it must be difficult for you, but there is something we can do make sure James can have a good firm erection whenever it’s required. Have you ever heard of Viagra?” Lori replied that she’d only heard of it vaguely, conveniently forgetting to mention all that she and Kristy had researched. “It’s a drug that is normally prescribed for erectile dysfunction,” Dr Wang continued, “but it may assist us in helping James work through his issues.”

Dr. Wang went on to tell Lori about the effects Viagra would have on James; how he would have uncontrollable, vigorous and sustained erections; how the erections would last for a considerable length of time; how James’s refractory period would be drastically reduced. Then she mentioned to Lori that one possible side-effect of taking Viagra in its tablet form was delayed stomach cramps. These spasms could apparently manifest themselves at any time for up to three days after taking the drug.

“Although there’s a less than 0.1% chance of spasms occurring, I think it would be irresponsible of us to risk James having them during a swimming competition,” Dr Wang explained, “but we’re in luck as there’s a new dispersible version of Viagra that has just come on the market. It’s very gentle on the stomach, so James will be able to take it without having to worry about stomach cramps. It’s in the form of a powder and I’m told that it’s quite flavourless as well.”

Dr Wang went on to warn Lori that James would have to be very careful not to take the Viagra by accident. “Being favourless,” she continued, “James might not realise he’d swallowed it. Once the drug has been absorbed there is nothing that can be done to reverse its effect. I cannot stress too highly that there is no antidote to Viagra. If James were to take to take it inadvertently I’m sure he’d be distraught with the shock of finding his penis becoming uncontrollably erect since he wouldn’t know why it was happening.”

“I must emphasise Lori. At no time would James understand what was causing his penis to become unbearably, almost painfully erect. Can you imagine the distress it would cause him if this were to happen during a swimming competition for instance? James would be quite unable to control the erection. Nothing he could do would return his penis to its flaccid state. Not a cold shower, not even masturbation. Only when the effects of the Viagra had finally worn off would James be physically able to let his penis become flaccid.”

Lori acted as if she was shocked, “Oh that’s awful! James would be mortified if something like that happened.”

Dr Wang continued in her matter-of-fact manner, “Now the second goal for James we need to discuss is masturbating openly and freely as a nudist without feeling any sense of guilt. This goal must also include James being masturbated for the purpose of extracting a sperm sample.”

“When James has an erection, he must be made to understand that he may well have a strong urge to masturbate. If the erection is induced by Viagra then the urge to masturbate will be overwhelming. James will be compelled to seek relief through orgasm and ejaculation.”

“Up until now James has no doubt sought out ways of achieving this surreptitiously. However with the clinical need to take regular sperm samples, privacy is not an option. No matter how inappropriate he may feel the situation to be the sperm samples must be provided.”

“It would look to me as though we have clear evidence that James feels shame and guilt when he is seen by others with an erection. Despite his open practice of nudism, the reality is that his feeling of guilt is compounded significantly by the fact that penile erection is happening in front of people who are comfortably clothed.”

“I would expect the sense of shame James experiences when he is forced to display his erect penis in company is having a serious negative impact on taking his sperm samples. Have you observed this type of deleterious behaviour Lori?”

Dr Wang’s question reminded Lori of what happened a couple of days before when she needed to take a sperm sample from James. Lori told Dr Wang that although she was able to carry out the procedure successfully, she felt too much time was wasted keeping James at the correct level of stimulation. This meant that the sperm sample was taken sooner than Lori would have preferred. Dr Wang nodded and asked Lori to describe in detail what had occurred.

Lori told Dr Wang how she had met James after swimming practice…

Part 4

Coach was looking at making some improvements to the team’s swimming costumes. During competitions the team wore one inch Speedos, but coach thought that even these were causing too much drag in the water and the costume design could be improved to give the team an edge over their rivals. James was selected to be the guinea pig for testing new designs, but first some base data had to be obtained. As this wasn’t a regular practice the other members of the team had been allowed to wear board shorts. But not James. He had to wear the regulation tiny red Speedos and being the only one wearing them, he had felt uncomfortable from the start.

James was exceptionally shy when anyone saw him out of the water wearing Speedos. He’d felt even more self-conscious than usual when he stepped out of the changing room and saw he had an audience.

Lori had come to watch and give support to her boyfriend and she’d brought along a few of her friends to watch him go through his paces. James was nervously clutching a small towel in front of himself, but he knew he would have to put down the towel before he approached the pool.

There was only a few feet between the poolside towel rail and the edge of the pool, but to James it might as well have been a mile. He could see that Lori and her friends were staring at him as he walked over to put his towel on the rail. James could feel his heart pounding as he left the towel draped over the rail and turned towards the pool.

The girls cheered and whistled their encouragement as James walked the few steps to the edge of the pool with his face as bright red as his Speedos. Coach laughed, “Looks like you’ve got a fan club, James. Come on, into the pool and let’s see if we can work out a drag factor for the Speedos.”

It was a relief for James to dive into the pool and as he surfaced to blow out a lungful of air, he tossed his head and smiled towards Lori. His sandy blond hair was plastered to his scalp as he swam gracefully over to the side of the pool to get coach’s instructions.

James swam some lengths as he was told and as he cut through the water his sleek, smooth and hairless body glistened under the bright lights. Throughout the trial coach recorded James’ performances and urged on the swimmer to give better and better times. The girls too were cheering, urging James on, only to cheer even louder when they heard coach give some unexpected instructions:

“Okay James we need to take some more comparison data to use against the new costumes.”

James clung onto the side of the pool and smiled, thankful he could stay in the water for a bit longer, “Sure thing coach. Do you want me to do some more lengths?”

“Yes James, but this time I want you to take off your Speedos so I can compare your performance times.”

The smiled was wiped from his face as James looked stunned at his coach. He was bewildered. “What do you mean…?”

“Just what I said James. Seemed perfectly clear to me. I need data without any swim-trunks on. How else can I calculate the drag factor?” Coach asked, “Come on, get those Speedos off James. You can take them off in the pool if you like. Just throw them onto the side here.”

James moved a little further down the pool so he could stand on the bottom. The water was halfway up his chest as he untied his trunks and wiggled them down his legs. It wasn’t easy, but knowing Lori was watching, he tried to look as casual as possible. Finally he held the Speedos up out of the water to whoops and cheers from the bleachers. With an effort James smiled in Lori’s direction as if to say he wasn’t bothered whether he wore anything or not. She blew him a kiss as he tossed the wet trunks onto the tiled floor. James had a distinctly bad feeling about this and he felt his stomach tighten as he turned and pushed off, now nude, from the side of the pool.

Coach timed James for a few more lengths but it soon became apparent the boy’s performance wasn’t nearly as good as before. Coach called James over. He held the time sheets in front of him on a clipboard, “I guess this is pretty much what I expected.” Then coach turned to face the other team members and, well within earshot of Lori and James’ ‘fan club’, told them the results.

“Listen up this is important. It shows why we need to test new designs of competitive swimwear. You can bet other teams in the league have been doing the exact same work as we have. James returned a drag coefficient deficit of 3.26 on those last runs,” coach informed the team.

“Now, there’s a very good reason I selected James to do our testing. When you’re collecting this sort of data it helps to maximise the parameter differential. In this case we’re comparing James’ performance swimming nude with his performance wearing regulation team Speedos. This means that when James comes to test the new swimwear designs, I’ll be able to work with objective data, backed up by more nude runs on the day we carry out the tests.”

“I’m sure you all want to know the reason James has such a high nude drag factor coefficient. When you look between his legs I think you’ll be able to guess. As you already know, James has the largest penis in the team by far…” There was a whoop of delight from the bleachers as Lori and her friends cheered and demanded to see proof of coach’s claim. “… and this causes him to return slower times nude.”

One of the other team members suggested tying James’ big penis to his leg. “That’s a very good idea, though we’d have think of some way of dealing with James’ testicles – they’re pretty big as well!” Coach was laughing. James was blushing. “Trouble is we’d be in breach of competition rules. You know as well as I do that competition swimwear has to be seen cover your genitals during the pre-race costume inspection. The umpires are very strict about that.”

