Monday, 23 April 2012

Arrangements for Michael - Part 6

Sixth Letter

Olive Jefferies to Edith Hudson

Dear Edith,

So lovely to see you yesterday and what a surprise you gave us all. Michael’s sailor-suit was simply breathtaking! He looked so sweet wearing it, but my how he blushed. I’m sure I could feel the heat given off from his bright-red face. To look at him dressed in his sailor-suit you’d never guess he was as old as fourteen… more like a blushing boy of eleven! And you’d never suspect what a naughty boy he can be either.

Brenda couldn’t stop talking about Michael’s sailor-suit after you’d gone. She wants Michael to wear it all the time, but I had to put my foot down and tell her that we should keep it for extra special occasions. I could see that Michael was listening as I told Brenda that he had lots to do while he was with us and that he would be wearing his ‘everyday’ shorts for his various chores in the house and garden. Michael has his play-shorts for days out and trips to the park, I explained. He has his Sunday-best suit for church and his school uniform to wear for his lessons with Miss Spencer. Michael's sailor-suit will be kept as a treat for him to wear when he has been especially well-behaved, for outings to our relatives and when he can be trusted enough to help out when we have visitors. ‘So, Brenda,’ I told her, ‘there will be plenty of opportunity to see Michael in his sailor-suit during his stay with us.’

I must say that when I first saw Michael’s charming sailor-suit, I thought he was wearing a very brief pair of boy’s swim-trunks. It wasn’t until I examined them more closely that I saw that it was the extremely high-sided cut, almost up to Michael’s hips, that had led to my confusion. My how those little white sailor-suit shorts bare Michael’s legs right up to the top! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such short shorts. I agree with you, the black patent leather Mary-Jane shoes and cute little white ankle socks do set off Michael’s sailor-suit so well… and his beautiful, long legs! The jaunty sailor’s cap looked simply wonderful and I’m so pleased Michael was allowed to keep it on when you both came indoors to meet Brenda and the boys.

I think it was most unkind of the boys to tease Michael, but you soon put a stop to that, dear Edith, when you suggested I treat Brandon and Tyler to sailor-suits as well! As you said, three boys in sailor-suits would have lots of fun playing games, taking on pirates and even learning to sing sea-shanties and dance the horn-pipe like real sailors!

It was a good idea of yours to have Michael change out of his sailor-suit before you left. He did make a rather unnecessary fuss when he realised he would have to change there and then. As you said, there was no need for him to go upstairs to change and it was an ideal opportunity for me to explain to Michael that he wasn’t allowed upstairs during the day anyway.

As we agreed, Edith, Michael will be sleeping in Brenda’s room and she doesn’t want him going in and out of there all day long, which is why I decided on the upstairs ban for Michael during the daytime. As far as Brenda is concerned, and I agree, Michael is only to use her bedroom for sleeping in and he will only be allowed in there at bedtime when Brenda settles him down and tucks him in.

It was good of you to make sure we all understood which clothes Michael was to wear for different occasions. It was fortunate you had a pair of plastic sandals for Michael to put on before you sent him outside to your car to bring in his little suitcase… being otherwise completely bare-nude certainly made sure Michael fetched the case in double-quick time!

I’m afraid, glad as he was to get out of his sailor-suit, Michael did look embarrassed to have to stand in the middle of the living-room in his birthday suit while you held up his various different shorts against his hips and explained when they were to be worn.

I didn’t think that poor Michael could possibly blush any deeper red until you spoke to Brenda:

“Now, Brenda,” you said, “I’m putting you in charge of Michael’s clothing… he’s to ask you for his clothes when he’s allowed to get dressed… and mind he asks you politely… and you’re to make sure he puts them on properly and without any fuss…”

You won’t be surprised, Edith, when I tell you how thrilled Brenda was to be given such a responsible job. Michael looked horror struck and almost forgot he was standing bare-nude (well apart from his plastic play-sandals!) in the living-room. Brandon and Tyler couldn’t contain themselves when they heard what you said. I could see that Brandon in particular was pleased that there was something to make up for the indignity of being sometimes bathed by his twin sister.

By the way, I noticed both boys were taking the opportunity to have a good look at Michael as he stood in the nude in front of us all. I could see they were nudging each other and (not so) discretely pointing at Michael’s penis. Although you’d told me about Michael’s lack of pubic hair, it was still a shock to see a fourteen year old with a penis so smooth and hairless. Most boys that I’ve seen of Michael’s age when I’ve taken Brandon and Tyler swimming (I always accompany them into the boys’ changing-room… much to their embarrassment, I might add, although I don’t understand why as I’m their mother after all!) have at the very least a few noticeable straggly hairs around the base of their penises.

Well, Edith, I think Michael was genuinely overwhelmed by the day’s events and didn’t make any fuss when Brenda went to fetch his pyjamas after tea. Michael allowed her to help him get dressed and ready for bed. On this first night I thought it prudent to stay and make sure Michael behaved himself, so my presence might have had something to do with his somewhat meek demeanour. Brenda suggested to me that we get Michael settled down early on his first day and I watched as she took him upstairs… took him into her room and…

… Oh dear! Michael stood there in the middle of Brenda’s bedroom dressed in his jim-jams, clenched his fists and had the most terrible temper-tantrum I’ve seen for a long time. He simply would not go near his cot! Brenda, bless her, took hold of Michael’s wrist and managed to pull him a few steps nearer the cot but I could see it would need a firmer hand than that. I was about to help Brenda when, to my surprise, she gave Michael a sharp smack with her hand on his left leg, just below his bottom. The slap must have stung even through Michael’s pyjama bottoms, because the shock of the smack stopped his tantrum in an instant. Then Brenda spoke to him in the sternest voice I’d ever heard from a girl her age:

“Michael Hudson, if you do not get into your cot this minute you will have a double dose of cod-liver oil… followed by a visit from Mr Redbottom Ruler…!”

Where on earth Brenda had got these ideas from, I had no idea, but clearly she was thoroughly prepared for recalcitrant behaviour from Master Michael. I saw in Michael’s eyes a look of abject misery as it was clearly sinking in that his life was not going to be made any easier during his stay at chez Jeffries! And certainly not with Brenda around…

It doesn’t need me to tell you that when Michael caught sight of the big brown bottle of sickly-tasting liquid on the shelf above his cot and next to the bottle the unmistakable edge of a standard 12” wooden school ruler, Michael meekly allowed himself to be settled down in his cot. Brenda’s parting words as she turned on the baby intercom and night-light, were priceless:

“Straight to sleep, Michael… and no playing with yourself… I’ll be listening… understand… and if I hear anything that I shouldn’t…?”

“Yes, Brenda.”

“… that's good… night-night, Michael… sleep tight...”

So you see, Edith, Michael appears to be settling in without too much trouble. That’s all for now. I’ll write to you soon to let you know how Michael is getting on with us. I do hope you enjoy your break in Scotland and please don’t worry about Michael, he’s in safe hands.

With my sincere best wishes,



  1. Magnificent very exciting story! I have just discovered your blog and put it immediately in my favourites. I lived humiliating experiences during years with a cousin and two cousins and the complicity of my aunt (what I discovered years later) so I can put myself easily in the place of this poor teenager. Thank you very much for your blog and looking forward to discovering the other "pépites".

    Sorry for the mistakes but I'm french

    1. Please don't apologise... your English is far better than my French I assure you! I even had to ask Google to translate "pépites" and discovered it was a beautiful choice of word. Thank you.

      I would certainly be very interested to hear of your own experiences. If you would like to get in touch, my email is If it's needed, we'll let Google take care of any language difficulties.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.