Monday, 5 October 2015

Scott's Story - Part 8

After being given a strip-wash and put into my new pyjamas by Miss Emily, who had given me Teddy to carry, I confess I was glad to get back up to my bedroom again. Even though it was still quite early nothing suited me more than to be put to bed and left alone. It was horrible knowing that I had been watched by children who had been playing outside the house as I was prepared for bed by Miss Emily in front of the sitting-room window.

Up in my bedroom Miss Emily made sure I knelt down by my bedside to say my prayers which of course had to include thanks and apologies to mum and Emily. Thanks for them taking so much trouble and taking the time to make sure I was better behaved; thanks for my new school uniform and the blisteringly short grey trousers; thanks for my new play-clothes and thanks for the jimmy-jams I was wearing. I included a long list of apologies in the hope that Emily would not find any reason to address my shortcomings and I finished off with a heartfelt plea: “Please help me to be a good boy…”

After prayers Emily held up the bedclothes and I slipped between the sheets. I held tightly onto Teddy as Emily made sure I was tucked in properly. Instinctively I pushed my arms underneath the sheets, but Emily gripped my upper arms and pulled them out again.

“Good boys always sleep with their hands on top of their bedclothes where they can be seen,” she explained as she placed Teddy under one of my arms. “Baby-sitters must always be able to see a boy’s hands…” Emily said just as if she was reciting something she’d been taught. “Promise me you’ll do that…”

“Yes, Miss Emily,” I said and wondered if Emily meant what I thought she meant about the reason for keeping my hands on top of the bedclothes. It made me shiver just to think that Emily might know what boys get up to when left to their own devices… and if she did, what that might mean for me!

“Now straight to sleep, Scottie… and no getting out of bed. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Emily… I promise,” I said and clutched Teddy tightly.

I hope it doesn’t get me into trouble, but after Emily left my bedroom and closed the door behind her, I lay in bed thinking... thinking how much I wanted to play with Willy Winky.

Willy Winky itched to be played with, but with my hands laid obediently on top of the bed-spread I could only lie there frustrated. You’re probably going to ask why I didn’t just push my hands underneath the bedclothes and play with Willy Winky, but to tell the truth I was simply terrified Miss Emily would come back and catch me, so that I just couldn’t run the risk. Besides I was nearly sixteen and I’m sure you realise what happens when a boy of that age plays games with Willy Winky. The last thing I could afford was for Miss Emily to find… well, you know what she would have found! The evidence would have been damning and I couldn’t bear the thought of having Miss Emily, let alone mum because you can be sure she would have been told, telling me off as they examined by pyjamas.

I can’t imagine there could be anything more humiliating for a boy than to be forced to admit that he’s been playing with Willy Winky, especially if he has to admit to doing so in front of mummy or his babysitter. Can you imagine what Miss Emily would have said? It makes me shudder to think. She probably would have pulled me by the ear and taken me to see mummy… and it would only have taken one look at the damp stains on my pyjama bottoms for mummy to know I’d been playing with Willy Winky.

There was another reason why I was afraid to play with Willy Winky which is going to make me sound like a complete dork, but as you more than likely already think I am one already, I may as well tell you. It was Teddy. I simply couldn’t play with Willy Winky in front of Teddy and certainly not after Miss Emily had ‘talked’ to him downstairs. As it turned out this was probably just as well, because when Miss Emily came back into my room an hour or so later to check up on me she straightaway took Teddy, lifted him up to her ear again…

... then, just like she’d done downstairs, she ‘talked’ to him: “Has Scottie been behaving himself, Teddy? Has he been a good boy?” she asked.

I tried to tell Miss Emily that I had been a good boy, but she just “shushed” me to be quiet while she 'listened' to what Teddy had to say.

“He did what, Teddy? Scottie got out of bed without permission? Yes, Teddy, that was very naughty of him… very naughty…”

I must have looked shocked… which I was. How did Teddy know? No… what I meant was how did Miss Emily know? All I’d done was to slip out of bed for a couple of minutes and look out of the window… how did she know? It was no use my trying to deny it, although I’d been very careful to make sure I was as quiet as a mouse and pulled the curtains back just as they had been.