James was furious with coach and nearly lost it until he looked over towards his girlfriend. Lori thinks I’m a nudist, he told himself, but I’m not! In despair James tried to think of a way to tell her the truth. But he knew it would be impossible. He slipped under the surface of the water for a few seconds of escape. He tried to tell himself he really was a nudist. It didn’t work. James surfaced, shook his head and looked over to his wet Speedos lying discarded, too far from the pool-edge for him to reach. Whichever way out of the pool he decided on, James was going to have to do it naked.

Another whistle and more laughter came from the bleachers, “Hey, James, show us your big drag factor!”

“That’ll do for today James,” the coach said calmly. “C’mon, out of the pool. I’ll pass you your Speedos…”

In the blink of an eye Lori was down off the bleachers and had picked up James’ wet trunks before coach had time to reach round. “That’s okay coach. I’ll take care of these for James. He doesn’t really need them anyway. You see, he’s a nudist. Aren’t you honey?”

The coach’s jaw dropped, “I never knew… you mean James likes going nude? Well, I’ll have to see to it that he gets every opportunity go naked in future... if we could find some way of dealing with that drag factor!”

Part 5

Lori thanked the coach and walked down to the shallow end of the pool carrying the trunks. She stood there, held up the Speedos and teased James by waving them at him. As James got closer to Lori his body was slowly revealed to more cheers and whistles from the bleachers.

James felt the eyes of everybody on him as he got closer and closer to the end of the pool. The water level was down to his navel. He moved closer; the water level reached his abdomen. Closer, and the smooth hairless base of his thick penis could be seen. There was silence from the bleachers. Lori waved the Speedos again to encourage James further forward.

James gritted his teeth. He was about to show his penis to a bunch of Lori’s friends, all of whom he was sure had been told he was a keen nudist. It was agony for James. For one horrible moment he thought they might all be expecting to give him a nudist handshake. The thought checked his progress. James took some deep breaths. This time when he moved forward the water level would be low enough to start exposing the full length of his massive penis.

James moved towards Lori and the water swirled around the first couple of thick inches of his penis. There were gasps from the girls. Lori waved the Speedos again. Another foot forward and two more inches of the monster penis were showing. After three more inches of penis the girls were beside themselves. “How much more? How big is it? Look at his balls! They’re enormous!”

One more step and the last few splashes of water fell away from the tip of James’ penis. The cheering from the girls was deafening. Finally there it was, right in front of them, nine and a half inches of hefty thick boy-meat swinging between James’ legs.

The warm water of the pool had caused James’ scrotum to slacken so much that his big testicles hung very low, only about one or two inches from the head of his penis. The out-sized balls swung heavily between his legs, brushing his thighs as he moved further forward.

Coach and the rest of the team were laughing at the sight of the nude boy as he hoisted himself out of the pool to more cheers and whistles from the girls. Lori eventually handed over the tiny wet team Speedos to James, but not before making sure her girlfriends got plenty of time to drool over her well-hung boyfriend.

James was of course used to taking down his Speedos when they were wet after swimming. Pulling them up and putting them on wet was a different matter altogether and caused him problems. Even though his legs were smooth it was a struggle to get the damp skimpy material of the Speedos much past this knees. Only by wiggling his bottom could he pull the wet trunks any further up his legs. This caused his big penis to swing and slap against his thighs much to the amusement the onlookers. To his evident embarrassment the red-faced James then had to take hold of his penis in front of everybody and try to push it into the trunks.

Meanwhile his testicles were causing James problems too. He could hear the laughter all around him as fought to stuff his oversized genitalia into the front of the wet Speedos. Eventually he got the trunks back on and hastily tied the white waist cord with his special knot; the one which made it easier for James to undo after he’d been in the water. James had been tying this special knot for so long that he used it instinctively, the only snag was that only James knew the secret of how to untie it properly.

Lori’s girlfriends, having seen all they were likely to see – which was pretty well everything as far as James was concerned – started to drift off, which was the deal with Lori for their invitation to the show. Coach and the rest of the team disappeared into the changing-room. James went and rinsed himself under the open poolside showers, while Lori went to fetch his towel.

Lori walked back towards the shower as James stepped out. She made no move to hand James the towel. Instead she merely said, “Come on, James, let’s get going.”

“What about my clothes?”

“That’s okay, you can leave them here in your locker and we can pick them up later. They’ll be perfectly safe. Coach has given me your locker key to look after until you need it. Besides what’s the point in putting any clothes on when you’re only going to be taking them off at mom’s?”

So, wearing nothing but his still wet Speedos, James left the building with Lori. He felt acutely self-conscious as he stepped out into the sunshine, but did his best to put a brave face on things as looked around for Lori’s car. Then James felt his stomach tense and he began to panic. He couldn’t see the car anywhere.

What James didn’t know was that Lori, who was still carrying the small towel from the pool, had deliberately parked way over on the other side of the parking lot. This meant her shy boyfriend had to walk the best part of 400 yards to the car in his tiny wet Speedos.

James asked Lori why she’d parked so far away. Even though it was busy, there were plenty of spaces near the building. Lori told James that she wanted to give him time to dry off before he got into her car. But James wondered whether this was the only reason as he couldn’t help noticing there were plenty of people around, most of them looking his way and quite a few pointing straight towards his skimpy bulging Speedos.

They got to the car. Lori made James wait while she placed the small towel on the passenger seat. This gave James no opportunity to ‘casually’ lay the towel over his lap as he’d planned.

The journey home was uneventful, but James felt suitably uncomfortable sitting in just his Speedos with his legs apart to ease the pressure on his massive genitalia squashed into the tight little trunks. With difficulty he managed to stop himself from instinctively covering his crutch as they drove along. James tried his best to act as casually as he could although his mind was racing, thinking of all the things that might lie in store for him at Mrs Hill’s...

Part 6

They arrived at the house. Lori parked up and she went indoors with James walking behind her. James’ mouth went dry and his heart started to thump as he heard Jessica Hill call out:

“Is that you Lori? Come straight through. Mary and Bea are here. Is James with you?”

Lori walked into the living-room. James followed, his legs like jelly.

“Hi mom. James and I came straight from the pool. James didn’t get chance to change out of his Speedos, so we’ve left his clothes there. I hope you don’t mind.”

Jessica looked at James standing in the living-room dressed in nothing but his bulging, very brief and tight team Speedos. James was blushing as bright red as his trunks.

James did his best to look casual in front of the women. Mary and Bea were looking directly at the bulging Speedos. They had thought Jessica had been exaggerating when she told them how massive James’ penis and testicles were, but now they could see with their own eyes just how wrong they’d been to doubt their friend.

Jessica did the introductions, “I’m so glad you could make it over James. These are my friends Mary and Bea; Mrs Munro and Mrs Tucci, to you. They’ve been dying to meet you. I’ve been telling them all about your nudist lifestyle.”

James face went crimson as he meekly said hello to the women.

Jessica turned to her friends and went on, “As I was saying, James is a nudist and just loves the freedom to take his clothes off. It doesn’t bother him who’s around, so I’ve given him my full permission to take off his clothes when he visits. In fact,” she added enthusiastically, “I’ve insisted he strips off when he comes over. There are so few opportunities for a dedicated nudist like James to practice their chosen lifestyle.”

Jessica cast a glance at James’ Speedos and added, “Not that he’s got much to take off at the moment.”

The women all laughed at the joke. James felt his stomach tighten. He knew what was coming.

Jessica looked straight up at James and beamed her encouragement, “I expect you want to get those Speedos off right now, don’t you?”

James knew he couldn’t say ‘no’ to this, not that Mrs Hill would give him the chance anyway, so he replied politely, “Yes please, Mrs Hill.”

But James couldn’t stop himself from adding feebly, “That is… if it’s okay to go nude in front of Mrs Munro and Mrs Tucci… I mean if they’d rather I didn’t… I don’t mind, that is…” James looked over at Jessica Hill’s friends, “…I can leave then on if you’d prefer… honestly, I don’t mind… really…”

“James if I didn’t know you better, I’d think you didn’t want to take off your Speedos!” Mrs Hill interrupted, “My friends aren’t at all concerned, so you go ahead and get those Speedos off. Lori can help, can’t you darling?”

