Saturday, 21 April 2012

Arrangements for Michael - Part 5

Fifth Letter

Edith Hudson to Olive Jefferies

Dear Olive,

As you say, it is getting very close to Michael’s visit. I hope to be with you by mid-morning on Tuesday 6th as arranged. I am so looking forward to our break in Scotland and it is such a relief to know that you will be taking such good care of Michael.

I don’t want to put you off, but I’m afraid Michael has been very difficult in the past few days. He still seems to think he’ll be able to do just what he pleases when he comes to stay with you. As I’ve already told you I am reluctant to disabuse him of this fact… I’m sure you’re quite capable of bringing him down to earth without my help!

Last Sunday the vicar was forced yet again to take Michael to task for misbehaving during the service. I don’t know quite what Michael was up to (and I’m not so sure I do want to know either!), but the vicar had to stay behind and escort Michael, by his ear apparently, to the vestry for a stern talking to while Michael, I gather, stood there and tried to deny everything! Fortunately the vicar is made of sterner stuff and she eventually made Michael admit to his bad behaviour in church. It seems that once again the vicar was compelled to undress Michael completely before taking him over her knee for another sound spanking which this time had Michael tearfully begging to be let off. Let off! Why very idea!

Michael was given another period of ‘nude-time’, once more facing the vicar with his hands clasped behind his head. Michael’s period of reflection was, I understand, interrupted by the lady verger. It must have been a double embarrassment for him to have the verger seeing him in the nude with his face still wet with tears. And I’ve no doubt that Michael will have been sporting his usual post-spanking erection as well! When Michael returned home I noticed that the vicar had given the backs of his legs some well-placed smacks also. No wonder it was obvious Michael had been crying. I also noticed some curious small round red marks on his knees which Michael was very reluctant to tell me about. Finally, Michael confessed to me the vicar had actually made him do his nude-time penance kneeling on some dried peas after his spanking.

Michael told me that kneeling for half-an-hour on his bare knees on the dried peas was ‘horrid’ and nearly as bad as having his bare bottom smacked. I bumped into the vicar a couple of days later and thanked her for taking Michael to task and as we talked about Michael’s behaviour I mentioned the dried peas and how effective they were. She then told me she has asked one of her elderly lady helpers at the church to sew some pea-sized beads onto the top of a hassock which will be given to Michael to kneel on each time he attends church for the Sunday service. The vicar said that she hoped that Michael will be reminded, every time kneels down, to pay attention and not to fidget. I imagine his bare knees are going to feel quite sore by the end of each service in future.

Just a few words about food. I’m afraid Michael can be very difficult at meal times. I have been forced on occasions to send Michael straight up to bed without any supper when his has made a fuss at the table. In this event I simply serve up Michael’s unfinished food cold at his next meal… and most unappetising it looks too, but there’s nothing else to come until he’s eaten what’s in front of him. I have told Michael time and again that I’m not going to waste perfectly good food simply because he is a fussy eater.

Quite the worst behaviour happens when Michael is confronted with a milk pudding such as blancmange, semolina or worse still tapioca. As I’m sure you know, these foods are extremely nourishing and eminently suitable for a growing boy like Michael, yet he more often than not flatly refuses to eat them! I aim to serve him one of these nutritious puddings at least three times a week and I would be grateful if you would do likewise. Some of Michael’s worst temper tantrums have been over his refusal to eat a bowl of tapioca and I well remember the day when I was forced to hold Michael’s nose and spoon-feed him. I’m afraid that a lot of the tapioca ended up over his face and as you can imagine quite a bit was splashed from his chin onto his chest.

Ever since that episode I have taken the precaution of undressing Michael completely and tying a child’s bib around his neck before feeding him… I’ve found a child’s plastic feeding spoon most useful and will bring one with me. It would be as well to be warned that he is still likely to end up with quite a bit of the slimy tapioca over himself. I’m seriously considering the purchase of a high chair for Michael for use on these occasions, for no other reason than it will make feeding him less of a strain on my back.

You certainly have given a lot of thought to Michael’s bedtime arrangements and of course they have my unconditional approval. Brenda is being so helpful and it’s good to know that you’ll have her by your side to make sure Michael sticks to his routine. By the sounds of it she’s already had lots of experience in helping you with Brandon and Tyler. I imagine that her twin brother makes quite a fuss when it’s her turn to take charge of the boys’ bathtime as well their bedtime.

Thank you for speaking to Miss Spencer. I’m sure that once she’s had chance to assess Michael’s abilities (or lack of!) in mathematics, she’ll know what needs to be done to bring him up to scratch. I’ll pack his full school uniform so that he’s properly dressed when he goes for his lessons. You’ll notice that his short grey school trousers do look uncomfortably short. This is because Michael’s legs seem to have grown much more than the rest of him in the last year, but as there’s plenty of wear left in his school shorts, he’ll have to make do with them for a while yet. Michael won’t be expecting to wear his school uniform in the holidays and will probably make some excuse not to wear it, but from what you tell me, Miss Spencer won’t stand for any nonsense like that!

Well, that’s about all for now. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday and hope that I’ll get the opportunity to meet Brenda and the boys so that I can introduce Michael to them. I feel sure that when Michael settles in he’ll have a most memorable time with you all!

With all my best wishes,


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