Saturday, 3 September 2011

James At The Clinic – Part 6

There was a discreet humming noise as Michelle altered the angle of the bench until it was tilted forward in such a way as to present James’ enormous penis and voluminous testicles in the perfect position for the sperm extraction procedure. It also happened that the CMB was now angled so as to face the door which led into the room from the corridor… and at that precise moment the door swung open and a middle-aged woman stumbled into the room…

“Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t… I was looking for… Gosh! Oh! Gosh! Oh my!”

The woman was brought to an abrupt halt and clearly taken aback by the sight of James stretched out, helpless and nude, on the CMB, but she recovered sufficiently to look up at his face: “I… well I never… it’s, it’s James Williams isn’t it…?”

“Uh… err… hello, Mrs Piper…” James replied from his immovable position. Jeez, how much more embarrassing could this get, James thought as he looked at Mrs Piper, his mom’s neighbour, who had burst unannounced through the door of the ESA room. What was she doing at the clinic? James thought. More to the point, what was she doing in this room?!

“I was… I was… looking for Dr Wang,” Mrs Piper said, obviously having difficulty taking her eyes off James’ smooth and hairless nude body, “Err, reception sent me down here…”

“I’m Dr Wang… I see you know James…”

“Yes, but I’ve never seen… I mean, I’ve heard about his… but…”

James began to feel an all too familiar warmth in his lower body. He tensed, as much as he could on the bench and groaned inwardly as he looked into the overhead mirror. His penis was on the move. He watched as it grew slowly and steadily. James could also see the fascinated gazes as everyone in the room watched his penis lengthening and thickening…

The three young cadet nurses gasped as James’ monster continued to grow ever bigger… and bigger… and bigger…

Mrs Piper too was stunned into silence, transfixed by the expanding girth of the mammoth phallus.

Finally Dr Wang spoke:

“Is this what’s been happening to your penis, James?”

James could barely speak, he was so embarrassed by the attention his penis was getting. He was breathing heavily and his chest was heaving. Michelle eased back James’ restraints slightly as he managed to speak: “Yes, doctor… it’s just… so…”

James bit hard on his lower lip. Dr Wang understood what was happening. The Viagra was kicking in and James was beginning to feel the urge to climax; to ejaculate; to orgasm. But he couldn’t, held as he was on the CMB. James tried to move as the urge became desperate… as his penis grew ever more engorged.

“I… I… I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life… it’s astonishing!” Mrs Piper blurted out before she realised she wasn’t there to ogle her neighbour’s son’s penis.

“James does have a remarkably large penis… I take it that’s what you’re referring to…” Dr Wang said amiably, then saw that Mrs Piper was looking around at the young girls as if she’s only just noticed them, “These are our cadet nurses…” Dr Wang explained, “…girls who’ve shown an special interest in working at our clinic are given work experience to see if they’d like to take up nursing as a career…”

“… we were about to extract sperm from James. I’m sure Tiffany could find you a room to wait in and I’ll join you just as soon as I’m finished… although if you don’t mind waiting here while I explain the procedure to the girls…”

Mrs Piper looked down at James. She wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to see her neighbour’s supremely endowed son being masturbated (how else, she wondered, do you ‘extract’ sperm from a teenaged boy?) in front of a group of girls a few years younger than she knew James to be.

“No, no… you go right ahead… I wouldn’t want to put Tiffany though a lot of trouble… it’s no problem… I’ll just stand over here out of your way,” Mrs Piper said as she made sure had a good view of the CMB, “when you’re ready we can talk… we can talk right here, there’s no need to find another room… besides I’m sure you’ll want to keep an eye on these young girls to make sure they’re carrying out the… ahem… procedure properly, doctor…”

As he lay on the bench feeling indescribably vulnerable, James wondered how he was going to survive this new ordeal. Despite all his recent experiences, he’d never felt so helplessly exposed in his life. James knew that under the dazzlingly bright lights of the ESA room all eyes were focussed on him as he lay on the CMB with legs spread wide open, immovably and securely stretched out on the bench with his arms held above his head.

There was an almost tangible sense of expectancy as everyone in the room waited… waited to see if James’ mammoth penis would ever stop growing… waited to hear what Dr Wang would say next.

It didn’t need the mirror above his head for James to see his almost erect penis, as it reached out, pointing straight towards the young girl cadets who looked at it wide-eyed with a sense of wonder as still it continued to grow.

