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Arrangements for Michael - Part 8

Eighth Letter

Olive Jefferies to Edith Hudson


My dear Edith, 

I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying your stay in Scotland. Your postcard was most welcome. How nice to see those charming young boys in the picture wearing their mini-kilts… my, but they are short! Yes, I think it would be a lovely surprise for Michael if you bought one for him… I’m sure you know which size will fit him best… extra very short! 

However much you may miss Michael, I’m sure that a break from being constantly on the alert for his mischief must be wonderfully refreshing for you. I do hope you make the most of your holiday. 

It will come as no surprise I’m sure for you to learn that I’ve had to call upon the services of my friend Dr Langham rather sooner than I thought. I’ve known Janet Langham for longer than I care to remember. As I mentioned, one of Janet’s posts is that of School Doctor at a local boys’ school, so she is very experienced in dealing with pubescent boys of Michael’s age. 

The reason the need to consult her came about was because Michael has been having ‘emissions’. I’m sure I don’t need to beat about the bush with you, Edith, as you will have had experience of these unwelcome occurrences before. After all you did take great pains to warn us to be on the lookout for problems with Michael’s behaviour at night, so it proved fortunate that we decided to put Michael into Brenda’s bedroom. She has proved invaluable at keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t get up to anything that he shouldn’t after he’s been tucked up in his cot. 

Indeed it wasn’t long… the second night Michael was with us, in fact… that Brenda heard noises coming from Michael’s cot, so she got up to investigate. Do bear in mind that Brenda is only thirteen and therefore a year younger than your step-son, but she soon realised what Michael was up to and caught him ‘red-handed’, masturbating! 

Fortunately Brenda was quick enough to prevent Michael from finishing his naughty game, but while she was giving him a pretty strict telling-off, Michael’s penis suddenly erupted and a jet of sticky sperm squirted out and some of it splashed onto Brenda’s nightgown. 

Brenda naturally raised the alarm and I rushed to her room to find Michael cowering in his cot, begging Brenda not to tell on him. 

“What’s all this noise? What’s going on?” I asked, “Brenda… are you alright? What’s Michael been up to?” 

From the look on Michael’s face, the state of his pyjamas, and the obvious signs of his ejaculation, I could see perfectly well what had happened, but I wanted Brenda to tell me and Michael to be made to admit what he’d been doing. 

“Mummy, Michael was playing with his little willy,” Brenda started (Edith, I had to smile at Brenda. Michael’s ‘little willy’ as Brenda calls it, isn’t that small… in fact I should say it’s a perfectly normal size for a boy of Michael’s age… we’ve all certainly had plenty of opportunity to examine Michael’s penis since his arrival!)  

“What do you mean Brenda?” I asked. 

“Mummy, Michael had pulled his little willy out of his pyjama-bottoms and he was rubbing it with his hand…” 

I looked down at Michael who was now cringing, utterly ashamed of himself, in his cot while Brenda calmly explained to me what she’d caught him doing. 

“Masturbating, Brenda… it’s called masturbating and it’s very naughty of Michael to do it… his mummy has told me that he has been absolutely forbidden to masturbate.” 

“Then why was Michael doing it mummy… masturbating like that, when his mummy said he wasn’t to?” 

“That’s because Michael is a very naughty boy, Brenda.” 

Well, as you know, Edith, naughty boys have to be dealt with and I soon got in touch with Dr Langham. She asked me to bring Michael along to see her and agreed that he should be given a thorough examination. 

So it was that Brenda and I took Michael along to Janet’s consulting-room. Brandon was out for the day, but Tyler came along too. I made Michael wait outside under the watchful eye of Brenda while I went in to have a chat with my friend. I explained to her what the problem was and it turned out that she was very used to this sort of behaviour in young boys of Michael’s age. 

“We’ll discuss this in more detail once we have Michael in with us,” she said and I realised that she meant Michael to be made fully aware of the shameful way in which he had behaved. 

Janet stood up and strode purposefully to the door: “Brenda, would you bring Michael in, please… Tyler, you can join us as well.” 

Michael didn’t look at all pleased that Brenda, never mind Tyler, would be coming into the doctor’s consulting-room, but Dr Langham could clearly see what was going through his mind and added: “I need Brenda to tell me exactly what she saw you doing the other night, Michael… It’s very important that I know all the details so that I can help you.” 

Michael didn’t say anything as I think he was too overwhelmed. It can’t have been very nice for him to be taken to see a lady doctor by his mother’s friend and her thirteen year old daughter and a very curious eleven year old Tyler… never mind that they’d all be there in the consulting-room while he was examined by the doctor. 

I’d dressed Michael in his brief white and yellow-striped shortalls (no underpants, of course), with white ankle-socks and pink plastic sandals. It was a warm day so Michael wasn’t wearing a tee-shirt… and besides I thought doctor wouldn’t want Michael to wear too many clothes, as I was sure what he was wearing would soon be coming off anyway! 

