Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Arrangements for Michael - Part 3

Third Letter

Edith Hudson to Olive Jefferies

Dear Olive,

Thank you very much for your thoughtful and detailed letter. It is good to know that we think so much alike and I am now quite sure that Michael will be in very good hands while he is with you.

I cannot over-emphasise the need to ensure that Michael is supervised at all times and that all aspects of his life are properly ordered. This includes when to go to bed, when to get up, what to wear, what to do, politely asking permission for everything and so on. Michael is a naughty boy and should expect to be treated like one until he learns mend his ways. Naughty boys need a strict regime. It would be unfair were it to be otherwise.

It was kind of you to seek my permission for your very good ideas, however, while Michael is with you, you are in full control. I am quite content to leave it to you to make decisions which I am confident will coincide with my own views on how to deal with Michael’s recalcitrant behaviour.

I would be grateful if you would be kind enough to keep a detailed diary of Michael’s stay with you and, if at all possible, to send regular extracts to me in Scotland so that I may keep up to date with how Michael is behaving. It will give me the opportunity to pass comment on what has gone on and perhaps make some useful suggestions.

Your next door neighbour, Margot Spencer, sounds to be just the ticket to baby-sit for Michael on the days you are away with your family. She certainly sounds experienced in dealing with young boys like Michael who are prone to misbehaving. As you suggest, it will be the perfect opportunity for Michael to receive extra tuition in mathematics which is much needed as I’m afraid he is very lazy when it comes to schoolwork. Please ask her to treat Michael just as she would any other naughty little boy she might have had to haul out in font of the class when she was teaching. I’m sure she’ll have no hesitation in giving a naughty boy like Michael a good few sharp smacks on the backs of his legs when he needs it! I also agree that Michael should ‘pay his way’ for his tuition by doing whatever chores Miss Spencer sets him.

A few comments on masturbation: I fully understand and support your decision to allow both Brandon and Tyler to masturbate now that you have taken the trouble to explain their ‘masturbation privileges’ to me. I hope Brandon and Tyler realise just how lucky they are to have such understanding parents. Your idea for Brandon and Tyler to report Michael to you if they do catch him playing with his penis, is very good and has my full approval. As you say, the threat of withdrawing their masturbation privileges should keep Brandon and Tyler on their toes and ensure Michael isn’t given a moments privacy to indulge in furtive masturbation. It’s also a comfort to know that Brenda too will be keeping a beady eye on Michael.

The major risk is at night, of course. In my experience it is when he is in bed that Michael may try to masturbate. I have installed a web-cam at the foot of Michael’s bed at home. The web-cam is very sensitive to low light and movement. It is an extremely effective deterrent which stops Michael from indulging in these insidious practices. He knows now that if he does try to masturbate in bed I will have irrefutable evidence that he has done so and that he will be dealt with accordingly. I am more than happy for Michael to bring the cam with him if you feel it would be of use. Have you decided on Michael’s sleeping arrangements yet?

You mentioned your friendship with the School Doctor who gives Brandon and Tyler their regular School Medicals. This is very useful to know. I think it would be good idea for Michael to visit her for a thorough check-up if that can be arranged.

I was pleased to note that Brandon has indeed started to sprout some little hairs around the base of his penis. As I remarked in my previous letter, this should ensure extra teasing for Michael, especially if Brandon decides to tell any of his friends that Michael hasn’t got any hairs. I’m sure Brandon’s friends will want proof and may even make Michael do a ‘bare-runner’ after they’ve snatched his shorts!

It certainly sounds as if you plan to keep Michael busy doing all those jobs you mentioned. What with his daily nude P.E. exercises, he will be a very tried boy by bedtime. By the way, please thank Brenda very much for her kind offer to supervise Michael when he performs his nude exercises. It is very important Michael has someone responsible to supervise his P.E. exercises as they all have to be performed within set times. If he fails to reach any of his set times, the exercise has to be performed all over again. Thirty jumping-jacks in thirty seconds might not sound a lot for a fourteen year old boy, but when performed in the nude as Michael has to, just after doing 25 sit-ups… Well if he doesn’t try his best, Michael might well find himself performing them all over again! Tell Brenda that even though at 13 she’s a full year younger than Michael, she nevertheless has complete authority to make him repeat exercises if she is in any way dissatisfied with how they are being performed… even if Michael has done the exercise within the set time-limit. I agree with you Olive, it’s very thoughtful of Brenda to give up her time to supervise Michael’s P.E. exercises. Please make sure Michael says ‘thank you’ to Brenda after each daily session in the garden.

I should mention that Michael has a cold shower if I catch him with an inappropriate erection. He usually needs a cold shower after his daily P.E. exercises, since he nearly always gains an erection during his routine. Perhaps you would be good enough to explain this to Brenda so that she knows to make sure Michael has a cold shower when she sees him with an erection.

I almost forgot to ask… do you have someone locally who can give Michael his fortnightly haircut? I am fortunate in that my hairdresser makes sure that Michael is always seen with a traditional ‘short-back-and-sides’ schoolboy haircut. Michael was dismayed the first time I took him for a proper haircut. I don’t think he realised quite how short his haircut was going to be until he saw himself in the mirror and watched in horror as the hairdresser snipped away with her scissors, causing a cascade of hair to tumble onto the floor around the chair. When she put down the scissors, Michael must have thought it was all over and started to get up. It wasn’t, and the hairdresser pressed Michael firmly back into the chair and picked up the electric clippers she’d bought especially. She took a firm hold of Michael’s head and pushed it forward until the nape of Michael’s neck was almost horizontal. There was a ‘click’ as the clippers were switched on and, with a loud buzzing noise, the hairdresser drew her clippers up the back of Michael’s neck, all the way up to the back of his head. As she drew the clippers repeatedly up Michael’s neck, more and more curls of his mousey-coloured hair tumbled to the floor. Then it was the turn of the sides of Michael’s head and the hairdresser pushed the top of his ears down as the clippers went to work.

I explained to my hairdresser what was required of a proper schoolboy haircut and she now prides herself on cutting Michael’s hair so short that when he puts on his school cap there is no hair visible at the back or sides of his head, just a small fringe showing underneath the peak of his cap. And that’s precisely the type of haircut that Michael has had ever since that first visit. By the way, I’ve given my hairdresser the same authority as the vicar to deal with Michael in anyway she sees fit should Michael misbehave when he’s having his regular haircut.

As each day passes it gets closer to the time of Michael’s visit. I hope you will be fully prepared! I’m afraid Michael is still under the impression he’s in for an ‘easy ride’ when he comes to stay with you and is looking forward to his visit, though I know from what we’ve discussed it will be anything but an easy ride. It looks as if he’s in for a rude awakening!

Well that’s it for now. I’m sure there are other things we might have overlooked, so if there is anything else about Michael’s stay that we need consider, please don’t hesitate to write.

Yours sincerely,


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