Saturday, 4 April 2015

Luke's Appointment with Doctor Livesey

Luke’s mum had made the appointment and he wasn’t happy. Luke was nineteen years old for heaven’s sake; far too old to have his mum making appointments for him to see the doctor. In any case there was nothing wrong with him. Why did mum interfere all the time? Always saying that she knew best whenever Luke questioned her. Treating him as if he’d never grown up!

Luke was positively seething with resentment as he sat next to his mum in the doctor’s waiting-room. There had been an emergency earlier which meant that all the appointments had been delayed. Luke and his mum had been waiting for nearly an hour during which time Luke became more and more restless. He had also become even more resentful at being at the doctor’s at all. There really was no need for them to be there. As he’d repeated to his mum on a number of occasions during the long wait, there was nothing wrong with him.

“Mum… can’t we just cancel the appointment and go home?” Luke pleaded after he saw a couple of patients re-book their appointments and leave.

“We may as well wait, Luke… the doctor won’t be much longer,” mum replied, “and I want to get this matter cleared up so that I can put my mind at rest.”

“But mum… there’s nothing wrong…”

“Well if there’s nothing wrong, then the sooner we get this over with the sooner we’ll be going home.”

“Yes mum…” Luke mumbled, still far from happy.

Another five minutes had passed when Luke and his mum were called through to see the doctor.

Dr Joanna Livesey greeted them both and then turned to Luke’s mother: “What can I do for you? I gather it’s something to do with Luke that’s worrying you, Mrs Browne…”

“Yes doctor… yes, you see Luke is being bullied,” she replied, but noticing how one of the doctor’s eyebrows shot up, she added, “perhaps ‘bully’ is a bit strong, but I’m afraid Luke is being teased rather badly…”

“... and where does this teasing take place, Mrs Brown? On the face of it Luke doesn’t look the sort of boy who could be easily teased let alone bullied. He’s nineteen years old now I think and looking at him I’d say he’s over six foot tall…”

Luke stayed silent as his mum explained that she’d encouraged him to help out at a local swimming club. Luke had always been a proficient swimmer and had got on well in competitions, so after mum had a few words with the boys’ swimming coach, Luke was now helping out two or three times a week at the club. As the club had a female coach an important part of Luke’s job was to supervise the boys in the changing room and in the obligatory showers after swimming practice.

In return for his services Luke got to swim for free at the pool. His mum added that that alone was a good thing as it got Luke back into swimming again with all the benefits of regular exercise.

“Well that sounds great,” Dr Livesey enthused, “I wish more of my young patients were given the opportunity to exercise for free! So, what’s the problem?”

By now Luke was looking very pale indeed and on the verge of a full-blown panic attack. The two women continued to talk and to discuss him as if he was still outside in the waiting-room.

Mum explained the boys at the swimming club had begun to tease Luke and that the teasing had got so bad it had made her son upset.

“How old are the boys?”

“Oh, not that old… between twelve and forteen.”

“Well boys of that age can be quite cruel, but I shouldn’t have thought it would be serious enough to cause any undue anxiety in a big strong nineteen year old boy like Luke...” the doctor paused, “... unless, that is, there was some underlying cause… a neurosis perhaps…” She tapped her lips thoughtfully with the index finger of her right hand.

The women talked some more until finally the moment that Luke had been dreading arrived. Dr Livesey turned to him and spoke:

"When do these boys tease you Luke?" Dr Livesey asked.

"Umm... in the, err... showers... I, err have to supervise the... err, boys like mum says..." Luke answered nervously.

“What is this teasing about Luke?” the doctor asked with a voice full of concern.

Luke’s mouth was as dry as dust as he replied: “My... my penis doctor…”

“I see… the young boys tease you about your penis?” Doctor Livesey leant back in her chair, “What’s so unusual about your penis that it should cause twelve and thirteen year old boys to tease you about it. Do you think they’ve never seen a fully grown adult penis before? Perhaps they think it looks unusually large? One can easily imagine for a boy who has not seen one before, the adult penis can appear to be somehow the object of mirth, flopping about as they do. Perhaps your penis is unusually large Luke? I’m sure the sight of a large penis swinging about between your legs might be the cause of some light-hearted ribaldry. Is your penis larger than what might be considered average Luke?”

Luke paused, unable to answer the doctor. He was riven with shame.

Mum prompted him: “Answer the doctor’s question Luke.”

When finally Luke did summon up the courage to answer the doctor it was to say “No.”

“Then would you say your penis is of average length and size Luke?”

Once more Luke replied “No.”

“Then how would you describe your penis Luke?”

Luke felt an overpowering urge to run from the room; to escape Doctor Livesey’s probing and deeply embarrassing questions. But Luke knew there was no escape and he answered the doctor in a voice not much louder than a whisper:

“Um… small, Doctor Livesey.”