The advantage with Michael’s shortalls is that they can be loosened very easily and the minute Dr Langham saw them she complimented me on my choice of Michael’s clothes. Michael simply squirmed with embarrassment. As you know, Edith, Michael hates wearing shortalls as they can be adjusted to minimise upper-thigh coverage as much as one wants… and one usually does want Michael’s thighs bare right to the top! 

“Shortalls certainly do make my job a lot easier,” Dr Langham concluded, “They can be loosened and taken down, or completely removed in no time at all…” 

“… first things first though… Michael, I want you to put your hands on top of your head… can you do that for me? Good boy. Now I want you to keep your hands on top of your head… understood? You’re not to move your hands unless I say so.” 

Michael did as he was told and nodded obediently. He looked worried. Brenda was standing to one side and slightly behind him. I was sitting facing him and Dr Langham was standing right in front of him. Tyler sat on a chair next to me swinging his legs excitedly as he watched Michael attentively. 

After examining his eyes and ears, Dr Janet picked up a tongue depressor: “Open wide Michael… Good boy… a little wider… very good. Now keep your mouth wide open…” 

Dr Janet placed the depressor towards the back of Michael’s tongue and looked into his mouth. At this point she decided to ask Brenda a question: 

“Brenda… exactly what did you see Michael doing with his penis…?” 

I thought Michael would choke as he spluttered and coughed. Dr Janet took the depressor out of his mouth, but insisted he open it again as she wasn’t quite finished looking in his mouth. 

Once she had started to examine Michael’s mouth again, Dr Janet nodded and Brenda proceeded to tell her what she’d seen Michael doing in his cot. 

“I see, Brenda… and was Michael actually touching his penis when he ejaculated sperm? Try and remember… it’s very important.” 

“I don’t think so Dr Langham,” Brenda replied, “… no, I’m sure he wasn’t touching himself, because when I caught him… doing it…” 

“Masturbating, Brenda… you caught Michael in the act of masturbation.”
“Yes, Dr Langham… masturbating. When I caught him masturbating, Michael took his hand away and his willy… sorry doctor… his penis… his penis sort of twitched even though he wasn’t touching it…” 

Michael stood still with his mouth wide open and with a very worried look in his eyes as the doctor put down the tongue depressor. She picked up a torch. 

“Keep your mouth open… you can do better than that Michael… wide open… that’s right… Now Brenda when Michael’s penis twitched, was that when he ejaculated? Michael, I’m not going to tell you again… keep your mouth wide open… Carry on Brenda…” 

Yes Dr Langham… Michael squirted all this stuff from his penis… and he wasn’t touching himself because I was telling him off for being so naughty. I was about to get Mr Redbottom Ruler when suddenly all this stuff came out of his little willy… I mean little penis…” 

Michael looked as if he wanted the floor to swallow him up and it was clear he was thoroughly ashamed of himself. So ashamed that he didn’t try to say anything or even deny what Brenda was saying to the doctor. 

“That’s excellent… yes that’s very helpful Brenda… It certainly gives me an idea of what needs to be done to help Michael with his problem. Alright you can close your mouth now Michael… keep your hands on your hand though!” 

Michael’s look had quickly changed to that one of worry. I could see him asking himself, ‘What problem? What does the doctor mean? I haven’t got a problem…’ But his expression didn’t last for log as Dr Langham decided it was time to proceed with Michael’s ‘examination’. 

Janet turned to me: “Would you be so kind as to loosen Michael’s clothes for me…” 

One of the many useful things about shortalls, Edith, is that Michael could keep his hands on his head as I unbuttoned the braces of his shortalls. The buttons held up the bib of course and that flopped down and allowed Janet to place her stethoscope on Michael’s chest, while I slipped the braces over Michael’s shoulders, where they hung down from the waist. All that held up the shortalls now were the buttons, one each side of the bottom half of the shortalls, located at Michael’s hips. 

Michael shivered as Janet moved the stethoscope to various point across his chest, then down onto his tummy, getting lower and lower. Michael looked worried, but then Janet suddenly stopped and told Michael to turn round. He did as he was told, but found himself facing Brenda. I noticed that when Michael moved his shortalls slipped a little, not much but enough to make him wish he hadn’t been told to put his hands on his head, I’ll bet! 

Edith, Michael looked so sweet standing there in Dr Langham’s consulting-room… so sweet and cute. You’d never guess why we’d had to take Michael to the doctor’s to have an examination. Was this the same little boy who’s been caught playing with his penis by my daughter? Was this the little boy who’d squirted his sperm as he was ticked off by Brenda? Yes, Michael stood there looking every inch the sweet and innocent schoolboy, a boy like any other at the School Doctor’s for a routine check-up. 

