Saturday, 28 January 2017

Robin: Part 7

Veronica smiled to herself as she recalled recent events. She remembered how, after she’d finished getting Leslie dressed and putting him back into his short trousers, his mother had taken a fancy to a pair of lemon-yellow shorty-pyjamas. [The reader will no doubt need little reminding of the reason Leslie and his mother visited ‘Lockton Boys’ Outfitters’ and how Leslie had been dragooned into ‘helping’ with the faulty jockstrap in Robin: Part 6].

Mrs Cathcart, Veronica’s mother who was also the shop’s owner, had been about to dress one of the store’s mannequins in a pair of the shorty-pyjamas as part of her new shop window display. However, Mrs Darnley, Leslie’s mother, was such a regular (and valuable) customer that Mrs Cathcart suggested she might like to have Leslie try the shorty-pyjamas on “for size”.

To Leslie’s dismay, his mother took up the offer and Veronica was called upon to get Leslie undressed once more so that he could try on the pyjamas ‘properly’. Thus Veronica was again delayed as she was about to return to her friend Carol’s house wherein two totally bare boys, Robin and Hal, were waiting her arrival with the promised jockstraps and some sort of measuring device.

Veronica, it will be remembered had earlier that morning dropped in unannounced at her friend Carol’s house to find two boys in their birthday suits. One of the boys, Robin with his arms still in splints, had just been made to ejaculate by Harold, Carol’s younger brother, while being watched by two young girls, Heather and Shirley who were being given a First Aid lesson by Carol. Harold was just in the process of cleaning up Robin’s ‘mess’ when Veronica had walked through the door [See Robin: Part 5].

With her mission to the boys waiting at her friend Carol’s thwarted once more, Veronica set about putting Leslie into the shorty-pyjamas. Leslie, a boy of fifteen summers, again endured the indignity of standing in the shop as one by one his clothes were removed. His embarrassment was not lessened when Veronica then proceeded to put him into the yellow Winnie the Pooh shorty-pyjamas. Even Veronica thought Leslie looked rather silly wearing the pajamas, the bottoms of which were if anything even shorter than his short trousers (and Leslie’s short trousers were kept very short indeed), but being by nature a diplomatic young girl, Veronica merely said how cute Leslie looked, to which Mrs Darnley agreed.

“Yes, they suit Leslie very well… don’t you think so too, Mrs Cathcart?”

“Oh, indeed… very much so,” Veronica’s mum replied, “Now, as I was about to put those pyjamas on display in the window, would you mind very much if I borrowed Leslie for a short while…?”

Leslie’s mother understood perfectly and gave her consent, but as for Leslie himself it wasn’t until Mrs Cathcart directed him towards the open window panels that led to the display area that the penny dropped.

“Oh no! Please, mummy…” Leslie pleaded when he realised he was expected to model the shorty-pyjamas in the shop window!

“Now don’t be silly, Leslie,” his mother replied, “It’s only a pair of pyjamas… just get a move on and don’t make such a fuss. I’m sure Mrs Cathcart doesn’t want you holding things up…”

“... but, mummy… everyone will see me…” Leslie whinged.

“I rather think that’s the whole idea of a window display, Leslie,” Mrs Cathcart pointed out.

“Leslie… I’m warning you,” Mrs Darnley told her son, “if you don’t get a move on and do exactly what Mrs Cathcart tells you, there will be tears before bedtime… your tears, Leslie. Of that you can be certain.”

“Yes, mummy…” Leslie replied meekly, realising that as always, he had no other option, so he moved towards the open window panel. But before he could step into the display area, Veronica thrust something into his hands. It was a teddy! Leslie’s mouth fell open in shock. Wearing the super short lemon-yellow shorty pyjamas was bad enough and being made to model them in the shop window was unspeakably awful, but being given a teddy to hold was the last straw. Leslie was about to toss teddy to one side in a fit of pique when he caught sight of his mother watching him. The threat of ‘tears before bedtime’ was enough for him to hold on to teddy. Much as he dreaded the humiliation of being put on display in the shop window dressed in ridiculously infantile shorty-pyjamas holding a teddy, Leslie dreaded mum’s hairbrush spankings on his bare bottom even more. He held teddy tightly in his hand.

