Monday, 23 April 2012

Arrangements for Michael - Part 6

Sixth Letter

Olive Jefferies to Edith Hudson

Dear Edith,

So lovely to see you yesterday and what a surprise you gave us all. Michael’s sailor-suit was simply breathtaking! He looked so sweet wearing it, but my how he blushed. I’m sure I could feel the heat given off from his bright-red face. To look at him dressed in his sailor-suit you’d never guess he was as old as fourteen… more like a blushing boy of eleven! And you’d never suspect what a naughty boy he can be either.

Brenda couldn’t stop talking about Michael’s sailor-suit after you’d gone. She wants Michael to wear it all the time, but I had to put my foot down and tell her that we should keep it for extra special occasions. I could see that Michael was listening as I told Brenda that he had lots to do while he was with us and that he would be wearing his ‘everyday’ shorts for his various chores in the house and garden. Michael has his play-shorts for days out and trips to the park, I explained. He has his Sunday-best suit for church and his school uniform to wear for his lessons with Miss Spencer. Michael's sailor-suit will be kept as a treat for him to wear when he has been especially well-behaved, for outings to our relatives and when he can be trusted enough to help out when we have visitors. ‘So, Brenda,’ I told her, ‘there will be plenty of opportunity to see Michael in his sailor-suit during his stay with us.’

I must say that when I first saw Michael’s charming sailor-suit, I thought he was wearing a very brief pair of boy’s swim-trunks. It wasn’t until I examined them more closely that I saw that it was the extremely high-sided cut, almost up to Michael’s hips, that had led to my confusion. My how those little white sailor-suit shorts bare Michael’s legs right up to the top! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such short shorts. I agree with you, the black patent leather Mary-Jane shoes and cute little white ankle socks do set off Michael’s sailor-suit so well… and his beautiful, long legs! The jaunty sailor’s cap looked simply wonderful and I’m so pleased Michael was allowed to keep it on when you both came indoors to meet Brenda and the boys.

I think it was most unkind of the boys to tease Michael, but you soon put a stop to that, dear Edith, when you suggested I treat Brandon and Tyler to sailor-suits as well! As you said, three boys in sailor-suits would have lots of fun playing games, taking on pirates and even learning to sing sea-shanties and dance the horn-pipe like real sailors!

It was a good idea of yours to have Michael change out of his sailor-suit before you left. He did make a rather unnecessary fuss when he realised he would have to change there and then. As you said, there was no need for him to go upstairs to change and it was an ideal opportunity for me to explain to Michael that he wasn’t allowed upstairs during the day anyway.

As we agreed, Edith, Michael will be sleeping in Brenda’s room and she doesn’t want him going in and out of there all day long, which is why I decided on the upstairs ban for Michael during the daytime. As far as Brenda is concerned, and I agree, Michael is only to use her bedroom for sleeping in and he will only be allowed in there at bedtime when Brenda settles him down and tucks him in.

It was good of you to make sure we all understood which clothes Michael was to wear for different occasions. It was fortunate you had a pair of plastic sandals for Michael to put on before you sent him outside to your car to bring in his little suitcase… being otherwise completely bare-nude certainly made sure Michael fetched the case in double-quick time!

I’m afraid, glad as he was to get out of his sailor-suit, Michael did look embarrassed to have to stand in the middle of the living-room in his birthday suit while you held up his various different shorts against his hips and explained when they were to be worn.

I didn’t think that poor Michael could possibly blush any deeper red until you spoke to Brenda:

“Now, Brenda,” you said, “I’m putting you in charge of Michael’s clothing… he’s to ask you for his clothes when he’s allowed to get dressed… and mind he asks you politely… and you’re to make sure he puts them on properly and without any fuss…”

You won’t be surprised, Edith, when I tell you how thrilled Brenda was to be given such a responsible job. Michael looked horror struck and almost forgot he was standing bare-nude (well apart from his plastic play-sandals!) in the living-room. Brandon and Tyler couldn’t contain themselves when they heard what you said. I could see that Brandon in particular was pleased that there was something to make up for the indignity of being sometimes bathed by his twin sister.

By the way, I noticed both boys were taking the opportunity to have a good look at Michael as he stood in the nude in front of us all. I could see they were nudging each other and (not so) discretely pointing at Michael’s penis. Although you’d told me about Michael’s lack of pubic hair, it was still a shock to see a fourteen year old with a penis so smooth and hairless. Most boys that I’ve seen of Michael’s age when I’ve taken Brandon and Tyler swimming (I always accompany them into the boys’ changing-room… much to their embarrassment, I might add, although I don’t understand why as I’m their mother after all!) have at the very least a few noticeable straggly hairs around the base of their penises.

Well, Edith, I think Michael was genuinely overwhelmed by the day’s events and didn’t make any fuss when Brenda went to fetch his pyjamas after tea. Michael allowed her to help him get dressed and ready for bed. On this first night I thought it prudent to stay and make sure Michael behaved himself, so my presence might have had something to do with his somewhat meek demeanour. Brenda suggested to me that we get Michael settled down early on his first day and I watched as she took him upstairs… took him into her room and…

… Oh dear! Michael stood there in the middle of Brenda’s bedroom dressed in his jim-jams, clenched his fists and had the most terrible temper-tantrum I’ve seen for a long time. He simply would not go near his cot! Brenda, bless her, took hold of Michael’s wrist and managed to pull him a few steps nearer the cot but I could see it would need a firmer hand than that. I was about to help Brenda when, to my surprise, she gave Michael a sharp smack with her hand on his left leg, just below his bottom. The slap must have stung even through Michael’s pyjama bottoms, because the shock of the smack stopped his tantrum in an instant. Then Brenda spoke to him in the sternest voice I’d ever heard from a girl her age:

“Michael Hudson, if you do not get into your cot this minute you will have a double dose of cod-liver oil… followed by a visit from Mr Redbottom Ruler…!”

Where on earth Brenda had got these ideas from, I had no idea, but clearly she was thoroughly prepared for recalcitrant behaviour from Master Michael. I saw in Michael’s eyes a look of abject misery as it was clearly sinking in that his life was not going to be made any easier during his stay at chez Jeffries! And certainly not with Brenda around…

It doesn’t need me to tell you that when Michael caught sight of the big brown bottle of sickly-tasting liquid on the shelf above his cot and next to the bottle the unmistakable edge of a standard 12” wooden school ruler, Michael meekly allowed himself to be settled down in his cot. Brenda’s parting words as she turned on the baby intercom and night-light, were priceless:

“Straight to sleep, Michael… and no playing with yourself… I’ll be listening… understand… and if I hear anything that I shouldn’t…?”

“Yes, Brenda.”

“… that's good… night-night, Michael… sleep tight...”

So you see, Edith, Michael appears to be settling in without too much trouble. That’s all for now. I’ll write to you soon to let you know how Michael is getting on with us. I do hope you enjoy your break in Scotland and please don’t worry about Michael, he’s in safe hands.

With my sincere best wishes,


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Casey’s Visit to the School Outfitters

“Personally I can’t see why he needs to have one… he’s only thirteen for heaven’s sake…”

“… but it says it right here, Mabel… in the School Uniform Regulations… he has to have one… You know how very strict St John’s is about uniform regulations… so that means he must have one…”

Casey squirmed with embarrassment as his mother and his Aunt Mabel discussed his forthcoming move to St John’s Preparatory School for Boys. As his mother read aloud from  the school’s official list the various items of clothing that would be required to form his new school uniform, his aunt offered her own thoughts.

Aunt Mabel had certain ‘views’ about boys’ school uniforms and was pleased that her nephew was being sent to St John’s as a day boy, since it would mean Casey would be put straight back into short trousers. Short trousers were, Aunt Mabel thought, the only proper wear for boys of all ages and that most certainly included the thirteen-year-old Casey. It was unfortunate for Casey that he had grown used to wearing ‘longs’ since his mother had indulged him and allowed him to wear long trousers ever since he left junior school a little over two years ago.

