Monday, 20 January 2014

Arrangements for Michael - Part 10

Tenth Letter

Edith Hudson to Olive Jefferies


My dear, dear Olive, 

I have read your detailed letters with increasing admiration. You really are an inspiration to us all. Such efforts you are making with Michael… and now with Brandon too! I am more than ever delighted with my decision to entrust you with Michael’s welfare while we are away on holiday. I can’t tell you what a relaxing time I’m having, away from the demanding responsibilities of looking after my mischievous step-son. Your letters have made such rewarding (and I might add entertaining!) reading that if I begin to worry about what trouble Michael may be causing you, I only have to open one of them and read a few lines to know that his is safe in your experienced hands. 

May I say straightaway that I think you have made the right decision with Brandon? It certainly sounds as if your older son was well overdue for a reminder that he is still only a boy and must behave as such. It really is no kindness and does a boy absolutely no good to ignore behaviour that needs correction. The moment we indulge naughty behaviour is the moment we lose all control. Boys need to know who is in charge. So well done, Olive!

I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with your decision to remove Brandon’s silly boy-hairs; they are quite unacceptable at that age and unhealthy too to my mind. A boy looks much smarter, tidier and far neater if his pubic area is kept completely clean and free of unsightly hair. I’m sure that if you spoke to your good friend Dr Langham, she would agree with my view that pubic hair on young boys is both unnecessary and unhygienic and that that area should be kept smart, hairless and smooth. 

I would like, if I may, to make a suggestion and that is to promote Tyler to the role of ‘older brother’ if Brandon is to be kept in disgrace. Even though he is only eleven it will be valuable experience for him to have the responsibility of setting an example to the two older boys, Michael (14) and Brandon (13). I’m sure that given proper encouragement, Tyler would be more than capable of teaching the two older boys lessons in manners and good behaviour. Of course we mustn’t forget that Brenda will be on hand to help Tyler and together I’m certain they will ensure Michael and Brandon behave themselves at all times. 

A simple, straightforward and highly visible way to make sure everyone is made aware of Tyler’s new status is for him to be allowed to wear long trousers at all times and for Brandon to be immediately put back into short trousers (if you’ve not already done so!) and dressed in much the same manner as Michael. For this to be effective it is particularly important that Tyler is seen to be wearing his ‘longs’ when you are all out together in public or have visitors or are visiting. It should be made quite clear that Tyler is the youngest boy, but that despite his age he is the only boy in the family responsible enough to have earned the privilege of wearing long trousers. 

I cannot stress too highly the importance boys place on the ownership of long trousers, Olive; although I’m sure you are perfectly well aware of this fact. As mums we must remember that girls simply have no similar ‘rite of passage’ as do boys with their transition into longs. Long trousers are far more than just another item of clothing. In my experience there is nothing that boys look forward to and covet so much as the day they are allowed to put on their very first pair of ‘longs’. For when boy is allowed to wear long trousers it is a visible sign of his growing up; an acknowledgement and recognition that he is leaving behind boyhood and becoming a young man. 

Thus, for the privilege of wearing longs to be denied or, as with Brandon, withdrawn, the loss is not simply that of an item of clothing, it is a loss of status and a sign for everyone to see that the boy’s mum does not consider him mature enough or trustworthy enough to be allowed to wear long trousers. He therefore remains a boy; a boy for all to see. His bare legs will be to him a constant reminder of his juvenile status. And for Brandon the sight of his younger brother wearing long trousers will enhance his feeling of loss of status considerably. 

For Brandon to be put back into short trousers and given no hope of wearing longs in the foreseeable future will be a salutary lesson indeed. From what you have told me, Olive, both Tyler and Brandon have been allowed to wear longs for a number of years. Consequently Brandon will have been used to showing off in his long trousers for quite some time now. Putting him back into short trousers will be a bitter pill for him to swallow. You will no doubt have to put up with a lot of whining and pleading from Brandon to be allowed to wear long trousers again, but I suggest you make it clear to him that he is not to be allowed longs by the simple expedient of removing these particular items of clothing, which will no longer required, from his wardrobe and storing them for future use with Tyler’s clothes. Make sure that Brandon is aware these long trousers are his no longer, but are now ‘hand-me-downs’ for Tyler to wear when he has grown sufficiently for them to fit. 

Dear Olive, these are merely my thoughts on the matter of boys and long trousers which I hope might be of use. From the thoughtful and detailed letters you have written to me, I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you that whatever you choose to do by way of the forfeiture of Brandon’s privileges, you will always have my full and unequivocal support. It will be a lesson too for Michael when he sees that no boy, no matter how old, can easily be taken down a peg or two if his mum so desires. 

As you can no doubt imagine I have had to put up with a lot of pleading and begging from Michael over the years regarding the subject of long trousers, but I have told him often enough his complaints about not being allowed to wear longs are proof (as if any were needed!) that he is simply not ready for them and must be kept in short trousers “for the time being”. I have found this to be a useful phrase to use, Olive, since it serves to keep Michael on his toes. The words “for the time being” carry with them the hope that one day Michael will be allowed to wear longs. Of course Michael has no idea of when that might be, but nevertheless he knows that if he behaves himself and is a good boy, one day he might wake up and find that longed for pair of long trousers ready for him to wear. 

