Saturday, 2 July 2011

James Meets Up With Kristy

Part 1

Lori left the clinic building after her appointment with Dr Wang and sat in her car. She paused, gazed out of the windshield and reflected on the events of the past few weeks…

Her boyfriend James had been tricked into pretending to be a nudist by Lori’s mischievous younger sister Kristy. James had been tricked again, this time into believing that she, Lori, thought he really was a nudist. And a third trick had been played on him to convince him that their mom, Jessica Hill, thought he was a nudist too.

Not long ago Lori had arranged for James to attend Dr Wang’s clinic for a physical. Before his appointment, Dr Wang had been told James was a nudist. However, Lori wasn’t quite sure whether anyone had told the doctor about Kristy’s little tricks and that James wasn’t really the nudist she’d been led to believe.

During the course of a very thorough examination, the exceptionally large size of James’ genitals had been revealed to the doctors, nurses and staff. Dr Wang also found that James had an extraordinarily high rate of sperm production.

It was while Lori pondered on these things, she began to sense that maybe Dr Wang had more than a merely professional interest in James…

Her cell-phone rang. It was Kristy.

“Hi, Kristy. What’s up?”

“How’d you know anything’s up?” Kristy asked.

“I didn’t… just a guess… But I’m glad you called… No, you go first.”

“Okay… I had a call from James today. Wanted to meet up…”

“… wanted to meet you…?”

“Yeah… he’s kinda down… couple of things…”

“… what about?”

“… the easy part is that he’s pissed ‘cos his team coach has been poached by another side in the league. James is really down… he can’t understand why his coach wants to go. Then… get this… James tells me he’s found out the new coach is a woman… a Miss Holmes, Cherry Holmes…”

“Cherry Holmes!” exclaimed Lori, “but she’s only a few months older than I am. What’s she doing coaching James’ swimming team?”

“She’s a fully qualified swimming coach, sis, that’s what. The best up and coming team coach around apparently. Been training one of the league’s junior teams very successfully, so James says… Now she’s been given the chance to prove herself and move up from the juniors, she’s taken it… I wouldn’t mind her job, training all those smooth, clean-shaven young boys!”

“Kristy, behave yourself!… So what’s James’ problem… Hey! What I’m I saying? I don’t want Cherry Holmes anywhere near James!”

“Come on, sis. James loves you… why do you think he’s put up with all this nudist stuff?” Kristy said, with impeccable logic, “Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about Cherry Holmes. What’s really getting to James is that he’s heard that she is very dedicated… very keen. She gives lots of motivational talks and stuff… and she gives her little pep talks wherever the boys happen to be!”

“James was told by one of the boys in her old junior team, that she didn’t have second thoughts about going into the boys’ changing room… giving her talks to the boys while they were peeling off their wet Speedos… you get the picture…”

“And if that wasn’t enough she’d give the boys poolside uniform inspections. If the Speedos weren’t strictly competition regulation standard, the boy had to take them off right there and then, and he had to walk back to the changing room carrying his Speedos…”

“… what, you mean walk back from the pool bare nude…?” Lori interrupted.

“That’s the idea… but that’s not all. Miss Holmes had a special pair of Speedos made for boys whose trunks didn’t measure up… She calls them called punishment Speedos…”

“… why…?”

“… you’re not going to believe this, Lori… it’s because they’ve got a hole in the front!”

Lori was speechless. Cherry Holmes? Cherry Holmes had designed punishment Speedos with a hole in the front so that boys would have to put their penis through it before they were allowed back poolside.

A thought struck her… what if she was going to have the same inspections and penalties for her new, senior team?

“I know what you’re thinking,” Kristy said, “James is already convinced she’s going to do the same with his team, giving them talks when they’re naked, watching them in the showers and that sort of thing, even though they’re seniors. He’s already upset just thinking about being seen nude in front of Cherry Holmes. Can you imagine how he feels about the punishment Speedos?”

“The trouble is he’s torn because he knows it’ll be good for the team to have her training them, even through he knows she’s going to be very strict with them… but James would do anything for his team...”

“… well…?”

“…James is shy, sis,” Kristy explained, “you know that... that’s why it’s been so much fun watching him have to pretend to be a nudist in front of you. The way I look at it is, if James is terrified of Cherry Holmes seeing him nude, then he’s going to be terrified of her full stop… so he’s hardly likely to dump you and fall into her arms…”

“Okay… but you better be right… now tell me the other reason he wanted to meet up with you …”

“I think that better wait ‘til later… I’ve been on the phone way too long already and it’ll take a while to tell you everything… you’re not going to believe what happened,” Kristy said, before asking, “So how’d it go at Dr Wang’s… did you get it?”

“Oh yeah, got it, no problem. Actually it was Dr Wang who suggested prescribing it, to make sure that James gets good quality, solid erections…” Lori explained, “She’s even given it me to look after…”

Kristy whooped with joy at the other end of the phone.

“… don’t get too excited Kristy. I’m not sure about this…”

“What’s not to be sure about?”

“That’s what I need to talk to you about,” Lori said, “Look Kristy I’m serious… Let’s wait ‘til later. Then I’ll tell you everything Dr Wang and I talked about… okay?”

“Sure…” Kristy replied.

