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Scott's Story - Part 13

Marcus didn’t have to wait very long in order to find out the answer to the question he’d asked himself as he watched Penelope approach  him up the aisle of the church.

The tightness in his criminally short white dress shorts that Marcus been forced to wear had become more noticeable to him as he felt his penis engorge. From the corner of his eye Marcus could see that his younger brothers, Alan and Adrian, were looking in his direction and whispering to each other. Then Marcus saw the wide-eyed look of Scottie, dressed as he was in his pink ring-bearer outfit, looking at him as well. More specifically, Marcus couldn’t help but notice the direction of Scottie’s gaze. It was straight at Marcus’ tiny white shorts!

Marcus inwardly cursed his fellow junior officers and blamed them squarely for his embarrassment as he stood at the altar. The ‘Wedding March’ rang in his ears as the full horror of his position became ever more clear. To turn, or otherwise try to escape from his predicament, was not an option. There was nothing he could do apart from picking frantically, helplessly at the hem of his absurdly brief shorts. He cursed too the onboard tailors who’d left him with legs so bare his mid-thigh tan-line could be seen, clearly delineating Marcus’ carefully cultivated tan and the pale whiteness of the upper reaches of his smooth thighs. But Marcus, so utterly ridiculous as he felt in front of everyone, now had other things to worry about. The fact of the matter was that the head of his penis could be seen just peeking from the left leg of his white shorts.

Behind her bridal veil, Penelope was for the moment unaware of her groom’s difficulty, but she could see that Alan and Adrian were giggling at something. Penelope had only to follow the gazes of the two boys to see what it was. Penelope was not happy and she was even less happy when she realised Marcus’ brothers weren’t the only ones to have noticed what was poking out of Marcus’ shorts.

Penelope leant to one side and whispered something into Aunt Violet’s ear.

“Certainly, dear. I understand. Leave it to me. I’ll see to it,” Aunt Violet replied, sotto voce.

As they neared the altar Scottie stepped to one side. He could feel Emily’s eyes on his trim little bottom encased in the tiny hotpants of his pink sailor-suit. Scottie’s legs were still hot and sore from the spanking Emily had given him in the church porch. He was anxious not to give Emily any reason to repeat her performance and so was careful to keep to the choreographed script he had been taught at the wedding rehearsal. Even so, Scottie was distracted by what was happening to Marcus and found it difficult not to stare at the head of the groom’s penis as it became ever more noticeable.

Marcus tried everything he could think of to try and stop what was happening, but he soon realised that crossing his legs and tugging at his ridiculous little shortened shorts simply drew attention to himself and to his naughty penis.

To her credit Penelope was not going to let Marcus’ behaviour spoil her wedding. His conduct would be ‘discussed’ with him later, she thought. In the meantime Penelope knew she could rely on Aunty Violet to do what she’d asked of her.

So the wedding ceremony went ahead with the usual rites and formalities. If the guests were shocked by the sight of Marcus’ engorged penis straining at his little white shorts, they were far too polite to say anything that could be heard above a whisper. For Marcus’ younger brothers, the twins Alan and Adrian snug in their long trousers, it was a different matter. Try as they might neither boy could stop themselves from sniggering. Alan would manage to control himself only to start off again when he caught sight of Adrian doing his best to stop giggling. And so it went on in spite of repeated ‘hssts!!’ for the boys to keep quiet from Mrs Bloom who was close by.

For Marcus a nadir was reached when the time came for the couple to kneel. With his back to the congregation the astonishingly severe alterations made to Marcus’ shorts by HMS Troutbridge’s resident tailor was made apparent to all. A series of gasps accompanied by discrete coughs of astonishment were heard throughout the church. Marcus’ shorts had ridden up so much that his smooth bottom was bare almost to the crown of his cheeks.

Scottie too was suffering a similar fate. As he knelt, still holding the ring-bearer’s cushion in front of him, he was unable to tug at, or do anything to alleviate his rising hotpants from exposing even more of his boyish bottom. Although even if Scottie could have reached back, it is doubtful he would have tried to do anything since he was all the time conscious of Miss Emily and what she would say, or worse do, if she caught him ‘playing’ with his outfit. So, as Scottie knelt forward, he too like Marcus, felt the cool air on his exposed bottom cheeks.

