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Arrangements for Michael - Part 1

The following correspondence is based on a story I recently found during my researches. The main premise together with the start of the correspondence broadly adheres to the original story. Names have been changed, apart from that of Michael the boy who is the subject of the letters between two mothers.

The correspondence begins with a letter from Edith Hudson to Olive Jeffries. These two ladies obviously know each other well and have met on several occasions. They have made arrangements for Michael, Edith’s 14 year old stepson, to spend the late summer with Olive Jeffries and her family. Michael’s stay is due to the fact that Edith and her husband have planned to visit some relatives and friends in Scotland. They also wish to have some time together, away from the responsibilities of looking after a clearly troublesome young boy.

Olive Jeffries lives on the south coast of England with her husband Peter. They have three children, the twins Brenda and Brandon (13), and Tyler (12). It is clear there has been some previous correspondence.

First Letter

Edith Hudson to Olive Jeffries

Dear Olive,

Thank you so much for letting me know that you are definitely able to look after Michael while we are away on holiday. I am so pleased your husband Peter has overcome his misgiving about looking after such demanding boy as Michael and now understands that a firm hand is needed to keep him under control at all times. It really is such a relief that you are able to do this as we could not take Michael with us for the reasons we have already discussed and it is very important that we visit Scotland before this Autumn.

As agreed, Michael will be coming to stay with you just as soon as Gerald and I finalise the details of our trip to Scotland. We are really looking forward to the break and plan to have plenty of days out, so we are both praying for lots of good weather! As to how Michael feels about his forthcoming stay with you and your family? Well, I wasn’t fully in a position to know your precise views about looking after a naughty boy like Michael when I first approached you with the possibility of having him to stay with your family. This has meant that I may have given Michael the impression that he will be treated somewhat more leniently when he comes to stay with you. A most erroneous impression it would now seem! I’m sure it will come as quite a shock for him when he finds out quite how wrong he was to think he would be treated any differently by you, Olive.

As you know from our previous letters, he is not an easy child to deal with and it is therefore necessary to be very strict with him and ensure that every minute of his day is managed for him. If I don't do this, he gets into all kinds of trouble and this I will not tolerate. Michael needs constant attention and very strict discipline. As I said, I’m sure that one of the reasons he is keen to come and stay with you is because he thinks he will be able to do as he pleases. I have explained that he must behave himself, but I can see my words are falling on deaf ears. However, I now know you will stand no nonsense from him. If he misbehaves he can expect to be severely dealt with by you, just as he is with me. I can’t tell you how much this puts my mind at rest.

You can no doubt imagine how relieved I am to know there will be no let up in Michael's strict regime whilst he is with you. It’s clear we both think alike in the way naughty boys should be dealt with. Of course I understand that you do not need to be quite as strict with Brandon and Tyler as I am with Michael (and that’s as it should be with boys as well behaved as you tell me Brandon and Tyler are, and besides you also have Brenda to help you… she really does sound like a most sensible young girl). However, I am sure this will not influence the way you manage Michael’s life while he is with you. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that I will not be happy if Michael befriends either of your sons (there doesn’t seem to be much danger of that happening with Brenda!) in an attempt to somehow wheedle himself an easier life during his stay. This is the type of behaviour for which you must be on your guard.

I have listed some suggestions as to how you should deal Michael during his stay with you, which I hope will prove to be of use:

  • To ensure that Brandon and Tyler do not feel sorry for Michael, I think you should point out to them that he is really not to be trusted and that his behaviour has become so intolerable that he has to stay with you rather than visit his family in Scotland. Explain to them that this is a great inconvenience to your family, that is it going to cost money, and that they will therefore receive less pocket money as a result.

  • I see no reason why Brenda should not help you with Michael's discipline. It is important that Michael should have the greatest respect for all your family and to realise the enormous trouble you are all going through in having him stay at your house.

  • Feel free to discipline Michael whenever and wherever you deem to be appropriate. I will have no qualms should you deem it necessary to punish Michael in front of others. I have frequent recourse to this when it is desirable to teach Michael a summary lesson. His embarrassment on these occasions is a sight few would forget. I would welcome your thoughts on this very important topic and perhaps you would be kind enough to give me an idea as to how you plan to handle Michael's punishments, of which there will be many I have no doubt.

  •  Michael's day should be planned in detail and he should not do anything or go anywhere without the prior permission of you or your family. I hope that you will be very strict on this point as in my experience you should always know where Michael is, otherwise he will laze around doing nothing except indulging in a habit he has succumbed to recently and one I forbid. More about that later. I hope you will get Michael to work hard in the house and in the garden. There is no reason why he should not wash up, clean the house, make the beds, weed the garden etc. in recompense for his stay with your family. And the dirtier and harder the work the better, in my view.

