Sunday, 13 August 2017

Lucas and the Holiday Swim-Trunks

“It’s about time we bought you a new pair of swim-trunks for you to take on holiday, Lucas,” mum announced unexpectedly one evening, a few weeks before their planned holiday at the seaside.

 Lucas was delighted at the prospect. He was now fourteen years old and believed mum would at last buy him a pair of swimming-shorts, or board-shorts, like other boys of his age wore at the seaside. Lucas hated wearing his ordinary speedo-style boy-trunks, which mum had bought him when he was eleven. Now that he was older it was hard not to notice Lucas’ boy-bulge, now quite prominently displayed in the little trunks, and which was dead embarrassing for a boy his age. Lucas, a naturally self-conscious boy, was convinced that whenever he was made to wear these flimsy old swim-trunks in public, girls would notice his bulge and stare at it… which was almost certainly true!

Lucas had been pestering his mum to buy him some boy’s swimming-shorts for ages. He kept dropping hints and saying how his trunks were too small and that when he wore them you could even see his bottom! This argument didn’t impress mum one little bit. She took the view that Lucas should get lots of sun and fresh air when they went to the seaside; that was the whole point after all. She therefore decided Lucas needed to wear as little as possible.

However mum seemed not to be aware of how self-conscious and body-shy boys can be as they enter puberty. It didn’t occur to her that Lucas aged fourteen was far more modest than Lucas age eleven. Like lots of mums, she simply saw no need to treat Lucas any differently now than when he was a little boy.

When Lucas asked if he could have some swimming-shorts for their forthcoming trip to the seaside mum simply smiled: “Well, let’s just wait and see shall we?” was her response. Lucas took this to mean that he was in with a chance to see his wish fulfilled.

The week before their trip to the seaside mum was ready to take Lucas along to the old-fashioned outfitters in the small town near to where they lived. Lucas, in spite of or because of what mum had said, had been left on tenterhooks. He desperately wanted a pair of swim-shorts and couldn’t bear the thought of wearing anything as revealing as his speedo-trunks any longer. Once more he started to pester his mum and was getting himself perilously close to a spanking.

 “Lucas, I don’t want to hear another word from you  on the subject,” mum said firmly, “Let’s see what the shop has in stock… I’m sure the nice lady will help us choose what’s best for you…”

“Yes, mum,” Lucas replied and consoled himself that whatever his mum bought for him had to be better than the little speedo-trunks he’s been wearing for the past three years; three years during which he’d grown, but his swim-trunks had remained resolutely the same size. Still, Lucas kept his fingers crossed in the hope that he would soon be running along the beach in a pair of proper boy’s swimming-shorts.

Unbeknown to Lucas, mum had already been in touch with the outfitters and when she arrived with Lucas the kind lady in the shop knew exactly what mum had in mind for her fourteen year old son.

Lucas was a handsome young boy and the shop owner, Mrs Steel, was always pleased to see him, never more so than when Lucas was dressed in his smart short-trousered school uniform, such as he wore for outings to her shop. Mum always insisted Lucas dressed smartly whenever she took him visiting or shopping and Lucas knew smart dress meant full school uniform whatever the day of the week, including school holidays!

Mrs Steel had been measuring up Lucas for his short trousers for quite a few years and knew that mum liked short trousers to be as brief as possible, often insisting they be re-hemmed and taken up when necessary. It wasn’t a school day, but Mrs Steel expected Lucas to be smartly dressed in his school uniform and she also knew mum kept Lucas’ hair nice and smart too. No straggly long hair that reached down over his ears, or even worse touched his collar, for Lucas!

Mrs Steel liked to see a boy with hair kept very short and would quite often recommend mums take their sons to an old-fashioned barber she knew who gave boys a proper schoolboy short-back-and-sides. Lucas’s hair was breathtakingly short and when he arrived with his mum at the outfitters it was apparent he’d just paid a visit to the barber for a ‘trim’ to tidy him up and make him presentable for his visit to Mrs Steel’s shop. It was a joy for Mrs Steel to see such a boy with such a short haircut. However, it was easy for her to see that Lucas had not enjoyed his visit the the barber’s chair and she imagined how he must have felt as the barber combed what little hair he’d left on Lucas’s head before reached for the dreaded electric clippers. As the barber flicked the switch and the clippers started to buzz, Mrs Steel imagined Lucas must have prayed it wouldn’t be as severe a ‘trim’ as last time. Though to judge by the results, Lucas’ prayers had not been answered and Mrs Steel marvelled at the severity of the expert haircut given to the fourteen year old boy. The nape of Lucas’ neck, the sides and round the ears had all felt the benefit of the clippers.

“What a lovely little fringe… so cute,” Mrs Steel said as she looked at the top of Lucas’s forehead, “Have you been to the barber’s shop for a nice trim?”

Lucas blushed. He felt embarrassed already: “Yes, Mrs Steel…”

“I’m pleased to hear it. It does a boy good to have his hair trimmed regularly, especially at this time of year,” she replied. In truth the time of year didn’t matter at all, as this was Mrs Steel’s standard response and recommendation.

