Saturday, 16 May 2015

Christopher's Story: Part 5

The boys walked down the drive away from Mrs Harper’s house. Christopher turned to David and in an urgent whisper hissed: “Why didn’t you tell me?”

David feigned ignorance: “Tell you what?”

“Tell me why your mum wanted to take you to the outfitters… you knew didn’t you? You knew what it was for… to have one of the flaps taken off the Red Indian outfit…”

David couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease the older boy: “Just as well they chose the one at the back then…”

“David…” Christopher was hurt, “I thought we were friends… It was horrible in the shop with everyone staring at me… You could have warned me what was going to happen.”

“... but then you wouldn’t have done a swapsy…” David said with a knowing smile, but then he saw how upset Christopher was and apologised. He asked Christopher what it had been like in the shop.

Christopher said how he’d been told to stand on a stool while the lady assistant fiddled about with her tape measure.

“There were loads of people in the shop… and they were all looking at me… then some girls came in with a boy… I think he must have been their brother, but he looked older… he looked dead embarrassed…”

“What about you?” David  asked, betraying an eagerness Christopher found to be more puerile than sympathetic, “Did you… y’know... get a nob-on when you saw the girls walk in?”

Christopher blushed at the very thought of having an erection in the shop. He shook his head.

“I think I would have… my nob’s like totally mad…” David said, “I get nob-ons all the time, even in showers at school… everyone thinks I’m… y’know… but I’m not… I just can’t help it… that’s why I didn’t want to play this… this Red Indian game...”

Christopher sighed, “Tell me about it… but it’s the only time I’ve worn anything since… er, since...”

“... yeah, I heard… since you locked yourself out… awesome… and Mrs Harper won’t…”

Christopher shook his head again, “Says she can’t buy me any clothes unless she gets permission from my mum… and when I…”

“When? When… what?” David asked.

So then Christopher had to tell David all about the phone call and how Christopher couldn’t bring himself to admit what he’d done to his mum. How he’d chickened out and now there was no hope of him getting any clothes.

“Wow…” David gasped, “That’s totally… awesome!”

David urged Christopher to tell him some more about what happened in the outfitters.

“Did those girls watch while you had the flap cut off…?”

“It wasn’t cut it off… but it took ages ‘cos the lady had to fiddle about with the stitches,” Christopher explained, “Your mum held up the flap while the lady measured it to make sure the size was right… I don’t know why she bothered… she even had to measure my legs!”


Christopher had clearly felt hard done by during his visit to the outfitters and David’s persistent questioning succeeded in helping him get it all off his chest.

“Did she measure round your legs… here,” David asked and pointed to the tops of his thighs, “She did mine and the tape-measure touched my nob!”

Christopher warmed to David as they shared their experiences at the boys’ outfitters. Between them they reckoned it wouldn’t be long before the older boy Christopher saw with his two younger sisters was given a Red Indian outfit to wear.

“The way those girls treated him, it was like they had complete control over him. They were really teasing him about the Red Indian outfit, saying they should get one for him to play in…”

“D’ya think Cindy knows them?” David wondered, half to himself.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Christopher replied, “You know what girls are like… they know everything that goes on... and if Cindy does know them…”

“... that boy’s in for a surprise!” David said with glee, “How old do you think he was?”

“Dunno… seventeen maybe…”

“Wow! That’d be so cool if he got a costume and had to join in… don’t you think?” David asked.

Christopher began to wonder if David wasn’t enjoying the game just a little too much. He’d noticed the way David had tried to cheer Joseph up, telling him how much fun it was going to be. Fun! Christopher thought as he reminded himself of the awful embarrassment of being blindfolded and tied up… and the truly dreadful ‘talk’ with Mrs Harper as she cleaned up all the pre-cum he’d leaked during the obligatory tickle-torture… No, the last word Christopher would use to describe a game of Cowboys and Indians with Terry was ‘fun’.

