Sunday, 3 July 2016

Robin: Part 5

Carol found it difficult to hide a smile as she watched Robin squirming with embarrassment on the kitchen table. However, it was Shirley who first spotted Robin’s penis as it peeked out from the remains of the shorty-pyjama shorts. Instinctively Shirley nudged her friend Heather and pointed to where they could see the pink tip of Robin’s foreskin as it came into view. Heather and Shirley were transfixed by the sight of the penis as it stirred like some wild beast from its slumber. Slowly, very slowly and with tiny jerks, Robin’s penis emerged from under the scrap of pyjama material, lifting it a little as it did so. Needless to say Robin was mortified as he lay utterly helpless on the table. If he hadn’t had his arms bound in splints by the young girls who were now staring at his stiffening nob, Robin thought he might just have had it in him to jump off the table and make a run for it… but as it was he was trapped.

If, at that moment, Robin had given any thought to all the other embarrassing predicaments he’d been in… and there’d been plenty, he surely would have ranked his current situation as among the worst, if not the worst.

In recent memory was the awful evening during which he’d been humiliated by Alice, who, under the approving eyes of his mother, had teased him and made him wear the horrible nylon pyjamas to bed. And now he was at the mercy of two little girls who appeared to have the blessing of Hal’s older sister Carol to do whatever they liked to make his life a misery. What was it with little girls, Robin wondered? Why did they have to be so horrid? It just wasn’t fair!

As he lay on the table, Robin had little time to ponder his fate as he was too busy watching the forceps in Carol’s hands as they were moved closer and closer to the last remaining piece of his shorty-pyjamas. As it was Carol hardly needed to use the forceps in order to lift the final piece of pyjama-flannel as Robin’s penis was doing that for her, but she couldn’t resist toying with the frayed edge of material and tugging it to expose a little more of Robin’s stiffening penis.

Please, Carol… please don’t,” Robin begged shamelessly as his testicles came into view.

Heather and Shirley thought this priceless. They had never had the opportunity to see a boy this close and in such a helpless position. Neither had they thought First Aid lessons could be quite so interesting… they would both be sure to ask Carol about extra tuition towards their First Aid badges.

Robin, desperate to think of some way to avoid further humiliation, looked around the kitchen and then glanced up at the window by the back-door. His mouth dropped open when he saw Hal looking in! Hal gave Robin the ‘thumbs up’ with his left hand since his right hand was otherwise occupied...

To say Robin was a bit miffed would be putting it mildly. He was furious! There he was, lying flat on his back on the kitchen table at the mercy of Carol and her ‘guardian angels’, with but a scrap of pyjama-fabric hardly covering his ‘bits’, fighting to control his nascent erection… and all Hal could do was to leer at him through the window and give him the thumbs up as if everything was okay!!

Carol was quick to see the change in Robin’s expression and guessed he’d seen something, or someone, in the window. Without seeming to look in the direction of Robin’s gaze, Carol saw for herself out of the corner of her eye the unmistakable visage of her young brother… up to no good as usual, she surmised!

“Heather… Shirley,” Carol said, “I’ve just remembered something, so I’m going to leave you in charge of the patient for a few moments… I won’t be long.”

Carol put down the forceps and left the kitchen by the hall-door. Robin looked up at the two young Girl Guides and hoped Carol was as good as her word. He didn’t want to be left alone with Heather and Shirley for a moment longer than necessary.

“How old are you?” Shirley asked.

“Fourteen,” Robin replied.

The flap of pyjama-material still had not been completely removed by Carol, but the girls could see into the shadow underneath...

“Can’t see any hair down there… Can you see any Heather?” Shirley asked her fellow Girl Guide.

“No… I can’t see any,” Heather replied as she twisted her head to one side and looked under Robin’s last remaining piece of clothing. She reached out her fingers towards the pyjama-material as if to lift it up, “Maybe we just can’t see them… maybe if I lift this up…”

“I haven’t got any,” Robin said bluntly which had the intended effect of stopping Heather from investigating any further.

“I thought boys your age were supposed to have hair down there,” Shirley said.

“Well, I haven’t… not yet anyway,” Robin said. If it had been possible for Robin to blush anymore, he certainly would have done so as the girls continued their questioning.

“Why haven’t you got any hairs?” Heather demanded.

“I dunno… I just haven’t got any that all… there’s other boys in my class at school haven’t got any either… and they’re the same age as me...” Robin replied trying to sound confident.