Lucas stood and fidgeted nervously with the hem of his short school trousers. He did not look at all like a boy of fourteen, more like a gangly eleven year old, which on reflection, is probably just what mum intended in her determination to keep her son from associating with and coming under the influence of undesirable boys his own age.

The visit to the barber’s had left a red imprint on the back of Lucas’ bare thighs from the hard, plastic covered wooden plank which he was made to sit on when having his haircut. As with all junior boys the barber insisted Lucas sat on the plank placed across the arms of the barber’s chair, ‘to raise him up properly for his haircut’. It was an humiliating experience for a boy of fourteen, but as long as Lucas wore short trousers, the barber saw no reason to change his rules.

“And what can I do for you today Mrs Rudge?” Mrs Steel asked as she looked up from examining Lucas’ haircut.

“Lucas and I are going on a trip to the seaside and I need to buy him…” mum paused and turned to her son, “I think you’re old enough now, Lucas, why don’t you tell Mrs Steel what you need for your holiday?”

Lucas was shy at the best of times, a trait Mrs Steel found quite endearing in boys of Lucas’ age, and he blushed again as he spoke to the outfitter: “Please miss, er... that is, mummy says I could have a new pair of swim-trunks to take on holiday...”

Mrs Steel smiled. The opportunity to tease Lucas could not to be resisted: “I’m not likely to sell your mummy an old pair of swim-trunks, am I Lucas?  You’ll be wanting a nice new pair of boy’s swim-trunks… and you’re in luck because I’ve got some of the latest styles just in!”

Lucas grew even more red-faced at being teased and didn’t like the way things were going. The way Mrs Steel had said the words ‘boy’s swim-trunks’ had him worried and he tried his best to say something about what he wanted to take on holiday. Lucas started to mumble something about swimming-shorts, but Mrs Steel appeared not to hear him as she carried on talking:

“... and I guarantee you’ll be the only boy on the beach wearing them… won’t it be fun to show them off in front of everyone? These new trunks are called ‘Speedo UltraSlim’. I’ll show you a pair and if your mum likes them, you can try them on…”

Lucas didn’t like the sound of this at all! He didn’t want a new pair of speedo trunks… he wanted swimming-shorts like all the other boys would be wearing on the beach. The thought of wearing another pair of brief and very revealing speedos made Lucas feel nauseous. Why couldn’t he wear board-shorts? What was wrong in wearing swimming-shorts that covered his knees?

“Please, miss…” Lucas began nervously, realising he had to say something before it was too late.

“Yes, what is it, dear?” Mrs Steel asked.

“I… I thought… I’d like a pair of swimming-shorts this time please…”

“Oh, Lucas… you don’t want to wear those baggy old things!” Mrs Steel said almost laughing at the suggestion, “A boy your age needs to wear proper swim-trunks… swimming-shorts are for much older boys…”

“I just thought…” Lucas caught his mother’s eye and realised from her look, signaled to Mrs Steel, (‘Boys! What will they think of next?’) that his cause was hopeless.

As he pondered on the injustice of not being able to do and wear what he wanted, he watched with trepidation as Mrs Steel leant down to pull out one of the trays in the display cabinet she was standing behind. She pulled the tray right out and placed it on top of the counter. Lucas could see it was filled with pairs of brightly coloured boy’s swimming trunks… there were no shorts to be seen.

“Now let me see,” Mrs Steel said as she rummaged through the tray. She moved a few items of boy’s swimwear about before holding up the flimsiest-looking pair of boy-trunks imaginable. “Here they are!” The ultra-slim speedos appeared to consist of nothing more than a tiny pouch held in place by thin strands of material. They were clearly not designed for boys had any issues with modesty, never mind boys such as Lucas who were entering puberty complete with its attendant problems of uncontrolled erections. The ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ boy-trunks certainly were frighteningly brief and Lucas was terrified mum would make him wear them at the seaside. He’d never seen anything like them before.

“I can’t wear that!!!” Lucas cried when he saw the tiny, ultra slim boy-trunks and realised they were meant for him to wear, “Please, mum… please... Can’t I have some swim-shorts like the other boys…?” he pleaded as tears began to well up in the corners of his eyes.

“Oh don’t be so silly, Lucas. Mrs Steel says these are the very latest style of swim-trunks for boys your age…”

“... but mum, I’m fourteen and those trunks... they’re tiny… I can’t wear them… please don’t make me…”

Lucas, his eyes damp, pleaded and pleaded with his mum as Mrs Steel stood by calmly holding up the ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ boy-trunks. She was used to this sort of behaviour in her shop, but knew mum was determined to have Lucas wear the super-slim trunks at the seaside. Mrs Steel knew Lucas was wasting his breath.

“Might I make a suggestion?” she said when Lucas paused for breath, “I’m sure if Lucas was to try on a pair…”

At these words fourteen year old Lucas fought back the tears as he again pleaded not to be made to wear such tiny speedo trunks, but he was ignored. Mum thought it a good idea and gave her approval for Lucas to try on the swim-trunks right then and there in the shop under the watchful, experienced eye of Mrs Steel.