Lori said she’d be glad to help. Then she picked up her cell-phone and idly checked it for text messages. She had an idea that Amy, one of her friends, might want to know what was happening.

James started to fumble for the waist-cord of the Speedos, but was interrupted by Mrs Hill, “Don’t bother with that now, James. Lori can sort that out in a minute. Just go and fetch a stool from the kitchen. You’ll need to stand on something so Lori can reach your trunks.”

James gritted his teeth and smiled as best he could under the circumstances. He knew he’d have to go through with this if he wasn’t to lose his girlfriend. There was no question about it, he had to carry on with his pretence of nudism.

He gave himself a pep talk:

Okay, he said to himself, once your Speedos are off, that will be it and there’ll be nothing else to worry about. Lori will pull down your Speedos and that’s it, one tug and it’ll all be over. Then you can go and sit down next to her and cuddle up, end of story. With that James went and got a stool from the kitchen and obediently placed it right in front of the women as he had been told.

“Climb up onto the stool dear,” Jessica Hill told James, “I know how much you want to get out of those little Speedos, but it won’t be long now. There’s no need for you to do anything James, Lori will take them off for you, won’t you Lori?”

“Yes mom,” Lori answered as she looked up from her phone. “Just checking my messages. I won’t be a minute.”

“There, what did I tell you? It will be much easier for you if Lori takes them off. I can see they’re still slightly damp,” Mrs Hill observed.

Lori looked up, “Yes mom, you should have seen the trouble James had getting them on after he got out of the pool…”

“What, you mean James was swimming with no trunks on… in the nude? Why that’s wonderful. I didn’t know they allowed nude swimming at the pool.”

“They don’t normally,” Lori explained, “but James was helping his coach do some testing for new swimming costumes the team will be wearing. James had to swim quite a few lengths of the pool nude to get some important data.”

“Well James you were very lucky. Not only did you get to swim nude, but you also did an important job for your coach.”

“Yes Mrs Hill,” James replied, feeling that he was being deliberately talked to as if he was a little boy.

While Lori was speaking to her mother, James had clambered up onto the seat of the tall kitchen stool. He stood up straight, hands at his sides, in his thin red team Speedos feeling more vulnerable than he’d ever done in his life before. His heart was pounding as he waited for the trunks to be pulled right down to his feet in front of Mrs Hill and her guests.

Lori, however, didn’t appear to be in any hurry to relieve James of the Speedos.

This was because Lori wasn’t just checking her messages, she was busy sending a text to Amy asking her to ring back for a chat, although no one else in the room knew that. Lori so wanted to tell Amy what was happening. In fact, Lori thought, her friend might like a running commentary.

By now James just wanted to get it over and done with. He became so nervous he could feel his hands shaking. By pressing his palms against his bare legs he managed to keep his hands from quivering. James wished Lori would put her phone down. He silently implored her to just get on with it and pull his Speedos down so he could get off the stool again.

The more James thought about it, the worse it became and the faster his heart thumped. He started to sweat in anticipation of his exposure. He felt the moisture trickle down his back. His face, he knew, would be glowing bright red. To his horror, he felt a tickle of moisture on his forehead. This, he knew, wasn’t the way a true nudist would behave. His palpable unease was betraying him.

The sweat dribbled down his brow. He had a desperate urge to wipe it away when he felt it drip onto his eyelids, but he knew this would only draw attention to his nervousness. A proper nudist wouldn’t be in the least concerned to be standing on a kitchen stool wearing nothing more than a flimsy pair of Speedos in front of three very curious ladies. A proper nudist would be totally relaxed about having his trunks hauled down by his girlfriend.

He felt the sweat trickle down his face and tasted the salty wetness on his lips. Please Lori, he screamed inwardly, please get this over with!

Lori’s cell-phone started to ring.

James was horrified. He felt as if he’d been punched in the stomach. Please not now!

Lori smiled and reached for her phone to take the call. As if it was a surprise she announced, “Sorry everyone… Oh, it’s Amy. I’d better take this…”

The delays as James waited on the stool were agonizing. Now he was forced to listen as Lori talked to her girlfriend.

“Hi Amy, yeah… cool… no that’s okay… nothing much… just about to take James’ Speedos off. What?... of course he isn’t, he’s a nudist… likes to take his clothes off and relax in the nude… Yeah I know!... maybe… sometimes… James is really cool about it. He doesn’t mind who sees him nude…you should have seen him down at the pool earlier… what, oh I’ll tell you about it later… Mom’s got a couple of her friends over. Yeah… James wants me to help him off with his Speedos, I told you… Look he’s standing on a stool in the living room ready for me to take them off… no really… Amy I’m not… no, I’m not kidding… I’m telling you James is standing on a kitchen stool in the middle of the living room right in front of Mom, Bea and Mary in just his red team Speedos… yea those tight little skimpy ones… and he’s waiting for me to pull them down and take them right off… Okay, yeah. Amy, I need to go upstairs for that… just a sec…”

Lori looked up from her phone and told everyone, “I’m really sorry, I’ve got to go to my room… Amy wants a quick talk… boy problems… won’t be long… you behave yourself, James and I’ll be back down to take your Speedos off in a few minutes.”

Lori put the phone back to her ear, “What’s that, Amy… you want to… sure, no problem… if you still don’t believe me…of course he will.”

Lori walked over to the stool on which James was standing, “Amy doesn’t believe I’m going to take off your Speedos. She wants you to tell her.” A bead of sweat trickled down the side of James’ face. Lori reached up and held the phone to his ear, “Tell Amy what’s happening, James.”

James croaked into the cell-phone, “Hi Amy… what… yes, err… I’m wearing my competition Speedos… yeah one inch regulation. Okay, my competition one inch team Speedos… no I’m not wearing anything else, just the Speedos. Yeah a kitchen stool… okay, I’m standing on a kitchen stool…where?... in the living-room. Who?... err… Mrs Hill, err, Mrs Tucci, Mrs Munro and Lori. Yeah there all here… err… in front of me watching… Yes, they’re all looking… Yeah, right at me… What for?... Err... because Lori’s going to help take off my team Speedos. Err… because I want her to… that’s why. Yes, I want Lori to take off my Speedos… I want her to take them right off me so I can go nude… Yeah, so that everyone can see me nude… and my what? Amy I can’t say that… no please… I can’t, not in front of Mrs Hill and… please don’t make me say… Okay! Okay…so that everyone can see my penis… What?... okay… so that everyone can see my big penis and testicles… please, Amy… Okay, so that everyone can see my big penis and big testicles.” James was shaking as Lori took the phone and put it to her own ear again. Some more drops of sweat tickled James as they dribbled down the nape of his neck.

“Amy, you’ve gone and made James blush. Fancy making him tell everyone how he wants to waggle his big floppy penis about. Yes, he’s bright red, bless him. Yeah, I’m on my way upstairs now.”

Lori left the room, saying she wouldn’t be more than a couple of minutes and gave James a cute little wave and then blew him a kiss. James didn’t feel a whole lot better for the kiss. He looked back, faced Lori’s mom and the two other women and smiled. They smiled back at him and another bead of sweat trickled its way down the side of his nose.

Lori’s ‘couple of minutes’ turned into five minutes, then ten, then twenty. As the minutes ticked away Mrs Hill and her friends seemed to ignore James perched on the stool like a living statue. If anything this made matters worse for James as he couldn’t stop himself from thinking of his impending nudity. And something else was happening to take James to the verge of panic; he could feel his penis pressing against his Speedos!

The droplets of sweat were stinging his face. He was praying and willing Lori to come back downstairs. If he was down from this stool, naked or not, at least he wouldn’t feel so helpless and exposed.

As the minutes wore on James tried desperately to stop his erection from getting any worse. He felt the perspiration drip from his chin and splash onto his chest where it dribbled downwards and glistened on his skin. The waiting was unbearable. James was terrified the women would see how nervous he was, or notice his developing erection pushing against the front of his flimsy trunks. Inwardly he begged Lori to come back from her room. To his horror James realised he was actually willing Lori to take off his Speedos!