There was a very long pause during which Luke could almost hear the hairs on the back of his neck as they rose in fear of what was to come. During the silence Doctor Livesey considered how best to proceed. Finally she turned to Luke’s mum:

“If you are in agreement Mrs Browne I should like to exam Luke’s genitals to ascertain if there is any evidence for your son’s anxiety.”

“Certainly doctor… whatever is necessary,” mum replied without a moments hesitation.

“... quite often boys have an unrealistic expectation of penis size,” Doctor Livesey continued, “I often see boys who think they are somehow abnormal because their penis is ‘only’ six inches long when flaccid, or boys who think that having a seven inch erection is small. And we are talking of boys four or five years younger than Luke. Of course these boys will most certainly continue to develop as they get older… but quite where they get these ideas from I’ve no idea.”

Doctor Livesey turned towards Luke, but continued to address his mum:

“We’ll probably find out Luke has had grossly exaggerated expectations of penis size…” finally she said to the boy, “Would you please remove all your clothing, Luke…”

Luke’s mouth fell open. “Err… everything? Now…?”

“Yes, Luke. Please get a move on, I’m running late enough as it is…”

“Don’t make a fuss darling,” mum said, “Now be a good boy and do what the doctor tells you and get undressed.”

Luke knew it was pointless to try and argue with his mum. With Doctor Livesey on her side, he stood no chance. Even so Luke felt very, very nervous as he started to disrobe in the horribly functional confines of the doctor’s surgery.

While he undressed, mum and Doctor Livesey chatted amiably and ignored the increasingly red-faced boy who was finally left with just a pair of white cotton schoolboy underpants between modesty and humiliation. At last these were taken off as well and joined the pile of discarded clothes on a nearby chair. Luke stepped forwards to face Doctor Livesey. It was only with a huge effort and considerable willpower that he was able to keep his hands at his sides.

His little penis was barely visible.

The doctor took one look and turned to Luke’s mum: “I’m going to have to have Luke’s pubic hair removed before I can continue with the examination… is that alright with you, Mrs Browne?”

Luke was again ignored as he he opened and closed his mouth in mute protest at this further indignity.

“Of course… you must do what’s needed,” Mrs Browne said, approving the doctor’s request.

“... it’s simply that it’s going to be difficult enough to examine Luke’s penis as it is even without his pubic hair getting in the way. I can only just about see the tip of Luke’s foreskin from where I’m sitting. It won’t take a moment to remove the pubic hair so that we can get a good look at Luke’s penis…”

Doctor Livesey pressed a button on the intercom at the side of her desk. After a couple of seconds a voice answered. Doctor Livesey spoke:

“Nurse Pilbeam, would you come to my office. I’ve a boy with me, Luke Browne… I need you to remove his pubic hair for me… he has a rather small penis and I won’t be able to examine him properly until the hair is removed…” There was a crackle from the intercom to which the doctor replied, “... yes, Luke Browne, aged nineteen… He’s here now with his mother…”

Luke was mortified at the thought of what was about to happen and then he remembered that the other end of the intercom was on the reception desk! Heaven knows who else overheard Doctor Livesey’s conversation with the nurse. Luke’s knees almost gave way. He himself had heard snatches of conversation between the staff and the consulting-rooms as he had waited with his mum… but nothing like the one he’d just heard concerning himself!

After a few all too brief minutes Luke heard the door open and turned to see Nurse Pilbeam enter the room. She nodded towards Doctor Livesey and his mum, then turned and smiled before looking down at Luke’s penis.

“I see what you mean doctor,” the nurse said, “It is a rather small penis…”

The door to the room was still open and Luke heard the rattle of a trolley approaching. He was nearly sick with fear as he saw the front of a gleaming stainless-steel trolley enter the room. But what was worse, far worse, was that it was being pushed by a young intern… a young female intern… a young female intern who Luke recognised…

Nurse Pilbeam introduced her to Luke’s mum: “This is Michelle… she’s helping us out and gaining, I hope, some valuable experience working here at the clinic…”

It was a lot for Luke to take in. Standing as he was, fully nude in front of the three women... that he could just about cope with, but to be seen completely bare by Michelle Swan as well was almost beyond endurance. Michelle had been a couple of years below him at school, so he knew she couldn't be more than seventeen. Poor Luke didn't know what to do. Should he acknowledge her? Should he ask for Michelle to leave? Should he... should he plead with her not to say she'd seen him... seen him bare?

With these thoughts flashing through his mind Luke glanced at the trolley. He saw clippers, scissors and shaving implements along with packets of sterile wipes. In the end he said nothing.

"Close the door Michelle," Nurse Pilbeam told the young intern, "We must respect Luke's right to privacy..."

Luke nearly choked when he heard those words. What privacy?!

