Sunday, 14 August 2011

James At The Clinic – Part 4

The three young girls, Karen, Lucy and Nicky, each wearing their crisp white cadet uniforms, stood transfixed at the sight of James on the treadmill. Both Karen and Lucy had their mouths wide open in disbelief as they stared at James’ enormous penis as it slapped and bounced from thigh to thigh. Now that James had broken into a run, even Lori, who was used to seeing James in the nude, couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing. Dr Wang smiled with satisfaction. She knew what the ETT entailed and both she and Nurse Deerborn had conspired to put James through this quite pointless test. The data being recorded on the ECG was of no possible use to anyone.

“Very good James!” Dr Wang called out in encouragement, “We’re getting some good figures here… do you think you can go faster?”

James, so fit he’d barely broken out into a sweat, replied: “Sure… no problem… faster please nurse…”

Dr Wang and Nurse Deerborn exchanged glances. Everyone had their eyes on James’ penis as Nurse Deerborn pressed the control that increased the speed of the treadmill belt. This time James felt the belt begin to slope upwards so that he had to work harder as he was forced to run uphill.

“Omygod…!” Lucy squealed as she saw James big penis bounce up and hit his solar plexus. The meaty slap was followed by two cracks in quick succession as James’ penis, now totally out of control, hit the top of each thigh, left then right.

Dr Wang was, for a moment, shocked at the violence with which James’ penis was smacking against his body. She had never seen a sight quite like this. As she had said to James earlier, he was an extremely fit young man. To detect any meaningful changes in his ECG waves, James had to exert himself much harder than anyone less fit than he was.

“Keep going James…” Dr Wang encouraged him, “We’re just beginning to see some good data coming through… can you stay on longer?”

“Sure, doctor… sure I can… faster please, nurse…”

James felt the angle of the treadmill become steeper as the speed of the belt increased. The glint of fresh sweat could be seen on his upper body… but nobody was looking there… they were all mesmerised by the sight and sound of James’ penis as it pummelled his thighs, hips and waist. James was now exerting himself so much that, apart from feeling the sting of his penis as it lashed against his body, he was almost oblivious to the fascinated stares of the women around him.

James’ testicles too were receiving their share of punishing swings and slaps as his unsupported genitals were tossed about between his pounding thighs.

Inevitably, along with the violent movement of his genitals came a degree of stimulation and it was slowly becoming apparent that James’ penis wasn’t quite as flaccid as before. The girls noticed how the bouncing penis appeared stiffer, less flexible.

It was Lucy who pointed and drew attention to it, “Dr Wang… um, is…?”

Dr Wang leant forward in a fairly dispassionate, professional way, “There is a certain amount of stiffening of James’ penis, if that’s what you mean, Lucy… can you see it too Karen? Nicky?”

The girls all agreed they could see the big, bouncing penis crashing about between James’ legs, had got noticeably longer and stiffer now he was being made to work that much harder on the treadmill.

“How are you feeling James? Can you give us a few more minutes of data? You really are giving us a great performance… datawise…”

James was now feeling the strain of the treadmill test and was perspiring freely. His penis continued to smash against his thighs and a fine mist of sweat could be seen trickling down his legs as his bare feet pounded the treadmill.

“… okay… thanks… Doctor… Wang… I’m… okay… for…a… bit… longer…”

James was clearly stretching himself… pushing himself. But that was James. Despite the discomfort of his penis bashing into his legs and lower body, despite  his testicles swinging and being squashed between his pumping thighs, James gave of his best. It’s what made him such a competitive swimmer. Coach Holmes could see his ambition and drive to win were second to none. That’s what defined James.

So James stayed on the treadmill. He stayed on until Dr Wang could see from her monitors that he was getting perilously close to the plateau at which his muscle’s need for oxygen outstripped his cardio-vascular system’s ability to deliver it.