Finally, after twenty-five minutes of torture standing on the kitchen stool in the living room waiting to have his Speedos pulled down, James saw Lori coming back into the room. She put her cell-phone down and walked casually over to her boyfriend.

“Better get these Speedos off then James,” Lori said brightly without a word of apology.

Part 7

Lori looked over to her mom, Bea and Mary, “Sorry I was so long,” she apologised to them, but pointedly not to James. Then she asked them, “Has James been a good boy?”

“Yes, but I think those Speedos are shrinking!” her mom replied, which brought a chuckle from her friends.

Lori saw the distinct bulge in the front of the Speedos and knew James had been struggling to keep his penis under control.

“Yes,” she said, “It can be very hard trying to be a good boy, can’t it James? Some boys would get quite stiff if they had to stand there for so long waiting for me.” Lori teased, “It’s lucky this chair is firm and rigid enough to support you.”

James was beside himself. Please, he thought, cut the jokes and just get it over with. He was desperate, but just smiled as if he was enjoying himself and laughed along with Lori’s teasing.

Lori’s head was almost level with the Speedos as she came closer to James. He could feel her warm breath on the smooth flesh above his trunks. Her breath tickled James and he fought to keep his penis from stiffening any further. Lori’s fingers sought out the knotted ends of the white cord which kept the Speedos in place. As usual James had tucked the knot inside the waistband of the trunks when he’s tied the cord earlier. Now the tips of Lori’s fingers brushed against the soft bare skin of his abdomen making James tingle. Then she pushed and squeezed her fingers down into the trunks. James instinctively pushed himself back, away from Lori’s probing fingers. He could barely stop himself from jumping off the stool.

“Keep still James!” Lori said sharply, “I’m trying to help, or have you forgotten?”

James apologised and Lori wiggled her fingers into the tight Speedos, all the way down the front until she felt the smooth hairless base of the huge thick penis. It was so cool, she thought, that the boys in the swim team had to remove all their body hair. As she brought her hand up and out of the trunks her fingers gripped the knotted cord and pulled it out. James was breathing heavily, trying to keep himself under control.

After he’d squeezed himself into the wet Speedos, James had automatically tied the waist-cord of the trunks with his special knot. But before he could tell Lori how to untie it, she had pulled hard and drawn the knot taut. He tried to stop Lori from making things worse, but it was too late. James knew that it would now be impossible to untie the cord.

Lori persisted and tried to undo the tie. She picked away at the cord and then pulled at it until there was a hard, tight and impenetrable knot.

“Mom, can you pass me the scissors?” Lori said, still picking at the knotted cord, “James has really made a mess of tying this knot. I don’t know how he gets his Speedos off…”

James tried to interrupt, “It’s a special knot I use. I was going to tell you how to undo it…”

“Well it’s too late now, James. You should have said something. I’m going to have to cut the string,” Lori said as Mrs Hill passed her the scissors.

But you didn’t give me much chance, James thought. He breathed in as he watched Lori carefully cut the waist-cord each side of the tight knot.

Lori let go of the cord and the Speedos were loosened. Now it was easy for her to reach inside with her hand. Lori pushed down until her thumb and fingers were wrapped around the base of James’ big thick penis. She pulled it up and lifted it right out of the trunks. Nearly ten inches of thick turgid penis hung from the flimsy Speedos. Lori waggled it from side to side. “There now. Does that feel better Mr Penis?”

As James stood there his heart sank. Could this possibly get any worse? He was forced to laugh along with Lori’s playful teasing. Now she was treating his penis like a ventriloquist’s dummy asking it what it was like to spend so much time curled up inside Speedos. The penis replied that what it really liked was to be out in the fresh air and Lori waggled it about some more to show how happy it was to be out where everyone could see.

Mary Munro and Bea Tucci sat wide-eyed in amazement at the sight before them. Never had they seen such a huge penis. But what had happened to the boy’s pubes? The fact that he was so utterly smooth just accentuated the massive size of James’ penis and it was some time before either woman spoke.

“Jessica…” Bea Tucci managed to stutter, “it’s… enormous!”

“My…” Mary Munro managed to blurt out, “…what did you do James, swallow an elephant?”

Jessica Hill laughed, “Funny you should say that Mary…”

Before Jessica could say anymore the women were transfixed by the sight of James’ penis beginning to thicken and lengthen. It was noticeably engorged as it hung away from his body.

Lori’s cell-phone rang again. James was stunned. He stood on the stool in front of the women with his penis hanging out of his Speedos, desperately trying to keep his hands away from his crutch and wondering how much more of this he could endure. Once again James was forced to listen as details of his embarrassing ordeal were described to another of Lori’s friends.

“Hi… yeah, it’s me… hi Emma… what’s she been saying… yes of course I am… he’s right in front of me… nearly… no, I had trouble with the knot… wasn’t my fault… James… I cut it, stupid, what d’you expect me to do… no, I haven’t pulled them down yet… I’ve got his penis out of his Speedos though… Yeah James is standing on the stool in front of me with his big penis out on show… now if you’ll let me get on with it, I’ve got some work to do… What’s that? Yeah… okay, will do.” With that Lori rang off, put the phone down and reached up to grip the lose waist of the Speedos.

Lori feathered her fingers down the smooth flesh of James’ muscular thighs as she gently tugged at the flimsy Speedos. She brushed her hands over his knees and further down his legs, all the time teasing James and making him shiver. James fought to keep his excited penis under control, but his approaching tumescence was obvious.

Finally Lori pushed the rumpled trunks over her boyfriend’s ankles. It was almost with a sense of relief that James stood motionless on the stool, his precious Speedos in a puddle at his feet.

It’s nearly over, James said to himself, all I’ve got to do now is wait for Lori to finish taking off my Speedos, get off this stool and keep my penis under control. But what was that, “Yeah… okay, will do” all about?

James’ heart was pounding and his hands were damp with sweat as he tried to act as casually as he could while his girlfriend made him lift each of his legs in turn to take off the trunks. Mary Munro and Bea Tucci were stunned by the size of James’ testicles and the way his big penis flopped heavily and smacked against his legs every time he moved. Finally James was left standing on the stool in the middle of the living-room completely nude in front of Lori, Jessica Hill and two of her friends, Bea Tucci and Mary Munro.

Jessica Hill was the first to speak, “Well I’m sure you feel a lot better for that James.”

“Yes thank you, Mrs Hill,” James answered politely and then turned to his girlfriend, “Shall I get down now Lori?”

Part 8

James felt utterly exposed standing on the stool in front of the women and was frightened his swollen penis would develop into a full erection. The more worried he became, the more his penis lengthened and the thicker it became, though fortunately for James his penis was so big and thick it took quite a while for him to become completely erect. When Lori finally allowed him to come down from the stool, all four women could see that James was showing signs of obvious arousal, but it was clear his penis had yet to reach maximum tumescence.

James clambered off the stool and his meaty penis slapped noisily against his thighs. He stood straight and tried his best to look unconcerned as the thickening shaft between his legs wobbled from side to side before it gradually came to rest.

“Here let me look at those Speedos,” Bea Tucci said, and she held out her hand to Lori, “One of my boys had a problem with his Speedos the other day. If you give them to me and pass over those scissors I’m sure I can repair them.”

Lori did as she was asked. Bea held the Speedos in her lap and explained, “All I did was to tease the cord back through here… just like so… then I have to make a… Oops… the cord’s gone right into the seam… that shouldn’t have happened. It’s going to make things a little awkward. Never mind… if I just make a tiny cut with the scissors into the hem of the waistband, then I should be able to pull the cord back through…”

Jessica looked at Bea, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing, Bea? James hasn’t got anything else to wear back to the pool, you know.”

James looked nervously at his Speedos. He had a bad feeling about this. Already it looked as though he would have to hold his trunks up somehow. Now Mrs Tucci was about to cut them with a pair of scissors. James felt his stomach tighten again.

“Of course I know what I’m doing, Jessica,” Bea Tucci said as she picked up the scissors, "James hasn’t anything to worry about. All I need to do is make a little cut along the seam and then… Oh dear…you shouldn’t have distracted me, Jessica. Look what I’ve gone and done…” James looked at his Speedos and his heart skipped a beat when he saw what had happened. Mrs Tucci continued, “…I only needed to make a small snip into the hem, but it looks like… I’ve cut right through…”

Bea held up the Speedos for everyone to see. James was speechless. There was a one inch cut right through the hem and into the material.

