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James At The Clinic – Part 5

Dr Wang suddenly stopped and frowned: “Excuse me one moment, I just need to… hmm… yes… it should work… but…” she said to herself. It was obvious that something important had occurred to her and she was trying to make up her mind about whatever it was. After a moment or two she spoke:

“Lori… I wonder, could I have a brief word?”

Dr Wang turned and walked towards the door. Lori followed. James looked anxious.

“What is it doctor?” Lori was concerned, “Is there something wrong? Is James okay?”

“No, no, nothing like that, Lori. James is fine… fit as a fiddle, in fact… but I did want to speak to you in private about James. What it is… well, I need to ask a favour of you,” Dr Wang said and then explained what it was about:

“As you know Lori, for the benefit of our three young cadet nurses, I’m about to demonstrate the routine sperm extraction process we use in the ESA. Under normal circumstances the girls would simply observe the procedure… then it suddenly occurred to me that with James in position on the CMB, what a golden opportunity it would be for Nicky, Karen and Lucy to each perform a fully supervised sperm extraction… give them all practical ‘hands-on’ experience, you might say…”

Lori’s eyes popped out: “… but Dr Wang… surely even James wouldn’t be able… not three times in a row! Are you sure doctor?”

“Both you and I know James is capable of generating prodigious quantities of sperm, Lori, more than enough for three powerful consecutive ejaculations. However, I would like to ensure James maintains a sustained and viable erection during what might prove to be a prolonged ESA procedure…” Dr Wang paused before adding, “I’m proposing we give James a clinical dose of fast-acting Viagra… I realise I’m asking a lot for you to give your agreement, Lori…”

My agreement?” Lori was puzzled, “Why ask me?”

“Because you signed the consent forms on James’ behalf when he checked into the clinic, Lori. By having you sign for him, James effectively let you have the final say over any decisions which might need to be made during his visit... such as whether to allow Karen, Nicky and Lucy to be present, or even involved during James’ examinations… or any other matters which may arise…”

Lori nodded. She understood her position and the responsibility she had for James’ well-being.

“I know how close you and James are… I don’t think he’d go through all this if you weren’t there by his side, Lori…” Dr Wang added, “… so it’s as well that you’re here to look after him…”

Lori was flattered and not a little embarrassed: “… but what about James… shouldn’t we explain… about the Viagra, I mean…”

“No it’s better not to…” Dr Wang advised, “James is nervous enough as it is… You know Lori, sometimes I think we forget that James isn’t really a nudist at all… he’s just like any other boy of his age. James is shy and gets extremely embarrassed very easily… I see it every day here at the clinic. Imagine what it must be like for him to be nude and surrounded on all sides by attractive women and young girls, knowing that he’s going to be masturbated to full ejaculation… No Lori, if you’ll give your consent for me to administer the Viagra, that will be enough… I don’t want to give James anything more to worry about…”

Lori thought for a moment. Dr Wang was right, sometimes she did forget that the whole ‘James the Nudist’ thing was made up by her mischievous young sister Kristy.

“Okay, Dr Wang… but how will you give…”

“You leave that to me, Lori,” Dr Wang said, “Now let’s get back to the matter in hand…”

Together they walked back into the room.

“James, I’ve just been having a word with Lori because I’m a little concerned about your loss of fluid during the ETT and I wasn’t sure we’d be able to go ahead with the ESA,” Dr Wang began, ignoring the looks of disappointment from the three young cadets, “However, Lori assures me that your performance parameters during competition swimming are probably not significantly different to those recorded during the ETT… but to be on the safe side I like you to give you something to drink which will help to restore any damaged tissue…” she turned to Nurse Deerborn, “Barbara, could you prepare a sachet of V29LT for James?”

James was far too distracted by his situation in the ESA room and was completely bewildered by what Dr Wang was saying, so he looked over to Lori for reassurance.

“It’s okay James,” Lori said, “Dr Wang just explained to me that you needed to get your strength back after the exercise. She asked me if was alright to give you something to replenish the, err…”

“… salts… they’re a particular group of salts we have to make sure are maintained in the body,” Nurse Deerborn explained as she gave James a cup of clear fluid, “Here you are James, drink this down and you’ll feel much better in a minute or two…”

James took the paper cup. What the nurse said made sense to him. He knew about salts and how it was important to maintain certain levels in the body, so he drank the liquid in one drought. He couldn’t taste anything. Could’ve been plain water, he thought. He handed Nurse Deerborn the empty cup.