“Okay James… James, that was a great performance, but I’ve got to stop you now… okay,” Dr Wang nodded to Nurse Deerborn, “… Nurse Deerborn is going to slow the treadmill down… I want you to slow your pace… okay, James? Good, just take your time. Nurse Deerborn will help slow you down… that’s good…”

James reached out to grasp hold of the rails at the side of the treadmill. He was panting heavily as he paced himself down to a halt. It was clear that he’d put all his effort into the test and was now hardly aware of the girls staring in awe at his penis which had swung to a rest before their eyes pointing straight out towards them, parallel to the floor.

Lori stepped forwards. She’d picked up a small towel and proceeded to dry his glistening torso.

“Come on let’s get you back to the table… You need to rest while Dr Wang unplugs you…” she said.

James looked at her, still unaware that his monster penis was pointing towards Nicky, Lucy and Karen. His hair was damp and matted. He was still breathing heavily, but his smile was to die for.

“Did I do okay…?” he asked Lori.

It was Dr Wang who answered as she helped James back onto the bench, “That was great, James. I think we got the best ever data-set for a boy your age… a really excellent performance…”

James lay back with his penis pointing straight up towards the ceiling like a throbbing flagpole.

As Dr Wang started to unplug the ECG cables from the pads stuck to James’ body, she looked up at the cadets, “… you can help me girls… Karen, Lucy… you stand on that side and Nicky, you stand next to me. Now I want you to take off the sticky pads…”

Three pairs on hands were soon at work and James winced as the girls tugged at the pads.

“Careful girls… You’ll find it a lot easier and more comfortable for James if you place the palm of one hand flat on the flesh surrounding the pad… pull lightly and ease the pad off with your other hand… gently!”

James felt the eager hands of the three girls as they pressed their palms against his bare flesh. Even after his exertion on the treadmill, he found it difficult not to respond to the touching. He was still panting quite heavily, trying to regulate his breath and as James’ chest and abdomen heaved up and down, so too did his big penis.

Lori had moved so that she now stood facing the top of the bench, looking down on James’ head. She smiled at his up-turned face and saw him struggling with all the attention he was getting from Karen, Lucy and Nicky as their small hands tugged and pulled at the ECG pads.

Lori didn’t  resent in the slightest the obvious pleasure young girls were experiencing as they touched and felt her boyfriend’s nude body. She looked down at James with a sense of pride and a warm heart. That she should be so lucky to have such wonderful, loyal and touchingly innocent person as her boyfriend, was a constant source of amazement to Lori. He was such a nice guy that she’d love him even if he didn’t have such an astonishingly huge penis.

“Nicky, you’ll need to be extra careful with that pad…” Dr Wang said as she pointed to one that had been stuck on James’ upper thigh, “… You’ll need to put your left hand just… James, could you open your thighs a little wider?... Good… alright Nicky, push your hand right round the top of James’ thigh… good, now squeeze tight and with your other hand pull the pad from the thigh… excellent… Okay… Nicky…Nicky… you can let go of James’ thigh now…” Dr Wang smiled at her girlish enthusiasm.

“Okay girls I think that will do for now…” Dr Wang said as she draped the ECG leads back over the machine, “We need to get James down to ESA for the next assessment… James, are you okay to move now?”

“Yes, I think so doctor,” James replied as he grew nervous about the next ‘assessment’. What was the ESA? he wondered. This treadmill thing had been bad enough. Could it be worse than that?

“Just take your time, James. Nurse Dearborn and Tiffany are here to help if you need them…”

James stood up slowly and once more Lori took hold of his hand.

“Take it easy, honey… take your time,” Lori said as she helped James off the bench, “Tiffany is getting your gown and we’ll have you in ESA in no time…”

“Lori, what is ESA… what does it mean?” James asked.

“It’s nothing… just another test I’m afraid,” Lori assured him, “Dr Wang wants to get to the bottom of this problem you’ve been having… I do too… It’ll be okay, you’ll see… be brave honey…”

James looked doe-eyed at Lori: “Sure thing…” then he lowered his voice, “I want to find out too… about ‘it’…”

Tiffany walked over with James’ gown. James stretched out his arms and let Tiffany pull it on. In a few moments his was ready. James’ big penis was still engorged and stuck out from under the hem of the junior gown.

