Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christopher's Story - a continuation: Part 1

This story follows on from ‘Christopher - Day 6’ which was posted in November 2011. I offered an explanation of this admittedly confusing title in ‘Christopher’s Story’ posted later that same month. This current story picks up the thread from the earlier post and takes place the day following, so should I suppose be called ‘Christopher - Day 7’, but since it’s taken me 3 years to cover the short time-span of 24 hours, I thought perhaps I’d just call it Christopher’s Story and leave it there. More confused than ever? Well, I hope you enjoy the story anyway.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Hooked6, whose story ‘Cowboys & Indians’ inspired me to create the character of Christopher and to whom I’m most grateful for getting in touch recently. His enquiry as to whether I had any more material about Christopher prompted me to have a look through my notes, drafts and unfinished stories. I was pleased to find following story which includes a description of the events which led up Christopher’s embarrassing plight.

As she had promised, Emily Clarke called round to she her friend Janet Harper the day after David, Emily’s twelve year old son, had been persuaded to model his new Red Indian play-outfit in front of the two women. When Janet Harper told Mrs Clarke of Christopher’s predicament; that he had manged to lock himself out of his mum’s house and that he had no clothes at all to wear, Emily Clarke said she would have a look to see if there were any of David’s old clothes that might be of use to Christopher.

Mrs Clarke had in fact found an old pair of her son’s swim-trunks that she’d missed in her annual clear-out, which had been stuffed to the back of a drawer. She’d also overlooked a couple of singlets, although she wasn’t at all sure they would be large enough to fit a fourteen year old boy like Christopher. The swim-trunks David hadn’t worn since last year, but you never know, thought Mrs Clarke, with a bit of assistance Christopher might get into them.

When she arrived at Mrs Harper’s house, Emily Clarke walked into the living-room to find Christopher, bare-nude as she’d been told, and Terry on the floor playing a computer game. Terry, dressed in tee-shirt and shorts, was lying flat out on his tummy, controller in both hands looking intently at the screen. Christopher was sat down with his feet drawn up, knees pointing out and his controller in his lap. He didn’t notice Mrs Clarke as he, like Terry, was concentrating on what was happening in front of them on the screen.

So Janet was right, Emily thought to herself, Christopher is bare-nude. She didn’t like to think she hadn’t believed her friend, but… but, even when Janet had said Christopher “… had nothing to wear but his birthday-suit…”, Emily had still thought Christopher wouldn’t be completely nude. Surely, she thought, Christopher would have something to ensure a little modesty?

But no… Christopher had nothing to wear. He was as bare as bare could be… and he was sat completely bare-nude on the floor of her friend’s sitting-room…

As she looked down at Christopher, so intent on playing his game, Emily Clarke reflected on the behaviour of her own son. David had become so shy recently, she said to herself. He locks himself in the bathroom, doesn’t want me to see him undressed, makes me knock on his bedroom door… but here’s Christopher…  a fourteen year old boy with not a stitch on, or any clothes at all to wear!

Christopher looks so much younger than fourteen, Emily thought. Smooth-skinned and… well I never! Christopher had got carried away with the game and the controller had slipped from his lap. He reached out to retrieve it and in doing so had uncovered his penis which flopped out over his thigh. Emily Clarke was taken aback to see that Christopher's genitals were quite smooth and utterly hairless! Just like her twelve year old son David when she saw him after he'd had his little accident with the Red Indian costume the day before.

It was then that Christopher looked up and saw Mrs Clarke looking down at him. He quickly covered himself up again and blushed. It was exceptionally embarrassing for Christopher to be seen in the nude by Mrs Clarke; doubly so as she had seen his bare penis as well! Emily Clark was a very old friend of Christopher’s mum and he’d known her for as long as he could remember. Christopher, who was very sensitive about his lack of pubic hair, also knew that if anyone was going to tell his mum what he looked like with no clothes on, it would be Mrs Clarke. His mum hadn’t seen Christopher in the nude since he was eleven.

“Hello Mrs Clarke…” Christopher said shyly.

“So it is true… Janet, that is Mrs Harper, told me you’d lost all your clothes… how ever did that happen, Christopher?” Emily Clarke asked.

“It was… um… I just…” Christopher hung his head and avoided looking directly at Mrs Clarke, “… nothing really… I just… um…”

Emily Clarke smiled: “It must have been something… something must have occurred, otherwise what happened to all your clothes? Your clothes can’t have suddenly all disappeared into thin air, Christopher…”

At that moment Janet Harper came into the room. She saw Christopher and Terry were still sitting on the carpet and spoke:

“Boys… don’t you have any manners at all! Get up off the floor and say ‘hello’ to Mrs Clarke properly…”

Terry bounced up and stood facing Emily Clarke. Christopher hesitated.