“Did you get out of bed, Scottie, when I made it perfectly clear…?” Emily paused to listen to Teddy again, “Yes, Teddy… you think so? Yes, Teddy, I agree Scottie has been very naughty and… but… well, Teddy, if that’s what you think I should do…”

I looked from Miss Emily to Teddy and back again, eager to know what Teddy was telling Emily to do. Emily was so convincing that I truly believed Teddy was talking to her. Nevertheless just like the silly schoolboy I was, my instinct was to deny that I’d done anything wrong. Me? Get out of bed? Certainly not!

“No… please, Miss Emily, I’ve been in bed the whole time… honestly,” I said, little realising how much worse I was making things for myself.

“Are you sure about that, Scottie?” Emily asked in a sly sort of voice that should have warned me she knew I was not telling the truth, “Teddy seems to think differently…”

“Honestly, Miss Emily, I haven’t moved… I even,” and I don’t know why said this, “I even kept my hands on top of the bedclothes like you said.”

It was Teddy’s turn to speak to Emily again and as she nodded in response she kept up a commentary: “I see… yes… Scottie did what… oh, yes… I see… over there by the window… Thank you so much, Teddy… What’s that… oh, don’t worry, I’ll see to that all right…”

Emily looked at me. Her eyes were positively glowing with indignation: “Teddy tells me he has proof you’ve been fibbing, Scottie…”

“... but I haven’t…”

“Don’t make it worse for yourself, Scottie. Teddy says you got out of bed and went over to the window and looked out through the curtains…”

“... I didn’t…” My head was spinning. How could Teddy possibly ‘know’ exactly what I’d done… let alone ‘tell’ Miss Emily? It didn’t stop me from digging myself into an even deeper hole than I was already in.

“Honestly… I didn’t, Miss Emily…”

“Then how do you explain that mark in the talcum powder spilt over there, Scottie?” she asked, pointing to a white patch on the floor, “You see Teddy told me that you’d peeked out of the window and you must have trodden in the powder…”

I felt my stomach turn somersaults.

“... because I can see footprints by the window… your footprints, Scottie…”

I looked to where Emily was pointing and there were smudges of white talcum powder where Teddy had said I’d been looking out of the window. I felt sick.

“Now will you tell me what you did, Scottie?” Emily said sternly.

I nodded. “I… I heard someone outside… the children who were playing outside earlier.” The children who had watched me when Emily gave me a strip-wash and put me into my new pyjamas in the front-room, I reminded myself. “... and I wanted to see if they were still looking at the house…”

“... and what did you do, Scottie?”

“I got out of bed…” I gulped feeling more like a naughty boy than a teenager of nearly sixteen.

“Despite that fact that I told you not to…?”

“Yes, Miss Emily… I’m sorry, very sorry, but…”

“Teddy says you must be punished for disobedience…”


“Teddy was very insistent. He said that as you had deliberately got up out of bed when you were told… and you fibbed saying you didn’t.”

“But, please, Miss Emily, I couldn’t help it…”

“Honestly, Scottie, you sound just like one of the little twins I used to babysit. Whenever one of them did something naughty, they would say, ‘but I couldn’t help it, Miss Emily,’” Emily paused, “But it didn’t do them any good because they both got their bare bottys spanked for naughtiness.” I must have looked puzzled, because she added, “You see, Scottie, the boys were identical twins, so I never knew which one had been naughty, so to make sure I always gave them both a smacked botty.”

“But… but, you wouldn’t smack my botty…?” I realise I must have looked and sounded totally pathetic as I pleaded with my thirteen year old babysitter.

“Why ever not, Scottie?” Emily said calmly, “Teddy tells me you’ve been a very naughty little boy… getting out of bed and then fibbing was very naughty…”

“Oh, but… please, Miss Emily…” It was really stupid of me to argue, but name me a boy who doesn’t when faced with the prospect of a smacked botty.