Arm-in-arm the newly married couple walked down the aisle. Penelope was smiling; Marcus’ face was set in a rictus grin after his new wife whispered a few words to him.

“Marcus,” she hissed, “I will not let your behaviour ruin my day, so for the present, we will act as if nothing has happened… but you and I are going to have a few words about this later… do I make myself clear?”

Marcus had nodded and the two newly-weds were soon outside the church being made ready for photographs to be taken.

In every picture Marcus was prominently placed so his tiny shorts were fully visible. Since Penelope didn’t want ‘that thing of yours’ showing she’d told Marcus to ‘do something about it’ before the photographs were taken. Marcus managed to make the required adjustments to his dress with the help of his younger brothers.

“I told you you should have had a wank before you put those shorts on,” Adrian said as he watched Alan help his older brother to push his still engorged penis back into the little shorts.

“Why don’t you have a quick wank before the photos, Marcus?” Alan suggested, “‘Cos I don’t think your nob’s going to stay put in those shorts.”

“And where do you boys expect me to have a wank exactly?” Marcus replied, not expecting or for that matter wanting a reply.

“Vestry is a good a place as any…” Adrian offered.

“Bet there’s been a lot of seed spilt there over the years,” Alan observed.

“... all falling on stony ground,” Adrian added.

“That’s choirboys for you…” Alan concluded.

“Ha, bloody ha…” Marcus replied as he made final adjustments to his gentleman’s region. In truth he was more worried about what Penelope had whispered to him as they walked down the aisle. When Alan asked what she’d said, Marcus was evasive, “Oh… it was nothing…”

Just then, as if sent to rescue Marcus from further interrogation by his brothers, Scottie appeared. Emily had sent him to fetch Marcus as the photographer was ready to start taking the wedding pictures. So with a final adjustment to his little shorts and more than a little nervous, Marcus followed the boys around the churchyard to where everyone was assembled.

To Scottie’s horror he found himself featuring in lots of the photos, ensuring an abundant selection of pictures of him dressed in his humiliating pink sailor suit. The photographer decided it would be a good idea to feature Marcus and Scottie together in a number of shots. One of these pictures, which found a home on a number of mantelpieces, showed the two in their extremely short shorts facing each other so the lower curves of both their bottoms were visible. Scottie was shaking hands with Marcus, supposedly congratulating him on his marriage. Many of the mums present at the wedding thought this picture so cute, they ordered copies there and then. Another picture saw a red-faced Scottie surrounded by the bridesmaids; one ruffling his hair, another bridesmaid making a minor adjustment to his outfit, while the others were wagging their fingers at him as if he’d forgotten the rings.

There were formal picture taken. One with Marcus facing the camera while on each side his younger brothers, the twins Alan and Adrian, stood dressed in their smart, long-trousered, suits. The main photograph featured all the principles; Penelope and Marcus with on each side Mrs Bloom, on the other Aunt Violet, the bridesmaids along with important guests, which of course included Emily who arranged for Scottie to stand in front of her so that she could put her hands proprietarily on his shoulders.

Once the photographer had finished it was time for everyone to move on to the reception. It was a short walk to the village hall where the reception was to be held and it was to the hall Aunty Violet had been seen to disappear into while some of the wedding photographs were being taken. No one thought much about it as they assumed she was seeing to something to do with the reception. Well, in a way she was, but not in the way that would have occurred to anyone at the time.

Penelope and Marcus, arm in arm, led the way along the path which led to the village hall. Marcus had almost forgotten the words Penelope said to him in the church and as they approached the double doors of the hall, he was more concerned about how much longer he would be expected to wear his little shorts. It’s fair to say that both Marcus and Scottie had been feeling the effects of the chilly autumn day on their bare legs. The wedding photography had taken a lot longer than Marcus had thought it would, so he was glad to get into the relative warmth of the village hall.

“Come with me Marcus!” Penelope said sharply. Marcus was taken by surprise and allowed himself to be pulled along by his bride by the hand. Penelope walked determinedly through the open hall where the guests were gathering, passing the tables set with a splendid spread of food, as she hauled her new husband.

