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Arrangements for Michael - Part 2

Second Letter

Olive Jeffries to Edith Hudson

Dear Edith,

Thank you so much for your letter which I found very helpful. I have to say I was much relieved to receive it as I was concerned that, when it came to the crunch, we might not agree on just how a naughty boy of fourteen, such as Michael, should be dealt with. I am delighted to say that your thoughts on the matter are just the same as mine.

Let me reassure you straightaway that you have nothing to worry about. Michael will be treated here just the same as he is at home. I would venture to say that Michael might find it even more challenging, particularly as Brenda is very keen to get involved, but more of that later.

I completely agree with your methods and found your suggestions most useful. I have had a few ideas myself, several of which will need your approval.

I am really looking forward to Michael’s visit and can hardly wait for the day he arrives. I view the prospect of looking after a naughty boy like Michael, as a challenge, rather than thinking it in any way daunting. I confess that I am humbled by the trust you place in me with regard to caring for Michael, but I feel sure I will justify your faith in me.

I’ll start straightaway by referring, in no particular order, to the points you raise in your letter:

  • Michael’s nude P.E. routine. This will have to be performed in the garden, as I have spoken to Brandon and he tells me that some of the exercises he does in the gym at school involve energetic jumping up and down, something that can’t be done indoors, he says. The garden is overlooked on all sides, but that shouldn’t be a problem as our neighbours are most understanding. I will however make sure they are all aware that a nude fourteen year old boy will be performing his P.E. exercises in our garden each day, so they are not shocked when they see Michael for the first time. Brenda has very kindly offered to supervise Michael and to make sure he does all his exercises properly, which I think is very thoughtful of her.

  • Both Brandon and Tyler are masturbating. When I first discovered Brandon playing with his penis I had a long discussion with Peter about whether we should allow the boys to masturbate. In the end we decided to keep an open mind about masturbation. However, we decided there would have to be certain ground rules – what I call ‘masturbation privileges’ for the boys to follow. Tyler wasn’t at that time masturbating, so we explained to Brandon that he was allowed to masturbate provided he cleaned up afterwards and didn’t create more housework by leaving sticky tissues or hand towels about. As you’d expect, Brandon was very red-faced and embarrassed when we explained all this to him, but looked relieved to be given permission to play with himself. Tyler masturbates as well now and has to follow the same rules as Brandon. I’m proud to say that both boys are able to ejaculate, although Tyler, being only twelve, can only produce rather thin, clear fluid at the moment. Brandon, being a year older, is now able to produce thicker, milky ejaculate in very respectable quantities so I’m told by the School Doctor (by the way, she’s a very good friend of mine, which might prove useful if you’d like Michael to have a check-up while he’s with us).

  • Of course I fully understand the position as regards Michael being forbidden to masturbate and I will ensure your wishes are respected. It occurred to me that, given your agreement, I might engage Brandon and Tyler to keep an eye on Michael to make sure he’s not tempted to misbehave and play with himself. Should they not report Michael to me if they see him playing with himself. then I think I might even threaten to withdraw masturbation privileges from them both, so my boys better be on their toes! I’m sure that if Brenda ever catches Michael she’ll have no hesitation in reporting the matter to me. With all those watchful eyes on the lookout for misbehaviour, it should ensure Michael never has the opportunity to be naughty and play with his penis!

  • There is absolutely no question of any of my family befriending Michael. Brandon and Tyler have been told that having Michael to stay with us is going to cause considerable inconvenience, not least because he will have to be supervised at all times. The boys had been promised a couple of trips to a nearby theme-park, but, because it is going to cost money to look after Michael, these outings have had to be cancelled. As you can imagine they are already extremely resentful about Michael coming to stay.