“Manners, Leslie,” his mother prompted him, “What  do you say?”

Leslie looked sheepishly at Veronica: “Thank you… thank you for teddy, Miss Veronica,” he said.

“That’s a good boy… that wasn’t so difficult, was it?” Mrs Darnley said, praising her son and at the same time shaming him in front of Veronica and her mother.

Leslie stepped nervously into the window display area. At the far end Leslie could see a high-chair had been set up and next to it was a little table with plastic tea-cups and a teapot. There was an old-fashioned nursery-sized blackboard with noughts and crosses drawn on the board as if children had been playing. Squeezed into the display area were a couple of mannequins, both wearing eye-wateringly brief bibbed play-shorts. For a second or two Leslie was grateful to be wear the shorty-pyjamas and not the infantile play-shorts.

Leslie was directed to sit on a little child’s chair next to the blackboard, pick a piece of chalk and to ‘play’ noughts and crosses as Mrs Cathcart positioned the mannequins so that they were kneeling next to Leslie. From the street outside it looked for all the world as if three young boys were playing together. Leslie felt like a complete idiot. He was very uncomfortable too, since the chair was designed for a much smaller child, long-legged Leslie was forced to sit with his knees up almost around his ears. This meant the tiny pyjama-shorts were rucked up so much that most of Leslie’s bare bottom was in contact with the plastic chair. So all of Leslie’s smooth thighs as well as the lower curves of his bottom were clearly visible to any window-shoppers who might pass by the shop. The child-sized plastic chair soon felt clammy and sticky in the confined space of the window display area and Leslie found it hard to keep still.

“Pop outside for a moment and see how the display looks, will you?” Mrs Cathcart said to Veronica. Then she turned to Leslie and told him to keep perfectly still and, “stop fidgeting!”

Veronica did as she was told. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending upon which way your sympathies lie towards Leslie) the schoolgirls who’d been ogling Leslie earlier had moved on, but there were still uncomfortable times ahead for Mrs Cathcart’s new model. As she watched her mother rearrange some of the display props around Leslie, a couple of ladies walked up to the window and looked in at the tableau. Veronica watched the ladies out of the corner of her eye, eager to see whether they spotted the new ‘live’ model in the window.

Mrs Cathcart moved to the other end of the window where she’d spotted a sign which had become dislodged. It was next to a display of boys’ short grey school trousers. Shorts of varying lengths were represented, although none could be said to be particularly ‘long’. The sign Mrs Cathcart picked up and placed prominently where it could be seen from the street read : “Shorter sizes always available - re-hemming a speciality”. Below this Mrs Cathcart placed a card on which line drawings featured a 'before' picture of a schoolboy wearing short trousers that came to just above his knees, next to an 'after' picture showing the same boy wearing the short trousers re-hemmed to the very top of his thighs.

“I do like to have a look in Lockton’s window when I’m passing,” one of the ladies said to the other, “Mrs Cathcart always has something interesting on display… I mean just look at those pyjamas… shorty-pyjamas... who’d of thought of those and they look so sweet.” She turned to her friend and added, “Gerald always wears proper winceyette pyjamas, but bedtime these days is becoming something of a battle… I don’t know where he gets his ideas from… seems to think that just because he’s fourteen he ought to be allowed to stay up til all hours!”

The lady’s companion agreed that it was shocking what little boys expected to be allowed to do these days, then she peered a little closer to the shop window: “Y’know it’s remarkable how realistic they can make these mannequins look… quite uncanny… that one in the shorty-pyjama outfit, I could almost swear I’ve seen his face somewhere…”

Veronica could help smiling as she wondered what the ladies would say when they realised that particular mannequin was indeed real. For a moment she thought she might let the ladies in on the secret, but then some chalk-dust got up Leslie’s nose and he sneezed.

“Well I never!!” One of the ladies gasped and for a moment they both expected the other two mannequins to move, but they turned to Veronica when they heard her half-suppressed giggle.

Veronica explained to the ladies what had happened and how Leslie’s mother had kindly allowed him to do some modelling for ‘Lockton Boys’ Outfitters’. When asked for more details, Veronica explained how Leslie had tried to deceive his mother by attempting to purchase a pair of long trousers behind her back. The ladies were intrigued by what Veronica had to say.