“Good… let’s get on…Okay Nicky…” Dr Wang turned the young cadet, “… if you would remove James’s gown… Yes, you Nicky… don’t look so surprised… you’ll have to learn to do these things if you’re to work in the clinic.”

Nicky stepped behind James and he felt the young girl’s fingers brush across his back as the knots of his gown were untied. The tabs of the gown fell away and Nicky moved round to face James. She had to stand up on tip-toes to reach his shoulders…

Nicky looked down and then turned to Dr Wang: “Please, doctor… I can’t reach...” she glanced down between James and herself again, “… it’s James’ penis… it’s in the way…”

“Then you’ll have to move it, won’t you Nicky?” Dr Wang said with an amused expression on her face, “Just move it to one side and you should be able to reach up to pull James’ gown off… You’ll have to learn that handling a boy’s penis is part of the day’s routine here in the clinic…”

Lucy and Karen looked on enviously as Nicky eyed the monster penis pointing straight out towards her. Bravely she opened her hand to grip the phallus, but soon found that she could barely get her hand around its thickness.

‘Gosh… it’s so thick… it’s hot as well… and very heavy...’ Nicky thought as she pushed James’ penis out of the way, ‘I wonder of it hurts to have this swinging about between your legs all the time?’

With James’ penis pushed to one side and pressing against her starched white uniform, Nicky took hold of the thin cotton of James’ robe at the front. She  reached forward, tugged at the arms of the tight little junior gown and eased it down and off. James was nude once more in front of the assembled women.

Nicky stepped back holding the gown and James’s big penis swung back to point straight out at the young girl.

“Very good Nicky,” Dr Wang said, “Always remember girls, the nurse is in charge of the patient… the doctor is present to diagnose, to treat and to decide on procedure, but the nurse is in charge of the patient at all times. It is her role to ensure the patient is properly prepared for whatever procedure the doctor may require to be performed… In this case James must have his gown removed as he must be fully nude before the ESA procedure can commence.”

“… Well done Nicky… You can dispose of the used gown in the basket over there,” Dr Wang said as she pointed to the corner of the room. “Now… who wants to help James up onto the CMB?”

Dr Wang smiled broadly, “… I guess you all do!” she said as the three young girls eagerly volunteered to help.

“You come and stand on that side of the bench Lucy… you too Karen… I’ll need you to help James put his right leg in position,” Dr Wang told the girls, “Nicky, you and I will help James up onto the CMB… Okay James, face me and sit back on the bench… good now hold tight and let me and the girls do all the work…”

Lucy and Karen had big grins on their faces as they stepped forward towards James and his big penis. Now it was their turn, they thought, to get a feel of that monster lurking between James’ legs.

James would rather have got himself onto the bench. He could see quite easily what needed to be done in order to lie down on the bench and expose himself in front of the girls. ‘If I’m going to have to spread my legs wide open for Dr Wang’s medical procedure, then at least let me do it on my own,’ he thought.

“Lucy, lean over and hold of James’ arm… good, now pull it towards you… relax James. Now Karen grip James’ thigh just above his knee… James, lean back and let Lucy and Karen manoeuvre you onto the bench.” Dr Wang instructed the girls as they turned James round so that he found himself half on and half off the padded bench, “Take note how of how you are positioning James on the CMB girls… you’ll be expected to remember how to prepare boys for this procedure if you decide to become full-time nurses at the clinic.”

Dr Wang turned to Nicky standing by her side: “Take hold of James’ left leg Nicky… that’s it… take hold of the leg about halfway between the knee and the ankle with your right hand… good… now steady yourself… you’ll find it easier if you slide your hand up James thigh… that’s right… a bit higher… good… now Nicky, push him onto the bench… Lucy and Karen, you pull James further towards you… not that hard, girls… you don’t want to pull him right off!”

The three girls found they could easily swing James round until he was straddling the bench. However, the momentum of the swing made James’ still semi-erect penis flop over and smack Karen on the wrist. She jumped and let go of James’ leg and squealed:

“Oh… Dr Wang… his penis… it touched me…!”

Dr Wang could see that Karen was deliberately over-reacting, but decided to play along.

“Now Karen don’t get upset, nurses have to get used to this sort of thing happening. Boys… especially boys with large genitals like James… have little control over their penises. Casual penis contact… that is penis contact other than for purely medical reasons… cannot be avoided in situations like this… I suggest we have a penis familiarity session for you girls…”

Dr Wang looked up at Lori, “Do you think James would be willing to help us?”