Emily ignored me and spoke to Teddy: “Do you think I should let Scottie off, Teddy?”

I was really worried about what Teddy would say and watched nervously as Emily held Teddy to her ear and listened.

“Hmm… really? You think Scottie was that naughty, Teddy… But Teddy, it was only the first time Scottie got out of bed without asking permission… Yes, but Teddy… hmm, I see… Yes… alright, Teddy… yes, that’s what I’ll do then…”

Without another word spoken, Emily placed Teddy at the foot of my bed, positioned him so that he was watching me, and then she left the room.

As soon as she closed the door I began to beg Teddy to tell me what he’d said to Emily. It was utterly stupid of me, I know, but I was terrified about what Emily had planned for me. Having her talking and listening to Teddy as if he was alive was… well… but how did Emily know I’d got out of bed? It wasn’t until Teddy ‘told’ her about the talcum powder… oh, it was madness… But how did she know I’d been naughty?

Teddy said nothing and I never did find out.

Teddy was still keeping his watchful eyes on me as Miss Emily came back into my bedroom. In her hand she held a hairbrush which she placed on my bedside table. She leant over and pulled my bedclothes back.

“Time to get up, Scottie…” she said.

“What… what are you going to do?”

“Teddy wouldn’t listen to me,” she explained, “He insisted you be punished for your naughtiness… If it were left to me, I’d have let you off with a warning, but Teddy says you’ve got to be taught a proper lesson…”

“Oh, please Miss Emily… don’t listen to Teddy…”

“I’m sorry, Scottie, really I am, but Teddy knows best… Teddy saw you get out of bed, Teddy saw you pull open the curtains… and Teddy saw you step into the talcum powder…”

“... but, Miss Emily…”

“Come on, Scottie… up you get… best be a brave little soldier with Teddy watching you.”

As she said this, Emily moved Teddy and put him up on a shelf so that he was looking down where I would receive my punishment. I don’t know who I was more afraid of; Teddy or Miss Emily.

Emily sat down on the edge of my bed, within reach of the hairbrush, and made me turn to face her. For a few minutes I was lectured on the subject of obedience, before she tugged the cord that held up my pyjama-bottoms. The knot came undone and Emily gently pulled the striped material. That was all it took before my pyjama-bottoms slipped down my smooth legs and fell in a puddle at my feet. She continued my lecture and then undid the lower two buttons of my pyjama jacket. Emily stood up, stepped around me and lifted up the back of the pyjama top. This she tucked into the collar, before she turned and sat down on the bed once more.

As I stood there with my boy-bits on display in front of her, Emily continued to lecture me on the dangers of getting out of bed without permission, telling me I might have tripped and fallen in the dark; how I could have slipped and knocked something over. What did I think I was doing disobeying a perfectly clear instruction?

All the time I could see Teddy out of the corner of my eye watching me being ticked off.

Miss Emily had perfected the art of the lecture, no doubt she had plenty of practice on those two unfortunate boys, the twins she babysat before answering mum’s advert. In the end I was near to begging Emily to get on with it. My sense of shame was heightened to an unbearable degree.

Finally Miss Emily patted her knees and told me it was time for me to learn my lesson. I followed her instructions and positioned myself across her lap. Emily might well have been only thirteen years old, but she had no difficulty in dealing with this fifteen year old boy. I found myself with my toes barely touching the floor, whilst my head was all but pressed into the bedroom carpet. This left my bare bottom perfectly presented for Miss Emily’s attentions.

As I quivered with anticipation Emily continued to admonish me as she made final adjustments to my position across her lap.

“Now, Scottie, I want you to remember that it was Teddy who asked me to give your naughty botty a smacking because you got out of bed… Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Emily…”

“... so I’m going to let Teddy decide how many spanks your botty deserves…”

“Yes, Miss Emily…”

“... but remember, Scottie, Teddy was very upset and very annoyed with you…”

“Yes… yes, Miss Emily..”