Lori put her cell-phone down and wondered what had happened when Kristy and James met that was going to ‘take a while’ to tell. She couldn’t wait…


As planned the girls met up later that evening:

Lori frowned, hugging a cushion to her chest and trying to muster her thoughts before she spoke to her younger sister. Kristy knew the cushion hug meant it was serious, so she sat patiently waiting for Lori to speak.

Finally Lori broke her silence: “I told you I wanted to speak to you about James. Well, the thing is… now don’t get me wrong, it’s been great fun kidding him that I think he’s a nudist. It’s really funny watching him put up with all that stuff. Those pictures you took of him and sent me when he was wearing that elephant’s head pouch, especially his ‘trunk’, were hilarious. Shame I wasn’t there with you.”

“The thing is Kristy, James is my boyfriend and I do love him. I don’t want all this nudist stuff to go too far. Do you see what I’m getting at…?”

Kristy nodded. She knew alright and understood what Lori was saying, but Kristy, of the two of them, had always been the feisty one. There was a streak of irresponsibility running through her which sometimes got her into trouble, but which could also be inspired. It was this wicked streak that made her take advantage of James on the day she whisked away his clothes while he was showering. Then she made up that dumb story and managed to persuade James that going along with it was his only option. She really didn’t think she’d get away with convincing James to play at being a nudist… and in front of all those girls! But it worked!

“Kristy, I don’t want to risk losing James. He is special… and cute… and he has other charms of course …” Lori smiled and went on, “I know I fixed up for James to go for his physical with Dr Wang, but how was I to know she’d want a sperm sample?”

“Yeah, that was awesome!” Kristy couldn’t help adding.

“Awesome or not, Kristy, that got me in a fix. Dr Wang taking that sample showed up how much of that gunk James is making. You’ve seen how much… Now Dr Wang has got me in charge of… well you know.”

“Look Kristy, as far as James is concerned you’re the only one who knows he’s not a nudist. He thinks the rest of us, me, mom, Dr Wang and just about everyone we know believes he really is a nudist. The thing is Kristy, I can’t get away from wondering whether I’ve let it go too far…”

“Do you want to know what I think, Lori?”

“’Course I do. I wouldn’t be talking to you if I didn’t...”

Kristy could see Lori was getting upset, “Look sis, if I had my way, I’d … But then he’s not my boyfriend…”

“…but if he was…?”

“Ah, that’d be different…”

“This is getting us nowhere. How about we do a deal, Kristy? I’m relying on you to be honest with me…” Kristy nodded, “Okay, here’s the deal, we carry on with the James the nudist gig, but,” Lori stressed the word ‘but’, “but the moment either of us thinks James is seriously freaking out, then we stop. Clear?”

Kristy nodded. “Sure sis… I’d hate it to stop. It’s been great fun keeping James on edge and seeing him squirm, but, sure, he is your boyfriend and I’m not going to screw it up for you.”

Lori leant back on the sofa, happier now that she’d explained how she felt to her sister. She put the cushion to one side and took a sip of her drink, “Come on Kristy, tell me what happened today… I’m listening…”

“Well I had a call from James completely out of the blue…” Kristy began and went on to tell Lori what had happened earlier…

Part 2

James reached Kristy on her cell-phone.

He sounded nervous, “Kristy, I need to speak to you. Can we meet at Café Nova later?”

“What’s it about James?” He hesitated. Kristy encouraged him to tell her, “Come on, what do you want us to meet up for. Must be pretty important to ring me on my cell-phone. I didn’t even know you had my number.”

“It’s… it’s about… it’s about. Err, you know…”

“Sorry, James. I haven’t a clue what you’re on about.” Although Kristy had a pretty good idea what James wanted to talk about, she loved teasing him.

After hesitating some more, James finally blurted out, “… it’s about me being a nudist and stuff… Please can we meet up, Kristy? I need to talk about it. It’s urgent.”

“Are you sure it can’t wait James? I’m a bit busy at the moment...”

James was beginning to sound desperate, “Please Kristy. I don’t know when I’ll get another chance. Lori’s gone to see Dr Wang and… The thing is the team’s got a new coach and she wants me to…”

“She?” Kristy interrupted, “you’re kidding me… she? Isn’t that going to be awkward when she gives you team talks in the chang…”

Kristy wasn’t given the chance to finish. “… yes, I know… it isn’t funny… look Kristy it’s bad enough losing our old coach and getting Miss Holmes, err Cherry Holmes… but she wants me to carry on with this new team costume thing. Thinks it’d be a waste to ditch all the work that’s been done…”

James continued, “…Please Kristy… I need to talk. And you’re the only person I can talk to… about it… you know.”

“Where are you now James?”

“I’m on my way to Sports Paradise. Miss Holmes wants me to try on some new swimming stuff, but we can meet for a coffee first...”

“No, I’ve already had enough coffee for one day. Tell you what, I’ll meet you at the sports store in ten minutes… and you can tell me all about it then.” Kristy added, doing her best to sound concerned.

True to her word Kristy walked into Sports Paradise and met James over by the swimwear section. “Look I haven’t got much time, James, so maybe you’d better do whatever you need to do first and we’ll talk after.”

James paused he didn’t want Kristy hanging around watching him try on the new swimming team competition kit, particularly the sort of stuff Miss Holmes had asked him to check out.

“Come on James,” Kristy urged, “I haven’t got all day. You wanted to meet up, remember?”

