Thursday, 19 March 2015

Christopher's Story: Part 4

Christopher could hear Mrs Harper talking to his mum on the phone in the hall. Thoughts flashed through Christopher’s mind, foremost of these was why was his mum calling? Then Christopher asked himself where she was calling from? Then he asked himself why was she calling now? Was something wrong? Had she come home early? Then Christopher thought of the pile of clothes, his clothes, left on the kitchen table when he’d been stupid enough to take up Terry’s challenge. A sense of guilt swept over Christopher as he thought of the house key he’d left behind as well when he’d locked himself out, or rather Terry had managed to lock them both out. Whichever way it was, the result had been the same, he'd ended up bare-nude without a stitch of clothing to his name. There was no way round it, Christopher knew it was his own fault. Much as he would liked to have blamed Terry, Christopher was magnanimous enough to know the younger boy could not have realised what he was doing when the back-door slammed shut behind him. How could Terry have possibly have foreseen the consequences?

Christopher was left feeling a profound sense of his own stupidity and it was of no comfort that his mum had called. What would mum say when she found out he’d no clothes to wear and that he’d been running about bare-nude since the day she left? Christopher shuddered at the thought of what she’d say. He knew for certain he’d get no sympathy when it was clear his lack of clothing was all his own fault. He strained to hear any indication from Mrs Harper what the call was about.

“Yes, fine… oh we’ve been having some lovely weather,” Janet Harper said.

Of course Christopher could only hear half the conversation and he was on tenterhooks to find out if Mrs Harper mentioned his nudity. From the first few words he heard Christopher could at least surmise his mum was still away on her trip.

“Oh I am pleased….”

There was a pause during which Christopher assumed his mum was doing the talking.

“Yes Christopher’s been very well behaved. He’s having a great time… yes… he’s been playing Cowboys and Indians with Terry… Yes, really... lots of fresh air… no, no… more than once. In fact he’s going to be dressing up as an Indian Brave again tomorrow… No, Terry has a spare play-outfit and he lets Christopher borrow it… Yes I’ll remember to thank Terry on your behalf…”

Then it was clear Christopher’s mum was talking again. There was just the occasional “umm” “yes” and “I see”. As Cindy had said when she told her mum who was on the phone, it sounded important.

Then Christopher heard Mrs Harper say: “That’s perfectly alright… I understand… these things can’t be helped.... Yes, I’ll go and get Christopher for you now… yes, yes, I’ll explain.”

As far as Christopher could make out there had been no mention of his lack of clothing, but he was still nervous nonetheless when Mrs Harper came back into the room. She spoke:

“Well Christopher, it looks as though you’re going to staying with us for a bit longer,” Janet Harper explained, “Your mum is going to be away a few more weeks… but I’ve told her that however long she needs to be away, you’re more than welcome to stay with us,” she paused and added, “I’ve not said anything about, you know, locking yourself out and not having any clothes to wear. I thought you might want to tell her that… Now run along and speak to your mum.”

Christopher was stunned. How much longer? Weeks!! Nude?!! How much more could he take? He walked like a zombie as he left the room and into the hall. Nervously he picked up the telephone receiver and spoke to his mum… or rather his mum spoke to him. The connection wasn’t terribly good, but Christopher grunted his responses as his mum told him at length what Mrs Harper had just told him in a couple of dozen words.

Finally his mum asked: “Is there anything the matter darling?”

Here was Christopher’s opportunity, his chance to put an end to his embarrassing nudity!

“... err… it’s… mum I’ve… done something… um… stupid…” he managed to blurt out.

“Well that’s hardly news…”

“Mum…” Christopher whined, offended at mum's slight.

“What is it Christopher? Can’t it wait ‘til I get back?”

“Mum… it’s… just that..." then he stumbled and muttered, "Err... it’s okay...”

In the end Christopher couldn’t bring himself to tell mum what had happened and having to explain everything over the phone, then suffer the inevitable ticking-off. So after exchanging their farewells a very sheepish Christopher returned to the front-room.

The first thing Janet Harper said was “Well...?” Christopher knew what she was referring to. He shook his head and looked at the carpet. Christopher knew he’d missed the one golden opportunity he had to get some clothes to wear and now he’d have to spend the next however many weeks nude… totally and utterly bare-nude! It just wasn’t fair!