“I think the least you can do is to say you’re sorry to Teddy… Do you agree, Scottie?”

“Yes, Miss Emily….” I twisted my head sideways and looked up at Teddy who was staring down at me draped over Emily’s lap, “I’m sorry, Teddy… I’m sorry I got out of bed, Teddy… I promise I won’t do it again…”

“That’s a good boy, Scottie… I’m sure Teddy will make sure you keep your promise. Now I think we’d better get on with your spanking, don’t you, Scottie?”

“Um… um… yes, Miss Emily.”

That was the last comprehensible word I spoke.

I don’t know how Miss Emily learnt to wield the hairbrush with such precision, but it was extremely effective. Within minutes I was wailing like a banshee, pleading with her to stop, although my words were quite unintelligible.

It wasn’t much longer before my eyes were full of tears and I was crying like a baby, but apparently Teddy was not satisfied that I had been sufficiently punished.

“Teddy says you are wriggling far too much, Scottie,” Emily said as she continued with my punishment, “Teddy says you are to keep still for your smacks…”

But it was impossible for me to keep still. The hairbrush spanking was unlike anything I’d experienced before. I couldn’t control myself. I continued to wriggle and cry my eyes out. I bawled and sobbed, but it made no difference to Miss Emily who I reckoned must have been the strictest babysitter that ever lived.

And still Teddy was not satisfied that I had been sufficiently punished.

By now my nose was running and snot was dribbling over my top lip which I was quite unable to wipe away. Although the mess of mucous tasted horrible, it was the least of my concerns as I jerked and bounced about under the torrent of smacks from Miss Emily’s hairbrush.

There was a pause in the barrage of spanks while Emily ‘consulted’ Teddy.

“... I see… yes, Teddy, I know it was very naughty of Scottie, but you can see how he’s crying his eyes out like a little baby… surely that’s enough? Really Teddy! Oh dear me… well, if you say so… yes, I know Scottie has to be taught a lesson in obedience… very well then…”

Miss Emily addressed me: “Scottie, Teddy says I’m to give you a hand-spanking on your bare botty…”

“Oh, please, Miss Emily…” I sobbed and begged to be let off any further punishment of my red-hot bottom. The thought of even a hand-spanking on top of the hairbrush smacking made me plead shamelessly with my strict babysitter.

“I’m sorry, Scottie, but Teddy insists… and as he saw you get out of bed without permission, it’s only proper that he decides when you’ve been punished sufficiently…”

I felt Miss Emily’s hand rub against the tops of my thighs and across my bottom as if she was trying to find the right place to start my spanking. If I’d have given it any thought I would have felt enormous sympathy for the boys Miss Emily used to looked after. What was it she said? If one of the twins misbehaved, she gave both boys a smacking on their bare bottys? I wonder if they had a Teddy to keep watch over them?

The hand-spanks started, and soon enough I was twisting and wriggling over Miss Emily’s lap. Her hand might have been small, but it seemed to seek out all the little places that had somehow been spared the hairbrush.

Finally… finally Teddy was satisfied I had been properly punished. I was made to tearfully apologise to Teddy and to promise not to be naughty. Miss Emily fetched a wet face-cloth and wiped my face before sorting out my pyjamas.

“I… I’m sorry, Miss Emily…” I said as my pyjama bottoms were pulled up and the white cord tied up again. Fortunately the soft nap of the winceyette didn’t  hurt my bottom too much.

“Let that be a lesson, Scottie,” Emily said as she brushed my ruffled hair straight, “Be grateful it wasn’t worse…”

WORSE!! I thought… what could possibly be worse?

“Let’s get you back into bed, Scottie… You should have been fast asleep ages ago…”

This was said as if nothing had happened.

“Please, Miss Emily, may I sleep on my tummy?” I asked, “My botty is still very sore…”

“Hmm… very well,” Emily said with more than a hint of kindness in her voice, “but put your hands on your pillow… that’s right, either side of your head.”

“Thank you, Miss Emily… I will be a good boy,” I promised.