“I’m sure that once Lucas tries on a pair of ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ trunks he won’t want to wear anything else at the seaside…” Mrs Steel said as he moved towards the small changing-room, “Come along Lucas and let’s get you sorted out…”

Lucas knew when he was defeated, but pinned his hopes on mum having a change of heart once she saw him wearing the embarrassingly brief ultra-slim boy-trunks. Glumly he walked over towards Mrs Steel.

Mrs Steel put a protective hand on Lucas’ shoulder and turned back to speak to his mum: “Would you like Lucas to try on the trunks properly…?” she asked.

Lucas didn’t understand what Mrs Steel meant, but mum must have done by the way she replied: “Certainly… it will give us a much better idea of the fit.”

Lucas was ushered into the little changing-room booth and Mrs Steel told him to take off his school uniform. There wasn’t much room in the booth and Mrs Steel was half-in and half-out, so the curtain was left open.

“What? Everything?” Lucas said when he realised the Mrs Steel wanted him completely undressed.

“Yes, of course ‘everything’, Lucas… how else can mum see you try on the trunks properly.”

“Can’t I have the curtain closed…?”

Mrs Steel rolled her eyes upward and wondered what it was with boys: “Lucas, you should know by now that boys cannot be left unattended in the changing booths… Now come along… let’s have everything off, so you can try on your new swim-trunks…”

Even to Lucas this seemed a bit premature. What if the trunks didn’t fit? Lucas thought. It’s almost as if mum and Mrs Steel had made up their minds already. It was so unfair!

“Hurry up, Lucas… the sooner you get undressed, the sooner you can try on your new swim-trunks,” Mrs Steel urged Lucas when he continued to dither in the changing booth. “Get a move on… mummy’s waiting.”

Lucas had little choice but to undress and, under the watchful eye of Mrs Steel, he did so. With the curtain pushed to one side, he could also see his mum standing over by the display counter. Lucas wasn’t sure what she was looking at, but finally thought it best to get a move on before mum found something else equally hideous for him to try on while they were shopping at the boys’ outfitters.

As he removed each article of clothing, Lucas dutifully handed it to Mrs Steel ‘for safekeeping’. Lucas was even told to remove his ankle socks and sandals, which he did and this left him standing in just his white cotton junior schoolboy underpants as Mrs Steel disappeared with the clothes she had collected, explaining as she did so how there was no room for them in the little changing booth and not to worry, they would be perfectly safe, words that nevertheless made Lucas feel more anxious than ever.

Lucas looked nervously at his mum who seemed to be more interested in the contents of one of the display cabinets than what was happening to her son in the changing cubicle. His instinct, like that of any other boy, was to push his hands between his legs even though he was still wearing his underpants. But Lucas knew this sort of behaviour was frowned upon in Mrs Steel’s shop, so he stood straight and waited with his arms at his side.

In some ways the wait, standing in nothing but his little white school uniform underpants, was worse than if Mrs Steel had insisted he remove them together with all his other clothes. It reminded Lucas of his regular appointments with the school nurse; waiting outside with some of his classmates, all of them wearing nothing more than their school regulation underpants. He recalled how they would chatter nervously among themselves, each boy dreading the moment when the nurse would pull their underpants right down for their genitals to be inspected. The boy’s Tanner Stage assessment would then be made and noted on the boy’s medical record. What was worse was coming back out into the corridor afterwards. Quite often a telltale damp spot on the front of the boy’s underpants would indicate the boy had ‘lost it’ during the nurse’s inspection and at the very least had dribbled some boyish pre-cum. Occasionally the waiting boys would see an obvious erection pressing against the cotton fabric of a boy’s underpants. On one memorable occasion Lucas recalled how the door to the nurse’s office had been flung open and for a totally nude, weeping boy to be ushered out clutching his underpants. The boy, one of his classmates, had then sprinted down the corridor with his semi-erect penis bobbing about between his legs. Boy-goo could been seen glistening on the boy’s thighs. Lucas and his classmates had been stunned into silence. They knew only too well how it could so easily have been them!

If Lucas had thought he might be allowed to keep his junior boy’s underpants on as he tried on the new swim-trunks, he was mistaken, for no sooner had Mrs Steel returned than she pulled up a stool and sat down in front of Lucas. She raised her arms and placed her hands either side of Lucas’ hips. With her fingers she gripped the waistband of his white schoolboy underpants.

“Righty-ho! Let’s have these underpants off shall we…?” she said breezily, “You can’t try on your new swim-trunks wearing underpants, can you, Lucas?”

Lucas hated it when grown-ups like Mrs Steel made him agree with their pronouncements. Mrs Steel made it sound as if he wanted to have his underpants pulled right down right there in the shop, when the truth was quite the opposite. Nevertheless, Lucas, who had been brought up to be polite, meekly agreed with Mrs Steel and her experienced hands were soon at work tugging at the waistband of the little white underpants.