Janet Harper stepped forward and put a consoling arm over Christopher's shoulder: "There, there, Christopher, it's not the end of the world... Remember what I was saying a few minutes ago?" Christopher looked up into Janet Harper's face, his eyes damp with tears of frustration once more, "There's that game of Cowboys and Indians to look forward to. Once you start playing with Terry and the other boys, it'll take your mind off other things..."

Talking of 'other things' reminded Janet Harper of what Christopher had talked about when he'd been tied up the other day. Really, she thought, I must get on and do something about it. I can’t just ignore the matter. A boy of Christopher’s age is quite capable of… well, even if he says he doesn’t masturbate, he’s still going to produce sperm. She thought of the sticky globs of goo bubbling out of Christopher’s penis the other day… yes she was definitely going to have to do something before the poor boy had an accident and made a complete spectacle of himself.


A new day dawned in the Harper household. Christopher had had his usual frustrating time trying to find a few moments to himself to settle down to some ‘boy stuff’. But he was thwarted at every turn. It seemed to Christopher as if there were two Terrys, four Cindys and at least half a dozen Mrs Harpers lurking about the house and garden ready to stop Christopher from enjoying a long overdue and much needed few minutes of solitary pleasure. For a boy of Christopher’s age the urge to masturbate was an extremely powerful one; to be denied the opportunity to satiate that desire was immensely, unbelievably annoying. Every time Christopher thought he was alone, one of them would appear… somehow they would find him just as he was on the verge of some serious penis-play and he would find himself hauled off to help out with something, or do some household chore. It seemed as though Christopher would never get a moments peace.

Nothing had been said, but Mrs Harper knew, and Christopher knew Mrs Harper knew, what it was all about; the reason he was never left alone. But Christopher couldn’t say anything because he had lied to Mrs Harper. He had told her that he didn’t masturbate. Mrs Harper found it difficult to believe a fourteen year old boy didn’t masturbate, but took Christopher’s statement at face value. Once more, Christopher had no one to blame but himself and Mrs Harper took it upon herself to make sure Christopher wasn’t tempted to masturbate.

Not long after breakfast Christopher was helping Cindy clear away the things, prior to helping with the washing-up, Mrs Clarke arrived with her son David. David did not look at all happy, but the moment he saw Christopher standing bare-nude by the sink, he did a double-take…

“Wow!” he said staring at the now red-faced Christopher, “Wow! It is true…”

Seeing the nude fourteen year old cheered David up no end, but his good humour was short lived as his mum announced the reason for their visit. It was, of course, so that David could change into his Red Indian costume ready for Cindy to put some war-paint on him before she took her son to the boys’ outfitters, “... for that special alteration to David’s play-costume we talked about…” as Emily Clarke put it to Janet Harper.

“You can go up to Terry’s room to change David,” Mrs Harper said, “Terry’s up there now sorting out Christopher’s Red Indian outfit so you boys can play together when you get back from the outfitters.”

David was bewildered by this turn of events and very nearly threw a tantrum. It was just as well he managed to control himself; he didn’t want to experience another bare bottom spanking quite so soon…

As it was he simply pouted, whined and clenched his fists as he stomped off towards the staircase.

“I think you’d better go and help, Christopher,” Janet Harper said, “Oh… and take his costume up with you. David seems to have forgotten it… we don’t want to have two bare boys running about the house!”

“No, Mrs Harper,” Christopher said as he took the little bag from Mrs Clarke that contained David's Red Indian outfit.

Once upstairs and out of sight, Christopher peered into the bag and looked at its contents.  To his astonishment he saw that not only was David’s loincloth decorated with beads, but it looked larger than the one Terry had leant him! True it wasn’t that much bigger, but nevertheless… Christopher stopped on the landing and wondered if David would do a swap…

Christopher hadn't been paying much attention to what Mrs Clarke said earlier and so was blissfully unaware of what David's trip to the boys' outfitter was for. David knew of course... only too well, which was the reason he had his bare bottom spanked over his mum's knee the previous evening.

"You want to swap loincloths...?" David said incredulously to Christopher's suggestion and then carried on undressing.

"Yeah... er, why not?" Christopher answered, stumped for a reason. "Um... what do you say, Terry? It's your outfit I’ve worn before… do you mind if David wears it instead?"

"I don't mind who wears it as long as we play Cowboys and Indians," Terry replied as he shrugged his shoulders. He knew that whatever the Red Indians wore wouldn’t be staying on for very long anyway.

David had finished undressing and stood as bare-nude as Christopher by the bed where the play-outfits had been laid out by Terry.

