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Casey’s Visit to the School Outfitters

“Personally I can’t see why he needs to have one… he’s only thirteen for heaven’s sake…”

“… but it says it right here, Mabel… in the School Uniform Regulations… he has to have one… You know how very strict St John’s is about uniform regulations… so that means he must have one…”

Casey squirmed with embarrassment as his mother and his Aunt Mabel discussed his forthcoming move to St John’s Preparatory School for Boys. As his mother read aloud from  the school’s official list the various items of clothing that would be required to form his new school uniform, his aunt offered her own thoughts.

Aunt Mabel had certain ‘views’ about boys’ school uniforms and was pleased that her nephew was being sent to St John’s as a day boy, since it would mean Casey would be put straight back into short trousers. Short trousers were, Aunt Mabel thought, the only proper wear for boys of all ages and that most certainly included the thirteen-year-old Casey. It was unfortunate for Casey that he had grown used to wearing ‘longs’ since his mother had indulged him and allowed him to wear long trousers ever since he left junior school a little over two years ago.

“Well, of course you’re right, Sylvia,” Aunt Mabel conceded, “but I still say Casey is far to young to need one…”

Casey’s mother continued reading: “It says here that Casey will need to be properly measured for one at the School Outfitters…”

Casey could bear it no longer and at last he spoke up, “Oh, mum… please… do I have to?” he whined, “… please, mum…” But it was no good…

“Don’t be silly Casey,” his mother replied, “You have to have one and that’s an end to it… and if the School Regulations stipulate that you have to be measured for one, then you will be properly measured for one… do I make myself clear, Casey?”

Casey know from the tone of his mother’s voice that it would be pointless trying to argue… and with Aunt Mabel sitting there, there was no chance. Casey would be taken to the School Outfitters and measured up… whatever that might entail, Casey thought.

“Mabel, could you take Casey along to the School Outfitters to be measured for it? I’m going to be busy with all the other arrangements… Please Mabel, it would be such a help… these Uniform Regulations are so time consuming… It would be one less thing for me to worry about.”

Aunt Mabel agreed and it was decided that she would take Casey along to the School Outfitters that very afternoon to be measured up for his very own Regulation Boy’s School Uniform…

“… Jock-Strap…” Aunt Mabel announced at the School Outfitters in a voice loud enough to be heard throughout the store, “… a Boy’s School Uniform Jock-Strap…” she repeated to Casey’s intense embarrassment, “… although quite why a thirteen-year-old boy should need to wear a jock-strap is simply beyond me…”

“I’m afraid the School Uniform Regulations at St John’s are quiet specific, madam,” the helpful assistant, Miss Carter explained, “… and as I’m sure you appreciate, School Uniform Regulations are there for a reason, so if your son…”

“… nephew...” Aunt Mabel corrected her, “Casey is my sister’s son…”

“… quite… your nephew… if your nephew has to have a Boy’s School Uniform Jock-Strap, then it’s not our place to question School Uniform Policy. Perhaps I should explain…”

Casey stood next to his aunt and became increasingly embarrassed, not to say nervous about forthcoming events at the School Outfitters. For a start he had thought they would be served by a man at the outfitters, but as far as he could see there were no male assistants to be seen at all, which thirteen-year-old Casey found extremely worrying. Would this middle-aged woman be taking his measurements? And just what sort of measurements would need to be taken for a Boy’s School Uniform Jock-Strap? These thoughts were making Casey wish he was anywhere, anywhere, but standing there next to his Aunt Mabel in the School Outfitters surrounded by all the different types and colours of school uniforms. Casey had noticed the glass-topped cabinets with various items of school apparel on display. In particular he noticed some exceedingly brief P.E. uniforms… would they make him wear that? he wondered nervously. Then, turning his head to look in another cabinet, he saw a selection of boy’s white cotton school underpants and vests. Casey hadn’t worn any underpants like these for a very long time… and a school vest never!

Yes, it was slowly dawning on Casey that he wouldn’t be able to wear just what he fancied anymore. If he couldn’t choose what type of underpants to wear… what could he choose to wear?!