“Come along Christopher, up you get… just because you haven’t got any clothes on doesn’t mean you can’t be polite…” Janet Harper said.

“Christopher was about to tell me how he came to have no clothes, Janet,” Emily Clarke explained, as Christopher got to his feet, stood upright and waited rather bashfully as the two women talked.

Christopher felt extremely awkward standing there bare-nude, not knowing what to do with his hands. Every so often, without thinking, Christopher would nervously let his hands float over his groin, unconsciously trying to cover his penis and testicles. However, every time he did so Mrs Harper would spot what he was up to and tell the fourteen year old to “… stand up straight and stop fidgeting, Christopher!”

Out of the corner of his eye Christopher could see Terry smiling and giggling at the fourteen year old’s discomfort. This served to make Christopher feel worse… if that was at all possible, given that he was standing bare-nude in front of two middle-aged mums, with no clothes and no prospect of any clothes for another week. He would have to remain totally nude for… oh, it was awful! the thought of another whole week nude… it made Christopher want to cry. And it had been all his own fault, if he hadn’t played that silly, stupid game of Bare-Dare; how could he have been so dumb?

Gradually Mrs Clarke coaxed Christopher into telling her how he came to end up at Mrs Harper’s without any clothes…

Christopher’s mum had been called away at short notice, he explained to Emily Clarke, and so mum had arranged for him to stay with Mrs Harper for the two weeks she would be away.

Just like a typical fourteen year old boy, Christopher really hadn’t been paying much attention as his mum raced around the house getting herself ready for her trip. He’d been playing in his bedroom when his mum had yelled upstairs:

“I can’t wait any longer Christopher! I’ve put out some of your clothes to take with you to Mrs Harper's… they’re on the table in the kitchen... and I’ve left a spare house-key for you as well…And behave yourself while I’m away!!”

“Yeah… yeah…” Christopher mumbled to himself, but when he heard the front door close and the noise of his mum’s car disappearing, he suddenly felt a bit anxious. It had all been so sudden and it was only now, now that his mum had gone, that it dawned on him that it was too late to have any qualms about her going away now. To take his mind off matters, Christopher busied himself and sorted out some things to take to Mrs Harper’s. It did the trick and he felt a lot more relaxed as he went downstairs to the kitchen.

Just as she had said, Christopher’s mum had sorted out some clothes for him to take to Janet Harper’s and on top of the pile of clothes mum had placed the spare house-key.

A few moments later Terry, Mrs Harper’s ten year old son walked into the kitchen.

“Mum says I’ve got to help you carry your things…” Terry said, announcing his presence.

Christopher was occupied with something and ignored Terry.

“It’s so cool you coming to stay…” Terry persisted, ignoring the older boy’s insouciance.

Then Terry said suddenly: “Mum says you’re going to be sleeping in my room…”

This immediately caught Christopher’s attention and he jerked his head round: “No I’m not!” he snapped.

The idea of sharing a room with a ten year old did not appeal one little bit. Christopher was of an age when a boy needed privacy… and lots of it! He didn’t want to share a bedroom with some little kid; some little kid snooping about and stopping him from… Christopher could hardly bear to think about what it would be like sharing a bedroom with Terry. He wouldn’t be able to… to… indulge in his favourite pastime… definitely not with Terry there in the same room. Christopher just knew he would never be able to have a really good wank in peace.

“Yes you are… mum says you are…” Terry insisted.

“But your mum’s got a spare room,” Christopher retorted, “My mum told me I’d be sleeping in my own room at your house…”

“Yeah, but it’s being painted… so mum’s put the spare bed in my room,” Terry said, “… so you’re in my room! It’ll be so cool the two of us sharing!”

This was seriously bad news for Christopher. He was sure his mum would have told him… but then he had been rather preoccupied at the time she was telling him what to do and what not to do while she was away. So, in reply to Terry, he just mumbled, “Yeah… whatever…” and carried on doing what he was doing, while he tried to think of a way round having to share a bedroom with Terry.

Terry spoke again: “Will you play Cowboys and Indians with me and Ben?”


“Cowboys and Indians…”

“You’re kidding me… ‘course I’m not going to play Cowboys and Indians.”

“Why not…?”

“’Cos I won’t…”



“You can be a Red Indian… I’ve got a costume…”


“Why not…?”