Lori nodded, “Oh, I’m sure James would love to help these girls with their cadet training…” she said and looked towards James, “You’d let Dr Wang use your penis for a familiarity session, wouldn’t you honey?”

Before James had a chance to say that he wasn’t sure, Lori turned back to Dr Wang and said: “That’s that great thing with nudists… they just don’t mind giving a helping hand… or a helping anything!… isn’t that right?” she added looking at James again.

James knew he couldn’t argue and once more he was forced to agree with Lori: “Sure thing, Lori… sure, I’ll help out Dr Wang… anytime…”

Dr Wang was overjoyed: “That is good of you James… You just don’t know how hard it can be for the clinic to get boys to volunteer for penis familiarity sessions… It makes a huge difference when we can get hold of a boy willing and eager to go that extra distance… I can’t tell you of the lengths we have to go to get a firm commitment from some boys…”

“… the girls who volunteer for cadet training at the clinic are all very keen to get as much experience as possible when it comes to handling a boy’s penis… you know, sometimes the younger girls just can’t seem to get to grips with the male genitalia... we find they need a firm hand to guide them…”

Lori smiled at her boyfriend’s naiveté. She found it so touching that he completely missed Dr Wang’s none too subtle emphasis on certain words.

Dr Wang continued to give her instructions to Lucy, Karen and Nicky. James allowed himself to be eased back until he was lying flat on the bench with his legs dangling over the sides. His left leg was held by Karen and the right by Nicky. James’ penis was once more sticking straight up like a flagpole.

James had closed his eyes as he was eased backwards in a desperate attempt to blot out what was happening to him. Now, as he opened them again and looked up, he was mortified to find he was staring straight into a mirror that had been swung into position above his head. It was set at such an angle that he could clearly see his penis pointing upwards.

Dr Wang saw the puzzled look on James’ face: “Ah… I see you’re wondering about the mirror James,” James nodded, “The mirror is there so you can watch the ESA procedure. We’ve noticed that boys lying flat on their backs on the CMB can get upset because they find it difficult to see exactly what’s happening to them during the ESA. Some boys get so distressed because of this, they have difficulty in maintaining a sufficiently viable erection for optimum sperm delivery…”

“… by placing a mirror above the CMB," Dr Wang continued, addressing the young cadets as well as James, "the boy can see precisely what the nurse is doing during the sperm extraction procedure… It is also very important for the nurse or doctor carrying out the ESA to be able to see the subject’s head, as facial expressions are a very good indicator of how the procedure is progressing… but for the moment girls, I think we’d better finish getting James settled on the CMB…”

With the mirror hanging over his head James realised that if he could see his penis reflected in it, there was no way he could avoid seeing the young cadet nurses as well and that meant he couldn’t avoid seeing their reactions as he pumped out his sperm in the midst of his climax. Which ever way he turned they’d be there and he’d see them… watching him… watching him ejaculate.

“Okay… Karen and Lucy, I want you to lift up James’ leg and hook it over the top leg-bar,” Dr Wang instructed, “Good… now ease James’ lower leg back so that the bottom leg-bar is in front of his foot… good… now we need to keep the leg in place… Michelle?”

Michelle stepped forwards and made one or two final adjustments. James found his right leg was held immoveable, just as Nicky was being shown how to secure his left leg. In a few minutes James was lying back on the CMB with his legs stretched wide apart, unable to move his lower body. He looked from left to right and listened as Dr Wang gave further instructions:

“Now James, I want you to raise your arms above your head… good. Now pay attention girls, because I’ll be expecting you to do this in future when James attends the clinic…”

This was news to James… Nobody said anything about doing this… this ‘procedure’ again… He opened his mouth to start to speak, but got no further as Dr Wang carried on briskly with her explanation:

“… we pull this lever here and that allows us to adjust the grip bar to the boy’s arm-stretch… James, lock your elbows… straight out… as far as you can reach… good, now hold on to the bar… Michelle, would you finish off?”

Michelle deftly secured James to the bar by his wrists and by the operation of another lever, succeeded pulling James comfortably taut along the length of the CMB. James tried to flex his body but found that he was unable to move.

“Now all we need do girls is to adjust the height and angle of the CMB so that we can reach James’ genitals easily. Remember the procedure can be quite prolonged, so we have to make sure the nurse is comfortably positioned… Michelle?”

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