 “Come along, Marcus… Hurry up!” Penelope urged as she ignored the murmuring wedding guests.

 “Back in a sec…” was all Marcus could think to say as he was dragged to the rear of the hall.

 Along a short corridor, next to the kitchen, was a small committee room. This room was Penelope’s destination. The committee room tables had been set back against the wall. A single chair had been placed in the centre of the room. On the chair seat was a table-tennis bat.

 Marcus tried his best to make light of the situation: “Are we going to have a game of ping-pong?”

 “What with only one bat? Marcus don’t be ridiculous… Penelope merely wants to have a word with you before the reception.” These words were spoken by Mrs Bloom, Penelope’s mother and now, of course, the mother-in-law of Marcus.

 Another voice was heard. This time from the doorway: “Can I watch please?” Emily asked politely.

 “Of course you can my dear,” Mrs Bloom replied, not even bothering to consult her daughter. She was certain Penelope wouldn’t mind in the least.

 “Leave the door open could you Emily? It’s a bit hot in here,” Penelope spoke as if to confirm her mother’s invitation to the young girl.

And likely to get hotter, Mrs Bloom thought as she watched as her daughter picked up the table-tennis bat and sat down on the chair. Penelope still had hold of Marcus, who was looking nervously at the bat. The penny had well and truly dropped that he was to be punished for his behaviour in the church.

“Please, darling… please… do you have to… here?” Marcus stuttered and glanced over his shoulder to where his mother-in-law and Emily were standing before starting to apologise to his new wife. But he was cut short by Penelope.

“Marcus you have been very, very naughty...” Penelope started to scold her husband and told him off for is failure to control  himself. She told him she expected him to behave and was disappointed he had not learnt self-discipline during his time as a junior officer in the Royal Navy. How could he show such a lack of respect on today of all days and in, of all places, the church on her wedding day?

Emily watched, determined to learn from Penelope. She saw how Penelope remained calm and focussed while reducing Marcus in status until he resembled nothing more than a little boy squirming in front of a grown-up… a little boy who knows he is to be punished and who can’t take his eyes off the instrument of his chastisement, the table-tennis bat held in Penelope’s hand.

At that moment Emily wanted nothing more than to grow up to be like Penelope. It must have been the look of awe on Emily’s face that prompted Mrs Bloom to whisper in her ear.

“Penelope used to be a sitter like you Emily,” she said, “She wouldn’t take any nonsense from the boys she sat for… always insisted on spanking privileges.”

By the time Penelope had finished scolding her husband, Marcus was a nervous wreck. He felt a complete fool standing in his absurdly short dress shorts. Once more he blamed and cursed his shipmates for getting him into this mess. But he also blamed himself for letting Penelope see the picture of himself dressed in shorts taken as he posed in front of the Rock of Gibraltar. Above all he blamed Penelope’s mother, Mrs Bloom, for making him promise to wear his frankly indecent dress shorts for the wedding.

“Well, Marcus… I think it’s time we did something about it, don’t you?” Penelope said as she rounded off her admonishment of Marcus.

“I, er… that is, um…” Marcus stuttered, unsure of how to respond.

“Marcus! Haven’t you been listening?! Do you think I’ve brought you in here for my own benefit?! Haven’t you been listening to a word I’ve said?!”

If anything was needed to stoke the flames of Penelope’s ire, it was the blank look on Marcus’ face. So calm and controlled a few moments ago, Penelope felt the time was right for action.

Emily gasped when she saw Penelope reach out to the tiny white shorts Marcus was wearing and her eyes went out on stalks as she watch these little shorts being tugged downwards. Emily gasped again when she saw Marcus’ penis bounce into view and point straight out towards Penelope.

“Marcus you are the most disgracefully behaved little boy that it has been my misfortune to meet,” Penelope said sternly, just as if he was one of the little boys she had ‘sat’ for when she was a few years younger. She ordered her husband to step out of his little shorts.

Emily watched as Marcus stood, holding his tiny shorts and waited as Penelope continued to berate him for his failure to control himself. Emily noted that Marcus made no attempt to ‘cover up’ in spite of her presence and that of his mother-in-law. Then Mrs Bloom whispered in Emily’s ear. Emily nodded and stepped forward.