“It just goes show that boys will try anything to get their own way… Fancy that, deceiving his own mother… and whatever did he want with a pair of long trousers?”

“Leslie wanted a pair of longs to wear to school… something about not wanting to wear short trousers anymore because he’ll be in the Fifth Form when school starts,” Veronica explained, “But Leslie’s mother prefers him to wear short trousers and sees no reason for change…”

“Quite right too,” the second lady concurred, “What’s wrong with boys wearing short trousers, I should like to know?” she added.

“Nothing at all, dear,” the first lady replied, “... but you know boys… what was I saying only a moment ago? about how Gerald thinks he’s so grown up now that he is old enough to decide his own bedtime… well, just don’t get me started on Gerald and short trousers!”

But the the lady had started and went on to explain at great length her views. In the end it seemed that Gerald, like Leslie, would be kept in short trousers, whether for school or otherwise, for many more years to come. Like a lot of mothers it simply didn’t occur to her that her son should be allowed to wear anything else, neither did she question whether the boy might not feel humiliated having to wear such juvenile apparel until his late-teens. If the boy was bold enough to make a fuss, one could be sure such complaints would be dismissed as childish, silly nonsense and possibly proof that boy was not yet mature enough to deserve a pair of long trousers!

Veronica listened politely to the lady and would like to have heard even more about Gerald, but she was asked to finish explaining how Leslie ended up in ‘Lockton’s’ window dressed in a pair of lemon-yellow shorty-pyjamas. That of course involved telling the ladies of Leslie’s experience with the junior schoolboy jockstrap.

Leslie, sitting on the other side of the shop window, couldn’t hear what Veronica was saying to the ladies, but he found it most disturbing when they looked in his direction and chuckled. Leslie looked and felt like a complete laughing-stock. Veronica added that she was on her way to help two young boys who’d both had the misfortune to lose all their clothes. She was, she explained, going to lend the boys a couple of pairs of the faulty jockstraps like the one Leslie had been squeezed into earlier. When Veronica mentioned it was at her friend Carol’s house the two boys were waiting, it turned out the ladies knew Carol. Their daughters, they explained, had recently moved up from the Brownies and joined the Girl Guides. Carol, being a Ranger Guide had taken Heather and Shirley under her wing, for which they were both very grateful.

“Has Carol been giving the girls First Aid lessons?” Veronica asked.

“Why, yes… that’s where the girls are this morning,” The first lady replied. Then the penny dropped, “Oh! You mean Heather and Shirley have been having lessons in First Aid with two bare boys?”

“Well, I don’t think the boys were having First Aid lessons… it looked to me as if they were the, er ‘patients’,” Veronica said, as she narrowly avoided calling Hal and Robin the ‘victims’. She went on to explain that Robin was indeed in need of medical attention as he’d fallen into some nettles, “So he was very lucky to have your girls to help…”

“I’m sure the girls will tell us all about it when they get home… it sounds to me they’ve had quite an exciting time with Carol this morning,” the second lady said.

While Veronica had been talking to the two ladies, her mother had been busy with Leslie in the shop window. Mrs Cathcart put a finger to her lips and pondered for a moment. What if, she thought, I put Leslie on the high-chair. I could put the tea cups on the tray in front of him… no, better still, what if Leslie was being given his supper? Yes, that would work… then I could show some of the accessories we keep in stock that I’ve not been able to display before.

“Oh, Leslie… I’ve had an idea,” Mrs Cathcart called over enthusiastically to the understandably worried boy. What now? Leslie wondered, though he wisely kept his thoughts to himself. “You look so uncomfortable sitting on that little chair, Leslie,” Mrs Cathcart continued, “... so I think we’ll have you up onto the high-chair… That’ll be much more comfortable for you.”