"Please, David... please can I have a go with your loincloth?" Christopher pleaded.

When the two flaps were laid side-by-side it was clear that David's loincloth was slightly longer than the one Christopher had worn before. Perhaps it was the decorative beaded fringe that made it appear to offer more coverage because they both still looked ultra-small to be worn by a boy of fourteen like Christopher.

"Please, David..." Christopher said once more.

David managed to suppress a smile. "Okay... okay, Christopher, swapsies..."

"Swapsies..." Christopher agreed and the nude boys solemnly shook hands on the deal.

As quickly as they could the two boys put on their costumes and returned downstairs. Christopher was still adjusting the beaded loincloth to get maximum coverage as he walked back into the kitchen.

"What on earth...?" Emily Clarke said when she saw that David and Christopher were wearing each other's loincloth. "David you know we've got to go to the outfitters..."

"Yes mum, but Christopher wanted to try on my outfit... so we swapped." David explained.

"... if you're trying to get out of having your costume altered..."

"No mum... no I wasn't... honest... it was Christopher's idea, he wanted to do the swap..."

"Yes Mrs Clarke," Christopher spoke up, "It was my idea. I asked David if we could swap... we shook hands," he added as if to assure David’s mum of the legitimacy of the transaction.

"Well that's as maybe. I'm sure you boys did what you thought best," Emily Clarke conceded, "But the fact of the matter is that I've made an appointment with the boys' outfitter to have David's costume altered..."

"... but we can swap..." Christopher offered, still in the dark about what the trip to the boys' outfitters was for.

But Mrs Clarke cut him short: "... there's no time for that... Cindy hasn't even had time to put any war-paint on you boys and I was hoping… well never mind. Christopher, you'll just have to come along instead. David can stay here and have his war-paint done, while you and I go and have the costume alteration seen to..."

Mrs Clarke held out her hand and before Christopher knew what was happening, she had whisked him off to the boys' outfitter.


We need not dwell on events at the outfitter. When it dawned on Christopher exactly what the alteration involved, he nearly fainted. It had been embarrassing enough to be led into the shop wearing the Red Indian outfit; an outfit which Christopher knew from experience any sudden movement would reveal that which any boy would want to keep hidden. Now, he learned, the rear flap was to be removed! Not that the rear flap of the loincloth covered much at all. Christopher's bottom was fully rounded and quite pert, so the flap, whilst it covered the first inch or two of the intergluteal cleft, it hung limp and useless for the rest of its short length from the outer limit of the convex curve of his bottom cheeks.

Mrs Clarke explained to the lady assistant what had happened while Christopher looked around him as if in a daze. Here  he was in a shop... a shop full of clothes... boys' clothes! It was unbelievable! An Aladdin's Cave… a treasure trove of clothes! For days Christopher had been running about bare-nude, yet here were all these boys' clothes. And the irony of it was that he was here to have the only skimpy little costume he'd worn (well, not this exact one, but one very much like it), made even more embarrassing by having its coverage reduced by half!

Christopher longed to have some proper clothes to wear. He knew Mrs Harper was right when she said it was his own fault; that none of Terrys clothes would fit; that she couldn't just go out and spend money on clothes his mum might not want her to buy. If only he'd had the courage to tell his mum about what had happened when she phoned... if only.

Christopher was day-dreaming, looking at the play-shorts and swim-trunks when he was told to stand on a stool in front of a tall full-length mirror over by the counter. Christopher looked around at the other customers. Two or three mums pricing up underpants and vests; a lady with her young son about Christopher's age enquiring about some shortalls. Another woman asking about her son's scout uniform. In all the usual busy trade at the boys' outfitters. The shop bell tinkled and Christopher saw a couple of girls walk in followed by a tall lanky boy of about sixteen or seventeen who turned out to be the girls' older brother. The girls had been sent by their mum to look after the boy while he was at the outfitters.

When the young girls saw Christopher dressed in his Red Indian outfit they both had a fit of the giggles. Christopher had been about to climb (very carefully!) onto the stool, but the girls' giggling attracted the attention of everyone in the shop and when they saw what the girls were giggling about, all eyes were inevitably focussed on Christopher.

"Come on David... up you get," the assistant said as she ran her tape-measure through her fingers, "It won't take a minute and we'll soon have this loincloth sorted out..."

“I’m not David… my name’s Christopher… David and I swapped outfits…”

“Oh yes… Mrs Clarke explained to me just now… well, up you get, Christopher… onto the stool,” the assistant added in a kindly voice.

