Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christopher's Story - a continuation: Part 2

Christopher was glad to get upstairs away from the grown-ups and into the bathroom to have a wash before lunch. Relating the tale of how he ended up locking himself out of his house just as his mum had gone away had been embarrassing enough; to have to explain that in so doing Christopher had also managed to leave every stitch clothing he possessed in the house was totally, totally shaming. But there was a bright side. Mrs Clarke had found some old clothes that her son David no longer needed. The only fly in the ointment was that David was twelve years old as opposed to Christopher’s fourteen. Still, it was bound to be better than nothing!

It had been a heart-warming sight for Janet Harper and Emily Clarke to see Christopher’s eager face as he rushed off along the landing. Terry, Janet’s ten year old son, ran along behind and chased Christopher, yelling out that he’d beat him to the bathroom to wash his hands before lunch.

Janet Harper turned to her friend Emily Clarke and smiled: “It’s like having a brother for Terry… they both seem to love playing games together and I’m sure Christopher can’t wait for the next game of Cowboys and Indians. You know, Emily, it did surprise me at first when Christopher said that he liked playing at being a Red Indian, but there we are, some older boys find it difficult to grow up… in more ways than one!” And she smiled knowingly at her reference to Christopher’s lack of any pubic hair.

“I know what you mean, Janet, about boys and their games,” Emily replied, “but with David it appears to be quite the reverse. As I said to you only yesterday, even though David is two years younger than Christopher, he just doesn’t seem to want to join in and play with other boys. I mean, I know David is a little older than Terry, but he simply must be encouraged to join in some of Terry’s games. It will do David the world of good… and after all he’s only going to be young once…”

Janet Harper nodded: “Terry’s always happy to have other boys join in his games and it’s not as though David hasn’t played Cowboys and Indians with Terry before… But, yes, I know what you mean, Emily. I’ll have a word with Terry and we’ll see what a bit of his pester-power can achieve… I’m sure Terry will have David joining in in no time!”

Had Christopher heard the two women discussing the ‘benefits’ of joining in one of Terry’s games of Cowboys and Indians, you can be sure he would have been reminded of his first encounter with the Red Indian play-costume that Terry so magnanimously lent him and the unintended confession Christopher made to Mrs Harper later that same day…

“Ben’s here…!” Terry had shouted through to the kitchen where Christopher was sat at the table trying to keep out of sight. “Ben’s here!” Terry repeated excitedly, “He’s got his outfit on… we can play Cowboys and Indians!”

With the benefit of hindsight it might seem surprising just how keen Christopher was to join in the younger boys’ game. But the truth was that Christopher had been suck inside Mrs Harper’s house without much to occupy himself with. Had it not been for his complete lack of clothes, he would have loved to have been playing outside… even if it had been with ten year old Terry. So when news of Ben’s arrival came, Christopher saw it as a golden opportunity to put something on (even if it was a silly Red Indian costume) and get outside into the sunshine.

“Come on, Christopher! You promised you’d play,” Terry said eagerly, “You promised you’d be a Red Indian…”

However keen Christopher was to dress up as a Redskin, he wasn’t about to give in easily to the youngster’s demands; he was fourteen after all and four years older than Terry!

“Okay… okay… I’m coming,” Christopher said as he rose from the table, just as Ben walked into the room. Ben was the same age as Terry and dressed in full cowboy gear complete with six-shooter cap-guns and some authentic looking lasso rope hanging from his belt. Terry and Ben were the best of friends.

“Wow!!” Ben’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he saw Christopher. “Wow!! He is bare-nude! Totally bare-nude!”

“I told you he was,” Terry replied to his friend, “I told you he was doing a Bare-Dare when he locked himself out of his house…”

“... but nude… totally bare-nude… wow!!” Ben said as he stared at Christopher who was now feeling very uncomfortable about being seen by one of Terry’s friends. Ben glanced at Terry, not wanting to take his eyes from the sight in front of him for any longer than necessary: “Locked himself out… in the nude? Wow! That was some Bare-Dare! Pretty stupid, though...”

Christopher felt he should put the record straight: “I didn’t lock myself out on purpose… in fact I didn’t lock myself out, Terry did when he came outside to watch me doing the Bare-Dare…”

“No I didn’t!” Terry said indignantly.

“Yes you did!” Christopher retorted, “If you hadn’t come outside and let the door slam…”

“It wasn’t my fault… anyway, doesn’t matter now,” Terry said and left Christopher dumbstruck before he continued as he turned to Ben, “Christopher’s going to be a Red Indian…”

Cool! Where do you fancy taking him to play?” Ben asked.

“Oh, down by the creek, near the woods… There’s loads of places to hide… Alright with you, Christopher?” Terry asked.

“Yeah… whatever…” Christopher replied, in a sulk after being told by Terry that being locked out of his house with no clothes, totally bare-nude didn’t matter. Not only that, but Christopher was sure Ben didn’t believe him when he said he didn’t do it on purpose. Now Ben thinks I’m some sort of dork, Christopher said to himself.