Just then they heard noises from outside and Carol’s raised voice as she ticked-off her brother.

Carol had left the house via the front-door, then she tip-toed round the side of the building and peeked round the corner to see Hal at the kitchen window. Silently Carol crept up right behind her brother, not that Hal would have heard her as he was so engrossed in watching what was happening to Robin in the kitchen. Hal hadn’t even paused to question why his sister had left the room.

“What are you doing, Harold?” Carol asked, frightening the life out of Hal who nearly jumped out of his skin. Hal immediately pulled his hand out of his trouser pocket and with it came the pocket itself… the pocket with the incriminating hole!

“N-nothing…” Hal said quickly, “Nothing, Carol… just thought I’d better… er, check to see what you were doing before I… before I sort of barged in… that’s all…”

“That’s all?” Carol said, “Are you sure that’s all?”

“Yes… of course I’m sure… hey! Stop it…!” Hal yelled as Carol grabbed hold of his hand… the same hand that had seconds before been busy inside Hal’s trousers.

“Yes… I thought so…” Carol said as she made Hal open his hand and reveal the tell-tale signs of masturbation in the form of glistening globs of pre-cum on Hal’s fingers, “...and what’s this?” Carol asked as she took hold of the holed pocket. “You’ve been doing it again, haven’t you, Harold?”

“No… no, Carol… I haven’t… honest,” Hal lied. The desperation in his voice was palpable.

“You know what mum thinks about boys who play with themselves?”

Hal hung his head in shame: “Please, Carol… don’t say anything to mum… I wasn’t going to… y’know… do it...”

“Harold, you are pathetic… do you seriously expect me to believe you weren’t up to your old tricks again?”

Hal looked up and looked Carol straight in the eyes: “I wasn’t doing anything… honest.”

Carol laughed: “Do you really think I don’t know what you were doing, Harold?”

Whatever else Hal thought, he knew Carol knew… and that meant he had to take care in case he got on the wrong side of his sister. He knew only too well what would happen if didn’t. Mum would be told in an off-hand manner at a time and place guaranteed to cause him maximum embarrassment, that he’d been caught wanking outside the kitchen window. His trouser-pocket would be shown as evidence and a thorough bare-bottom punishment would follow. And that would undoubtedly not be the end of the matter. As Carol had said, mum took a very dim view of boys who played with themselves.

Carol reached out and took hold of Hal’s left ear and pulled him towards the kitchen door.

“OW!! You’re hurting me!” Hal squealed as he was dragged through the door. The pocket with the hole in it was flapping at the side of Hal’s trousers.

Please…!! Let go!!” It was a somewhat undignified entrance for the fourteen year old boy.

Needless to say all eyes were turned on Harold. Robin looked up from the table, shocked to see his new friend at the mercy of Carol. Heather and Shirley, distracted from discussions about Robin’s lack of pubic hair, were enthralled by the sight of another boy so obviously struggling to control himself under the firm hand of their First Aid instructor.

“Hal…” Robin blurted out in an effort to express the mixture of emotions he felt for his new friend. Robin was in part relieved Hal hadn’t after all deserted him, but was also annoyed with him for running off and leaving him in the first place and he was very annoyed when he saw Hal leering at him through the kitchen window. But overshadowing these conflicting feelings was Robin’s shock at seeing how his friend was being hauled by Carol into the kitchen by his ear. “Hal… are you… alright?” Robin said in an effort to console his friend.

“His name’s Harold,” Carol corrected Robin before explaining to the young Guides, “Harold is my little brother… say ‘hello’ to Heather and Shirley, Harold.”

“Let go of my ear first…” Harold said.

“I’ll let go when you do as I say… and then you can explain why you were looking through the kitchen window.”

“Oh Carol… that’s not fair!” Hal responded, “I told you… I wasn’t doing anything… OW!!”

Carol gave Hal’s ear a sharp twist. She knew her brother was fibbing and she had the evidence to prove it; the hole in Hal’s trouser pocket.

OKAY!! OKAY!!” Hal said squirming as Carol continued to twist his ear, then finally gave in and said hello to Heather and Shirley. He was rather circumspect as to his reasons for peering through the kitchen window, merely repeating what he'd said to his sister a few moments earlier that he was just checking to see that he wasn’t about to interrupt any delicate First Aid procedures… or words to that effect.