Dr Wang made further adjustments to the bench that pulled James’ thighs further downwards. This had the effect of pushing his hips a little further forward. Mrs Piper drew her breath in sharply at the sight of James being brought into the doctor’s desired position and it was only by a supreme effort of will that she stopped herself from reaching out to touch James’ enormous penis to see if it was real…

James lay his head back on the bench. There was nothing the could do to prevent his blatant exposure. He breathed slowly and deeply as he tried to calm himself ready for his forthcoming ordeal. He glanced around the white-tiled room, looking at the young cadet nurses once more. He could see Dr Wang as she walked over to one of the wall-cupboards. Again James relaxed back onto the bench and looked up into the mirror… straight into the smiling face of Mrs Piper.

Which ever way he looked James ended up looking straight into the face of one of the women grouped around the CMB, each of them waiting to view the next stage in the proceedings.

Dr Wang came back from the cupboard and held something up. “This,” she explained, “is fitted over the head of James’ penis when he is approaching ejaculation. It is known as a Voldyne coupler… it has two functions, one is to direct the flow of his ejaculated sperm into a collection vessel, the second function is to record the force at which James’ sperm is emitted during ejaculation…”

“… James is capable of very powerful ejaculations, to which  I’m sure Tiffany and Nurse Deerborn will attest… Barbara, would you be so kind as to take over for a moment…”

“… certainly, doctor… Firstly girls, you must understand that all boys undergoing routine physicals have to produce a sperm sample… there are no exceptions,” Nurse Deerborn explained, “Unless we need a controlled sample, the boy is simply required to masturbate under supervision and to ejaculate into a sample cup. If the sperm is not required for analysis it is discarded…”

“When James came to us for his first physical,” Nurse Deerborn continued, “he too was required to masturbate and produced quite the largest amount of sperm I think I’ve ever seen from a single ejaculation…”

Nurse Deerborn smiled at the recollection, “… Ah, yes… I remember now James, you had to provide your sperm sample in the X-Ray lab, right?”

James, who was struggling with the intense feelings of discomfort emanating from his loins, managed to gasp: “Yes… yes, nurse… there wasn’t anywhere else…”

“… yes, of course… it was Sheryl’s birthday party and all the staff were there… in the X-Ray lab… so James had to give his sperm sample there… we all watched… just as well James is a nudist, so he didn’t mind in the least, did you James?”

James glanced at Lori before answering: “Heck no…”

“It was, as Dr Wang says, a very strong ejaculation… which reminds me… Tiffany can you make sure we have the large sperm collection jar attached to the Voldyne coupler?”

As Nurse Deerborn was talking, Dr Wang turned to Michelle and spoke to her quietly:

“I want you to prep for a multiple ESA… yes I know it’s very unusual, Michelle… but I think with the dose of V29LT and James’ known sperm sample record…”

“… sorry doctor, but does James know he’s been given V29…”

“…not at the moment… I’m hoping he’ll be able to ejaculate three times… so that each of our young cadets has the opportunity to get some experience of an ESA. We’ll only need the Voldyne coupler unit for the first ESA… the others will be free-pass, so  can you make sure Karen, Lucy and Nicky are issued with aprons…?”

Michelle nodded.

Dr Wang returned to the CMB: “Thank you Barbara… Right, James lets have a look at this penis of yours… Hmm… gather round girls… if you look at the head of James’ penis, you’ll see that he is already beginning to ooze pre-ejaculate… see where it’s glistening?”

The girls nodded and Dr Wang continued: “The amount of pre-ejaculate being secreted is a good indicator of penile sensitivity… in other words, the greater the flow-rate of pre-ejaculate the closer the subject is to full ejaculation…”

“Your job will be to see that ejaculation does not occur prematurely… yes Nicky?”

“Doctor Wang… do you mean that one of us is going to… to… make James… I mean… make him ejaculate…?”

James was beside himself as he waited for Dr Wang’s reply. He twisted his head from side-to-side, looking at Nicky, then Dr Wang, then Nicky again. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see that everyone else in the room was waiting for Dr Wang to speak. There was a hush of expectancy in the white-walled room.