Meanwhile, Joseph had been walking along staring stoney-faced at the ground. The thirteen year old was wearing the most revealing Red Indian outfit anyone had ever seen. The loincloth was backless like the one Christopher wore, but the front consisted of nothing more than loose braids hanging from a low-slung cord that was tied around Joseph’s waist. The braids had brightly coloured beads interwoven, but it afforded virtually no coverage whatsoever… particularly for a boy as well-endowed as Joseph. Even Cindy, used as she was to the sight of Christopher wandering about with nothing on, as taken aback when she saw the size of Joseph’s penis. It seemed to be in a permanent state of semi-arousal, which meant the head could be seen quite clearly through the braids of Joseph’s loincloth.

David glanced over towards Joseph and looked at the older boy’s penis. He leant over to whisper in Christopher's ear: “D’ya think Joseph does it...?”

Of course Christopher knew what David meant and it just made him even more aware of his frustration at not having yet had the opportunity for any penis-play since his arrival at Mrs Harper’s.

“Dunno…” was Christopher's reply to David’s question, “...‘spect so…”

“Do you? Y’know… do it?”

It was inevitable David would ask Christopher whether he masturbated, but it still came as something of a shock to be asked it by the twelve year old. Christopher blushed and stumbled for an answer. Christopher wouldn’t even admit he masturbated to his school-friends; boys his own age, never mind letting David in on his secret. By his own admission Christopher had been stupid enough to tell Mrs Harper he didn’t play with himself… what was he to say to David? If he told David the truth about what happened when he was left tied up and what he’d said to Mrs Harper, Christopher knew he’d be a laughing stock.

“I… I don’t do that anymore… that’s kid’s stuff,” Christopher replied finally. To be fair there was a certain amount of truth in the statement. Christopher, though not through his own choice, hadn’t had the opportunity to masturbate during the last few days (which, to a boy of Christopher's age, seemed like years in lost wanking-time) and he still had the belief that masturbating was something you grew out of; ergo it was something only younger boys did. Christopher thought that as he was the oldest he should be above all this ‘kid’s stuff’.

David didn’t believe him.

Terry, who was leading the party, held his right arm up as if he was on horseback: “Whoa!! Looks like the corral up ahead…”

Unknown and unsuspected by the party of Red Indians, this was the signal for an ambush! Behind them Ben suddenly appeared from the other side of a hedge where he'd been hiding. He was brandishing not one, but two six-shooter cap-guns… and he was aiming them straight at the surprised Redskins!

Christopher, David and Joseph looked back at Terry and saw that he too had drawn his six-shooters. Terry leered: “Howdy, Ben… Looks like we got ourselves an Injun raiding party…”

“Git yer hands up, you pesky varmints!” Ben cried

“It’s a trap!” David said, “We walked straight into a trap…”

“But… but that’s not fair!” Christopher yelled, “We’ve not even had a game yet!”

While Ben had the Indians covered, Terry prepared the ropes to tie them up.

“You said we’d meet Ben for a game of Cowboys and Indians,” Christopher protested.

“I did and this is it… now hand over your weapons,” Terry ordered.

“David’s got the bow and arrows… you know that, you gave them to him,” Christopher said almost petulantly.

“Huh! Do you think we don’t know about the rifles?!” Terry persisted.

“What rifles…?” Joseph asked.

“We know all about the rifles… how you were aiming to use them against us,” Ben said as he took the bow and arrow set from David, “You were planning to shoot your rifles at us… weren’t you?!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Christopher said. He was completely puzzled.

“Take ‘em to the corral, Ben… and let’s get ‘em pegged out. We’ll soon find out if their rifles are loaded,” Terry ordered.

“Sure thing… bet those pesky varmints have got those rifles fully loaded,” Ben replied, “Best get them tied up first… we gonna hog-tie the varmints, or spread-eagle ‘em and leave ‘em for the buzzards?”

Terry just laughed, which for the captured Redskins was worse than anything Terry could have said instead.

What were these two cowboys up to? Ben and Terry soon had the Red Indians skillfully tied up. Each Indian had his hands behind his back and roped to the front of the Indian following. This way they were led the short distance to the corral.

The corral was a small meadow which comprised of some common land on the edge of the village. It was grazed for around six months of the year, but at the time of the Cowboys’ bloodless victory over the Red Indians it was late Spring and the field was covered with buttercups, purple and white clover, and daisies. Butterflies and bees were abundant as was a well-established clump of stinging nettles in a damp corner.