Leslie wasn’t too sure about that, but again wisely kept his thoughts to himself. Then just as he was about to haul himself into the chair, Mrs Cathcart explained that, “... due to Health and Safety regulations”, all children… and that included Leslie “... need to be properly secured when seated on the high-chair…”

“Wait there a moment while I fetch the harness, Leslie,” Mrs Cathcart said as she disappeared into the shop, leaving Leslie, in his lemon yellow ‘Winnie the Pooh’ shorty-pyjamas, wondering what on earth he could do to escape this further indignity. He was about to poke his head into the shop and beg his mother to put an end to his nascent modeling career, when he heard the silvery tinkle of bells. Mrs Cathcart stepped back into the shop window holding a red leather children’s harness. She held the harness up, dangled it playfully in front of Leslie and then shook it to make the little bells attached to it tinkle merrily. Leslie’s face blanched in horror. Being put into a child’s harness was bad enough, but a harness with bells! Leslie could see that the slightest movement would cause the bells to jingle. What was more, Leslie could see the harness was not simply the sort of walking harness that fitted around the child’s body, there were simply too many straps for that.

At that moment Veronica popped her head into the display area: “I’d better get off back to Carol’s, mum… she’ll be wondering what’s happened to me…”

“Those boys will be wondering too, I shouldn’t doubt, but before you go could you help me get Leslie into the harness and then we can get him settled in the high-chair,” Veronica’s mother replied.

The two ladies were still standing outside and they watched, intrigued to see what would happen next. “This is better than Variety Night at the Playhouse!” one lady said to the other. As they watched they saw Veronica and her mother put Leslie into the harness. From outside, behind the plate-glass window they could just hear the little bells as they tinkled at every movement of the harness. The ladies saw Veronica reach down between Leslie’s legs to secure the crotch-straps while mum stood behind Leslie to tighten the buckles. When all the straps of the harness were in place and properly adjusted, Leslie looked as though he was ready to abseil down a cliff-face, not simply to be secured on a high-chair. Leslie did not look happy. He looked even less happy as he was helped to step backwards and up onto the high-chair. Veronica assisted her mother and helped to secure Leslie to the chair by means of various clips. When they’d finished Leslie was sat bolt upright and unable to move, while his bare legs dangled freely since there was nothing on which to rest his feet. Mrs Cathcart drew the feeding tray down over Leslie’s head as Veronica gave him back Teddy to cuddle.

“Whatever will they think of next?”  the first lady said to her friend as they watched Leslie being strapped into the high-chair, “You know I would mind one of those for Gerald… he can be such a fidget at mealtimes… simply bolts down his food and then starts nagging me for permission to leave the table…”

“That can’t be any good for him at all…” the other lady sympathised, “Boys should really be made to chew their food properly before swallowing, or upset tummies are bound to cause them problems.”

“I couldn’t agree more, Mildred, but you try and keep a teenage boy sitting at the table long enough to eat slowly… particularly if he’s got a  Scout meeting to go to!”

“Why don’t you ask Mrs Cathcart if you can’t bring Gerald along to her shop to show him what happens to boys who don’t eat properly? I’m sure that would buck his ideas up in no time…”

“Y’know, that’s not a bad idea, Mildred. Yes, an hour strapped into the high-chair might do him the world of good… Oh... Are you off now, dear?” the lady said as she saw Veronica leaving the shop at last, “Well tell the girls not to rush home.”

“I will,” Veronica replied and set off back to Carol’s house where two very bare boys were being looked after by her friend and the two young Girl Guides Heather and Shirley.

The ladies looked back to see if Mrs Cathcart had anything else in store for Leslie. They were not disappointed.

“Well blow me down if that’s not a bonnet!” Mildred exclaimed to her friend and they watched intently as Leslie tried to shy away from Mrs Cathcart as she slipped a matching Winnie the Pooh bonnet over his head. But as much as Leslie struggled he soon found it was impossible to prevent the bonnett being slid over his head and tied into place by chin-straps.

The ladies outside thought Leslie looked so sweet and ‘cuddlesome’ sat in the highchair, wriggling his long, bare legs as Mrs Cathcart fiddled with the bonnet. By the looks on the ladies’ faces it seemed as if fourteen year old Gerald might be in for a surprise sooner rather than later!

Much as we’d like to stay with the ladies and watch to see what happened in Lockton’s shop window, it’s time for us to catch up with Veronica on her way back to Carol’s where the boys were waiting on the kitchen.

