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Arrangements for Michael - Part 7

Seventh Letter

Olive Jefferies to Edith Hudson


Dear Edith, 

Such a busy few days! I’m afraid Michael has been a bit of a handful, but nothing that can’t be sorted out with a few well aimed smacks on his naughty bare legs. Brenda is getting very adept at landing some tear-inducing hand-slaps on Michael’s smooth upper thighs and it is so sweet to see him apologise to her after he’s finished his ‘corner time’. Brenda says it’s very important to let children ‘cool off’ after they’ve been punished for naughtiness. Isn’t Brenda a treasure? 

I thought the sooner we got Michael into his new daily routine the better and I decided that in the morning he would do his supervised P.E. I had no idea you hadn’t told Michael he would be expected to continue with his daily exercises when he stayed with us! It clearly came as a complete surprise when Brenda explained to Michael that it was time for him to ‘change’ (what a lovely euphemism for taking all his clothes off!) and get ready to perform his P.E. exercises. Well, that was another temper-tantrum and Michael flatly refused to take off his shorts and little top. 

(My, but his shorts are more brief and flimsy than I imagined, Edith, especially when they’re pulled right up tight and the waist rolled over to keep them from falling down!) 

While Michael had his silly little tantrum, Brenda stood her ground and held up his P.E. ‘uniform’, which as you know consists of nothing more than a pair of plimsolls, and waited for him to calm down. 

At that moment Brandon and Tyler burst into the room dressed in their school P.E. kit of white shorts and singlets and plimsolls, as I had decided the boys would be nice company for Michael. This set Michael off again and he stamped his feet on the floor like a ten year old and we were treated to another bout of his infantile behaviour. 

“Why can’t I have a proper P.E. kit like Brandon…? It’s not fair!” Michael whined. 

“Brandon and Tyler do P.E. exercises in their P.E. uniforms,” Brenda explained calmly, “and you will be doing your P.E. exercises in your P.E. uniform… that’s how you do your P.E. exercises at home, isn’t it Michael?” 

Michael nodded and I could see that Brenda had the situation well under control as she continued to make sure Michael understood who was in charge: 

“You know perfectly well that you have to do your daily P.E. exercises… and your mum has asked our mum to make sure you do them every day while you stay with us…”  

I’m afraid the there was a lot of sniggering coming from the boys and Michael turned and glared at them. 

“Come on Brenda,” Brandon said, as if on cue, “Come on… we want to do some P.E. exercises…” 

“Michael…” Brenda put on her stern voice, “Michael Hudson, if you don’t get changed and ready for your P.E. exercises right now, there’ll be trouble…” 

“Come on…!” Brandon repeated and looked straight at Michael, “What’s up… scared ‘cos we’ll be better!” 

“Yeah… we’re better than you are…” Tyler added. 

I hadn’t expected Brandon and Tyler’s teasing to have the effect it did, because within seconds Michael was announcing to anyone who’d listen that he was ‘loads better’ than they were… and he’d show them… 

Brenda, who had already put on her tracksuit, stood and watched as Michael finally slipped out of his shorts, top and plastic sandals. He stood in the nude in front of her and waited for his P.E. uniform. Brenda made Michael ask nicely which he did reluctantly and he was soon ‘dressed’ and ready for P.E., but there was another surprise for him… 

“Last one outside’s a…” Brandon shouted on his way out of the room. I didn’t hear the rest of what he said, because at that point Michael exploded: 

“I’m… I’m NOT going outside… NO WAY…!” he screamed. 

Edith, for a fleeting moment I was shocked at Michael’s outburst. But really, it was so funny to see a fourteen year old boy, bare-nude apart for a pair of while plimsolls, standing in the middle of my living-room behaving in such a manner in front of a thirteen year old girl! I would have thought that Michael might have known what would happen next… 

Brandon!! Tyler!!” Brenda called the boys back from the garden. 

The boys rushed back inside to find out what the hold-up was. Brenda told them that Michael was being silly… and… 

Edith, I had real difficulty in keeping a straight face as Brandon and Tyler wrestled Michael to the floor where he struggled desperately (shamelessly, I should say, as his ‘boy-bits’ were jiggling about as he flexed his hips in a futile effort to free himself) as my boys grabbed him by his feet and hands and carried him bodily out of the room and into the garden. 