“I’m not going to play Cowboys and Indians, not with you or anyone… it’s a kid’s game,” Christopher said with emphasis.

This was not a promising start for two boys who were going to be expected to share a bedroom for two weeks…



“Christopher…?” Terry repeated. It was clear to anyone listening that from the tone of his voice and the twinkle in his mischievous eye that Terry had another surprise for Christopher.

“…what is it? Can’t you see I’m busy?” Christopher replied, not sensing any of the signals coming from the younger boy.

“Mum says I can share a bath with you as well…”

Christopher spun round: “What…! No way!”

“Why not?”

“Because you can’t, that’s why…”

“But why? Mum says it will save lots of water if we both get in the bath together…”

“I don’t care what your mum says… I’m not getting in the bath with you and that’s final!”

Terry was enjoying seeing Christopher getting annoyed and decided to push things a bit further: “I bet it’s because you don’t want me to see you in the bare…”

“No it’s not…”

“Bet it is… bet you don’t want me to see your nob...”

“Don’t be stupid!” Christopher said as he got increasingly irritated with Terry.

“You’re afraid…” Terry said.

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are…” Terry persisted, “… you’re scared I’ll see you bare-nude!”

“I’m not…!”

“Scared I’ll see your nob…”

“No I’m not!”

“Are too…”

“Am not…”

This could only end one way… and not to Christopher’s advantage.

“… then show us…!” Terry said suddenly as he challenged the exasperated fourteen year old, "Go on... I dare you... show me your nob!"

“What! Show you…! Now…!” Christopher was taken aback at the suggestion, the imputation, nay, the allegation that he was in anyway scared of Terry seeing him nude…

“Yes! I dare you…! I double-dare you!” Terry said eagerly.

“… a Bare-Dare?” Christopher asked the ten year old and thereby walked blindly into a situation that would inevitably involve considerable embarrassment, but from which it would be impossible to escape without incalculable loss of face.

Terry nodded and the boys were suddenly quiet while Christopher weighed up this development. Realistically Christopher didn’t have any option other than to accept the terms of Terry’s Bare-Dare whatever they may turn out to be, since if word ever got out that he had chickened out of the dare, his life would be made miserable, particularly as he’d be spending the next two weeks with his challenger. Bare-Dares were taken very seriously by all boys who lived thereabouts.

“If I do the Bare-Dare, you’ll stop pestering me to play stupid kids’ games…?” Christopher asked in an attempt to at least salvage something to his advantage from his situation.

Again Terry nodded.

“… and you won’t come into the bathroom when I’m in there…?”

“Sure… okay…” Terry agreed.

Christopher paused, trying to think of anything else he could demand by way of compensation for his forthcoming nude performance in front of Terry: “Okay… I’ll do it… I’ll do the Bare-Dare… What do you want me to do…?”

Terry’s eyes lit up…

“This is so cool…” he said to himself as he watched Christopher start to undress right there in the kitchen.

It didn’t take Terry long to think up the terms of the Bare-Dare and by the time Christopher was standing in front of him, bare from top-to-toe, Terry was ready with his demands.

“Okay… now what?” Christopher asked as he tried his best to sound casual.

“I dare you to run down to the end of the garden…” Terry replied, but then paused as he took stock of the nude fourteen year old boy in front of him, “Wow! You haven’t got any hairs! Wow! That’s so cool...!!”

Christopher’s face turned crimson with embarrassment. He didn’t need a ten year old boy like Terry to point out his shortcomings. Suddenly Christopher had the feeling the next two weeks were going to seem like a very, very long time. He tried to maintain some dignity in front of the ten year old.

“No I haven’t… not yet. I bet you haven’t got any hairs either… and I’ll get mine before you get yours!” Christopher said as he clutched at straws.

At this Terry simply laughed: “Yeah, maybe… but I wouldn’t bank on it.”

“Come on… what else do you want me to do?” Christopher asked as he realised how difficult it was trying to get the better of young Terry.

“Okay… from the bottom of the garden you’ve got to run to the middle of the lawn and face the house so I can see you,” then a sly smile broke out on Terry’s face as he added, “Then you’re to do ten jumping-jacks clapping your hands above your head… then stand with your feet as far apart as you can and put your hands behind your head for three minutes!”