Although Carol still didn’t believe a word of it, she let go of Hal’s ear, telling him to stay where he was. After all she did have other matters to attend to, namely Robin, her patient lying on the kitchen table who still needed to have his wounds properly examined.

After his disgrace at the hands of his older sister, Hal could barely bring himself to look at Robin. Robin too felt embarrassed for his new friend who only an hour earlier could do no wrong it seemed and appeared to possess all the self-confidence that Robin himself so patently lacked. For Robin it was a cruel twist of fate.

It hardly seemed to matter to Robin when Carol loomed over him again having picked up to forceps once more. Robin looked down towards his tummy again, to the pathetic piece of fabric that hardly covered his penis and listened to Carol as she resumed her lecture to the two young Girl Guides.

“Now girls I want you to pay close attention…” Carol’s words were quite superfluous as both Heather and Shirley couldn’t wait to see the last vestige of Robin’s clothing removed. Even Hal couldn’t resist looking where everyone else was looking as Carol gripped the last piece of fabric with the forceps and gently lifted it up, sliding the remains of the pyjama-shorts from between Robin’s legs to leave him completely and utterly nude.

It was perhaps no more than curiosity engendered by a boy’s natural desire to compare his own penis with that of his contemporaries, but Hal was nevertheless something of a connoisseur of nobs. What he saw fully unveiled from beneath the remains of Robin’s shorty-pyjamas impressed Hal. He’d seen Robin’s penis earlier when the boys were in the pillbox and now Hal wished he’d got away from the dentist’s a bit earlier. Then he might have managed to meet Robin in time to prevent the latter’s accident. Maybe he might have even had the opportunity to explain some of the club rules, Hal thought, especially those for new… er, members. Instead of which both he and Robin had fallen into the hands of his bossy sister.

There were a few moments of silence in the kitchen as everyone took the opportunity to have a good look at Robin’s tumescent penis. For the moment it was lying sideways towards his left hip. Robin’s plump testicles were thus fully visible in their loose scrotum. As the girls had ascertained while Carol was out of the room, Robin had no pubic hair.

“I’m sure you’re both familiar with the male genitalia from your biology books at school,” Carol said to Heather and Shirley. They both nodded eagerly. “Have either of you seen the penis of a boy of Robin’s age before?” This time the young girls both shook their heads vigorously.

“We thought boys were supposed to have some hair down there,” Shirley said as she pointed in the direction of Robin’s penis.

“Yes… the book says that boys start to grow hair down there as soon as their testicles get bigger,” Heather added.

“... and… y’know… when that gooey stuff comes out,” Shirley said.

Yuk!” Heather said underlining Shirley’s statement.

“That’s not always the case,” Carol said, “Sometimes it takes a little longer for boys to fully develop… it’s common knowledge that boys mature far more slowly than girls,” Carol looked meaningfully at Hal, “... and by that I mean both physically and mentally.”

Then Carol used the forceps to carefully take hold of and lift Robin’s penis. She moved it this way and that, inviting the girls to have a closer look at Robin’s genitals.

“You see girls, there’s absolutely no sign of pubic hair around Robin’s penis… on the other hand I happen to know that my young brother has started to grow some hair around his penis… Harold… don’t just stand there... make yourself useful and show these girls your pubic hair…”

Hal stood with his eyes bulging with indignation. He huffed and puffed, but no words came out.

“Come along, Harold, we haven’t got all day… take your clothes off and do as you’re told.”

Heather and Shirley shot their hands into the air and begged Carol to let them undress Harold.

Please!! Oh please let us…” Shirley said speaking for them both.

Hal huffed and puffed some more as he instinctively backed away from the table where he’d been watching Robin and almost savouring his friend’s naked plight… but now it was Hal’s turn to be drawn into Carol’s First Aid lesson.

No Carolnoplease, Caroldon’t let them...” Hal blubbed in a vain attempt to plead with his sister.

But Carol thought it an admirable idea for the girls to undress her brother.

“You’ve already had some experience of removing a boy’s clothes this morning, but that was different to undressing. It was necessary to cut off Robin’s remaining clothes, so this would be a great opportunity… Harold, stay where you are and don’t you dare move! As I was saying, girls, this would be a great opportunity to practice taking off a boy’s clothes, so you’ll know what to do when the time comes if you’re faced with a First Aid emergency…”

“... and you’ll be able to take a look at the little hairs that Harold has started to grow at the base of his penis,” Carol said in conclusion.