“Well, of course you’re right, Sylvia,” Aunt Mabel conceded, “but I still say Casey is far to young to need one…”

Casey’s mother continued reading: “It says here that Casey will need to be properly measured for one at the School Outfitters…”

Casey could bear it no longer and at last he spoke up, “Oh, mum… please… do I have to?” he whined, “… please, mum…” But it was no good…

“Don’t be silly Casey,” his mother replied, “You have to have one and that’s an end to it… and if the School Regulations stipulate that you have to be measured for one, then you will be properly measured for one… do I make myself clear, Casey?”

Casey know from the tone of his mother’s voice that it would be pointless trying to argue… and with Aunt Mabel sitting there, there was no chance. Casey would be taken to the School Outfitters and measured up… whatever that might entail, Casey thought.

“Mabel, could you take Casey along to the School Outfitters to be measured for it? I’m going to be busy with all the other arrangements… Please Mabel, it would be such a help… these Uniform Regulations are so time consuming… It would be one less thing for me to worry about.”

Aunt Mabel agreed and it was decided that she would take Casey along to the School Outfitters that very afternoon to be measured up for his very own Regulation Boy’s School Uniform…

“… Jock-Strap…” Aunt Mabel announced at the School Outfitters in a voice loud enough to be heard throughout the store, “… a Boy’s School Uniform Jock-Strap…” she repeated to Casey’s intense embarrassment, “… although quite why a thirteen-year-old boy should need to wear a jock-strap is simply beyond me…”

“I’m afraid the School Uniform Regulations at St John’s are quiet specific, madam,” the helpful assistant, Miss Carter explained, “… and as I’m sure you appreciate, School Uniform Regulations are there for a reason, so if your son…”

“… nephew...” Aunt Mabel corrected her, “Casey is my sister’s son…”

“… quite… your nephew… if your nephew has to have a Boy’s School Uniform Jock-Strap, then it’s not our place to question School Uniform Policy. Perhaps I should explain…”

Casey stood next to his aunt and became increasingly embarrassed, not to say nervous about forthcoming events at the School Outfitters. For a start he had thought they would be served by a man at the outfitters, but as far as he could see there were no male assistants to be seen at all, which thirteen-year-old Casey found extremely worrying. Would this middle-aged woman be taking his measurements? And just what sort of measurements would need to be taken for a Boy’s School Uniform Jock-Strap? These thoughts were making Casey wish he was anywhere, anywhere, but standing there next to his Aunt Mabel in the School Outfitters surrounded by all the different types and colours of school uniforms. Casey had noticed the glass-topped cabinets with various items of school apparel on display. In particular he noticed some exceedingly brief P.E. uniforms… would they make him wear that? he wondered nervously. Then, turning his head to look in another cabinet, he saw a selection of boy’s white cotton school underpants and vests. Casey hadn’t worn any underpants like these for a very long time… and a school vest never!

Yes, it was slowly dawning on Casey that he wouldn’t be able to wear just what he fancied anymore. If he couldn’t choose what type of underpants to wear… what could he choose to wear?!

Casey was finding out the hard way that thirteen-year-old boys can’t expect to be treated like grown-ups…

The assistant, a middle-aged lady who was clearly very experienced, continued, “I have to say the School Uniform Regulations at St John’s are among the strictest I’ve ever seen… though believe me madam, the School Board wouldn’t have specified that pupils be measured for a Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap unless they had good reason… but it’s not for us to query school policy, is it madam…?”

Aunt Mabel acquiesced and Miss Carter continued:

“… I need to know how old Casey is, so that we can measure him for the correct type of Schoolboy Jock-Strap… oh, yes, madam, there are a number of different types of Regulation Jock-Strap… it depends upon the age and… well, we’ll see for ourselves in a moment when we come to take some measurements…”

Casey was horrified when he heard this: “Aunty…” he pleaded, when he realised just what the ‘measurements’ might involve.

“There’s no need to worry, Casey,” Miss Carter said when she saw how distressed Casey was becoming. She was used to dealing with shy little boys and smiled sweetly at the increasingly red-faced thirteen year old, “… don’t worry, your aunty will be with us in the fitting-room while I take the measurements…”

This upset Casey even more and he blurted out: “… but Aunty, I don’t want my measurements taken… I don’t want a stupid jock-strap anyway…”

“Casey, that’s enough!” his aunt snapped, “That’s quite enough! You know that I don’t think you are anywhere near old enough to need a jock-strap… School Uniform Regulations or no School Uniform Regulations…”

Aunt Mabel had raised her voice so that it was loud enough to be heard across the store. Casey was horrified to see heads turning towards them, as his aunt continued, “… but you’ve heard what the assistant has said, St John’s has very strict School Uniform Regulations and they specify that you must be measured at an approved School Outfitters for a Boy’s Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap, so that’s what this lady is going to do… measure you for a Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap…”

Casey blushed and hung his head. He knew that once Aunt Mabel had decided that something was to happen, it happened.

“… yes, Aunty…”

“… and quite honestly I can’t see what all the fuss is about, Casey. You’re only thirteen years old… far too young to be at all worried about being measured for a School Uniform Jock-Strap … anyway as the lady says, I’ll be with you in the fitting-room the whole time…”

Casey’s head jerked up again: “Oh, no… please Aunty!”

Miss Carter interjected: “… it’s store policy for all children to be chaperoned
in the fitting-rooms …”

Casey could only find it within himself to mutter under his breath: “… but, it’s not fair…”

Miss Carter went on to explain for the benefit of Aunt Mabel what would happen in the fitting-room: “Boys like Casey can be very shy, so it helps if there’s someone there they know while I take down his trousers and underpants… they have to be lowered before we can begin… I’m sure you understand…”

Aunt Mabel nodded.

“… I usually ask boys to help by holding up their tops for me… it gives them something to do in the fitting-room,” Miss Carter added, “Once Casey’s underpants are right the way down, I can start to take the measurements…”

Then she turned and smiled at the increasingly nervous thirteen-year-old, “… don’t worry Casey, they’ll just be me and your aunt with you in the fitting-room. If all goes well…”

“… and you behave yourself…” Casey’s aunt added.

 “… if all goes well and you behave yourself, as your aunt says, we should be all done in half-an-hour or so…”

Casey felt weak with nerves as he was led towards the half-length grey curtain, behind which was the boys’ fitting-room. He already felt extremely self-conscious wearing the short trousers Aunt Mabel had made him wear to the Boy’s Outfitters. Aunt Mabel had told her sister that the sooner Casey got used to wearing short trousers again the better, as that would be the only type of trousers he’d be permitted to wear at St John’s.

Before they had set off from home Aunt Mabel had produced a pair of boy’s play-shorts from somewhere. She had presented them to Casey and he had been told to go and put them on, even though his mother could see they were a little too small for her thirteen year old son, as indeed they were.

When Casey came back downstairs his legs were bare right to the top of his smooth thighs. As Casey was only given ankle socks to wear, not only did it make him look even younger than he was, but they accentuated the length of his long smooth boy’s legs. It made him feel awful and more self-conscious than he ever could of imagined.

“They were the best I could do in the circumstances,” Aunt Mabel had said, as she appraised the short-shorts her nephew was now wearing, “but they’ll have to do until he gets his proper clothes for school…”

On his way to the School Outfitters, Casey was sure that everyone was looking at his bare legs, but there was nothing he could do to cover them.

Casey was fortunate that on this occasion he’d been allowed to keep his underpants on, but he was soon to find out that underpants are never to be worn with play-shorts.

The thirteen-year-old looked at the curtain to the fitting-room and could see there was a gap of at least two feet between the floor and the bottom of the curtain. Not much privacy, particularly when, as quite often happened, the curtains were not fully closed and the gap left that meant anyone could see right into the fitting-room.

“Come along and we’ll soon have you measured for a School Uniform Jock-Strap Casey…” Miss Carter said breezily as she ushered Casey into the fitting-room.

Casey’s heart thumped as he brushed past the curtain. His Aunt Mabel followed. There was no way out…

Aunt Mabel pulled the curtains together. Casey was trapped. He was in a daze as watched Miss Carter’s hands move towards him as, in a practiced and professional manner, she took a firm hold of his play-shorts. As this was happening the thirteen year old turned his head to look at his aunt who was watching Miss Carter. Casey’s play-shorts were tugged down his long, smooth and very bare legs.