It says a lot about Christopher that he thought this wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t that he was particularly brave, it just showed how much of an upper hand Terry had gained in the short time since his arrival in the kitchen. At least, Christopher thought, he wouldn’t be seen doing his Bare-Dare as the garden wasn’t overlooked. Yes, he thought, bare-nude for five minutes tops wasn’t that bad. Then maybe Terry would give him some peace and even if he did have to share a room with the ten year old, at least he’d be able to have a good wank in the privacy of the bathroom.

Christopher set off from the kitchen to do the Bare-Dare. As he ran away from the house and felt his slim penis slapping against his legs he almost smiled to himself thinking that Terry knew exactly what he was doing by making him run back towards the house and then do ten jumping-jacks. Terry would be able to see Christopher’s penis as it bounced about. Devious, that’s what he is… devious, Christopher thought. It should have been a warning!

He reached the bottom of the garden, took a deep breath and turned to face the house, knowing that Terry was watching him through the kitchen window. Christopher felt strangely more exposed on the return run; more aware of his penis bouncing about between his legs. Then he reached the middle of the lawn. For one fleeting moment he almost threw in the towel and walked back to the house, but he realised what a big mistake that would be. To lose face in front of a boy like Terry would be a disaster; he simply had to go through with it; finish his humiliating Bare-Dare and he could go back to the kitchen, get dressed and, hopefully, forget all about it. So Christopher started to perform his nude jumping-jacks. Straightaway he could feel considerable discomfort as his ball-sac was slapped against his scissoring thighs. His penis smacked from tummy to thigh and back again. It was proving to be a very painful price Christopher was paying to be allowed some privacy at Mrs Harper’s house. He gasped and continued.

Christopher had been keeping an eye on Terry, who he could see looking out from the kitchen. Then Terry’s head disappeared for a few seconds, but Christopher carried on with his jumping-jacks, keen to get them over and done with. After a few more seconds Christopher still couldn’t see Terry’s head in the window, but he carried on jumping up and down with his penis slapping about.

However, the reason Christopher couldn’t see Terry’s head was because Terry had decided he wanted a closer look at the bare-nude Christopher and was, at that very moment, walking out through the kitchen-door. Christopher saw him and froze:

“TERRY!! NO!! Stay there… don’t!” he yelled, “STOP!!”

Terry didn’t know what Christopher was on about and let the door slam shut behind him.

Christopher raced up the door…

“… you haven’t finished…” Terry said as he watched Christopher.

Christopher banged on the door. It was locked.

“Shit! What’d you want to…. Jeez… holy shit…!”

“What’s wrong?” Terry asked.

“…we’re locked out… that’s what’s wrong!” Christopher yelled and banged his fists against the unyielding door in frustration. Then he went and looked through the window. There on the kitchen work-top was the neat pile of clothes that his mum had put out for him to take to Mrs Harper’s… and there, on the top of the clothes, was the key to the back-door. Scattered about on the kitchen floor were the clothes he'd stripped off just a few minutes before. Christopher, his eyes bulging, swung round to face Terry.

“Why d’you have to come outside?” he asked the ten year old, “Why couldn’t you have stayed indoors?”

“… but… but you didn’t say anything,” Terry said indignantly, “It’s not my fault… you should have said something… Haven’t you got a key?” he asked Christopher.

“Yes… derr, no! I haven’t… it’s… it’s in the kitchen…”

Terry was beginning to enjoy himself: “ Um… with your clothes?” he asked.

“Yes! Look! There…!” Christopher said and pointed through the window.

All your clothes?” Terry slowly started to smile as it began to dawn on him the full extent of what had happened.

“Yes, Terry… all my clothes are in there…. Shit, what am I going to do?”

Christopher had a sudden thought, “Maybe your mum’s got a key… my mum might have given her one just in case…”

Terry considered this: “She might have done… just in case you locked yourself out with no clothes on… bare-nude…” The ten-year-old started to laugh, “Nudie! Nudie!” He pointed at Christopher who was blushing up nicely and taunted him some more, “Nudie! Nudie!”

Christopher lunged at Terry, but the younger boy dodged out of the way and started to run across the lawn towards the gate.

The turned and yelled back, “Christopher’s a nudie! Christopher’s a nudie!”

There was nothing for Christopher to do but to chase after Terry and beg him to stop shouting. He reached the gate. Terry stood outside in the lane.

“Please Terry… stop shouting.” Christopher was becoming ever more conscious of his nudity and ever more aware that he was going to have to walk down the lane to Mrs Harper’s bare-nude… unless… unless he could persuade Terry…

“Can you go up to your mum’s and get me a towel or something?”

Terry dithered.

“Come on… please Terry. I can’t walk to your mum’s with no clothes on…”

“Why not?”