“Bea, you haven’t even cut it in the right place,” Jessica pointed at the Speedos, “That’s one of the legs, not the waistband!”

James was mortified, but of course he could only act nonchalantly as he looked at what was going on. This didn’t fool Lori who eyed him closely, watching for any signs of her boyfriend’s distress. To her amusement she saw James’ eyes open wide in panic for a second, before he regained his fragile self-control.

“Oh dear, I knew I shouldn’t have tried to do this without my glasses,” Bea said. Nevertheless she was determined to press ahead with her repair work. Again she cut into the thin fabric of James’ Speedos. This time into the waistband, but again she misjudged and the cut was far too large.

Bea held up the Speedos in front of her friends once more. Jessica and Mary laughed at the sight of the shredded trunks. “Honestly, Bea, I think you ought to stop what you’re doing right now,” Jessica said, “otherwise they’ll be nothing left of those Speedos for James to put on. He’s going to have a hard job keeping them up as it is, when it’s time for Lori to take him back to the pool.”

“Just as well he’s a nudist them,” chipped in Mary and they all laughed again.

As the laughter died down and James thought matters couldn’t get any worse, Jessica Hill said to him pointedly, “James, aren’t you forgetting your manners?”

“Sorry, Mrs Hill?” James tied to act as if he didn’t know what she meant, but when Mrs Hill looked straight at the long, thick penis hanging between his legs, he knew. His throat went dry. His heart rate doubled. He knew what was expected of him. James had to ask for a nudist handshake from each of the women.

He looked helplessly down at himself and up at Bea Tucci. James desperately tried to avoid eye contact, yet at the same time to look as if it were the most natural thing in the world to ask a woman who he’d never met before, “Please Mrs Tucci will you take hold of my penis and give me a nudist handshake?”

“Why certainly young man,” Bea Tucci replied, taking a firm grip of the top couple of inches of the thick penis. She squeezed it hard, “Like this?” James gasped, not expecting Mrs Tucci to have quite such a strong grip.

James nodded, “Yes… thank you, Mrs Tucci.”

Lori prompted James, “Isn’t there something else James?”

Bea Tucci looked quizzically at the boy. With an embarrassed cough James looked at her and said, “Mr Penis says ‘Hello Mrs Tucci’.”

“Hello Mr Penis,” Mrs Tucci replied as she waggled the engorged phallus up and down vigorously. She then passed Mr Penis onto Mary Munro who held it at its hairless base before sliding her hand up along the entire length of smooth flesh.

As if weighing it, Mrs Munro slid her hand underneath the shaft and held it about halfway down in her outstretched palm. She stroked the smooth skin backwards and forwards, then sharply smacked James’ penis upwards. James gasped at the unexpected slap and watched Mrs Munro catch his penis again as it flopped back down.

All eyes were on James as Mary Munro continued to bounce his penis in the palm of her hand. Up and down, smack, up and down, smack. Each time his penis was slapped James bit his lower lip a little harder and his penis got slightly stiffer, until Mrs Munro suddenly stopped and took her hand away. The penis was hard, long and thick. James was unquestionably close to full arousal.

“Lori, it’s happening again… my… I’m having an erection Lori.” James blurted out.

He knew he couldn’t stop his penis from becoming fully erect. The stimulation it had received had been too intense. There was nothing James could do. He was going to have an erection in front of Lori, Mrs Hill and her friends. Whether he wanted it or not they were all going to see Mr Penis standing to attention and giving everyone a fifteen inch salute.

Following Dr Wang’s instructions, James was obliged to tell Lori what was happening however obvious that might seem to anyone watching.

“Please Lori, my penis is fully erect,” James announced finally.

“Oh, have I done something wrong?” Mrs Munro said looking flustered as she glanced back at Lori.

Lori stepped forward, “Not at all Mrs Munro. James knows he must announce if he is having an erection.”

Both Bea and Mary looked puzzled. Jessica Hill smiled and said to her daughter, “I think you’d better explain what Dr Wang at the clinic said about the problem James is having.”

“Oh dear! It’s nothing serious I hope, Jessica?” Mary Munro exclaimed.

James thought it best to remain silent. He could sense things were only going to get worse.

Lori explained that James had been for a physical recently and that Dr Wang at the clinic had been very concerned about James producing excessively high levels of sperm.

“She put me in charge of making sure that James produces daily sperm samples,” Lori continued, “James must be made to ejaculate at least once a day in order to keep his sperm levels under control.”

“Initially Dr Wang’s procedure was for James to masturbate under my supervision on one day, then for me to masturbate him on the next day, and so on…”

“You mean you have to masturbate James?” Mrs Munro said, a little startled.

“Oh yes… but as I was saying, things got so complicated with the masturbation schedule... I could never remember whose turn it was. So Dr Wang decided it would be best if I extracted all the daily sperm samples. James isn’t allowed to masturbate at all now,” Lori said, casting a meaningful glance at James. “But he doesn’t mind, do you honey?”

“N-no…not at all, Lori…” James bravely put on another smile for his female audience.

“Isn’t all this rather a commitment, Lori?” Mrs Tucci asked.

“I guess so, but James is my boyfriend,” Lori explained, “I want to help him get through this, whatever it takes. When you’ve found someone you trust, Mrs Tucci, you’d do anything for them, wouldn’t you? And I trust James totally.”

“It isn’t just a case of masturbating James is it, Lori?” Jessica Hill interrupted.

“No, mom’s right. Dr Wang has asked me to make observations.” Lori explained, “For instance, I have to record the time between James first getting an erection… like now…,” she said, once more drawing everyone’s attention to the erect penis, “…and when he ejaculates.”

“I’ve also got to make sure James stays hard from the moment he first has an erection until I allow him to ejaculate. This is because Dr Wang says the best sperm is produced when it is taken during the first erection.”

“This all sounds very complicated,” Mrs Tucci said.

“Not really. I’ve made a spreadsheet for all the figures Dr Wang needs for James’ masturbation program; how much sperm James makes; how powerful the ejaculation is; how long it lasts... that sort of thing.”

Mrs Tucci spoke again, “I must say I’m most impressed. It sounds like a full time project. I imagine that it can be rather inconvenient if James has an erection and you need to masturbate him straight away. I mean will you have to take him to the bathroom and masturbate him right now?”

Lori smiled, “James doesn’t get masturbated until I’m ready. Do you honey?”

James couldn’t believe he was standing there nude, in the middle of Mrs Hill’s living-room, with a raging hard-on, listening to Lori, Mrs Hill and her two friends talking about how he was being masturbated by his girlfriend as part of Dr Wang’s treatment for his overproduction of sperm.

“That’s right, Lori. You decide when I’m ready,” he managed say without sounding too distraught.

“And he doesn’t get masturbated in the bathroom either,” Jessica Hill interrupted.

Part 9

“Mom’s right,” Lori confirmed, “James isn’t allowed to ejaculate in the bathroom, so I’ve found it’s best to masturbate him right here in the living-room. As you can see we’ve got floor-tiles laid in here so that if James does make too much mess, then at least it’s easy to clean up. It can go everywhere,” she continued, “unless I’m doing a sperm sample collection, that is.”

Bea and Mary looked at Lori puzzled.

Lori glanced at her boyfriend, “Why don’t you tell Mrs Munro and Mrs Tucci what a sperm sample collection is, James?”

James’ throat felt dry as dust as he explained that every so often Dr Wang needed to know how much he ejaculated. This was to make sure his over-production of sperm was being kept under control. “Lori has a special jar for me to shoot… I mean, ejaculate into so that she can measure how much sperm I make.”

“The jar has a graduated scale up the side, so it’s easy to measure how much sperm James produces,” Lori explained. “Actually the collection procedure is called ‘milking’. I guess it’s because… well, if you could see me doing it, you’d understand what I mean.”