The Redskins were taken to a copse which stood towards the middle of the meadow. Christopher could see the cowboys had been to the site earlier. There was more rope coiled up and hanging from a tree branch. It was obvious the cowboys meant business. A couple of canvas bags had been placed at the foot of a tree.

“Hog-tie him!” Terry said and nudged Christopher to his knees.

“Yes, boss!” Ben said, “Hog-tie it is…!”

Terry and Ben fell on top of Christopher and soon had his ankles tied together and pulled back until his feet almost touched his bottom. Christopher wiggled as best as he could be he was no match for the experienced cowboys. Before he knew what was happening Christopher had his wrists tied tight to his ankles… so tight that his back was arched. The only way Christopher could relieve the pressure was to part his knees in an effort to shorten the distance of the hog-tie stretch. Christopher twisted and thrashed about, hardly caring that his tiny buckskin loincloth was covering nothing at all. At one point Christopher rocked forwards and ended up with his chin squashed into the  grass. His hips were raised so high that his boy-bits were dangling backwards in full view of the laughing cowboys.

Meanwhile the other two Red Indians, Joseph and David, looked down in horror at the way the cowboys had so easily dealt with the oldest boy. Ben pushed the two Indians together, back-to-back as more rope was used to make sure they had no chance of escape.

Neither David nor Joseph had ever been tied up like this and it felt mighty strange to be pressed back-to-back, bottom-to-bottom, skin-to-skin. Joseph's penis pushed its way clear of the braided loincloth and was pointing straight out, parallel to the ground. David struggled as he watched Terry and Ben taunting Christopher, but all this did was to cause Joseph's penis to perform a merry dance as it was rocked and bounced about by David's efforts to free himself. This caught the attention of the cowboys.

“Well, what have we got here then...?” Terry giggled as he watched Joseph's bouncing penis, “Looks like this here Injun’s doing himself a proper war-dance…”

Ben had picked up a switch was just about to tickle Joseph’s penis to see if he could make it get any bigger, when voices were heard coming from the lane close to the field. Girls voices…

“Come on! Get a move on!”

Then a boy’s voice. It was not a happy voice. It was also clearly an older boy’s voice: “But I don’t want to play stupid games… Let me go! Please… just untie my hands then… Oh this is stupid!”

Christopher, from his prone position on the grass, twisted his head to look in the direction of the girls’ voices. He was pretty sure he recognised them and if he was right, he also knew who the boy was!

David was curious and since he was facing the direction of the voices he could see what was happening. Joseph on the other hand was terrified the girls would see him dressed in the skimpy Red Indian outfit; caught tied up and with his semi-erect penis poking out of his costume.

Terry and Ben seemed to know exactly what was going on and fired their six-shooter cap-guns in the air as a signal to the girls to let them know where they were.

The two girls left the lane and crossed the field. They were aged about thirteen or fourteen, dressed as cowgirls, and were pulling along an older boy of about seventeen, dressed in a Red Indian outfit similar to the Redskins that had already been captured The boy had his hands tied in front of him attached to the girls’ rope. He was dragging his heals, but he was no match for the combined strength of the girls who would simply yank the rope at the slightest sign of tardiness from their captive.

The girls were sisters Sam (13) and Sarah (14) a they were pulling along their older brother, Francis who was seventeen. Christopher had guessed correctly the identity of the newcomers and he’d been right in supposing Cindy might have had something to do with their involvement. Sam and Sarah had been charged by their mum to get their brother Francis out of the house and into the fresh air. Mum was fed up with her son moping about the house all day and as far as she was concerned, he was spending an unhealthy amount of time in his bedroom. She had a good idea what Francis was doing and she thought it high time she did something about it and so co-opted her daughters to help out. On pain of unimaginable sanctions Francis was told his younger sisters were to be obeyed. They had full authority over him… the same authority that she had as a mother, she was bestowing on them. Did he understand? Francis understood.

The girls had heard from Cindy all about Terry and his games of Cowboys and Indians and it was a source of great regret to the sisters that they had not, so far, had the opportunity to see for themselves what happened to the Red Indians when they were captured. Sam and Sarah almost wet themselves with excitement when it became clear they would be able to take part in one of the games of Cowboys and Indians and have the opportunity to tease and humiliate their older brother. It was a dream come true!