“Are you sure, Christopher?” It was Mrs Harper who asked this question. She was doing some washing and was passing through the kitchen on her way to the utility-room when she heard the boys discussing their game.

“Why don’t you play in the garden?” she asked.

“But mum! Christopher just said he’d come and play down at the creek,” Terry said indignantly, “He said he would…”

“Are you sure you want to go and play Cowboys and Indians with Terry and Ben?” Mrs Harper asked Christopher again, “... I’m sure you boys could have just as much fun playing your game in the garden.”

“But there’s loads more places to hide and play near the creek, Mrs Harper,” Ben said.

“It’s okay… I don’t mind playing down near the creek,” Christopher replied in answer to Janet Harper’s questions.

“Well, if you’re absolutely sure…” Mrs Harper said and in a manner that suggested she’d done her best, she shrugged her shoulders.

“Honest… I don’t mind playing with Terry and Ben, Mrs Harper… It’ll be good fun. Don’t worry, I’ll look after Terry and Ben,” Christopher said finally, as if trying to prove to Janet Harper that he was old enough to play outside, away from the house. Besides, it was an opportunity not to be missed to put some clothes on, even if it was a silly Red Indian outfit!

“Okay then, Christopher… if you’re sure that’s what you want,” Janet Harper concluded and made her way through to the utility-room. As she did so Mrs Harper thought to herself that it was obvious Christopher hasn’t played Cowboys and Indians with Terry before!

“Come on, Christopher! Let’s get into our outfits!” Terry was keen to get playing.

“I’ll go and get Luke,” Ben said.

“Who’s Luke?” Christopher asked.

“He’s going to be the other member of your Indian Tribe,” Terry informed him.

To Christopher this came as a not unwelcome surprise; at least he wouldn’t be the only Red Indian in the game. Maybe between them they could get the upper hand and beat the two young Cowboys at whatever the game involved. Either way it had to be better than sitting around bare-nude in Mrs Harper’s house all day.

Luke was a neighbour of Ben’s and at eleven, slightly older than the two cowboys. Ben was always promising Luke a turn at playing a cowboy, but Luke’s turn never seemed to come round. Luke always fell for Ben’s promise that he could be a cowboy ‘next time’. This day it was no different and it was only after a lot of persuasion and the news Luke would be accompanied by an older boy, Christopher, that he disappeared up to his bedroom to put on his Red Indian outfit.

Meanwhile, Terry led the way up to his bedroom and made a dive for the cupboard where he kept his Cowboys and Indians paraphernalia. Christopher was distracted, looking out of the upstairs window, when Terry found what he was looking for; the Red Indian outfit Christopher would be wearing.

“Here it is!” Terry announced as he held up the costume.

Christopher turned round. His jaw nearly hit the floor: “Is… is that it…?” he asked.

“Yup… It’s a genuine, one hundred percent actual Red Indian costume,” Terry said proudly, as he held out the thin flaps of beaded leather in front of him.

“But… there must be more to it than that… what do I wear underneath…?”

“What do you mean?”

“Underneath… there must be something else… something to wear with it…”

Terry dived back into the cupboard and rummaged around. Christopher peered over Terry’s shoulder try and see what else there was to his costume.

Terry sprung back round to face Christopher again: “Here… here’s the moccasins…”

“I didn’t mean that… I meant something to wear here!” Christopher said and pointed to his bare pubis.

“That’s what these are for,” Terry replied as he held up the little flaps of leather that constituted the main part of Christopher's outfit, “It’s called a loin-cloth,” Terry explained, “That’s what all the Red Indians wore in the Wild West… See, one bit goes at the front and the other hangs down at the back.”

“But, those flaps... they’ll hardly cover anything!” Christopher protested.

“Shouldn’t have such a big nob then…” Terry laughed mischievously.

To be fair, Christopher did have a point as the Red Indian outfit was designed to be worn by a boy of Terry’s age… certainly it was never intended to be worn by a boy of fourteen, a boy as old as Christopher.

“Come on… put it on,” Terry said, “It’ll look really cool on you.”

It’ll feel cool too, Christopher thought, as he took the meagre leather flaps from Terry. He looked at them as they lay across the palm of his left hand. They felt as light as a feather. Jeez! There’s hardly anything to them… Where did Terry say we’re going to play? Christopher's mind was in a whirl as he tried to figure out how he was going play in the Red Indian costume and preserve some degree of dignity. Down by the creek, didn’t Terry say? Hopefully there wouldn’t be anyone around.

“Do you want a hand?” It was Cindy. Christopher turned and saw her standing in the doorway.

“I heard Terry calling out, saying Ben was here. I guess you’ll be wanting some war-paint… but you’ll have to put your costume on first,” Cindy said.

Bewildered, Christopher held the pitifully small flaps and leather laces up to show Cindy: “How does… Is this really all there is, Cindy? I mean… there’s hardly anything to it at all… can’t I put on some trunks or something… I can’t wear just this down the the creek…”

“You promised you’d come and play at the creek,” Terry said.