"Now Luke," Nurse Pilbeam continued, "I don't want your hands getting in the way so please place them flat on top of your head..." Luke did as he was told. "Michelle... put chairs either side of Luke and move the trolley a bit closer... good girl... now it shouldn't take us too long, Luke hasn't much pubic hair, so we'll soon have him nice and smooth ready for the doctor to examine his penis and testicles." Nurse Pilbeam had a sudden thought and turned to Doctor Livesey. "Would it be possible for Michelle to say and observe the examination procedure, doctor?"

"I don't see why not... that is if it’s alright with you Mrs Browne?"

To Luke's horror mum willingly agreed to the request and Michelle was given permission to stay and watch his examination after she had helped to relieve him of his pubic hair! Luke was still unsure if Michelle had even recognised him and for the moment was glad he had held his tongue. However, not knowing if she remembered him from school was almost as bad as if she did!

Nurse Pilbeam and Michelle sat down in the chairs placed in front of Luke. The trolley was within easy reach, but first Nurse Pilbeam explained what she was about to do for the benefit of the young intern:

“This is Luke Browne… he’s nineteen years old and…”

“Oh!” Michelle exclaimed, “Luke Browne!” she looked up at Luke’s beet-red face, “Yes! Luke Browne!” she suppressed a giggle, “I didn’t recognise you without your clothes on…”

“You know each other?” Nurse Pilbeam enquired.

“Oh yes… Luke was a couple of years ahead of me at school, but I knew about him because he was on the school’s swimming team. I used to go and watch with some of my friends,” Michelle explained. Then she frowned as if in thought and added: “Should I… I mean… because I know Luke, would it be best if I left?”

This was music to Luke’s ears. In his view Michelle had already seen quite enough already, but before he could say anything Doctor Livesey spoke and quashed Luke’s hopes:

“That won’t be necessary Michelle, although it was very considerate of you to ask. It shows you have a degree of understanding of patient sensitivities that does you credit. I have to say I’m somewhat surprised Luke didn’t say anything when he saw you enter the room,” Doctor Livesey turned to Luke, “Perhaps you didn’t recognise Michelle?”

“I… err… that is…” Luke was so bewildered by events that he could do no more than stutter a few incomprehensible words. It didn’t matter as nobody was really listening to him anyway. He pressed the palms of his hands even harder to his head in an effort to keep himself under control. He’d never felt so exposed in his whole life. The humiliations visited upon him by the young boys in the swimming club showers were as nothing to what Luke was experiencing in Doctor Joanna Livesey’s consulting-room.

Michelle looked up at Luke and smiled sweetly: “Hello Luke.”

“Um… err… hello Michelle…” Luke managed to croak the words as Michelle looked him straight in the eyes.

“Well, we best get a move on,” Nurse Pilbeam said, “First of all we carry out a brief visual assessment of the area around the genitals. As you can clearly see Luke has a small penis so instead of hanging downwards like a normal adult penis, Luke’s penis is pointing straight out towards us. Luke has not been circumcised and his foreskin is quite prominent. Because his penis is small the testicles are well displayed. Normally I’d ask you to lift the penis out of the way, but in Luke’s case that won’t be necessary. We can see there is no hair at all on Luke’s scrotum…”

Nurse Pilbeam turned to look directly at Michelle and explained: “I would normally expect to see some hair on the scrotum of the mature adult male, but we will check Luke for any signs of hair just to make sure… Now, if you will pass me the scissors from the trolley, we will make a start…”

Michelle watched intently as Nurse Pilbeam snipped at Luke's pubic hair, most of which was in a small cluster just above the base of his penis. This was soon clipped back to leave a short stubble.

"I've left some little hairs at the side of Luke's penis," Nurse Pilbeam said, "Michelle, why don't you take the scissors and have a go at trimming them for me?"

To Luke's horror Michelle took the scissors and moved closer. Luke shivered with nerves and his little penis wobbled.

"Keep still, Luke," Nurse Pilbeam said, "Michelle will be very careful..."

Luke bit his lower lip as he felt Michelle's fingers brush the side of his penis as she clipped off what remained of his pubic hair.

As the little hairs fell to the floor Luke wondered what he was going to say at the next swimming club meeting. He thought of the things the young boys were bound to say... asking him what had happened to his hairs, calling him 'baldie' and so forth. What was even more galling was that a few of the boys had already grown hairs which they were sure to show off in front of him and they would be guaranteed to tease him for not having any anymore. Luke knew he'd have to think up some excuse about shaving them off to reduce drag in the water...not that any of the boys would believe him.

Michelle thought Luke’s little penis felt very smooth as her fingers brushed against it. She couldn’t avoid touching it even though she could see there was no sign of any hairs on the penis, it was the only way she could clip the few straggly hairs Nurse Pilbeam had told her to snip off.

“That’s looking a lot better already,” Doctor Livesey said as she watched Michelle at work with the small scissors, “At least I can see Luke’s penis now…”

“The next stage is to remove the remaining stubble with special clippers,” Nurse Pilbeam explained, “If you could just pass them over… yes, Michelle, those are the one’s… We won’t need the others, those are only needed when the pubic hair is much thicker and denser. Luke’s hair is only quite light… what you'd expect to see on a younger boy.”