Casey was finding out the hard way that thirteen-year-old boys can’t expect to be treated like grown-ups…

The assistant, a middle-aged lady who was clearly very experienced, continued, “I have to say the School Uniform Regulations at St John’s are among the strictest I’ve ever seen… though believe me madam, the School Board wouldn’t have specified that pupils be measured for a Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap unless they had good reason… but it’s not for us to query school policy, is it madam…?”

Aunt Mabel acquiesced and Miss Carter continued:

“… I need to know how old Casey is, so that we can measure him for the correct type of Schoolboy Jock-Strap… oh, yes, madam, there are a number of different types of Regulation Jock-Strap… it depends upon the age and… well, we’ll see for ourselves in a moment when we come to take some measurements…”

Casey was horrified when he heard this: “Aunty…” he pleaded, when he realised just what the ‘measurements’ might involve.

“There’s no need to worry, Casey,” Miss Carter said when she saw how distressed Casey was becoming. She was used to dealing with shy little boys and smiled sweetly at the increasingly red-faced thirteen year old, “… don’t worry, your aunty will be with us in the fitting-room while I take the measurements…”

This upset Casey even more and he blurted out: “… but Aunty, I don’t want my measurements taken… I don’t want a stupid jock-strap anyway…”

“Casey, that’s enough!” his aunt snapped, “That’s quite enough! You know that I don’t think you are anywhere near old enough to need a jock-strap… School Uniform Regulations or no School Uniform Regulations…”

Aunt Mabel had raised her voice so that it was loud enough to be heard across the store. Casey was horrified to see heads turning towards them, as his aunt continued, “… but you’ve heard what the assistant has said, St John’s has very strict School Uniform Regulations and they specify that you must be measured at an approved School Outfitters for a Boy’s Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap, so that’s what this lady is going to do… measure you for a Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap…”

Casey blushed and hung his head. He knew that once Aunt Mabel had decided that something was to happen, it happened.

“… yes, Aunty…”

“… and quite honestly I can’t see what all the fuss is about, Casey. You’re only thirteen years old… far too young to be at all worried about being measured for a School Uniform Jock-Strap … anyway as the lady says, I’ll be with you in the fitting-room the whole time…”

Casey’s head jerked up again: “Oh, no… please Aunty!”

Miss Carter interjected: “… it’s store policy for all children to be chaperoned
in the fitting-rooms …”

Casey could only find it within himself to mutter under his breath: “… but, it’s not fair…”

Miss Carter went on to explain for the benefit of Aunt Mabel what would happen in the fitting-room: “Boys like Casey can be very shy, so it helps if there’s someone there they know while I take down his trousers and underpants… they have to be lowered before we can begin… I’m sure you understand…”

Aunt Mabel nodded.

“… I usually ask boys to help by holding up their tops for me… it gives them something to do in the fitting-room,” Miss Carter added, “Once Casey’s underpants are right the way down, I can start to take the measurements…”

Then she turned and smiled at the increasingly nervous thirteen-year-old, “… don’t worry Casey, they’ll just be me and your aunt with you in the fitting-room. If all goes well…”

“… and you behave yourself…” Casey’s aunt added.

 “… if all goes well and you behave yourself, as your aunt says, we should be all done in half-an-hour or so…”

Casey felt weak with nerves as he was led towards the half-length grey curtain, behind which was the boys’ fitting-room. He already felt extremely self-conscious wearing the short trousers Aunt Mabel had made him wear to the Boy’s Outfitters. Aunt Mabel had told her sister that the sooner Casey got used to wearing short trousers again the better, as that would be the only type of trousers he’d be permitted to wear at St John’s.

Before they had set off from home Aunt Mabel had produced a pair of boy’s play-shorts from somewhere. She had presented them to Casey and he had been told to go and put them on, even though his mother could see they were a little too small for her thirteen year old son, as indeed they were.

When Casey came back downstairs his legs were bare right to the top of his smooth thighs. As Casey was only given ankle socks to wear, not only did it make him look even younger than he was, but they accentuated the length of his long smooth boy’s legs. It made him feel awful and more self-conscious than he ever could of imagined.