James looked around anxiously. Now he was even more nervous than before. He wished he’d stopped Kristy from coming to the shop. He wished he’d never phoned her in the first place. Now he’d have to try on the new swimwear while Kristy was hanging around in the shop. At least she wouldn’t get to see him try on the team’s radically brief new uniform… there was no way he was going to budge from the changing room.

Kristy watched as James went over to the store assistant and explained what he was there for. The assistant swiped James’ college ID, handed it back and passed over a very small package. Kristy couldn’t quite see what James had been given, but whatever it was, there wasn’t much of it. It was small enough to fit into James’ fist without Kristy being able to see anything. With a guilty look on his face, James glanced at Kristy and disappeared into the communal changing-room just off the display area.

Kristy casually wandered over, looking at the displays of various sized Speedos, until she was standing right outside the changing-room.

A few minutes passed. Kristy noticed a rack with pairs of incredibly brief Speedos displayed. She rubbed one of the pairs between her fingers and couldn’t believe how thin the material was; thin to the point of transparency. The trunks had half-inch sides and were almost backless. At the front the Speedos had been severely cut back to produce a very tight looking pouch. Kristy looked at the label, ‘Not Authorised For Competition Wear – Approval Pending – Training Use Only’. “Hmm… I wonder if Cherry Holmes has seen these?” Kristy thought to herself.

By now Kristy was sure James must have had plenty of time to get undressed and into whatever it was his new swimming coach had told him to try on. She called to him:

“Come on out James and let me see the new look!”

“Umm… I just need to… try this on… that’s all…”

“What’s up James… sounds like you’re struggling..”

“… no… it’s okay Kristy… just a bit tight…”

“… come out and let me take a look then… I’m sure it can’t be that bad… you won’t be able to see your new costume properly on your own…”

“There’s a mirror in here, Kristy… there’s no need for you to see it… honestly. I don’t need…”

“… but I want to see your team’s new swimming costume. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit properly. I’m sure it’s alright really.”

“No Kristy… I’m going to take it off… it really is way too tight… it’s the wrong size…the store’s given me the wrong one… that’s all…”

“Don’t you dare take it off until I’ve seen it!” Kristy teased. “Aw, come on James. Don’t be bashful. I’m sure it looks great… please, pretty please… please James…”

James came to realise, in spite of his earlier resolve, he wouldn’t be able to leave the store without showing his team’s new trial costume to Kristy, but there was no way he was walking out into the store wearing it.

“Okay, you can come in and see it, Kristy,” James said with resignation, “There’s no one else in here…”

“… I can’t come in there James. It’s a men’s changing room. Men and boys only. There’s a notice right here in front of me saying so.”

“But Kristy, it’ll be okay, I promise. I’m on my own in here. No one will notice, honest,” James pleaded.

“No James, really I can’t. What if somebody came in to try something on while I was in there? Just come out here so I can see what you’re wearing… it won’t take a minute…”

“… I can’t Kristy… I just can’t, that’s all,” James said, trying to put his foot down.

Kristy tried another tack, “What’s the big deal? Can’t be any worse than Jumbo the Elephant…”

“Please Kristy, keep your voice down. Someone will hear…”

“What… about your elephant’s trunk?” Kristy joked and raised her voice and started to sing, “Nellie the elephant packed her trunk and…”

“Okay, okay. I’m coming out. Only please keep your voice down,” James called out in a sort of strangled whisper. He took a deep, deep breath and stepped out into the main store area.

“… said goodbye to the circ… Oh my god…!” Kristy stopped singing and her hand flew up to her mouth when she saw James. All he was wearing was a breathtakingly brief red body sling. James’ face was as red as the sling since each of his big pink hairless testicles were hung out from either side of the sling’s tiny, but dangerously bulging, pouch.

Kristy wondered how James had managed to squeeze his enormous penis into the pouch. It looked as if the material would split open at any moment. As it was it seemed to defy all known laws of fabric dynamics and Kristy was sure she could hear the individual fibres groaning under the pressure.

“Are you sure that thing is approved for competitions?” Kristy asked

“I’m not sure… I’m just trying it for Miss Holmes… she wants me to do some speed trials…”

Kristy smiled, “Did she specify the size of your new costume…?”

“I… I don’t know… I hadn’t thought… I guess so…” James said naively, looking at Kristy.

“Okay, better turn round so I can see the rest of it… if there is a rest of it…”

James turned and gave Kristy a good look at the back of the new swimming costume. The front, as Kristy had already seen, consisted of nothing more than a tiny, dangerously bulging pouch. The top corners of the small pouch had ultra-thin straps going up to each shoulder. Now she could see the slender straps came over James’ shoulders and down the small of his back where they joined and formed a V-shape. A single thin strip of material from the base of the V disappeared between James’ bottom cheeks and under his crutch before joining the lower side of the minuscule pouch.

James, with his back to Kristy, looked over his shoulder. Kristy waved him round and James cautiously turned back. Rather sweetly, thought Kristy, James had cupped his exposed testicles in his hands.

“Wow! It’s really cool…” Kristy enthused. She went over for a closer look. James still held his testicles. Gently she lifted his arms, “James, you’re not hiding anything, your… well they’re too big. Might as well relax…”

“But Kristy… okay.” James moved his hands to his sides. Kristy was right, James’ testicles were so big, his hands didn’t cover much at all.