“Don’t mess about… pleeease Terry… I’ll… I’ll…” Christopher tried to think what he could bargain with… “I’ll play Cowboys and Indians with you…” Yes, even better, thought Christopher, didn’t Terry say something about a Red Indian costume? “… yes I’ll play Cowboys and Indians with you… today… now… yes… why don’t you get the costume… Please, Terry!”

Terry curled his bottom lip and considered Christopher’s offer. Finally he asked: “Promise? Promise you’ll play… as a Red Indian?”

Christopher was in no frame of mind to try and negotiate: “Yes… yes, of course… I promise I’ll play Cowboys and Indians with you... now go and get the costume… please…”

Terry tilted his head to one side. Christopher got the message: “Yes… alright… I’ll be a Red Indian… promise!”

“Okay… but we can’t play today… Ben’s out shopping with his mum today.”

“But, but… can’t you go to your mum’s and get me the costume to try on… Please Terry… hurry up… I can’t stay here…”

Christopher hated having to beg and plead with the ten year old, but what other choice did he have? It was bad enough having locked himself out with no clothes on, but the thought of turning up at Mrs Harper’s bare-nude and with nothing to wear was appalling. What would she say? How much trouble would he be in? Jeez… the thought of the embarrassment made Christopher feel sick. If that wasn’t bad enough the thought of walking completely bare-nude the quarter mile down the lane to Mrs Harper’s house was more than the fourteen year old could stomach. He gripped the gate and pleaded with Terry to do something… anything to help.

But just at that moment a voice was heard to shout: “Terry!!”

A single word was enough for both boys to recognise who was calling. It was Cindy, Terry's sixteen year old sister and she had been sent by Mrs Harper to find out what was taking the boys so long to bring Christopher's stuff up to the house.

“Terry! Terry where… there you are. Hi Christopher, have you got your stuff… what are you doing? Have you boys been playing? Mum's furious..." Cindy paused for a moment to look at Christopher who was cowering on the other side of the gate. "Christopher what have you done with your T-shirt. Why aren’t you wearing… and you're running about in bare feet! Christopher, haven't you got any clothes on?”

Terry, seemingly ignoring Christopher’s nude plight in front of Cindy, turned to his sixteen year old sister and announced: “Christopher’s going to play Cowboys and Indians, Cindy… He’s promised to be a Red Indian.”

“OMYGOD! You are! You’re bare-nude! You’re completely bare-nude, aren’t you Christopher?” Cindy cried as she looked, wide-eyed, at Christopher.

Christopher had never felt so vulnerable in his life as he stood behind the small garden gate. Cindy stepped forward to look over the gate and confirm her suspicions. Christopher leapt back without thinking…

“You are! You’re bare-nude!” Cindy announced, grinning from ear-to-ear. She knew at once that her kid brother, Terry, was responsible for Christopher's lack of clothes. She didn't know how Terry had managed it, but she knew he had somehow tricked Christopher into his present state of undress.

“Please Cindy… please…” Christopher was beside himself with embarrassment. His plight was fast turning into a nightmare and Christopher didn’t know what to do. He had no idea what to say and simply cupped his hands in front of himself as he leant forward in an attempt to cover up.

“Christopher locked himself out,” Terry informed his sister, “He hasn’t got any clothes… they’re inside the house…”

“Is that true, Christopher?” Cindy asked. Christopher nodded nervously. He wasn’t sure he wanted her to know he’d got nothing, absolutely nothing at all to wear.

It has to be said that Cindy was somewhat conflicted in her reaction to Christopher's plight: On the one hand she thought it hugely funny for a fourteen year old boy to be seemingly so easily tricked and locked out of his house bare-nude, without any clothes at all to wear; but on the other hand Christopher looked so sad standing there clutching himself between his legs, with his eyes wide in apprehension and looking nervously at her, that she couldn't but feel a certain sympathy towards him.

But for the moment Cindy couldn't resist a little teasing: “Is it true?” she said with what she hoped sounded like a note of seriousness in her voice, “Is it true you’ve locked yourself out and you haven’t got any clothes?”

Christopher could do nothing but nod towards Cindy and mumble something about it not being his fault.

“…haven’t you got any clothes to put on… any clothes at all?” Cindy persisted.

 Christopher shook his head. Cindy, in spite of herself, couldn’t resist rubbing it in… “… so you’re completely bare-nude then Christopher?”