Casey felt his heart beating faster…

Miss Carter looked up. Casey’s play-shorts were now at his feet. He could feel beads of sweat prickling his forehead. His hands were clammy. Miss Carter spoke:

“… now lift your tee-shirt up for me, Casey… that’s it… all the way up… good boy. Now keep it right up out of the way… excellent.”

Casey had never in his life felt as vulnerable as he did at this moment. He was standing in the fitting-room of the Boy’s Outfitters with his play-shorts lying in a puddle around his ankles; his aunt stood at one side of him; he was holding his tee-shirt so far up over his chest that his pale boy’s nipples were on view… and at that very moment Miss Carter, the helpful assistant at the outfitters, was preparing to pull down his favourite pair of boy’s underpants. He held his breath.

“Dear me…” Miss Carter exclaimed when she saw Casey’s underpants, “… dear me…” she smiled, “… you won’t be allowed to wear those underpants at St John’s, I’m afraid…”

It was becoming increasingly hard for the thirteen-year-old to keep still. He wanted the floor to open up. What was it now? What was wrong with his underpants? Why couldn’t the assistant just get on with it? Please, I want to go home… I don’t want to go to St John’s. He shivered as he felt Miss Carter’s fingers touch the elastic waistband of his underpants.

“Uniform Regulations at St John’s specify white cotton Y-front briefs for boys of all ages,” she explained to Aunt Mabel, “I’m afraid these won’t do at all… quite unsuitable.”

Aunt Mabel agreed. The vivid yellow underpants with bright red lightening stripes and a green superhero figure, were somewhat garish, but Casey thought they were brilliant. They were his favourite underpants; his lucky underpants.

“We were planning to have a clear-out of Casey’s clothes before he starts at St John’s… but we may as well start as we mean to go on… I’m sure you could be prevailed upon to dispose of them…”


“Casey… you heard what the lady just said… you won’t be allowed to wear these underpants at St John’s… and quite frankly I’m not surprised, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a revolting design in my life…”

“… but, Aunty…!” Casey pleaded as Miss Carter prepared to pull down the garish underpants.

He felt her fingers push into the waistband and with consummate ease she drew Casey’s underpants down over his bottom. Then her fingers slipped forwards and she pushed the waistband down to expose first Casey’s penis and then his testicles. Down came the underpants. Down, all the way down to his feet.

Casey’s embarrassment couldn’t have been worse. He was unbelievably sensitive about having absolutely no sign of any pubic hair around his penis. He was intensely aware that other boys of his age had at the very least begun to sprout some feathery little hairs, but Casey, alas, had none at all. This caused him excruciating embarrassment and he hated being in situations, like his present one, where his hairlessness was exposed.

The poor boy knew that Miss Carter and his aunty were looking at his hairless penis and he bit his lower lip in a vain attempt to stem the tide of shame which he felt swallowing him up. His face was hot and fire-red… please don’t say anything… please don’t!

With practiced hands Miss Carter soon had Casey’s play-shorts and underpants off the boy’s feet. The play-shorts she folded and put on a chair well out of Casey’s reach; the gaudy underpants were, without a second thought, consigned to a nearby wastepaper-bin.

“Now, Casey, I just need to take some measurements for your School Uniform Jock-Strap… you’ll keep perfectly still for me won’t you?” Miss Carter said as she reached for a pair of callipers and a measuring stick. She also had a tape-measure round her neck which was first looped around Casey’s waist.

Miss Carter turned towards Aunt Mabel.

“We have to take a number of very precise measurements to ensure the proper fitting of a Boy’s Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap,” she explained, “… it’s very important, which is why St John’s only uses School Outfitters which are approved for the supply and fitting of School Uniform Jock-Straps… there are fifteen individual measurements to be taken…”

Aunt Mabel expressed her surprise, but was assured by Miss Carter that it was essential for the correct fitting of a Boy’s Standard School Uniform Jock-Strap.

The tape was drawn together at Casey’s waist, hips and then just at the base of his penis. It was at that point Miss Carter drew attention to Casey’s lack of pubic hair…

“It certainly makes my job a lot easier when boys don’t have any unsightly pubic hair… Mind you, it’s just as well Casey hasn’t got any, you see boys at St John’s aren’t allowed pubic hair anyway… It’s one of the School Uniform Regulations, although they don’t like to tell boys too soon about that!” Miss Carter said with a smile.

“… but I can see that particular Uniform Regulation won’t be bothering you for a while yet, Casey…”

Miss Carter turned towards Aunt Mabel again and explained: “Boys are so proud when they see some little hairs sprouting, that I haven’t the heart to tell them that they’ll have to come off when they start school at St John’s…”

As she chatted away to Casey’s aunt, Miss Carter carried on with her work. As measurements were taken around the tops of Casey’s thighs, he felt Miss Carter’s fingers brush against his testicles. This didn’t seem to bother her in the least, but Casey winced.

It seemed as if other measurements of Casey’s legs were required and the tape was drawn round his thighs at various points all the way down to the boy’s knees. Quite why these measurements were required was not explained, but Casey’s legs were properly measured and the results entered into Miss Carter’s notebook.

Next the tape was drawn between Casey’s legs from a point just above his bottom, down between his bottom cheeks and then up to the front of his waist. The first measurement was taken with the tape passing to the left of Casey’s penis and testicles and then another measurement taken passing the tape to the right of his genitals.

“We also have to measure for the ‘straps’ of the Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap,” Miss Carter announced, “so I need to lift up your testicles for a moment Casey… now be a good boy and keep quite still for me… yes that’s right… good boy, I know it tickles, but do try to keep still…”

Casey bit his lower lip again as he felt the metal tip of the tape-measure pressing against his perineum, just behind his testicles. Miss Carter brought the tape up and round each bottom cheek in turn, measuring the distance up to Casey’s waist.

Then the measurements got even more personal, as Miss Carter replaced the tape-measure around her neck and picked up the callipers. Now thirteen-year-old Casey was subject to the acute embarrassment of having measurements taken of his penis and testicles!

Firstly Miss Carter placed the callipers with the tips each side of the base of Casey’s penis. Once more Miss Carter said how much easier it was to take measurements without the hindrance of pubic hair. She adjusted the callipers and took a reading which old her the thickness of Casey’s penis at its base:

“… five-eighths of an inch…” she announced before writing in her notebook.

Casey bravely held his tee-shirt right up as he listened to Miss Carter. Two more measurements were taken along Casey’s penis before Miss Carter reached for the measuring stick. Casey gulped, he knew which measurement would be taken next!

“Now Casey, I’m just going to lift up your penis because I need to know how long it is so that I can make sure you get the right sized School Uniform Jock-Strap… this is a very important measurement Casey… and there’s no need to be embarrassed, I know just how sensitive boys are about the size of their penis…”

Miss Carter seemed to be in no hurry as she tried to put Casey at his ease. In reality it was having quite the opposite effect and Casey was more red-faced and embarrassed than he’d ever been. Bad as this was, it was made a hundred times worse by the presence of his aunty standing right next to him. Casey knew… he just knew… all that was happening to him in the fitting-room would be recounted to his mum when he got home.

“I’m going to lift your penis up Casey,” Miss Carter repeated, “and place it on this measuring-stick… now let’s see…”

Casey squeezed his tee-shirt, his face contorted in embarrassment, and looked down as Miss Carter took hold of his penis…

The measuring stick felt cold on the underside of Casey’s penis. Then Miss Carter announced calmly: “Two-and-a-quarter inches… I’ll just check… yes, Casey, your penis is exactly two-and-a-quarter inches long… although to be fair, nearly half-an-inch of that is your foreskin…”

Casey nearly died of embarrassment. Miss Carter spoke so loudly that he was sure everyone in the shop could hear… and, it was so unfair because Casey knew his penis was much longer when he had an erection… it was nearly three-and-a-half  inches long! Just like any other normal thirteen-year-old, Casey had compared the length of his erect penis with those of other boys loads of times, so he knew his penis wasn’t that small… in fact only two boys in his class at school had erections over four inches long.