Lucas’s lower lip curled inwards as he felt his underpants being lowered. Mrs Steel knew from experience that it was best to uncover the boy’s bottom first and then to bring her fingers round to the front of the waistband as sometimes she needed to deal with a boy who had become a little ‘over excited’, as she patronisingly called it when the boy’s penis was aroused. Lucas was fortunate in that his penis was behaving itself and merely wobbled a bit as it came into view as Mrs Steel drew down the elasticated waistband. Without pausing the underpants were pulled all the way down to Lucas’ feet. Lucas held onto the sides of the cubicle as Mrs Steel lifted one leg then the other to relieve Lucas of his last remaining item of clothing.

Lucas stood, framed by the changing booth, fully nude and embarrassed beyond belief, as he waited for Mrs Steel to continue with the ‘fitting’ of his new swim-trunks. Lucas looked over towards his mum. She gave him the ‘don’t you dare misbehave and show me up’ look that he knew so well.

It was in situations such as this that Lucas became even more acutely aware of how he lacked any sign of pubic hair, even though his penis and testicles were as well developed as any of his classmates. At least once a week Lucas could be found in his bedroom performing the most elaborate contortions as he searched in vain for any little hairs that might have sprouted around his penis. One of his friends, the proud possessor of a tiny patch of feathery boy-hairs at the base of his penis, swore blind that rubbing spunk around his nob had done the trick. Lucas followed his advice, but so far the results had been disappointing and he was still the same; still as bald as a billiard-ball ‘down there’. Another boy told Lucas how after wanking he would scoop up  some of his spunk with his fingers and then lick them clean, swallowing his cum in the process. The boy had proudly shown Lucas proof of the efficacy of this method when he pulled down his trousers and underpants to reveal ‘luxurious’ patches of boy-hair sprouting at each side of his penis. In reality these were no more than half a dozen wisps of light downy hair, but Lucas’ friend was proud to show them to him nonetheless. This boy also had no hesitation in recommending his regime to Lucas. Lucas, however, was less than enthusiastic and so far had only hesitatingly sniffed at his own boy-cum before cleaning himself up after a wank.

The fact that Lucas had yet to sprout any pubic hair was undoubtedly one of the reasons Mrs Steel treated him just as she would a much younger boy. As it was Mrs Steel didn’t think it a matter of importance to give any consideration to a boy’s modesty at the best of times; to boys such as Lucas who were so obviously deficient in certain aspects of their pubertal development, the thought did not even occur to her.

Mum was no better. She still thought of Lucas as her ‘little baby boy’ and as such gave no consideration to the fact he was an age at which privacy was becoming important. Mum would enter Lucas’ bedroom without bothering to knock on the door at the most inopportune moments. More than once she had walked in and caught him lying on his bed masturbating. Unlike some mums she knew, Mrs Rudge was prepared to accept Lucas’ need to play with his penis, indeed she had observed this behaviour when her son was far too young to know what he was doing, so to see him masturbating aged fourteen was something she could easily take in her stride. For Lucas it was, unsurprisingly,  a different matter entirely and when mum came into his room carrying a pile of his clothes to be put away, just when he was on the verge of cumming, was deeply embarrassing. He had rolled over onto his front and pleaded for his mum to leave, but she had insisted that Lucas shouldn’t be upset and that it wouldn’t take her long to put his clothes away, then he could finish playing with himself.

That probably hurt Lucas more than anything; the fact that mum knew what he was up to! Mums weren’t supposed to know about that sort of thing. It wasn’t fair. Boys ought to have some secrets after all. But it hadn’t stopped Lucas from exercising his wrist at every opportunity. He continued to assiduously rub the fruits of his labour over the base of  his bald penis and wonder when Mother Nature would deem him old enough to sprout some pubic hair.

As Lucas stood bare-nude, waiting for Mrs Steel to fit him with his new swim-trunks, he could be forgiven for wanting to get the whole thing over and done with. He still couldn’t understand why he couldn’t have some swim-shorts to wear and it upset him no end that he was supposed to see it as some sort of honour to be the first boy to wear the absurdly brief speedo. Mrs Steel came back and held up the ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ trunks in front of Lucas.

“Here we are!” she chirruped in her annoying, patronising way, “All ready to try on your new swim-trunks?!”

Lucas looked at the little scrap of material Mrs Steel was holding between her fingers. How can she possibly call that a pair of swim-trunks? he wondered. “Do I have to…?” he pleaded once more.

“Oh, don’t be such a little silly-billy, Lucas,” Mrs Steel replied, “Everyone will be so envious when they see you wearing your new trunks at the seaside… I bet all the girls will be chasing you!”

This made Lucas blush even more. The thought of wearing so little and having girls in swimsuits chasing him on the sand was enough to make his penis stir right there in the shop… never mind what might happen on the beach! The thought of having an erection in the tiny trunks Mrs Steel was holding up was mortifying. Even Lucas’ modestly sized hard-on could not be contained within that sliver of boy’s swimwear.