What Christopher hadn’t grasped as he stood on the stool in the boys’ outfitters waiting for the alteration to his costume, was the reason Francis looked so sheepish. Now Christopher understood. The girls had taken Francis to the shop to be fitted for his own Red Indian costume! That was why Sam and Sarah had been so interested in his own (or rather David’s) costume. That was why they were giggling so much. It was in anticipation of their brother’s shock when he saw just how tiny the costumes were.

Of course the lady who ran the department that stocked play-clothes hardly expected to be asked to supply one for a boy as old as Francis. At seventeen he was blossoming into youthful manhood and at almost six feet tall, towered over his younger sisters. Francis still possessed the shy awkwardness of a younger boy and was easily cowed by the girls… particularly so in the knowledge they had mum’s authority to do pretty much what they wanted.

“I’m not sure we’ve a Red Indian costume in stock that would fit…” the lady had said cautiously, as she tried to disguise her desire to at least attempt to find something that might just possibly fit a big boy like Francis.

“Oh, that’s okay,” Sarah had said nonchalantly, “anything will do… mum doesn’t mind.” She hardly dared to add that it didn’t matter as, from what she’d heard, Francis wouldn’t be wearing his costume for very long anyway.

The lady looked at Francis and asked him: “Are you sure, dear? The costumes are very small…”

Francis gulped. The words ‘mum doesn’t mind’ were ringing in his ears. “Err… that’s doesn’t matter…”

“Well then, if you’d like to follow me into the fitting-room, I’m sure I’ll be able to sort you out with a costume…”

Sam and Sarah stayed behind and wandered around the shop while the assistant attended to their big brother. Much as they’d have liked to watch the fitting, they knew there would be plenty of time to savour Francis’ embarrassment. Actually, they didn’t have to wait very long, because within minutes they heard Francis’ shocked voice exclaim:

“What!! I can’t wear that!! It’s tiny!! It won’t hide… hide… anything!!”

Sam giggled as she and her sister moved back towards the fitting-room.

Sarah called out: “Is there anything wrong? Do you want me to come in and help?”

On the other side of the curtain, Francis was in shock. He was still only half-undressed when the assistant had produced the flimsy Red Indian costume which, to be fair, would have hardly been suitable for a twelve year old, never mind a grown boy of seventeen. Francis had stared open-mouthed at the tiny triangles of soft leather; one to cover his front and the other his bottom. The costume was breathtaking in its brevity. It was simply unbelievable that the assistant would expect him to put on the costume.

“Come along, dear and finish undressing,” the lady encouraged Francis who had stopped when he saw the exiguous outfit, “... come along, we don’t want to keep everyone waiting.”

The curtain swept back and Sarah looked in: “What’s the matter…?” Then she saw the flaps of leather… the impossibly tiny flaps of leather the lady assistant was holding. With great difficulty she had stopped herself from bursting out with laughter at the ridiculous Red Indian costume, knowing that if she lost her self-control her authority over her older brother would likely be diminished.

“Oh, do get a move on, Francis… we haven’t got all day… and mummy will be very annoyed if I have to tell her that you’ve been unhelpful,” Sarah said impatiently and made sure she placed sufficient emphasis on the word ‘mummy’. Then, just to be sure she added, “... and you don’t want mummy to get upset do you?”

Francis was forced to agree it would be a great shame if mummy got upset with him over a silly Red Indian costume, so Sarah let go of the curtain and re-joined her sister Sam in the main part of the shop, but still within earshot of the fitting-room.

Now that the lady assistant understood the girls were acting on mum’s full authority, she lost no further time in ordering Francis to get completely undressed for his fitting. The seventeen year old knew there was no point in protesting. He was only too well aware what would happen if mum found out, so he did exactly what he was told. The lady fussed and fiddled with the delicate little costume, muttering to herself as she attempted to get the best fit and before long Francis was ushered out of the fitting-room to display his Red Indian play-outfit to his younger sisters.