Sheepishly Casey looked up at his aunt. He could see she was watching with interest what Miss Carter was doing and he wished he could cover up. Casey was desperate and clung onto his tee-shirt as if it were a life-belt. He wanted so much to get out of the claustrophobic confines of the fitting-room… and he so wanted his clothes back!

Aunt Mabel had watched as Miss Carter took her nephew’s measurements. Even though she still saw no reason why Casey should have to have a Boy’s Regulation School Uniform Jock-Strap, she was impressed by the thoroughness with which Miss Carter carried out her job. Aunt Mabel hadn’t seen Casey bare-nude since he was a playful young eleven-year-old and so she was naturally curious to see how her nephew had developed since then. Like Miss Carter she was surprised not to see any pubic hair above or around Casey’s penis, but she too thought Casey looked much smarter without any and made a mental note to tell her sister that.

“Now, Casey,” Miss Carter said, “you can help me with this next measurement… I want you to lift your penis up out of the way so that I can see your testicles properly… yes, that’s a good boy, Casey, lift it right up… Hmm… I don’t think I’ll need the orchidometer today, besides your testicles are right up tight…”

Miss Carter turned to Aunt Mabel: “… he’s probably a bit nervous. It often happens that young boys’ testicles go right up… but I can see from the measurements that we’re only going to need a small size Junior School Uniform Jock-Strap for Casey. If you wait a moment, I’ll go and get one for him to try on…”

Miss Carter swept the curtain aside and to his horror Casey was left standing holding his tee-shirt up with one hand and holding his penis in the other… and there was nothing between him and the woman standing facing him, directly outside the fitting-room, as she asked Miss Carter a question about her son’s own school uniform.

“I’ll be with you in a moment madam, I’ve just got to get a small size Junior School Uniform Jock-Strap for Casey…” she turned her head back, “… the boy in the fitting-room…”

Poor Casey nearly wept with shame and just wanted the floor to swallow him up… anything to get away from the humiliation of the School Outfitters.

The woman looked in at Casey as he stood in the fitting-room still holding his penis.

“It’s his very first School Uniform Jock-Strap,” his Aunt volunteered, “though heaven knows why he needs one…” she looked at Casey, “… you can let go of your penis now Casey. You don’t want the lady to think that you’re playing with yourself…” she turned back to the woman, “… Casey’s my nephew,” she explained, “… and I said to my sister, ‘really…’ I said, ‘… really, you could have done without the extra expense of a School Uniform Jock-Strap for Casey’… I mean to say…”

Aunt Mabel looked meaningfully at Casey’s penis and it was clear what she was thinking, ‘.. why on earth would you need a jock-strap for that little thing…?’

The other lady looked at Casey’s penis and nodded: “Yes…” she said, “with the cost of School Uniforms these days… they really should cut back on unnecessary items…”

Miss Carter returned.

“… here we are, one small size Junior School Regulation Uniform Jock-Strap…”

“Well,” said Aunt Mabel looking at it, “… that should be more than adequate for your little tiddler…”

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Arrangements for Michael - Part 5

Fifth Letter

Edith Hudson to Olive Jefferies

Dear Olive,

As you say, it is getting very close to Michael’s visit. I hope to be with you by mid-morning on Tuesday 6th as arranged. I am so looking forward to our break in Scotland and it is such a relief to know that you will be taking such good care of Michael.

I don’t want to put you off, but I’m afraid Michael has been very difficult in the past few days. He still seems to think he’ll be able to do just what he pleases when he comes to stay with you. As I’ve already told you I am reluctant to disabuse him of this fact… I’m sure you’re quite capable of bringing him down to earth without my help!

Last Sunday the vicar was forced yet again to take Michael to task for misbehaving during the service. I don’t know quite what Michael was up to (and I’m not so sure I do want to know either!), but the vicar had to stay behind and escort Michael, by his ear apparently, to the vestry for a stern talking to while Michael, I gather, stood there and tried to deny everything! Fortunately the vicar is made of sterner stuff and she eventually made Michael admit to his bad behaviour in church. It seems that once again the vicar was compelled to undress Michael completely before taking him over her knee for another sound spanking which this time had Michael tearfully begging to be let off. Let off! Why very idea!

Michael was given another period of ‘nude-time’, once more facing the vicar with his hands clasped behind his head. Michael’s period of reflection was, I understand, interrupted by the lady verger. It must have been a double embarrassment for him to have the verger seeing him in the nude with his face still wet with tears. And I’ve no doubt that Michael will have been sporting his usual post-spanking erection as well! When Michael returned home I noticed that the vicar had given the backs of his legs some well-placed smacks also. No wonder it was obvious Michael had been crying. I also noticed some curious small round red marks on his knees which Michael was very reluctant to tell me about. Finally, Michael confessed to me the vicar had actually made him do his nude-time penance kneeling on some dried peas after his spanking.

Michael told me that kneeling for half-an-hour on his bare knees on the dried peas was ‘horrid’ and nearly as bad as having his bare bottom smacked. I bumped into the vicar a couple of days later and thanked her for taking Michael to task and as we talked about Michael’s behaviour I mentioned the dried peas and how effective they were. She then told me she has asked one of her elderly lady helpers at the church to sew some pea-sized beads onto the top of a hassock which will be given to Michael to kneel on each time he attends church for the Sunday service. The vicar said that she hoped that Michael will be reminded, every time kneels down, to pay attention and not to fidget. I imagine his bare knees are going to feel quite sore by the end of each service in future.

Just a few words about food. I’m afraid Michael can be very difficult at meal times. I have been forced on occasions to send Michael straight up to bed without any supper when his has made a fuss at the table. In this event I simply serve up Michael’s unfinished food cold at his next meal… and most unappetising it looks too, but there’s nothing else to come until he’s eaten what’s in front of him. I have told Michael time and again that I’m not going to waste perfectly good food simply because he is a fussy eater.

Quite the worst behaviour happens when Michael is confronted with a milk pudding such as blancmange, semolina or worse still tapioca. As I’m sure you know, these foods are extremely nourishing and eminently suitable for a growing boy like Michael, yet he more often than not flatly refuses to eat them! I aim to serve him one of these nutritious puddings at least three times a week and I would be grateful if you would do likewise. Some of Michael’s worst temper tantrums have been over his refusal to eat a bowl of tapioca and I well remember the day when I was forced to hold Michael’s nose and spoon-feed him. I’m afraid that a lot of the tapioca ended up over his face and as you can imagine quite a bit was splashed from his chin onto his chest.

Ever since that episode I have taken the precaution of undressing Michael completely and tying a child’s bib around his neck before feeding him… I’ve found a child’s plastic feeding spoon most useful and will bring one with me. It would be as well to be warned that he is still likely to end up with quite a bit of the slimy tapioca over himself. I’m seriously considering the purchase of a high chair for Michael for use on these occasions, for no other reason than it will make feeding him less of a strain on my back.

You certainly have given a lot of thought to Michael’s bedtime arrangements and of course they have my unconditional approval. Brenda is being so helpful and it’s good to know that you’ll have her by your side to make sure Michael sticks to his routine. By the sounds of it she’s already had lots of experience in helping you with Brandon and Tyler. I imagine that her twin brother makes quite a fuss when it’s her turn to take charge of the boys’ bathtime as well their bedtime.

Thank you for speaking to Miss Spencer. I’m sure that once she’s had chance to assess Michael’s abilities (or lack of!) in mathematics, she’ll know what needs to be done to bring him up to scratch. I’ll pack his full school uniform so that he’s properly dressed when he goes for his lessons. You’ll notice that his short grey school trousers do look uncomfortably short. This is because Michael’s legs seem to have grown much more than the rest of him in the last year, but as there’s plenty of wear left in his school shorts, he’ll have to make do with them for a while yet. Michael won’t be expecting to wear his school uniform in the holidays and will probably make some excuse not to wear it, but from what you tell me, Miss Spencer won’t stand for any nonsense like that!

Well, that’s about all for now. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday and hope that I’ll get the opportunity to meet Brenda and the boys so that I can introduce Michael to them. I feel sure that when Michael settles in he’ll have a most memorable time with you all!