Veronica had remembered to take the ‘Boy’s Jockstrap Measurement & Sizing Gauge’ (as supplied by the garment manufacturer) along with two pairs of the faulty junior schoolboy jockstraps which her mother had given her for the boys, Robin and Hal, to wear. Veronica had a pretty good idea the boys would be less than enthusiastic once they saw the jockstraps and would probably agree to wear anything else. Veronica wondered what they could be tricked into wearing and it being such a nice sunny day her thoughts naturally turned to the outrageously brief Red Indian outfits which she had seen her mother take delivery of recently. Hmm, Veronica pondered, as she walked along, how to get Hal and Robin from Carol’s to the shop with the boys dressed in nothing more than junior jockstraps? She strolled along deep in thought and it wasn’t long before she found herself walking up the path to the kitchen door, behind which the boys, still wearing nothing more than their birthday suits, were waiting closely watched by Heather and Shirley. Carol, on the other hand, was busy tidying the First Aid things away.

You may recall how Robin had the misfortune to fall into a patch of nettles earlier in the day [Robin: Part 3] and how, upon arriving at his new friend Hal’s house during Carol’s First Aid lesson, Robin was quickly put into arm-splints to stop him from scratching himself, while soothing lotion was subsequently rubbed on the affected areas. By the time Veronica returned the worst of the nettle-rashes had eased considerably, however the splints remained in place.

When Hal heard the door open his hands instinctively moved between his legs to cover his obstinate erection. The wait had been a long one and Hal was fed up with being watched by the young Girl Guides who proved themselves adept at thinking up the most deeply embarrassing questions a boy could be asked. Heather and Shirley wanted to know more about how and why boys masturbated and being forced to answer these questions had done nothing to assuage Hal’s arousal… quite the opposite!

“Why is your penis still stiff? Robin’s penis isn’t stiff. Is it because he squirted that stuff when you masturbated him?” ran one set of questions from Heather and Shirley.

More questions followed: “How often do you play with your penis? Do you rub it like you rubbed Robin’s penis when you masturbated him?” “Did you like playing with Robin’s penis?”

Hal knew he had to be careful with his answers. He knew Carol was well aware of their mum’s views of boys who masturbated. Mum did not approve of this activity and on the occasions she had caught Hal (red-handed as it were), a price had been exacted from his bare bottom; a painful price to discourage further misdemeanors (somewhat unsuccessfully in Hal’s case it has to be said). Mum couldn’t understand why boys wanted to masturbate in the first place. As far as she was concerned masturbation was a waste of a boy’s time, time that would be much better spent on homework or outside playing in the fresh air. And as for the mess boy’s made when they masturbated, Hal’s mum had resorted to putting up a notice in the bathroom to remind Hal that towels were not put there for him to masturbate into. This notice was the cause of much comment among mum’s visitors and a source of endless embarrassment to Hal.

So the girls’ questions posed something of a dilemma for Hal. Of course he loved to masturbate, indeed it was probably his favourite hobby! The last thing Hal wanted was to appear like a goody-two-shoes in front of Robin and say that he didn’t masturbate because Hal reckoned Robin would accuse him of lying about the wanking club in the pill-box. But Hal also knew that if he openly admitted he did masturbate, word was bound to get back to his mum and he’d find himself with a very red bottom as a consequence.

It was therefore exceedingly fortunate for Hal that Veronica turned up when she did and he managed to evade further questioning from the inquisitive Girl Guides.

Heather and Shirley’s attention was immediately focussed on Veronica as she produced the ‘Boy’s Jockstrap Measurement & Sizing Gauge’ and explained how it worked:

“You see there are two set of holes down each side of the gauge and this middle bit is where you measure the length of the boy’s penis…”

“What about if it’s naughty and stiff… like Hal’s,” Shirley said as she pointed at the red-faced Hal, who was slowly trying to edge backwards away from the girls.

Veronica smiled: “That? That’s what mum calls boy’s salute… happens a lot in the shop… you see the boy’s penis standing to attention and mum says he’s giving us a salute.”

The girls all laughed at Veronica’s description, particularly when she said how embarrassed the boys got when they were saluting.