Dr Wang led the way, followed by James and his entourage.

It wasn’t long before they reached their destination and came to a halt outside a door. On the door a plate read ‘Ejaculation & Sperm Assessment’.

James looked up at the door plate, looked around himself at the nurses and girls, looked back up at the plate again and felt weak at the knees.

Lori squeezed his hand: “We’ve got to find out what’s causing your penis problems…” James swallowed hard, then nodded bravely.

Dr Wang led him and Lori into the room, followed by the cadet nurses. Like all the consultation rooms in the clinic the lighting was bright and the walls white-tiled. James immediately noticed spotlights had been placed strategically around an ominous-looking examination bench which took up most of the space in the middle of the room. Michelle stood by the bench. She was wearing a thin clear polythene apron. She smiled sweetly at James. James’ legs turned to jelly.

Dr Wang called the cadets to arrange themselves around the bench. Lori looked at it with fascination; James looked worried.

“This,” Dr Wang announced, “is a standard Clinical Masturbation Bench, or CMB as it is known. James has very kindly consented to demonstrate for us how it is used…” Lori again squeezed her boyfriend’s hand in encouragement.

Dr Wang continued: “… for now I want you all to familiarise yourselves with the CMB… as you can see, the main feature is the padded board which supports the boy’s back. Once the boy is positioned and secured on the CMB, the top of the bench can be adjusted to whatever angle is required for the procedure…”

At the sound of the words ‘positioned and secured’ James panicked and very nearly ran from the room. It was quite bad enough to be surrounded by a group of young cadet nurses, all eager to see him nude again, but the thought of being somehow ‘secured’ on the bench was deeply disturbing. If it wasn’t for Lori standing next to him and holding his hand, James may well have fled.

“… the boy’s legs are held in place by means of these bars which protrude from either side of the frame supporting the bench … The first set of bars… these ones at the top… are designed to fit behind the knees of the subject and these shorter bars lower down are where the subject hooks the front of his ankles…”

The cadets came forward and examined the leg bars of the CMB. There were one or two questions from the girls who didn’t quite understand how it worked, but Dr Wang assured them they would have ample time to study the CMB in use, once James had taken his place on the bench.

“… now, once the subject has his legs in place he leans back… naturally with his legs secured each side of the CMB, the width of the bench ensures the subject’s thighs are held apart…”

“This is the point at which the duty nurse would help the boy to ease himself back into a relaxed position, but today you girls…” Dr Wang smiled at Nicky, Lucy and Karen, “… will each be given a chance to help James position himself on the CMB ready for the ESA procedure…”

“… when properly positioned on the CMB the boy’s hips will be pushed forward so that his genitals are presented for full inspection and are at their optimum position for manipulation during the procedure…”

James felt weak with nerves and he was grateful that Lori had taken his hand. She leant over and whispered in his ear: ‘I’m so proud of you James. It’s so unselfish of you to help these nursing cadets understand these procedures. Not every boy would want to help out like this. Dr Wang is so grateful…’

“… all that remains is to secure the boy’s arms,” Dr Wang continued, “It is vital his hands and arms are kept out of the way during the ESA procedure, so we stretch the boy’s arms above his head to this bar here…”

Dr Wang pointed to a short bar a good arm’s-length above the head-rest on the apparatus at the top of the back-support.

“… if you think he can be trusted, the boy simply grips hold of this bar during the procedure, but in most cases and certainly during a prolonged procedure, the boy must have his wrists secured to the bar… I hope you can all see that in this way, with his legs held at this end by means of these bars and his arms secured at this end above his head, the boy will be held and presented for the commencement of the ESA.”

Dr Wang looked meaningfully at James, “There’s nothing to worry about, James… all you have to do is lie back on the CMB and try to relax… we’ll be doing all the work this time. You did extremely well on the treadmill for the ETT and I’ve every reason to believe you’ll perform just as impressively during the ESA…”

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