With all my best wishes,


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Arrangements for Michael - Part 4

Fourth Letter

Olive Jefferies to Edith Hudson

Dear Edith,

Thank you so much for your latest letter regarding Michael’s visit. We are all still looking forward to taking him under our wing. Brandon and Tyler can’t wait to meet Michael. They can’t believe Michael still has to wear short trousers, even though he’s fourteen and older than they are. I am amused that you’ve given Michael the false impression that he’ll have an easy time of it here. As you already know, the opposite will most definitely be the case! It will be a treat to see the look on Michael’s face when he realises that he’ll be dealt with no differently here than he is at his home.

With regard to sleeping arrangements for Michael. I’ve given this a lot of thought and propose the following:

  • Michael will sleep in Brenda’s bedroom. There is simply not enough space in the boy’s room for another bed.

  • In Brenda’s room there is a cot last used by Tyler before he graduated to a proper bed. The cot should be large enough for Michael to squeeze into, although it is quite narrow, but that shouldn’t be a problem once Brenda has lifted up the sides. Having the sides locked into place will ensure Michael doesn’t fall out of bed during the night.

  • You can probably understand that at first Brenda was rather unwilling to have Michael sleep in her room. However once it was explained that Michael would be safely tucked in and settled down in his cot well before her own bedtime she seemed to relax a little.

  • As I mentioned in my previous letter, Brenda will also be on the alert for any inappropriate nocturnal activity from Michael. If she does catch Michael masturbating, Brenda will have no hesitation in informing me, although I’m quite sure that even though she’s younger than Michael, she’ll easily be able to deal with any mischievous misbehaviour.

  • As to bedtime itself. I’m sure you will appreciate that I have an established bedtime schedule for the boys. I can of course be much more flexible with Brenda, but boys do need to have a proper fixed routine which I am loathe to alter. I would propose therefore to bring forward Michael’s pyjama-time so that it doesn’t interfere with Brandon and Tyler’s bedtime arrangements.

  • Bathtime for both boys is , then it’s into pyjamas and ready for bed. Tyler is tucked in at and if Brandon has behaved himself he is allowed to stay up until 8.30. Brenda quite often helps me to get the boys settled down in bed and as a reward is allowed to stay up later.

  • Brenda has offered to help me with Michael’s bedtime, which is very considerate of her and typical of her thoughtfulness. Between us we have decided to get Michael into his pyjamas straight after tea, which we have at . While I take care of the clearing up after tea (with Brandon and Tyler’s help of course!), Brenda will go to get Michael’s pyjamas from her room, bring them downstairs and get him changed into them in the living-room (I’m sure you’ll understand that Brenda doesn’t want Michael going in and out of her bedroom during the day). Michael will be allowed an hour’s playtime in his pyjamas, then it’s upstairs and into bed for 6.45. If Michael needs a bath before bedtime, then that will come out of his playtime. Brenda says that she’ll still get Michael undressed at his usual time, but won’t put on his pyjamas until after his bath, which sounds sensible to me.

I do hope these arrangements meet with your approval.

I’ve spoken to Margot Spencer and she’s more than happy to given Michael some extra tuition in mathematics. She tells me that she already tutors one or two other boys and so has set up a small classroom in her house. She very kindly allowed me to have a peak inside and I saw two very smart boys in full school uniform sat at traditional wooden school desks diligently working away at the exercises they’d been set by their tutor. Miss Spencer also tells me that she insists boys wear proper grey short school trousers for their tuition and made a point of drawing my attention to both boys’ bare legs. I took the opportunity of telling her about Michael’s own bare-legged regime. I told her that he had been put back into short trousers and now had to wear them all year round, indoors or out, whatever the weather. It will be no surprise to know that she thoroughly approves!

Miss Spencer also tells me that she knows where Michael can get what she called ‘a proper schoolboy haircut’. So it looks like it will be ‘short-back-and-sides’ for Michael as usual!

Well time is getting on and it’s another day closer to Michael’s visit. Be assured that I will write to you in Scotland to let you know how Michael has settled in with us; how he is getting along and, more importantly, whether he is behaving himself!

Yours sincerely,


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Arrangements for Michael - Part 3

Third Letter

Edith Hudson to Olive Jefferies

Dear Olive,

Thank you very much for your thoughtful and detailed letter. It is good to know that we think so much alike and I am now quite sure that Michael will be in very good hands while he is with you.

I cannot over-emphasise the need to ensure that Michael is supervised at all times and that all aspects of his life are properly ordered. This includes when to go to bed, when to get up, what to wear, what to do, politely asking permission for everything and so on. Michael is a naughty boy and should expect to be treated like one until he learns mend his ways. Naughty boys need a strict regime. It would be unfair were it to be otherwise.

It was kind of you to seek my permission for your very good ideas, however, while Michael is with you, you are in full control. I am quite content to leave it to you to make decisions which I am confident will coincide with my own views on how to deal with Michael’s recalcitrant behaviour.

I would be grateful if you would be kind enough to keep a detailed diary of Michael’s stay with you and, if at all possible, to send regular extracts to me in Scotland so that I may keep up to date with how Michael is behaving. It will give me the opportunity to pass comment on what has gone on and perhaps make some useful suggestions.

Your next door neighbour, Margot Spencer, sounds to be just the ticket to baby-sit for Michael on the days you are away with your family. She certainly sounds experienced in dealing with young boys like Michael who are prone to misbehaving. As you suggest, it will be the perfect opportunity for Michael to receive extra tuition in mathematics which is much needed as I’m afraid he is very lazy when it comes to schoolwork. Please ask her to treat Michael just as she would any other naughty little boy she might have had to haul out in font of the class when she was teaching. I’m sure she’ll have no hesitation in giving a naughty boy like Michael a good few sharp smacks on the backs of his legs when he needs it! I also agree that Michael should ‘pay his way’ for his tuition by doing whatever chores Miss Spencer sets him.

A few comments on masturbation: I fully understand and support your decision to allow both Brandon and Tyler to masturbate now that you have taken the trouble to explain their ‘masturbation privileges’ to me. I hope Brandon and Tyler realise just how lucky they are to have such understanding parents. Your idea for Brandon and Tyler to report Michael to you if they do catch him playing with his penis, is very good and has my full approval. As you say, the threat of withdrawing their masturbation privileges should keep Brandon and Tyler on their toes and ensure Michael isn’t given a moments privacy to indulge in furtive masturbation. It’s also a comfort to know that Brenda too will be keeping a beady eye on Michael.

The major risk is at night, of course. In my experience it is when he is in bed that Michael may try to masturbate. I have installed a web-cam at the foot of Michael’s bed at home. The web-cam is very sensitive to low light and movement. It is an extremely effective deterrent which stops Michael from indulging in these insidious practices. He knows now that if he does try to masturbate in bed I will have irrefutable evidence that he has done so and that he will be dealt with accordingly. I am more than happy for Michael to bring the cam with him if you feel it would be of use. Have you decided on Michael’s sleeping arrangements yet?

You mentioned your friendship with the School Doctor who gives Brandon and Tyler their regular School Medicals. This is very useful to know. I think it would be good idea for Michael to visit her for a thorough check-up if that can be arranged.

I was pleased to note that Brandon has indeed started to sprout some little hairs around the base of his penis. As I remarked in my previous letter, this should ensure extra teasing for Michael, especially if Brandon decides to tell any of his friends that Michael hasn’t got any hairs. I’m sure Brandon’s friends will want proof and may even make Michael do a ‘bare-runner’ after they’ve snatched his shorts!

It certainly sounds as if you plan to keep Michael busy doing all those jobs you mentioned. What with his daily nude P.E. exercises, he will be a very tried boy by bedtime. By the way, please thank Brenda very much for her kind offer to supervise Michael when he performs his nude exercises. It is very important Michael has someone responsible to supervise his P.E. exercises as they all have to be performed within set times. If he fails to reach any of his set times, the exercise has to be performed all over again. Thirty jumping-jacks in thirty seconds might not sound a lot for a fourteen year old boy, but when performed in the nude as Michael has to, just after doing 25 sit-ups… Well if he doesn’t try his best, Michael might well find himself performing them all over again! Tell Brenda that even though at 13 she’s a full year younger than Michael, she nevertheless has complete authority to make him repeat exercises if she is in any way dissatisfied with how they are being performed… even if Michael has done the exercise within the set time-limit. I agree with you Olive, it’s very thoughtful of Brenda to give up her time to supervise Michael’s P.E. exercises. Please make sure Michael says ‘thank you’ to Brenda after each daily session in the garden.