“I don’t need to milk James today, but I could give you a call when I’m going to make a sperm collection. I’m sure you’d both find it very interesting,” Lori turned to look at her boyfriend, “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having Mrs Munro and Mrs Tucci over to watch a milking session, would you James?”

James replied that… well, what else could he say? Of course he’d love Mrs Hill’s friends to come over any time and watch him being masturbated to full ejaculation by his girlfriend.

What he was really doing was asking himself when all this was going to end? He had foolishly thought that once Lori had taken off his Speedos, he might be left in peace. But no, first he had to watch as his trunks were cut to pieces by Mrs Tucci. Then he’d been made to ask Mrs Hill’s friends to give him a nudist handshake. The nudist handshake had given him an erection. Then Lori explained about his masturbation program.

Everything was spiralling completely out of control… now he… he couldn’t believe it… he just couldn’t believe what was happening… it was almost as if Lori wanted him to be embarrassed. As if Mrs Hill too was taking delight in shaming and humiliating him in front of her friends.

James told himself the only reason he felt embarrassed was because he made himself feel that way. He’d always been a shy and bashful boy who blushed easily, especially in front of women. James refused to believe that Lori and Mrs Hill had anything but his best interests at heart. It wasn’t their fault they thought he was a nudist, he told himself. They weren’t deliberately out to humiliate him. They thought he wanted to be treated like a fully-fledged nudist. If anyone was doing the humiliating it was James himself for not telling Lori and Mrs Hill that he wasn’t a nudist.

James was so lost in these thoughts he hardly heard Mrs Munro…

“Yes Lori, I’d be delighted to come and watch a sperm collection… sorry, ‘milking’... Now James,“ Mary Munro said as if addressing a child, “what are you going to do today?”

“Tell Mrs Mun… James... James… are you listening?” Lori turned to Mrs Munro, “I’m sorry Mary, I don’t know what’s up with James today.”

“Come on, honey,” Lori said softly as she gently began to run her fingers over James’ oversized testicles, “tell Mrs Munro what Dr Wang wants us to do today.”

“Err… ejaculation time and err… ejaculation distance,” James croaked. His mouth was so dry he could barely speak. He managed to explain that Lori used a stop-watch to time the duration of his ejaculation and a tape to measure how far he managed to squirt his big globs of sperm.

Once more James thought he must have entered some sort of parallel universe. A universe in which he was constantly teased and permanently on the verge of nudity, if not already fully nude. A universe moreover in which everyone else around him wore clothes, but he chose not to for reasons he couldn’t quite fathom. He was totally confused and couldn’t believe all this was happening to him…but it was!

All he’d done was to go along with Kristy’s suggestion. Like an idiot he had pretended he was a nudist without any inhibitions. A nudist pleased to share all his humiliations with anyone who was interested and wanted to watch – and it seemed as if everybody did!

It was at that moment James resolved to speak to Kristy. He had to find some way of getting out of this nightmare. Kristy got him into this mess; Kristy could help get him out of it again. James was desperate. There had to be a way!

In his heart of hearts though, James knew it wasn’t really Kristy’s fault at all. In truth he knew he should be grateful to her. It was Kristy who helped him out of the tight spot he’d got himself into in the first place.

It was his fault and his alone that he’d ended up with no clothes to wear and not even a towel with which to cover himself. Yes, James blamed himself entirely. He should have somehow made sure that Kristy wouldn’t take his clothes by mistake and put them in the washing machine.

Then again, how could Kristy be blamed for locking herself out of the house so James couldn’t get anything else to wear. He’d locked himself out of his house more than once; it was easily done.

It wasn’t Kristy’s fault either that Lori rushed to the understandable conclusion that he was a nudist, James thought to himself. After all who but a full-blown nudist would serve drinks to a bunch of Kristy’s cheerleader girlfriends wearing nothing but a smile on his face?

Try as he might James knew he couldn’t blame anyone but himself.

But, he told himself, at least Kristy knew the whole story. She would understand how he felt. James had to speak to Kristy. She would help him, he was sure…

It was with a jolt that James was brought out of his reverie by Mrs Tucci, “Doesn’t all this embarrass you, James? I know you’re a nudist and everything, but I’d have thought that having your girlfriend masturbate you in the middle of the living-room in front of everyone would be pretty intimidating for any boy, nudist or not. I’m sure my young boy would be utterly horrified if he even suspected I knew all about how much he masturbates.”

As a ‘dedicated nudist’, James knew what he had to say in front of Lori and the other women gathered in Mrs Hill’s living-room:

“Not all, Mrs Tucci. As long as I don’t upset anyone who’s not okay with nudists and nudist rituals, then, oh…I’m sorry…” he stopped and looked down at himself and inwardly groaned. He knew he was about to suffer another embarrassment in front of the women. “… please Lori, my penis isn’t hard enough…”

The two visitors looked at each other puzzled, so Lori had to explain that James was not allowed to touch his penis or excite himself once he’d become erect. There was a danger that if he did so, he might accidentally cause himself to ejaculate prematurely. If James felt his penis begin to soften, he was to ask for it to be stimulated back to full erection. Lori reminded the women that Dr Wang had told her how important it was to keep James erect from the first signs of arousal until he was ready to be masturbated to ejaculation.

“Here let me,” Bea Tucci offered and she took hold of the thick tumescent penis. “My, it’s so thick. I can barely get my hand round it… Mr Penis is much thicker than when we shook hands earlier. I think you’d better help me, Mary.”

Together the women squeezed and pulled at the enormous fifteen inch monster and eventually got it rock hard again.

Outwardly James was relaxed as any boy could be who was nude with an erection, standing in his girlfriend’s living-room. Standing in front of her, her mother and her mother’s friends. Inwardly James was crying with frustration. As if being taken for a nudist wasn’t bad enough, James was having to submit himself to a clinical masturbation program designed to control his prodigious sperm production. Dr Wang made it abundantly clear during his physical that she would not issue James with the required medical certificate unless he agreed to comply with the program. James had no choice. He had to have that certificate, his place in the swimming team depended on it!

Yes, it was all down to that physical with Dr Wang, James thought. And whose fault was it that he had to go to Dr Wang’s clinic rather than to his regular one he asked himself? It was his own fault, that’s whose stupid fault it was.

If he’d given it any thought, James would have realised he was due a physical. He couldn’t swim in competition without showing the officials an up-to-date, fully authorised medical certificate. And if he couldn’t compete he would automatically lose his place in the swimming team.

Letters were always sent out well in advance from the team’s usual doctor advising the boys of their routine medicals. James knew all this, but when the letter with his appointment didn’t turn up, he didn’t do anything and left it until it was too late. He was in a major panic when Lori offered to help him out. Gratefully James accepted.

He should have been grateful to Lori for having rushed around to get him booked in with Dr Wang at such short notice. But instead, James had whinged about there being only female doctors to examine him at the clinic. He’d whinged about there being no gowns. He’d whinged about all the tests and thorough examinations he’d had to undergo.

And whose fault was it that he’d had to have so many embarrassing tests? Yes, his own of course. Dr Wang couldn’t have been expected to know which tests were necessary for James’ competition medical certificate. So she decided it would best conduct a comprehensive series of tests and inspections. During the course of these tests Dr Wang found that James was producing an excessively large quantity of sperm and she decided this needed further investigation. In the end Dr Wang had to do far more tests than were necessary. But she knew if she hadn’t carried out all the tests the chances were she would have missed an important one, then James’ certificate would have been void.

These people had done their level best to help and all James had done was whinge! He felt ashamed of himself.

Part 10

The women sat and talked while James tried to tell himself this wasn’t happening. Every few minutes Lori would send James off on an errand. Nothing of any consequence; to check and see if the dishwasher cycle had finished; to check on the washing machine; pop upstairs and fetch something, and so on.

Lori loved watching James getting embarrassed, all because he had been deceived into believing that she thought he was a nudist. Kristy’s trick had been inspired, Lori thought. She still couldn’t believe her younger sister could have done what she did on the spur of the moment. It was masterful. Seeing James’ clothes and towel outside the shower and whisking them away. Brilliant! Convincing him that his only option was to pretend to be a nudist. Brilliant!

Lori was making the most of it. All the running about James was doing was only for the women’s amusement. Just so they could watch his huge thick hard pole of a penis wobble from side to side as he trotted off on his errands.