“They should learn to behave themselves, shouldn’t they?” Heather said.

“I’m afraid it’s not always that easy, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” Veronica replied glancing over at Hal, “Let’s get on… who wants to help me measure the boys?”

As you can imagine both Shirley and Heather were keen to help Veronica and their arms shot up as they begged to be Veronica’s helper. Robin and Hal had shuffled back to the table and stood wide-eyed in horror at the thought of having their boy-bits measured up by the young Girl Guides. Hal looked hopefully at the back-door, but not only was he bare-nude, he didn’t fancy his chances of escape with his sister, the two young Guides and Veronica hot on his tail… Hal realised he would be lucky to even reach the door never mind get out of this nightmare, so he gripped the edge of the kitchen table, moved closer to Robin and pressed against him for a bit of moral support.

It was decided that Shirley would go first and help Veronica to measure Robin’s boy-bits.

“What are the holes for?” Shirley asked as she knelt down with Veronica in front of Robin.

“These are for measuring the width of a boy’s penis,”Veronica explained, “You see we lift up Robin’s penis like so and see which hole it fits into… Here you try, Shirley.”

Shirley took hold of Robin’s penis and tried to push it into one of the holes on the measurement gauge. The hole was too small. Shirley tried another… still too small for Robin’s penis to fit through. Robin bit on his lower lip and tried not to move as Shirley insisted on working her way from the smaller to the larger holes on the scale. Each time the head of Robin’s penis snagged on the gauge it gave him a not unpleasant tingle, particularly as it was accompanied by Shirley’s little fingers tugging away to try and make his penis fit through one of the openings. Eventually Shirley found the right one.

“That’s it… now make a note of the number, Shirley… you’ll need it in a minute,” Veronica said matter-of-factly and then explained how the length of Robin’s penis had to be measured by placing the gauge underneath the penis and reading another number from the scale. “Now we have to measure Robin’s testicles… that’s what those other holes are for…”

Veronica helped Shirley to carefully press one of Robin’s testicles through one of the holes. Robin couldn’t help but twitch. It’s not very nice having your testicles measured, but a reading was taken and Robin was allowed to relax.

“Let’s see now,” Veronica showed Shirley how the scale worked by pulling a sliding piece of card from the middle of the gauge, “When you line up the figures it tells you what size jockstrap is the best fit for the boy… see?”

Both Robin and Hal were, in the competitive way that boys have, eager to hear the result.

“It says ‘Jun. xM’... what does that mean?” Shirley asked.

“It mean that the ideal size jockstrap for Robin is a Junior extra-medium…” Veronica replied.

“Is that… I mean… normal?” Shirley asked.

“Nothing special… not too big and not too small I should say,” Veronica said somewhat casually. Her’s was, after all, the voice of experience, used to helping out in her mum’s shop.

Robin pouted as Hal grinned and couldn’t stop himself from boasting that he’d need a larger size jockstrap that Robin’s.

“But it’s not fair!” Robin protested, “Hal… I mean, Harold has got a… I mean… his nob’s...”

“... an erection,” Veronica interjected, “Yes, we do need to do something about that before we can measure him properly…”

“What are you going to do?” Heather asked, “Are you going to make him… squirt... like Robin?”

“You can’t ask him to do anything about it,” Hal’s sister Carol interjected, “Mum wouldn’t be at all pleased to be told he’d been masturbating…”

“But sis..” Hal said, hardly stopping to think through all the ramifications of what he was saying, “You wouldn’t tell her, would you? I mean if… I mean…” He suddenly turned to Veronica, “You don’t mean here?! Not in front of...”

“We’ve seen you making Robin squirt,” Heather said matter-of-factly.

“I’m afraid that rather beside the point, Heather. You see Harold is not allowed to masturbate under any circumstances,” Carol said.

It was Robin’s turn to smirk. All Hal’s boasts of a wanking club might be nothing more than a tall tale, he thought. But the way Carol was talking and in the short time Robin had known her, led him to wonder if she didn’t have a surprise up her sleeve for her kid brother.

“But Carol, I can’t take proper measurements with Harold’s penis like that,” Veronica said as she pointed to Hal’s stubbornly erect penis.