Michelle handed the battery operated clippers to the nurse who explained how they were used and then flicked the slide-switch which filled the room with a loud buzzing noise. Luke trembled and his little penis wiggled.

“Hmm…” Nurse Pilbeam looked up at Luke and then back down at the wiggling penis, “I think I’m going to have to ask you to hold Luke’s penis and keep it still for me, Michelle.”

Luke was mortified. He was standing as still as he could, hands held flat on the top of his head, so he tried to hold his breath… anything to stop his little penis from jiggling in front of Nurse Pilbeam and Michelle. But Luke couldn’t, he was so nervous; nervous of the clippers and… well, just nervous… wouldn’t you be if you were in his position?

“Just take hold of the tip of Luke’s foreskin, Michelle" Nurse Pilbeam said in a matter-of-fact way, "… yes, that’s right… now pull it gently towards you… you needn’t worry, you can pull it a little harder and it will hold the skin nice and taught from me to run the clippers over… good girl… excellent… now let’s get rid of these little hairs.”

Nurse Pilbeam started to run the small buzzing clippers over the base of Luke's penis. The clippers tickled Luke who stood as still as he could. It didn't take long before he was as bald as he had been only a couple of years previously. His little penis revealed in all its tiny glory made Luke look like an overgrown ten year old. Yes, Luke was certainly going to be in for some serious teasing at the next swim club meeting!

The clippers were so effective that Luke was spared a wet shave, although he could see a razor and lotion had been laid out on the trolley, ready if needed.

"You can let go of Luke's penis now, Michelle," Nurse Pilbeam said to her assistant. Both the nurse and Doctor Livesey could see that Michelle was going to be a very capable and willing young intern.

Luke might have had other thoughts on the matter as he stood with his hands still on his head as Nurse Pilbeam made him part his legs so that she could instruct Michelle how to check for any sign of pubic hair growth on the scrotum.

Luke could bear it no longer and pleaded with his mum: "Please mummy... please mummy... do I have to...?"

"Do what the nurse says, Luke," mum replied curtly, "She's only doing her job... and besides all this is for your benefit... no one else's." She paused, then added, "You shouldn't have let the boys tease you in the first place."

Luke was suitably chastened and did as Nurse Pilbeam instructed.

"Put your fingers underneath Luke's scrotum... yes, that's it Michelle... now lift the testicle as you feel around the scrotum... good. Now lift the testicle right up so that you can examine the skin... good... stretch the scrotal sac, that's the best way look for any sign of pubic hair growth. Can you see any hairs, Michelle?"

Luke's testicles were quite normal in size, but relative to his small penis they looked disproportionately large. Indeed the very size of his testicles helped to make Luke's already tiny penis look smaller still, since his scrotal sac had contracted and lifted the testicles upwards until they almost engulfed Luke's little penis.

Michelle, after a protracted inspection of Luke's scrotum, announced that she could find no trace of pubic hair. Luke was therefore pronounced ready for Doctor Joanna Livesey's examination.

Mindful of what his mum might say, nineteen year old Luke stayed in position and awaited further instructions. Nurse Pilbeam and Michelle moved their chairs to one side and sat down to watch the doctor, ready to offer their assistance should it be required. Mum sat in front of the doctor's desk and kept a beady eye on her son. What is it with boys? she asked herself, why do they always make such a fuss when they visit the doctor. After all, it's just a perfectly ordinary examination.

Doctor Livesey got up from behind her desk and walked round to face Luke. She looked him up and down, walked round the increasingly nervous boy and then stood in front of him.

"You are correct, Luke," the doctor said finally.

"Doctor...?" Luke said somewhat puzzled.

"You described your penis as small," Doctor Livesey explained, "and I agree with you. But you will be pleased to know it is not what is called a micro-penis..."

Michelle interrupted: "I'm sorry, doctor, but you mean there are boys with even smaller penises?!"

"Oh most certainly, Michelle... however, not much smaller than Luke's. Although not technically classified as a micro-penis, Luke's penis is one of the smallest I've encountered for a long time." Doctor Livesey turned back to Luke. "Tell me Luke, the boys you supervise at the swim club, have any of the boys got a small penis like yours?"

"Err, no... I don't think so, doctor," Luke answered.

"Oh, come now, Luke," the doctor smiled, "you're not trying to tell me that you haven’t examined these young boys when you are together in the showers and looked at their penises?"

Luke's face said it all and Doctor Livesey carried on: "Of course you have looked at the boys’ penises. It's only natural that you should look at them... perhaps to see if there is a boy with a penis as small as your own... or perhaps you look at them with envy, jealous that these boys, thirteen and fourteen year old boys, have penises larger… some much larger I suspect, than yours?"