I must thank you for confiding in me your decision to withdraw Brandon’s masturbation privileges. You know my views on boys and masturbation, Olive. I’m sure it will do Brandon the world of good to practice some self-restraint rather than self-abuse. Masturbation can so easily develop into a pernicious habit that leads boys to secrecy and furtive behaviour. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that it is likely Brandon will need constant supervision, though I know you have an extremely efficient helper in Brenda. 

There are of course a variety of restraints and proprietary devices available which stop boys playing with themselves. Sadly a lot of boys find great difficulty practicing self-control when they are told they have lost their masturbation privileges, so might I suggest a pair of mittens for Brandon? There are a number of different types of mitten that help to prevent a boy intent on masturbating and I have used them from time to time with Michael when he has had trouble in refraining from playing with his penis. The type of mitten that has proved most useful is tight fitting and contains the whole hand so that it is impossible to use the opposable properties of the boy’s thumb (I need not elaborate I trust!). The mitten has a highly polished, virtually frictionless surface made from a form of vinyl, so there is little chance of achieving satisfaction should the boy persist in trying to stimulate himself with the mittens. 

I have to say these mittens are simple and very effective and of course can be worn at any time. There have been occasions when it has been necessary for Michael to wear them in front of guests who have naturally enquired as to the reason he was wearing them. To say Michael was mortified would be an understatement. On one occasion, for instance, he was dressed in a pair of his yellow shortalls and a Mister Man top (Mister Naughty, if I remember and most appropriate too!). Michael hung his head in abject shame as I explained to everyone in the room that the mittens were to prevent Michael playing with his penis. 

“I do not condone the practice of self-abuse among young boys,” I told my guests, some ladies from our local bridge club as it happened, “It all too often leads boys into other wicked ways. Michael has been caught on a number of occasions in the act of self-abuse… Haven’t you Michael?” 

Michael was beside himself and just stood there in front of us waving the incriminating mittens about; hiding them behind his back then bringing them together in front of him; pressing them together which made them squeak. He was in a frightful state and clearly wanted to get rid of the horrible mittens now everyone knew what they were for and why he was wearing them. But of course Michael couldn’t remove the mittens himself; they could only be removed by a grown-up. He knew that was unlikely to happen for a while. I should really have remembered to pack Michael’s mittens as I might have known he would need them during his stay with you. 

With regard to Michael’s micro-kilt and whether he should be allowed to wear a pouch, or something similar. I have given this a great deal of thought, Olive and it is my opinion that he should only be allowed to wear anything underneath his micro-kilt if you are going somewhere that people might take exception to the occasional glimpse of his penis. Michael should really be able to control himself. But as you know only too well by now, he does get over excited very easily, so it’s really his own fault entirely if he has an erection that lifts up the front of his kilt. However, I will leave the last word and final decision with you Olive as I want you to know that you have complete control over Michael and that whatever you decide, you have my unqualified support. 

Do please do keep me informed of Brandon’s progress. By the way mittens for the control of boyhood masturbation can be found at any reputable boys’ outfitters, although you will probably have to ask for them. My advice is to take Michael and Brandon to the shop so that they can be tried on for size at the counter. It would be an informative shopping trip for Brenda and Tyler too. I’m sure they would love to go along and watch the mittens being fitted on the naughty boys. 

Well I must sign off now Olive, though I just want to add again how grateful I am to you for giving me the opportunity for this wonderful break. I’m enjoying my Scottish holiday so much, secure in the knowledge that you are looking after Michael.


With all my best wishes,





  1. With regard to the vexatious question of what Michael should wear under his Micro Kilt. I would suggest if it is required he could wear a pair of high cut lace panties. This would leave the cheeks of his but bare but prevent any appearance of his private area. Rumba panties would also look most attractive on him. When at home in hot weather he could just run around in them.

  2. p.s-I mean the cheeks of his bottom.

    1. Thank you for your most helpful suggestion. Having Michael wear a pair of rumba panties when dressed in his micro-kilt reminds me of someone I've read about who spent a great deal of his boyhood wearing similar clothes. He had a very strict aunt and mother who wouldn't tolerate naughty behaviour. You're not Percy by any chance?


    2. Mogg,

      If Michael is to be dressed in a micro kilt he should most definitely NOT show his genitals under any circumstances. Rumba panties (frilly knickers)would not in my view be enough to hide his privates. Better to have him wear a multi-layered frothy petticoat over a pair of very frilly knickers covered in several layers of overlapping lace. The frothy petticoat would be clearly seen under his short kilt and there may even be glimpses of his frilly knickers but the boy's genitalia would be completely hidden.

      I assume his footwear would be in keeping with his girlish micro kilt and frilly undies and consist of frilly white ankle socks and patent leather Mary Jane shoes. This would allow his hairless smooth legs to be clearly visible and to be easily slapped when required.

  3. Hi Mogg

    I really enjoy your stories, they highlight the wonderful embarrassment an older boy would feel when dressed in very young attire with legs fully bared and being treated generally as little boys .
    Also the other little humiliations like the wearing of mittens to prevent naughty "behaviour".

    As you have guessed I am indeed Percy. (