“Don’t worry… I’ve an idea,” Carol replied, “Harold… up onto the kitchen table and lie down… get a move on, we haven’t got all day. Heather and Shirley’s mums will be wondering what happened to them…”

Veronica took the opportunity to say how she’d met the girls’ mums and gave them the message that they needn’t be in any hurry to get home. With the prospect of more fun to be had with Hal, this was excellent news for Heather and Shirley.

“That’s good,” Carol said, “I was hoping the girls might help me sort out Harold’s naughty penis…”

Hal, lying on his back on the kitchen table, was horrified: “Wha… What are you going to do…?”

“Put your hands up under your head,” Carol ordered, “... and keep still.”

“But… Carol… what are you going to do?” Hal begged his sister, but did as he was told and tucked his hands under his head. I made him feel extremely vulnerable.

“Me? I’m not going to do anything,” Carol replied, “You’re the one who’s going to ‘perform’ for us.”

This seemed impossible to Hal. With his hands out of the way he couldn’t masturbate even if he was allowed to. Then it occurred to him: “You’re not going to let Heather and…”

“No one is going to touch you Harold,” Carol assured him. She turned to Shirley and asked her to fetch a couple of drinking straws from the dresser and to give one to Heather. The girls brandished their straws and wondered what Carol had in mind.

So too did Hal.

“Wha… what are you going to do with those?” he gasped.

Robin was just as puzzled, but unlike Hal, he couldn’t wait to see what Carol had in mind.

“Girls… pay attention,” Carol said as she ignored her brother’s entreaty, “A boy’s penis is very sensitive when it is in what we call a state of arousal. Just how sensitive you’ll see if you blow on it through your straws…”

Heather and Shirley positioned themselves on either side of the kitchen table and on a signal from Carol leant over Harold with the straws pressed between their lips. They blew through their straws up and down the length of Hal’s stiff penis and from the first puff of air they were delighted to watch the penis twitch and jerk uncontrollably. Hal couldn’t help himself and wriggled on the table.

“Stop it!!,” he yelled, “It’s not fair!” but the girls did their best to blow on Hal’s twitching penis.

“Hold on a moment girls,” Carol said, “We’re going to have to do something about tis. You can’t carry on with Harold rolling about all over the place…” She looked over at Robin, “I think we’ll have those splints off and you can help hold Harold steady… the nettle rash doesn’t look as bad as it was earlier.”

Robin’s splints were removed and he was told to stand at the top of the table, where Hal’s head was, so that he could hold Hal by the arms to stop him moving about so much. Veronica offered to help out by pinning Hal’s ankles down at the other end of the table. Heather and Shirley put their straws back into their mouths and resumed blowing.

A few moments later Shirley stopped and exclaimed: “Look! Look what’s happening…” She looked to Carol for an explanation.

“That’s Harold’s foreskin… what’s happened is called ‘retraction’,” Carol explained, “It happens when boys get very excited… it does happen to all boys, because not all boys get excited enough for it to happen… but some naughty boys like Harold get so excited their foreskins slip back all on their own…” Carol leant forward and pointed, without touching it, at the exposed head of Hal’s penis, “You see this… it’s called the frenulum and it’s very sensitive. See what happens when you blow on it with your straws…”

The girls did as Carol suggested. Hal’s hips bounced up from the table as he was tickled by the breath from the girls’ straws. It was unbearable and Hal wanted so much to grasp his penis and wank it right there on the kitchen table and to hell with the consequences. It was just as well he was being held down by Robin and Veronica as Heather and Shirley carried on with the treatment.

The girls pointed their straws at different places on Hal’s penis and stopped to giggle when they saw what effect they were having. They blew on Hal’s testicles, up and down the shaft, on the glans and on the frenulum again. Hal’s head rocked from side to side as he was driven insane by the teasing of Heather and Shirley and it will come as no surprise to learn that his penis became so highly stimulated that it started to ooze pre-cum.

Robin stared in amazement and wondered how long Hal could last before he ejaculated. As Robin watched, his friend’s penis jerked and bobbed about. Hal himself was groaning and struggling against Robin and Veronica. Robin knew it would only be a matter of time before Hal’s cum erupted and how unsatisfactory it would be not to be able to squeeze and rub his stiff penis.