“Can I help Marcus and look after his shorts for him, Penelope?” Emily asked.

“That’s very thoughtful of you Emily,” Penelope replied and instructed Marcus to hand over his shorts.

Marcus did as he was told, feeling quite overwhelmed by this turn of events. Emily glanced down between his legs and saw his penis wobble from side to side as he turned and handed over his little white wedding shorts.

“Should Marcus’ penis be pointing out like that?” Emily asked, making Marcus feel even more vulnerable than ever.

“No, it certainly should not be… Marcus needs to learn a little more self-control, Emily,” Penelope replied.

“That’s why I had to spank Scottie before your wedding. He was being naughty and making his willy-winky get all stiff in his nice costume. I didn’t think you’d like everyone in the church seeing Scottie with his willy poking out of his nice little shorts…” Emily explained.

“I’m very grateful,” Penelope said, “It was kind of you Emily and shows that you understand the need for decorum… unlike some,” she added looking Marcus straight in the eyes. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, Emily, but Marcus… at least Marcus’ bare bottom, has an appointment with this bat.”

Emily stepped to one side as Marcus made to climb over Penelope’s knees.

“One moment Penelope,” her mother called out, “Emily, dear, take this towel and put it over Penny’s lap… in case Marcus has an accident whilst he’s being spanked.”

Emily took the proffered towel and folded it in two over Penelope’s lap: “Is it because Marcus might ejaculate while you’re spanking him with the bat?” Emily asked.

Marcus couldn’t believe what he heard Emily say and spluttered something about how girls shouldn’t ask such things. His level of embarrassment went through the ceiling when his mother-in-law weighed in with her views on the subject of boys and their inherent lack of self-control. As if to confirm Mrs Bloom’s thesis, Marcus’ penis became more engorged than ever.

“There… what have I just said?!” Mrs Bloom announced, pointing at her son-in-law’s member, “Complete lack of self-control… It’s disgraceful!”

At this point in the proceedings all Marcus wanted to do was to get his punishment over and done with. Short of running from the room bereft of his dress shorts with his tumescent penis flopping about all over the place, Marcus had little choice but to stand as still as he could to await orders from Penelope. Stumbling bare from the waist down into a reception-room full of wedding-guests was not an option to be considered.

Outside in the hallway Marcus’ younger brothers, the twins Alan and Adrian, were huddled together listening. When they realised what was happening the two boys, noiselessly as they could manage, tiptoed into a storage cupboard from where they could hear events unfold. Gleefully they listened…

“No wonder he wouldn’t tell us what Penny said to him…” Adrian said.

“He’s got a hard-on…” Alan deduced from what he heard being said in the next room.

“We told him to have a wank… didn’t we tell him?” Adrian observed.

“We did, Adrian… we told him… it’s his own fault…”

“He should have had a wank…”

“Now he’s going to get spanked…”

“Spanked for not having a wank… that’s a turn up,” the boys laughed.

“Did you hear what Emily said about Marcus losing it?”

“I dunno about Marcus losing it…” Adrian sniggered as he pushed his hand through the hole in his trouser pocket.

“You going to…?” Alan asked as he too sought the hole in his own trouser pocket.

“Have a wank? Sure… why not?”

“Did you hear that? Sounds like it’s started… ouch! That must have really stung.”

“Wait ‘til I get hold of my nob, can’t you?” Adrian hissed, his words directed towards events unfolding in the next room.

“Shhh… keep your voice down… wow... that was loud…” Alan gasped when he heard Penelope’s bat slam into Marcus’ defenceless bare bottom. The response from Marcus was even louder.

As his twin brothers settled into their wanks, Marcus struggled unsuccessfully to control himself as the bat slammed down on his bottom. He was trying his best not to cry out, but each thwack of the bat felt worse than its predecessor. Marcus was in floods of tears as he started to plead with Penelope to stop spanking him; that he wouldn’t do it again; that… that it was hurting!! But within seconds his pleading had turned to wailing, unintelligible noise as the stinging sensation building in his bottom became unbearable. Marcus’ legs flailed and he writhed over Penelope’s lap. As his bottom grew redder, Marcus clenched his cheeks and bucked in a futile effort to ease the torrent of spanks.