Christopher glanced at himself in  the big mirror. He was wearing the brightly coloured headdress he'd worn before and the moccasins of course. This time his outfit had been supplemented by armbands, one on each of his upper arms. The bands had attached to them sort of small decorative pom-poms that Christopher thought looked really silly. Apart from the loincloth, that was it as far as his play-costume went.

Although Christopher had swapped loincloths with David, he really was no better off with regard to coverage. It still required nerves of steel when moving about, since the slightest breeze or sudden movement could cause untold embarrassment. Exposure was an ever present threat and now, in the presence of a shop full of people, Christopher was being asked to climb up onto a stool where he would the object of everyone's attention. Even if he managed to get onto the stool without incident Christopher knew that from a certain side angle his boy-bits were perfectly visible and not only that, the rear flap was to be removed as well!

As Christopher lifted a leg up and placed a foot on the on the stool he caught sight of himself. To his horror he saw the front flap of the loincloth had flopped forwards and there his penis and testicles dangled... utterly exposed! As quickly as he could Christopher pulled himself up onto the stool, but not before seeing a few of the shoppers moving towards him under the pretense of looking at items for sale on a nearby counter. It was a nightmare! Everybody in the shop was looking at him. The girls were giggling even louder than before. The only person who wasn't keen to see what Christopher was doing was the girls' older brother and that Christopher reckoned was because he didn't fancy his younger sisters getting any ideas about him dressing up as a Red Indian.

Christopher broke out in a cold sweat as he steadied himself on the stool. Mrs Clarke told him not to be nervous as the assistant lifted up the rear flap of the loincloth. She was clearly quite used to making these sort of adjustments and soon she had the leather flap detached from the back of Christopher’s (or rather, David’s) Red Indian play-costume.

“There we are… all done,” the assistant said, “Turn around and you can look in the mirror and see where I’ve altered the costume.”

Christopher did as he was told and shuffled around on the stool until he was facing away from the big mirror. He looked over his shoulder at his reflection. There was his bottom… completely bare! The loss of the rear flap of his costume felt far worse than Christopher expected. Now all he was wearing (all that really mattered to Christopher anyway!) was a single thin strip of buckskin that hung precariously over his boys-bits and which left the hairless base of his penis visible. If the cord to which the leather flap was attached was pulled any higher, Christopher’s penis would be almost completely exposed and so too would his testicles.

Christopher looked up from the mirror and saw that most of the customers were looking at him. He nervously rubbed his hands over his now fully bare bottom as he saw the lady assistant give the little flap to Mrs Clarke, telling her to keep it safe and that she would be happy to re-attach it to the costume, ‘when the time was right’.

With that Christopher, under the watchful eyes of the whole shop, climbed down from the stool. Even with the experience of his recent adventures staying with Mrs Harper fresh in his memory, Christopher was in no doubt his visit to the boys’ outfitters with Mrs Clarke was the most embarrassing thing he’d ever had to do in his young life.

As they made their way back to Mrs Harper’s, Christopher couldn’t stop running his hand over his bottom and along the cord at the back where the little leather flap had been.


When they arrived back Mrs Harper’s house Emily Clarke and Christopher were just in time to witness the arrival of Joseph Collins. For the two Red Indians, David and Christopher, it was an unedifying sight, but Terry thought it hugely funny as Joseph was dragged by his ear into the kitchen by his mum. He was already wearing his Red Indian outfit and judging by the furious look on Mrs Collins’ face, Joseph was wearing it after considerable protest.

Joseph's Red Indian outfit was even more embarrassing than Christopher thought possible… even after his experience in the boys’ outfitters . Like his own (or rather David's) now modified costume, the loincloth was backless, but instead of a cloth or leather piece to cover the boy's genitals, there was nothing more than a narrow ‘flap’ made from lengths of plaited string decorated with a few beads. The plaits were longer than the flaps of either Christopher or David’s outfits, but this made little difference as Joseph's waggling boy-bits were clearly visible as he struggled with his mum.

"I don't want to play!" he kept repeating.

The more he struggled the more it became apparent that Joseph was rather more well-endowed than even Christopher thought possible. David was green with envy as he looked at Joseph's penis poking through the braided loincloth. It was a whopper and no mistake!

"What a lovely outfit Joseph!" Janet Harper exclaimed, ignoring the all too apparent boyhood on show, "Once you get some war-paint on you'll be the envy of every boy and girl who sees you..."