  • I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that Brandon has started to sprout a few little hairs around the base of his penis. He is inordinately proud of them as you can imagine and he tells me that only a few boys in his class at school have any hairs so far. I wonder if you’ll be surprised to know that I actually saw him counting his little hairs the other day! Brandon is already teasing Tyler for not having any hairs, so I should think Brandon will take great delight in showing off his hairs in front of Michael. I look forward to seeing the look on Michael’s face. No doubt he’ll be very jealous and I’ll make sure I take every opportunity to remind Michael what a little boy he looks standing next to Brandon. I’m sure you’ll agree that Michael’s complete absence of pubic hair at the age of fourteen should certainly help to keep him in his place!

  • As regards clothing, you are quite correct that both Brandon and Tyler were allowed to graduate into long trousers some time ago. I’m pleased to say that neither boy has abused this privilege. You tell me that people quite often point and stare at Michael when they see him wearing shorts or short trousers when you are out with him in public. I’m not surprised! It can’t be often that you see a fourteen year old boy with his long legs bare right to the very tops of his smooth thighs. It will be quite a contrast to see tall, gangly Michael walking along bare-legged, next to two obviously younger boys, both wearing comfortable long trousers. You can  be sure the three of them will be seen regularly together in public! Seeing Michael wearing short trousers all of the time will also have another benefit. Brandon and Tyler will be reminded of what happens if boys don’t behave themselves… a salutatory lesson for them both that long trousers are a privilege and that it is very easy indeed to put a boy back into short trousers whatever his age. 

I understand your concerns about leaving Michael unsupervised and have given this considerable thought as we do have one or two family commitments during Michael’s stay with us. I am loath to include Michael in these arrangements for reasons that I’m sure you understand. I do, however, have a solution and one to which I hope you will agree.

There is a lady next door who is more than happy to baby-sit Michael for us. You can be assured that Miss Margot Spencer will stand absolutely no nonsense from Michael as she is a retired teacher who is well used to coping with unruly boys. It occurs to me that Michael may benefit from some extra tuition from Miss Spencer who I know used to teach mathematics, in particular trigonometry and algebra. I’m sure she would welcome the opportunity to put her skills to use once more. I’m also sure that Miss Spencer can find plenty of chores for Michael to do in return for his tuition. If you wish I’m more than happy to talk to her about this suggestion.

Michael will be given regular chores around the house to keep him busy, such as cleaning, washing up, scrubbing floors, making the beds and so forth. There are also some very dirty, and rather unpleasant jobs I have been putting off for some time including cleaning out the attic, which is filthy, also sorting the garden shed. Peter has said the garage needs a good clear out as well. Michael will of course be properly supervised to make sure he does a good job. There are also a number of jobs to be done in the garden and moving a large compost heap away to a new site at the bottom of the garden is something that would be perfect for Michael to do. I am sure I shall be able to find several more jobs, so rest assured that Michael will be kept fully occupied.

Just to reiterate, I entirely approve of Michael’s sparse wardrobe and I’m sure the clothes you have listed will be more than enough. I agree that boys who cannot behave should be kept in short trousers, particularly if they have legs as long and smooth as Michael. There is no question of long trousers while he stays here, even though my youngest son Tyler wears them and he is only twelve. I am particularly looking forward to seeing Michael dressed in his play-shorts. You can be sure that he will often been seen wearing in them out and about in public during his stay with us.

Be assured that Michael’s bathtimes will be properly supervised. We’re quite used to supervising boys’ bathtimes in this house. I insist there must always be someone to keep an eye on Brandon and Tyler when they’re in the bath in case either one of them has an accident… you know what boys can be like when they’re playing in the bath! It also means that I can be sure they wash themselves properly. They know that if they don’t, they’ll be standing up in the bath while I give them a good scrub! If I’m not available, then Brenda is more than capable of standing in for me. Brandon, as you can imagine, always complains when his twin sister is left in charge of their bathtime, but we all know that girls are so much more mature than boys… even older boys like Michael.

Well, I think that’s enough to be going on with for the moment. I’m sure there’s lots more to discuss, but in the meantime Peter and I are very much looking forward to Michael coming to stay with us.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


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