Christopher couldn’t stand much more of Cindy’s teasing and snapped: “Yes! Yes… I left my clothes in the house! No… I haven’t got any clothes on!! There's no need to go on about it!!” Then he suddenly realised he needed Cindy's help; for her to be his ally and quickly he changed his tone, “Please Cindy…. just… um… please can’t you find something for me… something for me to put on… please Cindy…?”

“Are you sure you haven’t got your door key Christopher?” Cindy asked the nude boy.

“No… I locked it inside the house… it’s in the kitchen.”

“Well we’d better get you back to our house, since we can’t get into yours…”

“But Cindy… I… I can’t go like this…” Christopher anxiously clutched his hands together tighter over his groin.

“How else are you going to get to our house?”

“But… but… can’t you go and get something for me to wear?” Christopher looked over to the ten year old, “Terry…?”

But Terry just stood and watched with a big grin on his face. He was enjoying this and wasn’t about to miss out on anything. And he most certainly was not going to miss Christopher’s nude walk to his mum’s.

“Sorry Christopher, we haven’t got time,” Cindy replied, “Mum sent me down here to find out what had happened to you and Terry. She wants you back right now… so come on, get a move on… Or are you going to stay there until it gets dark?”

Cindy turned her back on Christopher and took hold of her brother’s arm, “Come on Terry… Christopher can find his own way. Mum will want to know what’s been happening…”

Cautiously Christopher stepped forwards towards the gate before he realised he’d have to somehow work the latch with one hand if he was to keep himself covered. That posed a problem since it required two hands to operate the self-closing latch Christopher’s mum had put on the gate to keep a neighbours dog from getting into the garden.

“Damn!” Christopher swore as he tried unsuccessfully to open the gate. The more he tried to keep himself covered up with one hand the harder it became to use his other hand to work the latch. After the fourth attempt Christopher knew he had no choice but to use both hands.

As quickly as he could Christopher uncovered himself, thinking he'd get through the gate without being seen. But when Cindy heard the gate opening she turned around quickly:

“Come on….. Omygod!” Cindy’s eyes were instinctively drawn downwards as she looked at Christopher’s nude, exposed body, “Omygod… Christopher!”

If Christopher had been blushing before, it was as nothing to the beet-red his face turned when he saw Cindy’s eyes looking straight at his penis… his smooth…

“Omygod! It’s… it’s… hairless!” Cindy squealed in amazement, “… it really is… it’s totally hairless…” she looked up at the blushing boy. “I thought… mum said you were… I thought she said you were older… than… omygod,” Cindy repeated, “How old are you Christopher… mum said you were way older than Terry… but… your… your… it’s bald!”

Christopher hung his head. This was so humiliating, but finally he croaked out, “… fourteen, Cindy… I’m fourteen…”

Cindy was speechless and stood gawping. While it was true Christopher’s penis and testicles were completely smooth and without a trace of pubic hair, Cindy could also see that Christopher was as well developed as any other fourteen year old boy. His penis, although slim was of respectable length and his testicles were plump and well-formed. Christopher’s foreskin completely covered the head of his penis with some excess loose flesh that Christopher liked to play with when he masturbated.

Another voice cried out!

“Cindy! Cindy! Haven’t you found those boys yet?”

A look of sheer terror came over Christopher’s face and Cindy turned to look back down the lane:

“They’re here mum!” she yelled.

Christopher’s heart thumped so loud he thought it would burst and he started to mumble: “… please… no… no… holy shit… please…” His hands clutched his genitals so tightly it hurt. Not knowing which way to run, he froze helplessly to the spot. He stood and stared like a startled rabbit caught in he headlights of a car as Mrs Harper strode down the lane towards them. She did not look happy…

“Where have you two been! Terry I thought I told you to help Christopher… Christopher! Christopher, what are you doing? Where are your clothes…? Have you boys been playing some sort of game? Never mind… I haven’t got time to stand here…. Christopher, go and put some clothes on this instant!”

Christopher couldn’t move. He was terrified what would happen if he did. He stood staring at a clearly very irate Mrs Harper.

“Don’t just stand there gawping at me Christopher… Go and put some clothes on…” Mrs Harper threw her head back in exasperation. “Why do I have to repeat myself all the time?”

“Please, Mrs Harper… I’ve locked myself out…” Christopher managed to say as he began to shiver with embarrassment.

It was Mrs Harper’s turn to gawp. She was dumbstruck. What was it with boys? There she was with a hundred-and-one things to do and now her neighbour’s son she’d agreed to look after, was standing in front of her with no clothes on, telling her that he’d locked himself out of his house.