Joseph pouted and repeated: “I don’t want to play…”

“Oh, what nonsense Joseph,” Janet Harper said breezily, “You’ll enjoy playing Cowboys and Indians… why look, Christopher and David are all ready in their Red Indian costumes… and it looks as though Christopher’s going to be playing as a Tenderfoot just like you! Won’t that be nice… Christopher’s fourteen you know and he loves playing Cowboys and Indians, don’t you Christopher?”

Christopher was absolutely stunned by the sight of Joseph’s costume. He never imagined Red Indian outfits could be so embarrassing, but what really made Christopher’s eyes pop  out was how Joseph’s penis was pushing its way through the plaits. There didn’t seem to be any way Joseph’s little costume could offer any sort of coverage. The more Christopher looked, the more of Joseph’s penis became visible. It made Christopher grateful for the little flap of leather that he was wearing.

“Yes, Mrs Harper,” Christopher replied in answer to her question, although in reality the thought of another game of Cowboys and Indians made his heart sink. He knew what he was in for, but as he was a guest in Mrs Harper’s house, Christopher knew it was only polite to to play with her son and join in Terry’s games of Cowboys and Indians.

Cindy appeared with her collection of body-paints and the Red Indians were lined up side-by-side; Christopher, Joseph and David, who because of the costume swap was allowed to be an honorary Indian Brave. That meant Christopher and Joseph were the Tenderfoots. David was quite chuffed. Joseph was still in a sulk and Christopher had been relieved a little to see that his wasn’t quite the most embarrassing costume.

While Cindy applied the war-paint, Terry went off to change into his Cowboy gear.

Even Cindy gasped when she saw what was poking out of Joseph’s Red Indian outfit. As used as she was to Christopher running about the house fully nude and seeing his boy-bits waggling and jiggling about between his legs, Cindy was still taken aback when she saw Joseph. She couldn’t be certain, but she thought Joseph’s penis was a bit thicker than Christopher’s; it certainly looked longer. Through the plaits which formed the ‘loincloth’ Cindy could see Joseph’s scrotum was still fairly tight and kept his balls up higher than Christopher’s, whose own testicles were quite loose and fairly low-hanging.

As before Cindy deliberately didn’t overdo the war-paint so the boys couldn’t hide behind the ‘disguise’. Cindy knew how to give just enough splashes of paint so that if any hint were needed as to what these boys were playing, the war-paint would be enough to provide the answer.

Terry returned to announce that his ‘pardner’ Ben would meet them down at the ‘ole corral’. He also presented David with a single bow and a selection of arrows tipped with rubber suction-cups. Terry explained how Tenderfoots were not allowed bows and arrows, only the Braves had those.

Christopher realised straight away how this would put the Red Indians at a serious disadvantage. Both Terry and Ben had cap-guns, six-shooters capable of far greater accuracy (or so it was claimed by the two young cowboys) than the Redskins feeble arrows. Christopher also noticed that Terry had an awesome amount of rope with him, far more than last time.

One final ceremony had to be performed before the boys set off for their game. Christopher, now that he was officially a Tenderfoot, with great solemnity removed his multi-feathered headdress and turned to face David, who removed his headband with its single feather. The boys swapped headdress for headband. David beamed and turned, smiling towards his mum. All was now forgiven. For the time being, David was happy; happy to have taken up Christopher’s suggestion to swap loincloths; happy to be an Indian Brave and most of all proud to be wearing the tribe’s headdress.

“Well, there’s a turn up,” Emily Clarke whispered to Janet Harper, “It looks as though David’s really going to be enjoying himself today!”

As the boys left the house and walked down the path, David, as if in reply to his mum's observation, put a friendly arm over Joseph’s shoulders and told his fellow Red Indian to cheer up. "It'll be fun..." he said.


  1. Good lord, this fantastic story just keeps getting better and better. I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter and the trial of the indians.

  2. I am enjoying this not sure how it will pan out but that’s half the pleasure of reading your tales. I have to say you have set a fair pace this month. Looking forward to the next instalment.


  3. Another Great Installment. I loved the plot twist of Christopher changing outfits with David at the last minute then finding himself trapped into attending the alteration. The presence of the other customers at the outfitters was really great and added so much to the tension. I just wish this part would have had a little more detail, however, as the humiliation was awesome. This is minor though in an otherwise great addition.