“Besides…” Kristy was going to add ‘there aren’t many people in the store’, when the high-pitched sound of alarms pierced the air. James and Kristy looked at each other in horror, frozen to the spot and unsure what to do. Behind them they heard the metallic rumble and clang of something crashing down. There was a worrying finality to the sound it made as it hit the floor.

Part 3

Kristy looked over James shoulder and her jaw dropped. James swung round on his heels to see that the noise had been a steel safety shutter rattling down to seal off the changing room.

“What the…!” Kristy yelled, “James! Your clothes!”

As the alarms continued Kristy looked around and saw one of the store assistants, the same one who’d served James. She was walking quickly towards them. James was rooted the spot, but not so frightened that he’d forgotten how exposed he was in the flimsy swimming costume. He clasped his hands firmly between his legs again when he saw the female assistant approaching. Thoughts of being evacuated from the building dressed in nothing but an ill-fitting body-sling flashed through James’ mind.

“It’s okay folks,” the store assistant cried, waving her hands in the air, as she got closer, “it’s okay… false alarm.”

The assistant, who was in her late twenties, came up to Kristy and James. James was still trying to cup as much of his testicles as he could manage into his hands.

“I’m sorry, we’ve been having problems with the alarm system all week,” the assistant explained, “It’s been affecting all our stores. Something to do with new software. My apologies.”

Then she noticed James standing with his hands clasped in front of himself. She could see the pink flesh of James’ scrotum visible between his fingers, “Ah! Oh dear, it looks like you’ve got a problem or two of your own right there… when I saw you, I thought the body-sling might be a little.. ahem… tight…”

“Look, can you pull the shutter up so James can get to his clothes… Kelly,” Kristy asked the assistant, reading her name tag, “you see he left them in the changing room while he came out here to show me his new competition swimming costume.”

“Umm, it might have been better if you’d gone in,” Kelly said to Kristy, “You see…”

James looked at the assistant, then at Kristy, then back at the assistant again.

“W-what do you mean…?” James asked, feeling uneasy.

“… I’m not sure your going to like this,” Kelly continued, “You see the shutter mechanism can only be reset by an engineer… that’s another problem we’ve been having… If you’d been in the room, you could’ve got dressed again and left by the fire-exit…”

“Well get an engineer, then,” said Kristy, taking up James’ case.

“That’s just it, all the engineers are across town dealing with other faults. It’s been a nightmare,” Kelly explained, “Even if I call them now, it’s going to be an hour easy before one of them can make it over…”

“You said there was a fire-exit…” James interrupted, thinking he was onto something, although the thought of leaving the building to go back in through the fire-door wearing the sling didn’t appeal.

“No good… It’s an exit, not an entrance. I’m sorry,”

James felt himself rapidly running out of options. He looked across the racks of sports clothes, “Surely… I can borrow…”

“I know what you’re thinking,” said Kelly reading James’ thoughts, “…but I can’t…not without complying with… look, take it for me, it’s not possible…”

Kristy picked up on what the store assistant was saying, “… you’re kidding me. Do you mean to tell me,” she said, sweeping her arms dramatically across the racks of sportswear, “you can’t find James something to wear?”

“I’m really sorry. It can’t be done… honestly, if I could, I would,” Kelly apologised, “but store policy… It’s like this. Any retail transactions have to be completed in-store… and anyone seeking to try on any item must first have a card swiped against the PLU code of the product, which basically means I can’t release anything off the racks unless I have some type of valid card.”

“What about the swimming costume…” Kristy asked, unable to stop herself from adding, “… James is almost wearing?”

“That’s different,” Kelly explained, “The young man’s swimming costume was an order from his team officials approved and authorized by our head office. I merely had to swipe his college ID in order to authenticate the transaction… which allowed me to de-rack… that is, release the item to your friend here.”

James was so infuriated hearing all this nonsense that he forgot himself and thrust his fists onto his hips giving the women a full-on view of his big testicles trapped outside the body-sling by the elastic-sided pouch. In the silence that followed, Kelly stared at the plump orbs and Kristy swore she heard the fabric of the pouch creaking even more under the strain of James big penis.

“Let me get this straight,” James said finally, annoyed with Kelly, the store and the store’s policies. He was so angry he didn’t even bother to try and cover up, “Let me get this straight. My clothes are stuck behind that shutter along with my wallet. You’re saying that I can’t get anything else to wear from the store unless you can swipe one of my cards and I can’t get at them because of your faulty alarm system? This is insane!”

James gasped for breath after his outburst. The veins on his neck stood out. “Kristy…?”

“Jeez, I’m sorry James. All my cards are max’d…”

Kelly walked off saying she’d try and locate one of the service engineers.

“What am I going to do?” James asked Kristy, “I wanted to talk to you about the nudist thing… that’s why I had to meet up with you. I don’t know when I’ll get another chance. Now all this…”

“Look Kristy, you’re the only one who knows that I’m not a nudist. I really need you to help me… it’s all got out of hand... I can’t take it any more. Please help me Kristy…”

Kristy looked at James standing there in the obscenely brief body-sling and silently wondered if the team would ever use the design in swimming competitions. Hmm, she couldn’t help thinking of a whole team of smooth young boys wearing backless body-slings bending forwards, ready to dive into…

“Sorry James, oh yeah…” Kristy said trying to concentrate on what James was saying, “So what do you want me to do?”