Robin could hardly believe how quickly events had unfolded. Now it was his turn to enjoy another’s misfortune. The feelings of admiration Robin had for Hal were quickly overtaken by his eagerness to see his new friend being subjected to the same treatment he’d endured up till then at the hands of Carol and the Girl Guides.

Robin sniggered as he saw how embarrassed Hal had become as he was set upon by Heather and Shirley. Then Robin laughed and even managed to wave his splints about as each item of Hal’s clothing was quickly removed by the ever more confident little girls.

Carol took the opportunity to rub some soothing balm onto Robin’s lower legs as she watched her brother being undressed. She called out a few words of encouragement to Heather and Shirley as well as the odd word of admonishment when she thought Hal needed to be reminded who was in charge.

In no time at all Hal was left standing in nothing more than his white, cotton schoolboy underpants. Heather and Shirley decided to share the honour of lowering the last item of Hal’s clothing and stood each side of the nervous boy. Robin watched as the girls pushed their little fingers into the elastic waistband of the underpants and began to peel them down. A few seconds later and Robin saw a few feathery hairs emerge above the lowered underpants. The girls giggled excitedly and continued to pull Hal’s underpants further down as bit by bit his smooth penis was revealed.

The only person in the room who wasn’t paying much attention to the Guide’s activities was Carol who continued to work ointment into Robin’s legs. All other eyes in the room, including Hal’s own, were fixed on one thing alone and that was the tight elastic waistband of the underpants as it neared the head of Hal’s penis.

With a sudden jerk the penis popped free and waggled to rest at an angle which showed that Hal was, in spite of everything, still in a state of excited arousal. As one the girls gasped in shocked surprise at the naughty penis, Carol looked up to see what all the fuss was about, just as Hal moved to cover himself with his hands.

“Keep your hands out of the way, Harold,” Carol said, “How many times do you have to be told that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your body? Now put your hands behind your back… and keep them there. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Carol,” Hal replied as he reluctantly moved his hands behind his back.

“How else do you expect me to teach the young Girl Guides proper First Aid techniques if you go all coy on me, Harold… It really is most selfish…”

Robin understood what Hal meant when he described his sister as being ‘a bit bossy’. Crumbs, he thought, I’d hate to meet a girl who’s really bossy… then he thought of Alice and reckoned she was already well on her way to making a pretty good job of being super-bossy.

Hal’s underpants were quickly removed and he joined Robin in a state of full nudity in the kitchen of his home. Robin could see there weren’t that many hairs at the base of Hal’s penis, nevertheless he was still a bit jealous.

“Bring him over here,” Carol told Heather and Shirley, “That’s right… now stand next to the table Harold, so the girls can compare you boys together side-by-side… better still girls, why not help Robin up from the table so he can stand by the side of Harold?”

Harold stood holding his arms behind his back somewhat nervously as Heather and Shirley manoeuvred Robin to the edge of the kitchen table and thence onto the floor to stand next to Hal. Then Carol took hold of Hal’s penis with the forceps. Just as she had done with Robin, Carol moved Hal’s penis this way and that while encouraging the young Guides to examine the few little hairs that had recently sprouted at the base of Hal’s penis.

The girls pointed and giggled as Carol twisted her brother’s penis about for them to better see the feathery hairs. They looked back at Robin’s penis to try and work out where his hairs would one day sprout.

“I’ve got a question,” Shirley announced.

“Yes… what is it?” Carol asked.

“My question is… if Harold has got some hairs and his testicles have got bigger, then can he make that stuff like our biology book says he can?” Shirley said with a serious look on her face.

“Oh, yes… I’ve got a question too!” Heather said holding her hand up as if she was in class at school.

“Let’s have your question as well,” Carol said.

“My question is… if Robin’s testicles have got bigger, but he hasn’t got any hairs like Harold… can he still make that stuff, or does he have to wait until he grows some hairs?” Heather asked.

Both Robin and Hal looked extremely worried by the girls questions and it was quite apparent they didn’t like the way things were going. The boys knew the answers only too well, but even they weren’t daft enough to say anything incriminating, so they stood next to each other and kept quiet.

“It’s funny you should ask,” Carol said with a smile that was guaranteed to make Hal more nervous than ever, “but when I caught Harold peeping through the window, he had one hand in his trouser-pocket… If you would fetch his trousers and bring them over here I’ll show you something… thank you Heather… now can you see how Harold has made a hole in his trouser-pocket?”