  4. Hey, "a few more weeks" of nudity and never having a moment alone; no problem for Christopher I'm sure! Especially since Mrs Harper is on his case already. As best I can work out, this new game of C&I is on day 8, so Christopher should be in no condition to resist tickling today. But not to worry, I expect Mrs Harper will kindly look out for him and make sure he doesn't have any accidents. Very close to it, and for a long, frustrating time perhaps!

    I'm looking forward to see what Mrs Harper comes up with, to 'do something'. So ambiguous! I don't think Christopher's going to like it much.
    So funny, the way by not saying anything to his mum, he made sure no one is going to tell her about his lack of clothes for the rest of her time away.


  5. Surely if Cindy is beginning to feel a little sorry for Christopher, then she has some old clothes she could, let him have as hand-me-downs. I'm sure he'd be happy to be able to cover up, even if he was offered a pair of school gym-knickers and vest?

    1. Yes, funnily enough that very thought did pass through Cindy's mind. She had a long talk with her mum about it and explained how Christopher could wear some of her old clothes. In the end though they both thought that Christopher would rather wear nothing at all, than be seen wearing any of Cindy's clothes.

      I'm sure if Christopher had been asked, he would have agreed. After all what boy in his right mind would put on girl's clothes?

      Nonetheless, thank you for your kind thought.


  6. Well surely one of the boys has an old pair of pyjamas that he could use to wear during the day?

    1. Wincy I'm surprised... you of all people should know that pyjamas are not for playing in and even if by some chance Christopher were to be given a pair of, let's say, shortie pyjamas, thin and worn from much use, I'm sure they wouldn't last five minutes before he managed to snag them on a bramble and tear them to shreds.


  7. I have followed your blog for a while and I love this story. But I am concerned about Oliver. He will be 18 on his next birthday, he doesn't appear to be clever enough to go to University and if he did would his mother allow him to move away from her control. Free to go to bed when he wants and perhaps not wear pyjamas at all. His future must be of great concern to her.

    1. Thank you for leaving your comment, Alf. I pleased to hear you are enjoying the stories and most touched by your concern for Oliver. If I might put your mind at rest straight away and say it is most unlikely Oliver will leave home for University. Oliver's academic performance over the past few years has been the subject of a number of upsetting visits to his naughty stool. However, all is not lost since his sister Pamela, has suggested to mum that Oliver might benefit from home tuition. If mum agrees it will mean she can keep a close watch on her son and make sure he continues to behave himself... you can be sure his regime of early bedtimes and pyjama-times will continue.


  8. So much rope, feathers and awesome game outcome inevitability on the one hand! While on the other hand such tension between Terry's plans, Christopher's condition, and Mrs Harper's determination to ensure Christopher doesn't have an awkward accident. I trust this is going to be a spectacular scene, but how it will play out I have no idea. A faint suspicion Christopher isn't going to be feeling any more relaxed by the end of the day, but who knows? The suspense is killing me.

    Oh, except that he still won't have clothes. And Joseph will play a large part. Those seem safe bets. Also that at some stage Christopher's accumulating difficulty is going to start prominently and persistently manifesting at the most awkward times.

    Ha ha... My goodness, you don't suppose the Harper household could keep up this 24/7 helpful watchfulness plus regular severe teases, for the next several weeks till his mother returns? She'd be in for quite a stiff surprise then! I'm sure his mother would agree fully with Mrs Harper that everything possible should be done to assist Christopher in his determination to never masturbate. And who better to continue to assist and advise in this good work than the Harper family?

    Sorry to ramble on, and try to anticipate the story. The temptation is irresistible!


    1. Not a problem. I'm always delighted to read comments left by readers. You do appear to have involved yourself in Christopher's story! I am working on the next instalment, but just to tease you a little bit further, I would add that it takes an slightly unexpected twist which, of course, I hope you'll enjoy!


    2. "slightly unexpected twist" ha ha... expected twists are few and far between in this story. Oh wait... I did guess his mum was going to be away longer than expected, and Christopher wasn't going to tell his mum. But those were inevitable really.

      As for involving myself, it's every writer's curse, isn't it? Anyway, here's something in return.
      Probably not to your taste though.


    3. "expected twists are few and far between in this story."
      Oops. On rereading, I see that doesn't express what I meant. I was trying to say, this story is delightfully unpredictable, and full of exciting *unexpected* surprises. Brisk too. It makes me feel positively ashamed of how slow my stories tend to be.