Penelope was more than a match for Marcus and knew just how to control a wriggling naughty boy. As an experienced ‘sitter’ Penelope was well versed in all the tactics boys employed to try and stop their spankings. She was equally skilled in making sure her discipline was administered thoroughly and to her satisfaction. She was not going to let Marcus up until she was finished with him.

Emily stood and watched in complete awe of Penelope, now even more determined to emulate her.

Penelope’s mother simply looked proudly at her daughter as Marcus bucked and wailed with tears streaming down his face. ‘That’ll teach him to control himself,’ she thought as she watched Marcus’ bare bottom cheeks clenching and unclenching as they turned bright red.

Meanwhile Marcus’ brothers were enjoying every second of their older brother’s misfortune. Any pretence of ‘brotherly love’ went out of the window as they conducted a sort of gloating running commentary, mixing their views on the ‘state of play’ next door along with an account of the impending climax of their individual masturbatory exploits, until Adrian gasped that he could hold out no longer. Alan’s fist stalled as he watched his twin brother’s hand jerk the final few frantic rubs inside his underpants signalling the end of his wank. Within seconds of Alan resuming his wank, he announced that he too was about to cum.

As the boys relaxed and got their breath back, the spanking of their brother continued in the room next door. Alan and Adrian had both had their customary morning wanks, so neither boy had produced much ejaculate. They knew that a furtive wank during the day was easily contained within the confines of their schoolboy underpants.

Meanwhile, in the main part of the hall where the reception was being held, guests mingled, nibbled on dainty comestibles and listened. They listened because they couldn’t avoid hearing the sound of the newlyweds having a ‘discussion’. What words were exchanged between the wedding guests were words of approval.

As Aunt Violet was heard to comment: “Start as you mean to go on, I say…”

“Penelope’s a spirited girl… I’ve no doubt she’ll keep her new husband in his place, Violet,” her friend concurred.

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  1. Outrageous! As if Scottie hadn't suffered enough humiliation already it's now been taken a stage further but worse still is what happened to poor Marcus. The wedding guests must have had a terrific time watching him squirm as he stood helplessly exposing himself during the wedding ceremony and then suffered under the firm hand of his new bride. I enjoyed every word! And I definitely want some of the official wedding photos please, mogg.

    1. Thanks Jolyon. I'm sure Penelope would have no objection to you having copies of their wedding photos. However I'd hate to think of the embarrassment that would be caused to Marcus if the pictures should find their way to his shipmates on HMS Troutbridge. I mean, think what would happen if they fell into the hands of the stokers for instance...

  2. merci pour la poursuite de cette merveilleuse histoire
    marcus realise qu'il est maintenant le petit garcon de penelope sans espoir de retour puisqu'il y a un contrat de mariage
    Emily commence a penser qu'elle fera de meme avec scotty
    de cette facon ,ils seraient tous les 2 des petits cousins constamment eduques par la fessee et culottes courtes
    leur education pourrait alterner entre education de garcon de 12/13 et phases de 3/4 ans ou la ils seraient eduques en bebes(parc,chaise haute ...)
    en outre,il serait bon que pour garder une bonne sante ,ils fassent du sport chaque matin avec un chef scout .ils seraient bien sur totalement obéissants et eduques au niveau fessees,et education sexe.ils seraient ainsi 24h sur 24 sous l'autorite constante des adultes
    j'attends avec impatience la suite des evenements

    1. I'm pleased to hear you have enjoyed the latest episode. Many thanks for your ideas. It would seem that you would like to see Scottie and Marcus spend more time together under the strict guidance of Penelope and Emily.

  3. Emily commence a penser qu'elle fera de meme avec scotty

    So our French friend thinks Emily might do the same to Scott Harris,,, I wonder if Mrs Bloom might insist on Emily taking Scotties shorts down and baring him in front of all the guests or maybe just the females present, I expect the young bridesmaids would love that..
    And is it too much to hope that Scott would be given a stand up spanking.
    A great add on to the Scotty tale Mogg.
    Regards Stephen.

    1. Thanks for your comments Stephen. A stand-up spanking for Scottie, eh... I think that can be arranged. Yes, I can see Mrs Bloom handing the table-tennis bat over to Emily as the bridesmaids enter the room, just in time to see Scottie's little hotpants being tugged right the way down to his ankles...