All the while Michael yelled his head off as he twisted and turned in an effort to break free, but naturally all that did was to alert our neighbours! Soon a number of inquisitive heads were looking over the three fences which border our garden. Michael was carried unceremoniously out of the house, still twisting and wriggling and making a complete spectacle of himself! 

Brandon and Tyler put him down in the middle of the lawn, but instead of letting him go, the boys held Michael spread-eagled on the grass in full view of our now very curious neighbours. Brenda marched up to Michael while Brandon and Tyler held him tight by his ankles and wrists. 

“Michael Hudson I’ve had just about enough of your behaviour for one day…” 

Really, Edith, Brenda is a treasure. You should have seen the way she ticked off Michael, simply treating him as he was… just a silly little boy. 

“… if I see any more of your childish temper-tantrums,” Brenda wagged her finger at him sternly, “you will have a smacked bottom before tea-time and a visit from Mr Redbottom Ruler at bedtime… and you know how little boys’ legs sting after Mr Ruler’s been to see them, don’t you?” 

Michael was still twisting and wriggling, but the threat of a spanking on his bottom and the ruler on his legs checked his struggle. He realised he had to behave himself. He also must have become aware he had an audience, as he cannot have failed to hear the giggling coming from the other side of our garden fence. Michael strained his head in an effort to look over Brandon’s shoulder and see who it was, but Brandon, in spite of being a year younger than Michael, easily held him pinned to the ground with Tyler’s help. 

“Let me go… Let me go Brandon…!” Then suddenly the defiant tone of Michael’s voice changed, “Please…” He clearly realised it was useless to struggle any more. The boys let go of Michael and stood up, leaving Michael still spread-eagled on the ground. Brandon stood on one side of Michael and Tyler on the other. Then I realised that Michael was waiting for Brenda to give him permission to get up… It just shows how a few well-chosen strict words can work wonders! Michael was told to get up and all three boys faced Brenda ready for the morning’s P.E. exercises. 

I looked on from the back-door to make sure Michael behaved himself, but as I’ve said before, Edith, Brenda seems to be more than a match for a naughty fourteen year old boy! I looked over into one of our neighbour’s gardens and saw Elaine Bond and her daughter Lucy peering over the fence. I called over to them just to say ‘hello’ and added: 

“I do hope you’re not going to be bothered if Michael does his P.E. exercises in the garden…” I turned to Michael, “Say ‘hello’ to Mrs Bond, Michael…” 

Then Lucy spoke: “Mummy… why hasn’t Michael got any clothes on? Why’s he in the nude?” 

I had to point out to Lucy that Michael wasn’t nude because he was wearing his P.E. uniform. 

“What P.E. uniform?” she asked. 

Then Brenda spoke: “His plimsolls, silly…” 

“Brenda’s right, Lucy,” I explained, “Michael always does his P.E. exercises at home wearing his P.E. uniform and his mummy insisted Michael wear it to do his exercises when he came to stay. She said that Michael wasn’t allowed to exercise wearing his birthday-suit…” 

“… but Mrs Jeffries, I can see Michael’s willy… doesn’t that mean Michael is wearing his birthday suit?” 

“… no, Lucy, just because you can see Michael’s willy doesn’t mean he’s wearing his birthday suit. You see, Michael isn’t wearing his birthday suit now, because he’s got his P.E. uniform on… if he didn’t have his P.E. uniform on he would be bare-nude… It’s only because he’s wearing his P.E. uniform that I said Michael could do his exercises in the garden!” 

Brandon and Tyler were sniggering as I explained why Michael wasn’t technically bare-nude and knowing those two, were probably making plans to exploit this hitherto unknown loophole. 

“Well, Brenda,” I said finally, “I think you’d better get on with the boys’ P.E. exercises.” 

Brenda produced Michael’s P.E. logbook and when Michael saw it, his face fell. He knew the sort of exercises the book listed… exercises that seemed to be designed to cause him the maximum embarrassment and now here he was expected to perform them in front of an audience right there, out in the open, in the middle of the lawn! 

Brenda looked every inch the efficient P.E. instructor; bright, breezy and eager to get the best performance out of the boys. She produced a whistle and hung it round her neck. In one hand she held a pencil and in the other Michael’s P.E. logbook. As I say, Edith, you wouldn’t think a thirteen year old could take her duties more responsibly than Brenda was doing. 