“Yeah, but that was before…”

“You promised…”

“Did you promise Terry you’d play with him at the creek?” Cindy asked.

“Er… Yes, Cindy,” Christopher replied meekly, “... but I didn’t realise… the outfit…”

“That’s hardly fair, Christopher, is it?” Cindy said ignoring Christopher’s complaints about the flimsy costume, “If you promised Terry you’d go and play with him and Ben at the creek… then you should do what you promised… that’s only fair isn’t it, Christopher?”

Christopher chewed his bottom lip and said: “Yes, Cindy…”

“So what are you going to do Christopher?” Cindy asked.

“... um, go and play down by the creek with Terry and Ben,” Christopher replied, then when he saw Cindy giving him a meaningful glance, added, “... er, go and play Cowboys and Indians with them, Cindy.”

“And what are you going to do before you go and play with Terry and Ben, Christopher?”

“... Um… put on the costume… um, the Red Indian costume, Cindy,” Christopher said, hardly able to look at the older girl, who appeared to have inherited her mother’s firm attitude.

“There… that wasn’t difficult, was it Christopher?”

“But Cindy! The outfit… it’s too small…”

“You should have thought about that before you agreed to play.”

“But Cindy… I didn’t know how tiny the costume was…” Christopher pleaded, “It’s not fair!”

“Well, it’s too late for that know… You’d better come with me and I’ll help you put on your outfit.”

Christopher, pouting like a six year old, followed Cindy out of Terry’s bedroom and left the younger boy to put on his cowboy clothes by himself. Cindy was clearly very experienced in dressing Red Indians and she soon had Christopher ready to play with the cowboys.

It was obvious from the start the tiny leather flaps would hardly cover anything, but Cindy did her best. In the end the front flap was hung so low that the base of Christopher’s hairless penis was quite distinctly visible. It had to be this way since the leather piece was only just long enough to cover the full length of Christopher’s penis; if the flap was any higher Christopher’s long foreskin could be clearly seen peeking out from beneath the costume.

As Cindy adjusted Christopher’s loincloth she had a sudden inspiration for the new Redskin’s Indian name: “You should be known as ‘Bald Eagle’, because… well that’s pretty obvious!” she laughed good-naturedly looking at the base of Christopher’s bald penis.

Christopher was mortified: “Cindy… please… please don’t… they’ll all tease me…”

“Don’t be silly… it’s just a bit of fun, Christopher.”

Christopher’s costume was almost complete. It hardly needs to be said that the rear flap of the loincloth was neither use nor ornament, since the thin slip of leather didn’t even reach halfway down Christopher’s bottom. Then Cindy produced a beaded ornamental choker and tied it around Christopher’s neck. There was a piece attached to the front of the collar and which hung down to the top of Christopher’s chest. It was made of beads and was probably larger in area than the two loincloth flaps combined.

Next Christopher’s headdress was fitted. As befitted an older Red Indian, Cindy produced a crown of feathers, some of which trailed down Christopher’s bare back. Finally, with moccasins on, Cindy applied a few touches of war-paint. Enough to show that Christopher was playing the fearsome Red Indian, but Cindy was also careful not to distract from the fact that this particular Redskin had very little in the way of costume.

Terry came into the room dressed in his cowboy outfit. Like Ben he had a loop of rope in his belt together with his cap-guns. He was carrying a bow and some arrows tipped with rubber suction cups which he handed to Christopher.

“Wow! You look really cool…” said Terry awarding Christopher his highest praise.

“Come over here and have a look at yourself,” Cindy said signalling the full-length mirror across the room.

Christopher went over to stand and look at himself. He had to admit that aside from the ridiculously small flaps of leather front and rear, he did look, as Terry had said, ‘cool’.

“What do you think?” Cindy asked.

“Yeah… it’s kind of neat…” Christopher said as he turned his headdress this way and that, “Yeah… neat…”

Cindy had splashed some war paint on Christopher’s face and he tried to look ferocious, but had a hard time from smiling. The trouble was that Christopher, to his surprise, found he was actually enjoying playing dress-up. If it wasn’t for the stupid little loincloth…

“Come on… Bald Eagle!” Terry called from the doorway before scampering off down the corridor.

Christopher swung round from the mirror and looked at Cindy open-mouthed: “How…?”

“Wasn’t me, I promise… He was probably listening outside,” Cindy explained, “You have to be careful round here… Terry knows most things and what he doesn’t know, he soon finds out!”

By the time Christopher got back downstairs to the kitchen Ben had arrived with Luke, the boy who would form the other member of the Indian Tribe. Christopher was shocked when Luke was introduced, because he saw that Luke’s outfit was cut far more generously than his own. Indeed, to Christopher it looked as though Luke’s loincloth had been made out of two tea-towels sewn together. The long edges of the boy’s loincloth reached almost to his knees! Admittedly Luke’s outfit had a pattern that looked authentic and there were some beads sewn into the cloth, but Christopher couldn’t help but feel cheated as he stood in front of the eleven year old in his own ludicrously small costume.