Heather and Shirley continued their ministrations and the inevitable happened. Hal’s penis spasmed and the first jet of cum shot out onto Hal’s tummy. Veronica watched from her vantage point at the end of the table. As she held onto Hal’s ankles, Veronica was amused to see how Hal’s toes curled and uncurled with every grunt and moan that accompanied Hal’s ejaculation. There were more jerks and each time accompanied by pulse of ejaculate, one which reached all the way up onto Hal’s shoulder. Hal’s frustration was palpable though and Robin did feel sorry for his friend. Not so the girls, they just didn’t understand.

The last drops of cum dribbled from Hal’s tingling penis as it started to soften. Hal couldn’t believe how frustrated he felt. It was as though all the fun of wanking had been denied him. When he wanked he liked to squeeze his nob really hard and to feel the pressure of his fingers as they rubbed his foreskin over his nob-end. When he finally allowed himself the supreme moment of pleasure, the moment when he squirted his cum, Hal pushed his hips right out so that his jet went as far as possible, as if announcing his boyhood virility to the world.

Hal felt as if he’d been cheated and resolved to make up for it as soon as possible.

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  1. What a display the ladies must have witnessed, I wonder if Gerald would learn from watching or participating.
    Having been a boy myself I have no doubt what would happen should he resist and what the result would be..
    “What a window display that would be”…
    The young guide certainly made Hals discomfort a pleasure of sorts.. And Robins just shows how a girl can make a boys embarrassment pan out….
    Well done Mogg a nice starter for the new year..

  2. Plenty for all-great story Mogg.

    I do like the idea of Leslie on display in the shop window strapped into a high chair with a very cute harness with tingling bells. Particularly when wearing those cute shorty pyjamas.

    Leslie should be payed for his services, I would suggest in kind. He should be given the pyjamas and his mother offered a special rate on the cute harness and high chair.

  3. Another brilliant chapter Mogg, although your masterful writing made me very conflicted about where I wanted the focus to stay, with Leslie in the shop or Hal and Robins educational predicament. Two brilliant scenarios that both have fantastic potential.

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  5. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Stephen, "... having been a boy myself..." you clearly speak from experience and fully understand what would happen if Gerald made a fuss, but as you say, what a window display that would make for passers-by to watch if he did!

    Yes, Miniboy, what better way of rewarding Leslie for his services than to offer his mother a special deal on the items you suggested... although it did cross my mind whether Leslie might be put into the harness for the walk home and a placard attached advertising 'Lockton's - the Boys' Outfitter'.

    Like you, bitter_arron, I'm a bit conflicted. As I was writing I found myself wanting to stay longer and longer at the outfitters, but I was also conscious of Hal and Robin's situation. Perhaps the two scenes might be merged at some future date.

    Hi wincy... bowlfuls of milky puddings, eh? My guess is that Leslie will find himself still confined to the high-chair when his next mealtime is due. Rather than go through all the fuss and bother of getting Leslie out of the chair and harness, Mrs Cathcart might offer to feed Leslie where he is... an offer which Mrs Darnley readily agrees to.

    Thanks again everyone for all your comments.

  6. Hi Mogg

    I do like the idea of Leslie walking home in his harness with a placard, advertising Lockton's-his mother should certainly get a special deal for the advertising-though he might have to wear something different from his pyjamas (maybe) as accidental exposure might occur. Perhaps my favourite -microscopic short-all's with a teddy on the bib.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion Miniboy, although I've a feeling Leslie's mother wouldn't be at all concerned about any 'accidental exposure' that might occur with Leslie walking home dressed in his shorty-pyjamas. However, as I too like to see a boy wearing microscopic short-alls, it is an option to be considered for Leslie.

  7. Another fine chapter Mogg. As to your comment above I just love the thought that "Leslie's mother wouldn't be at all concerned about any accidental exposure that might occur." THAT pretty much sums up why this story is so arousing - that ALL the women are generally pretty much unconcerned about ANT male exposure as long as it can be justified in the context of what is happening at that moment.

    I LOVE when this happens in your stories!! I hope it happens a lot more :-)


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