  • Michael has a daily P.E. routine he must perform. The exact details of the exercises he must carry out will be scheduled in a special logbook he will bring with him. For health and hygiene reasons Michael must  perform his P.E. exercises in the nude. Plimsolls are allowed, but no other clothing must be worn. I hope Michael’s nude exercise routine will not inconvenience you or your family unduly. There is no need to make any special arrangements as the exercises can be performed outdoors in your garden if there is insufficient room in the house. The P.E. routine must be performed daily no matter who else happens to be around and, if performed outside, whatever the weather. Michael’s P.E. logbook needs to be signed by an adult to show he has completed his exercises, in the nude, to a satisfactory standard.

I will pack a small suitcase for Michael to bring with him. It only needs to be a small case as we do not allow Michael to wear too many clothes and occasionally he finds himself in the nude if he misbehaves. Although Michael is 14 and quite tall for his age, we have not yet allowed him to wear long trousers and have no plans to buy him any for at least two more years, possibly longer. From what you have told me I gather that both Brandon and Tyler are already wearing long trousers, even though they are both younger than Michael… in Tyler’s case two years younger! That is all to the good and will serve to show Michael how silly, naughty boys like he is have to be dealt with and the sort of privileges well-behaved boys like Brandon and Tyler have earned. I’m sure you understand the sort of prestige boys attach to the wearing of ‘longs’. I imagine Michael will be very jealous of your two boys and have to put up with a considerable amount of teasing from them when they see him dressed in his very brief short trousers. Please do not make any attempt to stop Brandon and Tyler from teasing Michael. I want you to remember it’s Michael’s own fault he is kept in short trousers, a fact that he needs to be made aware of constantly in my experience. This is something to be borne in mind should he complain of being teased by your sons. 

Please make sure Michael does not try to borrow any clothes from either Brandon or Tyler (though I very much doubt their clothes would fit Michael as he has rocketed up since you last saw him a little over a year ago). Michael will bring the following clothes with him which will be more than enough for his stay, even if the weather does turn cold:

  • Michael has four T-shirts, all of which he has had for some time so that they are now somewhat short. There is one in particular which finishes well above his waist leaving a very large gap that means his tummy and belly-button are quite bare. He tries not to wear this one when he goes out, but usually I insist that he does. There are no sweaters, since the T-shirts are quite enough for him. He will, of course, wash them when they get dirty.

  • He has three pairs of ‘everyday’ white shorts (no underpants to be worn!) which should be enough. Again, these are rather old and are now much too short for a boy with legs as long as Michael’s. As you can imagine Michael does get stared at a lot, as well as pointed at and teased by boys of all ages who think it hugely funny to see a boy wearing such extremely short shorts. Please do not be tempted to buy him any new shorts. If he really does need a pair, though I can’t think why, then perhaps you might have an old pair of Tyler’s he could borrow – they would be much too small of course, however that should not be of any concern. I should also tell you that the elastic around the waist of all the shorts has perished and is rather worn. There is no need for you to even think about repairing them as Michael simply pulls the shorts right up as far as they will go and rolls the waist-band down. That way they stay up, though they do show even more of his bare legs. Having said that, Michael’s shorts do slip down from time-to-time. Quite often this happens when he is unable to pull them back up again very quickly and it’s amusing to see him struggling to retain his dignity!

  • Just in case you should decide to take him somewhere smart he will have his ‘Sunday-best’ suit with him, but I warn you he hates to wear it! We had it made for him a year ago and he has already grown out of it. The jacket only just reaches his waist and the short trousers now show all of his legs and thighs. In fact the legs of the shorts are so short they barely cover even the top inch of his thighs. The suit is made of cotton and you will notice that we had to arrange to have the waist altered as he just could not do up the top button. The tailor we went to managed to move this button and she also kindly replaced the zip fly with buttons so the shorts just about hold together. I do hope you have a chance to see Michael in his suit, as he does look so sweet. The jacket is quite smart if a little too small for him, but as I said the short trousers hardly cover his legs at all and to Michael’s intense embarrassment, his prominent ‘boy-bulge’ is clearly visible for anyone to see as the suit is only made from thin cotton fabric. With the suit he wears brown sandals and white ankle socks which mean that his legs are kept nice and bare right to the very tops of his thighs. He has a grey school shirt and, of course his school tie.