“Come on! Let’s get going!” Terry said and before he knew what was happening, Christopher, feeling very self-conscious, was outside in the lane, walking off in the direction of the creek.

“Have you played Cowboys and Indians with Terry and Ben before?” Christopher asked Luke.

“Yeah… lots of times. I’m fed up with being an Indian. I want to be a cowboy,” Luke said, “Ben promised I could be a cowboy… It’s not fair being an Indian all the time. It’s much more fun if you’re a cowboy…”

Christopher asked Luke why that was, to which Luke merely replied: “You’ll see…”

Then the penny dropped and Luke turned to Christopher: “What! You mean you’ve never played Cowboys and Indians?”

Christopher shook his head: “Er… no, er yes... well, not for ages… not with these two, anyway…”

There was silence for a moment or two and then Christopher asked: “What do we do? I mean what’s the game about?”

“Oh, that’s easy… it’s a bit like hide-and-seek,” Luke explained, “The Indians… that’s us,” he added helpfully, “they have to…”

At this point Terry gathered everyone together and Christopher was told what would happen:

“Me and Ben have been working the Cowboy Trail, but there’s a couple of pesky Indians… you, Bald Eagle and you, Luke… who we’re out to capture. You Redskins can go off for fifteen minutes while Ben and I set up our cowboy camp. Understood?”

Christopher, much to his surprise had been listening intently to Terry instructions and nodded eagerly to find out more details of the game.

“Okay, when the time’s up Ben and me will fire our six-shooters in the air as a signal. That’s when you try to find our camp… If you find it and manage to hit us with your arrows, you win…”

“... but if we capture you… we win,” Ben chipped in.

“Sounds straightforward enough,” Christopher said and turned to Luke, “Come on then… let’s get going…”

“Okay… Bald Eagle,” Luke replied giggling.

The Red Indians set off and it wasn’t long before they found somewhere to hide. Luke explained how it was best to wait and try to lure the cowboys from their camp:

“They’re bound to find somewhere that it’s impossible to attack without getting caught,” he argued, “If we get them out in the open, we might stand a chance.”

These were wise words from the eleven year old, but Christopher wasn’t so sure. Now that he’d been out in his skimpy Red Indian costume for the best part of an hour, he was more than ever conscious of how exposed he was. There was simply no way he could stop his penis from flopping out from each side of the thin leather flap when he walked. Having to carry the bow and arrows meant his hands were full, so he couldn’t cover up even if he wanted to.

Christopher simply wanted to get the game over and done with. So what if the cowboys won? He just wanted to get back into the safety of Mrs Harper’s house.

They heard the cap-guns being fired. The shots sounded loud as they echoed around the wooded creek, but neither Indian could tell where the noise came from. In spite of Luke’s misgivings, Christopher, being the older boy decided they would go in search of the cowboys. So they crept stealthily from their hiding-place. A twig snapped close by and Christopher found himself so engrossed in the game once more that he signalled to Luke to keep quiet. He was on tenterhooks as he waved Luke forwards and together they carefully picked their way forward.

Every time they heard a sound the two Indians dropped to the ground.

“You sure this is a good idea, Bald Eagle?” Luke asked in a whisper, “I’ve played with Terry and Ben before… I know what they’re like…”

“Shush, Luke… I can see something over there… a shirt or something,” Christopher said and he edged further forward.

“Careful, Bald Eagle…”

Sure enough, Christopher could make out a check cowboy shirt like the one Terry was wearing. It was just ahead of them. The cowboy appeared to be sat on the ground facing away from the approaching Red Indians.

On Christopher’s order, Luke moved into position behind a bush to the right a few feet away and told him to wait for the signal to attack. The cowboy sat motionless a few yards away in front of the crouching Indians.

Christopher readied his bow and arrow. He jumped up, gave the signal and shot two arrows in quick succession as Luke gave the Indian war-cry. Christopher’s arrows landed wide of the mark. The next arrow was closer. Luke was jumping up and down and stamping his moccasined feet, but there was no movement from the cowboy. Finally one of Christopher’s arrows hit its target. Christopher was about to cheer when the ‘cowboy’ slumped forward under the impact of the arrow and it became clear to Bald Eagle and Luke that it was a dummy.

Luke turned in alarm to face Christopher: “It’s a trap! I told you these cowboys are clever… we should have…”

Luke’s words were left unfinished as an unmistakable voice was heard behind them.

“Hands up, Redskins! Don’t make a move… we’ve got you covered!”

Christopher dropped his bow and did as he was ordered. He turned slowly and came face to face with Terry who was grinning from ear to ear. Ben walked out from behind a bush.

“Keep ‘em covered while I tie them up!” he said to Terry. From a hiding place he produced a pole which was about four feet long. Christopher looked at it nervously and wondered what Ben was going to use it for… he didn’t have long to wait.