After he returned from one of his many tasks, James saw his now useless red team Speedos had been placed on the coffee table where he couldn’t miss seeing them. Jessica Hill had wanted to put them into the special nudist’s clothes cupboard in the hall. Lori, however, had thought it would be fun to put them on the table to remind James of what was left of his little trunks after Bea Tucci had attacked them with the scissors.

Just as Lori thought, James sat on the sofa and was unable to take his eyes off the ruined Speedos. He would have to get them on somehow, he thought. After all, he had nothing else to wear when the time came to go back to the pool. The waist-band was useless, but he’d have to hold it up one way or another. And what about the crutch? James could see a huge slash about halfway across which had left flaps of material hanging limply open. How could he possibly keep his enormous genitals contained in the tattered skimpy fabric?

James’ mind was now constantly occupied by thoughts of what would happen when he had to go back to the pool. He looked down at the remains of his Speedos and got himself so worried that he began to have difficulties maintaining his erection. The quality of the erection was certainly not up to Dr Wang’s standard and every few minutes James was obliged to inform Lori that his penis wasn’t hard enough.

Lori was becoming tired of having to excite James back to full erection every few minutes. Even with the help of mom and her friends, James appeared unable to keep a full and vigorous erection. Lori began to wonder if there might be something wrong and James needed help keeping his penis erect. She’d heard there was something men could take if they had this sort of problem. So she thought she’d ask Kristy to help find out a bit more. Lori also decided to make an appointment to see Dr Wang as soon as possible in order to speak to her about the trouble James was having.

Eventually Lori got fed up of hearing James say, “Please Lori, my penis isn’t hard enough…” Although her mom and her friends were happy to continue helping keep James erect, taking it in turns to stroke and squeeze the massive shaft, Lori knew this constant stimulation couldn’t go on for much longer.

Then James began to dribble pre-ejaculate. A big glob formed and slithered down his penis and over the massive testicles until a long string of goo hung between his legs. Lori saw this and knew it was time to act. Normally she wouldn’t be too bothered if James began to leak, as she knew how to keep him from premature ejaculation. Today, however, James had been stimulated by not only Lori’s mom, but also Mrs Tucci and Mrs Munro, none of whom could be expected to know James’ tipping point.

“Come over here James it’s time to take your sperm sample,” Lori said sounding just as brisk and efficient as one of the nurses at the clinic. “You know what Dr Wang wants us to do today?”

“Yes Lori, measuring distance and time.”

“Mom would you mind timing James’ ejaculation?” Lori asked her mom.

“No problem darling. You just yell out when James starts to shoot sperm and I’ll start the stop-watch,” Jessica Hill replied. “Would you like me to count the contractions?”

“Yes please mom, but just the ones when James spurts ejaculate,” Lori explained for the benefit of Mary Munro and Bea Tucci, “Boys generally spurt their first jet of sperm on the second contraction. The second spurt of ejaculate is usually the biggest and by far the most powerful.”

“You seem to know an awful lot about this. Is anything we can do to help Lori?” Bea Tucci asked.

Lori explained that Dr Wang had taught her a lot about the medical procedures involved in the masturbation program James was having to follow. Then she asked if Mrs Tucci and Mrs Munro could help with taking the distance measurement, “If one of you could stand here by my side while I masturbate James and one of you stand over by the far wall…”

“But that’s got to be fifteen feet away!” exclaimed Mary Munro.

“I know,” said Lori, “James is capable of very powerful ejaculations Mrs Munro. He’s quite able to shoot that distance on the second spurt. You just need to watch out for where the farthest glob lands so we know where to measure to when James has finished his orgasm. It’s just a shame we haven’t got one of those instruments that Dr Wang has at the clinic that can measure the speed of sperm as it shoots out of a boy’s penis.”

With everybody in position Lori slowly began to masturbate James. She explained that Dr Wang had told her the best quality sperm was obtained from prolonged masturbation. Her fingers rapidly became slippery with the pre-ejaculate James continued to leak. It wasn’t long before James became vocal, openly pleading with his girlfriend to masturbate him harder. But Lori knew just how to keep her boyfriend in check until she was ready to let him ejaculate.

It was no where near that time Lori decided.

Every so often she paused and ran her hand round the smooth hairless base of the big hard penis. With her other hand she would lift up each testicle in turn and squeeze gently until James moaned and yet more of the glistening boy-stuff dribbled down the rock hard shaft.

Dr Wang had explained to Lori just how to keep James right on the edge of ejaculation. Lori continued masturbating her boyfriend as her mom and her friends watched. James shamelessly begged Lori to let him ejaculate…

Lori’s cell-phone rang again.

Part 11 (Conclusion)

James heard the ringing and couldn’t believe what was happening. Lori abruptly stopped the masturbation just as James felt the sperm rising up towards ejaculation. The tip of his penis was tingling in anticipation of his orgasm. Lori’s hands slipped away.

James’s rigid penis slapped against his body as another eruption of pre-ejaculate flowed down its length and over his big testicles adding to the thick strands of slimy cream which swayed back and forth almost reaching the floor between his legs. James was agonisingly close to his climax. If Lori had carried on masturbating him for just another few seconds, James would have started his orgasm. After the first contraction nothing could have stopped him from ejaculating. But the ringing cell-phone deprived him of that release.

James was devastated and speechless with frustration. He knew Lori wasn’t going to ignore the call. James knew that her cell-phone would be more important than his release. He stood and gasped for breath, looked down at himself, then watched as yet more pre-ejaculate oozed down his penis.

He looked up again and for the first time focussed in the three women looking directly at him. They smiled. Mrs Munro said how sweet James looked and not to worry about all the strings of goo hanging between his legs, they wouldn’t interfere with taking the measurements. Mrs Hill told James that it would soon be over and that she’d got her stop-watch ready.

Lori grabbed a hand-towel and wiped her fingers before answering the phone, “…Jeez, you’re so messy James… Hi Emm… just a sec… I swear you leak more gunk than you shoot somedays… Sorry Emma… no he hasn’t spurted yet… what… no it’s okay. I could do with a rest… Yeah, James is okay with that, aren’t honey… oh dear… Emm you should see… he’s just… oh James that’s gross… Emm, you should see how much stuff he’s got running down his penis… no, I told you he hasn’t, not yet. This is just his pre-cum, boy-stuff that Mr Penis dribbles when he gets too excited… you should see it all… you know… yeah I’m sure you do… what? Oh yes James is too… What’s that?... just a sec… hang on… no you… just while I make sure James is still… what?... you want me to tell you?...sure, James won’t mind… nudists don’t mind at all…Okay, I’m taking hold of his penis… yes, it’s very, very hard… and it’s very messy… James is looking like he wants to shoot… but I’m sure he can wait a bit…

The sweat was pouring off James as he waited for Lori to finish on the phone. His penis was pulsing, dribbling and bobbing up and down.

“… did Amy go to the mall after all?... no?... really?... Just a sec I need to masturbate James a bit more…go on…”

James loved Lori, no question and he loved being in the swimming team. He’d do anything for either… he felt Lori’s hand on the sticky shaft of his penis… oh, that felt good… please Lori… please let me do it… now!

“… yeah… that’s what I said… look Emma, I really need to…” Lori’s fingers slipped up and down the meaty rod. “Emma I can’t do this properly with one hand… Yeah Mr Penis says ‘Bye bye’”

James panted, tried to control himself and get his breath back as Lori masturbated him while she talked to Emma. He was desperate to climax; to shoot sperm. Please Lori, just do it to me!

He watched Lori finish the call and take hold of his hard, hairless penis once more. He hoped it would be for the last time before he ejaculated. James fixed his gaze on Lori’s hands as she slipped them up and down the meaty, turgid rod.

There was a hushed expectancy among the women as they watched James sweating and breathing heavily. The only noise in the room was James moaning steadily. The moaning got louder and louder, building up into a crescendo of unintelligible words.

The first powerful spasm jolted through James’ groin causing his penis to kick hard against Lori’s hands. He felt an unstoppable surge of pleasure as endorphins crashed like a tidal wave through his synapses. Lori gripped James’ penis tight before the second spasm ripped through his body and the first hot jet of sperm lashed out from his penis.