I should mention that Michael has a cold shower if I catch him with an inappropriate erection. He usually needs a cold shower after his daily P.E. exercises, since he nearly always gains an erection during his routine. Perhaps you would be good enough to explain this to Brenda so that she knows to make sure Michael has a cold shower when she sees him with an erection.

I almost forgot to ask… do you have someone locally who can give Michael his fortnightly haircut? I am fortunate in that my hairdresser makes sure that Michael is always seen with a traditional ‘short-back-and-sides’ schoolboy haircut. Michael was dismayed the first time I took him for a proper haircut. I don’t think he realised quite how short his haircut was going to be until he saw himself in the mirror and watched in horror as the hairdresser snipped away with her scissors, causing a cascade of hair to tumble onto the floor around the chair. When she put down the scissors, Michael must have thought it was all over and started to get up. It wasn’t, and the hairdresser pressed Michael firmly back into the chair and picked up the electric clippers she’d bought especially. She took a firm hold of Michael’s head and pushed it forward until the nape of Michael’s neck was almost horizontal. There was a ‘click’ as the clippers were switched on and, with a loud buzzing noise, the hairdresser drew her clippers up the back of Michael’s neck, all the way up to the back of his head. As she drew the clippers repeatedly up Michael’s neck, more and more curls of his mousey-coloured hair tumbled to the floor. Then it was the turn of the sides of Michael’s head and the hairdresser pushed the top of his ears down as the clippers went to work.

I explained to my hairdresser what was required of a proper schoolboy haircut and she now prides herself on cutting Michael’s hair so short that when he puts on his school cap there is no hair visible at the back or sides of his head, just a small fringe showing underneath the peak of his cap. And that’s precisely the type of haircut that Michael has had ever since that first visit. By the way, I’ve given my hairdresser the same authority as the vicar to deal with Michael in anyway she sees fit should Michael misbehave when he’s having his regular haircut.

As each day passes it gets closer to the time of Michael’s visit. I hope you will be fully prepared! I’m afraid Michael is still under the impression he’s in for an ‘easy ride’ when he comes to stay with you and is looking forward to his visit, though I know from what we’ve discussed it will be anything but an easy ride. It looks as if he’s in for a rude awakening!

Well that’s it for now. I’m sure there are other things we might have overlooked, so if there is anything else about Michael’s stay that we need consider, please don’t hesitate to write.

Yours sincerely,


Monday, 9 April 2012

Arrangements for Michael - Part 2

Second Letter

Olive Jeffries to Edith Hudson

Dear Edith,

Thank you so much for your letter which I found very helpful. I have to say I was much relieved to receive it as I was concerned that, when it came to the crunch, we might not agree on just how a naughty boy of fourteen, such as Michael, should be dealt with. I am delighted to say that your thoughts on the matter are just the same as mine.

Let me reassure you straightaway that you have nothing to worry about. Michael will be treated here just the same as he is at home. I would venture to say that Michael might find it even more challenging, particularly as Brenda is very keen to get involved, but more of that later.

I completely agree with your methods and found your suggestions most useful. I have had a few ideas myself, several of which will need your approval.

I am really looking forward to Michael’s visit and can hardly wait for the day he arrives. I view the prospect of looking after a naughty boy like Michael, as a challenge, rather than thinking it in any way daunting. I confess that I am humbled by the trust you place in me with regard to caring for Michael, but I feel sure I will justify your faith in me.

I’ll start straightaway by referring, in no particular order, to the points you raise in your letter:

  • Michael’s nude P.E. routine. This will have to be performed in the garden, as I have spoken to Brandon and he tells me that some of the exercises he does in the gym at school involve energetic jumping up and down, something that can’t be done indoors, he says. The garden is overlooked on all sides, but that shouldn’t be a problem as our neighbours are most understanding. I will however make sure they are all aware that a nude fourteen year old boy will be performing his P.E. exercises in our garden each day, so they are not shocked when they see Michael for the first time. Brenda has very kindly offered to supervise Michael and to make sure he does all his exercises properly, which I think is very thoughtful of her.

  • Both Brandon and Tyler are masturbating. When I first discovered Brandon playing with his penis I had a long discussion with Peter about whether we should allow the boys to masturbate. In the end we decided to keep an open mind about masturbation. However, we decided there would have to be certain ground rules – what I call ‘masturbation privileges’ for the boys to follow. Tyler wasn’t at that time masturbating, so we explained to Brandon that he was allowed to masturbate provided he cleaned up afterwards and didn’t create more housework by leaving sticky tissues or hand towels about. As you’d expect, Brandon was very red-faced and embarrassed when we explained all this to him, but looked relieved to be given permission to play with himself. Tyler masturbates as well now and has to follow the same rules as Brandon. I’m proud to say that both boys are able to ejaculate, although Tyler, being only twelve, can only produce rather thin, clear fluid at the moment. Brandon, being a year older, is now able to produce thicker, milky ejaculate in very respectable quantities so I’m told by the School Doctor (by the way, she’s a very good friend of mine, which might prove useful if you’d like Michael to have a check-up while he’s with us).

  • Of course I fully understand the position as regards Michael being forbidden to masturbate and I will ensure your wishes are respected. It occurred to me that, given your agreement, I might engage Brandon and Tyler to keep an eye on Michael to make sure he’s not tempted to misbehave and play with himself. Should they not report Michael to me if they see him playing with himself. then I think I might even threaten to withdraw masturbation privileges from them both, so my boys better be on their toes! I’m sure that if Brenda ever catches Michael she’ll have no hesitation in reporting the matter to me. With all those watchful eyes on the lookout for misbehaviour, it should ensure Michael never has the opportunity to be naughty and play with his penis!

  • There is absolutely no question of any of my family befriending Michael. Brandon and Tyler have been told that having Michael to stay with us is going to cause considerable inconvenience, not least because he will have to be supervised at all times. The boys had been promised a couple of trips to a nearby theme-park, but, because it is going to cost money to look after Michael, these outings have had to be cancelled. As you can imagine they are already extremely resentful about Michael coming to stay.

  • I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that Brandon has started to sprout a few little hairs around the base of his penis. He is inordinately proud of them as you can imagine and he tells me that only a few boys in his class at school have any hairs so far. I wonder if you’ll be surprised to know that I actually saw him counting his little hairs the other day! Brandon is already teasing Tyler for not having any hairs, so I should think Brandon will take great delight in showing off his hairs in front of Michael. I look forward to seeing the look on Michael’s face. No doubt he’ll be very jealous and I’ll make sure I take every opportunity to remind Michael what a little boy he looks standing next to Brandon. I’m sure you’ll agree that Michael’s complete absence of pubic hair at the age of fourteen should certainly help to keep him in his place!

  • As regards clothing, you are quite correct that both Brandon and Tyler were allowed to graduate into long trousers some time ago. I’m pleased to say that neither boy has abused this privilege. You tell me that people quite often point and stare at Michael when they see him wearing shorts or short trousers when you are out with him in public. I’m not surprised! It can’t be often that you see a fourteen year old boy with his long legs bare right to the very tops of his smooth thighs. It will be quite a contrast to see tall, gangly Michael walking along bare-legged, next to two obviously younger boys, both wearing comfortable long trousers. You can  be sure the three of them will be seen regularly together in public! Seeing Michael wearing short trousers all of the time will also have another benefit. Brandon and Tyler will be reminded of what happens if boys don’t behave themselves… a salutatory lesson for them both that long trousers are a privilege and that it is very easy indeed to put a boy back into short trousers whatever his age. 

I understand your concerns about leaving Michael unsupervised and have given this considerable thought as we do have one or two family commitments during Michael’s stay with us. I am loath to include Michael in these arrangements for reasons that I’m sure you understand. I do, however, have a solution and one to which I hope you will agree.