“Can’t you speak to Lori and explain that I only ever pretended to be a nudist… you know why Kristy. Please try and convince her that I never intended to lie to her… it’s just that… the whole thing… it’s somehow taken on a life of its own… I don’t know how to get out of it…”

Kristy paused and then spoke, “I do want to help James, but… it’s kinda tricky. You see if Lori thought you’d been faking it with the nudist thing…”

Even though Kristy wanted to have more fun with James the nudist, she did want to help him. It would be tricky, she thought, as she looked at him standing almost naked in front of her. James stood there so sad and forlorn, with a childlike expression on his face that melted Kristy’s heart.

Put the other way round, it would also be tricky to explain to James that Lori had known all along he wasn’t a nudist. That her mom Jessica had known what had been going on as well. In fact, how could she tell James the truth with out him feeling betrayed. How would he react if he was told he needn’t have gone through all his enforced nudity? How would she, Kristy, feel if this had happened to her? At the very least she’d be out for revenge… revenge on anybody who’d been involved in the deception. Kristy didn’t like the sound of that at all.

It would take tact and a great deal of diplomacy to sort this out, Kristy realised, so on the whole she thought it would be best to leave things as they were.

“Look, okay, I’ll see what I can do. I give you my word. But I can’t promise it’s going to work. I know Lori… She really trusts you James. You’re the first boy she’s been out with who’s been totally honest with her. So many other boys have let her down…”

“It’s a real shame she caught you that day when you were pretending to be a nudist. I don’t know how she could’ve got the idea you really were deeply committed to the nudist lifestyle.”

Kristy paused again to look at James. There was something ineffably endearing about him as he stood there in that body-sling. Now he’d calmed down James had resumed the shy, boyish pose that so turned Kristy on. She loved the way the sides of his smooth body were quite bare in the absence of a waistband on the body-sling. But she couldn’t see the swimming competition umpires approving of the huge hairless testicles protruding from either side of the sling pouch. She didn’t think it would do the drag factor much good either...

“Okay, like I said, I can’t promise anything, but at least I can tell Lori you want to talk about something important.”

Kristy had an idea, “Tell you what, why don’t you come over tomorrow evening. I’ll speak to Lori and prepare the ground, but I can’t let her know what it’s about, you’ll have to do that.”

Kristy was embarrassed to see the look of relief on James’ face.

“Gee, thanks Kristy. You’re the best pal a guy could wish for.”

As soon as the words left his mouth James saw Kerry coming back over. She was escorted by an older looking woman who turned out to be the store manager. As the women approached, James again attempted to cover his testicles as best he could.

Kelly spoke first, “I’ve been discussing your… James, isn’t it… your err, problem with Mrs Hopper here…”

“How do you do. I’m the manager James. Kelly has told me what’s happened and that all your clothes and wallet are trapped behind the shutter… most unfortunate and I apologise most sincerely on behalf of Sports Paradise. I believe Kelly has explained the store’s policy with regard removal of items from the display rails… sadly our hands are tied. There is no way I can over-ride the security tag system.”

“But… but… can’t you do something? I know this…” James shrugged to indicate the costume he was wearing, “… has been authorised for me to wear. But I can’t leave the store with nothing else on. And besides…” James added, “… it doesn’t fit properly.”

Mrs Hopper could see signs of the pink globes peeking out from behind James’ hands, “Perhaps if I can see what the problem is, maybe we can fix something up,” she suggested.

James looked over to Kristy for support. Kristy nodded. James took his hands away. Mrs Hopper’s eyes bulged. She coughed:

“Ahum… yes… umm,” she coughed again and was lost for words. She couldn’t take her eyes of the huge over-sized testicles that were squeezed out of the sides of the body-sling swimming costume. She looked at the strained pouch and wondered if the manufacturers had carried out stress tests on the fabric. The smooth, hairless base of James’ thick penis was clear for them all to see.

Kelly tapped Mrs Hopper on the arm. The two women whispered and James thought it was about a possible way out of his situation until he heard Mrs Hopper say:

“… no, it’s not that he hasn’t grown any pubic hair yet… although some boys don’t get any until quite late, as you’ll see when you’ve been working here long enough. No, I think you’ll find James hasn’t got any pubic hair because most swimming teams have rules that forbid boys from having any body hair at all. Isn’t that right?”

James blushed a deeper red and had to admit that was the reason.

Mrs Hopper returned to the matter in hand:

“I can see what Kelly meant,” Mrs Hopper said finally, “Hmm… I’m just wondering what we have that might help. Obviously we need to cover your testicles at the very least. You can’t go anywhere like that…”

“I’ve no intention of going anywhere at all until I get my clothes back…” James said rather indignantly.

“… oh, didn’t Kelly explain?” Mrs Hopper asked, “Head office has ordered us to evacuate the premises and close the store until the alarm systems have been fully tested and cleared by the authorities. I’m afraid it’s beyond our control.”

James was dumbfounded, “Wha… what about my stuff? My car keys are in there too…”

Part 4

“It’ll all be quite safe, you have my personal assurance. Frankly I don’t think head office was expecting anybody to leave one of our changing-rooms while they were trying something on… after all there are mirrors and everything you need in there without having to come back out into the main store,” Mrs Hopper looked down at James exposed testicles again, “and, err… I’d have thought… under the circumstances it… ahem, would’ve been unwise of you to even consider stepping back out into the sales area.”