“Kneel down!” Ben ordered.

“Wha… what are you going to do?” Christopher asked.

“Better do what he says, Bald Eagle…” Luke advised, “These are cowboys are mean…”

This time Christopher listened to his fellow Redskin and knelt down in front of Ben who smiled wickedly at his captured Indian. With practiced ease, Ben made Christopher bow his head down and placed the pole across his prisoner’s shoulders at the back of his neck. Next he took lengths of rope from his belt and, one after the other, tied Christopher’s wrists to the ends of the pole. Christopher lifted his head back up. His arms had been stretched out and now and he felt more vulnerable than ever; it was also extremely uncomfortable.

“Stay there and don’t move!” Ben ordered.

Christopher stayed put. Realistically he didn’t have much choice but to continue kneeling as he realised that now, more than ever, how his skimpy costume was. With his arms stretched out and his hands tied to the fiendish pole, Christopher knew that it would only take the slightest sudden movement before anyone could see why his Indian name was Bald Eagle!

In contrast to Christopher, Luke merely had his hands tied behind his back. The two cowboys stepped to one side and left their captives to wonder what was next as they they discussed their plans in secret.

Christopher strained his head upwards: “What do you think they’re they going to do?” he asked Luke.

Luke looked down at the kneeling fourteen year old: “Take us back for questioning… they usually do…”

“Questioning?” a confused Christopher asked, “Questioning about what? Take us back where?”

The thought of being taken anywhere as he was, with his arms stretched out and his hands tied to the ends of the pole, was terrifying. Christopher had been goaded to leave the comparative safety of Mrs Harper’s wearing the skimpiest Red Indian outfit imaginable. Now he had fallen for the oldest trick in the book and got himself captured and tied up in a most fiendish way by two boys who knew more ways of humiliating him than seemed possible.

“Oh… you’ll see,” Luke said nonchalantly, “they’ve got a favourite place they like to tie up captured Indians…”

“Tie up! What do you mean tie up… I’m already tied up!” Christopher swung his tethered arms from side to side as if to emphasise the point. The cowboys turned back to watch their captives. Terry walked behind Christopher.

“We’re taking you Redskins to a secret hideout,” he explained and as he did so he took a scarf from his pocket and proceeded to blindfold and increasingly worried Christopher. “We can’t risk you Indians finding out where it is… so…”

Almost as soon as Terry had Christopher blindfolded, voices could be heard nearby. Christopher was panic-struck. Who were they? Could he be seen? Jeez... was his costume even covering his penis?! It was an absolute torment for the fourteen year old was he was ordered to his feet. It was no easy task either. With his arms stretched and hands tied, the blindfolded Christopher had great difficulty keeping his balance. He fell back to his knees more than once, but eventually he stood upright, but with no idea of the position of his Red Indian costume.

“Luke… Oh there you are, don’t forget I want you back in plenty of time before tea…”

Christopher’s heart was thumping. Who was it? It sounded like Luke’s mum, but whose were those other voices… sounded very much like a couple of giggling girls… did Luke have a sister? Christopher tried to turn away from the noise just in case his costume was in disarray, but to his horror the woman came closer and the giggling grew louder…

“Oh, you silly boy… showing us your bits and pieces! As if we want to see that flopping about all over the place… dear me! Keep still… oh dear me, what do you think you’re doing dressing up in this little thing…  why, it’s just a scrap… well there we are… that’s the best I can do… wear something… well, something a bit more appropriate next time you want to dress up as a Red Indian... now run along.”

Christopher was stunned, but remembered his manners and thanked the unseen lady for adjusting his outfit. He couldn’t believe how he had stood there while some strange lady… okay, probably Luke’s mum… had adjusted his loincloth and chided him about showing his boy-bits off in front of everyone. How many people were watching?! How many people had seen his… his… bald… thing?!

The Redskins were escorted back up the lane. Their destination was Janet Harper’s garden; specifically a spot just by the rear terrace where there was a useful place to tie up Red Indians for questioning. Although Luke knew from past experience where they were all headed, to Christopher, still in shock after his encounter with Luke’s mum, it was a complete mystery where he was being taken, not helped by Ben’s insistence that every so often the boys stop and spin Christopher around. By the time they reached Mrs Harper’s garden, Christopher might well have imagined he was anywhere within a five mile radius of his actual location. It was all very disorientating for him and the more disorientated he felt, the more worried he became about being seen in his Red Indian outfit.

Finally Christopher found himself being ordered to stand still. He felt the small hands of the cowboys on his lower legs and with a sudden rush of panic, realised Terry and Ben were attaching something to one of his ankles.

“Wha… what are you guys doing?” Christopher asked.

“Quiet Bald Eagle…” Terry said.