“They were the best I could do in the circumstances,” Aunt Mabel had said, as she appraised the short-shorts her nephew was now wearing, “but they’ll have to do until he gets his proper clothes for school…”

On his way to the School Outfitters, Casey was sure that everyone was looking at his bare legs, but there was nothing he could do to cover them.

Casey was fortunate that on this occasion he’d been allowed to keep his underpants on, but he was soon to find out that underpants are never to be worn with play-shorts.

The thirteen-year-old looked at the curtain to the fitting-room and could see there was a gap of at least two feet between the floor and the bottom of the curtain. Not much privacy, particularly when, as quite often happened, the curtains were not fully closed and the gap left that meant anyone could see right into the fitting-room.

“Come along and we’ll soon have you measured for a School Uniform Jock-Strap Casey…” Miss Carter said breezily as she ushered Casey into the fitting-room.

Casey’s heart thumped as he brushed past the curtain. His Aunt Mabel followed. There was no way out…

Aunt Mabel pulled the curtains together. Casey was trapped. He was in a daze as watched Miss Carter’s hands move towards him as, in a practiced and professional manner, she took a firm hold of his play-shorts. As this was happening the thirteen year old turned his head to look at his aunt who was watching Miss Carter. Casey’s play-shorts were tugged down his long, smooth and very bare legs.

Casey felt his heart beating faster…

Miss Carter looked up. Casey’s play-shorts were now at his feet. He could feel beads of sweat prickling his forehead. His hands were clammy. Miss Carter spoke:

“… now lift your tee-shirt up for me, Casey… that’s it… all the way up… good boy. Now keep it right up out of the way… excellent.”

Casey had never in his life felt as vulnerable as he did at this moment. He was standing in the fitting-room of the Boy’s Outfitters with his play-shorts lying in a puddle around his ankles; his aunt stood at one side of him; he was holding his tee-shirt so far up over his chest that his pale boy’s nipples were on view… and at that very moment Miss Carter, the helpful assistant at the outfitters, was preparing to pull down his favourite pair of boy’s underpants. He held his breath.

“Dear me…” Miss Carter exclaimed when she saw Casey’s underpants, “… dear me…” she smiled, “… you won’t be allowed to wear those underpants at St John’s, I’m afraid…”

It was becoming increasingly hard for the thirteen-year-old to keep still. He wanted the floor to open up. What was it now? What was wrong with his underpants? Why couldn’t the assistant just get on with it? Please, I want to go home… I don’t want to go to St John’s. He shivered as he felt Miss Carter’s fingers touch the elastic waistband of his underpants.

“Uniform Regulations at St John’s specify white cotton Y-front briefs for boys of all ages,” she explained to Aunt Mabel, “I’m afraid these won’t do at all… quite unsuitable.”

Aunt Mabel agreed. The vivid yellow underpants with bright red lightening stripes and a green superhero figure, were somewhat garish, but Casey thought they were brilliant. They were his favourite underpants; his lucky underpants.

“We were planning to have a clear-out of Casey’s clothes before he starts at St John’s… but we may as well start as we mean to go on… I’m sure you could be prevailed upon to dispose of them…”


“Casey… you heard what the lady just said… you won’t be allowed to wear these underpants at St John’s… and quite frankly I’m not surprised, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a revolting design in my life…”

“… but, Aunty…!” Casey pleaded as Miss Carter prepared to pull down the garish underpants.

He felt her fingers push into the waistband and with consummate ease she drew Casey’s underpants down over his bottom. Then her fingers slipped forwards and she pushed the waistband down to expose first Casey’s penis and then his testicles. Down came the underpants. Down, all the way down to his feet.

Casey’s embarrassment couldn’t have been worse. He was unbelievably sensitive about having absolutely no sign of any pubic hair around his penis. He was intensely aware that other boys of his age had at the very least begun to sprout some feathery little hairs, but Casey, alas, had none at all. This caused him excruciating embarrassment and he hated being in situations, like his present one, where his hairlessness was exposed.

The poor boy knew that Miss Carter and his aunty were looking at his hairless penis and he bit his lower lip in a vain attempt to stem the tide of shame which he felt swallowing him up. His face was hot and fire-red… please don’t say anything… please don’t!