Once again, James thought, as his heart sank, Kristy had managed to get him into an awkward predicament.

He sighed and turned towards her, “Any ideas…?” James asked, resigned to the situation. He knew that whatever the solution turned out to be, it would be something he would find embarrassing… at the very least.

Kristy thought for a few moments, then her eyes opened wide and sparkled. She’d thought of something, “I know… we can’t take anything off the racks, but what about promotional stuff?”

“What? Like point-of-sale material?” Mrs Hopper asked, “You’d be most welcome, but I can’t think of anything…” then she had a thought, “We’ve got some water-based marker pens, if they’d be of any use.”

Kristy smiled, “… Jumbo…!”

“Excuse me?” Kelly asked.

“Oh no…please Kristy. Not again…” James knew what Kristy was thinking.

“No, no… not Jumbo’s trunk. More his…”

Kelly and Mrs Hopper stood and looked at each other, none the wiser.

Kristy continued, “If I could just find something… hmm… Ahh! What about this…?”

Kristy pointed over to a desk top on which a large piece of card about two foot high and a foot wide advertised one of Sports Paradise’s product ranges.

“Yes, of course…” Mrs Hopper smiled and nodded her approval, “…most appropriate as well. If we just make a couple of… about there… What do you think Kelly?”

“Oh, yes Mrs Hopper,” Kerry looked at the display panel before she agreed, “I can see how it would work… Yes, best of both worlds, I should say. James gets to disguise his testicles… and when he leaves the store we’ll get some free advertising.”

Kristy looked at the women, “So we’re all together on this one?”

“Hey…” James interrupted, “don’t I get a say…?”

“But James, it’s perfect,” Kristy replied, “There are slots at the bottom of the card… look where it’s kept upright by these bits of card here. We just take those out and push the straps of your sling through the slots and that will keep the card in place over your balls. Then all we have to do is cut two holes here and here…”

“But Kristy…” James looked at the board, “I can’t wear that outside… or inside…”

“I agree it’s ideal,” Mrs Hopper declared, completely ignoring James, as she picked up the advertising panel and held it high.

Across the front, in bold letters it proclaimed: ‘Sports Paradise – We’ve Got Balls!’.

Running down each side of the board were examples of the various balls sold at the store; golf balls, squash balls and so on, down to a pair of tennis balls that would be in perfect alignment with James’ large testicles once the board was in place. All that needed to be done was to remove the real tennis balls and cut the holes as Kristy had said.

Kelly looked at the tennis balls and then at James’s testicles, “They’re about the same size too,” she observed.

Mrs Hopper was enthusiastic, “I’ve got some scissors over here to cut the holes out and we can push the top of the card through the upper part of the straps to hold it in place at the top…”

“But what about behind?” Kelly said as she peered around James’ back, “He’s rather err… exposed at the rear.”

Kristy smiled, “I don’t think anyone’s going to object to seeing a butt like that… besides James is going to have to get used to wearing this sort of costume design in swimming competitions soon enough, aren’t you?”

“Well, that’s kinda like true… but…” James tried to object.

James wasn’t given a chance to say any more as Mrs Hopper continued, “I reckon if we cut the holes just a little bit smaller, we should be able to pull James’ testicles through so they keep in place, otherwise they’ll just slip back through. Then we can use one of these yellow marker pens to make them look like tennis balls.”

Together the women set to work and soon had the advertising board in place, ready to draw James’ over-sized testicles through the holes which had been made in the card.

Kristy and Kelly knelt in front of James. They gently pushed and then pulled his left testicle through one of the holes, twisting and turning it to get it through the tight gap. James winced and pursed his lips as he felt the first of his big balls being handled.

When the left testicle was in place, Mrs Hopper set about it with the marker pen and soon had it looking like a fairly convincing tennis ball, complete with manufacturer’s logo.

James had to hold his breath and bite his lower lip as Kristy and Kelly pulled his right testicle through a slightly tighter hole.

“There, that didn’t take too long,” Mrs Hopper said as she admired their handiwork.

James looked like an eccentric man with a rather unusual sandwich-board. Kristy turned him round so that he could see himself in a mirror.

“Jeez, Kristy… I can’t go out like this…” James looked in the mirror, “No way… I mean… look… it’s obvious.”

“No it’s not. You only think that because you know what they are… no one will notice, honestly…” Kristy said, in an effort to reassure him.

Mrs Hopper tried to hurry James along, “I’m sorry, but we haven’t much time, you’ll have to…”

“No… I can’t… I can’t go out like this… you’re crazy if you think… Ahh! dammit... not now… no!”

Completely unexpectedly James turned to Kristy, “ … Kristy… let’s go… go now!”

Kristy was bewildered at the sudden change in James, “… Wha… what’s…”

“Don’t argue… let’s go… come on, Kristy! I want out of here… Now!”

James had his testicles jammed through the advertising board covering his front, so he had to hobble carefully forward. At each step the card pulled painfully on first one testicle then the other. He moved as fast as he could to reach the door.

Still confused, Kristy followed and tried to figure out why James suddenly changed his mind. She could see how painful it was for him to walk so quickly with his testicles trapped through holes in the card.

Kristy could only think whatever it was had to be extremely important.