Luke’s shame was palpable as he admitted to the doctor that he did look at the boys’ penises. Under further questioning he told of his envy as he watched the nude boys; how he would see boys in differing states of arousal; sometimes even fully erect.

Doctor Livesey nodded thoughtfully at Luke’s answers to her questions. It was perfectly clear Luke was sensitive to the boys who teased him about his small penis. Doctor Livesey explained for the benefit of Michelle and Mrs Browne that boys were, in general extremely sensitive about the size of their penises and particularly so during puberty and adolescence.

“When a boy has a distinctly small penis like Luke, it makes him look as if he is somehow inadequate… and boys being boys like nothing better than to mock and tease what they see as a pathetically shriveled excuse for a proper ‘grown-up’ penis…”

Doctor Livesey turned to Luke's mum: "I don't mean to imply that anyone in this room would use such language to describe your son's small penis, Mrs Browne. I am merely attempting to convey the way young boys such as those that Luke supervises would view his penis. Boys of that age would see Luke's penis and laugh at its inadequacy. They would find it funny to see such a tiny penis on a boy four or five years older... and this is clearly the problem that Luke is facing every time he removes his swim-trunks in full view of the young boys, before escorting them into the showers. It's no wonder Luke is upset by the constant teasing, but there is nothing Luke can do about it. He has a tiny penis; a penis smaller than any of the young boys he is supervising..."

Luke wondered how this consultation could get any worse as Doctor Livesey perfectly described how he felt when nude in the company of the young boys at the swim club meetings. How he felt as his sad little nob waggled, barely visible, next to boys of fourteen with well developed penises that hung down over their testicles. To say Luke felt cheated by his fate to always have the smallest penis would be to put it mildly. How he yearned to have a penis like the boys he saw every week at the swim club. How he craved for the feeling of a long penis swinging between his thighs...

"Luke, are you able to masturbate?" Doctor Livesey asked. Her question was completely unexpected and took Luke off-guard. He looked instinctively towards his mother before answering sheepishly that he could.

"I see," the doctor said and thought for a moment. "Do you masturbate regularly?"

Luke nodded: "Yes, Doctor Livesey," he replied, more than ever aware that Michelle was listening to every word... so too was mum, whose turn it was to speak up:

"You mean to stand there and tell me you play with yourself, Luke? After all I've said about little boys who play with their tiddlers? Luke Browne, I'm ashamed that a son of mine could be so naughty as to stand in front of the doctor and say such things... I'm sorry doctor, call me old-fashioned, but I was brought up to believe that masturbation is sinful."

"There is no need to apologise, Mrs Browne... absolutely no need at all," Doctor Livesey said, "I fully understand and respect your views on the subject of boyhood masturbation. Though whilst Luke has quite intentionally disobeyed you, you must agree that you have raised your son to be honest..."

Mrs Browne clearly had mixed thoughts about that and merely said something that sounded like, "Hurrumph!"

Michelle wondered if Luke could possibly be more embarrassed. She looked at him standing there only a few feet away, still with legs parted and his hands placed firmly on top of his head. Could it possibly get any worse for the nineteen year old boy than to be questioned about masturbation in front of his disapproving mother. She saw Luke glance down at her. His eyes flicked away when she smiled back. Michelle wondered how much more the boy would have to endure before the examination concluded.

"Boyhood masturbation is something that polarises views," Doctor Livesey explained, "For myself, I have no hesitation in saying that I disapprove of boys being allowed to indulge in the practice…”

Mrs Browne was somewhat cheered up to hear this from the doctor. Michelle was fascinated and put on a serious face as she listened. Nurse Pilbeam was fully conversant with Doctor Livesey’s views and of course she was also cognisant with Clinic policy on the matter.

“We always recommend that boys be discouraged from masturbation,” Doctor Livesey continued, “Some mothers take the view that total abstinence must be observed and for this special measures often have to be employed. However in most cases regular counselling sessions with the boy usually suffices.”

All this was news to Luke and each word from Doctor Livesey sent a fresh wave of horror through him. Luke knew perfectly well that his mum disapproved of masturbation, but that hadn’t prevented him from playing with himself, no matter how guilty he felt. Of necessity it was a furtive exercise, quickly done and what little pleasure Luke did obtain was quickly dissipated by the worry of what would happen if his mum ever found out. Yet here he was in Doctor Livesey’s surgery having to openly admit that he masturbated…

Doctor Livesey drew up a chair directly in front of Luke and sat down. Luke closed his eyes as he saw the doctor’s hands move to examine his testicles and his little penis. He felt her fingertips brush along one side of his scrotum, then felt his penis being gently gripped between thumb and fingers of her other hand. Luke could feel his little penis being lifted and moved from left to right as Doctor Livesey examined him.