Cindy broke the silence:

“Christopher thought that maybe you might have a spare key, mum…” Mrs Harper shook her head impatiently, “Seriously, mum, Christopher hasn’t got anything to wear… I mean all his clothes are inside the house…”

Finally Mrs Harper announced: “I haven’t got a spare key, Cindy.  Christopher should have thought about what he was doing before he started playing his silly game. Now I want all three of you back up to the house right away… Christopher, you’ll just have to come as you are…”

Christopher didn’t move.


The bare-nude boy stood still. His mouth opened and closed, but no words came out.

“Christopher… I won’t tell you again…!”

When Christopher still made no effort to move Mrs Harper stepped forward and grabbed him by the lower arm. She pulled his hand away from his groin and took his arm firmly in her grasp. It looked for all the world as if Mrs Harper was quite used to dealing with recalcitrant boys as she proceeded to tug Christopher’s arm towards her. She then marched off with Christopher shuffling along behind trying to keep up with her while at the same time doing his best to cover his boy-bits with his other hand.

Christopher didn’t have much success trying to hide his genitals from view; his penis kept slipping through his fingers and he found it impossible to hold on to his testicles at the same time. Shamelessly he started begging Mrs Harper to be allowed to walk by himself:

“Please Mrs Harper… please,” he pleaded anxiously, “… please Mrs Harper… please… someone might see me… please Mrs Harper…”

But it was no use. As Cindy and Terry watched with amusement, Mrs Harper ignored the fourteen year old’s entreaties and simply pulled Christopher’s arm even harder which forced the distraught boy off-balance and made him reach up with his other hand to steady himself on Mrs Harper’s arm. Of course this meant Christopher’s penis and testicles were at once revealed and completely exposed. Not only that, but they were to be seen jiggling about, almost as much as they had been earlier during the Bare-Dare, as Christopher was pulled along the lane by Mrs Harper who was clearly totally unconcerned with the boy’s state of complete undress.

Ten minutes later and Christopher was to be seen stood bare-nude, red-faced and embarrassed beyond belief, in Mrs Harper’s kitchen. Mrs Harper made absolutely no move to find any clothes, or indeed anything that Christopher might use to cover himself. It was obvious the poor boy was so ashamed of himself and so humiliated from his enforced nude walk down the lane that he was afraid to ask for anything to wear.

That was how he came to be locked out of his house and how he ended up bare-nude, Christopher explained to David’s mum.

Mrs Clarke had listened with interest, and some amusement, to Christopher’s story:

“My, you are a silly boy to loose all your clothes like that,” she said, “I’ve never heard anything like it before… I just hope David never locks himself out of the house and ends up in the nude and with nothing at all to wear, like you Christopher…”

“No, Mrs Clarke,” Christopher said as he hung his head.

“Well, never mind… I hear that you’ve been playing Cowboys and Indians with Terry…” Emily Clarke said to change the subject. She could see how embarrassed Christopher was to be talking about his nudity.

“Yes, Mrs Clarke…”

“… I expect that’s been exciting for you…”

“Yes, Mrs Clarke…” Christopher, despite the change of subject, still felt awful to be standing bare-nude, with his hands at his side, in front of Mrs Clarke, who was another of his mum’s friends. It was simply horrible knowing that all these people had seen him in the bare.

“… and what did you dress up as, Christopher? A Cowboy or and Indian?”

“A Red Indian, Mrs Clarke…”

“Well, what a coincidence…” Emily Clarke said, being ever so slightly economical with the truth, “… that is a coincidence, because I’ve just bought David a brand new Red Indian play-costume…”

Terry’s eyes lit up at this news. He wasn’t expecting David to play Cowboys and Indians again, not after the last time. Wow! he thought, another Redskin to tie up, strip and tickle-tease!

“I’m sure David would love to put on his new outfit and come over to play Cowboys and Indians with you boys…”

“Yes, Mrs Clark.”

Not that his costume would stay on for very long, thought Christopher, as he wondered whether Mrs Clarke had any idea what happened to boys who came over to play Cowboys and Indians with Terry Harper. He decided she probably didn’t know that Red Indians always loose and that her son David would be stripped of his outfit and end up bare-nude just as he had done.

At that point Janet Harper interrupted and spoke to Terry and Christopher:

“Okay boys, time for you to get ready to eat… Terry… Christopher… both of you upstairs and wash your hands. We’ll be having lunch shortly and I don’t want to see either of you with dirty hands… I’ll be checking fingernails as well Christopher. I don’t want a repeat of yesterday!”