Lucas managed not to think about wearing so little while being chased on the beach and in so doing kept his penis under control as Mrs Steel lifted his legs, one at a time, in order to carry out the fitting of his new swim-trunks. Mum watched as Lucas stood still to allow Mrs Steel to pull up the embarrassing ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ trunks. When it came to Lucas’ ‘boy-bits’, Mrs Steel had no hesitation in taking them in her hand to tuck them into the ludicrously small pouch which formed most of the trunks. Next she turned Lucas around in order to straighten the strap that slipped between Lucas’ bottom cheeks. Mrs Steel fussed about making sure the ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ trunks were fitted properly, pulling and smoothing the waistband and tugging at the sides of the little front-pouch.

“There… how’s that?” Mrs Steel asked as she stepped back to admire her work.

Lucas caught sight of himself in a mirror and found it difficult to give and honest reply to Mrs Steel. It would be foolish to attempt to describe the level of shame and embarrassment felt by the fourteen year old. To his horror Lucas realised that if he felt like this in the shop, what on earth was he going to feel like wearing the flimsy speedo on a busy family beach?

As Lucas contemplated the inevitable humiliations in store for him at the seaside, mum called him into the shop so she could have a ‘proper’ look at the new swimwear. Lucas didn’t move. He was glued to the spot, terrified to think of what it was going to be like wearing the ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ trunks on holiday.

Mrs Steel took him by the hand like a little boy: “Come along Lucas, don’t be shy, mummy’s waiting…” Her experience in dealing with uncooperative boys like Lucas showed, as with ease she firmly guided him forward, out of the comparative safety of the little changing-booth.

“Arms up!” Mrs Steel ordered as she lifted the hand she’d been holding, “... so mummy can see your new swim-trunks properly.” Lucas did as he was told and Mrs Steel turned to his mother, “What do you think?”

“They’re just what I had in mind, Mrs Steel. I do think the fashion for these long baggy shorts boys wear these days sets such a bad example and I’m sure it can’t do them any good at all…”

“... harming their health you think?” Mrs Steel adroitly interjected, “I agree. Not enough sun getting to their legs can lead to a lack of vitamin D, you know. That’s why we always recommend boys wear proper short trousers at all times and proper brief trunks when they go swimming,” Mrs Steel added as she gave an authoritative medical reason for Lucas to wear the absurdly revealing ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ swim-trunks. “You won’t finding us stocking those harmful long swim-shorts in our shop.”

Lucas’ mum was intrigued by Mrs Steel’s reasoning as she leant forward to examine the super brief boy-trunks more closely. Mum slipped her fingers under one of the straps which was attached to the front pouch of the trunks: “Are these straps quite strong? I wouldn’t want Lucas to have an accident and find his trunks have slipped off…”

As Lucas tried to control his breathing (and his boyhood!), Mrs Steel and his mum fiddled with the straps at the front, back and sides of the ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ trunks. The two woman pulled at the straps and stretched them this way and that as they discussed the undoubted merits of the super brief boy-trunks.

“It’s important to make sure Lucas rinses his trunks properly after he wears them,” Mrs Steel advised, “Lucas should take off his trunks and rinse them thoroughly before he takes a shower to wash off all the sand and salt water…”

“I’ll make sure he does what you say,” mum replied.

“Take a walk around the shop, Lucas,” Mrs Steel said, “See how the trunks feel… get used to them…”

“Yes, that’s a good idea… I want to have a private word with Mrs Steel,” mum added.

Although Lucas was a bit worried about what mum might want to say to Mrs Steel without him overhearing, it nevertheless was a relief to get away from their attentive fingers. The front pouch of the speedo trunks was very constricting and having the straps pulled and examined was more than a little uncomfortable to say the least. As it was the ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ trunks felt like nothing else Lucas had ever worn. Once more he shuddered at the thought of wearing them on a busy public beach, surrounded by giggling girls.

The ladies sat down next to each other on separate chairs. When Lucas was out of earshot mum turned to Mrs Steel and spoke: “I’ve been meaning to ask you something and now seems as good a time as any,” she began, “It’s just that I’ve been wondering to what age you would recommend keeping a boy in short trousers?”

“I’m often asked this, Mrs Rudge. You’d be surprised how many mums have come to me with that very same question. I’ve always maintained there is no reason why boys shouldn’t continue to wear shorts trousers right throughout their school years. Boys can certainly be kept in short trousers during their teenage years, but there is really nothing to stop you extending that for as long as you want… say as long as the boy in question remains under your roof, for instance,” Mrs Steel replied quite calmly and with the voice of experience, continued,. “As long as a boy looks smart and his shorts are tailored properly, wearing short trousers will keep a boy healthy and out of mischief too…”

“I’d really not thought much beyond Lucas’ sixteenth birthday. To be honest I thought when he reached sixteen it would be time to put him into longs,” mum replied.