With practiced hands Miss Carter soon had Casey’s play-shorts and underpants off the boy’s feet. The play-shorts she folded and put on a chair well out of Casey’s reach; the gaudy underpants were, without a second thought, consigned to a nearby wastepaper-bin.

“Now, Casey, I just need to take some measurements for your School Uniform Jock-Strap… you’ll keep perfectly still for me won’t you?” Miss Carter said as she reached for a pair of callipers and a measuring stick. She also had a tape-measure round her neck which was first looped around Casey’s waist.

Miss Carter turned towards Aunt Mabel.

“We have to take a number of very precise measurements to ensure the proper fitting of a Boy’s Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap,” she explained, “… it’s very important, which is why St John’s only uses School Outfitters which are approved for the supply and fitting of School Uniform Jock-Straps… there are fifteen individual measurements to be taken…”

Aunt Mabel expressed her surprise, but was assured by Miss Carter that it was essential for the correct fitting of a Boy’s Standard School Uniform Jock-Strap.

The tape was drawn together at Casey’s waist, hips and then just at the base of his penis. It was at that point Miss Carter drew attention to Casey’s lack of pubic hair…

“It certainly makes my job a lot easier when boys don’t have any unsightly pubic hair… Mind you, it’s just as well Casey hasn’t got any, you see boys at St John’s aren’t allowed pubic hair anyway… It’s one of the School Uniform Regulations, although they don’t like to tell boys too soon about that!” Miss Carter said with a smile.

“… but I can see that particular Uniform Regulation won’t be bothering you for a while yet, Casey…”

Miss Carter turned towards Aunt Mabel again and explained: “Boys are so proud when they see some little hairs sprouting, that I haven’t the heart to tell them that they’ll have to come off when they start school at St John’s…”

As she chatted away to Casey’s aunt, Miss Carter carried on with her work. As measurements were taken around the tops of Casey’s thighs, he felt Miss Carter’s fingers brush against his testicles. This didn’t seem to bother her in the least, but Casey winced.

It seemed as if other measurements of Casey’s legs were required and the tape was drawn round his thighs at various points all the way down to the boy’s knees. Quite why these measurements were required was not explained, but Casey’s legs were properly measured and the results entered into Miss Carter’s notebook.

Next the tape was drawn between Casey’s legs from a point just above his bottom, down between his bottom cheeks and then up to the front of his waist. The first measurement was taken with the tape passing to the left of Casey’s penis and testicles and then another measurement taken passing the tape to the right of his genitals.

“We also have to measure for the ‘straps’ of the Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap,” Miss Carter announced, “so I need to lift up your testicles for a moment Casey… now be a good boy and keep quite still for me… yes that’s right… good boy, I know it tickles, but do try to keep still…”

Casey bit his lower lip again as he felt the metal tip of the tape-measure pressing against his perineum, just behind his testicles. Miss Carter brought the tape up and round each bottom cheek in turn, measuring the distance up to Casey’s waist.

Then the measurements got even more personal, as Miss Carter replaced the tape-measure around her neck and picked up the callipers. Now thirteen-year-old Casey was subject to the acute embarrassment of having measurements taken of his penis and testicles!

Firstly Miss Carter placed the callipers with the tips each side of the base of Casey’s penis. Once more Miss Carter said how much easier it was to take measurements without the hindrance of pubic hair. She adjusted the callipers and took a reading which old her the thickness of Casey’s penis at its base:

“… five-eighths of an inch…” she announced before writing in her notebook.

Casey bravely held his tee-shirt right up as he listened to Miss Carter. Two more measurements were taken along Casey’s penis before Miss Carter reached for the measuring stick. Casey gulped, he knew which measurement would be taken next!

“Now Casey, I’m just going to lift up your penis because I need to know how long it is so that I can make sure you get the right sized School Uniform Jock-Strap… this is a very important measurement Casey… and there’s no need to be embarrassed, I know just how sensitive boys are about the size of their penis…”

Miss Carter seemed to be in no hurry as she tried to put Casey at his ease. In reality it was having quite the opposite effect and Casey was more red-faced and embarrassed than he’d ever been. Bad as this was, it was made a hundred times worse by the presence of his aunty standing right next to him. Casey knew… he just knew… all that was happening to him in the fitting-room would be recounted to his mum when he got home.