No one in the shop had ever seen anything quite like it... Francis stood in front of Sarah and Sam as the lady assistant continued to fuss and make extra little adjustments to the costume. Without any war-paint, Francis’ new outfit looked even tinier than it actually was, however unlikely that sounded. It seemed hardly possible the costume could be any smaller, since the triangular flap of his loincloth was positioned at the base of his thick penis, it meant his pubic bush was fully displayed. Francis was possessed of the largest penis in his class; it was long as well as thick so the apex of the flap was positioned just beyond the obvious swelling of the substantial glans penis. Francis’ testicles hung in their hairless scrotum and were clearly visible each side of his thick penis shaft. The wrinkled tip of Francis’ generous foreskin was amply displayed.

“Turn round, dear,” the assistant instructed Francis.

The rear triangular flap was completely redundant since the waistband at the back was above Francis’ bottom and the apex of the short rear flap had ended up the gap between the bottom cheeks.

Francis turned back round again to face his sisters and one or two curious customers and well as other staff. No one could recall seeing anything quite like it… they agreed no one could remember a boy that old wearing a Red Indian costume.

Francis’ outfit included other items of apparel, such as moccasins, arm-bands and of course a headband (but only a single long feather). He even had a beaded collar, but the most noticeable part of the costume was of course its loincloth…

“There we are,” the assistant said as she carried out even more last-minute adjustments to the front flap that simply seemed to draw even more attention to the tight little crop of boy-hair of which Francis was so proud. The patch of curly pubic hair was slightly wider than the top of the loincloth flap and no more than half an inch deep, but it was more than a lot of boys had that Francis saw in the showers at school. He was justifiably proud of his pubic hair, although not so proud of it that he wanted it to been seen by everyone in the boys’ outfitters.

“There we are,” the lady repeated, then she turned to Sarah, “Are you taking him out to play in his new costume? You’re more than welcome to leave his clothes here… you can pick them up later.”

“I’m not sure,” Sarah replied. “What do you think, Sam? Should we leave Francis’ clothes here and take Francis out to play in his new costume?”

Sam said she wasn’t sure either and this drove Francis mad. Would his little sisters make him go out… in public… wearing his ridiculously, hideously revealing Red Indian costume. The thought of so doing made him feel faint… but the thought of not doing what he was told by his sisters was even worse.

“What do you think mummy would want Francis to do?” Sam said very slowly as if considering a problem in nuclear physics.

In the end it was the lady assistant who made up the girls’ minds: “I think mummy would want her little boy to go and play in his lovely new outfit… boys need lots of fresh air and fun, so my advice is to find some cowboys he can play with…” she turned to Francis and added, “You’ll have lots of fun playing in your smart new Red Indian costume…”

Francis thought that highly unlikely and hung on to the slender hope his sisters wouldn’t subject him to even more humiliation than he’d already suffered by making him go outside and play in his new outfit.

Of course Sarah and Sam had planned all along to leave their big brother’s clothes at the shop. They’d planned all along to join Terry in one of his games of Cowboys and Indians. And they’d also planned a quick change of clothes so that they could both be dressed as cowgirls when they eventually dragged their captured Redskin (Francis) into the ole corral.

So it was that Sarah, Sam and Francis, the most nervous Redskin there ever was, entered the meadow.

Terry and Ben were thrilled to have a boy as old as Francis join in all the fun of a game of Cowboys and Indians and when they saw him being hauled across the field and saw him properly close up, they saw in Francis the opportunity for some terrific cowboy fun!

“Do you see what I see, pardner?” Terry asked.

“Sure do, boss,” Ben replied eagerly.

The eager young cowboys took hold of the rope to which Francis had been tied and, with the girls help marched their captive in the direction of a nearby tree-branch. It was a very useful branch, since it was almost parallel to the ground and high enough for a boy to stand underneath yet still have room to hold his arms outstretched above his head. Room too for the cowboys to throw a rope over and haul the Redskin’s arms up until he was suspended, almost on tiptoes, ready for whatever they had in mind.

“What are they doing to him?” Joseph, who couldn’t see what the cowboys and girls were up to, asked David, who was facing the tree.

“They’ve strung up Francis… cor, he ain’t half got a big ‘un… bigger than yours even… got hairs too,” David was impressed, “D’ya wanna have a look…?”

Before Joseph could say anything David wriggled himself to one side which meant Joseph had to move round to or risk them both falling over. This was the last thing Joseph wanted to do, since it meant the girls would be able to see him… see all of him, since Joseph’s penis was sticking out through the braids of his loincloth.