  4. Marcus could end up being put to bed early by Mrs Bloom, such an embarrassment on his wedding night. Emily could also do the same to Scottie with both being paraded in their pyjamas before bedtime.Top class as always mogg.

    1. Oh wincy! Only you could conjure up that scenario... I love it!

  5. If Marcus and Scottie are sent to bed early I hope their PJ's are very childish since that's how they have been behaving. Carrying a little sailor teddy bear each might be a nice touch also.

    Imagine their embarrassment being paraded in front of the wedding guests to say night nights to everyone.

    And whilst Marcus is tucked up in bed his ne wife will be dancing the night away and having fun.

    1. Your idea for Marcus and Scottie to each be given teddy bears dressed as little sailors is inspired.

      Poor Marcus must be wondering what he has let himself in for. He probably thought that by getting married to Penelope he'd enjoy all the benefits of married quarters for himself and his new wife. No doubt he believed this would give him a certain prestige among his fellow junior officers, all of whom are single.

      A little bird tells me that to add to Marcus' woes, his mother-in-law is sure to come and stay with the newly-weds to help them 'settle in'.

    2. Mogg: I imagine Mrs Bloom will have Marcus in bed early most nights and if he gives her the slightest bit of trouble, leathering his bottom.

  6. I believe Mrs, Bloom will be introducing he\re new son in law to her strap very soon, if not on the wedding night

    1. Poor Marcus. I'm beginning to almost feel sorry for him, especially if Mrs Bloom does come and stay...

    2. I agree. I think Mrs Bloom will be spanking him regularly.

  7. Mogg, it was a long wait but worth it! This is an exciting story. A few things are rather clear. The newlyweds have no place of their own and Mrs Bloom has kindly agreed with Penelope that they can live with her for the moment. Given what happened at the wedding she needs to ensure strict control of her son-in-law’s penis. Now that he is married Marcus can no longer return to the Navy and leave Penelope alone at home. He will be forced to resign by Mrs Bloom and she will find him a job where she can keep him under her supervision. She holds all the cards. As has been proven in the past older boys can be made to behave by being put back into short trousers. In Mrs Blooms eyes boys never grow up. If that does not work she will have to use other methods to control Marcus’s penis.
    As for Alan and Adrian they seem to be constantly wanking. Maybe Emily can witness this behaviour a few time and report it back to Mrs Bloom. Now what action could she take. Cannnot wait for the stores to develop. Malachy

    1. Thanks for some great ideas Malachy. I have consulted with someone who knows about these matters and it would difficult, if not impossible for Marcus, a junior officer, to resign from the navy. However, there is nothing to stop Captain Povey from granting Marcus plenty of leave. It would seem that Mrs Bloom went to school with Ramona Povey, Captain Povey's wife, who, as we all know has always exerted a considerable influence on her husband. It would appear the two ladies understand each other and are perfectly willing to help each other out.

      As for the two boys, Alan and Adrian, part of me wants them to wank as much as they like and get away with it, but I also think the time must come when they are discovered red-handed, so to speak. We'll have to wait and see.

  8. Oh Mogg, poor Marcus is going to be in for a shock knowing his new Mother in Law will be living with himself and his new wife.

    Something tells me that early bedtimes may become more of the norm rather than the exception for him.

    With two strong women controlling him I see big life changes ahead for Marcus.

    I don't see many lads nights out for him in the future.

    If Penelope decides to have an evening out with friends I am sure her mom will be only to glad to husband ( baby )sit for her.

    She would put Marcus to bed in his childish PJ's and tuck him in with his teddy bear. Now that surely would be embarrassing for an officer and a gentleman.

    1. What a marvellous idea Lucas. I'm sure Mrs Bloom will be just the sort of person to look after Marcus when Penelope has a girls' evening out. Mrs Bloom will have no trouble in giving Marcus a bath before putting him into his childish pyjamas, ready for an early bedtime.

      I also hear Mrs Bloom has been in touch with the tailors on HMS Troutbridge (via her old friend Ramona Povey) to order an excruciatingly short short-trousered suit for Marcus to wear when Penelope takes him visiting and for other special occasions. So it looks as if Marcus is to be kept permanently in short trousers from now on.