“I should hope so, Scottie… Now settle down and go to sleep,” Emily said as she tucked me in and placed Teddy next to my head, “Teddy will look after you… nighty-night.”

Miss Emily turned out the light and left my bedroom. I looked at Teddy through my still damp eyes: “I’m sorry I was naughty, Teddy…”

I drifted off to sleep still none the wiser as to how Teddy knew I’d been naughty and crept out of bed earlier...


  1. She becomes more formidable by the episode! I suspect it won't be long before she parades her young charge in reins in public, smacking his legs and bottom in front of other females who can only wish they have this level of control over their sons. And it can't be long before a suitable diet for a young naughty child plus associated bib is introduced!

    1. I'm feel sure Miss Emily will at some future date be taking Scottie to the local park to play. What better way to ensure he doesn't wander off, or 'act up' on the way, than to do as you suggest...

  2. This story of Scott sounds very much like how my son Philip is punished! I only wish we had a babysitter like Emily, she seems to do a much better job than anything we could do. I do agree with her however that putting a schoolboy back into shorts can do him nothing but good! Maybe I should upload some pictures of Philip in his new school uniform?

    1. Thanks for you comment, James. I made the decision when I started this blog to keep it text only and let readers' imaginations do the rest, so no pictures please.

  3. The addition of Teddy exponentially increased the level of humiliation in this story. Having Emily talking to Teddy was brilliant. There was almost an element of Sci-Fi erotica at play here. It makes me wonder if teddy has a hidden camera or at least a microphone hidden inside to keep poor Scott on his toes. Off curse the strip wash in front of the window was delightful! Marvelous addition. Can't wait for more!

    1. Thanks, Hooked. You're on the right track, but it's slightly more low-tech than you suggest...

  4. Absolutely superb, Miss Emily certainly knows how to handle naughty boys like Scottie (one wonders if the children playing outside could hear his bottom being soundly smacked).
    As for that sneak Teddy, who can a chap rely on? I expect he enjoyed watching Scott get-it…
    Keep it up Mogg.
    Regards Stephen.

  5. It come to something when a boy is tell-taled on by his Teddy. Still, I suppose Teddy didn't want to be spanked himself for not telling the truth about Scotties naughty behaviour. After all, every good little boy of any age, knows you are not allowed out of bed without permission once you have been tucked in by your babysitter.

    Excellent mogg.

  6. Stephen and Wincy.

    Gosh, I didn't realise how attached you boys were to your Teddys! His betrayal has really hit a nerve, but it sounds to me as if he has been shockingly manipulated by Miss Emily for her own purposes. Maybe she understands more about the psychology of boys than you give her credit for.

  7. Holy hell Mogg, great story as always. You're at your record, this is setting up to be a damn impressive year.

    1. Thanks. Wasn't too sure if this was quite your cup of tea, so I'm pleased to hear you are enjoying it.

    2. Oh yeah, this definitely is interesting, I'm loving how crafty Emily is, really makes you feel sympathy for Scott. I bet Willy Winky is really gonna start demanding attention soon. lol

  8. Like Stephen and Wincy, i am shocked that Teddy should be such a sneak! i am absolutely positive that my teddy would not rat on me! We love each other too much. My babysitter is pretty strict (particularly about bathing me and my bedtime) but she isn't a patch on Miss Emily!

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    1. Not much to report, I'm afraid. Can't really get going on anything at the moment. You'll just have to be a bit patient!

  11. No problem dude, just checking to make sure you were alive. lol

  12. It was nice to read about a boy at 15 who has to wear shorts cos I am 15 and I also have to wear shorts all year cos my parents are very strict.

  13. It's understandable that the Muse isn't with you without having a holiday but i do hope that we are going to have the next part this side of Christmas. Please!!!

  14. It's nearly the end of November. Please let us know what happened next. Pretty please! Please, please please

  15. three months to the day since we had the last chapter. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  16. i really hope we are going to be rewarded for our patience by having the next part very soon!