Joseph pleaded with David to stop; to go back, but to no avail and all the noise simply drew the girls attention to the fact they’s not yet had a good look at the other captured Red Indians.

Sam looked across at Joseph and David tied together back-to-back and then at Christopher lying on the grass, hog-tied. She was about to go and have a closer look when Terry stopped her:

“Plenty of time for lookin’ at them varmints later, miss,” he said, “If you’ll excuse me, we’ve got work to do here… and we’ll need your help…” Terry turned to Ben: “Have you got the equipment?”

In reply Ben simply went the one of the bags and took from it something that glinted in the sunlight. It looked like a blade…

“Wha… what you going to do?” Francis struggled but the girls held him tight.

“You Redskins deserve some of your own medicine…” Terry said.

Ben waived the steel in front of Francis who lurched backwards away from his tormentor.

“What’s he going to do?” he begged his sister Sarah, “Tell me… tell me!”

From his viewpoint on the ground Christopher watched open-mouthed as the cowboys taunted Francis. Much as he sympathised with Francis being tied up and as helpless as he was, Christopher felt a surge of excitement. His was eager to know what the cowboys planned to do with Francis.

The cowboys and the cowgirls couldn’t help but laugh at the pathetic quivering Indian.

“Sarah… Tell me, please… Please, Sarah, tell me what’s going on…” Francis twisted and struggled, but there was little point since Terry and Ben were experts at the fine art of tying up Red Indians.

“Oh don’t be such a wimp!” Sarah said eventually, “Mummy said you wouldn’t play properly… anyway they’re not going to hurt you…”

Joseph and David were just as eager as Christopher to know what the cowboys were up to. So far their collective experience of being captured was limited to extended tickle-torture games which had left them all with painfully stiff penises, which in Christopher’s case produced copious amounts of pre-cum. Joseph and David jostled, as far as they were able to, being so tightly tied together, for the best view of what was happening to Francis. As curiosity got the better of Joseph’s embarrassment the two youngsters twisted, turned and strained their necks, oblivious to what was on show between their legs.

Ben went back to the bag and produced a couple of small tins. He brought them over to where a quivering Francis was tied up suspended from the tree branch. Ben held one of the tins up to Francis’s face. Francis looked terrified as Ben slowly opened the tin…

“Scalps!!” Ben said and leered at Francis as he fingered the little curls of hair.

Sarah and Sam burst out laughing and eagerly begged Ben to have a closer look at the cowboys’ spoils. Ben opened the other tin and inside it were more curly hairs of different colours; some ginger, some light brown and some so wispy and blonde they were almost transparent. It was clear to the girls exactly what the ‘scalps’ were… and they couldn’t wait to see Francis scalped by Terry and Ben.

When the other Redskins realised what the two young cowboys were up to, they burst out laughing… they were in absolutely no danger of being scalped!

What Ben had been waving about earlier was a pair of small scissors kept for the sole purpose denuding a Red Indian of his pubic hair. The boys were so skilled at the job, that now they could leave the Redskin looking as if he’d never sprouted a single boy-hair in his life.

“I’d advise you to keep still,” Terry said as he and Ben got to work.

Despite Terry’s warning Francis struggled as best he could under the circumstances. Once he realised scalping meant the complete removal of his precious boy-hairs he started twist this way and that, oblivious to the fact his big penis was bouncing about, hardly covered by the pathetic piece of leather that formed the front of his loincloth. It wasn’t until his sisters threatened him with the ultimate sanction, that of telling their mum he was being a deliberate spoilsport, that Francis quietened down.

Reluctantly Francis remained still while Terry and Ben set about their work. Sarah and Sam watched closely as the cowboys carefully added, a snip at a time, the little curls of boy-hair to their collection of ‘scalps’.

Francis was mortified to see his precious pubic hair disappearing snip by snip, until he too was as smooth and hairless as the other Red Indians who’d been captured and tied up in the corral. With all the attention given to that part of his body during his 'scalping', it's perhaps no surprise to learn that Francis' penis became aroused sufficiently enough to push the meagre flap of his loincloth to one side.