The girls looked at the ragged hole. They were obviously puzzled. Not so Robin who turned to look daggers at Hal who in his turn looked sheepishly at his friend. Robin guessed what Hal had been doing… and doing it while gloating over his (Robin’s) misfortune.

You were wanking!!” Robin blurted out, “Wanking while I was… was…”

It was probably just as well Robin’s arms were still in splints, otherwise he might just have tried to strangle Hal.

“No I wasn’t!” Hal said as he vehemently denied any such thing.

“Yes you were!” Robin responded and actually caught Hal across the tummy with one of the splints.

OW!! Was not…”

Were too…”

There followed a brief pause during which Heather and Shirley looked from one bare boy to the other. Then, ever so sweetly Heather asked: “What does ‘wanking’ mean?”

If it had been possible for the boys to blush a deeper red than they already were, they’d have done so, but as it was they were stunned to momentary silence… until Hal spoke:

“Now you’ve gone and done it…” he hissed at Robin.

“Done what?” Robin replied indignantly, “You’re the one who was wanking…”

“Just you wait…” warned Hal.

“Why don’t you tell them, Harold?” Carol asked, or rather ordered, since her words were not intended to be taken as a question, “Go on… tell Heather what ‘wanking’ is.”

Hal’s lower lip curled inward and he looked down at the floor: “It’s when a boy plays with his… his penis…”

Shirley turned to Heather: “He means ‘masturbation’… don’t you remember, we did it in biology last term when we were doing the ‘Puberty in Boys’ chapter…”

“Oh yes…everyone thought it was really funny that a boy would want to tug at his penis and play with it like that…”

“That’s just what they do,” Carol interjected, “and mum thinks it’s very naughty for little boys to masturbate… doesn’t she, Harold?”

Hal couldn’t bring himself to say anything he was so embarrassed, so he simply nodded to the girls and prayed things would go no further.

Robin couldn’t believe he was standing next to the same Hal who, only an hour or so earlier, had been telling him about the wanking club in the pillbox. Was this the same Hal who was boasting about playing the biscuit game? The same Hal who was visibly cowering with shame in front of two young Girl Guides?

Robin’s thoughts began to have an unwanted side-effect, which he was helpless to cover or control. Thoughts of what Hal had boasted about were translating into movement between his legs again and it didn’t take long before the squeals of delight from Heather and Shirley drew attention to Robin’s growing erection.

“Perhaps this would be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate what is meant by masturbation,” Carol said quite unexpectedly.

“But… but, I can’t…” Robin said, his voice and mixture of frustration and embarrassment as he waved his splints about to show how impossible it would be for him to hold his penis… should he have been prepared to do so in front of everyone, however unlikely that might've been.

“Not to worry,” Carol smiled, “Harold can do it for you…”

WHAT!! NO I’M NOT!!” Hal said firmly, “I’m not going to wank Robin… besides, you just said… mum says it’s naughty…”

“I’m not asking you to masturbate, Harold… that would be wrong... mum’s views are very clear,” Carol explained with perfectly reasonable logic, “But for all I know Robin’s mum might have different views… and besides when you masturbate Robin it will be for educational purposes… and that’s different… understood?”

Carol didn’t have to tell Hal that if he didn’t do as he was told, mum might find out about what he’s been up to when he was peeping through the kitchen window. Hal knew his sister well enough to know she wouldn’t hesitate to spill the beans if it proved to be necessary.

“Come along, Harold, we haven’t got all day,” Carol said, “Take hold of Robin’s penis and show Heather and Emily how boys masturbate.”

In other circumstances and in other places, such as the pillbox ‘clubhouse’, Hal would have relished the opportunity to give Robin a wank. He thought Robin had a smashing nob and would have enjoyed a bit of mutual penis-play with him… but wanking him in front of girls was different. And so was doing it in front of Carol, because you could be sure, Harold thought, there were other reasons for making him do it... such as storing up even more ammunition to use against him.

However, there was no other option open to Hal other than to take hold of Robin’s almost fully erect penis and this he did. Hal squeezed his fist around the head and with practiced skill began masturbating Robin, moving the foreskin backwards and forwards over the sensitive glans. Robin gasped; he’d never been masturbated before. His games with Matty had not progressed beyond watching each other as they wanked.