“Yes… you certainly do have a small penis, Luke… I wonder… Luke, there’s no need for you to close your eyes while I carry out my examination of your genitals,” Doctor Livesey said when she looked up and saw Luke’s eyes tight shut.

“I’m sorry, Doctor Livesey…” Luke apologised and looked down at the doctor holding his penis.

“I wonder, Luke,” Doctor Livesey continued having got Luke’s attention, “I wonder how you manage to stimulate yourself…”

Luke was flustered. He didn’t know how to reply to the doctor. Did she want an answer from him? Luke could feel his heart beating faster as he tried to think where this was leading.

However Doctor Livesey, still holding Luke’s little penis between thumb and finger, turned to Michelle to explain: “There are a number of techniques boys use when they masturbate… perhaps the most common is to grip the erect penis in the fist of either hand… exceptionally the boy may be sufficiently endowed to use both hands, but I don’t think we need pursue that example as I don’t want Luke to get upset by the thought of a boy possessing a penis large enough to masturbate in such a manner…”

Michelle stared in disbelief at the doctor. She couldn’t help but look at Luke’s tiny penis as she visualised a boy standing in Doctor Livesey’s office… standing in the same spot as Luke, but having such a large penis that he needed to use both hands to mastubate!

“... yes, Michelle, such boys are examined in this very room,” Doctor Livesey said, apparently reading Michelle’s thoughts, “Perhaps, as an intern, you will have the opportunity to act as an observer…”

Having to endure the teasing of the young boys at the swimming club was as nothing to how Luke felt in Doctor Livesey’s office. He cursed himself for letting slip to his mum how the boys at the club were teasing him. But of course, a mum knows when something’s amiss. Mrs Browne knew her son was upset about something and she wasn’t going to rest until she found out what it was. Luke recalled the day he blurted out what had been happening. He had just returned from a swimming club meeting and was in his bedroom about to try on a new pair of trunks when his mum walked in on him. Luke was already feeling vulnerable from some particularly pointed teasing from a couple of the thirteen year olds who had been making fun of the size (or rather the lack of size) of his penis. Now he had found himself cornered by his mum who knew exactly how to prise secrets out of him. It hadn't taken long before he was sat on his bed, his new swim-trunks half on and half off, blubbing into his mum's arms and telling her everything. Mrs Browne had consoled him even as he begged her not to say anything to the swim club coach. When all was said and done, Luke loved helping out at the club. If only he didn't have sole responsibility for the boys’ obligatory post club meeting showers. Luke was told by his mum that she'd see what she could do. He little realised it would involve a trip to see Doctor Joanna Livesey.

Luke looked down at Doctor Livesey as she used the fingertips of both hands to retract his foreskin: "It is always necessary to ensure the foreskin is capable of full retraction... it's also good practice to manipulate the boy's foreskin to keep it nice and loose... as you can see Luke’s is quite malleable, probably due to excessive masturbation I shouldn't wonder..."

There was an audible hiss from the direction of Mrs Browne, who was no doubt already making mental plans to curtail Luke's masturbatory activities.

Then Doctor Livesey started: "Ah...!" She turned to Michelle once more, "You won't be able to see from there, but Luke is starting to have an arousal... yes, his little penis is stiffening... move a bit closer, Michelle and... yes that's right... can you see how the penis is pointing upwards now?"

Michelle instinctively reached out: "Can I... can I touch it, doctor?"

"Why yes, of course you can, Michelle... I'll just ease the foreskin back so that it covers the head of Luke's penis so that when you’re ready you can try retracting it yourself..."

Tentatively at first Michelle felt Luke's stiff little penis with the tips of her fingers.

"It doesn't seem to be any bigger than it was before, Doctor Livesey... is that normal?" she asked.

"Strictly speaking we would expect to see the penis lengthen during arousal... usually this is very pronounced. In most boys the ratio between the length of flaccid and erect penis is considerable. Thickening of the penis shaft also occurs and if you recall your biology lessons, Michelle, you will no doubt know that lengthening and thickening of the penis is due to blood engorgement of the corpus cavernosa... the erectile tissue which forms most of a boy's penis. However in Luke's case there is a distinct lack of that type of tissue, but if you look closely, while there doesn't appear to be any noticeable sign of lengthening of Luke's penis, it has thickened slightly..."

"Oh, yes doctor... yes, I can feel it is slightly thicker..."

"... and of course it is also pointing upwards... and quite stiff. Why don't you see how stiff Luke's penis is, Michelle... pull it downwards and let it go... that's it... very good, Michelle. Now I want to see you retract the foreskin of Luke's penis..."

Michelle, her face a study in concentration, gently pulled at Luke’s foreskin. Slowly she uncovered the head of the penis, drawing the skin back until it was fully exposed.

“Very good, Michelle,” Doctor Livesey said, “Now roll it back to cover the glans penis and try it again… excellent, Michelle… very good. Now keep doing that… roll the foreskin back… now forwards again… very good, Michelle… we want to make sure Luke’s foreskin is nice and loose and to practice with the penis in a state of arousal ensures maximum elasticity...”