First off were a few stretching exercises; touching toes, side-bends and so forth; nothing too demanding. But then Brenda announced a run round the garden to get the boys warmed up and ready for some more strenuous exercises. Well, Brandon and Tyler shot off down the garden and were soon running back up towards the house. However Michael didn’t seem to be that enthusiastic as he shuffled off across the lawn. Then I saw why, Edith. It really was so sweet to see him, red-faced, looking at Lucy and her mother and trying to run with both hands pushed firmly between his legs. Of course, Michael was only delaying the inevitable and when Brenda blew her whistle for the boys to line up in front of her again, she chose jumping-jacks for the first exercise… 

Of course Brandon and Tyler started leaping up and down, stretching out their legs and arms, but Michael was very reluctant, as I think you can imagine. But as Brenda pointed out, each boy had to do twenty jumping-jacks within an allotted time; otherwise they’d have to do them all over again. That got Michael going and as he jumped up and down and… well, I don’t think I need tell you what a sight Michael presented, Edith. 

Lucy squealed as she saw Michael’s penis slapping up and down and bouncing off his thighs as he did his jumping-jacks. My how his penis, and testicles too, jiggled about as Brenda urged him on to try and beat Brandon and Tyler. In the end Brandon finished first, then Michael, followed by Tyler. 

It wasn’t long before I noticed that Michael’s penis was beginning to look a little firmer. All that slapping from side-to-side appeared to have stimulated Michael and every time Brenda blew her whistle to stop the boys, it looked just a little stiffer than before. 

“Mummy…” Lucy said, as she pointed at Michael’s penis, “Mummy… look! Michael’s… willy… Mummy look at Michael’s willy!” 

Thus Lucy drew everyone’s attention to Michael’s state of arousal… not that anyone needed Lucy to show us, we were all looking at it by then anyway! 

Michael was beside himself with embarrassment and clearly didn’t want to carry on, but Brenda wouldn’t hear of it. Brandon and Tyler were keen to do some more exercises in spite of the fact I could see they were both keenly watching the progress of Michael’s erection. 

To Michael’s evident relief Brenda made the boys do some press-ups, quickly followed by sit-ups with hands clasped behind heads. By this time Michael’s bare torso was glistening with sweat and his hair was damp and matted. Of course both Brandon and Tyler were looking fairly exhausted to the point at which they both decided to have a rest. But Michael still had some more exercises to do before his routine was finished and the next exercise proved to be very memorable indeed! 

Having done sit-ups and press-ups, Michael’s P.E. logbook required him to perform some more cardio-vascular exercises. 

“Stand up Michael,” Brenda ordered, “Brandon and Tyler have decided to have a rest, but you’ve got to carry on and do some more exercises…” 

“… but, Brenda… please… can’t I have a rest too…?” Michael pleaded. 

“Michael, you’ve got to finish your P.E. exercises before mummy can sign your book… you know you can’t stop before they’re all done… Now the next exercise is… running-on-the-spot…!” Brenda announced with obvious amusement. 

The look of terror on Michael’s face was all too apparent. Already his youthful penis was pointing straight out and wobbled at the slightest movement of his body. From where I was standing I’d guess Michael’s semi-erect penis was about 4½” long and the complete absence of pubic hair made it look very noticeable indeed. You could imagine what went through poor Michael’s mind as Brenda told him he had to do some running on the spot. 

“… Three minutes… beginning… Now!!” Brenda blew her whistle for the start and Michael bravely started on the exercise. 

From the start we could all hear his penis slapping as it flapped and bounced from thigh to thigh, then slapped up against his tummy and back down to bounce off his legs. It was so funny to see Michael’s penis waggle and jiggle about, Edith, that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing… and once I burst out laughing so did everyone else! 

However Brenda kept her cool and encouraged Michael to “lift your knees up…!” as I’m sure she must have heard her own gym mistress shout at school. Brandon and Tyler joined in and shouted at Michael to work harder and faster, as they laughed and pointed at the bouncing penis, until Michael’s legs were working like pistons and his knees getting higher and higher every second. By now Michael’s penis was a blur between his legs. At the end of two minutes it looked as though the beads of sweat trickling down his face were perhaps mingled with a few salty tears of shame. 