Then Christopher felt his other ankle being pulled so that his feet were stretched wide apart. Something was attached to this other ankle and Christopher found himself hobbled. He heard Luke’s voice:

“Wow!! You’re using the ankle-stretcher! You cowboys are really mean…”

Christopher suddenly realised Luke wasn’t blindfolded! Christopher was the only one who couldn’t see what was going on! Was Luke even tied up like he was?! While all this was sinking in Christopher was tied to a post in Janet Harper’s garden. Christopher was now in position for questioning.

“How many cattle have you rustled?” Ben asked.

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Christopher answered truthfully.

“Yes you do… you Redskins are a menace… How many cattle?” Terry said.

“But… but I haven’t done anything…” Christopher insisted.

“Time to use a bit of persuasion…” Terry said to Ben, “Luke… give me the feather out of you headband…”

What!!” Christopher yelled, “That’s not fair!! Why isn’t Luke tied up?! Why is it I’m the only one tied up?”

Christopher struggled. It wasn’t fair that he should be tied up. It simply wasn’t fair... if they were both caught, they should both be tied up. Then felt something tickling his bare legs… it was Luke’s Indian feather!

“You’re Bald Eagle…” Terry taunted, “Luke’s only a Tenderfoot… you’re the one we have to question.”

As he said this Terry slid the feather up and down Christopher’s legs. Each time he brought the feather up a little higher, until it was only an inch or two away from Christopher’s tiny loincloth. The tickling feather was unbearable and Christopher begged Terry to stop.

But Terry didn’t stop and as Christopher lurched and squirmed as much as his bonds would allow, from behind his little loincloth his penis began to stir…

Terry’s tickling feather went even further up Christopher’s legs as the feeble loincloth was pushed to one side by the rapidly engorging penis. Within the space of a few brief moments, Christopher’s hairless penis was pointing straight out, level with the ground.

“Please, Terry… please stop… please I’ll tell you… twenty cattle… thirty… I can’t remember…” Christopher was frantic and then he felt Terry’s feather on the side of his penis! “Terry!! Stop it… please stop it!!” Christopher still had no idea where he was. He was scared witless someone would see them… and him… with good reason, now that he knew what Terry was up to!

Terry carried on tickling and Christopher’s penis carried on growing until it was fully erect. The little Red Indian costume loincloth hung pathetically to one side of the stiff penis and Christopher’s plump testicles were fully displayed.

There were gasps and giggles of excitement from the other boys as Terry continued to tease and taunt the helpless Christopher who was driven wild by the playful cowboy.

“My turn!” Ben said and another round of tickling began. Ben decided it would be fun to tickle Christopher’s tight brown nipples and soon had them stiff and hard. Next Ben tickled Christopher’s hairless armpits, which started a fresh, if useless bout of struggling from the captured Redskin. Christopher was driven almost insane by the tickle-torture and became almost incoherent in his pleading with his tormentors. But then, all of a sudden the tickling stopped when Christopher heard Luke gasp:

Wow!! Look at that…!”

Holy…!!” Terry cried in astonishment.

“That’s so… cool…” was all that Ben could manage to say as he stood open-mouthed.

A bubble of clear fluid had formed at the tip of Christopher’s foreskin which still completely covered the head of his fully erect penis. As the awe-struck youngsters watched, the bubble grew until it spilled over and started to run down the underside of Christopher’s stiff penis. It left a glistening trail as more fluid bubbled out and slithered downwards.

“Is he cumming?” Ben asked.

Omygod Christopher!!” It was the unmistakable voice of Cindy.

Another girl’s voice close by squealed: “Oh…… omygod!! Look at that… Cindy! Look at… ohmygod!”

“Terry, have you been teasing Christopher with that feather?” Cindy asked her brother.

“We have to question the Red Indians… it’s part of the game,” Terry explained.

“I think you’d better give it a rest now… can’t you see Christopher’s getting a bit… you know… excited?”

“Is he cumming?” Ben asked again.

“Omygod… Cindy… look! There’s more of it… Oh that’s gross! How old is he? He looks older than the others… but...”

“Cindy… please Cindy,” Christopher pleaded, “Cindy can’t you tell them to untie me… please?”

“Jess wants to know how old you are, Christopher,” Cindy said, ignoring his pleading, “Tell… omygod Christopher!” Cindy squealed as another glob of boy-goo slithered down Christopher’s penis.

Terry had taken the feather back from Ben. He ignored his sister and continued to tickle Christopher. Terry found by experimentation that the best results were gained when he applied the feather to the base and shaft of Christopher’s penis. Terry discovered that tickling Christopher’s testicles also produced remarkable results, such as the one which got the reaction from Cindy.

“Tell Jess how old you are,” Cindy said to Christopher.

“Yes… how old are you? Cindy tells me you’re called Bald Eagle… I guess that’s easy to see why!” Jess teased.

Christopher didn’t know who Jess was, but correctly assumed she was a friend of Cindy’s. It was pretty mean to expect Christopher, who of course was still blindfolded, to answer questions and take a teasing from someone he not only didn’t know, but couldn’t even see!

“It’s because he’s bald!” Terry said and ran the feather over Christopher’s smooth pubis.