"Wow... look at the size of that nob... It's pointing straight out... like... like..." David, for once, was speechless.


  1. Oh my god! This story is getting absolutely fantastic. I thought chapter 2 was fantastic but if this keeps going as well as it has so far then you my dear Mogg, have surpassed yourself tenfold. So looking forward to where this goes.

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    1. Thank you for your kind and enthusiastic comments. I'm sorry to have to disappoint you, bitter_arron, but it looks to be a while before I'll have anything to post. Believe me I do know how frustrating it can be to find a story you like and want so much to read more. I'll do my best, but I can't promise anything.


    2. Oh that's sad news, perfectly understandable however. You move at the pace you're comfortable with Mogg, can't expect more without being unreasonable really. lol

    3. Appreciated. It's good to know you understand. I like to try and get things right and only post when I'm satisfied with what I've written.


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  7. OMG!! Last year the next posting after May didn't come until August!! What am I gonna do if it takes that long?? I might have to be like the person who writes the "Time for Spankings, Bed and Pyjamas" blog and write my own installment.

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  12. Thanks to everyone for leaving their comments. To be honest, I'm having a hard time with this story. I've written some more, but I've only a vague notion of where it's going and that makes it difficult for me. My own fault for not having a plan, but that's the way I write.

    I know that's not what you want to hear. All I can say is that I will carry on and see comes of it.


    BTW I've disabled the Captcha thingy... least I think so.

    1. Awesome to hear from you Mogg. Shame about the writers block, hope that gets sorted.

  13. "Not having a plan" Ha ha, tell me about it. When I try to write to a plan, it's often doomed to deadlock. Since the story will have other ideas than my stupid plan. (Or, I'm hopeless at sticking to a plan.) Ah well, we'll surely appreciate your carrying on.

    The reCapcha was weird - it was asking "tick the images that are street signs', or sushi, or soups, or birthday cakes. Nine small images and there were always marginal cases, so I usually couldn't get them all right, and it would repeat. When I finally got a set all right, it popped up another kind: "copy the code below to the box". Except there was NO BOX! At that point I gave up, and tried the post using a different browser. This time it just said "check the box to prove you aren't a robot" One tick, done.

    Add: Nope, there is still the same dysfunctional captcha: signs, soups, ice creams... then the 'copy the code' that cannot be done. Using Opera, posting as Anon failed. Now going to try again in Firefox.


  14. Another voice hoping for a new chapter. And, as i've asked before, i hope that the boys' fathers might make an appearance. Difficult to believe that boys treated like this don't have fathers who are also totally dominated by the women in their lives!

  15. Are you going to be able to send us a new chapter please? And what about my suggestion?

    1. Apologies for the delay in replying Freddie. I think you are going to have to accept that fathers are not going to appear. Sorry about that, but it just doesn't fit in with what I feel to be the spirit of the story, which is essentially about one boy's struggle to find a way to enjoy a good wank without being constantly thwarted in his attempts to do so.

      Not to be entirely negative, I am tinkering with another, entirely different story, which will feature the tribulations of a somewhat put upon adult male. It's very much in the embryonic stage and I'll have to see how it goes before I have anything suitable for posting.


  16. @Frederick Benjamin Heh. Do I detect desperation? You should know Life by now - every time you get to really liking something (particularly online series like web comics and porn) it will stop. I can't even complain, having done the same with many of my stories people liked. Ha ha... how many years later, and Ch 2 of Jennifer's Postal Predicament is only half done.

    Oh well. The Zen of Christopher's Story - it will either proceed or not. Either we'll find out where this scene goes, what Terry and the girls will do with the boys, whether Mrs Harper will show up, what Mrs Harper has in mind for Christopher to ensure he doesn't "make a complete spectacle of himself" for the rest of his now indefinitely prolonged naked and zero-private-time stay with the Harpers...
    And even what she considers a 'complete' spectacle. I'd have thought after a couple of weeks of no relief, 14 year old Christopher would be quite often if not permanently making a standing spectacle of himself. Perhaps Mrs Harper might be relieved to see this proof of his claim. Or she might wonder how come he wasn't already in that state when he first started living with them? More awkward questions for him, more lies, more difficulties...

    Or perhaps we won't find out.