“Of course it’s entirely up you at what age you think Lucas is mature enough to be allowed his first pair of longs,” Mrs Steel replied as both she and Lucas’s mum watched Lucas as he cautiously and very self-consciously walked around the shop, “All this fuss Lucas is making about wearing a perfectly respectable pair of boy’s swimming trunks would give me cause to consider whether it might not be better for Lucas to wear short trousers until he is much older…”

“Yes… he is being very silly about his lovely new swim-trunks,” mum said, “... and I do think short trousers rather suit him. He looks so sweet when he sets off for school in the morning…”

“... with his legs bare to the tops of his thighs,” Mrs Steel added preempting whatever it was Lucas’ mum was going to say, “And so it should be. Bare legs are healthy legs!” She paused as if waiting for any objection to her statement and when none was forthcoming called out to Lucas: “Come over here, Lucas… Your mother and I want to have another look at your new swim-trunks…”

What now? Lucas thought as he walked towards the two ladies.

Lucas was made to stand close to the seated ladies and straightaway Mrs Steel reached out and pushed her fingertips under the thin straps of the speedo at the front, just below Lucas’ hip.

“How do your new speedo trunks feel now that you’ve walked about a bit, Lucas? Nice and comfy?” Mrs Steel asked.

“Er, I guess so…” Lucas replied.

“They look comfortable enough to me… What do you think, Mrs Rudge? Do you think Lucas is going to be comfortable wearing his new swim-trunks?” Mrs Steel asked.

Even Lucas understood the difference between how comfortable the trunks felt to wear as opposed to how he personally felt wearing them. The thought of wearing the ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ trunks in public on a busy family beach chock full of giggling schoolgirls was not something he could ever feel ‘comfortable’ about. Of that Lucas was certain.

As mum reached out her hand to examine the flimsy swim-trunks, Lucas again pleaded with her: “... do I have to wear them on holiday, mum? Please can’t I have some swim-shorts instead?”

Mum eased her fingertips under one of the thin straps, almost touching the front pouch of the trunks. Lucas twitched and pulled away slightly: “Don’t be silly, Lucas. These trunks are perfect for young boys to wear at the seaside, but we just want to make sure… now stop wiggling about…”

“Keep still, Lucas,” Mrs Steel admonished the young boy, “Mummy and I are trying to make sure your new swim-trunks are a nice fit. We want to make sure you’ll be happy in your new trunks at the seaside… Now turn round so mummy can see the back of your swim-trunks.”

Lucas wasn’t given a chance to say what he thought, or how humiliating it was going to be wearing his new trunks at the seaside. He turned round. There was little to see apart from his bare bottom.

“There, Mrs Rudge… what do you think?” Mrs Steel asked.

Mrs Rudge reached out and touched one of Lucas’ bare bottom cheeks: “You don’t think Lucas might attract attention on the beach?”

Lucas twisted his head round. Was there still hope that mum might relent and change her mind about purchasing the super brief swim-trunks?

“I don’t think so… why should he? I don’t think anyone will be in the least bit concerned about a boy’s bare bottom at the seaside… Don’t give it another thought.”

“In that case, Mrs Steel… we’ll take them, won’t we darling,” Mum said and before Lucas realised what was happening, mum had tugged the ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ trunks down to his ankles… and off, right there in the middle of the shop! “Now go with Mrs Steel and she’ll get your clothes…”

Just then a girl’s voice pierced the air: “Oh look, mummy! It’s Lucas Rudge! He’s in my class at school…”

A horrified Lucas leant forward and clamped his hands between his legs as he saw Ashley Muir, eagerly leading her mother by the hand, walking towards him.

Mrs Steel, upon seeing the new customer, stopped in her tracks and turned to greet Ashley and her mother.

Lucas, was left to stand fully nude in the middle of the shop.

Ashley walked right up to Lucas and said hello. Lucas was blushing so furiously he didn’t know what to do. He opened his mouth, but could form no words. If he turned and made a run for it towards the changing cubicle, Ashley would be treated to the sight of his bare bottom and besides he’d have to try and dodge past Mrs Steel who was standing in his way.

Before he could do anything, however, Lucas’ mum spoke: “Aren’t you going to introduce me to this young lady, Lucas?” she asked.

“Er… Mum, this is, um, Ashley,” Lucas stuttered, “Er, Ashley… this is my, er mum…”

“Ashley…” Mrs Rudge repeated the name, “Is this the ‘girlfriend’ you’ve been telling me about?”

“MUM!!” Lucas wailed in his utter embarrassment as it became clear to everyone that despite whatever it was Lucas had told his mum, Ashley was no more his ‘girlfriend’ than your humble narrator.

All three ladies had that ‘ahh, isn’t that cute… the things these boys say… what will they think of next?’ smile on their faces. Ashley took it all in her stride and stepped even closer to the nude boy. She took hold of one of his wrists and gently but firmly pulled his hand from between his legs, leaving Lucas to struggle with one hand to try and cover his boy-parts.

“That’s so sweet of you, Lucas,” Ashley said as she lifted up Lucas’ hand and held it in front of her, “I had no idea. You silly boy, you should have said something to me…”

Ashley led Lucas by the hand to a chair where she sat down and drew Lucas to her. This time she pulled Lucas’ other hand away from between his legs. Unsurprisingly Lucas’ hairless penis was partially aroused.