    2. There is little doubt Mrs Bloom will be babysitting and having the young man in bed very early, probably with a hot bottom. Hopefully Mrs Bloom install a hook so the tawse can hang in his bedroom like mummies strap does

    3. Kept in ultra short shorts. Legs hair free. spanked bottom on display. Mrs. Bloom needs to bring him for a visit to mummy to learn about bedtimes and mouth soapings.

  9. Hi Mogg, Oh I am glad that Mrs Bloom will soon babysitting Marcus. I can imagine how much that will make him squirm. Being bathed like a child by your mother in law would be embarrassing for any man but a former naval officer used to giving orders not taking them it must be so much worse.

    Perhaps Penelope should get him a little toy boat to play with when is bathed by either her or her mother. And how will he address his mother law surely not by her Christian name? That would seem not to fit with his new status. Maybe Nana would be more appropriate. ( Chuckles )

    Short shorts for visiting seems only proper for young Mr Marcus with little boy undies underneath them I hope. Penelope should also take him by the hand everywhere. If he is naughty she could always threaten him with walking reins to keep him safe.

    Marcus does seem to have slipped down the authority ladder a good few rungs Mogg.

    1. Thanks once again for some more marvellous ideas Lucas. Let's hope, for his sake, that his little toy boat is all that Marcus plays with when he's in the bath...

  10. Yes Mogg I am sure that between Penelope and her mother they will be able to keep the little dear on a tight leash. If mummy in law caught him playing with anything but his bath toys I bet she would cure him of his naughtiness.

    1. I agree Lucas. Between the two of them, he will not be allowed to touch anything much less play with it. I am sure if he did, he would be hauled out of the bath by his ear and over one or both laps. Maybe one or both enforcing his new rules with a spanking strap.

  11. I keep trying to send supportive notes for Lucas Grant's ideas? But nothing appears. I don't know why.
    Please, please , please let us have another episode!

  12. And now it has, But the message stays the same. PLEASE give us more

  13. Hello Mogg. Any chance of a new chapter? I am longing to read about his "nana" bathing him and babysitting him!

  14. And I hope Mrs. Bloom and her friends give themselves permission to (at least visually) enjoy Marcus' fine body from an erotic viewpoint (not just a disciplinary one).

    1. That would definitely be appreciated.

    2. Yeah, more actual Fm/chast play, less clothing focus would suit me too. But then, I can see most here enjoy the clothes fetish, so I won't complain about that.

      An update would be enjoyed too. How's things, Mogg?

  15. I have the feeling Mrs Bloom (Nana Bloom) and her friend will be doing anything they like with him. Begin by introducing him to a leather strap

  16. And here we are in 2018. Happy New Year. You will make this boy very happy if the story were to move on! I long to read of his bath times and bedtimes. I doubt that his mother in law, let alone his wife, will allow him any leeway!

  17. Maybe he's dead.

    1. That comment is totally out of order. As mogg has stated many times, he writes most of all for himself, in his own time, when he has the opportunity. If other people also enjoy his stories then all to the good but he is not about entertaining you.

  18. Actually it was from a genuine concern he may be dead, or at least unable to post. I had the impression he is old (more than me) and has health issues. Hoping Mogg or someone would reply with information to the contrary. This is the trouble with net anonymity. Sometimes people just vanish, with never another word, and no way to find out if they died, or are just redirecting their interests.

  19. I do agree with your comment Wincy, however it is surprising that Mogg has not communicated anything for a while (Since the 8th November). So I hope he is alright, but it is important that folks do not make assumptions without any evidence to back it up.

  20. Have no fear, people. I am in touch with mogg and we discuss a number of things not entirely unrelated to boys in very short shorts. I am about to reply to his latest message to me, which he sent 3 days ago, on 4 January.

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      Fessées quotidiennes y comme les en public
      Toutes ses activités décidées par les adultes
      Sport sous le contrôle de son chef scout
      Lectures télévision enfantines
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      Mise au piquet
      Nettoyage complet matin et soir
      Couches de bébé la nuit
      Interdiction définitive de se masturber
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