Unfortunately this caused yet another eruption of boy-stuff from Christopher and this time a string of goo formed which swung from the tip of his engorged penis.

“Oh! That is just so gross!” Jess said as she gawped the string of boy-goo.

There was nothing for it but for Christopher to answer Jess in the hope she and Cindy would help get him untied. However humiliated he felt, he knew he had little choice but to do what the girls asked.

“Fourteen…” Christopher said in answer to the the question, “I’m fourteen…”

Really?!” Jess said, “Really? Fourteen… and you haven’t got any… you know… like hairs? That’s really like… wow…”

Finally Cindy answered Ben’s question: “No… Christopher isn’t cumming… He’s just very, very excited to be playing Cowboys and Indians… aren’t you Christopher… opps! I mean Bald Eagle.”

“Err… yes Cindy,” Christopher blurted out. In frustration he twisted and flexed himself in an ultimately futile attempt to loosen the knots that held him tied to the poles. All this did was make the string of boy-stuff swing about from his penis, much to everyone’s amusement. “Cindy, please will you do something…”

Suddenly Luke announced it was time for him to go home. Terry gave him his feather back as Ben said he ought to be going too. With the two other boys gone, Terry lost interest and disappeared into the house.

At last Christopher thought to ask Cindy where on earth he was. “Why your in our back garden… where did you think you were?”

“I… I don’t know. They… they wouldn’t tell me. I thought maybe they’d taken me to the park or somewhere… I don’t know...” Christopher stuttered, then said firmly, “I don’t ever want to play Cowboys and Indians with Terry again!”

“I don’t see why not,” Jess chipped in, “Looks to me like you enjoyed it…”

Cindy figured it was time to take off Christopher’s blindfold and this she did, before she and Jess turned to go.

“Hey! Aren’t you going to untie me?!” he called.

“No… only Terry knows how to do that! See you later.”

“Cindy!! Please Cindy! Don’t leave me like this!”

It was a nerve-wracking time. Christopher hadn’t a clue how long he was left tied up on his own. It seemed like ages although it probably wasn’t that long, but nevertheless he was anxious; worried that someone else would see him.

It wasn’t so much that he was, as near as made no difference, bare-nude that concerned Christopher, it was what was to be seen hanging from his penis. It was plain enough what it was and it was also plain enough, at least to Christopher, what it implied. In the mixed logic of boyhood, Christopher had some idea that the ability to shoot cum was somehow evidence a boy masturbated. And if there was one thing a boy of Christopher’s age was terrified of, it was that grown-ups and his mum in particular, would find out that he masturbated. For goodness sake, he was fourteen and he didn’t even admit that he masturbated to other boys! Somehow it was considered to be childish for a boy approaching his mid-teens to own up that he played with his penis. This was the main reason he didn’t want to share a bedroom with Terry. Christopher was afraid Terry would find out that he liked to masturbate and tell everyone.

A little more time went by and Christopher got even more anxious… and frustrated! Terry and Ben had done a great job in getting him so worked up that he was freely oozing boy-goo and he desperately wanted to finish off what the young boys had started. In spite of his palpable anxiety and obvious embarrassment, Christopher’s penis was still displaying all the obvious signs of arousal. All Christopher wanted to do was to be untied, get out of his stupid Red Indian costume and race to the nearest place where he could be alone and wank himself silly.

He prayed Terry would come back soon and untie him before anyone else saw him. Then, from behind the post he was tied to, he heard the sound of a door opening and then banging shut. He twisted his head round to try and see who it was.

“Terry… is that you!” Christopher called out, “Terry… is that… Oh, hello Mrs Harper… I thought it might be Terry come to untie me…”

“I see the Indians lost again,” Janet Harper said with a smile as she looked at the forlorn boy. Then she saw Christopher furrow his brow, “Oh, don’t worry, I’ve never known the Indians to win,” she explained, “at least not the way Terry plays Cowboys and Indians… Never mind about that though. Have you been having lots of fun today, Christopher? I expect you’ve enjoyed yourself.”

“Yes, thank you, Mrs Harper…” Christopher replied politely as he wondered how long it would be before Terry’s mum saw the long thread of boy-stuff hanging from his penis.

“Did you go somewhere nice to play?” she asked.

“Um... down by the creek, Mrs Harper.”

“Oh yes... that's right, you didn't want to play in the garden. Well I'm sure you had a nice time down by the creek.”
“Yes thank you, Mrs Harper.”

“Did you meet anyone while you were playing?” Janet Harper asked.

“Um... well, er... yes Mrs Harper, but I was blindfolded... I think it was Luke's mum... I'm not sure...”

Christopher noticed that, like Cindy, Mrs Harper made no attempt to untie him. It seemed as if Terry was the only person who could see to the untying of a captive. When Christopher did ask if she would untie him, Janet Harper explained that if she tried, she’d only get the knots all tangled up and make things worse.

“No, it’s far better to wait for Terry,” she concluded. Then she glanced down and for the first time it seemed, she noticed Christopher’s semi-aroused penis.