“I’ve a good mind to spank this naughty little bottom of yours, Lucas,” Ashley announced, overjoyed to have at last found an excuse to spank the most spankable bottom in her class at school, “Fancy keeping it a secret and not telling me you wanted me to be your girlfriend…”

Lucas stood shamefaced in front of the fourteen year old girl: “I’m sorry, Ashley… I.. I...”

“Never mind, Lucas… I know you’re very shy, but you don’t want all the other girls to think you’re shy… do you, Lucas?”

“No, Ashley…” Lucas hung his head, utterly bewildered and unable to see a way out of his predicament. He glanced over towards his mum and the other ladies, but they were all smiling and saying how cute it was to see Lucas blushing while Ashley held his hands and spoke to him.

“Please… please, Ashley, you’re not really going to er, spank me… are you?”

“I don’t see why not,” Ashley replied, “You’ve only yourself to blame, Lucas. You shouldn’t have told your mummy I was your girlfriend without asking my permission first… should you?”

“No, Ashley… I’m sorry,” Lucas apologised.

“Is that all, Lucas… Isn’t there something you’d like to ask me?” Ashley said, clearly in complete control of the situation.

Mrs Rudge leant over to Ashley’s mother and whispered: “Your Ashley has certainly got her head screwed on the right way… She’s a very mature young lady...” then added, “... but as you can see, Lucas is still in the er, ‘little boys’ club’.”

Lucas was puzzled and instinctively looked towards his mum for advice. Mum rolled her eyes upwards in mock despair at the slowness of her son: “Lucas,” she said, “Ashley’s waiting for you to ask her to be your girlfriend…”

Lucas looked back at Ashley who smiled at him: “Er… Ashley…” He stumbled over his words. It wasn’t easy for him to be standing bare-nude in front of the girl he fancied more than anything in the world, in the middle of Mrs Steel’s shop, with three ladies looking at him saying how cute they thought he was being. ‘Self-conscious’ doesn’t begin to describe how he felt.

“Yes, Lucas…” Ashley said encouragingly.

“Um… Ashley… will you, er, please… be my… girlfriend?”

“Hmm…” Ashley responded thoughtfully. Lucas felt his heart sinking and thought what an idiot he’d been to even think a girl as nice as Ashley could ever be his girlfriend. But all was not lost as Ashley continued, “If I’m to be your girlfriend, Lucas, I think you should pay for being such a naughty boy…”

Lucas’ mouth opened in protest, but Ashley cut him short: “It’s only fair you should have your bottom spanked for saying I was your girlfriend without asking me first… don’t you agree?”

“But… But, Ashley…” Lucas didn’t want to have his bottom spanked.

“Don’t you agree, Lucas,” Ashley said a little more firmly.

Lucas had no choice but to agree if he was to be able to call Ashley his girlfriend, so after another furtive glance in the direction of his mum and the other ladies, gave his answer: “Yes, Ashley…”

“Yes, Ashley… what?” Ashley asked Lucas.

“Yes, Ashley, I agree…” he responded.

And?” Ashley pressed Lucas to say what he was agreeing to.

Poor Lucas was so embarrassed that he could hardly be heard when he spoke the words Ashley wanted him to say: “Please, Ashley… will you, er, spank my, er bottom for saying you were my girlfriend… before I asked you?”

“Did you tell anyone other than mummy?” Ashley asked.

“No… just mummy,” Lucas responded.

“A spanking should take care of it then… come on now Lucas… over my lap you go.”

After another glance in the direction of the group of ladies, Lucas did as he was told and slowly leant forward to ease himself over Ashley’s lap. Ashley helped him into position and soon had Lucas’ bottom where she wanted it… squarely across her lap. As Lucas was forced up onto tiptoes he realised Ashley was an experienced spanker and he suddenly felt very vulnerable.

As for Ashley, she was in seventh heaven. She had fantasised about spanking Lucas’ bottom for ages, but never in a million years did she think she’s ever have the opportunity. She rested her open right hand on Lucas’ bottom and slowly stroked the smooth, soft curves. Lucas, feeling this, moved a hand backwards in an instinctive attempt to protect himself. Ashley was ready for this and simply took hold of Lucas’ arm at the wrist. She pulled the arm up towards the middle of Lucas’ back and held him tight.

Ashley, now in complete control of the nude boy over her lap, continued to marvel at the flawless globes in front of her. There were, she noted to herself, delightfully faint tan-lines on Lucas’ upper thighs. The tan-lines were to be expected on a boy kept permanently in short trousers, but perhaps not quite so high up his legs. This indicated to Ashley that Lucas’ play-shorts were even shorter than his school shorts. Then there was the tan-line just above Lucas’ bottom. The effect of these line was to draw Ashley’s eyes back to the exposed pale bottom lying across her lap. They also defined Ashley’s target area.