Janet was now standing behind Michael facing his back. She placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned forwards, close to his left ear, and spoke: “Now Michael, I’m just going to have a little look at your penis. In a moment we’ll be taking down your shortalls so that I can carry out my examination… understood?” 

Michael nodded. His face was a picture, Edith… bright red and clearly very worried about what was going to happen in front of us all.

Janet continued: “There’s no need to be nervous, Michael… Mrs Jeffries is here to hold your hand while I examine your penis and testicles… and don’t worry if your penis stiffens when I touch it during the examination… it’s perfectly natural for a boy of your age to have an erection during the procedure…” 

I’m sure none of this did anything to alleviate Michael’s acute embarrassment, Edith, and when Dr Langham asked Brenda to help by unbuttoning the shortalls, I really thought Michael would try and make a run for it! 

With the side-buttons undone, there was nowhere else for Michael’s shortalls to go other than downwards. They slid easily down his long smooth legs and Michael was bare from top to toe! 

“Turn round Michael so that I can have a good look at you,” Dr Langham ordered. 

Michael shuffled round to face the doctor and as he did so his slim, hairless penis jiggled from side-to-side and came to rest pointing downwards, but undoubtedly slightly tumescent which of course added considerably to Michael’s embarrassment. 

By the side of me Tyler watched eagerly. 

Janet walked over to a chair by her desk and sat down. She then patted her lap and told Michael to come and stand in front of her to be examined. Poor Michael looked from left to right, not quite sure of himself and trying to decide whether or not to take his hands from his head and bend over to take off his shortalls. Dr Langham made up his mind for him: 

“Come along Michael… we haven’t got all day and I need to examine your penis and testicles… Now come over here where I can see you properly.” 

Michael shuffled across the room. It was most amusing to watch as he was hobbled by the shortalls around his ankles and with his hands still up on his head there was nothing Michael could do to prevent us all from seeing his penis doing its waggle-dance between his legs. By the time he reached Janet, Michael’s penis had stiffened a little more, as I’m sure was the intention of making him shuffle across the floor. My friend Dr Janet can be very mischievous at times! 

Michael stood facing the doctor and I could see his lower lip quivering as he looked down at himself. Dr Janet, of course, was full of her professional cheerfulness, telling Michael not to worry and that everything would be alright, that she’d soon sort out his little problem… all things designed, I’m sure, to make Michael feel anything but reassured. Then she started the examination… 

Michael flinched as Janet took hold of his penis and lifted it this way and that, looking at it closely, pulling it, holding it up and stroking the side with her finger-tip. 

“Hmm… no sign at all of any little hairs yet, Michael. That is unusual for a boy of your age. I’d certainly expect to see at least a few little hairs sprouting around the base of your penis by now. All the boys of your age who come to see me have something to show… but you’re still as smooth as silk. Let’s have a look at your scrotum. No hairs there either. Still very pink and winkled, but your testicles are developing nicely… I’ll be measuring them properly in a moment…” 

“… Tyler, be a good boy and fetch me those instruments from the table over there… yes that’s right, the ruler and those callipers… good. Would you like to help me take some measurements of Michael’s penis?” 

Eleven year old Tyler didn’t need to be asked twice and eagerly agreed to be Dr Langham’s assistant. 

“Now Tyler,” she said, “Why don’t you see if you can find any little hairs round Michael’s penis? That’s it; don’t be afraid to take hold of Michael’s penis, Tyler… Good… pull it to one side… that’s it… can you see any little hairs?” 
Tyler shook his head as he lifted Michael’s penis and pulled it this way and that. Then he announced proudly that his brother had already started growing his hairs! That piece of news clearly upset Michael. You could tell that he thought it was very unfair if Brandon, who’s over a year younger than him, had started sprouting pubic hair before he had! 

Dr Janet took hold of Michael’s penis again and this time examined his foreskin. She rolled it backs and forwards over the pink head of the now obviously tumescent penis. 

“That’s alright, Michael… there’s no need to be shy… I know your penis is getting a little stiffer, but that often happens when little boys visit the School Doctor… but I need to make sure your foreskin is nice and loose… just stay still… nearly done…” 

Dr Janet then called over to Brenda: 

“Brenda, I wonder if you could help me…? I need to examine Michael’s testicles a little more closely, so I need you to hold his penis up out of the way… would you do that for me?” 

I could see from the way he looked at me that Michael was about to complain, but I simply ignored him and spoke to Brenda: “Of course you’ll help Doctor Janet, won’t you darling…” 

Brenda moved over to stand next to Michael and waited her instructions. 

“Good… It’s so nice to have helpers,” Dr Janet said by way of encouragement. “Brenda you hold Michael’s penis like this… very good. Now Tyler, you pass me the callipers and we can measure the size of Michael’s testicles… won’t that be fun?” 