“I’m going to lift your penis up Casey,” Miss Carter repeated, “and place it on this measuring-stick… now let’s see…”

Casey squeezed his tee-shirt, his face contorted in embarrassment, and looked down as Miss Carter took hold of his penis…

The measuring stick felt cold on the underside of Casey’s penis. Then Miss Carter announced calmly: “Two-and-a-quarter inches… I’ll just check… yes, Casey, your penis is exactly two-and-a-quarter inches long… although to be fair, nearly half-an-inch of that is your foreskin…”

Casey nearly died of embarrassment. Miss Carter spoke so loudly that he was sure everyone in the shop could hear… and, it was so unfair because Casey knew his penis was much longer when he had an erection… it was nearly three-and-a-half  inches long! Just like any other normal thirteen-year-old, Casey had compared the length of his erect penis with those of other boys loads of times, so he knew his penis wasn’t that small… in fact only two boys in his class at school had erections over four inches long.

Sheepishly Casey looked up at his aunt. He could see she was watching with interest what Miss Carter was doing and he wished he could cover up. Casey was desperate and clung onto his tee-shirt as if it were a life-belt. He wanted so much to get out of the claustrophobic confines of the fitting-room… and he so wanted his clothes back!

Aunt Mabel had watched as Miss Carter took her nephew’s measurements. Even though she still saw no reason why Casey should have to have a Boy’s Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap, she was impressed by the thoroughness with which Miss Carter carried out her job. Aunt Mabel hadn’t seen Casey bare-nude since he was a playful young eleven-year-old and so she was naturally curious to see how her nephew had developed since then. Like Miss Carter she was surprised not to see any pubic hair above or around Casey’s penis, but she too thought Casey looked much smarter without any and made a mental note to tell her sister that.

“Now, Casey,” Miss Carter said, “you can help me with this next measurement… I want you to lift your penis up out of the way so that I can see your testicles properly… yes, that’s a good boy, Casey, lift it right up… Hmm… I don’t think I’ll need the orchidometer today, besides your testicles are right up tight…”

Miss Carter turned to Aunt Mabel: “… he’s probably a bit nervous. It often happens that young boys’ testicles go right up… but I can see from the measurements that we’re only going to need a small size Junior School Uniform Jock-Strap for Casey. If you wait a moment, I’ll go and get one for him to try on…”

Miss Carter swept the curtain aside and to his horror Casey was left standing holding his tee-shirt up with one hand and holding his penis in the other… and there was nothing between him and the woman standing facing him, directly outside the fitting-room, as she asked Miss Carter a question about her son’s own school uniform.

“I’ll be with you in a moment madam, I’ve just got to get a small size Junior School Uniform Jock-Strap for Casey…” she turned her head back, “… the boy in the fitting-room…”

Poor Casey nearly wept with shame and just wanted the floor to swallow him up… anything to get away from the humiliation of the School Outfitters.

The woman looked in at Casey as he stood in the fitting-room still holding his penis.

“It’s his very first School Uniform Jock-Strap,” his Aunt volunteered, “though heaven knows why he needs one…” she looked at Casey, “… you can let go of your penis now Casey. You don’t want the lady to think that you’re playing with yourself…” she turned back to the woman, “… Casey’s my nephew,” she explained, “… and I said to my sister, ‘really…’ I said, ‘… really, you could have done without the extra expense of a School Uniform Jock-Strap for Casey’… I mean to say…”

Aunt Mabel looked meaningfully at Casey’s penis and it was clear what she was thinking, ‘.. why on earth would you need a jock-strap for that little thing…?’

The other lady looked at Casey’s penis and nodded: “Yes…” she said, “with the cost of School Uniforms these days… they really should cut back on unnecessary items…”

Miss Carter returned.

“… here we are, one small size Junior School Regulation Uniform Jock-Strap…”

“Well,” said Aunt Mabel looking at it, “… that should be more than adequate for your little tiddler…”

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