Emily noticed how Janet spoke to Christopher and treated him just as she did her ten year old son, Terry.  Then Janet turned and asked her friend if she’d like to stop and have a bite to eat with them.

“All I’ve really called round for is because after you told me about Christopher not having any clothes to wear, I had a look to see if there was anything of David’s I’d not thrown out which might be of use to him…” Emily Clarke explained.

“… well, I found a couple of things that Christopher might like to try on…” she added.

The boys were just about to run up the staircase when Christopher heard these words spoken. It stopped him in his tracks and Christopher’s eyes lit up… he could hardly believe what he’d heard… clothes!!... clothes for him to wear!! He very nearly jumped for joy!

“Now don’t get too excited, Christopher,” Emily warned him when she saw his response, “Why don’t you go and wash your hands first… then we’ll see…”

Christopher was beside himself and raced up the stairs. Then he stopped, leaned over the banister and called back: “Gosh, thanks Mrs Clarke… thanks… that’s brilliant!”


  1. Nice one, a bit of a diversion from your usual material. When we were 14, my friends and I were at the beach and while Denis was still in the water, another lad called Jeff went in and managed to get the swimming trunks off him.

    Once he had them, he and the rest of us dried and got dressed and made our way home, we also took Denis' clothes with us, which meant he had nothing to wear and had to walk home bare-nude as you would say.

  2. I LOVE this!! I DO hope you'll continue with this saga. I read Hooked6's original story here: and I must say that you are certainly doing justice to his fine work.

    I had always hoped that he would add to this marvelous story and I am thrilled to see that you have taken up the challenge. PLEASE don't stop here (or dare I say wait another 3 years to add to it LOL). This is too good to be left hanging.

    This story has a particular interest to me as my own older brother, who was 13 at the time, used to actually play Cowboys and Indians with his friends and I've often seen him tied up during their games and although nothing quite so interesting happened like in Hooked6's story, my brother did have what I can only describe as a wardrobe malfunction during one of those games and I got quite a look at things I wasn't supposed to see. Great innocent memories!


    1. Thanks for leaving your comment and sharing your reminiscences, Torre. It's nice to hear things from a younger sister's point of view. If you'd like to get in touch, please do:

      Thanks also for the link to Hooked6's original story.


  3. Good story! When I was nine or ten, I think, my friend's Mom, who used to look after me when my Mom was away, ordered some costumes through the mail for her son and his friends to play cowboys and Indians, which as very popular in those days. When they arrived, we were very eager to open them up and start playing. The costumes were great with cowboy hats, fringe edged pants and vest, and little rubber cowboy boots,and best of all, two six shooters with double holsters. There were three boys and we were heaven. The costumes were Roy Roger outfits, our favorite cowboy. There was supposed to be three Roy Roger costumes, one for each of us. But when his Mom unwrapped them it turned out that there was only two Roy Roger outfits and..horrors..a Dale Evans costume, complete with hat and vest and boots, and instead of pants, a little fringe edged skirt with attached petticoat and panties. We all loved the big double six shooters of Roy Rogers, but there was only one small pistol and pink holster for Dale Evans. His Mom explained that they sent the wrong costume and there was a no-return policy. She said the costumes were expensive and she was not going to let the outfit just go to waste. One of us boys would have to be Dale Evans, she said. She laughed and said 'It wouldn't be so bad, would it'?, She asked 'Who wants to be Dale Evans then'? She looked right at me. The other boys, who were bigger than me, had already grabbed the two Roy Roger costumes leaving me standing there with nothing. I was not only smaller, but had somewhat long hair, while the other two had butch brush cuts. She continued to smile and stare right at me. She repeated in a firm voice, 'So who wants to be Dale Evans?', and continued to look right at me. I felt nervous and overwhelmed by her gaze as she stood there waiting for an answer from someone. Finally, I could take it no longer, and trembling, I blurted out what I knew she wanted to hear, 'I do'. My friends snorted and laughed, she clapped her hands and said 'Wonderful. Lets get your costume on'. And for the rest of the summer I played a demure Dale Evans to two rough and tumble Roy Rogers. And it wasn't so bad!

    1. What a great story! Thank you for sharing it with us. I love the way you described your friend's mum goading you into finally saying 'I do' and getting you wear the Dale Evans outfit. I'm pleased things turned out okay for you and that it wasn't so bad. I expect you had some exciting adventures while the boys had to rescue you from all sorts of perilous situations, but that's only my guess. If you've the time please tell us more.