Mrs Munro watched intently, waiting for the second spurt. She’d seen the first rope of sperm land on the tiles about eight feet in front of James and now before the second spurt she glanced back at him. In the split second before he erupted Mrs Munro saw James thrust his hips hard forward to push out his huge, stiff penis even further. She watched as Lori prepared herself for the power of James’ second spurt. It exploded with unimaginable force, basting a thick hot rope of sperm in a massive arc to land across the room. Mary Munro was stunned.

A further eight spurts shot out of the big penis, each of lessening force. James was on the verge of collapse having had to stand throughout his orgasm and ejaculation. Threads of sperm dripped down from the head of his penis. The copious milky strings of goo broke and splashed on the tiled floor, as his penis jerked to the end of James’ powerful orgasm.

Finally, when James had the last of his sperm milked from his pleasure wracked body by Lori, he stood unsteadily in the middle of the room. He was drenched in sweat. A breeze came in from the open door which led to the terrace. He shivered as his first conscious post-orgasm thought reminded him he was still nude.

As the pleasure seeped away from James, the huge volume of sperm he’d splashed across the floor came into focus in front of him. He looked up. Everyone in the room was staring back at him. James couldn’t take it in that he’d just ejaculated in front of a group of women; his girlfriend and three women of his mom’s age. He felt sick with embarrassment and looked back downwards. James went to turn and move away in an effort to avoid them and regain his shattered dignity. He wanted to hide himself away.

“Stay where you are,” Lori ordered, “Don’t forget, we need to take some measurements.” James pleaded that he was exhausted and needed to sit down, but Lori would have none of it, telling him that everyone had gone to a great deal of effort to make sure he complied with Dr Wang’s instructions. “And you know how Dr Wang insists we do everything we can to get accurate data.”

The tape was duly laid out and Mary Munro announced that James had ejaculated fifteen feet one and a half inches. Lori checked her previous results and declared this a record. Jessica Hill told everyone that James had ten good strong spurts of sperm, including the record-beaker, and she added that more sperm was squeezed out afterwards as Lori brought the masturbation to an end. The overall time of ejaculation was forty-two seconds, the orgasm itself a lot longer.

James, almost in tears in the aftermath of his orgasm, was again faced with a heightened awareness his nudity. The women were looking at his penis again, this time watching it slowly soften as it returned to its flaccid state. A thick string of sperm still hung from its tip.

Mrs Munro volunteered to clean James up with a flannel. “It’s not fair to give nudists a cloth. They might accidentally cover themselves up,” she reasoned. Then James was given a mop to clean the floor.

Before long James had another prospect to face. He had no clothes to wear. Lori had taken care of that by making him leave his stuff in the locker at the pool after the special training session. He looked over to the coffee table again and there lay the remnants of his Speedos, all he had to cover himself with.

James wondered again why Lori hadn’t asked how to untie the special knot. Why had Mrs Tucci tried to repair them with such disastrous results? In desperation James thought that maybe the Speedos weren’t as badly damaged as they looked. Surely they must be able to give him some coverage?

Lori picked up the remains of the trunks between her right thumb and forefinger and waved the flimsy garment in James’ direction, “Time to get you back to the pool James. Do you want to put these back on, or do you want to wear your birthday suit in the car again...”

Bea Tucci interrupted, “…James I’d like you to put on your Speedos so I can see what’s what. I’m sure I can’t have damaged them that much…”

“Sure thing Mrs Tucci,” James replied, relieved to have permission to try and cover up.

Lori passed James the Speedos and he could tell at once they were ruined. He held them up and saw how bad the cuts were that Mrs Tucci had made with the scissors. He could see that without the string tied around the waist his trunks would slip down unless he held on to them. Still they were something, so James would have to make the best of it as he had nothing else to wear. Maybe, if he was very careful, he could get some coverage after all.

James bent down as he tentatively held onto his Speedos. He held his breath and carefully put his right foot through the leg hole. He put the foot down again and pulled the fragile trunks up slightly. Then he cautiously lifted his left leg up to put it through the other hole and into the trunks. As he pulled the trunks up his heel snagged on the back of the leg hole. There was the sound of ripping as the cut in the material was pulled further apart. James froze. He was horrified. There was a tear almost all the way across the crutch of the Speedos.

Jessica Hill looked at James as he bravely slid what was left of the Speedos up his smooth, hairless legs, “Do you think it’s worth bothering with your Speedos now James? You’ve pretty well finished them off with your big clumsy feet. Why don’t you admit defeat and throw them away? I’m sure Lori won’t mind taking you back to the pool in the nude.”

“No that’s okay Mrs Hill…” James wasn’t about to give up his only chance to put on something, anything, even if it was a pair of torn-up, shredded, all but useless Speedos. “… besides Mrs Tucci said she wanted to see what they looked like.”

“Yes, but that was before you put your foot through them James. Well, have it your own way,” Jessica Hill conceded.

Gingerly James pulled the tattered Speedos up his long smooth legs. He’d thought that he might have somehow been able to keep his genitals hidden, but now with a sinking feeling he realised that would be virtually impossible.

The women watched James with amusement as he struggled with the Speedos. James tried his best to cover himself with the damaged trunks. There was a deep cut in the fabric at the waist and the cord was useless. James knew he would need one hand to hold the Speedos in place, while with the other hand he would have to do what he could to pull the material over his genitals. But try as hard as he might he couldn’t keep both his penis and testicles covered at the same time using just one hand. If he managed to keep his penis covered, one or both his oversized testicles would be pushed into view. If he managed to cover his testicles his big penis plopped out for all to see. Eventually he found that by keeping his legs wide apart and crouching forwards he could free both hands to pull what remained of the Speedo material over his genitals. It was a tight squeeze and James hadn’t figured out how he could possibly walk, but it worked!

“Oh, by the way James…” Lori said airily as her boyfriend stood crab-like in front of everybody. James lifted his head with a look of desperation on his face. What now? he thought, as he struggled with his tattered Speedos.

“… I promised to lend Amy some text-books. They’re pretty heavy, so I’ll need you to help carry them. We’ll drop them off at her place on the way back to the pool.”

James gasped and his penis suddenly snaked out from between his hands…


Dr Wang leant back in her chair after hearing Lori’s story, “Yes it certainly looks as though we need to address these issues swiftly Lori,” she said, “It is of paramount importance to obtain sufficiently overt curative sperm samples from James. We can only expect to achieve this by maximising the erectile pre-ejaculatory period through optimal stimulation. From what you’ve described we could not anticipate sperm delivery flow to be of primary induced quality.”

“My clinical judgement is that we press ahead immediately and explore the therapeutic effect of Viagra in obtaining superior median samples of sperm from James.”

Lori smiled, “Oh, I totally agree…”

“Of course, we’ll need to have James in for sperm quality tests at the clinic. I’ll want him in for a whole day to run through the tests. We’ll need to extract multiple sperm samples from him during the tests, though given the amount of ejaculate James produces, that shouldn’t be a problem.”

With that Dr Wang got up from her chair and walked over to a glass panelled cabinet which Lori could see contained boxes of various medications. Dr Wang took a key from her pocket and unlocked the cabinet. She then opened the door, reached inside and took out one of the boxes which she handed to Lori.

“I’m sure James won’t mind you collecting this for him Lori. Remember the dispersible version of Viagra is quite tasteless and odourless, as well as being noticeably stronger than its tablet counterpart. James would have no idea he was taking it if were to accidentally find its way into something he was drinking,” Dr Wang reiterated, “but you know boys Lori, that’s probably the first thing he’ll do!”

“Be sure he takes good care of it, Lori. Although perhaps it would be better if you looked after the Viagra and gave him doses as required I’m sure James would be more than happy to let you do that for him. That way you can ensure James takes it only when it’s necessary.”

“Don’t worry Dr Wang,” Lori smiled, “I’ll make sure James takes it when he needs to.”

Lori left the clinic building and sat in her car. She paused, gazed out of the windshield and reflected on the events of the past few weeks...

Her cell-phone rang. It was Kristy.

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