“Oh dear me… it looks as though you’ve had a bit of an accident, Christopher,” Janet Harper said as she looked straight at Christopher’s penis. There could be no mistaking what she was talking about. She looked Christopher in the eye and asked: “Did you get excited and have a little leak when you were being questioned by those naughty cowboys?”

Christopher was so red-faced you would have thought his head was about to explode. He had been in some embarrassing situations recently, but this was about the most embarrassing of all. His throat was dry as dust, but Christopher managed to croak out the words: “Yes… yes, I think so, Mrs Harper…”

Christopher looked down at himself and at his penis pointing straight towards Janet Harper. The glistening string of boy-goo was still attached to his penis.

Mrs Harper could see how embarrassed Christopher was and sought to reassure him that it was perfectly normal for a boy his age to occasionally get ‘over-excited’, as she put it.

“You’ve not to worry, Christopher,” she said, “I’ve got two brothers and when they were your age they were always making a mess like the one you’ve made... I’ve no doubt Terry will be doing just the same in one or two years time.”

Christopher couldn’t believe what he heard. He was terrified at the thought that anyone would even suspect him of playing with himself. Then Mrs Harper calmly announced that she would go and get a cloth to clean him up.

Left alone once more Christopher’s thoughts went into overdrive: Was his secret about to be exposed? Did Mrs Harper think he masturbated? Would he have to confess to Mrs Harper that he masturbated? Would Mrs Harper tell his mum? These questions went round and around in his head until he felt dizzy with worry. But the biggest question on his mind was where was he going to find some privacy?

Mrs Harper returned with a flannel. She smiled, bent down and reached out her arm to hold Christopher’s thigh just above his knee.

“Now keep still Christopher while I clean you up,” she said, completely ignoring the fact that Christopher, securely tied up as he was, had no choice but to keep still as she set about cleaning him with the damp cloth.

“My what a lot of mess you’ve made, Christopher! Let’s see… now I’m just going to take hold of your penis, Christopher… understand?”

Christopher bit his lower lip and nodded.

“There we are, we’ll soon have all this cleaned up… what a lot of mess you’ve made,” Janet Harper repeated as she wiped Christopher’s penis. Then, taking Christopher completely by surprise she said: “I expect you like to mastubate, Christopher?” just as if she was discussing the weather.

Christopher groaned to himself. How could this possibly get worse? He gazed off into the distance, unable to answer Mrs Harper’s question, he tried to think of something else. But it was no use. Mrs Harper wanted an answer.

“I expect you like to masturbate, don’t you Christopher?” she insisted.

Christopher was completely flummoxed. If he said ‘yes’ he would be confessing to doing something he wouldn’t even admit to his classmates at school let alone to a grown-up. If he said ‘no’ Mrs Harper would be sure to think Christopher was even more immature than he looked. He didn’t know what to say and so said nothing.

“You’ve no need to be shy with me, Christopher. I won’t be shocked,” Janet Harper said as she tried to encourage Christopher to talk, “I know boys like to play with themselves when they get to a certain age. Maybe you’re too young to masturbate. Is that it?”

Now Christopher was totally confused. He certainly didn’t want Mrs Hopper to think he was too young to masturbate, but at the same time was terrified to admit that, yes, he did masturbate. However Christopher got himself so flustered the words wouldn’t come out the right way and in the end, in spite of the humiliation it caused and with a thumping heart, Christopher denied that he ever masturbated.

“Do you mean you’re too young Christopher… is that it?” Mrs Harper asked, “Or do you mean you don’t masturbate?”

It would have taken a heart of stone not to have felt sorry for Christopher when he finally blurted out: “I… I don’t do it, Mrs Harper.”

“You mean you choose not to masturbate, Christopher?”

With the feeling he was sinking lower than he’d ever been in his life, Christopher confirmed to Mrs Harper that he did not masturbate. He felt ashamed for telling Mrs Harper a fib, but told himself that was better than telling her that yes he did masturbate and risk her saying anything to his mum and having her find out about his guilty secret.

“Well then we’d better make sure that you’re not tempted to start masturbating while you’re staying with us,” Mrs Harper concluded.

Now Christopher really had dug a hole for himself! The truth was he liked to masturbate four or five times a day, more if he had the opportunity. If he was now to be prevented from masturbating what could he do to alleviate the urge? Maybe I can find somewhere to hide and do it, he thought, after all I’m going to be on my own for some part of the day surely? But little did Christopher know it wouldn’t be quite that easy and his stay at Mrs Harper's would turn out to be very frustrating indeed!

“It’s nice talking to you Christopher, but I must get on with things. I won’t forget what we talked about…” With these words Janet Harper disappeared out of Christopher’s sight.

A little while later Terry came back to untie Christopher. However Christopher was thwarted in his plan to find somewhere to masturbate, as he found himself quickly ushered back into the house to get out of his Red Indian costume and cleaned up in time for tea.


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