There is a lady next door who is more than happy to baby-sit Michael for us. You can be assured that Miss Margot Spencer will stand absolutely no nonsense from Michael as she is a retired teacher who is well used to coping with unruly boys. It occurs to me that Michael may benefit from some extra tuition from Miss Spencer who I know used to teach mathematics, in particular trigonometry and algebra. I’m sure she would welcome the opportunity to put her skills to use once more. I’m also sure that Miss Spencer can find plenty of chores for Michael to do in return for his tuition. If you wish I’m more than happy to talk to her about this suggestion.

Michael will be given regular chores around the house to keep him busy, such as cleaning, washing up, scrubbing floors, making the beds and so forth. There are also some very dirty, and rather unpleasant jobs I have been putting off for some time including cleaning out the attic, which is filthy, also sorting the garden shed. Peter has said the garage needs a good clear out as well. Michael will of course be properly supervised to make sure he does a good job. There are also a number of jobs to be done in the garden and moving a large compost heap away to a new site at the bottom of the garden is something that would be perfect for Michael to do. I am sure I shall be able to find several more jobs, so rest assured that Michael will be kept fully occupied.

Just to reiterate, I entirely approve of Michael’s sparse wardrobe and I’m sure the clothes you have listed will be more than enough. I agree that boys who cannot behave should be kept in short trousers, particularly if they have legs as long and smooth as Michael. There is no question of long trousers while he stays here, even though my youngest son Tyler wears them and he is only twelve. I am particularly looking forward to seeing Michael dressed in his play-shorts. You can be sure that he will often been seen wearing in them out and about in public during his stay with us.

Be assured that Michael’s bathtimes will be properly supervised. We’re quite used to supervising boys’ bathtimes in this house. I insist there must always be someone to keep an eye on Brandon and Tyler when they’re in the bath in case either one of them has an accident… you know what boys can be like when they’re playing in the bath! It also means that I can be sure they wash themselves properly. They know that if they don’t, they’ll be standing up in the bath while I give them a good scrub! If I’m not available, then Brenda is more than capable of standing in for me. Brandon, as you can imagine, always complains when his twin sister is left in charge of their bathtime, but we all know that girls are so much more mature than boys… even older boys like Michael.

Well, I think that’s enough to be going on with for the moment. I’m sure there’s lots more to discuss, but in the meantime Peter and I are very much looking forward to Michael coming to stay with us.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


Arrangements for Michael - Part 1

The following correspondence is based on a story I recently found during my researches. The main premise together with the start of the correspondence broadly adheres to the original story. Names have been changed, apart from that of Michael the boy who is the subject of the letters between two mothers.

The correspondence begins with a letter from Edith Hudson to Olive Jeffries. These two ladies obviously know each other well and have met on several occasions. They have made arrangements for Michael, Edith’s 14 year old stepson, to spend the late summer with Olive Jeffries and her family. Michael’s stay is due to the fact that Edith and her husband have planned to visit some relatives and friends in Scotland. They also wish to have some time together, away from the responsibilities of looking after a clearly troublesome young boy.

Olive Jeffries lives on the south coast of England with her husband Peter. They have three children, the twins Brenda and Brandon (13), and Tyler (12). It is clear there has been some previous correspondence.

First Letter

Edith Hudson to Olive Jeffries

Dear Olive,

Thank you so much for letting me know that you are definitely able to look after Michael while we are away on holiday. I am so pleased your husband Peter has overcome his misgiving about looking after such demanding boy as Michael and now understands that a firm hand is needed to keep him under control at all times. It really is such a relief that you are able to do this as we could not take Michael with us for the reasons we have already discussed and it is very important that we visit Scotland before this Autumn.

As agreed, Michael will be coming to stay with you just as soon as Gerald and I finalise the details of our trip to Scotland. We are really looking forward to the break and plan to have plenty of days out, so we are both praying for lots of good weather! As to how Michael feels about his forthcoming stay with you and your family? Well, I wasn’t fully in a position to know your precise views about looking after a naughty boy like Michael when I first approached you with the possibility of having him to stay with your family. This has meant that I may have given Michael the impression that he will be treated somewhat more leniently when he comes to stay with you. A most erroneous impression it would now seem! I’m sure it will come as quite a shock for him when he finds out quite how wrong he was to think he would be treated any differently by you, Olive.

As you know from our previous letters, he is not an easy child to deal with and it is therefore necessary to be very strict with him and ensure that every minute of his day is managed for him. If I don't do this, he gets into all kinds of trouble and this I will not tolerate. Michael needs constant attention and very strict discipline. As I said, I’m sure that one of the reasons he is keen to come and stay with you is because he thinks he will be able to do as he pleases. I have explained that he must behave himself, but I can see my words are falling on deaf ears. However, I now know you will stand no nonsense from him. If he misbehaves he can expect to be severely dealt with by you, just as he is with me. I can’t tell you how much this puts my mind at rest.

You can no doubt imagine how relieved I am to know there will be no let up in Michael's strict regime whilst he is with you. It’s clear we both think alike in the way naughty boys should be dealt with. Of course I understand that you do not need to be quite as strict with Brandon and Tyler as I am with Michael (and that’s as it should be with boys as well behaved as you tell me Brandon and Tyler are, and besides you also have Brenda to help you… she really does sound like a most sensible young girl). However, I am sure this will not influence the way you manage Michael’s life while he is with you. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that I will not be happy if Michael befriends either of your sons (there doesn’t seem to be much danger of that happening with Brenda!) in an attempt to somehow wheedle himself an easier life during his stay. This is the type of behaviour for which you must be on your guard.

I have listed some suggestions as to how you should deal Michael during his stay with you, which I hope will prove to be of use:

  • To ensure that Brandon and Tyler do not feel sorry for Michael, I think you should point out to them that he is really not to be trusted and that his behaviour has become so intolerable that he has to stay with you rather than visit his family in Scotland. Explain to them that this is a great inconvenience to your family, that is it going to cost money, and that they will therefore receive less pocket money as a result.

  • I see no reason why Brenda should not help you with Michael's discipline. It is important that Michael should have the greatest respect for all your family and to realise the enormous trouble you are all going through in having him stay at your house.

  • Feel free to discipline Michael whenever and wherever you deem to be appropriate. I will have no qualms should you deem it necessary to punish Michael in front of others. I have frequent recourse to this when it is desirable to teach Michael a summary lesson. His embarrassment on these occasions is a sight few would forget. I would welcome your thoughts on this very important topic and perhaps you would be kind enough to give me an idea as to how you plan to handle Michael's punishments, of which there will be many I have no doubt.

  •  Michael's day should be planned in detail and he should not do anything or go anywhere without the prior permission of you or your family. I hope that you will be very strict on this point as in my experience you should always know where Michael is, otherwise he will laze around doing nothing except indulging in a habit he has succumbed to recently and one I forbid. More about that later. I hope you will get Michael to work hard in the house and in the garden. There is no reason why he should not wash up, clean the house, make the beds, weed the garden etc. in recompense for his stay with your family. And the dirtier and harder the work the better, in my view.

  • Michael has a daily P.E. routine he must perform. The exact details of the exercises he must carry out will be scheduled in a special logbook he will bring with him. For health and hygiene reasons Michael must  perform his P.E. exercises in the nude. Plimsolls are allowed, but no other clothing must be worn. I hope Michael’s nude exercise routine will not inconvenience you or your family unduly. There is no need to make any special arrangements as the exercises can be performed outdoors in your garden if there is insufficient room in the house. The P.E. routine must be performed daily no matter who else happens to be around and, if performed outside, whatever the weather. Michael’s P.E. logbook needs to be signed by an adult to show he has completed his exercises, in the nude, to a satisfactory standard.