“Doesn’t that hurt when you do that?” Heather asked as she watched Hal’s fist pick up speed.

Robin gasped at the delightful feelings that tingled through his penis and shook his head in response to Heather’s question.

“Look at how it’s making his testicles swing about!” Shirley said pointing, “... and look how the bag thing has sort of got smaller…”

Scrotum,” Heather corrected her friend, “That’s what it’s called… don’t you remember the book said how it gets tighter when the boy is getting ready to… y’know.”

Robin grunted and began to make all sorts of funny noises as Hal varied his wanking technique. Some of these nearly drove Robin over the edge and with eyes closed, he started waving his splints about, narrowly missing Hal.

“Hurry up, Harold,” Carol urged her brother, “I’m sure the girls are eager to see if Robin can produce semen… it never seems to take this long before you ejaculate…”

It was as if these few words were the trigger. Seconds later Robin grunted and let out a squeal of pleasure in his unbroken boy’s treble to the accompaniment of Hal’s furious wanking and as his foreskin slipped back a pulse of cum squirted out, formed a graceful arc before landing with a splat in front of the stunned girls. A couple more globs of boy-stuff  were pumped out under the masterful manipulation of Hal, before the last of Robin’s cum oozed out over Hal’s fingers.

Heather and Shirley looked open-mouthed at the splotches of viscous goo on the floor. So that was what the book was talking about…

Yuck!!” was their collective response before Shirley added, “That is just so gross!!”

“Now you see why it’s only naughty boys who masturbate,” Carol said while fixing her stare at Hal to leave the girls in no doubt what her brother got up to in his spare time.

Unable to resist teasing the young Guides, Hal waved his sticky, cum-covered fingers at Heather and Shirley and got the desired response as they leapt back screaming.

“You can stop that at once Harold and clean up Robin’s mess…” Carol said.

“Why do I have to?”

“Because Robin has his arms in splints while he’s recovering from his accident… and besides I just asked you to, isn’t that sufficient reason, or would you like me to say something to mum?”

“Alright… alright… I’ll do it, but I still don’t see why,” Hal said as his got some paper towel, wiped his fingers and then set about cleaning up the little pool of boy-stuff that had been deposited on the kitchen floor.

Hal had just finished wiping up when there was a knock on the kitchen-door. Without waiting for an answer the door was pushed open and a girl Carol’s age walked in. It was Veronica, a friend of Carol’s whose mother owned a boys’ outfitters in Lockton. Veronica helped out in the shop, so although she was surprised, she was not at all shocked when she saw two nude boys in the kitchen. Harold she knew and she was quickly introduced to Robin.

The story was told to Veronica of how Robin came to lose his little shorty-pyjamas and the remains were shown to her. She ‘tut-tutted’ at shreds of material, all that was left. Robin, embarrassed as ever, explained how he’d forgotten to pack his play-clothes and so had nothing to wear to play in now that his shorty pyjamas were no more.

“I think I might be able to help,” Veronica said as she fingered the torn winceyette, “Mum was sent some faulty boy’s jockstraps a couple of months back… she’s been meaning to send them back to the supplier, but she’s not got round to it yet… things have been pretty busy at the shop what with one thing and another… even with me helping out. I keep saying she should send them back, but they’re still in the stockroom… least they were a couple of days ago…”

“What’s wrong with them?” Carol asked.

“Oh, nothing much… the elastic’s a bit perished, that’s all… but mum can’t sell them like that,” Veronica explained, “I think they were stored to close to a radiator or something… the elastic in the waist is okay, it’s just the straps… y’know, the ones that run from the bottom of the support-pouch up to the waistband… they’re a bit dodgy, that’s all… nothing major to worry about, just unsalable…”

“... I was thinking that mum might not mind if I gave a pair to Robin to wear… I mean, if he’s got nothing else to wear, then they’d be better than nothing… I’m sure mum wouldn’t mind helping out… I mean she’s never going to be able to sell them, so they might as well be of use to someone…”

“If your mum says it’s alright, then perhaps you could get one of those jockstraps for Harold as well…” Carol said, “Harold’s trousers are going to be out of commission until I’ve found time to repair the holes in the pockets…”

“Oh… Carol, that’s not fair!” Hal complained.

Harold’s sister ignored him and merely added that it would be company for Robin if Harold was to wear a pair of the faulty jockstraps as well.