“Why of course, Nicky,” Dr Wang replied, “As we’re lucky enough to have James as our subject today, I’m hoping, indeed I’m confident, all three of you will have the opportunity to carry out the ESA procedure…”

It would be quite impossible to describe how James felt as he heard what Dr Wang had to say. Held securely on the CMB, there was little he could do. He wanted to climax… sure, he was desperate to climax. In fact his need to orgasm and ejaculate was the only thing that prevented him from crying out to try and put a stop to his torment. So all James could do was to lie there as everyone watched his wordless mouth opening and closing like a floundering goldfish.

It was almost as if the three young cadets had each received an electric shock. They all but jumped for joy at the prospect of getting to grips with James’ giant dribbling penis. As it was they turned to each other with looks of excitement, only just stopping themselves from hugging each other at the thought of having a helpless nude boy at their tender mercies.

“Now don’t get too excited girls,” Dr Wang warned them, “I want you to remember this is a serious clinical procedure. James has a problem with his penis which needs to be addressed and it’s only because he is an active nudist that I’m allowing you to be present during the ESA… and it is only by James’ kindness and readiness to help that I’m consenting to you girls being given the opportunity to assist me…”

James felt another pulse shudder through his penis as more strings of pre-ejaculate bubbled up and dribbled out onto his quivering stomach.

Dr Wang saw the pool of turbid fluid that had formed and was building up on James’ stomach and she addressed him: “It looks as though your penis is reaching its erectile maxima… do you feel the need to ejaculate, James?”

James nodded. His penis was tingling… James needed to feel contact on his penis… needed to… so much… and the feeling was intensifying. He’d never felt it as strong as this before… before he was free to take hold of himself… rub himself… masturbate… relieve the terrible urge to abuse his massive rod… to orgasm. But he was securely positioned on the CMB, unable to touch himself, which he would have done without shame in front of all the women and girls who were standing round watching him… watching his every move… every twitch, every gasp… it had come to the point at which James didn’t care that he was being watched… observed… his every movement clearly defined by the dazzling bright lights focussed on his nude body stretched out on the bench… of course he wanted to ejaculate! Of course he wanted the release that only orgasm could give him! Yes! Yes!

James looked up at Dr Wang, his eyes like saucers, the limpid pupils dilated:

“Yes… yes please, doctor…” he croaked as he felt yet another spasm surge up the length of his mighty rod.

“That’s good… but before we begin I want to make sure that everyone here understands the ESA procedure,” Dr Wang began, “James will shortly be masturbated to full ejaculation. The first emission will be contained using the Voldyne coupler so that various measurements can be taken, but subsequent ejaculations will not be contained and therefore sperm… possibly very large amounts of sperm, will be released…”

Dr Wang turned and spoke to Mrs Piper: “All of us in this room have a duty to respect James’ privacy… In spite of his nudism, I’d like you to remember that James is an ordinary boy… although an ordinary boy with an extraordinary penis and an extraordinary ability to produce sperm…” Mrs Piper nodded, “Lori, myself, Nurse Deerborn, Michelle and Tiffany have all seen James ejaculate, so we know what to expect… our three young cadets though, have not. I assume you also have not witnessed the power and volume of James ejaculate…”

Mrs Piper replied that she had not seen James nude before, let alone seen him masturbate.

“Well then,” Dr Wang told her, “I’m sure you’ll be surprised at what you’re about to see… Michelle, could you find aprons for Mrs Piper and Lori? I think we’d better err on the side of caution as this is the first time James has been given an ESA…. Good, then let’s get started…”


  1. Very Good Mogg....I await his cumming. I like your introduction of the family acquainted...I'm sure word will get back to James' mother about his "Nudism"...maybe she will want proof and make his lifestyle a permanent rule at home as well ;-)

    You are a very gifted writer....and I think I have become your most loyal fan.
    Thank you again for "James"

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  3. Oooh, I wish you would continue this story! I love the naughtiness with which James is manipulated, all of the ways in which he is made to suffer through these most embarrassing situations for the pleasure of others...

    Is there anywhere were we can see any more of these stories?


  4. Please Moog, PLEASE finish this story!
    You would make Kristy and Lynn come into the room just in time for the ESA...

  5. I'll add my voice to the chorus - PLEASE continue the saga. You have an excellent idea [pretended nudism, constant embarrassment], and it should be kept going. But I couldn't see the start of the whole thing. You mention it several times but it'd be good to read about it - Kristie's trick, and the sperm sample, all that. Your story is quite memorable, and it's very well written too. Please keep going.