I will pack a small suitcase for Michael to bring with him. It only needs to be a small case as we do not allow Michael to wear too many clothes and occasionally he finds himself in the nude if he misbehaves. Although Michael is 14 and quite tall for his age, we have not yet allowed him to wear long trousers and have no plans to buy him any for at least two more years, possibly longer. From what you have told me I gather that both Brandon and Tyler are already wearing long trousers, even though they are both younger than Michael… in Tyler’s case two years younger! That is all to the good and will serve to show Michael how silly, naughty boys like he is have to be dealt with and the sort of privileges well-behaved boys like Brandon and Tyler have earned. I’m sure you understand the sort of prestige boys attach to the wearing of ‘longs’. I imagine Michael will be very jealous of your two boys and have to put up with a considerable amount of teasing from them when they see him dressed in his very brief short trousers. Please do not make any attempt to stop Brandon and Tyler from teasing Michael. I want you to remember it’s Michael’s own fault he is kept in short trousers, a fact that he needs to be made aware of constantly in my experience. This is something to be borne in mind should he complain of being teased by your sons. 

Please make sure Michael does not try to borrow any clothes from either Brandon or Tyler (though I very much doubt their clothes would fit Michael as he has rocketed up since you last saw him a little over a year ago). Michael will bring the following clothes with him which will be more than enough for his stay, even if the weather does turn cold:

  • Michael has four T-shirts, all of which he has had for some time so that they are now somewhat short. There is one in particular which finishes well above his waist leaving a very large gap that means his tummy and belly-button are quite bare. He tries not to wear this one when he goes out, but usually I insist that he does. There are no sweaters, since the T-shirts are quite enough for him. He will, of course, wash them when they get dirty.

  • He has three pairs of ‘everyday’ white shorts (no underpants to be worn!) which should be enough. Again, these are rather old and are now much too short for a boy with legs as long as Michael’s. As you can imagine Michael does get stared at a lot, as well as pointed at and teased by boys of all ages who think it hugely funny to see a boy wearing such extremely short shorts. Please do not be tempted to buy him any new shorts. If he really does need a pair, though I can’t think why, then perhaps you might have an old pair of Tyler’s he could borrow – they would be much too small of course, however that should not be of any concern. I should also tell you that the elastic around the waist of all the shorts has perished and is rather worn. There is no need for you to even think about repairing them as Michael simply pulls the shorts right up as far as they will go and rolls the waist-band down. That way they stay up, though they do show even more of his bare legs. Having said that, Michael’s shorts do slip down from time-to-time. Quite often this happens when he is unable to pull them back up again very quickly and it’s amusing to see him struggling to retain his dignity!

  • Just in case you should decide to take him somewhere smart he will have his ‘Sunday-best’ suit with him, but I warn you he hates to wear it! We had it made for him a year ago and he has already grown out of it. The jacket only just reaches his waist and the short trousers now show all of his legs and thighs. In fact the legs of the shorts are so short they barely cover even the top inch of his thighs. The suit is made of cotton and you will notice that we had to arrange to have the waist altered as he just could not do up the top button. The tailor we went to managed to move this button and she also kindly replaced the zip fly with buttons so the shorts just about hold together. I do hope you have a chance to see Michael in his suit, as he does look so sweet. The jacket is quite smart if a little too small for him, but as I said the short trousers hardly cover his legs at all and to Michael’s intense embarrassment, his prominent ‘boy-bulge’ is clearly visible for anyone to see as the suit is only made from thin cotton fabric. With the suit he wears brown sandals and white ankle socks which mean that his legs are kept nice and bare right to the very tops of his thighs. He has a grey school shirt and, of course his school tie.

  • Michael also has a pair of smart pale-blue play-shorts. I’m not sure whether he hates to wear these more than his ‘Sunday-best’ suit, but it must be a close run thing when you see the look on his face when he’s told to change into them! As the name suggests, Michael is allowed to wear his play-shorts for playing in, although he is also allowed to wear them for visiting friends of the family when it is desired to have Michael not quite so formally dressed as he would be in his suit. There is no need for Michael to wear a top when wearing his play-shorts, just a pair of his plastic play-sandals will do. Michael’s play-shorts differ from his regular shorts in that they do not have an elasticated waist-band, instead they are held up by adjustable shoulder straps, or braces. These straps are attached by buttons to the front of the play-shorts. The two straps then loop over Michael’s shoulders then down his back and crossing over just above the back of the waist. Michael’s play-shorts are very loosely cut. We wanted to ensure there was plenty of room for growth, as he will be needing to wear them for a long while yet! We have kept the leg length minimal to make sure there is plenty of room for movement and for Michael to get lots of sun and healthy fresh air on the tops of his legs. Michael must never wear anything, such as underpants, underneath his play-shorts, as this would negate the obvious healthy benefits of their loose design. However this does mean that Michael’s penis, and very often his testicles too, are clearly visible poking out of the leg of the shorts especially when the play-shorts are pulled right up by shortening the braces. Please do not concern yourself if this should happen. In my experience Michael will make a fuss and beg you to adjust the play-shorts so that his penis is less visible. If this should happen it is best just to ignore him.

We always send Michael to church in his suit on Sundays. I do not approve of women priests, so Gerald and I attend church in a neighbouring parish. However the lady vicar at our local church has taken quite a shine to Michael and thinks he looks very smart in his ‘Sunday-best’, so Michael attends for the service there each Sunday. She did however ask me whether Michael wasn’t a bit too old to be still wearing short trousers. I had to explain to her that we insist on Michael wearing shorts and short trousers because he is very naughty and that he will remain in short trousers until he learns to grow up and starts behaving himself. At the same time I gave the vicar permission discipline Michael if he ever misbehaves in church and I understand that it has now been necessary for her to do this on several occasions. If Michael misbehaves during the service then he is taken out to the vestry once the congregation has departed. Once Michael has admitted that he has done wrong the vicar takes his short trousers right off, puts him over her knee and soundly spanks him.

A couple of weeks ago I had to ask Michael why he was particularly late home from church. With a very red face he told me that the lady vicar had undressed him completely and given him a thoroughly good spanking for misbehaving during the service that week. After the spanking Michael told me he was made to stand still, bare-nude, facing the vicar with his hands on his head for 15 minutes. As he nearly always has an erection after a good spanking, I imagine Michael was excruciatingly embarrassed to do his ‘nude-time’ in front of the vicar. Now, of course, Michael has to contend with the fact that the lady vicar, who he sees during the week as well as every Sunday, has seen him not only in the nude, but also with an erection. He must wonder if she has told anyone else about how he is spanked in the vestry and whether anyone else knows about his ‘nude-time’ erection.

I would add that the above episode with the vicar is a good example of the way in which Michael should be treated. He is a mischievous boy and should be dealt with as such. It is the reason he is in short trousers and the reason he will be kept in short trousers.

Michael has either a bath or a shower at least once every day. I always supervise this myself to make sure that he washes himself properly. This rarely happens and I find that I have to wash Michael myself. I would like him to continue to be fully supervised at bathtimes while he stays with you. However, if you do not have the time to do it yourself then perhaps Brenda would be willing to help out. If Michael gets dirty and needs a wash during the day because of the work you have set him to do, I don’t think you should bother to waste too much hot water on him. A cold shower or bath is fine. Better still take him into the garden, strip him off, and give him a bucket of cold water to wash in or just hose him down. This would be very suitable if he has not worked hard enough, and particularly if the weather has turned colder.

You have not told me if either Brandon or Tyler masturbate yet. I am afraid that Michael has started this pernicious habit and I have strictly forbidden him to do so. Of course, I’m not foolish enough to think that he doesn’t attempt to masturbate at every opportunity when my back is turned, so one has to be extremely vigilant. Perhaps you could let me know what the position is with Brandon and Tyler, whether you permit the boys to masturbate and any ideas you may have to prevent Michael playing with his penis.

You will notice that Michael has a completely smooth and hairless body, with no sign at all of any pubic hair, which is a source of acute embarrassment to him. It would amuse me to know whether Brandon had started to sprout any little hairs around his penis. I do hope so as this will cause Michael further embarrassment if the two boys should see each other in the nude, after all Brandon is a year younger than Michael.

I do not think you will be surprised at any of the aforegoing as I’m sure you are now fully aware what a handful Michael can be. Please reply with any further questions and I will be grateful to hear your thoughts on how you plan to deal with Michael during his stay.

Once again, many thanks to you and you family for agreeing to look after Michael.

Yours sincerely,