Mrs Hopper and Kelly were left behind in the store wondering what was happening. The store manager turned to her assistant, “Guess we’d better get this place locked up…”

Once out of the store James stopped and looked around him. His hands went down to try and soothe his testicles which were now very sore… until he realised he was being watched.

“Quick, where are you parked?” he yelled over his shoulder to Kristy.

People were beginning to notice James in his peculiar outfit. “Come on, Kristy. Where’s your car?”

Kristy had fallen behind, “James… James. Hang on… just a sec…”

“Where is it…? I’ve got to get to the car…”

“What car James? There is no car… I walked over…”

James swung round on Kristy, his eyes out on stalks. He winced as his testicles were pulled by the card, “No car! What do you mean, no car! I’ve got to get to a car!”

“James, please… You’re scaring me… I haven’t got the car… Lori’s got the car…”

People were gathering round. Circling. Admiring James’ overly exposed body. Starting to look closely at the ‘tennis balls’...

“What is it James…? What’s got into you? Two minutes ago you didn’t want to leave… now…”

“That was before… this…!” James glanced down at himself and the card which could be seen to bow outwards.

“Holy crap… James you’re not…”

Kristy swung her head around, trying to think what to do. She looked back towards the sports store… maybe, “Stay here, James… It’ll be quicker if I run over…”

“Please hurry Kristy… I can’t hold out much longer. This thing is killing me,” James turned his head around, “…and people are looking…”

Kristy raced over to the store, but it was too late. The entrance was locked and there was no sign of Mrs Hopper or Kelly or anyone else who could help. Kristy ran back towards James.

The crowd around James was growing. A girl of Kristy’s age was actually touching one of James’ ‘tennis balls’. The girl squeezed it and James flinched, puckered his lips and nodded vigorously when she asked if it was a real tennis ball.

Kristy took a deep breath and waded in:

“Okay… just back off! Leave him alone!”

She took hold of James’ hand and spoke to the crowd, “Hey, give him a break. He’s just trying to raise some cash for his swim-team…” It was the best she could come up with, but it worked and people drifted away.

She heard one of them say, “Hey… she’s the one with balls.”

James stood open mouthed. “Kristy, you saved my life…”

“Yeah okay, save it… we’ve still got to do something about that…” she said pointing at the bowing card, “It’s looking very obvious… the card’s already bent… it can’t last much longer. Is your… is it still in the sling?”

James shook his head, “That’s why I wanted to get out of the store quick. It was starting to… you know… work its way out…” he explained, “I guess it must have been when you and Kelly were pulling my balls through the card that set it off…and it’s… itching… rubbing… the head… it’s so…”

“Got a life of its own, that one,” Kristy found time to smile, “but what are we going to do… Isn’t there any way you can get it to go down? We can’t go anywhere with your thing like that,” she said, again pointing to the rapidly bending card.

James blushed an even deeper red, “Err… there is one way…”

“You’re crazy! We’re in the parking lot! You can’t do it here!”

“But Kristy, I… I just don’t know… what else,” James stuttered, then gasped, “Jeez Kristy it’s rubbing hard against the card…! If I don’t do something I’m gonna cum right here… oh Kristy , you’ve got to do something! Please help me…!”

“James… James… hang on!” Kristy was beginning to panic. She simply couldn’t think of anything to do.

James was panting now and Kristy could see his face was screwed up.

“Oh… it feels so… quick Kristy… do something…! Anything…! It’s rubbing so much… I don’t think I can hold it… any longer… Kristy… Kristy… I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum right now!”

Kristy looked round quickly. There was nowhere to go. She lunged forward and wrapped her arms around James. She squeezed him in her arms as he began to squeal with pleasure. As James’ orgasm ripped through his body, Kristy lifted her hands up and pulled his head hard down towards her. She planted a long lingering kiss on his lips to muffle his cries.

James ejaculated. His sperm blasted out against the card. Kristy felt pulse after pulse of the stuff hit the thin sheet that separated them.

When at last Kristy felt the final waves of James’ orgasm subside she pulled back. The card advertising Sports Paradise’s balls was soaked with James’ sperm. The card was already beginning to disintegrate.

James could feel his penis softening at last… his legs felt sticky.

Kristy was still facing him as she heard a familiar voice call out behind her. She twisted round, “Mom!” She quickly spread her arms out to try and stop Jessica Hill from seeing James.

“… I didn’t expect to see you two here… What on earth are you wearing James? Kristy, what’s been going on?”

Kristy was forced to stand to one side and let her mom look. Mrs Hill was shocked at the sight of James facing her in the remnants of his outfit. She saw a thin board advertising sports balls that was wet in a thick line running from top to bottom. She saw what was clearly an impression of James’ huge penis in the damp card. She saw that the tennis balls were plainly his testicles half in and half out of the disintegrating board. She saw the dribbles of turbid liquid running down his inner thighs. Jessica Hill could see what had happened.

At that moment the head of James’ softening penis broke through the mushy card and the weight of it slowly split the card down the middle as it slackened. James stood with the limp card hanging open and his wet sticky penis covered in sperm pointing straight out at Kristy and her mom.

“Please mom, don’t say anything, just get us out of here,” Kristy pleaded with genuine anguish in her voice.

“But we can’t leave with James like this Kristy… here put this over your penis,” she said to James, “At least it’ll cover it … well most of it,” Mrs Hill said as she pulled a painted tube out of her shopping bag, “I was going to give it to Mary’s young boy for his birthday,” she explained, “I can easily get another one.”