Michelle turned to look back at Doctor Livesey: “Doctor, Luke’s penis… it’s, er… leaking something… it’s making his foreskin all slippery…”

Michelle paused as Doctor Livesey explained that Luke's penis was becoming stimulated, so much so that he was was producing pre-ejaculatory fluid. This was a sign that Luke was ready emit sperm. Michelle was asked to resume her seat and as she did so she saw Luke's stiff little penis jerk and twitch.

Luke was beside himself with frustration. No one had ever touched his erect penis before, let alone stretched and rolled his foreskin about... and certainly the embarrassment of having this done by an attractive young girl such as Michelle, was almost countered by the thrill Luke felt. Ashamed as he was, he was also unbelievably excited to the point at which he felt genuine anguish when Michelle let go of his penis and left it twitching in anticipation of relief.

For a few moments Luke had felt a wave of excitement such that he'd never experienced. When he finally did come round to the reality of his situation it was to find his mum looking at him sternly. He felt a wet dribble of goo sticking to his leg and realised that not only was everyone looking at him, but that Doctor Livesey was talking to him.

“Do you understand, Luke?”

“I… I’m sorry, err, Doctor Livesey… what, err, I didn’t...” Luke mumbled his apologies and pressed his hands harder to the top of his head in an attempt to control himself.

“Luke, I’ve just been describing to Michelle the pre-ejaculatory events common to the emission onset of sperm and the viable procedures necessary for valid outcomes…”

“I’m sorry, Doctor Livesey… I didn't hear…”

“Never mind about that, Luke. If we’ve time I’ll recap afterwards. For now though you’d better press on with your demonstration…”

Luke was perplexed. He hadn’t any idea what the doctor was talking about. Everyone else in the room clearly did and they were all looking expectantly at Luke… staring at him and waiting.

“There’s no cause to worry, Luke… your mother has given her permission,” Doctor Livesey said.

Luke was utterly confused: "I... I don't understand, Doctor Livesey..."

Doctor Livesey managed to disguise her exasperation. She knew from experience that when boys reached a certain level of excitement, they were apt to ignore all other senses, in particular their hearing.

"Luke," she said, "I asked you earlier whether you were able to masturbate... do you remember that?"

"Yes, Doctor Livesey."

"Good... and do you understand why I asked that question?"

"Um, yes, that is I think so, Doctor Livesey" Luke replied as he felt a fresh wave of embarrassment crash over him, "Is it... is it because my penis is... is... so small?"

"Yes, that's right, Luke," Doctor Livesey said, as if congratulating Luke on correctly answering a question on differential calculus, "I asked whether you were able to masturbate because you have a particularly small penis... and now, Luke, as we have your mother's permission, I'd like you to show everyone how you masturbate..."

Luke was bewildered by this turn of events and stood, mouth agape, utterly poleaxed by the doctor's instruction.

"What... here... now?" Luke said as the last few remaining vestiges of his self-respect slowly evaporated.

"Of course, Luke... where else?" Doctor Livesey changed tack slightly, "Luke, you have a nice, firm fully erect penis... you are already producing an appreciable amount of pre-ejaculatory fluid... I can see just from the observable physical signs that you are highly excited... That’s true, isn’t, Luke…”

Luke could do nothing but acknowledge that to be the case: “Yes… yes, Doctor Livesey…”

“Well then, Luke… why don't you show me how you normally masturbate? You feel the need to ejaculate don’t you, Luke? It’s a strong urge that I’m giving you the opportunity to fulfill."

Doctor Livesey was right of course. Luke desperately wanted to feel the pleasure... the release of an orgasm. He wanted to feel his sperm squirt out of his penis. He hadn't been able to masturbate in over a week and his balls were full to bursting. The feeling of Michelle handling  his genitals and manipulating his foreskin had nearly sent him over the edge, but had left him positively aching for relief. But here?! Now?! In front of Michelle? Nurse Pilbeam? Doctor Livesey? In front of his mum?!

Doctor Livesey spoke gently but firmly. She coaxed Luke into moving his hands. She used encouraging words as Luke nervously took his stiff penis between the thumb and index finger of his right hand. Then, by using little jerks of this hand, Luke showed the doctor how he masturbated.

Michelle had to stifle giggles as she watched Luke's performance. Even Nurse Pilbeam had never seen such a small penis being masturbated. She smiled and thought how sweet Luke looked as he squeezed his eyes shut and the little jerks of his finger and thumb became more rapid. Luke's breathing became more and more urgent and it was clear he was about to ejaculate.

"That will do for now, thank you, Luke." Doctor Livesey's words were calm and authoritative, yet very effective. Luke gasped when he heard them, opened his eyes in disbelief, saw the stern look on Doctor Livesey's face and immediately stopped his little hand-jerks.