Ashley gripped Lucas’ wrist a little tighter and swung her open right hand down for the first spank across Lucas’ bottom. The sound was loud and sharp. It reverberated around the shop as Lucas let out a shocked gasp and his legs shot out straight. The spank stung far more than he expected and he completed his manoeuvre by criss-crossing his legs. Ashley took the increase in weight across her lap with consummate ease and it was then that her mother turned to Lucas’ mum.

“Ashley does some sitting for a few of our neighbours,” she told Mrs Rudge, “She insists on having spanking rights before she’ll agree to sit… She’s very popular and always in demand.”

“I can see your daughter’s very experienced… I don’t think Lucas is going to forget this spanking in a hurry!”

As the ladies chatted, Ashley was beginning the spanking in earnest and as her hand became a blur and the spanks rained down on Lucas’ rapidly reddening bottom, his legs commenced a vigorous ‘air crawl’ as if he was trying to swim his way out of Ashley’s lap.

So far Lucas had managed to hold off crying out, but as his bottom went from red- to white-hot, the stinging sensation became unbearable and at last he shouted out:


The three ladies smiled as Ashley simply replied: “It’s supposed to hurt…” and carried on spanking Lucas’ very red bottom and upper thighs. Lucas cried out shamelessly for Ashley to stop the spanking. His words became ever more urgent, until, with tears and sot running freely down his face, they became completely unintelligible.

Finally Ashley rested her hand on Lucas’ burning hot bottom. Beneath her Lucas fought to regain control of himself, but it was no use. When Ashly let him up from her lap, Lucas broke into an energetic ‘spanking dance’, the most entertaining dance any of the mums had seen for a long time. Completely unaware of the spectacle he was making of himself, Lucas jumped about and rubbed his burning bottom with both hands. Even when Ashley called him to have his face wiped, Lucas couldn’t stop himself from jerking up onto tiptoes and bouncing back onto his heels.

Lucas was completely oblivious of his nudity in front of Ashley and the ladies as Ashley wiped his face. Then Ashley took a tissue and held it up to Lucas’ nose before telling him to blow his nose.

This scene prompted a chorus of “Ahhhh… isn’t that so sweet of Ashley…” from the ladies as they smiled and agreed what a wonderful girlfriend she would be for Lucas. His mum turned to Mrs Steel and spoke:

“I’ve an idea Lucas might be needing to wear his new swim-trunks rather sooner than expected…” she said.

“Yes, I see what you mean, Mrs Rudge… the ‘Speedo UltraSlim’ would seem to be the perfect choice for a freshly spanked boy,” Mrs Steel replied with a smile, “I’m sure Lucas will appreciate it if you let him wear his new trunks to go home in… Would you like me to sort out a singlet and some beach sandals for him?”

“Thank you, Mrs Steel. If you wouldn’t mind putting his school uniform in a carrier-bag…”

“Not at all, Mrs Rudge.”

This time Lucas didn’t object when Mrs Steel once more helped him into his backless swim-trunks. Just before he was ready to go home Ashley sidled up to him and stole a quick kiss on his cheek.

“I’ll be your girlfriend, Lucas…” she said and then whispered, “We’ll have lots of fun… won’t we?” as she patted Lucas’ red bottom.

“Er, yes…” Lucas replied as he blushed and wondered whether his bottom could take much more of Ashley’s ‘fun’.

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  1. The "holiday" story mogg, very welcome! Lucas certainly received a lot more than he expected. An over the knee spanking from his classmate who has now become his girlfriend. Excellent story mogg, I'll even forgive the lack of jim-jams!

    1. Thanks wincy. Apologies for the shocking lack of jim-jams! Though I've no doubt Lucas' new 'girlfriend' Ashley will insist on helping mummy choose a new pair of pjs for him to take on holiday...

  2. Great Story.:)Maybe Lucas's mommy will even hire his new girlfriend to sit for him when mommy has to go out on adult business.

  3. That will be interesting. Babysitters usually ( in my experience) bath their children , dress them in their pjs or nightshirts then tuck them into bed. Good practice for a girlfriend....

  4. It was long overdue. His mother should have tanned his bottom in the store for whining

    1. But then Ashley wouldn't have had the undoubted pleasure of watching those pale bottom cheeks turn fiery-red as she gave Lucas his spanking

  5. Very good indeed. Ashley sounds wonderful. May I ask you please to complete my favourite-Letters to David? BobK

    1. Thanks for putting up another comment, BobK. The first one you left appeared in my mailbox (as do all the comments) but for some reason it never got to my blog. I've no idea why, but I just wanted to assure you it was the system that was to blame and not me. I never delete readers' comments - I'm far too grateful to them for taking the time to write. Thanks once again and I've noted what you said regarding 'Letters to David', but as usual I don't want to make any promises.

  6. To return from a holiday and be greeted by another story is a real treat…
    But what a story this is. Just the theme that you do so well, total embarrassment for a fourteen year old boy..
    Love it… you never know who is going to walk into that sort of shop.. and the fun females (young and old have at the poor boys expense)..

    Regards Stephen.

    1. Thanks Stephen. Pleased you enjoyed the story. Yes, I do have a thing for those sort of shops... so much potential for embarrassment!