“That’s settled then,” Veronica said, “I’ll nip off to the shop now… unless the boys want to come along as they are,” she giggled, “I won’t be more than five minutes and if mum says it’s okay I’ll bring the jockstraps back with me and the boys can try them on…”

“By the way, what size are they?” Carol asked.

“Junior Schoolboy… they might be a bit on the small size for these two,” Veronica said, smiling, “but I’m sure we’ll be able to get them to fit… I’ll bring along the measuring card if you like, so we can make sure.”

Heather turned to Shirley: “I never knew Guiding was going to be such fun!”



  1. Two fourteen year old schoolboys just been stripped by two younger girl guides… the girls are so naughty but then they are girls and they can do no wrong… bet they are looking forward to measuring the boys bits before fitting the faulty undersize jockstraps…
    How could it get worse for the boys? psss don’t mention Mrs Walsh to Robin….
    Another good chapter Mogg
    Regards Stephen

  2. Another interesting chapter! I loved the slow build-up of tension before Robin was completely exposed before the guides. The explicit HJ was less appealing but I suppose inevitable.

    The Jock strap suggestion was clever and quite plausible. It will be interesting to see if Robin is forced to remain in the splints for a time due to his supposed injuries. That ought to make things interesting at Bath time. LOL

    Looking forward to more.

  3. Another brilliant chapter Mogg. A little surprised how fast Hal could be convinced to jerk off Robin though. But hey, it all lead up to what we were waiting for. Fantastic writing once again Mogg. I look forward to what next you write.

  4. Replies
    1. Bit slow at the moment. Thanks for asking, but nothing in the pipeline.

    2. Fair enough, just hadn't heard in a while from ya.

  5. Hi an entertaining story.

    It would however be good to have a story of the more traditional nature for this blog. The older boy kept in very juvenile clothes. Sent to school in tiny grey shorts etc. Miss those stories Mogg

    1. Thanks for your comment Miniboy. As I said to bitter_arron I've not much to post at present, but I'll bear your observation in mind as I do keep looking back at old posts and wonder if I should pick up the threads of a previous story.

  6. No issue on a variety of stories that are consistent with earlier story themes that have appeared on this blog but if I may offer an opinion it would be a shame to limit your amazing writing talent to just such a narrow scope.

    I do hope you'll consider continuing some of the fine stories that you have started that have broken new ground in your writing creativity such as Robin and Christopher's story too. To me they represent some of your best.

    Thanks for providing us with such fine entertainment.

    1. Many thanks for your extremely kind comments, Christina. I would say that I did consider, after I'd posted my reply to Miniboy, adding that I write stories as ideas, characters and situations occur to me. There isn't a theme to my blog, so certain stories appeal to some readers while other stories don't. I find that if I start to write something because I feel that's what people want, I don't get the same level of enjoyment and satisfaction as I do when I simply write for my own amusement. This more than likely accounts for all the 'unfinished' stories you find here.

      Thanks once again for your thoughtful and encouraging words.


  7. Your comments are fair enough, I guess horses for courses. You are never going to please all the people all of the time. It was that for me that was what turned me on. It was not really a criticism far from it as the new stories are entertaining it is just not quite my thing.

    1. Thanks for making things clear, Miniboy. I do appreciate you taking the time to follow up my reply to Christina.

      Now if only that pesky Muse would give me a break...

  8. Replies
    1. Slowly... but I am working on a story. It's a break from Robin. Unsure when it will be ready to post.

    2. Cool. Look forward to reading it. Is it a new story or a return to an existing story?

  9. Hey Mogg, just had a thought but my mind went back to the 'Luke's Appointment' stories, and it occurred to me to ask. Have you ever considered writing a story where the protagonist has an exceptionally large tool? Just curious.

    Thanks in advance Mogg, love your work as always, can't wait for more.

    1. If you cast your eyes down to the first stories posted here, you'll see they're about a prodigiously well-endowed chap by the name of James. The character was/is the creation of a writer who goes by the name of 'Nudebrain' who kindly gave me permission to add to the James canon. This was the reason I started writing with the intention of it being read by others and it was in writing the James stories that I gained the confidence to create this blog and to write about my own characters.

      I've not quite finished the new story... just a few more tweaks, so hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer.

    2. Oh yeah. I forgot about the James stories, lol. My mistake.

      Awesome. Can't wait. Your stories are always worth the wait.