  • Michael also has a pair of smart pale-blue play-shorts. I’m not sure whether he hates to wear these more than his ‘Sunday-best’ suit, but it must be a close run thing when you see the look on his face when he’s told to change into them! As the name suggests, Michael is allowed to wear his play-shorts for playing in, although he is also allowed to wear them for visiting friends of the family when it is desired to have Michael not quite so formally dressed as he would be in his suit. There is no need for Michael to wear a top when wearing his play-shorts, just a pair of his plastic play-sandals will do. Michael’s play-shorts differ from his regular shorts in that they do not have an elasticated waist-band, instead they are held up by adjustable shoulder straps, or braces. These straps are attached by buttons to the front of the play-shorts. The two straps then loop over Michael’s shoulders then down his back and crossing over just above the back of the waist. Michael’s play-shorts are very loosely cut. We wanted to ensure there was plenty of room for growth, as he will be needing to wear them for a long while yet! We have kept the leg length minimal to make sure there is plenty of room for movement and for Michael to get lots of sun and healthy fresh air on the tops of his legs. Michael must never wear anything, such as underpants, underneath his play-shorts, as this would negate the obvious healthy benefits of their loose design. However this does mean that Michael’s penis, and very often his testicles too, are clearly visible poking out of the leg of the shorts especially when the play-shorts are pulled right up by shortening the braces. Please do not concern yourself if this should happen. In my experience Michael will make a fuss and beg you to adjust the play-shorts so that his penis is less visible. If this should happen it is best just to ignore him.

We always send Michael to church in his suit on Sundays. I do not approve of women priests, so Gerald and I attend church in a neighbouring parish. However the lady vicar at our local church has taken quite a shine to Michael and thinks he looks very smart in his ‘Sunday-best’, so Michael attends for the service there each Sunday. She did however ask me whether Michael wasn’t a bit too old to be still wearing short trousers. I had to explain to her that we insist on Michael wearing shorts and short trousers because he is very naughty and that he will remain in short trousers until he learns to grow up and starts behaving himself. At the same time I gave the vicar permission discipline Michael if he ever misbehaves in church and I understand that it has now been necessary for her to do this on several occasions. If Michael misbehaves during the service then he is taken out to the vestry once the congregation has departed. Once Michael has admitted that he has done wrong the vicar takes his short trousers right off, puts him over her knee and soundly spanks him.

A couple of weeks ago I had to ask Michael why he was particularly late home from church. With a very red face he told me that the lady vicar had undressed him completely and given him a thoroughly good spanking for misbehaving during the service that week. After the spanking Michael told me he was made to stand still, bare-nude, facing the vicar with his hands on his head for 15 minutes. As he nearly always has an erection after a good spanking, I imagine Michael was excruciatingly embarrassed to do his ‘nude-time’ in front of the vicar. Now, of course, Michael has to contend with the fact that the lady vicar, who he sees during the week as well as every Sunday, has seen him not only in the nude, but also with an erection. He must wonder if she has told anyone else about how he is spanked in the vestry and whether anyone else knows about his ‘nude-time’ erection.

I would add that the above episode with the vicar is a good example of the way in which Michael should be treated. He is a mischievous boy and should be dealt with as such. It is the reason he is in short trousers and the reason he will be kept in short trousers.

Michael has either a bath or a shower at least once every day. I always supervise this myself to make sure that he washes himself properly. This rarely happens and I find that I have to wash Michael myself. I would like him to continue to be fully supervised at bathtimes while he stays with you. However, if you do not have the time to do it yourself then perhaps Brenda would be willing to help out. If Michael gets dirty and needs a wash during the day because of the work you have set him to do, I don’t think you should bother to waste too much hot water on him. A cold shower or bath is fine. Better still take him into the garden, strip him off, and give him a bucket of cold water to wash in or just hose him down. This would be very suitable if he has not worked hard enough, and particularly if the weather has turned colder.

You have not told me if either Brandon or Tyler masturbate yet. I am afraid that Michael has started this pernicious habit and I have strictly forbidden him to do so. Of course, I’m not foolish enough to think that he doesn’t attempt to masturbate at every opportunity when my back is turned, so one has to be extremely vigilant. Perhaps you could let me know what the position is with Brandon and Tyler, whether you permit the boys to masturbate and any ideas you may have to prevent Michael playing with his penis.

You will notice that Michael has a completely smooth and hairless body, with no sign at all of any pubic hair, which is a source of acute embarrassment to him. It would amuse me to know whether Brandon had started to sprout any little hairs around his penis. I do hope so as this will cause Michael further embarrassment if the two boys should see each other in the nude, after all Brandon is a year younger than Michael.

I do not think you will be surprised at any of the aforegoing as I’m sure you are now fully aware what a handful Michael can be. Please reply with any further questions and I will be grateful to hear your thoughts on how you plan to deal with Michael during his stay.

Once again, many thanks to you and you family for agreeing to look after Michael.

Yours sincerely,


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