“What on earth is it mom?” Kristy asked.

“I’m not sure… a sort of musical thing… something Matt wanted for a present... it’s called a… but let’s not waste any more time Kristy, or people will start to wonder what’s going on.”

James did as he was told and pushed the brightly patterned tube over his penis. He felt ridiculous with it pushed about three-quarters of the way down his still semi-hard member. While he was doing that Kristy pulled the remains of the wet card out of the straps of the body-sling swimming costume.

Mrs Hill looked James over, “We haven’t got time to do anything about all that sperm James, just try and cover your testicles as best you can. Kristy and I will walk in front of you and hold the tube between us. That way it’ll look like we’re all carrying a pole or something between us…”

James was bewildered. Mrs Hill took charge and the three of them walked through the parking-lot with James wearing the flimsy red body-sling. His front glistened with sperm. His testicles painted yellow and his penis stuffed into some unidentified musical instrument. But by her ingenuity Mrs Hill got them safely to her car.

She looked at Kristy and James, “How did this happ…?”

Kristy stopped her mom from saying any more, “Please mom, just drive… later… and I’ll tell you what happened.”

Part 5 (Conclusion)

Kristy finished her tale.

For a few moments there was silence. Then…

“You kissed him!” Lori shouted as she threw her cushion at Kristy, “You kissed him when he…! In the parking-lot!”

“What did you want me to do? Let him shout, ‘I’m cumming!’ at the top of his voice…?” Kristy said as she caught the cushion, “Did you want everyone to know your boyfriend was shooting… stuff outside Sports Paradise?”

“I didn’t have much choice,” Kristy told her sister as she put down the cushion, “I had to kiss him to stop him making all that noise… you know what he’s like when he cums. It was bad enough having him pump up all that gunk like some sperm geyser…. a fountain of yuck, that’s what it was. James had to put both hands over the top of his penis to stop it from going everywhere!”

Kristy picked up the cushion again, “As it was the card was pretty well mashed up by the time he finished spurting all that thick goo... honestly, I thought it’d never stop…”

“… anyway I had to kiss him… he’s got cute lips… and I felt it was my duty… and my reward for looking after him in his hour of need.”

“Okay, okay, very noble… I forgive you,” Lori conceded, then went on, “So James wants to come over and see me about the whole nudist thing… you think he’ll tell me it’s all hooey?”

“Hmm… not sure on that one.” Kristy said, “I did make it plain you’d been messed about by other boys… and how he’s the only one who’s been honest with you… you know.”

Kristy thought for a moment before she continued, “He’s really desperate to get out of this nudism thing… whether he’ll have the guts tell you the truth, I don’t know. But I reckon if it’s a choice between losing you and carrying on with the nudist stuff, then I think he’d go for nudism every time.”

“You really think so?” Lori smiled.

“You should’ve seen the way he looked when we talked about it in the store. He was just adorable standing there in that body-sling swimming costume… you should have seen him… so sweet…”

“…and cute… but what should I do Kristy?”

“Personally, I’d keep him believing you think he’s a nudist. Don’t forget, I’m the only one James can talk to about it, so if he asks me whether he should tell you he isn’t a nudist, I can always advise him against it. And if he thinks we’ve gone too far in teasing him and he really, really does want out, you’ll have Kristy’s early-warning system to tell you…”

“… now tell me how you got on at the clinic…”

“I got the Viagra from Dr Wang alright,” Lori told Kristy, “In fact it was her idea to give it to James. She talked a lot about how James has ‘issues’ with certain aspects of nudism, how they needed to be addressed and how I could help him… mainly by masturbating him, as far as I can tell.”

“To be honest with you Kristy, I’m not sure whether Dr Wang knows that James isn’t really a nudist… she certainly talked as if she thought he was one, though.”

“A lot of what she was saying I didn’t understand, so I just nodded and agreed most of the time. Then she asked me if I’d had any problems with James in the erection department…”

“… I shouldn’t think so after today’s performance in the parking-lot…”

Lori continued, “… I told her about the other day when I picked up James from his swimming practice… you weren’t around for that… and brought him back to the house. Mom was here with a couple of her friends. Dr Wang was really interested when I told her, so I played it up a bit. You know exaggerated. I’m afraid it made me sound a bit… well, domineering.”

“Then she wanted details of how James reacted to being nude with an erection in front of us all and I said stuff about him getting embarrassed and looking worried all the time. Then I laid it on strong about how he kept losing his erection and his penis going soft every few minutes.”

Lori paused, “You know Kristy, I think Dr Wang gets a real kick out of all this. Ever since she did his physical and saw how big James is… She wants him back in for more tests pretty soon… I feel sorry for James… he’ll need to be dragged back there and she’ll eat him alive.”

“I’m sure it’s all done in the name of medical research.” Kristy added, “So when can we try out the Viagra?”

“I’m not sure Kristy,” Lori said, “Although Dr Wang wants me to test its effectiveness before he goes back to the clinic…”

“Why not tomorrow…?”

“When he comes over to try and convince me he’s not a nudist?”

“Why not? If that stuff’s half as strong as it’s made out to be, James will be begging to go back to the clinic to find out why Mr Penis is being so naughty…”

“Kristy, sometimes I think you should be…”

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