Brenda made Michael carry on for the full three minutes when a shrill blast of her whistle brought Michael’s exercise to a halt… 

Michael stood still, his chest heaving as he panted to regain his breath. His hair was plastered to his scalp and his whole body glistened with sweat. 

His penis was fully erect. 

The boys whistled. Lucy put her hands to her mouth and giggled wildly. My neighbour Elaine Bond stood next to her daughter and smiled at Michael’s obvious embarrassment. And Brenda? Brenda made Michael fold his hands behind his back and stand there in the middle of the garden, legs parted, with his erection on full display! 

It was time for me to intervene: 

“Michael…” I said as I stepped forward, “Michael, would you mind telling us all, just what this is…” 

I really thought Michael would faint with embarrassment. His eyes were like those of a rabbit’s caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. I could almost smell his panic.

“… please, Mrs Jeffries… please…” and he gulped, “… it’s… it’s my penis, Mrs Jeffries…” 

“I can see that Michael… in fact we can all see that it’s your penis Michael… What I want you to tell me Michael is what has happened to your penis…”

Michael’s lower lip curled inwards and I could just make out his top teeth biting down on them. His head bowed, he looked down at himself, at his erect penis…
“I’m waiting, Michael… I’m waiting for an explanation…” 

“It’s… um… I’m… please, Mrs Jeffries… I can’t help it… it happens… and I can’t…” 

“It seems to me that your mother was right… that you can’t control yourself…” 

“I’m sorry, Mrs Jeffries… I’m sorry… I really am…” 

I could hear sniggering coming from over the fence as Lucy watched Michael making his excuses. Then I heard Elaine Bond: “Shush, Lucy, can’t you see Mrs Jeffries is talking to Michael…”

“But mummy Michael looks so funny with his… his thing sticking up…” 

“His penis, dear… It’s Michael’s penis that’s sticking up,” Elaine replied. 

“I’m sure you are sorry Michael…” I continued, “… but… I’m still waiting for an explanation… I very much think that Lucy would also like to know what’s happened to your penis…” 

Michael hung his head. He looked a wretched sight standing there in front of us all with his arms folded submissively behind his back, bare-nude apart from his plimsolls, and his erection plain for all to see.  

Finally, almost in a whisper, Michael spoke: “My… my penis is stiff… and… it… it’s called a… an election…. I… I… mean… erection… I… I… it happens when I do my exercises… I’m sorry, Mrs Jeffries…” 

“Is it because your penis bounces about when you do your exercises, Michael? Your penis does bounce about a lot, doesn’t it?” 

“Yes… yes, I think so, Mrs Jeffries.” 

“You only think so… Let’s make sure then shall we Michael? Jump up and down and let’s see if your penis bounces. Keep your hands behind your back… that’s it… now tell me what’s happening to your penis, Michael.” 

Michael was obviously extremely distraught at being made to put on a further demonstration of ‘penis-bouncing’, but he jumped up and down as we all watched. Lucy could hardly contain herself and had to hold her hands to her mouth to control her laughing. 

“Michael…” I prompted him. 

“Please Mrs Jefferies…” he blurted out the words between panting for breath, “my… my penis… is… bouncing… Mrs… Jefferies…” 

I let Michael carry on jumping a bit longer then decided we needed to do something about his erection which was even firmer than ever. 

“Alright you can stop now, Michael. But it’s time we did something about your erection… let me see, what does your mummy do when your penis gets stiff? Oh yes… I remember…” 

I almost felt a little sorry for Michael when he looked up suddenly and pleaded: “Oh, no… please, Mrs Jeffries… please…” 

A cold shower… a freezing cold shower did the trick! Just as you said it would, dear Edith. Michael’s teeth were chattering, but his penis was soon dangling between his legs rather pathetically, having shrunk with the cold. Brenda insisted I leave Michael under the shower a bit longer, ‘just to make sure’. When he was finally allowed out he was covered from head-to-toe with goose-bumps! 

Now I really must sign off, Edith. I feel as if I’ve gone on much too long, but looking after Michael is proving to be far more rewarding than I could have imagined. 

How is your trip to Scotland? I do hope you’re making the most of your break.

Kind regards,


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