Saturday, 5 November 2011

Christopher’s Story


The story is incomplete. It’s a story that I’ve worked on, on and off, for a number of years. The tale is of a fourteen-year-old boy, Christopher, whose parents are called away on an urgent trip.

Mrs Harper, a neighbour and family friend who has a son who's a few years younger than Christopher, agreed to help out and look after the fourteen-year-old while his folks were away. Mrs Harper also has a daughter who’s a couple of years older than Christopher.

Christopher is outside playing when his mom gives him the key to their house, telling her son that she’s locked the house up, to behave himself while she’s away, and that she’s left a change of clothes on the kitchen table. He’s to have a shower and change before he goes to Mrs Harper’s.

However Christopher manages to lose his house-key and all the clothes he's wearing during a silly game so that he ends up completely bare-nude within a couple of hours of his parents leaving him and unable to get into the house. Frantically he runs round the back of the houses in the hope that his mom has left the back-door unlocked, or maybe even a window open. But he’s out of luck, the house is locked up tight as a drum. Christopher looks forlornly through the kitchen window and sees the pile of clothes that his mom left him to change into after playing outside. But now, through his own fault he’s left, bare-nude, nose pressed against the window, looking longingly at the clothes he’s unable to reach.

He knows it’s going to be extremely embarrassing to have to walk down the road to Mrs Harper’s and even more embarrassing to have to explain exactly why he’s nude and that he’s lost the key to the house his mom gave him. But Christopher consoles himself that Mrs Harper is bound to have a spare key, or at the very least will be able to find him something to wear.

However it doesn’t work out that way and the unfortunate Christopher is forced to spend two whole weeks bare-nude while his parents are away. There's nothing for him to wear at Mrs Harper's  since her son Terry's clothes are way too small and Mrs Harper is loath to spend any money buying clothes for Christopher without his mom's permission.

The inspiration for the story came from a story called ‘Cowboys and Indians’ that Hooked6 wrote some time ago. I liked the plotline so much that I started to jot down a few ideas and embellishments. But whereas in Hooked6's story the main character ended up enjoying being naked (and it ended it in some form of revenge as I remember), I much preferred my main character, Christopher, to be continually embarrassed throughout his stay at Mrs Harper's. As I say, I've been adding to it and changing it over the years and never getting close to finishing it…

So this is very much, and will probably always remain, a 'work-in-progress' simply for the fact that I just love adding to it and changing things as my fancy takes it.


My idea for the story was to have a different embarrassing adventure every day of the fortnight (hence the form of the title 'Christopher - Day x'). Some days Christopher plays less of a role than others, as in ‘Christopher Day 6’, the first one I’ve posted.

I began writing the story in one piece but it became apparent that it should be split into smaller parts, which is where the idea of calling each part ‘Day 1, Day 2, etc’ Inevitably as various plots unfolded, I tended to concentrate on the ones that took my fancy at the time, so I’d work on one plot-line, then maybe switch to another when I felt like writing a bit more… it also served as a nice break and a change after writing a ‘James’ story!

So I have various parts of the story in different states of completion. ‘Day 6’ seemed the nearest to being finished, which is why I settled on posting that first. My apologies for confusing the issue even further by using the same name, ‘David’, in different stories. David in the ‘Letters’ is not the same David in ‘Christopher - Day 6’.


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    1. I've begun posting a new story called 'Arrangements for Michael'. I hope you'll enjoy it