Tyler was clearly thrilled to be able to take part. So often the younger child can get left out of things… so it was very kind of Dr Janet to give him some responsibility. 

I’m not at all sure if it was quite necessary for Janet to take all those measurements of Michael’s penis and testicles. Brenda and Tyler were willing helpers though and I’m sure that Brenda learnt a lot from the experience. 

I’m pleased to report that Michael was well-behaved and kept his hands on his head throughout this part of his examination. However, when Dr Janet started to ask him about his ‘problem’, I’m afraid he became rather less co-operative. 

Brenda was again forced to recount what had happened. She answered all Dr Janet’s detailed questions fully, much to Michael’s acute embarrassment. In the absence of Michael’s co-operation, Janet was forced to make her own diagnosis… 

It seemed, she said that Michael was suffering from a build-up of sperm. This condition was exacerbated by excessive masturbation which stimulated the over-production of semen. When masturbation was subsequently brought under control, or the boy was ordered to stop masturbating, sperm was perforce ejaculated by means of nocturnal emissions or by the slightest stimulation of his erection. In the later case the boy’s penis was on a hair-trigger and the slightest touch could often be enough to cause the sort of spasm Brenda had witnessed. As Brenda had seen, emission of sperm under these conditions could be both powerful and voluminous. 

I asked Janet if there was anything that could be done, since Michael was forbidden to masturbate and I didn’t want to have him leaving his sticky boy-mess everywhere. 

Thankfully Janet told me there was something which could be done. It was called ‘milking’. This was a clinical procedure which was used to relieve boys of the build-up of sperm by means of controlled extraction techniques. The function of these techniques was twofold: Firstly, to ensure the maximum release of semen and secondly, to achieve this in such a way as to deny the boy any pleasurable experiences, or orgasm which would normally be associated with masturbation. 

“To summarise,” she said, “Michael will need to be milked on a regular basis, say every two days to start with. I will collect and measure the volume of his sperm, since any variation in quantity will tell us whether he has been furtively masturbating… I hope you are paying attention, Michael… Now, since Michael ejaculated less than 36 hours ago, I will not take today’s measurement as a basis for future…” 

Michael was horrified: “You’re not going to…. Not now…! Please… please, doctor…” 

“Of course I’m going to milk you Michael… Mrs Jefferies brought you along today for treatment…” 

“Oh, but please… not in front… of Tyler and Brenda … please, doctor…” 

“Don’t be silly, Michael…” It was Brenda who spoke this time. “Don’t be silly… I saw you squirting all your boy-stuff…” 

“But… but that was an accident…” 

“Michael that’s enough,” I said, “We’ve brought you here for Dr Janet to help you… If Dr Janet says you need to be milked, that’s what we’ll do…” 

As you can imagine, Edith, Michael made a big fuss when Dr Janet started to milk him. Tyler was fascinated when he saw clear drops of fluid starting to ooze out of the tip of Michael’s penis. Dr Janet was very thorough and let Brenda help with the milking, explaining how important it was to let Michael think he was going to ejaculate and then to stop abruptly. 

“That way you keep the boy under your complete control,” Dr Janet explained to Brenda. “You must pay no attention to him when he starts to plead with you to let him ejaculate… You will do him no favours if you let him do so… Each time you feel his penis start to twitch in anticipation of release, stop immediately…” 

There was a look of intense concentration on Brenda’s face as Dr Janet explained how to milk boys. She was a quick learner and soon had Michael begging to be allowed to ‘cum’, as he called it rather vulgarly. Dr Janet calmed Michael down, telling him that he would soon be allowed to ‘milk’, but I don’t think he fully understood that he wouldn’t be experiencing the intense pleasurable feelings that he was used to when he masturbated furtively by himself. 

The look of disappointment on Michael’s face was priceless as Janet expertly manipulated his penis, milking him so that the semen merely bubbled out and dribbled into the measuring jar a bit at a time. Michael’s ejaculate slithered down into the glass as he gasped and another blob of slimy fluid was squeezed into the jar. 

Michael’s frustration was palpable and I wondered how long it would be before he broke down completely. Yes, there were a few tears to be seen rolling down his face by the time Dr Janet had finished, but as she explained patiently to Michael, it was all for the best. 

Tyler kept very quite during Michael’s milking and I wondered how long it would be before he was telling his older brother what he’d seen. I’m sure it will have made a lasting impression on him. 

Well, I’d best be signing off, Edith. It’s been a long day and I’ve yet to give the boys their baths! Brenda has very kindly offered to help and so I’ve asked her to supervise Michael and Brandon. Although I mentioned in an earlier letter that Brenda occasionally baths her twin brother, she hasn’t actually done so for nearly two years now. I expect Brandon will be in for a bit of a surprise when he finds out he’ll be sharing his bath with Michael under the watchful eye of his sister! 


With kindest regards,


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