"Hands back on top of your head please, Luke."

Luke obeyed immediately and for a moment it looked as though Doctor Livesey had stopped him in time. She had not intended for Luke to achieve full orgasm so early, but it was perfectly clear to everyone watching that Luke had failed to regain control of himself. He bit down on his lower lip and tried desperately hard not to let it happen, but it had been such a long time since his his last climax...

"Omygod!!" Michelle cried as she saw Luke's penis suddenly spasm and ejaculate squirt out. His tiny erection twitched and pulsed with each emission of sperm, but Luke’s orgasm was utterly ruined. As the last dribbles of viscous fluid bubbled from his penis, tears of frustration rolled down Luke's face and dripped from his chin.

“Luke… I am sorry,” Doctor Livesey said, “I had hoped we could prolong your masturbation so that Michelle could be given the opportunity to observe other techniques that boys use to stimulate themselves… but unfortunately you ejaculated far too quickly… Luke there’s no need to get upset about it…” Luke was sobbing, “Some boys do ejaculate too soon… I’m sure you just got yourself over-excited… do you normally ejaculate this quickly when you masturbate at home?”

Luke was so upset he couldn’t speak, but he shook his head from side to side to indicate his answer to the doctor.

“I see… then how long do you usually masturbate before ejaculaton occurs, Luke?”

It was a pitiful sight to see nineteen year old Luke reduced to tears, but Doctor Livesey was used to boys becoming "over-emotional" as she put it, and was sympathetic. When Luke failed to answer her question, Doctor Livesey correctly surmised Luke was embarrassed to be discussing details of his masturbation habits in front of his mum.

"Luke, I want you to be honest with's the only way I can help you overcome your problem. You mustn't be concerned... we all know you masturbate and we've all seen you ejaculate. You know your mum disapproves of you masturbating... and I am certainly of the opinion that masturbation is an unhealthy activity for a boy of your age. But the fact of the matter is that you do masturbate... don't you, Luke?"

"Yes, Doctor Livesey..." Luke answered. He had stopped crying, but felt more ashamed of himself than ever. Luke wished he'd kept his mouth shut when his mum had come into his bedroom. Why, he asked himself, didn't he just shrug off the teasing? Why did he have to say anything to anyone, let alone his mum? He should have guessed mum would drag him off to see Doctor Joanna Livesey. But even Luke couldn't have imagined what would happen to him in the doctor's consulting-room.

"So tell me, Luke... how long do you usually masturbate before ejaculaton occurs?” Doctor Livesey asked repeating her question.

"Um... about... er, three or four minutes, I think..." Luke replied, unsure whether this sounded too long or too short a time to masturbate before ejaculating. The truth was that when Luke had the rare opportunity to masturbate, he was so afraid of being caught that he simply wanted to reach his climax and feel the release of orgasm as quickly as possible in case his mum walked into his bedroom.

Luke was none the wiser when Doctor Livesey, in reply, merely said thoughtfully: "Hmm... I see..."

It was Michelle's inquisitiveness that prompted a slightly more detailed answer from the doctor.

The young intern looked earnestly from Luke to the doctor: "Excuse me, Doctor Livesey, but is three minutes before... he, er, does it… is that, er, normal... I'm sorry to ask, but it just seems a bit... er, quick... is it quick, doctor?"

"There's absolutely no need to apologise for asking perfectly relevant questions, Michelle. As you have just witnessed, Luke appears to have minimal self-control. There was very little physical stimulation of the penis before his ejaculation, so it would seem perfectly reasonable to accept Luke's answer... But to address your question as to whether the time period between Luke commencing masturbation and achieving ejaculation is, as you put it normal, then I am inclined to say that in my experience boys of Luke’s age… nineteen at his last birthday… normally have little difficulty in sustaining masterbation for considerable periods of time… a practice that I believe is known colloquially as edging. This technique produces very powerful orgasms and the associated emission of ejaculate is far stronger than Luke was able to produce just now…”

As Luke listened to Doctor Livesey’s dismissal of his poor performance, each word was a blow to his fragile self-confidence. No wonder the boys at the swimming club teased him.

“... I would compare Luke’s performance to that of a much younger boy who has just learnt to masturbate… in such a hurry and with very little to show at the end of it,” Doctor Livesey concluded.

Nurse Pilbeam spoke: “I’m sorry to interrupt, doctor, but we are running late and there are other patients…”

“Goodness me, yes… you should have reminded me earlier, nurse. You’re perfectly correct, I really shouldn’t have spent so much time on Luke…” Doctor Livesey said and turned to Luke who was still standing bare-nude and with his hands on his hand. Tears had dried in streaks down his face, just as globs of ejaculate had run down his thighs. “Go with Nurse Pilbeam and Michelle, Luke and they will get you cleaned up. Mum will be along shortly with your clothes…”


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